End: Civ Resist or Die

End: Civ Resist or DieEND: CIV examines our culture's addiction to systematic violence and environmental exploitation, and probes the resulting epidemic of poisoned landscapes and shell-shocked nations.

Based in part on Endgame, the best-selling book by Derrick Jensen, END: CIV asks: If your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests, poisoned the water and air, and contaminated the food supply, would you resist?

Backed by Jensen's narrative, the film calls on us to act as if we truly love this land. The film trips along at a brisk pace, using music, archival footage, motion graphics, animation, slapstick and satire to deconstruct the global economic system, even as it implodes around us.

END: CIV illustrates first-person stories of sacrifice and heroism with intense, emotionally-charged images that match Jensen's poetic and intuitive approach. Scenes shot in the back country provide interludes of breathtaking natural beauty alongside clearcut evidence of horrific but commonplace destruction.

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  1. End:Civ was my introduction to Derrick Jensen. Before watching this documentary, and then reading almost all of Derricks works, I also believed that peace was the only root for change. As you learn new things about an idea, you need to take that evidence, but aside all doubts; and think about it logically.

    What do you think would make the larger impact?
    A. Peaceful protesters completely submitting to arrest.
    B. Protesters protecting themselves against the police for arresting them when they were exercising their right to protest.

    Everything that has been done this far, for environmental causes or political causes, have only inched us closer to our goal and then sent us back a million years. There needs to be a dramatic change in the way we act and react.

    I'll leave you with this quote -
    "You cannot use the masters tools, to dismantle the masters house"

  2. Sorry, I couldn't even get into this thing. All these flashing, unconnected images for 3 full minutes at the beginning totally put me off. If you're going to discuss a serious situation, discuss it in a coherent, intelligent, serious way, instead of this childish imitation of a grade C Hollywood production. I'll pursue this subject elsewhere where I can get a systematic, factual presentation of the issues. Thanks for nothing.

    1. Ungrateful swine, no!? Thanks for nothing? It's something ,if not up to the standards of LucasArts, but at least they talk about it. I do agree that the video lacks given the information it presents, but thanks for nothing. ungrateful for the work that was expanded to create the docu...

  3. Warning - Environmental, Global Warming/Climate Change radical progressive liberal fear mongering propaganda.

  4. Hmmm,lots of stuff I've seen before.
    Jensen is too radical for my taste, encouraging a violent uprising against governments and corporations.
    I wonder what will happen to Western society and if I'll live long enough to be a witness to the end of life as we know it.

    1. Your comment begs the question: What is your threshold?

    2. What do you mean, dear?
      Please elaborate.
      I'd be happy to respond.

    3. This extremism is of no service to environmentalism.
      We do face real environmental and global warming changes, but this presentation includes lies, distortions, extremism, hatred, cynism, anarchism ...
      These people should actually get involved with all stages of silvicuIture and do real work and discover true success. worked many years in silviculture in various capacities. Politics change as you move along the process. I've worked planting, pruning, brushing-weeding, and spacing and bug removal. I've seen forests restored. I've seen how temporary pasturages from cuts have increased bird and bear populations. I've seen how the common perceptions have often been misconceptions. Silviculture tried some of these misconceptions and discovered there error. Trees prefer mineral soil, grass prefer rich soil. Most cuts now have multiple tree species planted. Often residual seed-trees are left remaining. Most harvested wood is recovered. sometimes escavators are brought in to expose mineral soil to replant trees. grass seeding is now used on trails, and many roads de-roaded, but treed areas aren't grass seeded. Forestry employs microcuts, medium-scale clear cuts, and in some areas select cuts. Watersheds are protected. I've worked in areas where we even had undescernable watersheds ribboned off. My parents property was reforested, and has been logged for generations. I enjoy walking through its woods with all the wildlife, and grew up experiencing bears and birds.
      Encourage green energy, thorium development, conservation, accuracy in advertising, recycling, reduced disposability, reduced packaging, green roofs, changes in life-styles, reduced emmissions, increased urban and green transportation, pedestrian friendly planning, &c.
      Advocating hate & violence and promoting lies & distortions, while remaining in ignorance is a disservice to environmentalism, anti-global warming & humanity.
      Get real.

    4. Thanks Lallanb, that was a great post and very inspiring.
      I spend lots of time in the woods, and do notice all the regrowth, despite the logging.
      I'm always in awe of Mother Nature, and wish more people would practice conservation and recycling.

  5. more people need to see this movie and read more books about how all civilizations perished. Great comments. Only 87,000 views were on YouTube. If you see this video, record yourself while you watch it and then play it back playing Pink Floyd in the background. Now think who else is watching you........Wait, someone is watching me type this out in my underwear. Who else is watching this? I mean me? Helloo, Internet? Anyone else out there?

  6. A great documentary. All the most important questions are addressed, forcing everyone who watches it, to ask when is enough, enough? Of course, if viewers are not brave enough (self preservation) to state the obvious regarding the insanity of humanity, then the betterment of the world around us will never be achieved. So your choice is, can you call a spade, a spade, while enduring the wrath of those around you, who will protect their own temporary situation, at any cost? Was Osama bin laden a terrorist, or a freedom fighter? All I can suggest is careful when addressing questions with polictially incorrect answers, around the masses of sheep who don't know any better, nor have the courage to fight for what is in the world's best interest, not to mention their own children. I leave you with a quote from Albert Einstein:
    "Man, like any other animal, seldom considers his own situation unless goaded by circumstance. I too went through such a phase, trying to act, and be like one's fellow. .... Nationalism, fascism, communism, militarism, while constituting diverse political ideologies, ulltimately lead to the enslavement of the individual by the state, putting an end to freedom, and personal liberties".

  7. Heartbreaking, excellent documentary! I also have found the ones done by Scott Nobel (Metanoia Films but all are on TDF)also, excellent and touching on some of of these same subjects. See: Lifting the Veil, The Power Principle; Human Resources, and others, all very much worth watching. Lifting the Veil shows how, ironically, it's been the Democratic Party which has so effectively co-opted any large grassroots movements that have sprung up from the masses over the years.
    This documentary, like Mr Noble's films, are what journalism should look and sound like today, like,-but no longer does. Journalists are meant to be 'watchdogs' against abuses of power, especially those of our so-called public servants. It is for this reason that it is the only profession mentioned in the Constitution. Unfortunately, the 'watch dogs' have become the 'gate-keepers.'

    1. In Canada, our Prime Minister has put a muzzle on our scientists who do research on behalf of our government ( these are public servants).
      They are not allowed to give interviews and answer any questions about our environmental issues, unless they get pre-approval, which can take months-so journalists have been very frustrated trying to get any information.
      Our government's agenda is to build a pipeline and supply the United States with oil, and too bad about the ecological consequences.

    2. Now isn't that the truth!
      I would have sworn that those scientists were being paid for by Canadians for the benefit of Canadians, rather than strictly for partisan purposes at taxpayers expense.
      More of the same when Linda Keen was canned for doing her job as Nuclear Regulator.
      So much for any hope while the barbarians of globalism control the world.

    3. And I wonder what she's doing now? Maybe I'll google her.
      Thanks for reading my post. Nice to know I'm not just shouting into thin air.
      I know people in the Alberta oil business and they defend the tar sands and the pipelines to the bitter end. I'm willing to try and live without oil. I know it's possible. I love my country dearly and hate watching it decay into black cesspools. Yes, I'd even give up the internet.

  8. People are being separated more and more. We work at jobs that take up all our time and hardly have free time so we can afford a rising cost of living. We communicate over the internet instead of face-to-face. What is really powerful is community. People coming together to accomplish something and hold each other accountable and support each other. I think what would help is if we created a bunch of sustainable communities. They could grow their own food and help each other to survive. And if they grew their own food, they wouldn't need as much money, and they could work less and have more free time to develop the sustainable community. And then no one would have to buy anything and the system would fall because there would be no demand for products. We could start a bunch of permaculture gardens. And in apartment buildings, the people in each building could be its own sustainable community and grow food on the porches or on the roofs or find a place to garden or keep chickens. We could probably do this in most places. And even though there are so many people, we really don't need all that much space. I like the documentary "We the Tiny House People." We are living in luxury and paying with our environment. Humans have had the willpower to accomplish so much...we can find the willpower to fix what we messed up.

  9. Completely on point. But - who - will fight? and who-will-we fight? Not many will fight, and the poor abused and powerless police or military who will be sent out to quell all protests - they do not deserve to die. Unless mercenaries, assassins take out a very specific power elite, and some extremely good intel would be required. Hypothetically, even then, who would lead the multitudes who just want their cable tv back... Civilization will collapse, as did Rome, though in a much more spectacular way; it is a craps shoot whether or not those who remain will be able to save the planet...(unless a Quantum computer provides the final hour answers-huh)- whatever, survive,if u can

    1. For sure, those who control power are "Armed and Dangerous", even though they are outnumbered 1000 to 1.
      They have the resources to buy loyalty from enough to maintain the imbalance of power, politically and militarily.

  10. Wow I can see their point I saw a movie called ELF and the eco environmentalist started burning down buildings that were logging trees
    he is now serving time in prision with other so called TERRORISTS he is branded an ECO terrorist. The truth is I am not sure enough people will wake up as they may too scared to join resistance groups I am a sceptical spiritual holitic therapist my goal is to live by example and be the change I wish to see in the world with a goal of living off the grid
    as much as violence has proven to work to effect change it also keeps repeating itself its compunds duality and I feel we can move beyond that somehow we have to... I hope strong powerful activist women can stand up and lead us into a more balanced world as clearly many MEN thankfully not all of them but as History has shown many have no clue Love to you on your journey

  11. This is not to dismiss the documentary at all - I have issues with some of the statements made, but leave that aside for now. However, the implications made in the section regarding the invasion of the Americas by Europeans is that the indigenous peoples were living a fairly idyllic existence, in spiritual harmony with the land, respecting all life, and that it was the Europeans that brought civilization.

    Not quite so simple and black-and-white as that. The Mayans, the Aztecs, the Incas, these were all civilizations in every sense of the word. In fact, one reason the Europeans were able to demolish the Incan empire so rapidly was that the Inca peoples were happy to have someone topple the repressive rulers. The Aztecs were engaging in mass human sacrifice, partly at least because of their denuding of the resources of their area; Aztec civilization most certainly could not have continued much longer. And the Mayan civilization likely collapsed because of resource depletion aggravated by changing climatic conditions. The more tribal organization of North America (though civilizations had certainly arisen there and later disintegrated) at the time of the European invasion was not necessarily anything idyllic; many of the tribes conducted what can only be described as vicious wars amongst themselves, with attendent torture and destruction.

    So while one cannot minimize the hideous impact of the European invasion on the Americas, It is important to bear in mind that the Americas were no utopian, idyllic place.

    Let's face facts: the underlying, root problem isn't Western civilization, or even civilization as such. It's humankind. The only time our species lives in some sort of balance with its environment is when there just aren't very many of us. And even then, we're pretty nasty to anybody outside our societal unit.

    1. It's not humankind. The whole world has been building up to this from the beginning (the technological unsustainable society we have now). It's like a birthing process and we must let that happen, we must move into a new age, where we have a different relationship with mother nature than we do now. Because we can prolong the change until it's too late, until we destroy ourselves and millions of other species too. It will only get more and more uncomfortable unless we seek out the change now and start living in a different relationship with our earth. We need to stop idealizing technologies of fire as the way out, we need to start investing in technologies of water.

    2. I totally agree.

  12. Meeting violence with violence is a long-used strategy that has proven ineffective over and over again throughout history. The governmental and corporate interests that this doc calls upon us to resist violently rest on a bedrock of violence themselves, so violent resistance will only fuel the fire and allow those interests to respond with impunity with their own (superior) violent capacity and with approval from the non-resisting public who will percieve the system as a savior against the violence of the "extremists." The end result will be predictable: the movement will be brutally crushed and the juggernaut will roll on.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the current economic and political framework gripping the world is completely unsustainable, but I am extremely doubtful that change will come through the tired and provenly ineffective method of retaliatory violence. This doc seems to advocate seeing all who don't agree with its premises as valid targets for such retaliation, and that view is as short-sighted as the view that currently is killing the planet. The argument here just seems to be an emotionally driven rehash of "if we just kill enough of them it will stop." I can't accept that. How do you beat the devil by becoming the devil? What is required is a completely new approach to the problem of power (which I fully accept is the real problem here).

    I am somewhat heartened by some of the comments that point out the important work of the Zeitgeist Movement and the development of a resource-based economy, because this doc seems like just a throwing up of the hands in despair and an intellectually lazy and historically ignorant call to break heads until the ignorant masses die or obey. I'm not saying that people should lay down and just get run over, but I am saying that they should be creative and think of ways to starve the beast rather than feeding more flesh into its maw. If violence really solved anything then the 20th century, the bloodiest in human history, would have already ushered in a utopia. This was clearly not the result.

    I'm expecting to draw flak for my opinion, but I stand behind it wholeheartedly and gave it a lot of thought before posting it here. It would be very premature to simply assume that there is no way to support the human population of this planet without destroying the environment and to deduce from that assumption that most of us must die in order to make things right. The people responsible for this must be stopped, there is no getting around it, but you will only validate their violent destruction of this world by trying to change the system by using the same tactics that created it in the first place. Even a brief perusal of history will show that violence has only ever begat more violence and has led directly to the world's current sorry state. By responding violently to power you only feed the monster and legitimate its existence through the use of its ultimate strategy.

    It will be human ingenuity and awakening that will save the planet and our society both, not bombs and guns and fire and death. It will take a massive effort of education of each individual to bring about true change. I fear that this lesson will not be learned and that people on both sides of this issue will follow the siren's song of power and create a hell on earth which will make the current situation seem a paradise by comparison, and all with the best of intentions. The only way out of this is to move beyond the old and worn-out conceptions of change and seek a new way forward which will entail as little death and destruction as is physically possible. It would be tempting to believe that the best way to fight violent power is with more violent power, but such a view is naive and has been shown to be the road to exponential madness and death over and over again. May we wake up from this nightmare before it happens yet again.

    1. You say that there are no examples of armed resistance working and then claim a magical, unprecedented human awakening will change the dominant culture. Truly you are a realist grounded in historical fact.

      Perhaps by not working, you mean that no armed resistance ever lead to a fairy land utopia. This is true though it makes me question the reality of utopia more than the functionality of armed resistance. Personally, I'm glad I don't have to pay homage to some imbred old bag called a Queen and pay taxes to a foreign government who denies me representation. I'm thankful that my forefathers, instead of hoping for a Brittish awakening, forced one at the point of a bayonet.

      Although I totally disagree with Jenson's naive and myopic view of civilization, a view that spawns from a complete ignorance of science and technology itself, I do agree with him that wishy washy pacifists are the most powerful ally any violent repressive system has. If I had been Hitler I would have made more pacifists, less tanks.

  13. trees this trees that the books they wrote sure cost trees.

    1. we're not there yet but doing the best we can, don't you think the people writing these books already thought about that and weighed the potential good over bad? I bet you don't post comments like these on blogs about fiction books. why don't you?

  14. The only solution that can work, would require that the lovers of money and wealth have a change of heart and learn to respect and love all life and work for the good of all mankind. To love thy nieghbor as thy self.

    Guess we're screwed huh.

  15. I have family members who work for the coal industry. I made the BIG mistake of adding my two cents in a conversation recently during a family gathering.

    Ended up that a family member attacked me...yes, attacked me physically, after I said that people in the Apalachian region need more options job wise.
    This family member immediately got up and started calling me names and ran after me...

    At the end of the day, and putting my personal experience aside, this is an emotionally charged issue. Unfortunately, poor people who have no advantages politically or economically will continue to be controlled and manipulated...

    It's sad and it impacts, even divides, my own family.

  16. My approach is as follows:

    (1)Use the system to raise as much funds as possible.
    (2)Become more self-sufficient in terms of food, community, electricity, production and protection.
    (3)Enjoy civilization while it lasts.
    (4)Attempt to survive catastrophic environmental, social, economic and political melt-down when that comes.

    Even the Jewish resisters had no idea what they were actually resisting or knew that their way was 100% the best way. In the end they were vindicated, but the Kurds in Iraq weren't under Husein after their revolt, as history can replicate for inquisitive eyes countless more times.

    Fight and go down trying? Why? The world will change in innumerable ways, only a fraction of which has been outlined in this video. As humans we are not that great at predicting what will happen, what will change, and where will be tomorrow or the day after.

  17. Change is inevitable, our lives are a living legacy of that truth.

    As we say, may we do.
    As we do, may we feel.
    As we feel, may we think.
    As we think, may we say.

    I'm pretty much doing the same thing everyday, trying to survive, hoping for change, wanting life to be better for everyone. "Be the change, be the change, be the change", I tell myself. I guess I'm lucky to have come this far.
    "Hope is my friend, as long as you're alive, don't give up on hope."

  18. I honestly feel at this point we should just let whatever will happen happen and live our lives in preparation for this. There is no way things will change.

  19. This is redundant, sorry. Give me a solution.

  20. ...so we should reverse history 1000 years and become indians

    1. Maybe. That will be determined by nature not humans.

  21. We will only destroy our present exsistance, life will continue without us.
    Life is to short to give a sh*t unless you are breeding and worry about your bratz. I have personaly made a desision not to breed in this lifetime therefore
    I am not concerned with the future. I beleive we are a plague on this planet that needs a cure. Our actions are that cure. So be it.

    Jusus Crist

  22. words really meens nothing,you can say one thing, and act direct oposite--- so, I think, action, what YOU do counts. I dont think that needs to be explained, almost everybody knows the state of our world.
    Not that I am hopefull, when it comes to mankind as a mass, it seems we are no wiser than Lemmings, but I still can make my choise, as an individual, to stop mindless consuming, move to the countryside, live a verry simple life.
    Resistance: I guess most people will choose to "go down in an overflow of goods". Why walk to the end of the cliff, if you can go there in a Porche.
    And now I hear: stupid old hippie,
    thats all right, only words

    1. Yep, I'm an old hippie too. Feel exactly the same way and figure that your words have a humorous ring of truth about them: Why walk to the end of the cliff, "if you can go there in a Porsche." And I might add in overdrive.

    2. You are NOT stupid at all!

  23. Resistance is necessary. Capital will strive to maintain power, and will use force wherever necessary, to achieve its goals. Today this is accomplished by creating a value system with wealth at its core. In the global monetary system, financial accumulation has created an entirely seperate socio-economic framework designed to maintain debt, remove people from their means of production, and maintain social compliance.

    Work and jobs are not the same thing. According to the English language, the word job didn't even exist until 16th century England. This is not to say however that there is not tremendous work to be done. The distinction of course is that jobs require the sale of labour power (the commidification of work) in exchange for wages.

    It is not simply that our material wealth is built on the sweat and blood of the most vulnerable, or that our vanity is assuaged at the expense of our health, but that it is maintained and reinforced perpetually by its benefactors. Not only do we destroy socio-natures to make ourselves rich, but so too do we in the process displace those once dependent upon them. The cycle is maintained therefore because once displaced, one is forced to enter the market system of commodity exchange.

    Resistance is necessary. No matter what, if we ever hope to have our planet back, we must resist; the distinction between violent and non-violent resistance is irrelevant.

  24. Environmental vandalism is a global problem. Everyone is to blame (particularly those in the industrialized countries) and everyone has had some form of involvement in the destruction of the planet, not just the corporations.

    Who is willing to forgo toilet paper, stop using electricity to use their computers, go collect water or make their own clothes & spin their own yarn? Once you've become dependent on modern trappings, it is very hard to let them go.

    If loggers, mining companies, paper mills, gas corporations and technology companies are to blame for environmental destruction, vote with your wallets and STOP buying their goods. Which means don't buy new phone/computer, don't pour gas in your car, don't buy clothes, don't buy fast food, don't buy anything that has caused or causes some form of planetary destruction. Almost every thing you buy comes from or made from something that's robbed from the environment at some stage. Business will always exist as long as humans exist with a need to trade, the problem doesn't just lie with the source but also the demand. Who creates the demand? We the consumers! We are also part of the problem.

    How do we solve it? Go live in the wild. You probably won't be shot by "the man with the gun" if you kill a feral rabbit to eat, or live in a cave, but I highly doubt most of you reading this would even be willing to do that. It means having to wipe your a$$ with leaves, keeping warm with fire you have to make, fetching your own water, searching for food every day and having to protect yourself from wild animals like bears/wolves/other humans. Plus there isn't enough wilderness left to support 6.6 billion souls, even if we wanted to.

    What's even worse is, corporations are not comprised of just a few people at the top (the CEOs, the managers etc). They are made of a huge group of people and interests, like the every day folks who work there, who also happen to have families to feed. Don't get me wrong, I hate corporations, but we all know people who work for companies. How many of these people are willing to leave their jobs because their companies are killing the planet? Even though these companies are slowly destroying the planet and sucking up all the precious resources and treating their workers like commodities, people still need their jobs, people have kids to raise, they have to put a roof over their heads and pay for medical bills. Yes our society is flawed, but it's too big change because there are too many people involved to keep it up - from the investors to the CEO to the workers and the consumers.

    There are only two ways to change, either consumer demand changes or a major catastrophe pushes mankind to change (be it financial, environmental or social).

    1. You said it. Well explained.

      I believe that as long as the system keeps our bellys full we are not very likely to revolt against it. It is a very clever form of opression since it passifies the population in a very powerful way; satisfying our lazyness. I imagine that in the past people have revolted against systems that have left them without almost any material reward for their hard work. That gives a strong reason to revolt. Like breaking out of slavery. Fighting for a better life with the possibility to keep more of what they produced and so on. This is not possible in the more industrially developed part of the world today. Breaking free from the current capitalist system would mean that we end up having to form a new system where we dont live off the people in the producing sector and no longer exploit nature in places far from our selves to gain our precious standard of living.

      I guess I am quite pessimist. But its the only logical conclusion I can come up with. Just like you said I think a major disaster of some kind is what we need to wake up and do something.

      Its almost like its the way of nature. First comes change of environment and then comes adaptation of those species that are to survive. Evolution doesnt take a certain direction if it doesnt mean increased chance of survival and reproduction. so the problem has to exist before its solved. Its funny that scientific evidence of a problem in the near future is not enough for our species to take action.

    2. Well said!

    3. "How do we solve it? Go live in the wild. You probably won't be shot by "the man with the gun" if you kill a feral rabbit to eat, or live in a cave, but I highly doubt most of you reading this would even be willing to do that. It means having to wipe your a$$ with leaves, keeping warm with fire you have to make, fetching your own water, searching for food every day and having to protect yourself from wild animals like bears/wolves/other humans. Plus there isn't enough wilderness left to support 6.6 billion souls, even if we wanted to."

      You first... then tell me how it is. This concept of over-glorifying primitivism isn't the solution either. I doubt your a$$ is whiling to sacrifice all of what you've mentioned either, so don't say "I doubt most of YOU..", as if you're not a part of this sh!t too. After all you're using a computer right now. >_>

      I find it amusing that people love to point the fingers at others and expect others to change yet they themselves aren't doing any changes. Time for you to step down the soap box.

      Who says we need the wilderness or more land to support that population? We could still live off the land without needing to move out of our cities and move into caves and trees. People could raise tiny local farms in the cities, suburbs or any other form of communities. Most people of the industrial civilizations are too lazy to do so, then complain that the food they buy is too expensive. People could use more renewable resources like solar, water and wild energy at their current homes. I saw an awesome doc call "Ungrip" that shows that one can sustain a modern lifestyle without damaging nature and ones individuality. Be free from the clutches of being someones property/servant. Have all the comforts of modern civilization. The two things I dislike about the documentary is that it shows that large lands are needed, which in truth you don't. A backyard of 30 by 30 feet is enough to keep a garden of food and raise chickens, have a underground well system etc. Also the guy is all alone with just his family. Humans survived as long as they did through working with others, not being a lone wolf. Being social creatures the lifestyle this individual showed in that documentary isn't going to last much. He will want to seek out company besides family. I know I would be bored to death with just staying at home all of the time.

      Another good doc is Zeitgeist Moving Forward. I could see that Project Earth being more sustainable system and rewarding to humans... i.e. more people will properly be more whiling to follow through that pattern than living a primitive lifestyle and it will keep more than 6.6 billion people alive. :)

  25. they way to reduce the systems hold over your lives is to not rely on the system. It is like having an abusive parent, as long as you are in their household and dependant on them, they have power over you. As soon as you move out, you may have for a moment less in terms of material wealth, and more work to do and stress of coping on your own, but for every little step you make you feel empowered and you soon find yourself that there is no stress at all and that you actually thrive. You look at that you ran away from and find it shrivelled and powerless. There are a lot of people out there trapped in the old paradigms, they have this feeling that things aint right, but they cannot wrap their heads around what is wrong and what to do about it.

    If all you can offer is bunch of masked guys with AK47s of course they will refuse to listen to what you have to say, they dont have mental strength or maturity to listen and take themselves out of the system, because they limit themselves in order to be complacent and just make it to next paycheck.

  26. Does this inspire people through fear or is it meant to uplift them?Rioting is for babies with no inner strength. We can choose how to move and grow, be moved by fear (as religions may move some of us) or in courage and truth. Fearing the end of the world is simply fear of our own demise. By rioting we make it happen all the sooner and with no dignity. Its a fast way of dispelling some pent up aggression but at the end of the day, our aggression is still there. And then we move it to another scapegoat. Maybe the situation is here so we can use it to develop ourselves???

    1. Like they pointed out with the Jewish holocaust survivors: more of the resisters survived than those that went along with what they were forced to do.

      They pointed it out with their Starwars analogy as well: without violent opposition, the progression of the Empire would keep on going.

      They also pointed it out with the MLK and Gandhi examples.

      That said, this is a movie that asks people what they will choose to do and when they will choose to fight back against oppressive forces. It asks it at the very end, and it asks the viewer to question themselves: why are you waiting to initiate your change?

      Rioting is not necessarily for babies with no inner-strength. Saying this is reducing a valid approach towards issues. The Mohawks in Quebec could have acted peacefully, and they did! They acted peacefully and were walked over. Violence was the last, and in that case, necessary approach towards overbearing government violence.

      The French resistance were another obvious example of violence used against violence in a positive way.

      It doesn't mean it's moral or immoral. It means that violence can sometimes be a logical recourse and method of change.

  27. The rap music sucks.

  28. I love it! LMAO!! The Ironic thing about the message in this film is that the elite globalists in power want the exact same thing, to de-industrialize the planet and bring and end to civilization and bring about a massive depopulation program. They are not trying to save civilization like the fake environmental groups and green advocates are! The Corp. Elite have known since the beginning of the industrial revolution the it was not sustainable, they just used it as a means to extract and gain all the real wealth of the planet before civilization collapses. And from the ashes of the collapse they will start a new global empire with some new technology for generating energy and a new global digital currency which they completely control. Of coarse the power elite are psychotic and will probably end up destroying themselves as well. The only real hope is that: If there are any survivors, an alternative power structure arises after the collapse that is Earth and resource based and builds a resource based economy... See Zeitgeist: Moving Forward. We must Evolve or die as a whole species, but I am confident that the earth will be here long after us :D

    1. I agree with your whole comment. I especially love the last statement most of all. I find some of the information in these environmentalist docs very misleading. They draw out humans as this controller of worlds. I doubt our young 600,000 yrs old species could bring down a 4 billion yr old planet. It is arrogant and overzealous to think our species has the ability to destroy a planet. The Earth has survived far worse than our pathetic race could ever muster or throw at it. We would die WAY before the Earth does. The Earth will just renew itself, evolve. Yes, many species will die off, but that's life. Evolve or die. We humans are no different. We're just more pathetic at it than older species, since we are still trying to find our place in the universe (our current place isn't working and self-destructive).

    2. ...Evolve or die...!

      I don't see the link. We all die, evolved or not. We are part of a system we don't understand, that changes all the time and one day, we might disapear from the surface of the earth and not necessarely because we are dumb or evolved. Humans, like snails and pigs, are limited, they cannot "evolded" they are as they were thousands of years ago, no difference, maybe a little more ignorant...
      In our dna, there are 2 major flaws of ours : Dominance and Segregation.
      As far as we know, only love can avoid the 2... We are not, as we can all witness, trying too hard to elevate to loving in this phase of our society...!

  29. It is up to yourselves whether you go for peaceful or violent solutions. Whichever actions you take, violent or not, think of the consequences, that's important.

    Those who go for violence ought to have the heart to apologize their victims, no matter how just cause you think it is, or it is. Violence is still violence and you will live with it, and it doesn't have to change you to a bad person even if you kill another living being. It's up to you, always. Remember that and pinch yourself every time you forget. There's a lot of things in the world we cant do anything about, people with their minds already set on something is one of them.

    If negotiations and violence fails and you see no hope with those ways, don't give up. There's peaceful solutions too, and other people who can give you new strength through love, new ideas and ways to work out, new support. I can offer you only one, but it seems to be a good one so don't waste it, especially if you don't live in a city but near nature. Permaculture farming. It's farming with nature as a friend, not as an enemy. It's a way of farming that allows nature to flourish in it's natural, intended state. It's working with nature's will, you just choose what you farm, help the nature a bit in times and collect the harvest. No machines, no oil needed. The plants will be healthier, contain more nutrients and... go search it yourself already if you wanna make a change. Every bit of food and lumber we produce that way is bit less food produced with harmful ways. If you're wondering what the harmful ways are, watch "Earthlings" and some monsanto/GMO doc. There's more heavy reasons why humanity needs a big change in farming industry, watch "Natural World: A Farm for the Future" and you know why. Read "Gaia's Garden" if you wish to study permaculture.

  30. Iraq had cedar forests so large they could never touch the ground when? real?

    1. its possibly an exaggeration, however in the times leading up to the Sumerian civilisation ancient Mesopotamia/Iraq was a very fertile land. So fertile it gave birth to the aforementioned civilisation. It expanded fed by agricultural irrigation schemes extracting water from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. With time the abundance of agri produce made it a regional superpower and like our current super power wanted more power/growth. The over irrigation and intensive cultivation of the land (and especially mono-cropping) caused a rise in salinity and soil depletion which ended in desertification of large areas as forested areas where felled to grow barley which was more saline tolerant but the yields kept falling as the farming had to be increasingly intensive and use up virgin areas

      The whole process was from 5300BCE to 1700BCE. Approx 60% population decline in the last 400 years.

    2. Apparently, there were forests at or close to the polar regions, so it seems plausible.

  31. Besides Rod Coronado, you have to wonder, for all of their talk of militant action and destruction of the system, how many of these talking heads -- such as Jensen -- are ready to wage a full-fledged guerrilla campaign of armed resistance against the state?
    How willing are they to be incarcerated for months, or even years?
    How about going into hiding or exile, away from family and friends?
    How about dying for their cause?

    Their sense of urgency is overwhelming. When you believe the world is heading for imminent catastrophe, rivaling anything else, how can you not speak with such conviction?

    But how willing are they to actually commit themselves and maybe even their lives to defense of the Earth?

    1. the forces that oppose them are much larger and stronger and powerful than we can even imagine, its like nukes versus sticks and stones, what do you expect them to do without your help? without the help of everyone who is disgruntled yet pacified. We are hostages to the system of exploitation, and they give us just enough to be contented, but as soon as the veils drop and people become aware of the violence and subjugation that they indirectly support, by supporting the corporations, then the call for action cannot be ignored. Boycott all major corporations and begin the move towards locally sustainable economies and there may be a chance for our species to survive. Dont hate on those who are making small steps in the right direction just because you believe it isnt ENOUGH. Its something. And spreading the word and helping others remove the veils is no small feat either. There has to be hope out there.

    2. The word is out, the trinkets are fading. Wait for them to fade enough and the people will revolt.

      If they don't fade, it's because we figured out how to extend the system indefinitely. That's never happened in the history of any human society.

    3. Yep. They're on the same boat as all the viewers: what the **** do we do now!

  32. start from your self, if you age going to wait for someone who will do that for you nothing going to happen and our planet will die. if everyone will understand that only then we have a chance to save our HOME and our lives.

  33. It is as simple as this... If you knew that if we did not stop all environmental degradation by the end of this year life would cease to exist on planet Earth in 50 years, what would you do??? A point like this will come up on the timescale and we will not know when we are there. At one point we must use whatever methods necessary to save life.

    1. the only problem with that is all you have is a bunch of individuals acting out and getting killed, whats needed is organization, so we can act out in force and unison

    2. Sorry we are already there. We have been for a few years.

  34. i "lilke" a lot of things on facebook, but that doesn't stop me from spending money on a 50' plasma tv and a mac to surf the internet and watch docs such as this one. i get all upset at the "man", but i am the man myself. i live in alberta, the oil companies last stand in north america. to be honest it is as terrible as the doc implies, but both my father and brother and countless friends work and live in fort mac. what am i supposed to tell them? that they are killing the earth to feed their families while providing an economy in which i can work and live? they already know that

    do what you can to make a better place in this world, yes, take a stand, yes. but most importantly talk about these things with your friends and family, even talk about issues with strangers! we all can sign a petition, but why do we have such a hard time communicating how we feel as a society caught in a difficult balance of consumerism and happiness. at the end of the day i just want to survive, and the only advise i got from this doc is that i should sign facebook petitions and consider killing powerful people.

    what can i do in between these two actions that won't land me in prison?

    what else do i believe in? what am i passionate about? how does that apply to saving the earth and solving problems? what skills do i have to be able to contribute to society? if i need something i can't provide for myself who can help me and how can they in turn benefit with something i can provide them?

    but ironically my answer to the question posed at the end of the film "where would i draw the line in the face of capitalist fascism?" it would be when "the man with the gun" comes to take my tv and internet away so i can no longer pretend that i give a crap about anything in this confusing, crazy and wonderfully problematic world!

    1. Honest! I'm agreeing with you.

      But if you lost your job, and your family members lost theirs' too, you wouldn't need them to take it away, you'd be forced by circumstance to give it away.

      No environment, no jobs, no livelihoods, no dice. We'll most of us be there eventually.

  35. I really suggest people looking into what a Resource Based Economy is, as to it seems like the most thorough solution and plan of action to modern society's problems.

    1. I think people should be in control of their own destinies and not worship at the feet of techno-utopia. I do appreciate the zeitgeist analysis and many of it's critiques are highly valid, but the only future that could possibly mean something is direct democracy.

    2. The only feasible way to have a TRUE direct democracy in a country or world as large as ours is with technology. And weren't we supposed to have a 4 day work week because of tech., Having free time is the only way a society can have time to be democratic.

    3. This is in reply to Don Miller,

      I respectfully disagree. Indigenous governance systems existed for 10k years using non hierarchical systems. I am not just referring to Indigenous Canadians, but also other tribal peoples (as well as the anti-statist pro-publican philosophies that existed well before European Political Science i.e. Daoism) around the world utilised many different systems, but these can readily explained in modern terms as council democracies. I am not a primitivist by any means, although I thoroughly reject exploitative and extractive technologies as well the Industrial Agricultural system. I believe in an holistic use of technology (like computers or the internet) to strengthen global communities and modern academic methods. Unfortunately, under the current system of capitalism and western neo-imperialism (and also increasingly chinese economic imperialism- which uses historical western methods to implement) the earth is burning. We can also not ascribe wholeheartedly to darwinian materialism- and a a blind faith in science. Science should be viewed as a dialectical tradition of quantitative analysis, but it is also very euro-centric and materialist in its current capitalist incarnation.
      People Power.

  36. I really suggest people looking into what a Resource Based Economy is, as to it seems like the most thorough solution and plan of action to modern society's problems.

  37. Great doc. There does need to be a massive shift in the popular mindset if our modern society is to survive. Unfortunately everyone is born into the 'system', we are all part of it. How do you break free form something which we have all come to rely upon? Perhaps drastic change through militant acts is the only way to prevent the inevitable crash of our civilisation. Who knows. The problem is the majority don't know all the facts or figures, they don't have the required information. Information which, once known, could perhaps trigger a change in attitudes. Knowledge is power, peace x

    1. They know the information, but they filter it through clouded ideologies and convenience. I'm part of that "they" for sure, but information is readily available and we haven't done anything yet.

      We will, it's just a matter of a little pressure from our declining planet :)

  38. After a careful watch and a look at the website, I feel this will lead to nowhere. 2 thumbs up, brilliant etc etc .. Sat the film critics, really? That;s it??

    I don't know, I just don't know. We are all guilty of everything this video claims is wrong. How do we change it? When does it start? Who is going to be the first person to stop buying dish soap, unplug their computer, quit their job and build an army to fight the powers and save the planet? Unfortunately nobody.


    1. Look into the Zeitgeist Movement.

  39. "So be it, Threaten no more, To secure peace is to prepare for war .. Don't tread on me" - Metallica

    Luvin this site and the people who comment :)

    1. It's not mysterious. Just stop buying stuff. if everyone stopped buying things, in a week it would be the only thing on the news. In a month there would be chaos. In a year the world would be entirely changed.

  40. I watched this film on Sunday evening. You can read a response and critique on my blog. I argue primitivism resembles Ray Kurzweil's techo-utopian Singularity movement in its conception of technology as an autonomous force and its willingness to accept horrors on the path to an idealized future. As I an alternative I recommend radical pluralism along the lines of Voltairine de Cleyre's anarchism without adjectives.

  41. Morons...............Talk about the violence we brought to Iraq, which I totally disapprove of. Then tell me it's okay to use violence to bring environmental stability. What's so G..d... stable about that???? STUPID ASSES!!!

  42. While the subject matter of this doc was great, that Derrick Jensen guy bugs me. He reminds me of one of those people who wants other people to think he is Intelligent. In reality, people who are actually Intelligent never have to prove it to anyone. I dunno, something about the guy just screams "i'm a fake loser" to me.

  43. Violence does not beget peace. It never has and it never will.

    People need to be informed. This documentary contains a lot of important information, with exception of the references to violence as a means of promoting sustainability. The important information contained in this documentary needs to be presented to people much like the advertising agencies entice consumers to purchase their products....this information needs to be presented consistently and continually, in an appealing manner, the difference from advertising agencies is that this information must always be truthful and accurate.

    Continue to inform people...get this information "out there"...people are interested and are listening...but they need more information, continual and consistent. This is one of the blessings of our age of technology, people are able to access information, but for people who do not seek out the information, or are unable to seek out the information, it is the responsibility of these documentary writers to get this information out to them in all practical, possible means.

    The focus of presenting this information plays a huge part in our progress to live a sustainable life. Sustainability=Peace.

    1. I don't see the position of this film as being one that speaks to sustainability but to survival. Therefore the argument that violence begets peace is never presented here. What is said is that this is a matter of self defense - for the entire human race that is - not just civilization. Since Humans in and of themselves are already sustainable and civilization is not. The real question here to put it bluntly is are we f--ked? What seriously can we do. It takes a complete change in values to save civilization and peaceful means, as well as violent means has never done that. Is there just as much virtue in someone who picks up a stone and futilely fights back against insurmountable odds as some one who sits down to accept your death. I don't think so - they're both human and both have human, and valid reactions. Militate environmentalist are shut up very quickly, put away, demonized while we praise peaceful protesters because they're so easy to ignore. So is peace the real goal, or is it the ability for humanity to last more than a few generation?

    2. If violence does not beget peace, there wouldn't be any peace since the dawn of civilization.

      I'm assuming you'd say the same of peace not begetting violence? This is definitely not the case, sometimes it does, in the right conditions.

      It's not so simple as moral-phenomenon-A vs. moral-phenomenon-B.

  44. People, wake up.
    This Doc was about us and how we are screwing ourselves and the Planet for 'Things' that we don't need.
    We are controlled into believing that these 'Things' are good and WE must have them to be able to enjoy a reasonable happy life. ARE YOU?
    I know about the subjects depicted in this 'doc', this film made me realise that Everyone is just as responsible to the demise off our cosy way off life and ultimately the ruin of planet Earth.
    It is comments like below that show exactly what we think and have no care or idea of how to save ourselves.
    A report came out last week about the fact that we will have a 40% shortage of water for the population in 20/30 years, at the rate we are raping ourselves, we could be doomed in 40 years.

    Have a nice day

    1. What do you suggest we do about the water problem? Population control? Just wondering what you think the solutions are to all our problems with regards to consumerism.

  45. Killing sociopaths will turn you in a sociopath.
    I'm amazed these guys actually wrote books and firmly believe they now how to think and that they've got it all.
    And the hip-hop revolution motivating music in the credits... Unbelievable...

    1. If killing sociopaths will make you a sociopath, what does that make every governor that puts a condemned criminal to death? (Check out GWB's record in this regard.)

      The problem and truth of the matter is, a percentage of the population values money and acquisition of obscene amounts of personal resources above human life and planetary sustainability. These are sociopaths. If they have been influenced by Madison Avenue to be this way, perhaps they can be re-educated. If they are simply the wolves in the sheep's fold, they need to be eliminated and frankly, I don't care how anymore. Would you have tried to sit down with Hitler and convince him of the errors of his ways? Or just saved 20 million lives with 1 bullet? Until we learn to One: not allow these people ANY power at all and Two: Eliminate them or separate them from society, we will continue to have these subhumans. We may not have time to re-educate them and it most certainly is us or them. At this point, they hold every card including the 'the masses are idiots and peaceful to boot' ones...

      This is one of the reasons I like the Zeitgeist Movement so much, although they preach complete nonviolence. If we make money useless, we get rid of a lot of these kind of problems, including the ubiquitous one where we think people with more pieces of paper are ''worth more' than people without pieces of paper...

      What part of the rule of law do you really think pertains anymore? The last 20 years prove that the sociopaths have bought the legal process up completely. The French had the right idea. Nuthin' like a few beheadings to make the next generation of 'I'm better than you's' think twice. And yes, I know that the Reign of Terror got out of hand. So did the extreme poverty that came before it.

  46. The obvious conclusion is that it's commercialism that is out of control. Throwaway production, its connection with weapons production development for other nations? It's the corporations that have not been policed, and or, for offences' s against humanity and nature. The system has allowed the production sector to compete for international markets. Why? Who benefits?
    Who are "they"? Profit means making more money than the product is actually worth, and on Credit! Not a small profit but at times many time the worth of the particular object for sale.

    Again we are forced to heal to the desires of uncontrolled corporate production solely for the purpose of excessive profit. Why? What forces behind the scene allowing this madness to happen? Why must we work for 5 days of the week? Why do we not give incentives to people to have less children? Why do we allow a privately own Reserve that was meant to only print enough money for the convenience of trade? How have we become servant's to private interest?

    Believe it or not, I have been told by grand parents before they passed away that they had many things passed down to them from many generations. Cooking utensils, for an example, were passed down for 5 to 6 generations. I remember items like cast iron pans and pots, silverware and ceramic bowl's
    and beautiful glassware. Today were are nothing but shopping Lemmings waiting to run off the cliff in this frenzy called "consumers". Fed by debt.

    Are their real human solutions to these problems? Yes there is.

    1. @Tigereye

      You ask what force is behind the corporate overproduction of products; it is the political arena. Political campaigns cost hundreds of millions of dollars. That kind of money does not come from individuals; it comes from corporate lobbying where, after being elected, the public official is ‘obligated’ to write laws and foreign policy favoring the financial interests of donating corporations

  47. does anyone else agree with me when i say that there is some blame to place on the biblical idea of man as master of the earth and not part of it? think about evolution - where the religious don't even want to entertain the idea of man as an animal or being created through natural processes. if man is animal than he is part of it, and not divine dominator. :/

    1. the (hu)man is commanded to steward the earth, in the original Hebrew.. not to be the master as we understand the slave/master relation today, but to be the careful custodian of the other life on the planet.. another instance of imperialist rewriting of history to retroactively justify destructive behaviour

  48. will enough people ever wake up to make a difference?
    ya gotta hope so i guess.
    time for everyone to take some serious action, show these muthafuk@s we aint gonna take this anymore!!!

  49. You've got nothing to lose by fighting back, they're killing you already!! Wake up and get in the game, people!

    1. Unfortunately we all have many things to lose, which is why we're both online, on computers, watching documentaries, telling us what we already know.

      We're also all in the game already.


  50. Rainbows don't stop bullets and bombs. "What would you do if they raped your mother?" I know what I'd do, I'd track em down and put a bullet through their teeth. You gonna die on your feet, or on your knees? Where do I sign up?!?! Shower anyone?

    1. Haha. Like that.

  51. it is nice to see these docs.and here from people that are not follow the gang pupits .there will be a battle for people or money and we all have to chose.see you in the comments.

  52. Well, I agree, there needs to be a firmer stand against the destruction going on. But who is gonna take on the US army, The Canadian military, the RCMP, and whatever other enforcement agencies that get involved ? the legal system gets manipulated into crushing our attempts to take matters into our own hands peacefully.
    Money talks.
    We are basically F**ked and we cant do anything but slow it down.

    1. revolutions aren't usually legal. i'm down to take on the US army if they're gonna enslave and/or kill me. i've got nothing to lose and millions of people i'm sure feel the same way

  53. I could only watch the first 20 minutes. Kind of tired of this crap.

    This guy thinks it wierd that you have to pay to exist on this planet. He thinks it's wierd that you have to pay for food and rent. Yeah sorry buddy unless you can do everything yourself you will have to pay others for certain services.

    Yeah the world is screwed up and the corporations run the show but the people who made this doc are part of this system. If they have ever owned a car, lived in a house, used plastic, bought food in a store, etc etc then they are part of this system and need to be a little less self rightous. What did they use to film this doc? I don't see him filming with a camera made of birch bark.

    It's so easy to sit back and point the finger at everything but this guy needs to look in the mirror first.

    1. > I don't see him filming with a camera made of birch bark.

      My thoughts exactly! I might not be a big fan of global corporations destroying the environment, but some of the arguments Mr Jensen makes in this doc remind me of how I thought when I was 13. Why should we buy postage stamps, we can make our own! :)

    2. I believe his thesis lays in the fact that decentralised ( council democracy ) government and a non-capitalist attitude towards earth-based resources existed for nearly 15k years before colonialists arrived from Europe. Not to mention a high degree of autonomy and deep ecological practices from early european peoples (particularly the tribal confederations the romans called celts) has shown a very different view of "ownership" than that which exists in our globalised society. Capitalism as it exists now, has only been around for 200 years. There is no reason to believe a different, holistic paradigm could take shape, and that we could be highly influenced by said paradigms that existed before.

    3. Yes I'm sure thats exactly what he is implying. However, he seems to be contemptuous of a system that has brought humanity, and himself, many advantages and advances. What would civilization look like if we never had this capitalistic attitude? What would it be like if we remained in these "tribal confedertations"? I'm guessing that we would be a lot worse off.

      Communism and similar holistic paradigms will continue to fail because technology is not yet in a place that can support said systems.

    4. Glad to know I'm not the only person who noticed the naivete in thinking it's weird to have to pay your way to exist on this planet. Not to mention the self-righteousness...

  54. what a load of hate and fear mongering. i am all for lessening my strain on the environment but promoting violence i cannot agree with. then to call Gandhi and MLK puppets wow, i am willing to bet that these two men achieved more positive results then everyone in this doc combined. and then of course to try to scare or shame everyone the nazi card was played. now in my opinion this is a minority trying to influence the majority through the threat of violence and coercion isn't that the exact same thing they are stating started the problem?

    1. Duplicate entry...sorry

    2. I agree with you. Violence does not beget peace. It never has and it never will.

      People need to be informed. This documentary contains a lot of important information, with exception of the references to violence as a means of promoting sustainability. The important information contained in this documentary needs to be presented to people much like the advertising agencies entice consumers to purchase their products....this information needs to be presented consistently and continually, in an appealing manner, the difference from advertising agencies is that this information must always be truthful and accurate.

      Continue to inform people...get this information "out there"...people are interested and are listening...but they need more information, continual and consistent. This is one of the blessings of our age of technology, people are able to access information, but for people who do not seek out the information, or are unable to seek out the information, it is the responsibility of these documentary writers to get this information out to them in all practical, possible means.

      The focus of presenting this information plays a huge part in our progress to live a sustainable life. Sustainability=Peace.

    3. Malcom X and Singh were violent counterparts to these non-violent actors. They said that these people were SEEN as puppets, and were a more attractive candidate for rulers to negotiate with.

      What they're saying is that revolution and change is more complex than simply being "non-violent". What they said was that change is always multifaceted, and to deny that is to deny some very useful tools for change.

      Am I going to go out and start getting violent any time soon? Not likely. That doesn't mean that when people do I will automatically condemn their actions either.

  55. Organized political resistance...How about on the next election we all stay home...no one goes to vote, total ignorance of their importance...what do you think would happen during that day and the next...what if every one stayed home peacefully playing with their kids...taking a day off from work...just waiting to see.

    That would be a message, wouldn't it?

    1. Azilda, I have considered doing this myself, but I am not quite decided yet. What do you think the pros and cons of this decision would be?

    2. In Existence there is nobody who is superior, nobody who is inferior but man wants to be higher than others...and royalty and government were formed.
      The fearful person is always protecting himself, he is always
      fighting, he is always antagonistic because his strategy is to protect himself.
      It is impossible to rightly guess what would happen if no one went to the poll to vote in a country like US (or Canada). We can look at third world countries and come up with the worst scenarios but we know things would be different here, we just don't know how.
      A brave and fed-up person always lives in danger, insecurity is his security because he aspires to see the end of oppression, the height of his own godliness, and to follow the loud beat of his own free pulse.
      Has any of us ever believed that the people we put in high positions will better the world's situation, has any of us ever witnessed that much improvements in condition of living standards?
      Time after time it is the same old same old!
      Time after time the rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer and the middle man stays in the wheel like a mouse going after nothing accumulating debts.
      We could wait a day or two and then three if needed, we can wait throbbing tremendously, pulsating. One has to learn to wait. The greatest secret in life is the secret of let-go, of surrender, of trusting existence.
      All of us at one time or an other has felt that...you want something so bad and you fight for it and nothing happens...you let-go and it soflty lands in your hand like a bird's feather!
      I am not a super smarty techno with words, i am not knowledgeable about politics, i don't know how to fix THE world for 7 billions people,

      i listen to the voice within in my own silence and then i trust!
      my eyes can see poverty of the heart
      my ears can hear cries of the spirit
      my nose can smell insults of the moods
      my mouth can eat sorrow of the soul
      i still sense the senses unfolding
      i wish to be a shepherd more confident every day
      even though i am stripped to the marrow
      success is often lead by a quarantine of guidance
      because no 1 can force the way through
      i look for coincidences between
      what i live and what lives me
      i inhabit what it shows
      while initiating harmony within
      perhaps i have to go to the core of i
      the apple core
      to touch the crux
      the crux i am fixating
      standing alone among the crowd

      a poet in her free time
      (Hey Arnold i too can write too long comment)

    3. azilda not even 30% of the people vote and the goverment could not give a damn if u vote or dont vote. But im sure if u stop showing up for work and keep your kids home from school to play for very long the man with the gun will show up to have a talk with you about that. I doubt the police will ask if u voted when they show up with foreclosure/eviction papers and child services. i liked the doc it was fun to watch. oh and that green hornet what a great marketing idea who ever thought of merging weapons of destruction/aggression with environmentalism was a genius in the obama camp and needs a pay bump come appraisal time. As for the radical views put forth in actions in this doc i feel might be sending the wrong message to some of our neigbors which that man with gun will deal with in turn.

    4. You say "Laissez les bons temps rouler"... what i am suggesting is IF 80% of inhabitants (the ones who think they don't have a voice) did not vote and let the good time roll for a day or two or even three, long enough for the silence to be
      heard....How will the police knock on all those doors simultanously?

      Any one else has a better pacific solution?

    5. Thanks, great comment.
      I guess I'm 2 years too late!

    6. Realistically, if almost everyone stayed home, they would probably just make up the numbers, since they already do that anyway. They might mention that voter participation was a bit off, relative to the usual abysmally low levels, since at least %50 of the population already don't vote out of disinterest/disgust.

    7. Not if people made it clear that they "intend" to stay home in mass amount and do. They would see it at the poll especially if they couldn't find anyone to work at the poll.
      I know this sounds like a dream even to me..all we need is 1 crack in the system coming from 1 very well connected person...who could that be?
      There is a crack in every thing, that's how the light gets in.
      There is a possible crack in every system, that's how the change comes in.