DOOM Resurrected

DOOM Resurrected

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Gamers will have a field day with DOOM Resurrected, a thorough and infectiously enjoyable look inside one of the most influential sensations in video game history.

The first iteration of Doom was unleashed unto the public in 1993 by video game developer id Software. A groundbreaking first-person shooter game with addictive player modes and appealing scenarios, Doom quickly set the standard for all that would follow, and immediately made consumers hungry for more. The company attempted to satiate the public's appetite in the years that followed with the second and third chapters of the global phenomenon. Featuring increasingly sophisticated graphics and complex narratives, these efforts were met with great acclaim and stratospheric revenues.

Then in 2009, id Software was sold to ZeniMax and development on the eagerly anticipated fourth chapter was abandoned. Were Doom developers overwhelmed by the pressures of high expectations, and an industry that had grown more competitive than ever before? Had the game's most rabid enthusiasts witnessed the end of the beloved franchise?

Hope was restored with the announcement of Doom 2016. The stakes couldn't be higher. Developers must create an experience that is both familiar and unique; a tribute to the legacy that has come before and a template for the future.

The filmmakers celebrate the long awaited arrival of Doom 2016 with this ambitious three part documentary. Each segment features insights from the game's developers and programmers - many of whom have been involved in the franchise from its humble beginnings.

The first chapter - titled To Hell and Back - delves deep into the history of the franchise, and the ingredients that contributed to its unprecedented popularity. The second chapter - Designing a First Impression - shifts focus to the latest version of the game as developers speak to the challenges associated with updating a classic while creating compelling graphics and story elements. The final segment - Guns, Guitars and Chess - examines the intricacies of combat design and the magical finishing touches of an enveloping musical score.

DOOM Resurrected is clearly a labor of love made by and for fans of the game. But even mild enthusiasts will find much to savor in witnessing the creative process in action.

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6 years ago

Played the original Doom several times back when. It seemed cool at the time compared to Pong and Donkey Kong ... but eventually one continues with such distractions or decides to go a different path.

I'd rate it much better than escaping through booze and drugs ... but maybe a change in life is called for, when one needs to escape to a different intense world to take you away from what you don't like about the actual world you are in.

I can hear some asking what's wrong with enjoying a video game... Its not so much what is wrong with it but ask: What is right with it?

Suppose all that time spent in a world someone else made was spent learning something useful, inventing something, doing beneficial things, etc.

For instance, developing things that would eliminate the money stream for those who gain money and power from war. Obsolete "them", rather than ooohing and aaahing over the latest gory graphics of video game kills. Well, unless you want your kids, relatives, and friends to be cannon fodder.

7 years ago

Best. Shooter. Ever. 100% metal!