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Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii

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Elvis - Aloha from HawaiiElvis Presley was a man who knew how to rise to a challenge, and, in 1973, his manager, Col. Tom Parker, came up with one of the biggest stunts of their career - staging a live concert in Hawaii that would be beamed by satellite for TV broadcast in 40 countries to a global audience of 1.5 billion people. Elvis responded with a typically dynamic show, and this home video release features the king of rock and roll singing some of his biggest hits and personal favorites, including C.C. Rider, Burning Love, Suspicious Minds, Welcome to My World, Steamroller Blues, and American Trilogy.

Due to licensing problems with music publishers, the most recent edition of the Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii home video is missing three songs from the original broadcast (Johnny B. Goode, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, and I Can't Stop Loving You), though an outtake from the original performance...

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  1. Olu

    I love you Elvis. Rest in peace.

  2. ProudinUS
  3. ProudinUS

    This dude was a true American icon. He'll be listened to for generations to come. My parents conceved me while listening to him...well, that and a twelve pack! Excellent watch

  4. 1desertartist
  5. 1desertartist

    WOW...he is truly the King, still. Historic film should be in every music lovers library.

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