Egypt: A Nation in Waiting

Egypt: A Nation in WaitingA special programme looking at Egypt under Hosni Mubarak. Al Jazeera English has been widely commended for its indepth coverage of the events in Egypt, through multiple modalities: print, photography, video, live streaming.

A documentary Al Jazeera prepared in 2008 on Mubarak and Egypt has been rebroadcast on a number of North American educational or news programs.

The documentary was done more to explain recent events in 2008 but is a good overview of Mubarak's rise to power, and of the reasons for progressive discontent with him.

The main thesis is that when negative economics met negative politics a tipping point was reached. However, in describing a protest by judges against Mubarak's interference in judicial process, the documentary also made clearer to me more of what the current protesters mean by Mubarak's robbing professionals of their dignity to perform their roles.

Further, it traces the rise of Gamal Mubarak and how that also has become a tipping point. I recommend the 48 minute video as an excellent backgrounder to today's events, and Mubarak's strategies.

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  1. Jesse

    Thanks for this, and all the others Vlatko. You rock.

  2. Clare Madadh

    Awesome, very timely documentary.

  3. eugler

    What an interesting insight in the face of present developments. Thanks Vlat

  4. ryan

    power of the people, the egyptian movement should be a lesson to every nation, people have the power and not the corrupt govermenrts and elites!!! their victory will be in the history books.

  5. Squeezle

    Is there a part 2? It ended at 47:47 for me and seemed abrupt, I would like to learn more, thank you for sharing this :)

  6. Revolution 2011

    Power to the Egyption People! If the American people were only half as smart. No Federal Reserve, a new efficent managment structer in all levels of goverment. It will never happen until the American people wake-up.

  7. Spaghetti and Meatballs

    @ryan,.. Yes I agree, but it is just as important to be sure that these uprisings in the Muslem world are genuine and grassroots in nature, and not fabricated by Western interests which have clearly demonstrated an intense desire to control the Middle East.

    Remember 'Divide and Conquer'.

  8. james

    I am thrilled to have seen this victory for the Egyptian people!So much hope for the future of the world goes with them now.Yes, I also have suspicions about Western interests as this is the type of scenario that is ripe for exploitation by powers eager to "help" the fledgling government.Take note that at no time did I mention the CIA.

  9. christiansunited

    He did not work well with GWB cause George has been getting it right lately and history will prove this.

  10. ryan

    @Spaghetti and Meatballs, when ever the cia whant to create a koo they usually create them in small parts of the country whilst at the same time, they gather all the mainstream media to focus on that erea!!this revolution envoled every egyptian and i feel this will have a knock on effect through out the east and then "HOPEFULLY THE WEST" where all becoming poorer and poorer for sure, but how much **** can we tolerate. peace

  11. veronica

    If Egypt really decided to open up to democracy, it should not be left alone, even if there's somebody else behind the turmoil recently happened..

  12. migrantworker

    Also have great hope for the new popular, youth and technology driven movements in North Africa and Arabia. I just hope that whatever the people in those countries accomplish we give them time to ripen... The West needs to truley let people self-determine. For better or worst. If it goes sour at least we wont be blambed. .. then again... lol

  13. One

    I agree I was glued to AJ's great coverage the past month !

    They make some brilliant Docs to - you should add "Hollywood and The War Machine" to this site very eye opening. peace.

  14. gula

    Even the Egyptians are smarter than American Rofl...

  15. Hadota Masriya

    we kicked Mubarak's family out of presidential palace

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