El Chapo: CEO of Crime

El Chapo: CEO of Crime

2015, Crime  -   14 Comments
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Recent headlines have touted yet another prison escape by notorious drug trafficker Joaquin Guzman, otherwise known as El Chapo. The new documentary El Chapo: CEO of Crime explores the man behind these headlines, the unprecedented growth of his criminal empire, and his role in supplying drugs to nearly every region of the globe.

"Any community that has the availability of dangerous drugs, you can directly or indirectly connect it to Chapo," says Phil Jordan, a former Drug Enforcement Agency officer. Other DEA agents and law enforcement figures also testify to El Chapo's reach and influence in perpetuating the global scourge of drugs.

El Chapo's status as the most wanted criminal in the world has garnered him nearly mythic status in some circles, but his origins were far from lavish. Born and raised under destitute circumstances in Sinaloa, Mexico, he began working in the drug trade at the age of 15. In the 1990's, he rose to power as the head of the Sinaloa cartel, and called upon his cleverness and ingenuity to devise schemes for getting drugs across America's heavily militarized borders. He fashioned a series of complex underground tunnels which were meticulously constructed by professional engineers from his homeland; the same brand of tunnels that would allow him to escape from a Mexican prison in the summer of 2015.

In painting its personalized portrait of this modern day Scarface, El Chapo: CEO of Crime thrives upon the testimony of a team of reporters from Univision who worked for many months to gain access to Chapo's operation. In their pursuit to unravel the details of his story, the reporters discovered not only the scope of his empire, but how he has succeeded in remaining largely elusive from the eyes of justice as well. Many of his people consider him a hero, and they set their watchful and protective gaze upon any outsiders who enter the Sinaloa territory.

Much like a grand Hollywood crime epic, El Chapo; CEO of Crime tells a thrilling rags to riches story seasoned with brutal violence, devastating human loss, and a virus of criminality that sadly seems much too advanced and widespread to contain.

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5 years ago

If you think for one minute that politicians haven't been paid off by this cartel, you'd be wrong! Too much money for the greedy elite to pass up.

6 years ago

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7 years ago

CIA allows this guy to operate... they are public enemy number one.

7 years ago

@embee People like you make me sick. Obviously you have nothing better to do than look for reasonsto be offended. Grow up and get a life. Nobody care what you think about our social policies. No matter what us "yanks" (I assume that when you say Yank's you mean White Americans) do it will never be enough and you will never be happy. In fact, the more we do to appease you the more you complain.

Cold Canuck
7 years ago

Why are so many films composed of split second flashing images throughout ? Do the producers think everyone has attention deficit disorder ? I found it so annoying I couldn't finish watching - and I have the impression I'm not missing much.

7 years ago

Completley convetional and lackluster investigation. More relevant to Fox news or a christian news network than to truely an investigative report chanel.

7 years ago

Legalize it and take the foundation of the illegal trade away? The demand exists that is why you see a line of drug lords... Can't help thinking to grow to that level needs Government complicity.

7 years ago

I think this TV show is rubbish, it is not a documentary

8 years ago

Who is THE real Public Enemy #1, when the feds keep naming different people as their Enemy Public #1? Just a good informative doc. (if you have 55min. to kill) Some bits were poorly constructed, with DEA views completely outdated when they explained how "cutting the head of a snake [organization], kills the snake". If the feds admit that "El Chapo" is everywhere, then they're facing a decentralized type of organization, with multiple ramifications and endless resources! Keep mystifying ONE man who never set foot in America.

8 years ago

This story is is tilted--to one side! The Americans always want to portray themselves as 'crime fighters with a conscience which is of course a myth! A lie , and as one of the other person on this thread has pointed out this is another U.S TV show--a reality spin! The DEA is a Cartel, their hands are not clean as they would like to make themselves look like saints! What a far fetched tale--that they are concerned about the 'poison' that is being brought into the U.S as if the American Government did not use these drugs to manufacture deadly street drugs in order to eradicate poor Blacks in inner cities?!! --and frankly the retired DEA agent in this film and the squealing wannabe journalist in this documentary need to wake up from the long slumber--if El-Chapo's children were born in California--this is their ancestral land stolen by the white settlers. American Exceptionalism is a pipe-dream used to put it's sheep to sleep--wake up ye sleeping baa baa's!

Mackare Jones
8 years ago

The elephant in the room is that no one mentions the fact about certain factions within the US government is and was procuring and wholesaling drugs from South America and South East Asia. But it does not matter now, since this government (US) is so rotten and corrupt that it is falling in on itself and will be nothing but a pile of rubble in a few years.

8 years ago

An excellent advertisement to end the war on drugs and follow the Portugal model and decriminalize it. Columbia didn't win a war on drugs it just got shifted to Mexico. The DEA in Chicago doesn't know what to do because the drugs are so pure people are no longer getting Aids and hepatitis, these agents are so brainwashed they can't even see the absurdady of what they are saying.

8 years ago

and another thing
americans talk about 'mexican- americans' sic 'afro-americans' sic ' chinese- americans' etc etc so how special is an '''''american''' -- don't you think the language is or can be inflammatory.
little wonder that people who are accorded such seemingly denigrating epithets ( sic your not a true american) feel and react in the way they do.
Time for the 'yanks' to reassess their social policies.

8 years ago

Just another US tv show.