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You've probably heard a little bit about drones in the news lately. These things fly all throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

When they're not spying on suspected terrorists they're probably killing them with hell-fire missiles.

However drones are coming to the States. They're used to keep an eye on things, so they're not going to kill you, at least not yet.

Motherboard has been fascinated with the drones for a while now and realized that there are some misconceptions about the unmanned aerial vehicles.

To try to clear the air a little bit they're going to talk to people who are building drones, selling drones all over the world, and with any luck they hope to fly some drones as well.

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  1. dmxi

    it certainly gives you a drone in your ears.

  2. jurica
  3. jurica

    tried but no good

  4. jurica
  5. jurica

    the Mannhatten project started with an effort to end the war - it worked - the scientists split the atom and unleashed deadly forces on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ---- then the arms race began!
    are we about to see the same thing happen with drone warfare -
    --- from the comfort of their armchairs the people that crave power can and predictabily will use this tech to create havoc --

  6. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq
  7. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    Voyers are gonna have a field day with this stuff.

  8. christophers
  9. christophers

    the thing is,those who wish to control and oppress the citizens of this or any country,have eagerly latched onto this technology and have had domestic uses in mind the whole time...,but they will soon find out that they are vulnerable as well...and that their gated mansions and bodyguards won't do them much good against a "switchblade" device......or anything remotely similar.

  10. Damien Trog
  11. Damien Trog

    Next generation drug smugglers

  12. henrymart81
  13. henrymart81

    The first American to shoot one down will be a national hero.

  14. wald0
  15. wald0

    Like any other practicle, useful, and potentially dangerous technology drone technology is here to stay, whether we like it or not. If the military, law enforcement, and surveillance communities have to hide or disguise the use of such technology they will, but they will continue to use it- period. In reality most of us instinctively approve of any technology that seems to reduce the chances of our soldiers being harmed. I completely understand that instinct, after all i have family in the military myself. But there is another way to look at these kinds of technologies, one that seems to have been categorized long ago as out of touch or archaic in some sense. That is that they disconnect the human from the destruction, death, and misery that are caused by his or her actions.
    Roger Waters called it "the bravery of being out of range". What he means is that when we do not have to directly place ourselves in danger or even witness the direct results of our actions it reduces our empathy and sympathy tremendously and makes acting as the aggressor, the tyrant, much easier. The soldier isn't forced by what he or she sees to ask, "Why am I doing this to these people, is this right, etc., etc." In fact many soldiers have been quoted saying it felt like playing a video game. Ask the men that fought on the line during WW2 if it felt like playing when they were in battle. It was more like h3ll on earth and most of those guys would say that is how it should feel when men are dying by the hundreds. This condition is what kept nations from going to war in an even more frivolous manner than they already did.

    They sold us all this smart technology by saying it would eliminate civilian casualties, it hasn't. That it would reduce war, it hasn't. All it has done is eliminate the need to brain wash a person into unquestioning obedience by separating them from the results of their actions and removing them from harms way, allowed politicians to fight their own personal wars as they see fit without even having to notify congress or the American people of their actions, and now it seems to be allowing domestic agencies to invade our privacy as never before.

    That said, I'm only human- how can one resist the quad -copter camera-goggles thingy- I want to fly one to!!

  16. DrJack37
  17. DrJack37

    Seems the obvious thing to do is organize The American Citizen Drone Air Force---flown by amateurs everywhere to carefully keep track of police and military units' behavior, and putting their verified videos to use in the courtroom. Who else is going to police the police? And, ah, but who'll watch THEM? As you can see, this needless nonsense leads us straight into mass paranoia. Somewhere somehow, we've got to put the brakes on this and change human direction.

  18. jennifer arthur
  19. jennifer arthur

    "To try to clear the air a little bit they’re going to talk to people who are building drones, selling drones all over the world," Because these people are going to be totally honest and objective.

  20. Clarice Bridgewater
  21. Clarice Bridgewater

    Indeed it "disconnects the human from the destruction of those innocent lives which ultimately pay a hell of a price for man's advancement."

    I believe the poem, Five Ways To Kill A Man, by Edwin Brock very excellently captures this.

    You may fly miles above your victim and dispose of him by pressing one small switch. All you then require is an ocean to separate you, two systems of government, a nation's scientists, several factories, a psychopath and land that no-one needs for several years.

    But who cares? It is another "toy" for our little boys.

  22. Mark-Christine Scott
  23. Mark-Christine Scott

    Why does our government think they have the right to kill "terrorists" and leaders they do not like , not to mention all of the innocent civilians with drones. It is unthinkable and amoral. Who is to say they will not use them on us? Of course they will. We truly live in an evil world with no value for human life.

  24. Jack Dempsey
  25. Jack Dempsey

    Lovely to see the businessmen once again totally ignoring any of the human rights issues/consequences for the sake of their ******* company. Businessmen are *****----95% of them.

  26. Carlos Alfredo Flores
  27. Carlos Alfredo Flores

    Drone technology

  28. KsDevil
  29. KsDevil

    If it can be abused, people will do it. I even hear Radio Shack will be offering the AR Drone. You can bet that, even with only a 15 minutes air time, there will be hobby drones flying over the US in a very short time. Look up and say hello...even at night.
    Soon after, expect government to begin making bad laws on drones.

  30. KsDevil
  31. KsDevil

    Sometimes paranoia is a good thing...when properly applied. We have seen Taser abuse...we will see drone abuse.

  32. seamus watson
  33. seamus watson

    Between peeping toms and the government unleashing armed autonomous drones on the public, people will be terrified to leave the house.

  34. Gertrude van Voorden
  35. Gertrude van Voorden

    Drones will become so cheap, that each side will be able to afford them. The onesided advantage will soon finish. So ultimately we do still need to find a solution to cohabit this planet peacefully and cohesively.

  36. Roger Allen
  37. Roger Allen

    use the waste toner from copier or printer. Put it in a balloon, fill balloon with helium, tie fishing line in a way that when pulled hard it will release the helium and toner in a fine fog. electrostatic cling !!!

  38. Justin
  39. Justin

    How does he (or anyone else) ever expect the general public to accept drones as a overall good thing in daily life?

  40. JuHoansi
  41. JuHoansi

    How do you like civilization so far?

  42. Benjamin
  43. Benjamin

    To what extent do you think the security and privacy of the Australian public is threatened by the usage of civilian drones in society??????

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