Dr. Goebbels Speaks

2005, History  -   66 Comments

Dr. Goebbels SpeaksA controversy has been stirred up, 60 years after the end of the war, over how Nazis should be depicted. Should they merely be treated as objects of historical enquiry, or is it legitimate to want to enter into their minds?

In the new film Downfall, Bruno Ganz has put on a military overcoat, moustache and hat in order to perform Hitler. The makers of Dr. Goebbels Speaks employ a different strategy.

They have scoured Goebbels' diaries (found in a Russian archive in 1992, with 20-odd volumes now published) and assembled every scrap of archive film in which Goebbels appeared. Words and pictures come together via the voice of Kenneth Branagh.

The result is both a study in Goebbels' pathological character, and an extraordinary insight into the nature of propaganda. On this first count, one should merely observe that Goebbels is every bit as vile as you might think. But he did have a warped genius, and his message about how easy it is to lie and be believed ("The bigger the lie, indeed the easier") has regrettably not lost its relevance. A shocking, engrossing film.

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  1. Beinrich Bimmler

    He whines like a little girl, a sad, small, whimpering sycophant to the very end.

  2. bluetortilla

    What's up? Won't load.

  3. hernandayoleary

    Hitler was bad sure, but he was no worse than anyone else around at his time. He learned how to make concentration camps from the british. Leopold murdered more than he did in the congo. The only reason why hitler is portrayed as the worst bogey man is because what he did was to people in europe who were white and we chose to get involved in that war but most importantly because he declared war on America. Hitler was not an abberation or anything unique, just another bad guy in history. If Hitler killing 6 million jews = evil then what is mao ze dong, what are the europeans royalty who murdered out 200+ million people in the americas and africa through genocide. What is stalin who killed more in the ukraine in one year than hitler murdered total jews? All the "World leaders" were genocidal maniacs back then, every single one. The only difference is that Hitler did to France and Britain what France and Britain had been doing to Africans, Asians and American Indians for hundreds of years. Sorry, I will not masscarade like Hitler is the worst person in history, he isn't.

    1. Lastviewer

      The real reason why Hitler and his gang were brought down ?

      To me there are 2 .

      1) Circumstances. By meeting Japanese officials before the USA went to war
      with Japan.He took a chance but had the wrong cards in his hand.

      2) Considering the era of the modern age in the occidental societies, Hitler
      needed to be stoppes and it sure was a great thing that he was. Otherwise, the
      whole occidental world would have been ruled by very sick men.

      Finally. Yes Slaline sure was one of the worst humain being ever known to
      mankind. But remember what that nation went through to push back Hitler's

      I wouldn't to to the point to state that it's the Russians who won WWII but
      they sure were the prime partners with America.

      Beside,the Stalinian dictatorship existed way before 1939.

      If the Russians ever wanted to get rid of him,they could have done it before

    2. hernan cortez

      1)The Japanese were crummy Allies. Where the US, and all of Britains Allies, banned together to launch attacks from all direcctions onto the Nazis. The Japanese did not help out the Germans by invading Russia on its eastern front drawing troops out. Instead by failing to attack Russia, Stalin was bale to move millions of soldiers stationed in the east and siberia into the harshest winter and obliterate the nazis. Mussolini was another weak ally. The Germans did not have a single ally worth a damn. The italian army got wiped out by the greeks who were still riding horses. Prior to that, the ethiopians and libyans gave mussolini headaches.

      2) The whole western world is and was ruled by very sick men. The world wars launches since world war 2 around the world by Britain and USA are no worse than anything Nazi successors of Hitler could have done. Frankly, the Nazi's would likely have collapsed over time due to their corrupt nature and intense cronyism.

      Hitler was bad, but he doesn't have nothing and all those slave owning presidents who use to rape women and cut off men's testicles and eat them and sell them

    3. Lastviewer

      Crummy allies ? Well understood!
      Remember the year to which the USA declared war to Japan ? France was already occupied and the germans already invaded Russia.
      I only stated that it wasn't much of a smart thing for the german diaspora to display any friendship toward Japan.
      The only thing good they done is trying to kill him.
      At that time, Hitler's psy's problems must had peeked. Especially because he was secluded in his forteresse. Same thing for all dictators­...

      Not one dictator succeeded to impose their rules over more than one generation except North Korea. Even though, since the death of its't first leader, the son realised that he has to cope with an opening.

      And in the case of Vietnam, they already are the biggest rice source for America and the World. I also seen huge cosmetic Co over there. Same for natural rubber, Resin acid such as "Rosin". Privatisation is healty over there.

      The only thing these peoples wanted was self-determination just as Ho Chi Min dreamed of when living in the US way before the French pushed him toward the communists.

      When one act silly with a retriever dog, insulting it, treating it with despise, no-one can expect consideration from any living animal.

      And HomoSapiens are animals.
      And life goes on.

      Last viewer.

    4. hernan cortez

      I doubt Hitler had any more psych problems than any of the other nuts around at that time.

      Ever heard of the Kings and Queens of England? They were pretty successful dictators.

  4. abc1234

    Kind of makes me mad that they didn't translate the speeches... It's quite annoying

  5. Igor

    Propaganda of propaganda...
    Hitler wasn't any more evil than say Napoleon or Mao or Stalin who were each responsible for the deaths of dozens of millions of people, but Hitler was stupid to openly fantasize to touch the jews... Now we'll never hear the end of how Six Million Jews Died in teh HOLOCOST! NEVER FORGET...
    never mind that 50+ million Russians died in that war. never mind that since WW2 there were dozens of genocides on much larger scale than teh jewish holocost. Never mind that they keep readjusting their holocaust myths, first it was the soap made from jewish peoples' fat, then the jewish skin lampshades, one day it will be known that gas chambers are a myth too or at least maybe it was experimental, but certainly not 6 million jews. Decades before the magic 6 million dead jews you have a record of press whining about potential death of "six million jews" and "holocaust" - all decades before WW2!

    And btw, i am a jew . And yes, i'm probably a "self-hating jew" - i became an atheist and so i see no point in continuing to cling to jewishness. jewish is not a race but a religious subscription and culture based on religion. So once i became an atheist i no longer wish to be known as a jew, which is hard for those with family and friends

    1. Bob Webb

      well said.

    2. Bob Webb

      The Maoist regime slaughtered way more than the Nazis but you NEVER see any documentaries about that system on the yesterday channel, or as it was once known, the Hitlery channel....lol

    3. michelleeth

      there is a documentary called Adolfe Hitler- The Greatest story never told!.It's truly gob smacking. also the leuchter report also very interesting. thanks :-)

  6. hernandayoleary

    I don't think Hitler and the Nazis were any worse than any other government in the white world at that time, they were allmuderers, and killers and racist.

    1. docoman

      Can you name one that had gas chambers, death squads and concentration camps set up?

    2. hernandayoleary

      It was Roosevelt who famously called the internment camps concentration camps, same goes for Canada. The internment camps only started being called internment after the war by social scientist and historians who felt the word was loaded to refer to hitler and the nazis acts. But make no mistake about it, Hitler famously admits he got the concept and idea from America about how to set up concentration camps. Gas chambers existed in many places like the usa. The use of gas chambers is disputed highly anyways so I won't get into that. i don't deny a holocaust, but there is reason to doubt the gas chamber claims/theory. I'll give you a clue, look at an american gas chamber, then look at one of the alleged nazi ones. Death squads were common the white world over..And why does the manner of death matter.

      Is Hitler worse for gassing, concentrating camping, and death squading jews, but americans, englsih, french, belgians, portuguese, spaniards, dutch and russian superior for being kind enough to shoot their racial enemies brains out with canons, guns, bombs and other high powered weapons. Are the spanish genocide of native or the american and canadians and american genocide of native superior because they did not gas, only shot and killed indians and stole them from their parents and tried "to take the indian out of the child"

      The only reason Hitler had to set up concentration camps, death squads and supposedly gas chambers was because they needed a way to kill lots of people quickly and german troop moralegot low from killing people. In the case of Canada, America and Australia white Americans were all too happy to murder a savaged ol' in'jian [indian] in the caseof Brits in places like south africa and india, they had no problem killing colored folks. if anything the Nazis were less savage than those in places like Canada, America, Australia and so on. They actually had a conscience they could not shoot millions of people like the white americans and white brits in the british empire. This was why they had concentration camps, to come up with ways to kill lots of people without shooting their brains out. It is not an easy thing nor pretty way to kill 10,000 people by having one guy blow out the brains of line after line of people begging for their lives.

      But to answer your main question, concentration camps were used by the british to murder mass amounts of people historically when they did not want to spend the money shoooting them. They did it in india when they captured indians in delhi and would shoot them out of canons and held themcaptive in prisons and let them starve to death. There are 500 fortresses they left over africa where they would store locals to die, and they did it to whites in south africa called the boers. In fact documented concentration camp in the modern historical usage dates to the 1900-1902 period in the second anglo-boer war in south africa where 26,000 boers and blacks were murdered by the english in south africa.

      "But the Boer War concentration camp system was the first time that a whole nation had been systematically targeted, and the first in which some whole regions had been depopulated."


      The philpinne american war and spanish american war also saw usages of concentration camps. So america, spain, and the english are on the record, along with canada and australia as using concetration camps before hitler. The USA also set these up for places for natives as did canada, and the russian empire used them in the 1800s against poland. Trying to wipe out people is nothing new. Hitler did it, but so did every other white power nation at the time. The indians didn't give up this land, white man came here, put a bullet in their head and stole it. Does that make the french, dutch, english, australian, welsh, dane, spainard, or portugal man any better thAN the german? I cant't say I see it. And as for death squad, well that is what the army that the brits and belgians and all the other colonizer sent over the world to kill people were. If we were a natives person in 1600 and saw 3000 brits under king george or whatever other euro nation marching towards you shootin guns, it sure look like a death squad to you and me, don't you agree mate?

      I don't get the vilinizing of hitler and nazi germany. WAs the english really any better with all their mass murders of blacks, indians, chinese, aboriginals, native indians and arwak indians. My bet is when you count the millions the murdered on the slave plantations they murdered about 10 times as many as Hitler did.

    3. docoman

      So the internment camps, or whatever name you wish to use, were somehow analogous to what was going on in Germany? Hmm, how many were murdered whilst in them? How many starved or died from disease there?

      So someones invading army is the same as the death squads set up by the SS? Or the industrialised, carefully planned 'final solution'?

      When most of the world was starting to understand human rights and change their way of thinking and then laws, Germany took a planned, major step in the opposite direction. Orchestrated by the Nazi party. The Germans were 'civilised' during WWI, not so under the Nazi's. There is a good indicator of what the ideology did in a short time to how a people behave in war.
      Stalin was just as bad to his own people, no argument here.
      You are correct in many of your claims, many evil deeds have been done by just about every country/people in the world, not just whites as you racistly propose. Murder, greed and conquest are not endemic to 'white' people as you seem to suggest.

      No, Americans have not 'killed indians' in Australia. lol.

    4. hernandayoleary

      Between the holocaust camps run by the west europeans from america to africa to asia easily over 200 million. Leopold of belgium killed 25 million the congo between 1900 and 1913.

      The manner of death is not the same obviously but it makes ZERO difference. Would you be more happy to have your head chopped off by leopold or your brains blown out by leopold or being starved to death by stalin or hitler. And not every jew was gased most were just starved to death because it was most efficient way of mass killing.

      At the time of Hitler there was no human rights. America Nuclear bombed Japan, France nuke Algeria in the 50s or 60s. Britain was still murdering people the world over. This is just the way the world was. Life was short and brutish. Stalin was mass murdering in the ukraine and all over russia. if you were a country with power odds were you were murdering someone during the 1900s.

      The Germans were not civilizzed under WW1, murdering goyims is not civilized. Genocide in Namibia is not civilized. And if it is then by that logic Hitler was civilized.

      I disagree, I feel the historically records clearly indicate whites are much more prone to this type of large scale mass murdering. And its not even all whites but a few groups of the American and west european whites.

      I don't recall claiming americans killed indians in australia but it if so type. Probably meant americans killing indian americans and autralians white ggenociding the aboriginal black australians.

      Genocide seemed to pretty much be the british playbook. IMO the British are 500 TIMES WORST THAN HITLER AND COMMUNISM COMBINED. How many continents have they done genocide, from american indian to the african to the boer to the aboriginal of australia to the arawak of jamaica to groups in asia, what country on the planet have the brits not tried to annihilate?

      The nazis killed jews, but there is nothing unique about killing. Its been going on for a long time in history. The brits routinely genocided tribes who didn't do what they wanted. Had the jews been some tribe on the plains of abraham or in the mountains of australia or the foothills of africa and the brits wiped out 6 million of them history would have forgotten about them.

      Hitler brought colonialism to europe, this was what the west europeans did to everyone else. I don't take satisfaction from others suffering. But it is very hard to shed a crocodile tear for a people who themselves were involved in the mass murder of native indians, africans and who admit to genociding the indigenous tribes of the land of Canaan because they believed it was god's destiny. Frankly I have trouble distinguishing how military genocidal dictators like Joshua of Israel of the bible who wiped out many tribes is better than Hitler. Had 6 million people lived in Canaan and the israelites believed those lands were theirs and did comit genocide there, would they not kill 6 million? Sorry nothing is special about hitler, ww2 or the holocaust. It was just another bad guy fighting other bad guys.

      In fact comparatively, Hitlers socialism and Mussolini facism have murdered far less than stalins communism and britain and french and american colonialism.

    5. Lowly Vikings

      At the time? Still are, they just try to keep a certain IMAGE.


    This man was a very very brillant man and as much should be recognized on a calendar holiday... He didn't tell lies. He just stated facts as him and the rest of his crew saw them, And at most exaggerated a few things just to get the mass people to realize all of the injustices that was going on in their very own country at the time. A means to a end , A means to a end that's all that was.

  8. trlrprkcon

    these are goebbels words and writings. how can you say this is propaganda unless you think the writings are fake. If you believe that then why do you watch?

  9. oddsrhuge

    don't feed the Trolls

  10. Guest

    The science of "Propaganda". Wasn't there a litle evolution in it since these days?


  11. trlrprkcon

    I have studied history since I was a child and only recently has it dawned on me that Hitler, Stalin, Kim Jong Iel (?), et al are simply cult leaders. The only difference between Hitler and Jim Jones is Hitler got an entire country to drink the kool-ade.
    And, If Goebbles isnt a manic depressive I'm the easter bunny.

    1. Nakor420

      Interesting how the money power has gotten a couple hundred million Americans to drink the kool-aid as well. Except this kool-aid only puts you to sleep.

    2. trlrprkcon

      interesting that people of your ilk blather on without any thought. why dont you give an exampel of your point of view. contrary to you, my point is backed up by the total destruction of germany, convincing evidence huh?

    3. Nietzsche Mann

      If Germany was totally destroyed how comes its still there- stronger than ever- and i mean Germany is still the strongest nation in Europe? That don't make no sense. I dont think your point is backed up by the total destruction of Germany- I went there not too long ago- it was still there in tact and very rich!!!! Make sense please.

    4. Rick C Cloven

      Being obtuse does nothing for your credibility.
      I lived in Germany during the sixties, trust me, in 1965 it was still all f'ed up. the back areas of all the major cities were still piles of rubble. So remove your head from your orifice and say something intelligent.

    5. paul wood

      Rickylobeless speaks! His masters, through PBS, his doctorate from google community college. One of the great minds of our time!

    6. Bob Webb

      Iceland is actually stronger than Germany at present...but no one wants to speak of a successful country that told the banksters to F*** OFF do they :]

    7. hernandayoleary

      Germany was destroyed. After the war it was determined by the allies that if they left Germany in crumbles (Again) 1 of 2 things would happen)
      1. Russia would simply march in and take what is left
      2. Germany wuld be prone to extremism again and elect another Hitler, as desperate people are more likely to vote for extremist parties.

      So America gave germany billions in free money to rebuild.

      Think of this, before Hitler became leader of Germany, he controlled an army of 4.5 million former veterans in ONE branch of the nazi party. The German army was limited by a ww1 treaty to an army of 100,000. This meant Hitler could have easily taken over militarily, but he CHOSE to be elected democratically because he deemed the risk to great of coming in power through a coup d'etat. Alot of that army was unpaid and were volunteers. And they chose to join the nazi because they had nothing else in life germany was ruined.

    8. hernandayoleary

      If Germany was totally destroyed, who destroyed, who was dropping bombs in Germany? The same ones who bombed italy and nuclear bomed japan.

      I think it is grossly dismissive and naive to dispels nazis as being manic or crazy. The world was a lot different place back then. The majority of people, white people, agreed with goebbels and Hitler at this time. even in places like England and America. Jews weree hated the world over. this doesn't justify any of what they did. but Hitler was no more racist than King George, or the nazi king of england Edward the 8th who was forced to step down by Churchill after war with germany became immiment or Roosevelt. By our standards Hitler is racist, but not by the standards of someone in any of the white countries in the 1920s or 30s, white supremacy was not viewed as racist but as fact throughout the white world during this period and by most white colonialist in the colored world.

      I'd love to sit on the morale high horse and pretend america and canada and england and the allies were better but they weren't.

    9. Nakor420

      9-12 years in the balkans? lol, wtf are you talking about? A tour o duty is only a year long. Ron Paul is not an "isolationist", he's a non-interventionist. BIG difference. Again, you prove that you know nothing about what you speak of, and you obviously get most of your opinions from fox news. Only the corporate media calls Ron Paul an "isolationist", so you are obviously a media zombie.

    10. Richard Cloven

      WTF are YOU talking about? Balkans? Ron Paul? Are you sure you sent that to the right person? We're talking about the Third Reich and extensions of that subject. So again WTF?
      The Trlrprkcon

  12. Gary Carlyle

    History is written by the victors. In this case, the BBC.

  13. Ricky Grubb

    Having read the Rise and fall of the third riech, I can better understand American capatalists are easily led, drawn into such entanglments not brilliant evil strategists but instead key pawns in a monstrous political cabal. Even Hitler was less a great leader (after the bomb injury he was pretty insane), and more a popular figurehead and inflamitory firebrand of a speaker.

    1. trlrprkcon

      Yea were so stupid were the richest country on earth. Hell were so rich were the first country where the so called poor are fat. Were also so stupid we kicked germany and japans as ess at the same fi ng time

    2. WiseGapist

      haha just the phrasing of that response gives fuel to the world's conception of too many Americans being proudly ignorant, fat and boastful of their warmongering. Congrats, you compare stupidity to being rich, what about your adult literacy rates and the standard of your state education? What about the 'wealth' being based on empty fractional reserve banking and a minute number of Wallstreet being rich and the remainder of the people being over-taxed slaves. 'so called poor' ? if you're eating plenty of cheap-shit fast food and on benefits...you are poor, there is no 'so-called' about it^^

    3. Richard Cloven

      No STUPID, I've been in over 14 countries and I've seen real poor people. Ever seen a woman sweep the dirt floor in her hut? I have and I promise she and her family were not fat. No car in the driveway either, no drive way.
      Why do the fat eat garbage food? Does someone make them? They are given a credit card type device and are allowed to buy anything at the store they choose. Vegetables or cookies it’s their choice but they aren't allowed to use it at fast food outlets. As for the education level here, it IS appalling. Give the parents a voucher to send their children to the school of their choice and watch how fast that changes. As long as the schools are being run by a monopoly of far left, politically correct, teachers with a leftist agenda that will never change.
      As for you frational reserve banking slaves wallstreet mumbo jumbo, it's ok, your allowed to believe in what ever nutbag theory you want.

    4. Justin Cummings

      *****We're so stupid, we can't tell the difference between the words "were" and "we're".

    5. Richard Cloven

      It's all to common and oh so pathetic for dim wits to point out my missed punctuation as a retort to my proposition. Is that all you have? People of my ilk are tired of defending America against Americans who have never been anywhere other than the local head shop. "Were" sick of seeing the outcome of the far left public education system of which it's painfuly obvious your a graduate of. Pathetic
      The trlrprkcon.

  14. Manch

    All Jew-hating nazis will face the same miserable end, in this world or in the next one. I watched this documentary with a sense of disgust - what a pathetic hateful dwarf! And German people where turned into a pathetic crowd of spiteful nazi sheep.

    1. Nietzsche Mann

      We're all following something bad so count yourself among the sheep!!! You're just not a Nazi sheep- but a sheep all the same! Paz

  15. M


  16. Richard Buick

    Polar Bear, that would have to be the most nieve comment I have ever heard

    1. David Foster

      Why is that so naive? Everyone acts from their own good intentions. I have never met a single person who intended to do evil; REGARDLESS of their deeds.

      The Germans managed to do what they did to the Jews by demonizing them first. In this way, they were ridding the world of a great evil.. Much the same as America is doing to Islam RIGHT NOW!! In fact, it would not surprise me to learn that we had killed just as many.

      The numbers which people cite as Germany's kills durring WWII are actually the total tally from between WWI until the Nuremberg trials. Shall we count all of America's kills from WWII until the present? I am sure it far outnumbers Germany's paltry little 11 million.

    2. WiseGapist

      "Why is that so naive? Everyone acts from their own good intentions. I have never met a single person who intended to do evil; REGARDLESS of their deeds." - then you're a very sheltered human being...

    3. Van Grungy

      The Germans managed to do what they did to the Jews by demonizing them first. In this way, they were ridding the world of a great evil.. Much the same as America is doing to Islam RIGHT NOW!! In fact, it would not surprise me to learn that we had killed just as many.


      muslims are nazis.. they are ideological partners, and actual partners during WW2

      Search: Hitler Mufti

      Other than that, islam wants to rid the world of the evil "KUFFAR"

      you can look that up too..

      mohammad is the perfect man for muslims.. wake up..

    4. Rick C Cloven

      BS in capital letters. The established average is 20,000,000 Russians, 5,000,000 Poles, ETC. As I told a previous commenter, being obtuse wont help your argument. Obtuse? It means you're stupid....... on purpose.

  17. Charles B.

    Sander: You've got to be kidding! America is not even close to anything I've watched in this documenatry so far. I'll finish it tomorrow, but certainly not even close, and I really dislike the media and the current president a great deal. You're comparing apples and oranges!

  18. Charles B.

    Facinating! Truly chilling.

  19. emanuel

    Like i've always said....the germans lost the war but the Nazi's won...

    Post ww2, america imports all sorts of nazi scientists into prominent positions.

    NASA anyone?

    1. David Foster

      Most people would be surprised to learn that we owe the better part of our current medical knowledge to Dr. Josef Mengele. It's something they don't like to mention in history class.

    2. nikolides

      I'm sorry but Mengele provided over 50% of the entire wealth of mankind's medical knowledge?!!! Please do back up that ridiculous-sounding statement with some facts regarding what contributions he did indeed make that should be taught in the history class.

    3. trlrprkcon

      and if we hadnt we might all be speaking russian right now

  20. willyham

    geobles is a wanker he totaly loves uncle adolf as his kids call hitler

  21. Krio

    @ Polar Bear: ???? Was Goebbels such a bad guy? Most succesful people are good?


  22. Polar bear

    Was he a bad guy? Seems that to a certain point at least most succesful people are good. After that only God knows.

  23. z1


  24. Sarge

    You should do a little more research. The poisen dwarf, as president Von Hindenburg called him, got many of his ideas from here in the good old USA. Goebbles was quite the admirer and student of the Woodrow Wilson administration and their propaganda machine.

  25. Anthony

    unbeleivable the parallels between the Nazi party's use of propaganda and our own highly media driven culture, it is truly frightening, even down to the way we justify war. If anything we live with far more pervasive and coercive forms of propaganda Dr. Goebbels could only dream of the power the Media moguls have wielded in the last three decades.

  26. Sander

    Very interesting, the entire current American model is based on this.

    1. David Foster

      More of a cooperative extension. We would still be practicing eugenics, if not for Uncle Adolf. In essence, we still do; we've just renamed it "genetics".

    2. Richard Cloven

      I must bow to you sir for you are a troll of unrivaled talent. Either that or your simply insane.

  27. Anna

    Interestingly, I just saw a news story about the supposed remains of Hitler, and MJ was quoted as saying that Hitler was a "genius" when it came to propaganda. This movie could definitely be an interesting watch.

  28. Gordon

    I enjpyed this and the way it was produced and presented.There isn`t enough out there about Dr Jo,so this was great