Elvis Presley: The Last 24 Hours

Elvis Presley: The Last 24 Hours

2007, Biography  -   30 Comments
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Memphis, Tennessee is the home of the late great Elvis Presley. It was in the Sun Studios in Memphis, 50 years ago, that rock and roll was born, and so began the legend that is Elvis Presley. In the course of a glorious career, Elvis would take the world by storm, starting in 1954 with his first hit "That's Alright, Mama." Elvis was a very, very shy retiring type individual. He didn't like to be around new people. He didn't trust them. He only trusted his closest friends.

They were a source of comfort. He could be what he wanted to be around them. Elvis did not make new friends easy. He just didn't like to do it.

Elvis was preparing for yet another backbreaking tour, the second tour of that year and Elvis' girlfriend, Ginger Alden, didn't want to go on tour with him. Ginger was just 21 and not prepared to bow to his every demand, something Elvis was used to, even during his doomed marriage to Priscilla. Over the years, his Memphis Mafia had supplied him with a string of compliant girls.

Elvis' security chief says that if you've got wealth and looks, they're really going to come, and they're going to come fast and hard. What you have to do is on a continual basis weed them out, because you've got to weed the squirrels out from the lambs. The squirrels cause you more trouble than a lamb ever caused you... not because they eat a lot of nuts, but it's because they're crazy, and this is the problem. He was so charismatic that the girls were like moths flying around a flame.

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  1. Jackie

    I think these men are forever trying to justify the fact they couldn't or wouldn't do anything to help Elvis. But no one can help an addict on their journey to hell. I bet they saw some uglier things than they can talk about. Not all girls and fun.

  2. Cappy

    There were no good guys here, including E. A bloated self indulgent host with dozens of blood sucking parasites crawling all over him. Don’t blame the Colonel. Elvis ALWAYS cAlled the shots. No one else. The end was predictable. The Colonel stopped caring and so did everyone else. The tragedy began decades earlier. All of them knew it.

  3. Doc Livingston

    My Wife and I was at The House the night of August 17th. About 40 of us where in the house that night and hundreds had gathered at The Front Gate. Charlie Hodge was a close friend of ours.as Charlie and I were in the kitchen drinking coffee ,we were watching the monitor from the kitchen at the front gate, when all of a sudden someone drove into the Fans standing along the wall.we called down to Uncle Vester down at the gate.He said Someone ran over some people down here. Two Girls from Louisiana Died That night.....What A Shame.....What A Very Sad Night ......First it was E and then this.The Sky Was Crying That Night...We Will Never Forget It.......Rest In Peace.

  4. michael mc manus

    that's right Cherie parker was a Dutch man worked in the carnaviles he is self named also, im from Dublin Ireland and Elvis was well aware of his fan base here and requested to come over to play here but parker couldn't leave the country. I will always say that if Elvis's wife managed him in the later stage of his life he would have been more successful and stayed alive another 30 years or more she would have fired half if not all of those gobshites irish saying for assholes around him you can say what you like about cilla Presley but remember this when she took the reins in graceland it was on the verge of repro, she could have easly said let it I still have royalties to live off and today you could have burger king instead of Elvis the King on the site.sorry you didn't get to IRELAND Elvis only as far as Prestwick airport in Scotland to refuel the lisa marie HE didn't get off the plane GOD BLESS YOU ALL R.I.P E

    1. Ttl

      It’s so nice and refreshing to hear some intelligent, sense making comments esp when it’s the norm for the obsessed crazies to blame Pricilla for everything to do with Elvis going into downward spiral. I just read the book Child Bride (excellent read, so honest and sooooo different from the fairy tale) it goes into detail the circumstances surrounding her taking over the Graceland estate and SHE WAS THE ONE WHO WAS THE SOLE DECIDER IN WHICH PATH TO CHOOSE, sell or save? She had met some wealthy ppl in high places and got some good advice and hired ppl who were experts in the field and overnight it became what’s now an enormous cas cow

  5. Cherie

    Tom Parker was an illegal immigrant from Europe. (I read). That's why Elvis didn't travel Overseas.
    They( Parker and Elvis's Mafia) , couldn't care two hoots about Elvis. I wonder who really cared about Him. Genuinely cared.
    I couldn't watch the whole of the documentary. Watching creepy Men and the disgusting Tom Parker.
    R.I.P Elvis.

  6. Paulette

    His my singer and always will be, there is now other like him, just love his music, I do believe that he is dead, Rip Elvis

  7. William Wetmore

    Sounds like he was staying alive to support his friends who leached off him his entire career and his degenerate boss....and wow is that hair dresser full of it..lol

  8. MusicMan

    The evidence he did die was his dead body. Fairly convincing evidence.

  9. kelly

    Liers..they lived off Elvis.they are bums...they did nothing to help him

  10. Pam Morton

    Why so judgemental about these guys. They're old, they've led fairly decadent lives so they don't think much about fashion - and I think they are just who they are, cousins, body guards, friends with memories of a great star. The guru hairdresser didn't come across too well, but all in all a good doc with a perspective I hadn't heard before.

  11. cliffworks

    Do these guys ever have reunion get togethers I wonder? I thought Geller very sincere & personable has great speaking voice but have never met him. Would he be related to Uri?

  12. Nigel

    Decent documentary. That being said, you have to wonder how much of the "memories" these guys claim to have about the events are real or just figments they have pieced together over the years. The fact that most of them speak with an inflated sense of their own importance but look like they got dressed at the Salvation Army donation bin doesn't lend them any credibility either. And what is the purpose of the montages at the end of these guys walking around unrelated landscapes to music I'm sure even Elvis would hate ? At the end of the day, what would have been great subject matter and a great doc is only 'pretty good' namely because of the goofs they got to tell the story.

    Some of the comments here are absolutely amazing; am I the only person who loves reading comments from people who can't read or write ?

    1. Ttl

      No.... I read the never ending display of grammatical errors also proof this country’s intelligence average drops severely with each generation. It takes so much restraint to not comment/ correct their mistakes. I drive my family and friends crazy , I’d better leave complete strangers alone

    2. Trevor

      Wow how Judgemental are you buddy? Amazing!!

  13. jamullis

    Some people believe that Elvis didn't die and their is a lot of evidence that he didn't die

    1. andy

      There is zero evidence that Elvis didn't die.

      But there is ample evidence that he did die.

  14. Sean

    The ultimate cult of personality.

  15. Sean

    Sorry, but how could those so-called insiders allow that to happen. I understand people are responsible for their own decisions (including Elvis), their duty of being there and being a support failed when it mattered most. They simply cashed in and enjoyed the novelty of flying high with no credentials and no genuine ability to make a difference.

  16. leighway

    Really if the jewish hair dresser was his spiritual adviser....no wonder Elvis was in trouble Most of his friends were self serving ***holes and still become giddy talking about that role of being apart of a lifestyle that helped destroy Elvis. Only one person in this documentary seemed like he cared about Elvis.

    1. bebop

      elvis had these guys around because he trusrted them and cared for them .it was on his terms though.yea they got payed .but he wouldnt let them go .and they did a job of work for him and earned their money . are you available to your boss 24 hours a day . as for the jew comment , ekvis had som jewish blood in him as well as cree frnch irysh and scotts .thats whay made jim the man he was . hede kicj youteeth in for that comment .

  17. BIGDAVE1954

    BTW I forgot to add this. I don't know if this guy ever did Elvis's hair at the mortuary. I worked for an undertaker for 3-4 yrs.. The first thing that I remember from that experience is how long it takes to dry a dead person's hair. Normally your body heat helps dry your hair. A dead persons hair takes a long time. You can use a hair dryer, but you take a risk of scorching their skin or setting their hair on fire. This fellow did not mention this so I have my doubts.

  18. BIGDAVE1954

    A big group of losers and flunkies. Have any of them ever had a real job? I can see it now. What kind of experience do you have? I used to scrape wax out of Elvis's ears when he got a cold....and haul his persciptions home during the week.uuuhhh my brother hauled them on weekends and holidays.

  19. hobo hippie

    Cool documentary-thanks hobo hippie

  20. Timmy Suckmeister

    NIce documentary!


    Interesting documentary. I have watched almost everything on the man over the years and this doc touched on the futility of the end of his life. Moreover, the pressures Tom Parker put on him from his degenerate gambling addiction and obtuse entitlement ego. Parker definitely played a part in his early passing. I remember that late summer day when Elvis died vividly because I was 7 years old and my grandmother had passed away the same day as Elvis. Elvis defined charisma in the early rock theater. We did not have a realization of how much until he had passed away. That charisma comes with a terrible price. Humans can not control the affects and effects of charisma and do not know what to do when it is suddenly gone. We have lost other great musicians and performers to this same behaviour. Elvis is a record of one of the first to do it with his own prescribed drugs from a doctor. We now know of so many more who do not want to live and simply self medicate until they are gone. The hairdresser seemed to revel in his part. He is creepy and it is pathetic Elvis had to turn to him for spiritual guidance. In the end, Elvis slowly killed Elvis. The drug addict has to find the will to defeat his or her addictions. Elvis had given up and the free will of this amazing talent was snuffed out.

    1. BIGDAVE1954

      WOW!!! That's pretty intense s*it for a 7 yr. old to be dwelling on...It reminds me of the first few lines of a song I heard once I'M STUCK IN A TRAP...I CAN'T GET OUT...

  22. xyz

    Only a few individuals know the truth. This documentary is just another part of the Elvis deceit

  23. john Palermo

    Actually cleared up a lot for me. Most of the crew are true humans but Larry the dishonest hairdresser/guru does not evoke one iota of true human honesty. Makes for a great storyteller with large doses of self aggrandizement however this is not the setting for such BS. I must admit I have few entertainment types that I hold much respect for but EAP was a special entertainer with talents that were to me incredible. A good view, again less the damn hairdressers BS.

  24. oQ

    Why don't we get all the Last 24hrs in one shot and be done with it.
    We know how most of them finished....over drugged while over rich.