Drugs, Inc. - Wasted in Seattle

Drugs, Inc. - Wasted in Seattle

2013, Drugs  -   34 Comments
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When Todd, a representative from one supremacist prison gang, entered Seattle the city was basically prepared for "harvest." He immediately began imposing a street tax on the drug dealers. Not everybody was cheerful about this new arrangement and one dealer caught Todd off guard. However, realizing how comfortably gang members like Todd inaugurate themselves, organized crime syndicates started to penetrate this liberal city. The most effective and authoritative crime group is the Mexican Cartels.

The flow of new criminals is building violent rivalry on the pavement. To stay competent, Seattle dealers have joined together to make their own criminal organizations.

Ozu supplies Gator and other city swindlers with crack. He has to be 100% sure that his product is better than the other ones on the street. As the crack solidifies, Ozu cautiously extracts his priceless commodity, assuring not to waste any of his earnings. $2,000 of cocaine is converted into a crack biscuit with a street price of $4,000. With the crack divided into smaller batches, Ozu rides into the city to distribute his product.

Gator then cracks the crack into street bargains. The most wanted seller on Seattle streets is the $20 batch. Gator sells drugs very openly, even in front of the police. One of the most productive drug markets in the city is Belltown. In Belltown's streets you find all social, economic, and ethnic groups. Dee was a millionaire with several profitable businesses until he found crack. Dee now most of the time is high on crack, marching from dealer to dealer, sometimes not sleeping for days.

Seattle's Police Department has long been fighting the city's transparent drug trade. Being impotent to incarcerate their way out of the situation of constant low-level drug trade that infects Belltown, the city has been compelled to look for other possible solutions. Police are trying out a new program that they hope will eliminate repeat offending. Available only in United States.

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  1. Mike

    Thank-you to Mayor Murray for helping to turn Seattle into junkie town USA. Needles everywhere you walk, broken glass all over the streets from cars being broken into every night. Call the police and if they show up an hour later they do nothing. The last time we called them they wouldn't even get out of their patrol car. Stay away this city is for junkies and drug dealers only, if you have kids get away as fast as you can !

  2. #1stunner206

    Lol wow. Funny to see Tattoo Todd on this. Not one bit of anything he says is true besides him being locked up witch happen because of his mouth and I really doubt he even went to prison. If I can remember correctly they had to put him in some kind of solitary confinement for his protection "kinda like they do to child molesters "so everyone he rated on wouldn't hurt him. But for his story his some what correct in a way. The city is nothing like all these other small town citys that have gangs running around where they charge people for selling on a block and controlling them. There are gangs but your not gonna see a bunch of gang activity because it's so small. Unless you go down to pierce county over in Tacoma. It's peaceful here and im sure that's how everyone wants it to stay. There ain't no one like Todd up here collecting money from dealers that sell on the street. I dont know if the show put him up to that story or what but it's ridiculous.

  3. Jennifer L. Reimer

    I lived in Vancouver for 4 years - drug-ridden, incredibly corrupt police, people shooting up in the street a regular scene. I never visited Seattle though... has anyone lived in both cities, and can provide a comparison? My boyfriend is from Seattle. I won't go there LOL - I'm terrified of a repeat of my 3 months of madness episode in Vancouver. He's moving to Philly <3

    1. Nothanksnicegurl

      Both are horrible. Very similar. We too will soon have the soros funded ‘safe’ injection sites.

  4. gaboora

    Informative film. Well done. The drug scene is an ugly world. I'm glad it's not my scene.

  5. Richard Neva

    The scum of the earth for all to see and I could not watch it!

    1. Jennifer L. Reimer

      Sigh.... I wish ignorant people like you just lost the ability to type or something. It is well known that people use drugs because of negative environments, to self medicate, etc. Look up "Rat Park". Start there... educate yourself before you open your damn mouth. Please and thank you.

    2. Thinker

      There are many different categories of "drugs" though.
      Rat Park was done with morphine, which is a pain killer and sedative.
      "Psychedelics" can be used beneficially if used properly for things like gaining personal insights and understanding etc.
      The vast majority of drug category lists I've seen on the internet are inaccurate.

    3. Richard Neva

      You castigate me as stupid or something for an opinion on a web site like this. You are the insensitive one my dear. I do not need any more education either. three college degrees is enough and teaching for years compound what I do know. I do not have to waste me time watching people killing themselves with narcotics. Apparently that excites you sick puppy> Doesn't your man satisfy you enough?

    4. 1concept1

      Richard if the powers to be would "legalize" drugs two things would take place right off the top -

      One the taxes collected would pay for the "junkies" rehab -

      and Two - The "scum" of the Earth would be defused of power - their market would tumble -

      Have you not heard or read about the resent post concerning the prescription drug epidemic -

      Would you not be for making the drug alcohol against the law also? -

      Do you honestly in your heart think for one minute people are going to stop drinking stop smoking cig. or stop taking drugs? - no matter whos law or what law? -

      I feel your frustration - Perhaps we are pointing a finger at the wrong scum of the Earth?

      I don't say that lightly - i have come to learn that -

      and i really do feel your frustration - a person of "three college degrees" - a nice quite academic life - to you and thousands like you its all just a bad dream and you want it all to go away -

      One thing you and I have in common - you have a right to speak your mind and I'll fight to the "death" for that -

      Its not the Spirit that you and i share that i take issue with -

  6. Richard Neva

    The US government has everything to gain by encouraging dope sales from coast to coast. A stoned population is easy to control and most people are stupid and go along with the scam!

    1. 1concept1

      You obviously don't smoke pot and or never have - if my hunch is correct?

      Why make comments out of your field of knowledge and experience -

      over 71, years I have built developed bought and sold company's - (small company's but self sustaining)

      The VA tells me my health is really good - and I need no Viagra - my primary doctor tells me at VA that its probably a good thing a smoke pot. (Google pot and cancer study's at the National Institute of Health, (NIH) and then get back to me -

      I have a daughter that receives all A's (that I raised) she is now entering medical school -

      I have been smoking POT for forty years all most daily -

      I don't understand where you're coming from Richard would you elaborate please - much respect!

    2. 1concept1

      In all fairness i have to make one concession - unfortunately - Pot is not for everyone -

      just like alcohol - its not for me-

      after smoking it over - I realized alcohol was a rum dumb rot got stumble bum drug -

      so on a bet i quite 34, years ago -

    3. Greg_Mc

      You obviously were not a big fan of alcohol (which you did say in your comment, "just like alcohol - its not for me-") to make a bet like that.

      As far as the third sentence(?) you wrote goes,
      "after smoking it over - I realized alcohol was a rum dumb rot got stumble bum drug -", the only response it elicits from me is .....
      ...... HUH?

    4. 1concept1

      It was a joke Greg - I could have used the term, "after thinking it over" but because of my first comment above I thought it was a good word to use -

      I really don't understand you're "HUH" Is there any question in anybody's mind what that meant? (save yours)?

      Greg I must confess that comment was placed there (also) to bait a reply - and after waiting patiently for two days and the thousands of viewers and posters on TDF only one reply -

      HUH, (damn)

    5. Greg_Mc

      I know you were joking lol I just didn't get it so I decided to respond with what was supposed to be a mildly sarcastic "HUH?" .

      Smoking it over is a new one for me, however had I not have smoked it over (I am not using it in the proper context I know, but hopefully you pick up on things quicker than I do) shortly before reading your comment your humour may not have been lost on me.

      @Thinker - I agree that smoking can facilitate contemplation too, although it doesn't guarantee (often it does the opposite lol) your thought process follows a sensible path i.e. your mind can wander in many different directions.

    6. Thinker

      Yea there are many different minds that work in different ways, and also many different types of cannabis that also work in many different ways.
      Some are good for going to sleep, others will have you up all night contemplating the universe.

    7. Thinker

      I believe he was implying that smoking cannabis can facilitate contemplation, which I agree with.

    8. Thinker

      "A stoned population is easy to control"
      That is not true at all. Like a lot of other psychedelics, one of the effects pot has on people is making you see things as if for the first time which causes you to question and re-think things, which is the opposite of what you would want if you were trying to control everyone.

    9. terrasodium

      thinking without action following the thinking would make most people easy to control, herb has yet to be considered a performance enhancing drug in olympic or any other action related performance. It does have it's uses but r/evolution isn't one of them.

    10. Thinker

      I can see how one might come to that conclusion, but I think that cannabis and other psychedelics are definitely catalysts for revolution (the 60's comes to mind) because of how they get people to re-evaluate everything.
      I think that the inactivity associated with it's use has more to do with people being disillusioned and unwilling to performing menial, meaningless tasks, but not having a good alternative available as to what would be meaningful activity.
      It may not be physically performance enhancing, but it is known to enhance or facilitate activities that require creativity such as the arts, and people such as Joe Rogan have speculated that it may be performance enhancing in physical activities that can benefit from creativity such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
      If you wanted to control people by keeping them in rigid patterns of unquestioning behavior, then a boundary desolving psychedelic substance such as cannabis is not good for that goal in my opinion.

    11. terrasodium

      researching the counterculture of the sixties or earlier would show some key elements of the not so coincedental rise in psycotropic drug use among the largest baby boom of entitled bored suspended in childhood group in history . I don't recall if Mozart, Bach, or Divinci had to use to be inspired maybe it was the times and not the art? Don't get me wrong enjoy what you like it is your right and I will stand by your right to do as you like, but enhancement of your reasoning faculties as they need be in the expertly managed society of those in suspended childhood is not what that drug will provide for you in my opinion developed from inside and outside observations,

    12. Thinker

      Some might call that 60's generation way of living lazy or entitled, but another way of looking at it would be idealistic, optimistic, hopeful etc.
      To my mind, a more perfect world is one where people are more free to choose how they spend their time, and that's what they were trying to pursue.

      I don't think psychedelics are required or necessary for creativity, only that they can be used by some to facilitate it.

      It's not so much "enhancement of your reasoning faculties" that makes psychedelics good to my mind if you want revolutionary type behavior, and bad if you want unquestioning behavior, it's more about how they dissolve preconceived ideas about what is going on and cause people to re-question things and re-evaluate which is the thing that leads to better reasoning.

      Terence McKenna is a very insightful resource on this topic.
      A few quotes that may be relevant:

      "Psychedelics are illegal not because a
      loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story
      window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion
      structures and culturally laid down models of behavior and information
      processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know
      is wrong."

      “Part of what psychedelics do is they
      decondition you from cultural values. This is what makes it such a
      political hot potato. Since all culture is a kind of con game, the most
      dangerous candy you can hand out is one which causes people to start
      questioning the rules of the game.”

      “Personal empowerment means
      deconditioning yourself from the values and the programs of the society
      and putting your own values and programs in place.”

      Anything that causes people to question things is going to be bad for controlling people, and in my opinion I don't think they make people nearly "inactive" enough to counter that very strong effect.

    13. terrasodium

      most people haven't the toolkit to ask a relative question , most have barely the means to see beyond the coke or pepsi type preset in their early educations.after 10.000 to 15.000 hours of schooling together the fishes know all the questions are answered in the texts they have memorized, and any questions unanswered will require a hadron colider or similiar to figure out. well beyond the means of a shoemaker or bakers son.In regards to Mckenna what is an ethnobiologist intended to portray in a world of titles?
      edit , ethnobotanist

    14. Thinker

      I agree, but psychedelics (including cannabis) also get people to question and re-examine things in their experience, such as the nature of their own personality, authority figures, the education they received or are receiving etc, which is why I don't think they would be good for controlling people.

      Forgive me, but I'm not quite sure what the precise meaning of you're question was regarding McKenna "what is an ethnobotanist intended to portray in a world of titles?"
      My understanding of vocabulary and language is rather limited =P
      Did you mean something similar to "how would an ethnobotanist be knowledgeable on this subject"?
      If that was the question, then it's an understandable one and I'll try and answer assuming it was, please correct me if I'm wrong.
      Although his primary professional experience was ethnobotany, he was extremely well read and his expertise extended into many other fields.

      Just from wiki:
      "Terence Kemp McKenna (November 16, 1946 – April 3, 2000) was an American philosopher, psychonaut, ethnobotanist, lecturer, and author. He spoke and wrote about a variety of subjects, including psychedelic drugs, plant-based entheogens, shamanism, metaphysics, alchemy, language, culture, technology and the theoretical origins of human consciousness."

      I highly recommend anyone with an intellectual mind to spend some time listening to what Terence McKenna had to say, even if you find yourself being skeptical about some of his more fringe ideas.
      He was so knowledgeable on so many different subjects, especially culture and language. Just the way he could analyze, deconstruct, and articulate concepts taught me more about things like how to think, the importance of being precise with words etc. than any other source by a long shot.
      If I could to only choose to learn from one person, Terence McKenna would be at the top of my list.

    15. terrasodium

      McKenna has developed a differing worldview , which has been visited by celebrity and politics from around the world, Huxley and Wassin used similar themes without the eastern rituals included in there thesis' on entheogens/psycotropic "doors of perception" and alike, huxley had a fiction he wrote about the religion of non religion entitled brave new world, that explored the ideas predating Mckenna, The Esalen Institute was built on the same ideology and has for it's efforts recieved the generous grants from the Rockefeller and Ford foundations both of which are expertly managed boards of directors. I would agree with you that McKenna had a prescient mind for the art of consciousness.

    16. dmxi

      to be honest there is a slight correctness to your statement but the closing words lack human understanding when placed under factual & fictional stress!

  7. Imightberiding

    I lived in Seattle from the late 80's until the turn of the millennium. Wonderful city.

    Arts, museums, great restaurants, good people, nature, fabulous dive bars, night life, very groovy bars & hang outs, decent people, architecture, great coffee, a plethora of delicious microbrews, amazing out door environment (the rain & clouds are a little tiresome in the winter months), beauty, history, out door activities, spectacular scenery, plenty of work, friendly people, music mecca, diverse neighborhoods, fabulous vintage shops, northwest local, mountains, lakes, rivers, ocean, good friends, fantastic fresh seafood, great sailing, kayaking, boating, intelligent people, solid university, groovy futuristic atmosphere, the Space Needle, Bumbershoot, Monorail, useful & functional World's Fair Grounds that still provide a valuable service to the community, (I think the only World's Fair Grounds that still function as such), Pike Place Market (the oldest continuously operating farmers owned market in the U.S.), fashion/clothing design centre (ex-wife was a fashion designer), ground zero for countless successful start-up companies, the home of several friends of mine including the effervescent drummer (Jason Finn) for the iconoclastic band: "The Presidents of the United States of America". Oh, did I mention the good, decent, intelligent, caring, cool people.

    It was for me, a great place to live. Yes, I knew several unfortunate individuals who were drug addicts. Many were friends & some of them worked for me. One of my favorite & regular hang outs after work was the "Comet Tavern" up on Capitol Hill. Couple of pool tables, cheep good beer & a wonderful eclectic mix of characters both in front of & behind the bar. It was "Cheers" for the 80's & 90's grunge scene & everyone knew your name & was your friend. The iconic signage & front of this establishment can be seen in a few of the shots in this doc.

    Of course things change over time & many for the worse, but my overall impression was that this great city was no more afflicted with crime & drugs than any other major American city. Perhaps even less so. Just like the countless visitors to New York or Chicago who are horrified, (insert your choice of favorite city here) there are just as many who vehemently defend their great city.

    Seattle: Great place to visit, even better place to live.

  8. Fabien L

    A very interesting picture of the drug situation in Seattle, worth watching and maybe even show to teens so they don't fall in the hard drugs trap. A dealer saying one dose of crack cocaine or heroine gets you hooked for life might bear more credibility than mom and dad saying so.

    1. Jennifer L. Reimer

      Only took one hit for me! Crack... my friend said she was buying powder but showed up with crack. I reluctantly tried some... and for a perfect moment, EVERYTHING WAS OKAY. I spent the rest of that night in some hotel room smoking crack until sunrise. And did not stop using for almost a year. Thought of it turns my stomach, now.

  9. goodkat

    Seattle is messed up lol :) Interesting documentary anyhow

  10. User_001

    LOL silly me! I thought this was a story about Todd, the white supremacist gang member. Oh I'm so confused now!

    Oh yeah, it was funny seeing the crack dealer drving down the freeway to a deal with his bank robber bandana on @ 7:00. I laughed and laughed!!!!