Empires: Napoleon
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Empires: Napoleon

2000, History  -   30 Comments
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Empires - NapoleonFor nearly two decades he strode the world stage like a colossus - loved and despised, venerated and feared.

From his birth on the rugged island of Corsica to his final exile on the godforsaken island of St. Helena, Napoleon brings this extraordinary figure to life.

Napoleon bears passionate witness to a man whose charisma swayed an empire and sparked his exalted belief in his own destiny.

"The Summit of Greatness" recounts Napoleon's brilliant conquest of most of Europe, including a legendary victory at Austerlitz.

To sustain his rule, he must keep fighting, but invading Spain reaches too far.

"The End" describes Napoleon's downfall, including the invasion of Russia and his final battles. First exiled to Elba, he escapes to face final defeat at Waterloo.

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30 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Macinson

    Napoleon is a hero to his people and a scourge to the rest of Europe. Hail Emperor Napoleon! R.I.P

  2. Layla Phelps

    I can't bear comparing Napoleon to Hitler or Stalin. That's like comparing icecream to onions.

    1. gerard lales

      no dear....like it or not napoleon is hated by the french.....only the americans love him dearly.....at the doors of egypt ...he had 69000 thousand infants kids teenegers.....women and old people...slaughtered.....the men were kept for slavery
      he was a dictator.........evil psychopath .....

    2. John Fash.

      I agree with Gerald, Napoleon's ambition and Wars has been iconic and made into Legend, but if you truly read He's story you'd understand why the french had to kick him out.

      He ran Italy as a sub-class colony, He reversed the anti-oligarch nature of the French revolution, He espoused Slavery and shutdown the first true abolitionist movement, He led hundreds of thousands if not millions to their death for he's own rather selfish empirical ambitions.

    3. hernandayoleary

      Neither can I, Hitler was much better than either of the two who murdered far more than he could ever imagine. Napolean murdered for fun and stalin murdered 20 million people before ww2 even started.

  3. Farid Allime

    A truely remarkable man of courage and determination, sadly his ego came to hunt him at the end.

  4. Jimmy

    In addition of Nietzsche's will to power: Napoleon wasn't restricted by his reason (if he was living according his reason he would accept his live as a outcast Corsican). He had the will to power i.e. he was determine to create his own faith.

    "the revolution is over, I am the revolution".

  5. Jimmy

    I couldn't help but feeling sympathy and respect for him.But there was something ambivalent about it. How come we all have sort of respect for Napoleon but we all resent Hitler and Stalin? The fact is that because of Napoleon's determination 3.000.000 men died. I found an answer in Nietzsche. He said that a superman (that is how he saw Napoleon) must have two main virtues: a man must be noble and assertive (full of will). No doubt Napoleon had the will to power. He was born as an underdog in Corsica en became an emperor. besides he was also a noble man. He fought his battles while he was outnumbered and his purpose was not to decimate men but he wanted power (that people died opposing that will to power was somehow a side effect). Otherwise Hitler was also a man of will but he wasn't a noble man. He hadn't the virtue of being a straight man. He was a manipulator who decimate millions of jews not by a man to man combat but by cowardly kill them without letting them a chance. Anyone else about this topic?

  6. ckell

    Some claim Napoleon to be one of the anti-christ's in history. This documentary rightfully shows Napoleon as a French hero.

    1. MindFever

      the clergy or the church called him that, because they couldnt control him... i never saw any history book call him an anti-christ and i studied history

  7. gervince

    what is the name of the music played when napoleon was being crowned?

    1. Nwttp

      Roze - Vivat in aeternum, mixed with, Le Sueur - Tu es Petrus

  8. Bad_conduct

    It said he was 5'2", but I heard he was between 5'6.5" - 5'7"

  9. Darshan

    really nice, got to know a lot about napoleon, keep up the good work.

  10. SimonTheSorcerer

    In episode 3 31:35 when Napoleon says " I come to realize, that men are not born to be free. Liberty is a need felt by a small class of people, whom nature has endoved with nobler minds. " I could not agree more. Vote for Napoleon for Emperor! :)

    1. MindFever

      Except that Napoleon was not voted to become emperor by the free will of the people :D you should study a bit more before saying that... if you want another Napoleon, i suggest you think twice.
      I agree he was a remarkable man, but i would never want to live under him.

  11. Simon

    Great documentary! Thanks!

  12. Enzo

    Always been fascinated by this man and this historical period. Great documentary

  13. Emily

    Hey Vlatko, just wanted to say thanks for helping me out immensely with the Napoleon Bonaparte project I've been assigned this summer! I'm so glad there's a site out there that makes it so simple to find great documentaries. I have to say, even though this wasn't my first choice of how I wanted to spend my summer, these four documentaries on Napoleon are very interesting and informative, and I will be sure to revisit them while I'm doing the rest of my project. Thanks again!

    1. Vlatko

      Not a problem @Emily. It is my pleasure.

  14. JDA

    Just discovering this website, I believe it to be the most diverse and complete that I have seen. I was unaware of the early life of Bonaparte and his rise from near poverty and his disdain of France in his youth. Very compelling, and I look forward to more!

  15. Lacedaemeon

    Thought I should add my own kudus; this is a great website, and one of my web favorites!! Love the history documentaries big time!!

  16. Druidia

    I didn't know the relationship between the revolution and Napoleon until this doc. Fascinating synchronicity between the man and historical events. Excellent story, thanks!

  17. Kim

    I had no idea Napoleon was such a complicated man. Very interesting documentary. The whole Empires series is awesome, hopefully it's still in production.

  18. haizenberk

    Thank you very much Vlatko! Absolutely the best site on the internet.

  19. don

    There are really 4 parts.

    1. Vlatko

      There they are. Have fun.

  20. Woody

    Where can i see parts 2 and 3 “The Summit of Greatness” and “The End”

  21. paula

    Sounds like a great idea. Keep up the good work!

  22. paula

    Hey Vlatko, I love your website- it is my favourite thing on the internet! I was just wondering if you could keep your eye open for documentaries concerning Roman History and the Middle Ages- I have yet to find any good documentaries on the subject. Thanks for all your hard work. Paula