Edwardian Farm
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Edwardian Farm

2010, History  -   34 Comments
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Edwardian FarmFollowing on from the hugely successful Victorian Farm, archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn and domestic historian Ruth Goodman now experience life on an Edwardian farm.

Following life on the farm over a whole calendar year, Edwardian Farm goes deep into a lost rural world where life was tough and working together was the only means of achieving anything.

Setting up home at Morwellham Quay, in Devon, the trio have to get to grips with the trials and tribulations of life at the turn of the 20th century. This was a time of great social change and tumult - a time when farming was becoming increasingly mechanized.

Archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn and historian Ruth Goodman arrive at Morwellham Quay in Devon - once home to one of the busiest ports in Britain. For the next twelve months they will be attempting to bring it back to life as it was in its Edwardian heyday.

In September they begin with the basics. They set up home in one of the cottages, where the first task - after cleaning - is unblocking the chimney so they can get the range working in order to cook.

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6 years ago

Jam packed with exquisite details that helped inform and provide historical evolution of British history, on farms, and off. A marvel of well coordinated film making with a highly contrasted and authentic cast; superbly well contemplated, and well executed production. Bravo! Great documentary approach to the study of complex British history in very complicated times.

8 years ago

This is a 5 star show. They really go in depth in showing how things were worked on the farm. Truly a masterpiece production.

Bob Ratliff
9 years ago

It would appear that Youtube has axed all of the BBC farm series. Must have gotten a complaint from the BBC. It's a shame that we can't get decent shows like these in the US without resorting to piracy or paying out the arse for DVD's/BlueRay.

10 years ago

love it

10 years ago

The Fiesta ad is breaking the ad system. After it unloads, you can no longer see the video :(

10 years ago

I wonder what life is like for Eve, Ruth's daughter. I mean, Ruth seems like a cool lady, but Eve's got to be, what, 13? She must want to watch movies and such from time to time.

11 years ago

Love that trio of Ruth, Alex and Peter. Alex and Peter are like night and day personality wise and it's funny to watch them together.

11 years ago

Would love to watch this, but I'm not going to sit through a commercial every 2 minutes. When y'all figure out how to group the commercials, let me know.

11 years ago

This is a wonderful history series but the player is really a problem. It stops every 22 seconds and you either sit there or get comercials. I would love to see these shows without the endless 2 miinute puases.

11 years ago

i have tears in my as this wonderful documentary ended. I love watching Ruth,Peter,and Alex just got on with it, and made a life for themselves. Observing intimate moments with Ruth, listening in on her private thoughts as a self sufficient woman of that time was some of the best moments for me. Watching "The Boys" work like mules to keep the farm functioning also made me realize that I need to be more active in my own life. Farm life was hard, difficult, wrought with burden, but this type of life was also simplistically beautiful. Thank you Ruth, Peter, and Alex for bringing this world to us, the viewers, and letting us look over your shoulder's into a world that is simply marvelous. Highly recommend to anyone, young and old.

11 years ago

We have a little old fashioned farm in North Vancouver (Maplewood Farm)that I haven't visited since my boy was 10 or so (he's 26 now). I went there the other day and I couldn't believe it when I saw the names of their draft horses (brown Belgian) Tom and Prince!!

11 years ago

So much of this progressive documentary has sparked inspiration for me to try many new things. I have every intention of trying to be as useful and productive as Ruth, & as willing and open to learning and actually trying things as Alex and Peter.

11 years ago

My husband and I have been thinking about what it would take to be totally self-reliant. This show was amazing to watch and see how it was really done in the past. It goes to show how truly lazy we are now! I would love to spend a year the way Ruth, Peter and Alex did. It was certainly a hard life to live, but there was so much more knowledge!

Darlene Jeanette Stoesz
11 years ago

i think she needed a hat pin which was edwardian

11 years ago

All i want is an orchard and a little pony

11 years ago

Ruth has such a wonderful outlook on life. I wish I could be as jolly as her.

12 years ago

i watched the whole thing in one sitting. Just to let you know.

12 years ago

And thanks to Vlatko for all his work keeping this site running!

12 years ago

Great documentary. SO informative, and it looks rewarding and satisfying.

12 years ago

Peter is dead sexy.

12 years ago


You just saved my day in a rainy Sweden =) Cheers

12 years ago

Thanks so much for posting Vlatko!! Ruth, Alex, and Peter are so much fun to watch :) I've learned a ton from this series! Its sad to think how much of this knowledge is being lost. It makes me want to rewatch the Victorian Farm...

12 years ago

This has been such a lovely journey.
I raise a glass to Ruth and Alex and the lovely Peter :~)
they make an amazing team, from their undying enthusiasim
to their strength and determination, the way they share and learn over the year just awesome. I managed to spend two days watching it without interuption , bitter -20 degrees outside.

I spent 3 weeks last summer walking the coastly path of Cornwall near St Just, and renting a little cottage on a farm so watching this brought me right back there.

wonderful job... and truly I can't enough about it...
accept maybe.... what is Peter up to these days ? ;~)

mr t
12 years ago

live like that today with the tek of to day and evon easy er to get by and have a good life

12 years ago

Top marks to Vlatko for releasing this documentary as well as the producers and the BBC for its production. The doc was informative and entertaining, leaving a thirst for further instalments from Alex, Peter and Ruth in another era. Perhaps World War 1, Georgian era, etc.

The Morewellham location was a fantastic choice with the countryside, river and sea being utilized for their survival and commerce during the Edwardian era. The craftsman they used throughout the series are real heros for maintaining these crafts along with the local characters who shared their knowledge of old techniques.

Both this documentary and Morwellham Quay have their own websites, if anyone is interested in visiting the location.

12 years ago

Wow, I just finished watching this entire thing. Simply astounding. I would really love to go visit this place. What a wonderful time period it must have been to live. I can see the large differences from what we are taught about our same time period here in the US. It just seemed a lot more simpler there and then.

Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong time period.

12 years ago

I really am enjoying this and highly recommend this video for anyone. It brings back a lot of memories of what it was like growing up on "Hood Canal", west of Seattle. It really isn't a canal, but more of a fjord. I think the name got that way from a typo. It should have been Hood's Channel. We had so many crab that we would just go catch them and put them together to fight. We always carried matches while on the beach, because when we got hungry, we could always get a few oysters and roast them on the fire and maybe find a coffee can and boil some clams. Anyway, this is good representative of how it was to really live. My only regret is that I won't be around when we have to live this way again, which may be soon.

Dr. Dunkleosteus
12 years ago

Sorry, forgot stupi* was a censored word. Ignorant... Ignorant, built up drama.

Dr. Dunkleosteus
12 years ago

I love these! This is on the same level as Victorian farm, same cast. Peter and Alex are great! This is how a "reality" show should be. No fighting or stupid, built up drama. Just everyone having a good time and learning about history in the process.


12 years ago

glade to be the first one to comment on this one
what a life it took me back years , i dont know where this world is going to , look at our lives now in the cities like genie-pigs killing us in much faster paste .
ohhhh god .

12 years ago

Anyone who know the name of the couple who did this for just a week. It was a British documentary. They did like victorian times, 70s and so on. Ate just the food of the time and did what a man and a woman was suppose to do for that time. They were quite funny.

12 years ago

The Victorian Farm was a great watch though a few nights viewing was required. The professional shepherd and his wisdom from that series still brings a smile to my face.

If that series is anything to judge by, the Edwardian Farm should be just as good.