Ecstasy Rising

Ecstasy Rising

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Ecstasy RisingABC News television documentary with Peter Jennings on the history of MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine) also known as ecstasy.

It includes a short history of the drug and criticizes the negative health claims made by the U.S. government.

The rise of Ecstasy is a major event in drug history. If current trends continue, 1.8 million Americans will try Ecstasy for the first time in 2004.

Only marijuana will attract more new users. Overwhelming, positive word of mouth has made Ecstasy a nightmare for drug controllers.

On a special edition of 'Primetime Thursday' Peter Jennings tells the epic story of Ecstasy that has never been heard.

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  2. If formulated just right, its even better than sex! Love that stuff , like being on top of the word and it really makes me a lot more sociable and nicer towards others.

  3. I took MDMA in 1984-1987 when it was pure MDMA. That crap they were making in their bath tubs in 1999 was nothing like it.

  4. MDMA has helped my PTSD I no longer need to take the cabinet of meds i have

    1. Same here

  5. Ectasy is awesome ;-)

  6. hilarious thumbnail for this doc.

  7. I just can't believe the unprecedented amount of brainwashing which was conducted by governments throughout the 20th Century on the topic of drugs.

    In the first half of the 20th Century, the government told the citizens that "smoking the devils grass (marijuana) will make you become violent like a nigger and rape young white girls" Can you believe it? Reefer Madness, they called it.

    They built this whole economic empire, where they benefited through the inflow of money from foreign countries, the thousands of new jobs created through drug-enforcement and the increase in aggregate demand from proscecution costs. Additionally, they kept the criminal world happy by giving them new products to supply to an infinite and ever-growing demand.

    But at what cost, I ask you?
    Only the personal freedom of individuals, the health of many people who have taken drugs mixed with rat-poison by criminals and the many non-violent productive lives which have been wasted rotting in jail for possession.

    The irony, oh the irony.
    How I hope that in one hundred years we'll look back at our stance on drugs today and laugh, calling this society primitive and barbaric, just like we call the society of our ancestors.

    People who still believe governments act in YOUR best interest when it comes to drugs, please wake up. If they really wanted drugs off the streets and out of this world, they would be LONG GONE.

  8. Years later, the researcher (coached by the US government) who'd prior found that MDMA creates holes in the human brain, indicated that he actually gave the test subject (a spider monkey) METHAMPHETAMINE, not MDMA. Chalked it up to a 'labeling error' (which was unsubstantiated).

    This needs to be spread around more. One of my therapists is still spreading misinformation. *rage*

  9. MDMA was patented in 1913 (patent #274.350) by the German chemical company Merck supposedly to be sold as a diet pill (the patent does not mention any intended use), the company decided against marketing the drug and had nothing more to do with it. The US army experimented with MDMA in 1953, possibly as truth serum, they have not revealed their reasons.

    Since MDMA has already been patented in 1913, it holds no profit potential for a drug company. A drug cannot be patented twice and before marketing a new drug, a company has to show that the potential side effects are justified by the drug's benefits as a medicine, and this involves long and expensive trials. The only way of recouping that expense is by obtaining exclusive rights to sell the drug through holding its patent. Only a few experimental therapists researched and tested the drug (between 1977 to 1985) for use during psychotherapy sessions.

  10. 'Only marijuana will attract more new users. Overwhelming, positive word of mouth has made Ecstasy a nightmare for drug controllers.'

    Well i have an idea, sell all the drugs legally you d***heads, stop trying to control the drugs in 'the wrong way'

  11. my husband and i were given MDMA by a friend after the birth of our second child, when we were in a bad, sleep-deprieved, vindictive place in our relationship. It saved our marriage. Our relationship. Now 16 years strong with two beautiful, healthy girls......I thank Gaia for MDMA and our friend, who saw we needed something to bring us back together. We talked all night and fell in love again.

    as a side note, we researched it thoroughly before dosing, i trusted the source and knew it was a pure form of MDMA which should always be the case. Knowledge, moderation and respect is the key to anything really.

  12. I love seeing all these crotchety old bastards pretending to care about the well beings of others. Personally devoting their lives to a war on drugs for the sake of "THE CHILDREN!"
    Your parents love you, Don't do drugs! There, all your children are safe now. What? that didn't work? It must be the drug's fault then.

  13. I laugh at this... out loud.

  14. Why does anyone with a big opinion have trouble spelling!

  15. The truth is that beans are not good for any drug. You have to worry about dependency and long term effects. The important part is to use in moderation if you are going to "use". The GREMAN study was correct it has effects on your brain..thus the feeling after raving all night..but the keyword they used is that it is "reversible" which means the brain naturally creates more brain cells..dopamine..seratonin. Just be careful what you get on the streets! Ive heard of people mixing with "K"..LSD...and SPEED. But enjoy EX for what it is a powerful LOVE drug...when you experience it with good never forget that feeling! ROCK ON!

    1. you left out norephenephrin in "which means the brain naturally creates more brain cells..dopamine..seratonin"

      To add Ive gotten mine mixed with mescalin bad trip :( . From back when it was REAL MDMA to nowadays is absolutely astonishing and quite pathetic that these people will mix and cut with anything readily available to make a dollar. I have had a close friend pass away due to the extra FAKE content. In conclusion my opinion is do not take pills now look for brown or white MDMA crystalline powder in a break apart capsule ! NEVER IN PILL FORM AND ABSOLUTELY NEVER WITH COLOUR.

  16. Im 31 now. When I was a teen the drug I started doing first was pot. I smoked it for a while: a while is a couple years. I never really had an adverse affects from it except for the normal side effect and being high out of my mind everyday. I'ts when I got older and my friends started going to raves. One of them told me about ecstasy and how crazy it was. It'll be the best experience of your life. So I started going to raves, taking ecstasy partying my a** off, all that stuff. I can't really remeber but I think I went raves for a year and a half 2 years maybe. I didn't go every weekend but I took it quited a few times. So the longer I did it the drug recovery/hangover got worse and then stayed at that level. Didn't really think much of it because the high and experience was so good.. I was so into drugs I new nothing about long term effects especially as a teenager. Ecstasy uses up 2 weeks or so worth of serotonin every time you use it. After the first time you use it you can never experience the normal pleasure you had without the drug. Depending on how much you use takes more and more of the drug to get the same high as the first couple of times because your receptor sites keep getting stretched out. Sometimes the stretching can't be undone. Im not trying to give a biology lesson here just telling you what happens if you don't already know. Also this was my experience. Yeah anyways your brain keeps growing in all areas until your about 25. Social, comprehension, memory ect ect. So anyways from doing the ecstasy: I started to become anxious, depressed, mind racing, socially paranoid, worse than social phobia, socially delusional and I thought it was just your regular social anxiety. It got worse and worse and so bad that I had to quit doing everything. College, work, lost all my friends, had a rediculously hard time going out just to do anything. I became so delusional, paranoid, panicky socially freaked out. I've lived with relatives and family for ten years and I'm just now starting some sort of life. A life that most people would have started in their early twenties. I won't describe the hell I've been through, every day , medication, experiences . I could go on and on. Like I said 10 years!! Even now SSRI's don't help me as much as other people because my serotonin levels became so f*****. I CAN now socialize with people but i'm locked up, blunted emotions, very few words come out. Basically my social brain didn't really develop that normal at all.
    So yeah in closing this is what happened to me and also one of my close friends I knew back then developed some of the samee symptoms but not nearly as bad as mine. The last thing: cautionary tale. Was in an addiction class one time and the teacher was talking about NEUROTRANSMITTER RECEPTOR SITE damage and its reversal. A guy said to em " I thought you said the sites could go back to normal and some of the damage could be reversed?" He was shaking like if you had constant spams. What was his drug of choice?? ECSTASY
    Also Even though it mainly targets your serotonin effects your Dopamine levels also.....S*** it affects alot of neurotransmitters

    Yeah... also check out the girl who had a severe psychological breakdown on the show

    Is it really worth doing it when that's a possibility? Over none of this stops you.....I'd suggest doing it in your mid twenties.

    1. You misused it, and now you'r enegative about it. Two weeks, srsly? Have you ever done research before you did it?

      4 weeks 'rest' is generally considered the minimum for xtc use, and 6 weeks is recommended. 2 weeks is just ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. You're blaming it on xtc, but you should blame it on yourself. It's biased messages like this that help creating the negative image of xtc. I've happily used it for the last 6 years, like all members of the group I'm doing this with.

      And you say, "yyou can never experience the normal pleasure you had without the drug". Sure, if you use it on a 2-week basis. For me, and many others I know, it is the contrary: I've come to realize there is a state of happiness out there, reachable, that is beyond everything one can normally feel. And this created hope for me, rather than despair: I've come to appreciate music, art and friends in a way I never had before. I can recall how beautiful a song was under xtc's influence, and everytime I hear that song, I'm able to summon that amazement, that thrill.

      XTC can be dangerous, because it amplifies your personality. It's not inherently bad. If you're depressed, lacking self-confidence, then sure, it can screw you up. But if you're a solid person, looking for some answers in life, this will show you how amazing the world can really be. And that is a very hopeful feeling.

    2. The show points out that a vast number of people have used the drug with little to no long term effects. Studies have shown the same. This drug, just like like say... marijuana can have long term effect on young users.
      Here's what the NIDA has to say about marijuana:

      A number of studies have shown an association between chronic marijuana use and increased rates of anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. Some of these studies have shown age at first use to be an important risk factor, where early use is a marker of increased vulnerability to later problems. However, at this time, it is not clear whether marijuana use causes mental problems, exacerbates them, or reflects an attempt to self-medicate symptoms already in existence.

      Chronic marijuana use, especially in a very young person, may also be a marker of risk for mental illnesses - including addiction - stemming from genetic or environmental vulnerabilities, such as early exposure to stress or violence. Currently, the strongest evidence links marijuana use and schizophrenia and/or related disorders.4 High doses of marijuana can produce an acute psychotic reaction; in addition, use of the drug may trigger the onset or relapse of schizophrenia in vulnerable individuals.

    3. Wish you all the best. I'm for controlled usage that it should be illegal to posses uncontrolled on the streets. However I believe under controlled forms and the right usage there are great therapeutical benefits as a prescribed drug that it is a shame not to troughtly make research on. The current patent and legal status decrease chances of easy money for medical companies earning more on a patient using SSRI for 4 years than ome usage of MDMA. This substance can cure depression and save marriages etc - and also the opposite under uneducated use. Perhaps even as a drug to use medically trough social dancing at raves (how silly it might sound). But consider a) a certain percentage of our citizens go trough what you describe even without any use of MDMA. However it is easy to make such a link due to propaganda b) placebo effects are real. Our bodies actually create substances for real - if you believe you can become happy of a sugar pill you will - if you believe you will become depressed of a sugar pill you will. An this is for real. Actual traces of molecules/neuro transmitters (note substances that if extracted and given to someone else would create a silar effect)are created under the influence of belief. Therefore you got be prolonging your depression by believing in propaganda

    4. may be you just have an unrelated mental illness.Many conditions do not become obvious until late teens/early 20s.You clearly can not rule that out.

  17. at first i didn't know who to believe because the government lied to me about weed, lsd, shrooms, and dmt and maybe the one thing they were right about was MDMA but then i realized the truth with this video that they were overexaggerating i still don't know wheter i will use it but if i do at the most i will use it twice and with the proof it seems like there wont be as bad effects if i use it once when im like lets say 25 and then later when im 30 because by then by brain will fully recuperate maybe

  18. Life is for Living and by God me and all my mates took it every weekend in a Club called Sir Henrys in Ireland. Most of the music played was imported from the US (Banging House Music). The Ball and Chain its on youtube!!! It brings a smile to my face to think of all the crazy nights we had on that drug. It broke down barriers - opened peoples minds - created a love buzz that I will never ever forget (:>) None of my friends have ever had any bad side effects to the drug - But kids will be kids and stay up for a night or two partying, drinking and smoken and talking about the wicked choons and all the crazy nice people we met.
    Compared to all the Coke - Smack and other sh*t that is on the streets now Ecstasy in moderation - drinking water and taking some time out during your dancing had no real bad side effects. I remember my Dad asking me when I was 18 whats this Ecstasy about son - I looked across the car and answered - good music - good friends and a lot of dancing Dad with a big SMILE on my face.

    Bring back the 90's in Ireland in a LEGEND of a CLUB called { Sir Henrys }
    Life is about experiences so get out there and do it - If you try it and its not for you well you know then.

    35yrs Male Ireland

  19. mdma is super fun..but moderation as with anything is key. like anything in this world that alters state of mind, getting hooked is possible and thus getting off is hard. again, moderation :) and PS, booze is the devil. terrible.

  20. The Government does more damage with this misleading information in attempt to scare everyone from all drugs that after a kid, like myself, does one drug and realizes that what the government said is really bs so then some make the conclusion that everything they say about all drugs is bs and tries others that are more trouble. If the Government would just tell the truth, youth would be able to make better choices. Pot is as bad as crack?! come on.

  21. The government is like the boy who cried wolf.

  22. This video is really making ecstasy out to be the drug that was so wrong done by. It in no way is a good drug. I used it for about 5 years and it was a one way ticket to hell and back to get off of it. I had to learn to deal with a reality without it, learn to socialize again and in many ways learn to know who I was. Im not your father brother or anyone better than the next but if you taking x be careful think about it you nobody special the end result is the same for everyone and its not a pretty one

    1. it's not really true that the end result is the same for everyone. plenty of people take ecstasy once or twice in a year or even a lifetime without problems. some people do react adversely, but that is often due to pre-existing conditions. the problem is not the drug itself, but the need for dependency. however, i am definitely sorry you had to go through that; as all such problems have an opportunity when you make it through, i hope you can use it to grow as a person! personally, i think this is the kind of drug that could be therapeutic IF used sparingly in a proper and controlled setting. after all, that is what it was originally used for.

  23. When you tell everyone something's going to kill them and it doesn't, they start to think there's nothing wrong with it. Maybe if the government portrayed drugs realistically kid's wouldn't be constantly frying their brains for a couple hours of fun.

  24. I agree with Daphne in some respect. Don't get me wrong, i loved going out with my so called 'friends' and at that time i had a long term relationship where we both took e. I had been doing e for 20 years until 4 years ago when i gave up the whole thing. club scene, e and the friends and that was very very difficult to get over because i had made the e culture become my life and when i decided to come off it i had to replace it and didn't know how because i decided to 'ditch' the whole lifestyle. E eventually affects your mind body and soul and if anyone was like me that depended on it for a decent night out it totally affects who you are and how you live your life. One of my real friends was raped on E because she lost control and there are people out there who will take advantage of that. Again, don't get me wrong, it's a lovely drug but everything in moderation i say.

  25. and I do not advocate for the use of MDMA or any psychoactive, but I do insist people become informed, make an informed decision, and respect other sovereignty

  26. Just like it helps to imagine a situation from somebody else's perspective, I believe 'drugs' help the user see reality from a different perspective. The sober perspective, the one most people experience everyday, is a very utilitarian one, it is not wrong or stupid, but it is only one way of looking at reality, one with a very specific goal in mind. I believe to refuse to try any drug is to have a close mind. The world as we know it was and is run by people of the sober (mainly christian) perspective, and they make it exceptionally hard for people who do not see from this perspective to live a happy life. Various drugs allow the user to derive pleasure from simple pleasures, dancing, talking, social interaction, simply living. In a society governed by consumption and constant materialistic exchange, does it not make sense that drugs would therefore be frowned upon?

    1. I believe to refuse to try any drug is to have a close mind.

      Wow that is a dangerous and to be honest a ridiculously immature statement. Take drugs if you want, I am not anti drugs as a rule but to say someone has a closed mind because they don't want to take an unregulated street drug that could have god knows what in it that could kill you (and has killed people in the past because of the s*** that was put in it) is just such a f***ing mindboggling stupid thing to say I am almost speechless. I hope you are not now or ever become a parent

  27. A very good Documentary, except I was a part of the UK rave scene from the beginning & 99% of the music that we listened to was British, only a small amount of it was American.

  28. i've done a lot of extacy and I can say that it does affect serotonin, mood, sleep and appetite. When I was on E, I hated solid food, ate nothing but orange juice and vanilla ice cream. I couldn't sleep for days at a time and when I did, I would crash out for 14-24 hours at a time. My mood was all over the place. When I wasn't on E, I hated everything. I stopped painting, drawing, etc unless I was on E. I ended up stopping because my chiropractor bills were getting out of hand. Every time I rolled, I would get terrible back pain for a week afterwards. I'm not saying nobody should ever take it. I'm just saying that just because you feel wonderful when you're on it, and just because the DEA is clearly lying about some of the adverse effects, doesn't mean there aren't any adverse effects. Looking back now, I feel like I wasted years of my life being "friends" with people who I discovered later had really awful personalities, talking to people who wouldn't give me the time of day if we were sober, and dating people who I barely even knew.

    1. I know what you meen because the same thing hapend to me...but i wonder how much of the negative effects actually came from MDMA as opposed to all the other crap that is put in pills these days. Anybody that has done pure powder mdma AND extacy pills knows the hangover and mood disruption from MDMA is nothing compared to the pills

  29. I'm amazed. This documentary was produced by ABC.

    And it's not really that negative.


  30. E is usefull to do once at least because it can change the way you look at everything and not be such a follower, it can craft an individual; so can LSD/shrooms and Marijuana.

    I think it really changed who I am in every way, It sorts out the independent from the little bitches who believe everything their leaders say.
    Praise the love drug

  31. well, the same government also talked about weapons of mass destruction in iran... MDMA makes people happy. Happy people don't buy useless stuff...

  32. This is just more proof that the government is trying to keep our nation under wraps and follow suit with their brainwashing tactics. The only physician in this video that said anything about ectasy being harmful was the one hired by the government. I'm very surprised Peter Jennings didn't try and mislead us with information like he did with the JFK assasination...

  33. I dont understand why this drug is called catastrophic while pharmaceuticals keep getting pushed -as if they do no damage.
    sometimes I just want to say to the DEA -go f@#$ yourself.

  34. Live in this reality and not another. You shouldn't need a foreign substance to create or maintain a level of happiness. Stay away from recreational drugs.

    1. Then "should" we also refrain from taking other foreign substances such as tylenol, advil, and dextromethorphan. It is quite presumptuous to dismiss ecstasy as merely a recreational experience to maintain a level of happiness. While certainly it would be ideal if the results of all of the drugs listed above could be obtained without "foreign substances", you cannot discredit their benefits. While users may initially take ecstasy as a recreational activity, I am confident that many realize the powerfully therapeutic nature subsequently. I ask that you consider what Dr. Mark Kleiman's statement: "I've never heard people say to me 'methamphetamine improved my life, I'm a better person for having used methamphetamine'. Same thing with cocaine. I know people who like to use cocaine, but I've never heard anybody try to claim 'cocaine is good for me'. MDMA, lots of people think the drug improved their life, and continued to think that after they stopped using it."

    2. Do you mean recreational drugs like alcohol? The most accepted drug available.

    3. Sorry Matthew my last comment was meant to be directed @ Saac

    4. sorry but cocaine is a completely differant drug if you had taken any of these you would realise. me personally.. MDMA has improved my life.. its opened my eyes to enjoying my down time with people that understand me on and off the drug! I feel this drug is good for the soul.. in moderation this can be genuine fun. I have many good memories on it.. Back to cocaine.. this drug cannot improve your life. MDMA is completely differant!!!!

    5. I would rather have a short wild life than a long dull one, I'm 47 now & have never regretted anything that I have done. It's better to regret the things you have done than to regret the things you haven't done. Life is for living.

    6. just out of curiosity, have you ever tried it? after the first time my best friend tried it, she said "i feel like i've uncovered a part of me that was always there, but hidden...i don't know if i will ever do it again, but i am glad i did at least once!" no, she is not an addict and is as in touch with "reality" and as happy as anyone else i have met.

      btw, if you will indulge me in philosophy for a moment, what exactly IS "another" reality? is "this reality" the same for everyone? if not, how can what's beneficial for one person be the same as what's beneficial for another?

      personally, i think what distinguishes your reality from mine is perception (of which there are many facets). there is no single, defined reality even though we share this planet and this living moment; there is only perception and our attempts to express it to one another.

    7. What about alcohol - the most widespread and LEGAL recreational drug, which destroys lives of millions around the globe, not to say about alcohol-related deaths that are the result of domestic violence, traffic accidents, etc.? Nearly everyone on this planet tried it, and many use on regular basis. And guess what - government doesn't mind and even makes VERY good money on it.

      Do you think MDMA and LSD (and other mind-altering substances) are not used by governmental institutions for a wide range of purposes starting from boosting scientific research to military-related purposes (such as using Scopolamine aka Devil's Breath for interrogation purposes)? Think again.

      If DEA busts into every single governmental research facility, they'd have to arrest 90% of scientists for dealing with illegal substances.

      Governments are unbelievable hypocrites, do whatever it takes to get what they want, and people's interest is way far from being a priority.

  35. its all about happily feeling within you as a person.u doing right or wrong stuffs depends on your own morality.use of MDMA or ecstasy in a prolonged manner is quite good mentally because using these drugs gives you a feeling of openess and a world beyond imagination......i m 23 , and i m enjoying every bit of my life....Science Saves life.....peace

  36. coffee and caffeine ause more "brain damage" and death than ecstasy


    that is the absurdity of lying, the thought that a hate filled guy , and buy the sway the smug d*a agent was more full of swiss cheese than the people he hypothesizes about ...
    can restrict peoples liberties ? that is not america, no one lives in america , america is the freedom of lie liberty the pursuit of happiness and the freedom of religion and mdma, lsd, peyote, etc, cannabis, are a religious sacrament to the body temple

    but violence solves nothing and will not be the way to change.

    the prozac, alcohol, tobacco, and coffee is and are far more dangerous, don't go get drunk and dance and throw up , take something healthy and good for your being .

  37. the british government spent hundreds of millions of pounds tryind to stop the football holliganism that was killing the game there,but in a short space of time all the different crews from the different clubs that were trying to kill each other started to take ecstasy going to games and the incidences of hooliganism at those games virtually dissapeared.but alas cocaine seems to be the drug of choice again and the trouble is getting a little bit worse,nothing like the 70s,80s but hey get those boys back on E and jobs done

  38. Master E. Bator
    "leads to war and death and the consequential fragmentation of psyche and community. Which leads to bigger empire and less personal control over our lives."

    well put, that pretty much sums it up.
    men seeking to be god impose rules upon the freedoms of mans mind to control his body through oppressing his soul.
    there is nothing wrong with empires until they try to tell you what to think instead seeking communion of mutual good.

  39. I quickly browsed this thread. the debate seems to be whether or not MDMA is bad for you or not....bad for others,societies, or not. Well of course it is and of course it isn't, just like every thing.

    I can pick up a pen and stick in my or another eye...or i can write a new age manifesto with it. I could jump in a fire or push someone in the fire that i could also cook food and stay warm with. however, an incredibly vast majority of the time, people will be writing with a pen and sharing ideas, while sharing fire cooked food and warmth. why? Because, simply, it's enjoyable....not because there is a law that doesn't allow people to stab eyes and throw ourselves in fires. Rules and laws imposed for an adults own good simply establish a belief that people cannot be trusted with there own best interest. We elect to become caged animals for our own best interest because we come to believe that we cannot be responsible for our own lives. consequently the mistrust of the internal projects and manifests on the external,hence, control and oppression which leads to war and death and the consequential fragmentation of psyche and community. Which leads to bigger empire and less personal control over our lives.

    Prohibition is essential to the building of oppressive empires...this is the real debate here. Try and think of one static State, state of mind, or other, that doesn't use some sort of prohibition to create it.

    May i suggest that not having these rules, sanctions and oppression all around us everyday, that serve really no purpose other than establishing a status quo by taking away self responsibility, may i suggest that if these were all gone that we would feel like we were on ecstacy all the time minus the side effects; probably even better.

  40. Take a moment and open your mind. Now please think of your definition of a drug. Does that include normal, everyday substances that you consume regularly? It should. Alcohol, caffeine, any kind of prescription or over the counter medication (ever used cough syrup?), even the majority of food and beverages in the local grocery store contain significant amounts of drugs. My point is this: unless you are completely off the grid, consuming nothing but food you grow yourself in your backyard, you are a drug user.

    The truth is, the vast majority of drugs are beneficial in some way. The only honest and objective way to classify a drug as "good" or "bad" is to compare the positive effects with the negative effects. Consider an extreme example: heroine produces a temporary state of extreme euphoria (positive effect) but is very physically addictive and in the majority of cases wreaks havoc in the user's life (negative effect). Obviously we can conclude that heroine is a "bad" drug because the negative effects severely outweigh the positive. Most medications, especially those that can cure or prevent terminal illness (Penicillin is a great example), can be labeled as "good" drugs because their benefits far outweigh any negative side effects.

    Now consider MDMA. The positive effects, both medical and recreational, are abundant and have been discussed in great detail in the documentary and on this forum. The only negative effects of which there is any substantial evidence include a mild "hangover" type of feeling after the initial effects wear off and the slight decrease in serotonin levels found in active users by the German study, which also indicated it was only a temporary decrease that would return to normal levels a few months after usage ceased. Any claims of brain damage or other severe side effects are unsubstantiated myths with no sound scientific basis. The percentage of people with severe reactions to MDMA that have caused death or permanent harm is minuscule. Far more people are severely allergic to Penicillin. Should we ban it's usage as well?

    My point is, any honest, objective classification of MDMA will place it in the "good" drug category. Does this mean it's safe for everyone to use? No. As with any substance, irresponsible use can be very destructive. However, in such cases, it is the person abusing the substance that is to blame, not the substance itself. If you are going to ban MDMA due to the very small percentage of people who have experienced negative side effects then you better be prepared to go without any form of medication, absolutely no mass production of food, very few technologies which make today's society possible, zero recreation of any kind (because you could be injured!), very limited personal interaction with other people (because you could meet someone dangerous!)... you see where this is going. The logic behind the ban of MDMA is either very flawed, or very unethical. In other words, it's either ignorance or tyranny that's to blame.

    Oh, and in response to the whole "drugs fund terrorism" argument, they only fund terrorism because they are illegal. Who made them illegal? The logical conclusion to that argument is that government has indirectly funded terrorism and ultimately has the power to de-fund it by legalizing drugs. Claiming a person shouldn't use drugs because drugs fund terrorism is like saying you shouldn't pay taxes because governments fund wars. While both claims are true, the correlation to the user being responsible for the end result is false.

    In conclusion, the classification of MDMA among the ranks of such drugs as heroine, meth, and cocaine is lunacy. This drug is one of the safest recreational drugs available (much safer then alcohol or tobacco) as well as being a very effective medical treatment for psychological disorders (look into the recent, illegal studies of MDMA being used to cure, not just treat, but actually cure PTSD). The medical benefits alone make the government's ban of MDMA unethical.

    I am a very moral, honest, and objective Christian man. I am a patriot who served honorably in the Marine Corps. I am well educated and continue to pursue further studies. My relationships with family and friends could only be described as deep and loving. I am also an occasional, responsible user of MDMA, and I would recommend its occasional, responsible use to any other mentally stable person. In my experiences, it's done nothing but bring people closer together and more in touch with themselves.

    1. Hi there, been reading through your post and i would like to say i fully agree with your point, i use MDMA recreationally and i have met so many people and created a load of great friendships.. Everything in moderation thought ay. I find it annoying that people look down there nose at people that use MDMA. Alchohol can effect me in such a bad way but thats not even looked at. I appreaciate someone with such life experience and knowledge can look at this and see it for what it really is. Thanks. Holly

  41. Drugs should be legalized. Some are very bad but if it is legal you wouldn't be funding drug cartels and street gangs so there will be reduced crime and best of all it cities states and federal governments would gain the extra taxes from the sale of the drugs. The war on drugs after the trillion dollars spent has failed and no one has learned from alcohol prohibition that making it illegal just doesn't work.

  42. Great documentary! It was fair and balanced.(unlike the news station with that slogan lol)

    I think for one's comment to hold merit on this subject they need to have tried the drug.

    I used the drug several times over the summer after my high school graduation. It opened my mind to things I never before imagined. The feeling is something I will never forget and I know I will never regret my decision to use MDMA. Now four years later I'm finishing up my Bachelor of Commerce(Hons)and heading to law school. My point is that some individuals(L, Ashley) are being irrational for condemning those of us that put MDMA in a positive light. MDMA is not going to destroy anyone's life or make them any less intelligent as long as it is used responsibly. So yes, Ashley, some drugs are okay in moderation.

    A Canadians perspective.

  43. guardian-sorta like how are goverments control us with pharmaceuticals

  44. Its funny how rebellious and cool people think they are by using drugs... Im curiouse though, wasn't it Britan who used opium to control and dominate asian countries in recent history? you know looking back at history you always run into these cases where the power hungry would introduce dugs into areas they wanted to controle. You know It would seem to me that its a lucrative means of controle over "sheeple". not that I know anything, mind you...

  45. lets compare it to climate science shall we ?
    who says yes ?
    who says no ?
    The root cause behind this is the puritanical cultists trying to match up fear, hate and grief and depression with enjoyable parts of human life.
    What they don't want is people having fun and loving each other without them being able to hold some type of fear mechanism above them as a form of control.

  46. MDMA is the most life changing substance I've ever partaken of, the second is LSD. Where LSD expands the mind outward, MDMA turns that reflection inward. You may discover things about yourself you don't even want to while on X. I experimented with it for a year nine years ago, and nothing else has been as life changing.

  47. Big Dipper- Thank you.

    I would like to applaud you both on your thoughts in regard to our current state as humans and your attention to correct spelling and grammar (I believe it speaks volumes about an individual’s true intelligence and respect for others).
    While I do not completely agree with some of you views you raise some very interesting points.

    To all others who have posted here it’s been interesting to read the different viewpoints and individual main arguments for or against. To those of you with blanket statements such as ‘lol drugs are bad kay?’ perhaps, put some substance behind your words (that was a terribly lame joke), tell us why you believe they are bad.

    (TL; DR at base)

    On a personal note I have used Ecstasy (with the last 3 years). My reason for trying it was that at that point in my life I had nothing to lose. I knew all the risks, I knew of the majority of the harmful substances that could be found mixed into it and I knew of the physical changes it would bring. At that point in my life however I was not going anywhere, nor did I want to. For the first six months of the experience I knew that my level of usage was too much for who I was (on average one pill a week, I would sometimes go a month with nothing, then take two over a weekend. This is the problem with a statistical summary; it does not paint an accurate picture of my usage). The people that I shared these experiences with often took much more so I never felt as if what I was doing was terribly wrong. I did slow down quite rapidly and now, in the last year I have only taken it once.

    I always enjoyed every second of the closeness that was felt (when up) and the ‘aftermath’ or ‘comedown’ was often spent in the company of those going through the same thing and it turned into a lovely social event all weekend where we would sit around, watch movies, go to the beach and every now and then play board games.

    I believe I am one of the many that can correctly and proudly claim that this drug did turn my life around. It helped me gain perspective on what I truly cared about, what I wanted to do and where I wanted to get to someday.

    Unfortunately MDMA is still a very young substance so research into long term use and side effects is not possible (also the ethics involved in psychoactive testing and research will probably never allow the field to be properly explored).

    The illegalisation of this drug has only made it more dangerous and ‘immoral’ to use. The danger is in that there is little, to no regulation as to what is mixed and sold as ‘Ecstasy’. I believe the immorality lies in who receives the profit and what the profit is then placed into. In my opinion, all the illegalisation is doing is funding illegal activities, which in the nature of that sentence seems quite backward.

    (Too long; didn’t read?)
    My main points are simple
    - MDMA changed my life
    - We cannot conclusively say that there are no long term, negative side effects (at this point in time)
    - The illegalisation has only caused this to become a more harmful drug to society due to how it now has to be produced.

    One rule- For as long as you only harm yourself, a person should be able to do as they wish.
    Or- For as long as no one is harmed (physical and psychological), a person should be able to do as they wish.
    Have fun and be safe.

  48. Excellent doc. Thanks for posting this. Finally something on the subject that is not blindly one sided or biased. I've used it before it was illegal back in the 80's & had wonderful experiences. Not just in clubs but especially out in nature. The only down side is the tendency to spend more money while out partying because you just don't care & of course the desire to do it again & again. All in all good times & memories.

  49. Vlatko
    Thanks again for posting another incredible documentary.

    During my youth in the early 1960's, almost everyone smoked pot, and there was lots of heroin as cocaine began creeping into widespread usage. LSD was also very very prevalent, as were a host of other drugs made from horse tranquilizer.

    The circle of friends I had were very into street drugs, and in some ways I wish I would have seen this and other films 35 years ago, because I was scared spitless to use any of the pop-cult drugs except occassionally smoking marijuana due to my concern there was no way to know who made the drugs, what was in them, and many obvious detrimental side effects of addiction.

    Insofar as mainstream pharma drugs, it was only about 5 or 6 years ago when I discovered another documentary which offered any insight to the incredibly high casualty rates of people using prescription drugs approved by Health CanaDUH? and the FDA et al.

    These number pale in comparrison to many psychoactive drugs which Big Pharma is working overtime to extinguish, in it's campaigns to wipe-out competition, and use it's immeanse financial power to evade prosecution - buying / bribing all the political scumbags within every lying thieving judiciary and law enforcement systems.

    Again, my appreciation to Vlatko and others posting comments on this site, which enables myself and others like-minded, to explore subjects we may not have otherwise, to share opinions, views and ideas freely and uninhibited from judgement. The TD site has opened my eyes to many interesting subjects, answered many of my questions and assisted my interest to learn, and to become more educated.

  50. Yeah like everything it depends on the person, you cant obviously use the fact that you 'felt dizzy at the time' or anything like that as an excuse for driving into someone and killing them, just like you cant use the fact that you were high on whatever drug. dont blame the drug, whats wrong with nieve people who blame the drug, its their choice, blame the person. thats how accidents happen. btw there are soooooooo many things that directly fund terrorism, its a big mixed up world, all these people annoy me blaming it on the drug when there are so much more obviously bad things to blame it on.

    psychedelic drugs have so many good sides to them they shouldn't be blamed for something that has nothing to do with it.

    as for the addictive ones, (apart from weed) meth, crack, coke, these shouldnt be put into the same category as psychedelics, its just stupid, its like saying orange juice and acid should be treated the same. it makes no sense.

  51. Is it worth it? Well, I will agree with you. Of course it isn't. When faced with such a one sided question, the answer is obviously no. It is never worth it when faced with the victim's families, of any life bought to an early end. Ever. I do have, however, a different view on the DUI, than yourself. I think people who concentrate on DUI actually glamorize it. Nobody believes that DUI is acceptable. So let's get that one out of the way. But it is very much evident that DUI takes the focus away from people who are dangerous drivers without alcohol or drugs.

    I am the one of the slowest drivers on the road these days. I see how other people drive, and it is disgusting. You don't need more than 1 idiot to ruin a whole bunch of lives. Mr Twinkle, if I come up to you, put my face in your face and threaten to beat the living daylights out of you, I am sure you would be afraid. But I walk away, and I never even touched you. In essence, I haven't done anything wrong at all, as I didn't even touch you. But I did threaten you, and you got scared. And that can't be acceptable in our society. Now if I come up to you in a car, sit on your tail pipe, but don't hit you, then I have essentially done the same thing. Except for 2 major differences. First, the consequences of the latter is possible death, and not just a few missing teeth. Second, our society thinks the latter is perfectly fine, as they do not seem to do anything about it. This is especially the case in Los Angeles and the USA, where they do not have many cameras, and the police find traffic work beneath them.

    I of course have great empathy for DUI victims, but believe me, it doesn't mean anything at the end of the day. Of course it is wrong, but so is driving dangerously in the first place. Parents of dead children, or children of dead parents, are not comforted in anyway whatsoever if the accident is not a DUI. They just are not. Maybe in front of cameras while the accident is still fresh, yes, but not at their wedding, or graduation, or family holiday. Not in the long term. A tragic waste of life is a tragic waste of life. We do concentrate on drunks and people under the influence, which of course I am absolutely against, but we do glamorize it by doing NOTHING about the 80% of accidents caused by people who are not over the limit, but just driving very dangerously. It seems that when this 80% is mentioned, everyone looks at the floor and shuffles their feet, as if may reflect back on themselves, and that makes them feel uncomfortable. Everyone has a right to be safe on the road, as well as having the right to not feel threatened by possible death from other idiots who find it beyond their ability to control themselves. And indeed, controlling ourselves is what driving is about. Anyone can control a car. Even an 8 years old. It is not the car that needs controlling. It is ourselves.

    I do acknowledge that some accidents do occur, but really, almost all happen due to bad driving. I do not hear many people saying that driving should be banned, and that not one single life should be lost just so that one person can get to a destination which is not within walking distance from their home. I never hear any gusto for this. What I hear is talk about trying to manage and control transportations dangers within society. I also hear the same with alcohol. We try and manage and control its dangers within society (very badly I might add). But ecstasy gets a different treatment, not offered to other death causing societal ills. It not only seems like double standards, which it is, but it also seems like those people who call for the drug's demonization believe that there is one set of standards for them, and another set of standards for others.

    A little bit of truthfulness and reality as to what is happening in the drug world, whilst being uncomfortable, will actually get people to listen to your view, rather than the other way around.

    Life is full of risks, in all walks of life. A balanced approach from others in analyzing this is always helpful, as is putting standards on ourselves that we expect from others.

  52. Thank you Mr Twinkle

    I think I was very lucky. I am in my forties now. I had a spell where my friends and me would do ecstasy during the summer, in festivals and at the occasional club. I can honestly say it was full of love, and unfortunately for the "anti drugs at all costs" group, I had a great time. We were great friends, and still are in good contact. We all have good jobs that we like doing, and we all knew when too much was too much. It was our youth. I always remember the pills being absolutely fine, with no bad side effects of aggression like you mention. All of this was in the early to mid 1990's. Most of it was outdoor free parties in the middle of fields in the middle of nowhere.

    I guess I was lucky. Maybe the environment and circumstances for E are no longer there. I honestly have no intention of glamorizing the drug whatsoever, but that was my youth, and I look back on it with love and affection. The other alternative was in my home town, where drunk hooligans would use a Stanley knife on people's eyes almost every night, where fights happened almost on every corner, and alcohol fueled violence ruled the town. Those nights terrified me. I would rarely go out. I was a good student, and violence never ever turned me on. It made me feel sick just watching it happen. I hated it for fear of being in hospital, so ecstasy with my friends in a field with some music, hugs and love, seemed so much like an appealing option. Maybe the fault is mine, and I should have just stopped being so much of a scared little pansy, and just gone out and risked being beaten up every weekend, but I decided no, and took to finding parties in mountainous pastures, with a whistle around my neck, some balm in my pocket, a bottle of water at my side and a few pills stuffed inside my hat. We would go with friends, but met others who we bonded with well, always. Most were like myself. They were well educated, non violent, had time for others, and liked to dance to tunes all night.

    The women who were there seemed to be unintimidated by the guys, as there were not the usual drunken slobs trying to pester them and follow them round all night. I do remember the occasional idiot, but it was that, very occasional. Respect for all was very much evident.

    But I am sure those days don't exist anymore. If they do, then all power too them, but it is hard for me to reflect back to those times, and think "that was not good". It would be dishonest, and just a lie.

    I totally understand the issues facing a new generation of youth today. But if I am to lie about my experiences to please others, then I don't believe it gets anyone anywhere. Indeed, I think it is actually harmful. Mood enhancers, including alcohol, are really very dependent upon the user, as well as the drug itself.

  53. Oh on a further point to the whole debate. 2 close friends of mine have died from DUI incedences. The glorification of MDMA use is a welcome debate with these famillies. It was not their choice to take it. They did not do all the research etc. Innocent bystanders. Lifes changed for somebody elses few hours of artificial happiness. Ok not premeditated or malicious, but is it worth it? I'll say again no. Not a single human life should be lost or sacrificed for the enjoyment of drugs yet it happens. That is I'm afraid only part of the bigger picture. Can I ask some people on this thread who still consider E or any other drug to be harmless, visit someone who has lost friends or family. Tell them your life changing stories of fulfilment, apathy and awareness was worth an innocent life.

    Regards to all.


  54. Hello Ursa Major

    Thank u. Your comments are read and are heartfelt.

    Ok I need to say I'm not niave and do not trust the media lol. My work has invlvolved certain elements as well as my personal life which facts come from.

    Back in the 80's E hit the UK. (Where I'm from) It changed the club and music scene. Very good for a brief moment. Dealers where not into profit, just sharing an experience. That finished. Gangsters wanted profit and there own corner. Guns inside the clubs, shootings, violence. Same with all drugs. Go up the ranks, more profit, more to loose, more guns etc. You mention it and know where I'm at. Is anyones death through the sale worth this experience? No. Someone dying do a Cheeky E at the weekend to enhance lifes banal monotony is horrendous. What have we humans become? Cocaine, heroin times that 1000 times for innocent deaths etc. It's all the same.

    My ex fiancé has a brain tumor. I'm reasearching if E is a cause. If not is it whatever the drug is cut with a factor? Maybe it's natural. Ok she was out with a odious friend of hers who encourages her to take drugs. On E her friend attacked a barstaff for not being served. Hardly a happy drug? She was sold MDMA wasn't she? Did all the reasearch didn't she? This person also is psychologically unbalanced from smoking weed. Smoke weed peace out???? Hmmm.

    Everything in moderation. Very true. Humans will experiment and I'm not on a moral crusade to stop people enjoying themselves. But we need to inform and stop the truly niave people.

    On the note of terroism. Taliban, IRA don't apply for bank loans. They need opium or cocaine to fund their wars. Dealers who sell their wares do not stick to one product. Trust me.......I certainly ain't niave, a dealer or believe the media is gospel....

    Ok the debate goes on :) .......

    Regards Big Dipper

    Mr Twinkle

  55. Hi Me Twinkle

    I agree, drugs do ruin lives. But the word drugs is very arbitrary. Equally, there are millions and millions of people who have used drugs, and moved on.

    But I do agree that drugs can ruin lives. I took ecstasy for a while, and it hasn't ruined mine, but hey, who cares about the truth when there is a good story going on. I think we can also agree that alcohol also ruins lives, to a terrible degree, as much if not more so than "drugs", but we agree to manage that in society without having a war on alcohol. The question is this. What makes one person able to go out and enjoy a few glasses of wine, whilst another person can not exercise any restraint? I am very much certain that all of these mood enhancers are dependent upon the the user as much as the substance. It is unrealistic to compare ecstasy to something as vicious as heroine or crack, in the same way that it is unfair to compare a bottle of whisky to a chocolate liquor.

    Yes drugs are "bad", but there is a huge amount of information that follows, and it is very very varied.

    I would like to move on about the sale of drugs funding terrorism. I think your statement is naive and media fueled. Apparently, we have a war on drugs. It is an absolute nonsense. It is a sham, and someone in politics is making a lot of money. I live part of my time in Los Angeles. The reason that there are so many dead bodies turning up on the Mexican boarder is because of cocaine. No other drug, just cocaine. Marajuana and meth are easily made in the USA. Cocaine needs Colombia, and it therefore needs to be smuggled in. The consumption in the USA is rife. The demand is huge here. It is massive.

    And so what are we doing? Where is the word? Who is shouting about it? No-one. Absolutely no-one. How can you have a war on drugs, without one advert, one leaflet, one anything, telling people about cocaine? You can't. The reason is that the USA doesn't care. It only wants others to THINK it cares. But it does not. Someone, somewhere in the USA government is making a lot of money. The war on drugs is not in foreign lands. It should be here, dealing with our own domestic demand.

    And if you can not advertise against cocaine now, you never will be able to. You can throw up as many health issues as you want. No-one cares. The reason that this is a true statement is because the evidence is in the huge rampant demand there is in the USA. But do you remember the fur trade, and all they had to do was show a little seal being smacked in the head with a pick axe. If you wore fur there after you were an outcast.

    Advertising against cocaine is easy. Here is a severed head. Here is the family of the man whose head you are seeing. This is just one of 15,000 people killed on the boarder in 4 years, just so you can have a line of coke. Now, enjoy your day, and have fun tonight in your club with all your cool friends.

    It is not rocket science. But we will not get those adverts, as the USA does not want to kill the demand. It does not, and it has never wanted to. Someone is making a pretty penny on this. The war on drugs cost us million and millions of tax payers dollars, and we get not 1 advert. Nothing. With the budget for the war on drugs, just a miniscule percentage of that will pay for a huge and proper campaign. But they will not do it. They are afraid of the cartels, they are afraid to lose the revenue someone is making, and they want you to think that they care.

    It is a sham. It is a disgrace. Just saying drugs are bad is nonsense. It means nothing. It says nothing. It is just a mantra. And you reckon drugs fund terrorism. Oh yeah, they do, and they fund governments too, and those much closer to home than you think.

    Where are the adverts, the real true cover the city adverts. they are not there. Instead we have crappy little forums with people repeating the mantra 'drugs are bad" "war on drugs".It means nothing. Nothing. It makes you feel goody goody for a few moments inbetween American idol.

    I am sorry it has been a rant, but it makes me angry as something about the war on drugs in the USA STINKS TO HELL.

  56. Ok let's get facts straight.

    1. Drugs ruin lives. Not just the person who takes them but there friends and famillies too.
    2. You not know what your taking. Research MDMA all you want, you certainly don't buy it! it's cut with all sorts of muck.
    3. Drugs and their sales fund terroism, gun sales, violence.

    Ok I can list more and hope people understand what they consider as harmless recreational fun has severe ramifications elsewhere.

    Once more I'll reiterate, the sale of drugs ultmately funds terroism.

    1. Rly stupid post...
      Drugs found terrorism? British, American and German goverments found terrorism (indirectly), and i dont think terrorism is real in a why most ppl think it is, but that is not for this debate.

  57. People like Ashley crack me up - how can people who have no education & understanding (or usage history) about drugs even have opinion about things they have no idea about?

  58. Ignorant people crack me up, thanks for the laugh. :)

  59. ROFLMAO! Good Lord, the people on here actually trying to say "drugs are ok in moderation" are cracking me up...thanks for the laugh guys :)

    1. Go drink a bear and laugh some more (coz your goverment say alcohol is ok ofc) and dont forget to pray to your lord (coz he also say alcohol is not a drug so its ok to use as much as you want).

  60. @leo

    It can also be said; Some drugs, and ones expierence from them, can lead to the stoppage of drug use altogether.

  61. some drugs, i think idont leads to another drugs but it helps to

  62. Junk science should not override the personal experiences of millions of people. The government employed scientists to say tobacco and cigarettes were good for you... when they taste nasty and make you cough the first time you try them. Then the government employs scientists to say MDMA and weed are bad for you - and ban them - when in reality they have some positive effects. Really.... Oh and I find the first ladies opinions funny. The whole just say no is the slogan of the theocratic right wing. When ever god is used as a reason it is to cover up a lack of knowledge. Not that 'Yes we can' on the left is any better - well maybe a little bit.

    A big attack on the drug was based on hate for those 'rowdy' touchy feely loving young people. Again maybe the government made the drug illegal to increase prison populations to simultaneously create prison slave labor and imprison political activists. Just a theory.

  63. OK I will now tell you the truth. Based on this film alone and what I remember from dare, the drug MDMA is probably the least harmful state altering drug available - comparable to marijuana. There may be long term negative effects but the same is true about everything since the industrial revolution. Plastics cause cancer, petrol chemical products degrade the environment and cause cancer. Genetic engineering is legal and has much more severe ramifications for health of people and the world environment. Chemicals are child's play compared to the future of nanotechnology and genetics. The government lies. The government wastes billions of dollars trying to fight a drug no more dangerous than plastic, gasoline or anti-freeze, while you can still buy cigarettes and prescription drugs that have a much higher risk of side effects. The government created a thriving criminal empire. The government is hypocritical. The government is inefficient. THe government fabricates evidence. The government is authoritarian. I have no idea what the people were thinking when they banned this drug. Seriously. WTF. I am tired of being lied to!!!! All my life I have been fed lies like they were the absolute truth. Oh and as a refutation to those who say that E was so good they became addicted --- the substance is not addictive itself you just gave in to your own desires and the inability for moderation or appreciation of anything else in life. Going by their logic you would be depressed by not immediately satisfying your urges. This is weakness of mind - nothing else.

    Aspartame is present in almost all of gum that is now sugar free... Aspartame causes brain tumors. It is perfectly legal along with canola oil and ect.

    Personally because it is illegal I will not try E. Because of all the horror stories of drug mixing. But if it was a legal prescription drug like any other. Why not. It would maybe help me out of my depression.

  64. SENSA 111 - I am so sorry, but this is such a "plant" of a post. For sure this person is not real. If this person is real, drug use is not their issue, but a complete lack of education, or any moral compass. Very educated people take drugs too.

    For a start, the poor spelling and punctuation has "onamatopoeic" credibility, meaning that the author has tried to deliberately sound stupid and uneducated.

    Secondly, the old adage about adult strangers selling drugs to school children is just a myth, and one which is usually dreamed up by hyper hysterical and over controlling parents. They never catch men in long brown coats selling drugs to little girls in pig tails, outside the school gates, all for the promise that they are going to see some puppies. It is not how drugs are distributed among the young. It just isn't. It is big myth by the uninformed to the uninformed, and as a result will never resonate among the end users. There is no need to sell them to kids, as the demand is so high among themselves. They sell them to each other. There is no "them" and "us", or "dealer" and "kids". It is just not how it is. Mates buy for mates. One persons dealer is another persons "A" grade student.

    This was so obviously written by L, the previous poster, that it is really quite a shameful little piece. Really, an embarrassment. I am embarrassed for him. To think that someone would be that stupid, and to think they could fool educated well reasoned people, who have experience in these matters.

    You have some rough parenting days ahead of you my friend. Rest assured, you have friends on this board, who have children and families, and who do not use drugs, but did in their youth, and who are more than happy to help you deal with it when it happens. Like you (I hope), they want safe children and happy families.

    As an aside. There was an advert in the early 1980's that said "Heroine really screws you up". It was in the UK. It was the most successful advert for anti drugs ever. Why? Because it resonated true. Kids saw the occasional individual, as well as school playground talk, and yeah, the message seemed credible. It really screws you up. It was what happened if you took heroine. The image of a lonely guy, unclean, unfit, no friends and with no way back.

    But to use the same message to other drugs just turns our youth away, if this is nothing of the actual experience that they see around them. It is not what they see and witness with ecstasy usage, and therefore the message carries no weight. It is the message carrier and the parent who sees the issue as "drugs", or "no drugs". Children do not see all drugs as bad. They are more discerning than their parents or educators. There is no attempt to engage with the end user, only other than to condemn. History has shown us that this approach just does not work. The message has to be what is witnessed by end users. Or it becomes a joke message, that loses the credibility of those that propose it. Ecstasy is different to alcohol, which is different to ganja, which is different to heroine, which is different to nicotine, and which is different to meth. It just is, and there are certain people who need to grow up and accept that fact, no matter how much they may disapprove.

    Indeed, from the film, the bogus doctor who lied about his findings, not only made a mockery of the WHOLE anti drug message, but it also forces people to not listen to anything else with any credibility that comes out of the mouths of these people.

    Loads of people, having fun, with their arms in the air, dancing to the tunes, half naked, enjoying their halcyon days. That is what they see, and yet there are still people out there who think they can convince them that this is just a figment of their imaginations, and that reading a few verses from the Bible and juice would be better for them.

    Good luck with that.

  65. L - for sure I'll stay away from your kids. It won't be long before they stay away from you. Be careful to not push them away. You talk from an uninformed point of view, and therefore it is understandable that you are fearful.

    Alcohol changes the way you perceive the world.
    As does caffine. As does Marijuana. As does anti depressants.

    You need to get realistic as to what you can expect from your children growing up in todays world. The people on this board are trying to inform you, not to frighten you, so that you can be better prepared when that day arrives. No-one is saying to jump for joy when your kids take it, but they are saying that you do not need to get as overly concerned as you suggest you would, and you would do better with the relationships with your children if your response to it was measured. They are saying this to you out of care.

    Personally, I started ecstasy usage in our early 20's, and went through to our very early 30's. This is extremely normal. Believe me, your kids will do that. I know they won't tell you, so you can continue to live in your bubble. But they will. Statistically, they just will. I find it hard to believe that less than 75% of people of my generation didn't get curious at least once. It is just what we all witnessed. And usage is going up.

    People I know who have not taken ecstasy have rubbish slave driver jobs and debt. The friends I took it with have all got great jobs, on the whole, that they love and are passionate about, and all have families, and all have successful loving relationships. None have any debt, except for mortages. I am mid 40's right now, and I have yet to see a bad story that was witnessed from my own surroundings. Indeed, the very opposite is true. But then again, they came from open families, who gave them trust and freedom and love and the warmth of understanding, before they ever became curious about ecstasy.

    I don't see the correlation between ecstasy and your doomsday scenario for your children.

    Prohibition does not work. We have proved that. But neither does going up to your parents and saying "Hey, I'm a drug user, gimme what I want". Everyone has, and needs a private life, just for emotional stability alone. There is a balance, that will be found not by what you demand of your children, but by what they feel comfortable doing within themselves. If they do take ecstasy (which the probably will), be forgiving on them, and yourself. But I doubt you will recognize it when they do. And I doubt they will tell you.

    Maybe your kids are the well adjusted types, who have no friends, speak to no-one else, play chess during lunch break, and never go out. Hmmmmm.

    Reality is waiting right around the corner. Statistics say that if they do experiment with it, it will make them the majority, not the minority.

  66. Ed - not true. If that is your personal experience, then it does not represent the experience of the majority. Most of the commentators on this board have not used ecstasy for some time, but they say that their relationships became more open with their family and friends, and that they indeed made more friends beyond that.

    Your personal experience can not isolate "ecstasy" as the cause of your woes, as other environmental and emotional situations beyond the use of ecstasy have to also play a role.

    My experience was that the visible and affectionate love between my family and me increased rapidly, mainly initiated by myself. Those actions are still in my family, today. Instead of me hugging my Dad, it is my Dad hugging me. With relish and an extra slice of cheese. It isn't stiff hand shakes anymore. I put that down to my ecstasy days.

    I am the only one of 5 kids who have used it, I think, and they do not know about my controlled usage, although sometimes I think they guess. But in reality, it was my little secret. A secret I am very happy to keep. I am very happy in my soul not saying anything to them. Very. We ALL have things that are best to remain private.

    The overwhelming majority of work shows that controlled use is very beneficial to relationships. Sorry, but that's the facts. Overuse may cause some issues, but so does overeating and over drinking and over smoking. Prolonged use of anything isn't good for healthy friendships and relationships, if it becomes abused, and is used to hide other overriding emotional problems.

    Finally, I had a friend who got a job. In the end he started hanging out with friends from work. I didn't like those friends too much, but he did, and as a result, our friendship drifted. I think it would be a misrepresentation of the situation to say that regular and prolonged use of a "new job" is not healthy to normal friendships and relationships. Things and people do change and move on, with or without the use of narcotics.

    There is a greater world at work here, and not just one little pill.

  67. regular and proonged use isnt good psychologically for sure in as far as having healthy friendships/relationships. With the culture comes club friends and drug buddies which is all great fun and great parties etc but doesnt mix well with normal friendships and relationships.

  68. There are multiple ways to draw statistics that make something look bad. For instance 98% of heroin users started on marijuana... 4% of marijuana users do heroin... (not the exact numbers but it is something similar to that)

    So in your "perfect" world marijuana is bad... b*******. You are a puppet to the media and will believe anything they say.

  69. LMFAO@ L

    The people that can afford internet connection these days, it's crazy, hey L, since when do they harbest them internets down there in Lawlin, Watchamahatchamata?

  70. that thing wot you said that we will be brainless. i dont fink your right and stuff about wot it was u said about it. I'm off to deal som drugs and that to sum school children. Coz thats where the money is.

  71. LOSERS>>>>u all make me laugh what a bunch of crock...any drug that u use to make things seem better for a time....makes you mindless and
    Just stay away from my brainless people...

  72. M D M A, Ahhh...My favourite four letters word.
    Used them recreationally for many years and no regrets. Sadly, lost most of my friends to crystal-meth. Now, that is the killer !!! Leave the ecstacy alone. This beautiful drug has a lot to teach us mankind and allowed us to unleash the true inner beauty of ourselves.

    When was the last time we cuddlepuddling ?

    Thanks Vlatko. Superb site !!!

  73. Similar views to others. Heart warming and wonderful to read.

    I used ecstasy for 10 years. Most was defined as 1-2 pills a night, once every 6 to 8 weeks, but I had a couple of periods where consumption was more, and a few when it was less.

    I have not had ecstasy for 9 years, except one time my wife and myself decided to do it, as we both wanted to share the experience together. We had a half each. We sat on Brighton beach and enjoyed a little music and cuddled in the sun. We had a great time, but oh man, I don't bounce like I used to. It wiped me out, just from sitting down starring at the sea, and I have no idea how I used to go to work on Monday morning, but hey, I seemed to do it. And that was on 10 hours of total workout!!!!

    It was great to have shared the experience with my wife, even at the older age we were, but we both know that this something not for us. Like drain pipe trousers, funky haircuts, and the Arctic Monkeys, it is not something for the middle aged!!!!!!

    I clearly remember the spirituality of that first time. If I had been at a church, I would have been born again. But I was in the dance tent in Glastonbury, and music became my God. It helped me love, share and experience my soul, to a way I had never known before, and I come from a very strong, kind supportive and loving family (who knew nothing!!). I have a great career now, but I would not have been able to leave my horrible "desk Job" without ecstasy consumption. It gave me the option of pursuing the things I wanted to do, and the reason and bravery to do that.

    Use of any drug is very user dependent. I think adverts should move that way. Anything can be abused. Anything - junk food, ganja, alcohol. It needs intelligent use.

    I remember the heroine advert - "Heroine screws you up". It was the only advert that ever worked. Why? Because it's true. None of my mates went down that route. But we were happy for the rest of the highs. If we were to read something about ecstasy, like Leah Betts death, then sad as it was, it did not represent the average persons experience of it's usage- by a long way, and so it's message of abstinence lost any credibility.

    Finally, why don't the government show the 15,000 dead people over 4 years in Northern Mexico, destroying the neighborhoods while bringing cocaine and crystal meth through. In my day, I couldn't imagine having fun at a club, dancing with my mates, if I knew my high was only possible due to dead Mexicans. I wouldn't. We wouldn't. The risks we knew about were worth it, but hey, this is out of control. I am sure it happened in my day, but not to this degree of violence, and if it did, we weren't told. But cocaine is the silent enemy drug, that can creep up on you. It does turn people into unpleasant characters. It does. Ecstasy turns them into temporary angels.

    Thank you for reading/listening. Great site.

  74. My distrust in U.S. government information dates back to watching "Reefer Madness" during my high school days.

    Read up on the history of marijuana. A man assigned as chief of a new government agency (about 1930) wanted to inflate his perceived worth. He looked around and found a drug used primarily by Hispanics and Blacks at the time. He demonized marijuana as an impending threat to the children of wealthy white folks, even going so far to say that one doobie would cause a murderous psychotic rage. A man with a history of mental illness killed a family member. A jury convicted him on the strength of a rumor of smoking marijuana. People were no smarter in the 1930s than there are now.

    Don't believe any government study. The big lie.

  75. Hi Kerry it is Methylone i think and if you go to erowid dot com there are some really intelligent accounts of it's effects + the best music to play whilst on it :~)).

  76. Great doco!

    It was great to learn the actual history of the 'drug'.

    Does anyone know of any doco's or research on Mephedrone?
    We all know about E but from what I have seen on the street there is a new contender - mephedrone or meow meow. With effects similar to a combination of MDMA and Cocaine at a fraction of the price of cocaine...

  77. Thank you Vlatko for this doc. Quite taken aback at the unbiased viewpoint of it but refreshing to see though.
    I am with Kim on this. I was a raver back in the day and it was through the ecstasy experience that i discovered a deeper meaning to Life and ecstasy acted as the catalyst for my spirituality that I still have to this day.
    @K good public service one there. Peace all.

  78. The only people that seem to have a problem with ecstasy were the people who have never tried it and the people who abuse it.

    In my opinion, If you ever decide to experiment with a drug be responsible and do your homework! Research everything:
    what it is, whats in it, where it comes from, what are the side effects, what is the proper dosage, etc.

    one website that I find very informative is
    you can research almost any ecstasy pill that exist.
    you can search by:
    location(where they came from:city/state/country)
    contents(what substances are in them)
    the website also tells you:
    the size of the tablet(mg)
    the date it was tested

    *something i like to pass along to other ecstasy users if you don't already know, if you find a tablet that contains BZP(Benzylpiperazine) instead of MDMA and you want to take more than one, make sure to stay with the same kind.
    BZP is a Piperazine which has a stimulant effect like MDMA.

    CYP2D6 is the enzyme that breaks down both MDxx and Piperazines. when you take the two together they both inhibit the CYP2D6 from breaking down the other. As a consequence nether really get broken down and your body can't handle being intoxicated for that long.

    happy rollin'

  79. A couple things I have learned from experiencing different drugs is that its not always true that one drug leads to another. You can not blame the drug for the users actions!!!
    There is no such thing as a gate way drug, like people try to make you believe marijuana is.
    Stupid people are the ones that get addicted.
    Everything is ok in moderation, even drugs in my opinion.

    1. Not stupid ppl you r mistaking there. But ppl who have life problems and need constant way to get away from their reality. Normal ppl who r just looking for some fun pastime will never get hooked on drugs, even kids.

  80. Thanx Vlatko, very entertaining and surprisingly thorough for a mainstream US media outlet like ABC.

    I think by now general population is aware of the fact that recent studies have proven MDMA to be one of the safest drugs on the map. But as with any drug, be it legal or illegal, you get i***** that don't comply with 'responsible use'.

    Can you perhaps find me some other docs on hallucinogenic drugs like LSD, DMT and mushrooms? I have seen al te ones that you have here, but I never get enough of it, you have yourself a tremendous website!

    1. Thanks Shugga, I'll try to add more docs in this category.

  81. I went through a brief period of heavy ecstasy use and have no regrets. During those three months a deep sense of spirituality blossomed in me that remains with me to this day, nearly a decade after I took my last pill.

    I did notice in some of my peers, however, that prolonged and careless/purposeless use of the drug led to a depressed state of mind and lack of former joy in life. One of my former friends got to the point where he was taking like 15 pills every weekend and eventually graduated to heroin. I doubt he is still alive. As with anything, conscious judgment and respect must be implemented for the benefits to outweigh the consequences.