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Earth StoryEarth Story unravels the secrets of our planet and brings it alive. The series took three years to make, cost 3 million and was filmed all over the world, from the craters of active volcanoes to the ocean floor.

Where the cameras could not go, in both time and space, the latest animation techniques take over.

Combining live-action footage with state-of-the-art computer graphics which enable us to travel back and forwards through time, this is a fantastic journey of scientific discovery and a comprehensive history of life - in all its forms - on the planet.

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  1. natasha0

    This documentary was ok, but lacking slightly by BBC standards.
    I found it was more focused on the history of human development in the understanding of geology, rather than the history of the planet.

  2. leewebster

    quite boring

  3. Aaron Seyer

    I just watched part 1 and I enjoyed it. Considering how old it is, it is quite good. I'm not that interested in geology either. Maybe I am just bored so anything decent seems better than it normally would be

  4. Aaron Seyer

    I just watched the second one. I actually really enjoy this series. It explains the history of our understanding of the history of the world. The production quality is quite good, and it covers some interesting topics like magnetic pole shifts and the life around underwater volcanic vents.

  5. NAND Gate

    That would be because it is only part one of a series.

  6. NAND Gate

    Very good.

  7. tariqxl

    This is all way too complicated for me, I might just stick to the god theory. And whoever said sarcasm is the lowest form of wit was obviously at the brunt of it when that defense was formed. ;)

  8. Justin_Funski

    Good overview of well documented earth sciences

  9. Earthwinger

    ....either that, or they'd never seen anyone get a custard pie thrown in their face. ;)

    I enjoyed this series, and I think Aubrey Manning is an excellent presenter.

  10. Yavanna

    This doc is a thing of beauty. Required watching.

  11. natasha0

    So you have seen the rest, and this focus changes?

  12. panthera f

    6000 fundies will watch this, and still say God did it, and the earth is 6000 jears old. :-(

  13. NAND Gate

    @natasha0 - no, I just watched this one so far but Aaron above mentions it.

  14. Guest

    Can't believe I watched the whole thing

  15. tkurnas

    Why is evolution and geology still questioned by most Americans? Is it any wonder that we can not move forward politically? As long as ignorance permeates our populace we will produce dysfunctional government. As long as we continue to let dogma trump science out of a misguided "respect for beliefs" than we will continue to risk our society. It is people like us who must stand up and say NO MORE IGNORANCE! YOUR RELIGION IS WRONG!

  16. NAND Gate

    “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'” ? Isaac Asimov

  17. Guest

    ASIMOV! One of my "proper gods," for sure.
    And a helluva quote, I might add, one that a great many Americans, in particular, these last 30 years (especially) would have done well to read and heed...

    Here's another one of his I like: Humanity has the stars in its future, and that future is too important to be lost under the burden of juvenile folly and ignorant superstition.

  18. melloyeyo

    I couldn't agree more.

  19. Matt Kukowski

    This is all NON SENSE... rocks can not move! They are not alive!

    GOD moves them...

    Just kidding...

  20. Mon Chudzik

    After having watched this (except for 7 and 8 episode) I wish I was a geologist. It is so wonderful to see how Earth is not a static 'thing' but rather an organism of a kind with various cycles. It all makes humans just a minor detail in the whole history of Earth.

  21. Prince Amir James Kush

    you ***** scientists might be right but did u ever think that this is how god intended it to be!! this is how god wanted the world to form??

  22. NAND Gate

    Yes I did think that. But not since I was a kid.

  23. Epicurus

    ya maybe. no one says that option is ruled out, just that there is no evidence. and if you do think that how do you then decide which god and which religion? most likely the one most ingrained into your culture.

  24. geamala

    This is getting boring. Interesting though.

  25. Søren Dahse

    epicurus, a classic example of how religious people often can be very stupid to listen to.

    like you say, there are thousands of gods throughout history, what makes the christian one right? nothing, it is only because its been put on you by society.

    and that is what i think why religion should play a waaay smaller role in the world. cause you absolutely cant use religion for s*** once it comes to being logical and making the things you can actually sense in your life work out.

    and the things that are in the bible and various other books that make sense, is because theyre already f***ing logical?!?! like dont kill, dont steal, we know this shit already cause you cant have a stable society if stuff like this runs loose.

    WE DONT NEED RELIGION, NOBODY NEEDS RELIGION, people just need to learn to love themselves.

    and not believeing in god, doesnt mean that the world is boring, quite the opposit actually, just watch some of the many science and theoretic videos on this page.

    science and its uncertainties impress and blow my mind way more than any silly religion ever could.

    "you ***** scientists might be right but did u ever think that this is how god intended it to be!! this is how god wanted the world to form??"

    and this is what makes me laugh at religion, cause its so loosely put together, that you can excuse anything with... anything really.

    they change their minds all the time, but only a little. like first everyone who doesnt believe the earth is 5k years old is stupid and wrong. but hey now you see a lot of religious people accepting that thats now how the world works and was created.

    and i feel that in the future, when perhaps we finally find out what very weird and complex stuff has made our whole reality. and itll probably be nothing like what they perceive as god, but theyll call it god anyway and tell us all they were right.

    religion tries to take credit for way too much. when all they can really do, is to take credit for making the world generally much s***tier. and i can see a mod edited your curse, but im still gonna say f*** religion, cause that is how i feel. religion is a pest, created by man to control the population, or at least thats what it turned into.

    f*** religion, take charge of your own life

  26. Sam Medhurst

    What god are you talking about exactly? people like u are slowing the world down. If people need somthing to believe in, believe in the Sun! (where more or less ALL of the religions are formed!) were chemically connected to the earth, biologically connected with eachother and atomically connected with the rest of the universe!! Why hide behind a god? open your eyes!

  27. Sertsis

    I believe that god and nature are one. If you really want to understand god, then go and study a blade of grass, that's how he operates.

  28. Guest

    study the student studying the blade of grass, the i, and you'll get even closer.

  29. Sion88

    If people have to believe in something, why not Zoidberg? :E

  30. Ivan Simo Simic

    Nice doc...

  31. Guest

    good point Natasha. I watched the whole series over a year ago on another site, and several times to. And that view had escaped me until you brought it up.

  32. Guest

    If religion were true, there would be only 1 religion. Because there is only 1 truth. But darwins version of evolution as far as humans are concerned, has been proven wrong. So why doesnt religion use that proof, to argue their point? Because religion and darwinism hold hands and walk the path together. They have to explain things in terestrial terms. BIBLE= basic instructions before leaving earth. humans: 46 chromosomes. ALL other primates: 48 chromosomes. That difference is insurmountable and requires another explaination than darwin or religion, as its conducted, can give.

  33. RileyRampant

    nice doc. focused on the methods of investigation, more than the narrative or collected understanding.

    very well-conceived, if a bit drawn out. also, the narrator pretended to be rather implausibly clueless.

    watched all episodes, it was worth it.

  34. Janet Taylor

    Evolution has been proven wrong?

    You are profoundly uneducated. There are plenty of very well made documentaries on this very site that can rectify that.

    Humans have 46 chromosomes while other primates have 48 chromosomes. This is the reason you doubt evolution? Really? We are a relative of primates; we did not evolve from them. Chimps have always had 48 chromosomes while humans have always had 46. We have a COMMON ANCESTOR. At some point in our evolutionary history we diverged. This is basic bio 101 here. Something a high school student could explain to you. The evolutionary tree that Dwarin proposed has been proven to be entirely correct in every way. Evolution has concrete evidence showing that it is in fact correct. There are mountains of data supporting it, including observable occurrences of natural selection. There are even things that Darwin hadn’t even come up with. But hey, don't take my word for it. Get educated.

  35. Guest

    since you put it that way, you are profoundly educated wrong. And furthermore the standard storyline for all the sciences are about to change in a big way. Now if most of us weren't busy hero worshipping, we might actually do some research. Research thats not polluted by peer review such that it is, nor any of the other status quo dogmas. Galileo and newton lived a long time ago. Don't you think we should move into the 21st century as that's the current dateline . When the old guard dies and the next generation that has an open mind, can accept the new ideas coming from better investigative tools, you will see a change in the current belief system to one better adept in knowledge.

  36. Guest

    If you have as much courage to Check out Lloyd Pye as you do insulting me, your life might change. Try actually learning rather than following the leader. The leaders are old and tired.

  37. over the edge

    i went to your link (as well as pye's web page) both claim that evolution cannot explain the origins of life. he is correct evolution has nothing to do with the origins (abiogenesis). next he uses yeti,sasquatch, bigfoot as evidence really? can you or anybody show proof (fossils or better yet live examples) of their existence. the short video you linked to is full of "what if's" and "we don't know so aliens did it" can you provide hard evidence FOR your argument? his "sttarchild skull" has only produced human dna not a trace of alien dna anywhere (in Pye's own tests) but he uses the inability to get a full profile as evidence for his argument. lack of evidence against a claim is not evidence for it.
    now on to your statements "evolution as far as humans are concerned, has been proven wrong." please provide these proofs? "umans: 46 chromosomes. ALL other primates: 48 chromosomes. That difference is insurmountable and requires another explaination" human chromosome 2 is a fusion of two other chromosomes found in chimps or the two smaller chromosomes could be the result of the larger one in humans breaking apart. you also leave out the fact that we share 98-99% percent of our dna with them. i could go on but until you can provide verifiable,repeatable,testable proof and consistent with the facts we already have you (or pye) are stating an opinion not a fact or theory.

  38. Epicurus

    HAHAHAHAHA Lloyd Pye has been shown to be wrong.

    Tests conducted utilizing mtDNA recovered from the skull have established it as human. Experts believe it to be the skull of a child who died as a result of known genetic or congenital abnormalities, such as congenital hydrocephalus.

    havent i already told you on another doc that you were wrong? why do you insist on believing this lie? maybe you should think about that....why do you want this to be true? why are you so afraid of looking at it objectively?

  39. Guest

    yer a joke. what experts/ yours :)) speaking of afraid of looking when did you look. dont cr*p on my head wipe yourself. And do you know the meaning of the word objective? Try it sometime.

  40. Guest

    lack of education/ hehe why cant they even explain the cambrian explosion and look up Lloyd Pyes latest boook if you think you can read it? OMG you are hilarious

  41. Epicurus

    i have looked up his latest book and it is a joke

    also the cambrian explosion is absolutely explained. seems like you have been listening to long do you think the cambrian explosion event took?

    Lloyd Pye is just a failed fiction author who realized he could make EASY money by making pseudoscience books like the starchild and intervention theory.

    the man is a fraud and you buy into his nonsense because you want the world to seem more magical than it is.

    grow up.

  42. Epicurus

    what experts? experts in anatomy! experts in Genetics! experts in anthropology.

    and Lloyd Pye's level of education in anatomy genetics and anthropology is what exactly?? oh thats right he has no education in any of those things.

    i cant believe you have let yourself be swindled by this fool.

  43. Guest

    lol you got to be kidding ken miller is a babbling idiot. He thinks chromosomes just fuse? Who is the fool? hehe. good 1 bozo.

  44. Guest

    hey you are a failed slanderer. And groweing up is some of your advice you should try

  45. Guest

    the word swindle means what to you exactly? well I'll copy and paste your opinions and I'll see what he wants to reply back about it. I dont think you read or watched his lectures. But you try and run your mouth real well.

  46. over the edge

    you make me laugh. you make claims and show no proof for them and when your claims are debunked you dismiss or ridicule them and still provide no proof .finally you say "I'll copy and paste your opinions and I'll see what he wants to reply back " why? do you not have the knowledge to respond yourself. does that mean you are following him without fully understanding or able to defend your belief? you have yet to answer 1 question put to you i addressed your claims and asked questions of my own (as well as Epicurus,) and the response from you is void of any substance. if you want to exchange facts and proof i am willing, but if the best you can do is insult and defer any questions to someone who is not here then i am not interested.

  47. Epicurus

    LOL Kenneth Miller is one of the most famous biologists and is probably the author of the biology textbook at your high school. he is also a catholic.

    lol you dont think chromosomes fuse? look up Robertsonian Translocation.

    do you know what down syndrome is? do you know how it happens? In humans, when a Robertsonian translocation joins the long arm of chromosome 21 with the long arm of chromosome 14 (or 15), the heterozygous carrier is phenotypically normal because there are two copies of all major chromosome arms and hence two copies of all essential genes. However, the progeny of this carrier may inherit an unbalanced trisomy 21, causing Down Syndrome.

  48. Guest

    ya and your so sure of yourself , that you didnt review any of lloyd Pye's work you just slandered him. So laff at yourself and go be a bum to the rest of the idiots you think you have convinced. :)))

  49. Guest

    excuse me but I've been busy, as I have a life. Who are you picurus' punk?

  50. Guest

    Oh and as I have stated Lloyd Pye's name you can take it or google it from there. This site has deleted many of my links as spam or something. So I gave you the direction get off your rear end or are you a couch potato?

  51. over the edge

    again with the insults without any proof

  52. Guest

    yes again you are a lazy bum

  53. Epicurus

    lol yes i absolutely known about Lloyd Pye and his "work". what it actually is, is just fiction writing. he has NEVER gone and dug anything up, he doesnt know how to do genetics testing, he doesnt know how to do any dating techniques. he just uses his imagination and because it amuses you, you believe it.

    lol i dont have to convince anyone, you do. you are the one with the crazy belief.

  54. Guest

    well what exactly do you discredit? You think chromosomal changes on that magnetude just happen? You should be a religious fanatic. lol. Ya so far you have engaged in talkin trash. But it's obvious he is way over your hea.

  55. Guest

    Wow it's obvious you do no research of your own. If you did you would have something specific to say. But I guess this subject is so far over your head. Oh and I'm not foolih enough to believe debunkers with personality disorders like your own. Say something specific. Make me know that you even have a clue.:D

  56. Guest

    I have 3 degrees a.a a.s. b.s. in Industrial technology. So I see you just bluff. Jeez there are so many of you trash talking debunkers out there. Get a real job. Or just get a job. :D

  57. Guest

    oh so you think we humans are the down syndrome offspring of apes? wow your are so deep.

  58. Epicurus

    chromosomal changes happen due to mutation. yes mutation is random.

    whats obvious is that you are clinging to someone who is not taken serious by ANY scientist because he just puts forth imagination with no evidence. but there will always be people like you who will believe him without any education on the topic.

  59. Epicurus

    your inability to understand genetics makes me laugh. do you know what a straw man is?

    i dont think you have a single degree because based the way you speak you dont seem like someone out of high school.

  60. Epicurus

    and i have a Bsc in Psychology and am going for a degree presently in anthropology which includes archaeology.

    THIS exact stuff is what i study at one of the best schools in the entire world, taught by some of the leading archaeologists and anthropologists on the planet.

    lol @ industrial technology. why not try something more academic.

    you still havent explained to me Lenz's Law. i dont think you have a degree actually.

  61. Guest

    oh lenz law I have no clue as of right now. I dont need your quackademics when I actually do things If you werent afraid of losing your dogmatic belief system, look up over unity or free energy circuits. As they delete them on here as spam. and yes they work. Industrial technology emphasis construction, which is physics and civil engineering based. So what have you built, made or done for other humans besides blab?

  62. Guest

    Are your community college classes transferable to that online university you are printing that diploma from?

  63. Guest

    Oh and I forgot to mention I have 30 years experience in my field as well. So I'm wondering, who is the child here?

  64. Epicurus

    look up the first LAW of thermodynamics. look up the law of conservation of energy. you will realize that it is obvious you are lying not only about your credentials but also what you have created.

    you cant even spell let alone graduate from an industrial technology class which would require complex physics and engineering.

    stop lying.

  65. Epicurus

    i go to the University of Toronto.

  66. Epicurus

    you are based on how you act.

  67. Guest

    sorry about the typos, but if you canteven grasp the point what good is the spelling anyway? I'm 54. You on the other hand are just beginning life. You hero worship arisotocratic inbreds. Darwin married his cousin. Einstein got his college girlfriend pregnant. He married her, only to leave her with his son to marry his cousin. Her fooled around on her as well while having children with her. Oh and your favorite Freud had an edipus complex. Which means he want to have sex with his mother. And Newton wqas a flaming homosexcual alchemist. This is what your academics approves of and uses as doctrine to educate you children. When you get some years on you maybe some wisdom will sink in, or you will become 1 of those?

  68. Guest

    I don't act. I do. so what have you done? Theorize? lol

  69. Epicurus

    so because Darwin married his cousin you think that means that his science was wrong? what is the point of bringing that up? what does it have to do with his science. this is why i question your age, because you dont seem to understand logic.

    Einsteins infidelity has nothing to do with his science. and i actually dont care for Freud, dont know where you would get that idea.

    when we teach science in class we teach what those men figured out. not how they lived their lives, because it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR SCIENCE.

    your entire post was an ad hominem attack on all of those men who anyone of them has accomplished more than you ever will. its a shame that someone so old is also so illogical. how did that happen?

  70. Epicurus

    you havent done anything. if you would like to show me some pictures or even a detailed paper on this invention of yours, maybe a patent number, i would love to see it. otherwise i think you are just some crazy man who THINKS he might have made something but its really just trash in your backyard and the neighbours think you are losing your mind.

    what have i done? i have like 456 friends on facebook....what now, come at me bro. /sarcasm

  71. Guest

    We? I thought you were a student, now your a teacher? The whole darwin genre was promoted by the aristocracy to legitmize social darwinism. Inbreeding causes physical problems . You would know that if what you were taught was actually knowledge." People are so dumb as thing just know so much that isn't true". Ronald Regan in an adress to congress. When are you actually going to do something with your supposed education?

  72. Epicurus

    inbreeding also gets rid of many genetic problems.

    darwins theory of evoultion for BIOLOGY is true. natural selection works on organisms to change them. this is observed and documented in many experiments.

    how come you didnt actually address anything that was said.

    what does darwins, einsteins, freuds or newtons life styles have to do with the contributions to science?

    i will do something with my education when i finally have a Phd. im not an underachiever.

  73. Guest

    Look the subject is status quo is wrong. The current paradigms are wrong. They are centuries old. It's time for new ones. So get all of your friends together and see if you can put together enough brain muscle for atleast 1.

  74. Epicurus

    however, newtons laws of motion, einsteins relativity, darwins natural selection, and freuds subconcious theories are all correct.

    there is no status quo in science. in science the greatest good is to over turn a theory and make a new one. that is every scientists dream and goal. the scientists who become popular and get the grant money are the ones that show something to be false and present a new theory. however its not as easy as just thinking: "this skull looks funny so im going to say its from an alien" that is NOT a theory. that is at best a hypothesis. so now test that hypothesis. look at the DNA, look at the other causes that might exist and try to either confirm or deny your hypothesis. THAT is how good science is done.

  75. Guest

    well Werner Von Braun proved gravity wasnt universal in 1958, during the explorer project. How does the sun still hold onto the planets if its been burning for billions of years/ and why is its energy signature backwards? Any way thats a start for you. Oh heres 1 you can observe every night, whats the odds all of the impacts on the moon hit perpendicular to its surface, hence they are all

  76. Guest

    the round shape of craters. and how can you compare a trampoline and a tennis ball with our solar system? Oh heres a documentary listed on this site. Thundebolts of the gods. I would like to know what you think about that film . all of it and not just a cheap shotting of it.

  77. Guest

    corona is 2 million degrees. the surface is 5 to 6 k degrees and sun spots are darker and they are holes in the surface. which means the interior is cooler yet.

  78. Guest

    now you are saying gravitational force is fictious? WTH does that mean?

  79. Epicurus

    no i did not say that.

  80. Guest

    ok then instead of just running your mouth,,, demonstrate what you have said. But you can't. So all you can do is babble more theory. Try for once actually doing something and quite me with following popular opinion. An opinion being popular is no proof of legitimacy. Being well adjusted to a profoundly sick society is no measure of health. My point is the same one I have always made in every blog i have made on any documentary on this or any other site. "we need a new paradigm because the old ones being rammed down our throats are wrong. So show me how gravity warps space or time. If you can.:0

  81. Guest

    I said what the relative tremps are. Your long winded response doesnt say anything . you just add bologne to the mix. Explain why the heat or energy which is the same reference,,, is backward. I said why. Look if you just want to filibuster. At least say something intelligent.

  82. Guest

    You didnt say what?

  83. Guest

    when have we created helium from hydrogen? never. how did you measure the suns core temp? you havent. Im telling you that your just repeating dogma that cant be repeated in any experiment. You are getting fed status quo lies. What examples do you have? Lok at the sun thru SOHO. If you go on nasa's SOHO site you can get the sun in real time. What scientist don't know about the core is because they dont know it is that hot or they are not saying they know it isnt that hot. But that would screw up the lie wouldn't it? Whats the hottest place in a bonfire/ the center as the farther away it gets cooler. So why is the sun the opposite? because the confluence of energy concentrates where you would expect, the corona. The universe is an electric 1. Poor academia has to re teach itself. And thats the motivation behind the lies. The top being topled.

  84. Guest

    ya it figures you think you're the god of science now. So hide stupid

  85. Guest

    These objections were rendered moot by Einstein's theory of general relativity, in which gravitation is an attribute of curved spacetime instead of being due to a force propagated between bodies. In Einstein's theory, masses distort spacetime in their vicinity, and other particles move in trajectories determined by the geometry of spacetime. This allowed a description of the motions of light and mass that was consistent with all available observations. In general relativity, the gravitational force is a fictitious force due to the curvature of spacetime, because the gravitational acceleration of a body in free fall is due to its world line being a geodesic of spacetime. Scroll down. I got this from copying from your text.

  86. Epicurus

    "now you are saying gravitational force is fictious? WTH does that mean?"

    i didnt say that gravitational force was fictitious.

  87. Epicurus

    basically you didnt understand it and you want me to dumb it down for

  88. Epicurus

    General relativity predicts that the path of light is bent in a gravitational field; light passing a massive body is deflected towards that body. This effect has been confirmed by observing the light of stars or distant quasars being deflected as it passes the Sun.

    observed and tested experiment showing gravity to be a warping of space-time by heavy objects.

    you are so outdated on what you know this conversation is becoming impossible. you can keep yelling that the "paradigms" are wrong but you have yet to show how they are. and once again what have YOU done?

  89. Epicurus

    what are you even talking about? you are such an angry little man.

  90. Epicurus

    just goes to show that you dont understand what you read. it means there is not an actual physical force, but a bending of the fabric of space-time which causes a gravity well. you would know this if you spent any time learning about gravity from modern experiments.

  91. Guest

    ya typical, when you dont know something you dont bother explaining yourself :O

  92. Guest

    lol more like you are an angry little child?

  93. Guest

    i do experiments as you have well stated you dont. Get it right do something yourself

  94. Guest

    no ranting or raving just do something yourself. or is insecurity got the best of ya?

  95. Guest

    did you just refer to knowledge gained online? Well i thought you learned in universities? Anyway unless you try something yourself you have to be a sheep. So come on try something yourself/ what to you have to loose. Its not like your virginity or something.

  96. Epicurus

    lol i have done a number of experiments at school as well as a number of research papers. i just dont feel it is any of your business nor does it have anything to do with what we are talking about.

  97. Guest

    nice cop out.

  98. Epicurus

    what is it a cop out from?

  99. Guest

    ok try looking up a faraday flashlight. you can google it.

  100. Epicurus

    i know what a faraday flashlight is. what does it have to do with anything we are talking about? and if you even try to imply that it is some form of free energy i will explode with amazement.

  101. Guest

    well then it will suprise you to know they arent collecting the back E M F. which is what ive been trying to get across thats the point. electromotive force is all around us. you just need to know how to open the valve and it will come pouring out. And since you seem to know so much ? how can you not know of john bedini and tom bearden?

  102. Epicurus

    Tom Bearden is a fraud but if you want to believe him, go nuts.

    And Bedini has some good stuff, but his perpetual motion ideas are nonsense and not published thus not proven.

  103. Guest

    you are a fraud as a matter of fact you are a fake and a fraud and a part time braud. You know you are a jerk you just cant quit jerking. You do nothing . show anything you have done. even suggest something you have done beside put people down.????

  104. Guest

    tom bedini has patents and if you want to check the school girl circuit try that and quit cheap shotting and slandering.

  105. Epicurus

    yes he has some patents but not for perpetual motion

  106. Epicurus

    i have conducted a research paper on Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy on Indigenous people of Northern and Eastern Africa, i have helped compare Native American tools that were found on the East coast of Canada and show that they are a different technique from the tradition Clovis. I have started my own business from scratch which i then was able to sell for a large profit which has paid comfortably for my education and lifestyle.

    im sorry, what was it that you have done again? made little trinkets in your house that you think make free energy? watch thousands of youtube videos by people just as gullible as you? please, the last thing i wanted to have here was a personal competition. try to grow up or act your age at least.

  107. Guest

    if you scroll back and stop putting words in my mouth you will see you said anything about perpetual motion. You just say anything and call it coherent. Come on this is your idea of maturity? you really got to be kidding me?

  108. Guest

    wow you definitely sound angry. sorry it wasnt my intent to make anyone angry i just text to the point. When you cheap shot me I knew you didnt either fully understand the subject or were unwilling to have an open mind enough to see past your sponsors. Hey to each his own I guess. Well keep thinking you are a descendent of a monkey. I guess it pays your rent?

  109. Guest

    oh since you ask what I've done? I've built tract homes, custom homes, Upgrade and or maintain residential and commercial properties as well and design and install facilities upgrades for residential commercial and industrial usage. Also I , in my younger years ran concrete poured in place construction crews for the building of freeways and bridges. Is that ok with you?

  110. Epicurus

    so you have done nothing but construction work. *slow clap*

    you have been a waste of my time, and i hope no one has wasted their time reading our back and forth.

    the funniest thing about you is that you dont accept evolution. its a fact. we have the genetic evidence. wake up. but im sure genetics is just as complicated for you to understand as physics has been

  111. Guest

    well your reply is proof that your level of understanding is why you whole hearted believe an inbred like darwin. Look at what you can grasp? No wonder you posted those lowbrow comments about Lloyd Pye, John Bedini, and Tom Bearden. I was wondering when you were going to get around to Wallice Thornhil. What's the matter is he way over your head? And as far as wasting time, you got tobe kidding? Comparing tools of stone age tribes, when you could be analizing how or what tools the egyptians used to cut those stones from theor quarries and what tools they used to transport them to such distance places. That would help humanity. But no you goof around in some ditch. Why did you waste analizing africa and not consider the ancient monoliths. Too much for your so called education? Heres an analogy of college education: A graduating class from harvard was asked where did the wood in a tree come from? None of them knew it was carbon from the co2 in the air that a tree fixes into a solid. You think on such a tiny level. Get out of your hole and look up.

  112. Guest

    And speaking of contruction, i broke my right hand 4 times and my left hand as a teen once. So you are correct in criticizing my typing, as I can not help it at times.

  113. Epicurus

    first off Darwin wasnt an inbreed. he married his cousin so his kids were. but in your families ancestry someone mated with their cousin as well. as did in my family and everyone elses. being inbred has nothing to do with anything. that is another ad hominem. Darwins theory of evolution by natural selection is a fact. deal with it.

    lol those three people are complete jokes and two of them are actual charlatans and frauds.

    you really need to learn how to spell. it is so bad it is making it hard to understand you.

    how would analyzing the tools of egyptians help humanity? plus there are many people doing work in Egypt. the work I had done was groundbreaking. it helped us understand the evolution of technology for the first humans in the new world. it also pushed the date back for when we suspected humans to be on the East coast.

    your problem is you are clouded with conspiracy theories and pseudoscience nonsense. everyone who has read our conversation can see that you have no clue what you are talking about and that you might be disturbed psychologically.

  114. Epicurus

    bullllll, you cant spell just admit it.

  115. Guest

    you thinking you are important is worthy of hoaxing. and with a degree in psychology you think now you are an expert? you need to get help yourself. I canty say I am not distuebed about things, But where did you get that better than thou attitude? Trash it dude and learn something.

  116. Guest

    oh i forgot: Especially in your family it seems inbreeding has caused genetic abnormalities.

  117. Guest

    no problem I dont do spelling checks and so i cant spell every word. But as I have said, what good is spelling if you cant even grasp the idea? And im quite sure that if you can criticize my spelling, you know what the word means. So get off your petty high horse.

  118. Guest

    Just curious; Do you think thunderbolts of the gods film on this site is fraudulant? Or Contact: Eduard Albert Meier is just a space case. In your exhaulted opinion? I'm just asking.

  119. Epicurus

    what do i think im an expert in?

    i got the better than thou attitude when i realized that you are just a closed minded conspiracy theorist who doesnt care what the evidence shows and just wants to believe whatever makes him feel good.

  120. Epicurus

    ad hominem

  121. Epicurus

    im not on a high horse. i just know that someone who has such bad spelling and no education in science is not worth listening to on this subject.

  122. Epicurus

    Thunderbolts of the gods is a sensationalist film. anything based off Immanuel Velikovsky or Wallace is a complete and utter joke. its as silly as the aquatic ape theory or believing that life was brought here by aliens. its just stupid.

  123. Vlatko


    Read the Comment Policy (link above).

  124. Guest

    cool give epicurus the same reply as well

  125. Vlatko


    You've been calling people around (not just Epicurus):

    bozo; yer a joke; dont cr*p on my head wipe yourself; OMG you are hilarious; hey you are a failed slanderer; go be a bum to the rest of the idiots you think you have convinced; yes again you are a lazy bum; Get a real job. Or just get a job; get all of your friends together and see if you can put together enough brain muscle for atleast 1; So hide stupid, you are a fraud as a matter of fact you are a fake and a fraud and a part time braud; Well keep thinking you are a descendent of a monkey; I guess it pays your rent?;

    Personal labels are one thing (you and him said plenty, and I thought you'll both give up), but when you said "Especially in your family it seems inbreeding has caused genetic abnormalities.", you've crossed the line. That is just a plain insult, and does not belong here.

    Stop with your ad hominems. If someone disagrees with your "theories" explain what you have in mind in civilized, polite manner.

  126. Guest

    oh yes and why? have you even checked out their remarks to me? and the mokey thing is taken out of context as is your message to me. stop slandering me and those I have suggested to reference . You own this site you haver all the power. So why dont you be fair about it?

  127. Guest

    ad hominems

  128. Vlatko


    Let me repeat myself: Personal labels are one thing (you and him said plenty, and I thought you'll both give up), but when you said "Especially in your family it seems inbreeding has caused genetic abnormalities.", you've crossed the line. That is just a plain insult, and does not belong here.

    Is that fair?

  129. Guest

    yes when applied to both or all. Calling someone a fraud or little man or old and mad and belittling my accomplishments , all this while not being able to post my links that prove what i said, is quite disarming to say the least. And after all who started it? but that doesnt matter to you as I see in this response. So, not to take things out of context but, you obviously have credibility here so why dont you suggest the reviewing of out of the blue, the disclosure project, thunderbolts of the gods, and such that are available here on your site. And I'll just have to forget the fact, I can't paste the largest body of proof supporting my message. And finally I have failed to give incestive to him as well as others to research in an honest and fair way the knowledge , facts or whatever you want to name them. As this is my last post on this documentary.

  130. Megan Attrill

    Sheesh, this stuff is just basic knowledge even to me.. *shakes her head sadly* and I left school at 15 after having barely been there for 3 years. You're obviously a well educated man.. why do you continue to bother with Homie12? :(

    From my perspective it seems as though he needs treatment for a rather deep-seated psychological problem (I base that on no qualification of any kind, it just seems... obvious). If I've learnt anything it is that you can not argue and win against someone who does not register reasoning. He has convinced himself he is right, because he can not handle being inferior. I plead that you don't waste your good mind on anyone who doesn't provide you with a true debate.

    Sorry to draw your eyes back here, if you do read this. I couldn't help myself.

  131. drinker69

    These people like rocks way too much.

  132. Sarah Post

    thank "god"

  133. lex lexich

    poor lil flake

  134. David

    God and a scientist were having a discussion and the scientist was saying " you see with all our expanding knowledge we won't even need you in a few more generations why with all our work in DNA and cloning we will even be able to make people before very long."
    At this the good lord, who had been nearly napping, perked up and said, "Really? Let's have a good old fashioned man-making contest, whoever does the best, wins."
    The scientist rubbed his chin a moment and then said, "All right, just let me get back to my lab."
    "One thing," said God, "We're doing it the way I originally did it, with a lump of clay."
    "Challenge accepted," declared the scientist and bent over to scoop up a handful of earth.
    "Uh, uh, uh," God wagged a finger at him, "Get your own dirt."

    The longer I live and study the smaller the contradiction between religion and science. The farther back the timeline is pushed, the greater the glory of God. The more we understand quantum physics the more the mystery of creation. The Bible tells us what God did, it's not so clear on the details of how. Science tells us how he may have done it, it's not so clear on why.

  135. Siegfried Wagner

    A number of experiments have found that decay rates of other modes of artificial and naturally-occurring radioisotopes are, to a high degree of precision, unaffected by external conditions such as temperature, pressure, the chemical environment, and electric, magnetic, or gravitational fields. Comparison of laboratory experiments over the last century, studies of the Oklo natural nuclear reactor (which exemplified the effects of thermal neutrons on nuclear decay), and astrophysical observations of the luminosity decays of distant supernovae (which occurred far away so the light has taken a great deal of time to reach us), for example, strongly indicate that decay rates have been constant (at least to within the limitations of small experimental errors) as a function of time as well.

    Recent results suggest the possibility that decay rates might have a weak dependence (0.5% or less) on environmental factors. It has been suggested that measurements of decay rates of silicon-32, manganese-54, and radium-226 exhibit small seasonal variations (of the order of 0.1%), proposed to be related to either solar flare activity or distance from the sun. However, such measurements are highly susceptible to systematic errors, and a subsequent paper has found no evidence for such correlations in six other isotopes, and sets upper limits on the size of any such effects.

  136. mudshark23

    You say:

    "The Bible tells us what God did, it's not so clear on the details of how. Science tells us how he may have done it, it's not so clear on why."

    I assmume that the "what" of what God did is "create everything", yes?

    Then what IS the why?

    And if that's the mystery... then what use is God now? I mean, he already created everything and can't explain how or why. If the only function he serves now is to be blindly worshiped, then how is that any better then the presumably mindless idolatry of polytheism he originally replaced?

  137. David

    Rabbinicle scholars have been asking that very question for thousands of years and not just about the creation itself. They have written thousands of volumes on the subject collectively called the Talmud. They have the added benefit of being able to read it in the original Hebrew, on all it's levels. I do not. However, I'm pretty sure that if you found the most studied rabbi on the planet and asked him he would answer with one of three things. Who can know the mind of God? To give us life so that we may learn that the journey is important, not the destination. Maybe He was lonesome.
    What is the use of God now? That seems to be an individual question. Perhaps so that there will be no atheists in foxholes. Maybe to help give us continuity and purpose. He could be there to keep the human ego from getting out of hand and to remind us of how small and lost we really are in the immensity of the universe. Read the Bible, honestly, you'll find many interesting stories in there that can be read on more than one level. My favorite is at the end of Exodus where Moses has an argument with God and Moses wins. Religion itself may not be for everyone, there are so many how can one choose? If you don't like kneeling and bowing and scraping, stay away from the Muslim and Catholic religions. If you don't want to go to a church, temple, synagogue, just have a quiet talk with Him. He's a great listener, the original therapist. And He might even surprise you. It's nice to have someone around who's always there. You really think Creation is finished? There's a reason it's called The Living Word. Short of any of this watch A Fiddler on the Roof. Wonderful keitel music.
    Now, the reason I started with a joke: Religious, Atheist, Creationist, Evolutionist, whatever, both sides of the aisle need to Lighten Up! God evolved each of us a brain, do as you will with your own but don't tell each other what to do with theirs. That's how unpleasantness begins.

  138. William Bebonis

    Oh dear.... -.-

  139. William Bebonis

    There is no 'why' as you intend, only 'how'. To ask 'why' is to ask to the wrong question.

  140. terence galland

    certainly gives a new meaning to time,with the dating of the rocks, if true, human beings are only in the first seconds of life by comparison.

  141. Mac Moy

    The longer I live and study, the smaller the place of God has become. My cosmology has gone from hypothesizing on a monotheistic deity, to polytheistic, then to pantheistic (god being reality itself).

    This pantheism then fizzled out to nothing because then there would be no purpose in differentiating between "creator" and "created".

    The universe, in all its beautiful expansiveness, is not big enough for any gods.

    The joke misses a key point: God has never engaged in such a conversation because, unlike the dirt and the scientist, even the remote philosophical basis of god has never manifested itself into substance in any falsifiable way.

    Atheists and theists would argue that it is better this way. That's the real joke.

  142. Bo

    Funny story. Too bad God didnt invent himself to talk. You mind as well talk about Santa Clause and reindeers.

  143. Winston Smith

    we are all 'cousins' -No two people on earth are more than 50th cousins apart; most are closer. And there is nothing wrong with marrying your cousins and even if that were true of Darwin that would not say anything about the fact of evolution and natural selection; both of which are indisputable and beyond any reasonable doubt! For goodness sakes, do some research before you comment like this!

  144. Ole-Morten Julseth Leirbæk

    What is the best documentary made on the history of the earth?

  145. mark

    i think you spent to much on your diploma

  146. mark

    other than the fact that they may have been borderline psychopaths which tends to go hand in hand with academics and politicians.

  147. mark

    yet you continue to do so. hmmmmmm

  148. mark

    i believe it was for his amusement at our confusion on the matter. thats why he said dont eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. it will only confuse you.

  149. Epicurus

    what makes someone a psychopath and how does that make them psychopaths?

    also what qualifies YOU to label anyone psychopath?

  150. Epicurus

    your lack of a rebuttal shows that you dont know what you are talking about.

  151. Epicurus

    its a shame a year has passed and you have chosen to remain ignorant.

  152. Douglas Sturm

    This is the BEST, more accurate and elegant documentary about the history of the Earth!

    Charming narrator and researchers throughout the series, very good animations, fantastic soundtrack and plenty of breathtaking landscapes from all around the world as they explore different sources of evidence that support the colossal, continuous force of a geologically living planet - the Plate Tectonics - and its consequences into shaping the life on Earth. And too the influence of living beings over the transformations of the planet.

    Essential to everyone who is interested in both Geology and Biology and also one of the touchstones that support Evolution Theory through which the variety of species came to be.

  153. Texnikos Sofoulis

    guys... i can't
    believe you claim to be so open-minded while you don't want to read the bible
    just from curiosity.... just once!

    Let me share some key points. God created everything we see [genesis 1:1]. Even
    more. Now, the first way to learn his ways is by examining nature [romans
    1:20-23]. The details are so many, you will need millions of years maybe to get
    to the middle! Will you have all this time? that was one part of god purpose.
    still is. people live forever [ecclesiastes 3:11]. why do we die then and even
    more, suffer until we die [genesis 2:15-17][genesis 3:1-7]? So, will that
    purpose be fulfilled [revelation 21:4,5]? Ok. After this brief info, the WHY
    remains. hmmm. we can find many clues though, through bible study starting from
    genesis 1:26. In our image??? that means God has qualities like ours! Yes
    indeed. And the basic from them all is referred in 1John 4:8.

    I don't
    know about you, but i see god talking A LOT through the bible he gave to
    people. He talks? And then, why we (or most of us) can't understand anything? [James
    4:6]. now, there is another question... if he is so almighty, why he chose to
    speak with this old fashioned way? (i mean a bible? really?). the answer is
    simple. if u are a coder, u already know, that it is difficult for us to
    understand the machine language. we are more comfortable to read for ex a .c
    file than an .o in c. the same is with god and bible. not only, it is more easy
    to understand it, but also to accept it from a human who is like us with the
    same flows. consider, if we were to receive commandments from angels for
    example, we might say that it is impossible to obey cause we are mere humans
    while they are perfect beings.

    there are
    many questions. but don't make the same mistake with others. if you are to
    proclaim a theory (religion) as fake, the least you have to do is read its
    basis, not hear from others.

  154. Woor9649

    Essential to everyone who is interested in both Geology and Biology
    and also one of the touchstones that support Evolution Theory through
    which the variety of species came to be.

  155. MrInteractive

    Douglas I agree completely, this is not only the best documentary ever made about the history of the earth, I would contend that this is possibly the best documentary ever made about anything. Before seeing this I couldn't have believed that a combination of geology and geography could be so utterly spellbinding, involving, and intellectually stimulating and presented so immaculately and informatively.

    This is simply utterly stunning, and is worth watching again and again and again, because it is so richly informative while seemingly proceeding at a comfortable pace. Yet the information is presented in a manner that is utterly digestible because it is presented so logically and carefully.

    This documentary is a masterpiece.

  156. jkelly

    You do realize that humans wrote the bible right? Men, not "God". Scientific evidence is fact. You fictional bible requires faith. Faith is essentially the stubborn belief in fiction.

  157. Weatherlawyer

    Whilst I agree with you about Mr Manning generally, you have to remember that all theories about the past are subjective.

    I found his ignorance about religion demeaning and, was I a Muslim, I would have no qualms about some sort of reprisal.
    What did you make of the dismissal of the epochs mentioned in the first few minutes?

    Anyone that purported to know something about earth-sciences ought to know that the solar system runs on days called Right Ascension. In fact one "day" in the life of a galaxy is about 24 thousand years. What a day is in the life of the material universe is, I doubt many can imagine.

    To quote Mr Manning: "in the bible..." Moses was quite categorical about the steps in creation. Are these correct or not?

    Again "in the bible" the writers make a distinction between the material creation and that the other part of creation was already up and running by then.

    I think it is time to redeem this old list of human error. Fancy a job?


    I wanted to know how much time has been estimated for a galactic day and according to the first source I looked at it is 220 Million Years!

    "Our galaxy is rotating incredibly slowly, however. It takes the Sun 220 million years to complete a single orbit around the galaxy. In the 4.6 billion years that the Sun and planets have been here, they’ve only rotated around the center of the galaxy about 20 times."

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