End of Liberty

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End of LibertyEnd of Liberty exposes from a real life perspective how the U.S. is headed for a complete societal collapse. All Americans are now experiencing countless warning signs on a daily basis that a societal collapse is near.

Unfortunately, most Americans don't understand the significance of these warning signs.

Each warning sign by itself doesn't appear to have a lot of meaning, but together these warning signs present a very detailed picture of the current state of the U.S. economy and where this country is soon headed.

The documentary is over an hour long and features Gerald Celente, the most accurate trends forecaster in U.S. history.

End of Liberty also features the National Inflation Association's president Gerard Adams, who on February 5th purchased call options in the silver ETF at $0.89 (NIA publicly announced his purchase to NIA members on February 8th) that he sold last week at $4.25 for a gain of 378% in a little over eight months.

This film was written with the help of thousands of NIA members who submitted their ideas of warning signs that a societal collapse is near.

NIA's critically acclaimed documentaries Meltup, The Dollar Bubble, and Hyperinflation Nation have now received a combined 2.1 million views.

In all three of NIA's previous documentaries, NIA strongly urged its viewers to consider investing into gold and silver, in order to protect themselves from a collapsing U.S. dollar.

Since the release of NIA's first documentary Hyperinflation Nation on June 28th, 2009, gold has risen by 48% from $940 per ounce to a new all time high of $1,388 per ounce, and silver has risen by 74% from $14.13 per ounce to a new 30-year high of $24.65 per ounce.

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  1. We are nothing more than commodities for the "elite." Commodities and guinea pigs.

  2. i was into this for a couple minutes but then, i don't know, it seems all over the place.

  3. Lady Liberty is the false god of the French Revolution.

    There is an insightful documentary about these facts. Apparently the French developed an allergy to both crown and cross. They killed the French monarch and feared the Church which used to be fused with the State. So the outcome of the lack of an object to offer their lives for led to Lady Liberty. She replaced the church icons as an object of trust or adoration / inspiration.

    The donation of the statue of Liberty encountered much resistance from Americans and stressed the French donors too due to this controversial issue.

  4. I thought they were the 'tea' party. Looks like they're passing out the kool-aid now. What a silly waste of band width.

  5. This film is extremely bias ... it is taking the extreme of ones bad behavior to promote extreme backlash revolt. The director of this film takes crazy news and make it as if this is the norm. I know plenty of people who work and sell organic foods on co op farms in WA, NJ, and PA. I know plenty of popular Dr. on TV, books and website that promote food cures to aliments. The underlying message is that yes corporations are protecting themselves with politicians in getting congress to pass in their favor and making it harder on its citizens to find alternatives to supplement their lives.

  6. I find it highly entertaining to watch a documentary that tries so desperately to misdirect the consequences of free market on some grand conspiracy theory. It's fascinating that a culture so close to the epicenter of corrupt ethics and free market could be so blind to the world around them. Right under all their noses tobacco companies released cigarettes as a medical supplement. They knew all about the cancer it cause but they muddied the waters to keep the money coming in. Here we are decades later and no one appears to be the wiser.

    1. it is not a free market, do you remember To Big To Fail? If it was a free market then those bank should have failed, but they were bailed out. Government stepped in to protect it's interest, how are the honest players of this market going to compete with that?

    2. There's no such thing as a free market. A market is dictated by laws and rules of a society which it exists in.

  7. This is all predicted in the Holy Scriptures in the King James Bible, the mark of the beast, notably 666 which is the mathematical .666 which is an endless number, which represents the financial world of today. Read the scriptures, especially the book of Daniel and Revelations. The I.D. card they speak of is the mark of the beast, the beast is the "machine" that feeds off of us, the government, wall street exactly. Jesus was a radical and stood against organized religion and the government. There is no lifting up into the clouds until Christ comes the final time. We will go through the great tribulation!

  8. A terrific documentary regarding the loss of freedom, and twisted situation western culture hass arrived at today. With that said, all the talk about investing in gold in this program is only a rediculous attempt to bypass the insane debt Americans have saddled themselves with. Regressing to a gold standard is not the answer, because that is what got the elite control of the situation in the first place. (goldsmiths, moneychangers/moneylenders)
    If you want to solved the inflation issue, usury, or 'interest' has to be removed from the global economic scheme for it to correct itself. Paying a trillion dollars a year to cover the 'interest' on the American debt to a private organization (the federal reserve) who created it out of thin air (fiat currency) prevents democracy, fairness, and global effiency.
    Remove this single problem. and fiat currency controlled by the government will work just fine, while removing corporate control from the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warbergs, Schiffs, Carnegies, and Morgans. (owners of all the private banking institutions in the world)
    Besides, Fort Knox has not had an audit since 1954, and all the people investing in gold on the stock market today, only own a piece of paper, or digital transaction stating they own something that can't be proved!

  9. This film is an interesting mix of solid fact and wild claims. It certainly contains a partial narrative of exactly what is currently wrong in this country, but their assumptions and interpretations of some of the facts they present are highly questionable, and sometimes blatant nonsense in my mind. I was the most disappointed with their brief tirade on the
    education system. Of course, the US education system (particularly K-12) has been in a quite miserable state for some time, and the grade inflation that is spoken of here is something to worry about. However, they largely missed the issues that are really at the heart of the problem. Moreover, most of their general claims about the worthlessness of university degrees and the need to prepare everyone to run a business are completely ignorant. There is no arguing the fact that most college degrees don't go very far, at least without other work experience (internships, etc.) to back them up. However, especially for the sciences, university educations (although not perfect) are often an essential part of one's training. Without them, the US won't have the scientists that play a huge role in driving the progress of the nation! While not everyone should be pressured into blindly entering college, it should be clear that we do need some people to get this type of training. It would be just as bad (if not worse) if everyone suddenly refused university educations for the business world. Lastly, for the claim that all professors are people who couldn't make it in the "real world," I simply have no words. The creators of this film have some very good points, but are far more ignorant and close-minded than they would like to think.

  10. America is defeated! Collapse in inevitable

  11. lol stupid Americans

    1. Yeah. F*** our bourgeoisie owning class. And f*** those of our working class who suck their d*ck.

      We're the ignorant Romans who don't understand why the "barbarians" hate us.

  12. Professors and administrators who failed in the real world? I liked this movie until he said that, it's very offensive. Just like those people who say if you're not successful, teach.

  13. Its a shame. This youngster is taking bits and pieces of the truth about our economy and the truly tyrannical US government, and he is trying to make money off of the suckers who believe precious metals will somehow save them when the dollar collapses. You can't eat gold or silver. Its too heavy to carry any decent amount with you should you need to move, or escape. If someone else has spare food, do you really think they are going to give you food or supplies for bits of gold or silver?

    There where no real solutions offered in this "scare tactic" of a film. The only thing that will save us is a complete removal of the current people in government, the ending of the Federal reserve and a total shift to a credit system as designed by Alexander Hamilton. Anyone who disagrees with my assessment is either working for "the man", has issues, or is too stupid to do any actual research on how we are the way we are now, and what got us out of this kind of mess before. This is nothing new people, the world changes, but unfortunately history has been repeating itself because the majority of dupes glued to their T.V's don't know enough to do something about it.

    1. That's how America works. That's why your economy is what it is. Everyone is exactly the same...

    2. You cant eat gold or silver, but when the dollar collapses, you will be able to purchase food with it and anything else you want-Its real money and has the same value- NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO IN THE WORLD. Gold and silver is money, not food, its what people have been using to purchase things with since the advent of money.

      Stick around---it will still be money. LONG after you and I (and the all fiat money ) is gone.

  14. NIA is a pump and dump operation. They make videos like this pretending to be hard currency advocates. Then they get you to sign up for emails. They buy junk stocks and then advocate that you buy them along with hundreds of thousands of others. They then dump their stock and the price plummets, leaving their followers to hold the bag. Peter Schiff has advocated against them for a long time and reported them to the SEC but no action has been taken. DO NOT BUY ANY STOCKS THE NIA ADVOCATE! IT IS A SCAM!

  15. Stop beeing an sheep and think for yourself!
    Before having an opion start listening and think about others, respect them for their own situation and thinking and learn for them, even ive they have wrong thoughts by your'own opinion.

    Questing your own opinion and dare to wreck it before wrecking another!
    Look for solutions instead of problems!

    Start talking about what is your problm and listen to others.
    You got a opion use it!
    Gold, silver and money and power isnt the true answer!!
    You are the answer!
    Talk to somebody every day and that means TALK!
    Its is all about you and it is also about the rest!
    Be genuine intresed in everyone you meet and give them a smile:)
    Talk to them Talk ... try it you be supprised to find out that you are not alone in your situation!
    Expl: I am strongly against racim and a listend to lots of rasist,,
    I found out that they open op for a normal confersation about the subject and listen to my thoughts about it!
    Dont juge. LIsten!
    You have a vote to change yourself and the world..
    Have faith not in God or whatever religion have faith in yoursellf!
    Dont juge someone who does belive in a relegion or not... ive they are happy with it!

    Be a good person for yourself and a better person for your comunety!
    You want that people see the good in you, so why not start seeing the good in others!
    Be the best for others by being the best for you! help people who need help and dont be to prouwd to ask for help....

    You can change the world because the world needs one to change!
    Be yourself and let others be themself!

    I dont know mutch, i am not a smart person and i have a lot of problems of my own money wise and healthwise.
    Ive crappedout a lot and won nothing a lost every time and i still got hope that its goning to change for the better ive WE want it Ive You want it for all ,not for yourself.

    Ps, i wil come to the US to travel in the future because the rest of the world thinks you are sheep... I want to find out for myself, i bet against all odds that you are not sheep and that you are human:)

    With kind regards,

    A Human child of mother nature

    1. I think your awesome mate, From a young Australian

  16. It's absolutely real, the people that think it is propaganda, my friend you are still in an unconscious state, America is the most imprisoned society after UK and the people just sit there like nothing is happening this only contributes to their children becoming imprisoned, they are not only killing their own self and self-hood but their children too!! good one!
    The system is no longer there to keep you safe. its there to take your freedom and empty your pockets after hard days of work.
    y do you think they changed the coppers title from "peacekeeper" to "law enforcer"
    "the copper is the border collie and the people are the sheep"
    "the politician is the farmer that trains the border collie to round up the sheep" simple as that. this world is so fail...

  17. Alarmist bullshit propoganda. Counting on the fact that you won't check their facts. Only these guys know what's really going on.

  18. im glad i live in Ireland 4.5 million people, plenty of food, land, clannish air and American politics (few know about) FOLLOW

  19. im glad i live in new zealand 4.5 million people, plenty of food land clean air and no bulls#it policies. FREEDOM

    1. Oh I wish I could agree with your no bs policies comment when John key is a sucker of American policies cock. The rest you have right!

    2. What I was referring to in regards to my comment of policy was pointed towards the law of the land.. though I do not fully understand the the american law system/constitution I feel that the freedoms of the US are slowly being taken away and substituted by fear. I cant agree with you more John key is a DEEP throater, but throughout history if my history is correct NZ has has always supported Us foreign policy look at korea, Vietnam middle-east etc.
      Lets face it no teleban has ever terrorised "Aotearoa" I guest as a tinay Pacific nation we try to do whats right, chucks the last time there was a terrorist attack here was involving the Rainbow Warrior from the french. lol they had enough of New Zealands Anti Nuclear Protesting anddecided to bomb the ship. another policy or should i say law which makes NZ such a cool place to live in.

  20. Once America falls, the rest of the world won't be far behind. One word to sum it all up...ILLUMINATI

    1. why do you think America is ahead?

  21. 47:30 beautiful classical music!! Anyone knows the title ??

    Some interesting points, but this documentary sounds a bit like propaganda.

    1. sounds like Puccini, some flute thing, not sure, it's like a university challenge question. Also, yes very propagandistic... NIA? IDK... sounds like kill kony or whatever that was about.

  22. Complete crap. How much did they give the banks 14 trillion but people on food stamps are to lazy and comfortable-a disincentive to work. What a joke. What next White hoods and a lynichin ropes? And oh btw Wall mart tells their workers to go for food stamps and welfare and medicade telling them they are entitled to it rather than pay them a decent wage so that they can pay for it themselves...true story. No wonder they are the richest family in America.. Then they fire loyal employees when they turn 50 so no benefits no pensions. They take out what they call dead peasant insurace on their workers in case they die. They don't tell the family this and do not give them any money no they collect it themselves saying well it costs to replace this worker and train a new one. This for unskilled labour.

  23. Really?!?! You people are the most ign*rant people I've ever seen on a comment board! I've seen that not one of you has put forward an interpretative sentence. Which one of you is the professor from the school of ******???? "You can inflate gold prices as easily as you can paper money dude, come on." No, sorry you can't!!! That is perhaps the most ******* statement I've ever heard in my entire life. Let me give this ***** an education. First, the US can print money at any time they feel it is appeasing to them. The more they print the less valuable the dollar in your pocket becomes. Second, the amount of gold we have stays the same until some ***** (like yourself) lucks upon it and creates more gold in the "supply" side. Otherwise the amount of gold stays the same and the more that people want to have it (that's called demand for you liberal arts majors) the higher the price gets; Given the way that you (dude) were borrowing money it is no surprise to anyone with common sense that you (dude) can't pay YOUR mortgage. If YOU can't understand the terms for which you borrow money, then don't borrow money. Otherwise stated, if you can't afford to borrow money, don't put the burden on the people who work hard to pay their bills! IT"S YOUR PROBLEM SO QUIT PUTTING THE FAULT ON SOMEONE ELSE, not everyone gets a trophy!

    Hyperinflation is the problem????????? Really, ever seen 500% inflation? Don't think so. 3% doesn't even register on the inflation scale. Look it up! The ***** who wrote this is the problem. The ****** who elected an incompetent (let's spend our way out of this mess) President are the problem. Perhaps artists, musicians, and celebrities shouldn't be allowed to vote in the next, or any other, elections. Perhaps that would be a much better world!

  24. naveed your completely right, and it would be a horrible idea to return to the gold standard as we can all see from world history that the ROTHSCHILD dynasty has a monopoly over the worlds gold supply, so we would only jump from 1 monopoly to another, what we need to do is create our own fiat money at no interest fee to us, the only way to keep this balanced though that is that money supply MUST ALWAYS be equal to our production of goods, issues lies that we no longer produce and only consume, so we must bring back jobs to america or we would have no currency under that system also

  25. america is well messed up !!!!

  26. Ya buy gold and from silver from the same bankers, that will solve it...

  27. Rather you agree with all, some or none of the statements and claims featured in this film, the truth still remains. Our World and our US system is set up to self-destruct. This is NOTHING new. But it does get worse and worse over time. We solve one problem only to create several more. I do think that more and more of us should become self sufficient. Building and creating our our business' and weath. Family business'! But, I'm afraid we live in deniyal until it's too late? I guess that's just the American way! However, what's not disturbing to me, is that this is exactly what is spoken about and told about what will happen eventually in our World, in the Bible. So, it doesn't catch a Believer off guard, it just re-confirms the truth. Scary as it is!

    I see this reality all around me everyday. And perhaps you do too - if you've got your "lights on". Bottom line? We are headed to a one World Government, ya'll!! When, who and how exactly it will go down, no one knows for sure. But this may serve as a good time to bust out your Bible and read it with an open heart and mind. Man without God is a MESS! And it will get worse before it all gets better.

    1. man without god would probably be the most beautiful thing this earth has ever experienced

    2. I'm sure Jesus will come flying down from heaven on his magic carpet any day now, and rescue all the noble Christians.

  28. NIA is a total fraud who run pump and dump schemes as exposed by Peter Schiff.

  29. The part about undocumented immigrants being detained while trying to go home is true! I was previously living in Los Angeles and a border town in Mexico and when I was crossing into Mexico ICE had a checkpoint. ICE was checking the legal status of people GOING INTO MEXICO!! For those that were going back to Mexico but did not have legal US status (i.e. legal residents, citizen) were being cuffed and taken into custody!! It was outrageous. They were detaining these people (that were going to Mexico!) and placing them in immigration detention centers where WE the taxpayers pay the costs!!! What a waste of damn money. A shame really.

  30. It is so sad that some facts contained in this film are things American people need to know, but they are mixed with blatant hysteria and wild assumptions presented as facts. To what end? Is it the intention of the filmmakers to discredit themselves?

  31. Hogwash! Many opinions, stated as facts, are overly blown out of proportion. Hyperinflation is not the problem now nor on the horizon. lots of other problems but their main thesis of hyperinflation is nowhere near coming true.

  32. about as realistic an out look as you'd expect from a schizophrenic.

  33. This Documentary was good, it was missing something though.

  34. Interesting documentary.

  35. this should be listed under the comedy section... the US isn't going to collapse over these isolated events, and most of these are not even related. granted there are issues in the US, but this video is a typical big brother conspiracy theory video made by some american who has never lived, or understands any other government in the world. If they had, they would understand that our government, though has its issues, is one of the better ones in the world.

  36. Well, they're trying to tell me I can't smoke in my own house now. "Not allowed" were the actual words used. Big fat Nanny State waddling her fat ass into my house to wave her finger and tell me what I can & cannot do in. my. own. home?!? If that isn't the end of liberty, idk...
    Next it'll be no bacon, no coffee, no talking and no laughing.

    Sorry to say, but the USA of my childhood and the USA now are two very different places. The scary thing is, no one seems to be able to come to agreement on anything anymore. All we do is fight, trying to dominate each other in our own passive ways. I wish there was something I could do or say to help people get along, and compromise again.

    1. It's the same in the England mate, every day the government of the country seems to have less and less of an idea of what the reality of the average citizens life is. They all seem to live in a different world and have absolutly no understanding or compassion for the people who they are supposed to represent. It's insane to think when you consider the original principles of Democracy that in the west our "Democratic" leadership seems closer to a Dictatoraship every day. I love the term 'Freedom' which we are supposed to be lucky to have...You can understand that term in many ways but I like to consider the fact that you can't go to any part of the UK to live your life, taking nothing from society, being fully self sufficient and yet someone will still be charging you just for being there.

      Someone please tell me where in the World is different? Where the majority population are more interested in the well being of the human race and making everyones lives as stressfree as possible instead of striving to make money which seems to be more bountiful the more people you inconvienience along the way.

  37. We live in a police state where police have more rights than law abiding citizens. The major problem is the monetary system and all systems associated with gaining elevated and unrealistic profit margins. The push for ever increasing profits is unsustainable. Ever expanding growth is not feasible. There are always guaranteed failure in the failed system called capitalism. The 4-7 year business cycle is mostly felt and can devestating to small businesses. The larger the business the more culpability for the recession, inflation, deflation, joblessness, devaluation of homes, pensions, and general net worth. The larger corporations are locked in a battle that has very small minority of winners.

  38. good but exaggerated video. TSA are a bunch of retarded aholes who should be sent to abu ghraib prison for some education on human rights

  39. little exaggerated but the US certainly not on healthy path and the TSA are a bunch of retarded morons who should be sent to abu ghraib prison

  40. What a load of shlock! If there hadn't been a total deregulation (especially the banks), this mess wouldn't be taking place. Even Greenspan had to admit deregulation was a mistake; can't trust all the baboons to play fair.
    Talk about "terrorism"; the fake terrorism is to distract you from the real terrorism of Capitalism on steroids.

  41. Pretty hard to remember every points in there. So many.
    Ah! I shall state that I am not a USA citizen even though most if not all democracy are USA look alike.
    However, our currency here never was given to private business.
    Never been obsessed by some paranoia socialism measures as it was the case over there in the 50's. -What's a nation without a "Social" fabric?

    Anyhow, many of the cases reported in that doc got me gagging with laughter. The sarcasm in some is deep.
    You see the police officers in a rather small town or neigborhood that plan to arrest sort of a worker who's hired by some sort of local chamber of commerce who feed coins into parking meters!
    Yes! Either the USA state or the city passed a law against that!
    So, the police arrest the guy who feeds the parking meter!

    Bwarff! Many hilarant situations in there.
    In many other cases though, it goes too far.
    Like this guy who store years of food but who in fact would at most make it during less than (4-6) months if a real super crisis would occur in the USA.
    Which or course, will never happens 'coze they've got guns over there...

    In short, a very amusing doc.
    Except for the one who lose all ther belongings.

  42. the copper in a one cent piece is worth more than a cent FACT. they have only just started diluting copper coins. they started silver coins long ago.

    1. @ DeeJay Pickles

      I've known for some time. now, that the copper in a penny is worth more than the penny itself; but I did NOT know that "diluting copper coins" was now underway. Wow! When even a penny ain't worth a cent, we're in deep doo-doo!

    2. Actually, pennies have been copper clad zinc discs since the early 1980's, 1982 to be exact. Common circulation silver coins (dollar, half-dollar, quarter, and dime) have not been manufactured since 1964. They are cupronickle (copper-nickle alloy) clad zinc and copper discs.

  43. this is nothing but a scary infomercial to sell precious metals.

    1. @ Michael Monster

      Unfortunately, I must admit, infomercial it is, but only half-measure.
      The remaining half of the substance of the message is bulging with truth.

    2. I believe this country needs it's founding fathers,
      they would know how to fix what's broke; the gov'ts
      & its' corporations i.e. criminal elite have only their
      interests & not that of the people or their countries.

  44. Gold has plenty more value than "legal tender". Legal tender is PAPER. It's only as good as the government that prints it. And the more our government prints, the lower it's value gets... until eventually it's worthless. Hyperinflation has already happened to 30 countries in modern times... and America is not immune to it either.

    Gold is rare. It has value as a commodity because it has many uses. It takes effort to get it out of the ground. Paper is worthless, and in the end, that's all "legal tender" is.

    1. Legal Tender is technically anything a government deems to be legal tender. If they want to make Wampum shells legal tender, they can. You are speaking of Fiat paper currency. You should do a bit of research. It'll scare you. Laws define what legal tender is.

      Coins made of gold or silver may not necessarily be legal tender, if they are not fiat money in the jurisdiction where they are preferred as payment. The United States Coinage Act of 1965 states (in part):

      United States coins and currency (including Federal reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal reserve banks and national banks) are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes and dues. Foreign gold or silver coins are not legal tender for debts.
      —31 U.S.C. § 5103

      This statute means that all United States money as identified above is a valid and legal offer of payment for debts when tendered to a creditor in the U.S. There is, however, no Federal statute that requires private businesses, persons, or organizations to accept it as payment for goods and/or services.

  45. You need a lesson. Go to google video and look up "difference between a republic and a democracy". Democracy is simply MOB-rule. Rule by the majority. A republic... which is what we are supposed to be... is rule by law... the constitution. This is what actually protects the rights of the MINORITY. Democracy only protects the rights of the majority. The original constitution spoke against fiat money, and it severely limited the federal government from doing pretty much everything. Read the Bill of Rights some time. The federal government is not supposed to be huge and all-powerful. If you don't believe ME, go read the Federalist Papers. I've read them, and trust me... we wouldn't be in any of the trouble we're in if the founders wishes were followed.

    And as far as "paying our share" goes, you do realize that the federal government has spent SOOOO much more than we could ever pay that it's going to bankrupt our country, right?? In fact, every man, woman and child owes at least $40,000 and it's rising exponentially. That's $160,000 for a household of four. And most of that money is just paying the interest on our debt. The banksters are the ones really receiving the benefits from this scheme/scam.

  46. Um, I disagree. I think our money should be gold and silver. It buys about the same amount of goods as it did 200 years ago. Fiat money can't buy squat.

    1. It buys the same amount of goods as it did 2000 years ago. Things with intrinsic value, like precious metals, never lose their value. The price of gold, for example, does not mean that the value of gold is changing. It means that the value of the paper money that buys it is changing. THe more gold costs, the less our dollar is worth.

    2. You can inflate gold prices as easily as you can paper money dude, come on... And it does not take a genius to realize that if everyone goes and buys silver and gold... GUESS WHAT??? they lose value...

    3. Not defending the gold standard BUT... actually they would increase in value higher demand means greater price. You have it worryingly backwards, supply and demand has to be the simplest economic concept to understand. It wouldn't be as easy to inflate gold or silver because more gold and silver would have to be mined.....nonetheless the gold standard is a bad idea

  47. It will never change as long as we send our children to public school.

    1. Except most of the bankers, executives, financial advisors and hedge fund managers who created this mess, went to private schools.

  48. Maybe the libertarians have a belief that a "good government" is a government that governs the least. Libertarians believe in the power of the individual... and reject any form of violence or coercion. Even if the violence and coercion comes from government. Is that such a bad philosophy? That people can make their own way without being controlled from above by people just as human as we are??

  49. In my opinion, wanting to defend your borders is not racist. Every other country on earth defends it's borders.

    Most of the tea party people are just ordinary, every day, hard-working tax payers that are tired of seeing THEIR CHILDREN'S tax dollars already being squandered down a rat hole.

    In fact, I'd say YOU, @ Guest, are the one who's falling for propaganda. The propaganda that the tea party is full of racists, which is FAR from the truth.

  50. It's not hatred for government... it's just a difference in philosophy. Some of us realize that governments can be and usually are much worse than corporations or individuals because they make the law of the land. Taxation, for example, begins with coercion and force.

    Is it ok for the crook to take your money by gunpoint... so he can feed his family? What if he really is a poor, down-trodden person? Does that make it ok? What if the government does the stealing for him... does THAT make it right??

  51. If the government actually helped the poor with all that money it would be one thing. Instead they took that money and used it to make weapons.

    Such a sad state of affairs. And the sheep just go along with it.

    BTW... you're 8 times more likely to be killed by a cop than you are a terrorist.

  52. It was a long one... but a good one.

  53. The solution is liberty. Anarcho-capitalism. Or at the very least LIMITED, SMALL federal government as proposed by our founders. Each state should have the power to make it's own decisions according to the will of the people. Government should be as local as possible. If you don't like what your local or state government is doing... vote with your feet and MOVE. This creates competition amongst the states.

    And end the Federal Reserve. Private bankers should not control our money supply.

  54. Yeah, I didn't see any racism either. Talking about the illegal immigrant problem is not racism. It's a problem. And it's not like other countries don't enforce their borders. Heck, even Mexico enforces it's own border.

  55. Wrong. Wrong. And more wrong.

    It's the government's regulations that created all this. Look at the mortgage market. In fact, you made my point for me. You said, "We had banks giving credit to anyone that wanted a loan, why not they are not responsible for the loss anyway. " This was not the result of the free market, but rather the government's intervention into the free market through Freddie and Fannie. Freddie and Fannie backed the loans which is why no one cared about responsibility for the loss. The government and Freddie and Fannie are the ones who relaxed the qualifications for the loans also. All in the name of "affordable housing". In a true free market none of this would've happened. No one would've closed the bad loans... and no one would've bought them, because there would have been no guarantee. And in a free market you wouldn't have the Federal Reserve setting interest rates so low for so long either. The market should determine lending rates... not pukes in ivory towers coming up with them off the top of their head.

    And do you know who checks into private companies? The consumer. And if you do the consumer wrong in a free market, you don't survive.

    You also said, "We have corporations that already had huge tax cuts finding ever more complicated schemes and loop holes to avoid paying taxes." Most of these tax breaks were approved by the government. The corporations donated to the congressman's campaign, and they congressman passed tax laws to accommodate the corporations.

    And the government's "free trade" agreements like NAFTA are what sent our jobs overseas. Is it really "free trade" if the document is over 20,000 pages long? It's managed trade... all managed for the benefit of the corporation and to screw the people... but CREATED BY THE GOVERNMENT.

  56. What you're describing is local government... like our founders had envisioned. 50 individual states, "laboratories of democracy", each with it's own tax system, laws and regulations... competing for citizens. Government was supposed to primarily happen at the local level. Cities and counties. Then the state. Then lastly, and LEASTLY... the federal government. The fed gov was just supposed to be the 3 branches and the military. All these other agencies came into being in the 20th Century... and all are unconstitutional.

    The TSA? Why would I want to pay for someone to search me every time I travel on an airplane? You're 8 times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist.

  57. I'd "like" your comment more than once if I could.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  58. I "liked" your response. And you make some good points, but...

    I don't think the government has our (we the people) best interest at heart... but instead, they have the giant corporation's best interest at heart. In a FREE MARKET, when people start trusting the individual farmer's food over the mass produced, government subsidized food, the people should be allowed to buy it.

    This would balance the system because the private farmers serving the non-GMO food could charge enough to stay in business. Instead they are being forced out of business... and the choices for Americans are dwindling.

    If I buy from a small farmer, I can get to know him and trust him and pay for his services. With a big corporation, I know they are always looking for the cheapest way out. There are a lot of people who are beginning to realize this now.

    Oh, and if you really want to feed the billions all you have to do is stop spending money on weapons and wars and start spending money on food production and distribution.

  59. Google:

    Reichstag Fire vs. 9/11
    Enabling Act vs. Patriot Act
    TSA vs. Brown Shirts

    See you in the camps!


    1. @ wpsmithjr,

      I lived in Northern Europe for twelve years, the last eight of which were spent in Germany. I know German history, quite well, and you are dead right! The parallels are disturbing, very disturbing!

      Think, too, that a bill in excess of three hundred pages, affecting over 40 government agency, and setting up whole new agencies, was drafted within just two weeks following 9/11. And amendments were made at the very last minute by the Bush administration. Then Congress was given only two week in which to read the NON amended bill during which time anthrax letters were sent to news anchors, democrats, in both the Senate, and in the House, and to the Supreme Court! Just one month after 9/11, the USA PATRIOT was drafted, NOT read, NOT debated, and then signed into law by our dear Leader, George W. Bush.

      That bill was waiting for 9/11, just sitting there, waiting!

      Just like Das Ermächtigungsgesetz, after the burning down of Der Reichstag, just like you said.

      For those who poohoo conspiracies, recent US history must come as quite an unwelcome inconvenience.

  60. I haven't watched the entire doc... as I fell asleep listening to the monotone narrator... but I resent the term "tea part hysteria". The tea party people have a right to be hysterical about a gov that's been selling our children's future to the highest bidder. As far as the "demonizing latinos and minorities", I did hear them mention that illegal aliens are taking our jobs and helping to bankrupt our welfare state, but that's all true. I didn't hear them say "Mexican" or "Latinos"... just illegal immigrants... which is an improper term... it should be illegal aliens. Immigrants are people who migrate following the law. Aliens is the correct term for people who migrate without following the law.

    And a lot of people think we should get rid of entitlements. They are bankrupting our country just as they are bankrupting Europe. Look at it this way... is it lawful for you to take someone else's money? To steal from them? What if you are only doing it to feed another poor family? Does that make it lawful? Then why is it lawful for the gov to do the same thing? Especially to the tune of TRILLIONS per year that we don't even have.

    And btw... civil rights amendments are a violation of private property rights. If I own a private business, I should be able to serve... or not serve... whoever I want. Look at it this way... I lost my last job because the gov decided to ban smoking in bars and restaurants... private businesses. Civil rights laws on private businesses are the same thing... a violation of private property rights. Now, I do agree with civil rights laws in the public sector... but the government shouldn't tell me how I should run my private business.

    It's all about liberty. Some people have a hard time with liberty. They need to be told what to do and how they should act. F*ck that.

    Ron Paul 2012

  61. I haven't watched this documentary yet, but I will say this...

    Ron Paul 2012!!

  62. This was produced a few months back and some of the items discussed have either come to pass or are in the process of coming to pass.

  63. Could this narrator sound more bland and dull. I cant take it anymore. NEXT!

  64. banning the "D" grade does make sense...
    agreed this doc is pretty biased!

  65. Wow this was awful. It seemed to be going in the right direction at first but then it carried along the same lines that has brought the whole world to the situation it is in now, love and trust of money, self centred behaviour and for some reason banging on about how geat working Americans are, "Hard working Americans" this and "Hard working Americans" that.

    Why does it slag off people who don't work, saying they are happy with the government handouts etc, in one breath then when aatalking about graduates say that there are no jobs out there? The whole thing seems to have a very anarrow minded and short sighted view of the way things really work.

  66. Don't waste your time...

  67. I wish Top Documentaries would screen better. This doc. seemed promising at first but I knew from the splash screen that it was biased and propagandist.
    "...that have destroyed the free market and sent literally millions of well paying jobs overseas..." Eh? It is because of free markets that the jobs were sent overseas. Free markets are a complex issue and these guys obviously ain't on it.
    Not a promising beginning. I'm looking for something else.

    1. That's arguable. But you have to consider that in a true free market, there would be competition in education...not gov run education...so that the American people would still be #1 in education and innovation...and we wouldn't need to be so dependent on factory/manufacturing labor to provide jobs for our people.

      And you're wrong about free markets being complicated. It's simple. People trade freely with others. And we don't have a true free market anyway. Take NAFTA for example. You need a 22,000 page document to explain "free trade" between the countries involved? Hogwash. That's MANAGED trade... not free trade.

      And btw... all documentaries are biased. Everything you ever view is as it is from the viewpoint of the writer/director.

    2. Well, people here seem to be in agreement about the quality of this documentary.

      Sorry, sir, but you are going off on tangents. I'm an industrialist. I can hire workers overseas for a quarter of a the price of Americans who do just as good as job. I hire the overseas workers, set up shop there, and make more profits. That's what we call 'free market.' Good or bad? Good if you're buying cheap goods. Bad if you're unemployed. Bad if you work under dangerous, unfair conditions. Good if you can buy shoes for your son. Free market.

    3. @ wpsmithjr.

      You are so naive.
      Is 'Atlas Shrugged' the only book you've ever read?

  68. This thing was all over the place and never had any real direction nor did it ever pose any solutions to the many problems (most of witch are very legit) it presented.

  69. on a serious note, the 'buy gold cause its all going belly up' brigade are not doing anyone a service. If a massive collapse occurs stockpiled food will need to be of massive quantities to see a family through the catastrophy. The old orderly misery of our depression era forefathers is highly unlikely to be replicated buy our "gotta have it" generation. I think you would need a diverse set of resources to get through it. the most important being a tight family and good relations with your neighbours i.e. a true community ( as opposed to a bunch of people who happen to live in the same locality). combine these two things with a healthy supply of guns and ammo and you will not have stockpiled food etc in vain. The gold/silver will only be as useful as anything else that holds value through economic collapses and need not be the be all and end all. I think practical survival skills would be a better investment than gold and silver. Do you know how to purify collected stored rainwater so its safe to drink in a time when buying a kit is not an option? I do and I would barter fresh clean water amongst other things. Common garden/woodland plants have medicinal uses. Knowledge is power. Did I mention guns btw. Theres gonna be a lot of pissed off ( and probably mentally unstable) youth who cant remain sane in a world where their iPod and X box is no longer a cherished thing and the only thing on the tv is political/economic discussion that Jersey Shore and Pimp My Ride never made them ready for.

  70. Chicken nugget lunch anyone? Go on, its free.

  71. There were some interesting points made here, but I think in general there are a lot of better films on this site to watch if your interested in understanding problems in America. Half this film seemed very opinionated and misinformed.

  72. LMFAO! I can't believe I wasted my time watching this piece of dunk! Please, save yourselves the time and watch a different documentary.

    From the beginning I did NOT agree with their arguments. I hate documentaries like these. I wonder if Glenn Becks and Fox News put their minds together to make this?

    Again, don't waste your time!

  73. Gold and Silver standard I don't think will work either. I believe keeping a fiat currency but having it solely in the hands of the government (which we elect) that can create and distribute money without paying interest! not up to the Fed.

    the next 20 years are gonna be interesting thats for sure.

  74. Good Doc. Thanks

  75. @Austin

    OK Austin, I'll bite. Please regale us with your knowledge of constitutional law and governance.

    Exactly where will government be downsized in your opinion in the 21st century?

  76. As a libertarian, i think it is important to always stay positive, but its always best to prepare for the worst. This doc does point out some important things like the violations of our privacy done by the TSA, and showcasing Senate bill S510, the "Food Modernization Act" (which i think passed over the lameduck session of congress because it was put in some other bill).

    Lastly, every person who thinks we live in a democracy needs to ask themselves, is the word mentioned anywhere in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence? a democracy is 3 wolves and 1 sheep sitting around deciding what to eat for dinner. If 51% of the population said that working out should be made illegal, is it right that the other 49% must comply with the new law passed thanks to the virtues of democracy?

    No, we live in a republic. A republic is a "rule of law" where a democracy is the "rule of the many" (though ultimately, we're more like an oligarchy, which is the "rule of the few")

    In a republic, where the "rule of law" is established, all people must follow the law, the laws created must be based on natural born rights. Every person has a right to their life, therefore no law can take our life away or kill us. We all have the right to our liberty, therefore, no law can enslave us, and we have a right to our property, therefore no law can steal away what rightfully belongs to us.

    The framers of our constitution envisioned a government that was small and limited, and did not interfere in the lives of the people. we vote to elect individuals to represent us in congress, but that does not mean they have the ability to take our rights away, and I think ultimately, that is what this documentary is all about. We live in a society where too many people willingly give up their rights, and a tyrannical government forms and takes advantage of the power they claim. I'm not saying I agree with every position in this documentary, but it is important to realize we need to change the role of government before it turns into 1984.

  77. In simple terms, this Doc was a few good facts drowned in a ocean of personal, nonobjective opinions. Not the best thing to watch. They did not really suggest a solution. If the US people were to bump all their savings in to gold, it would help them personally, in the long term. But it would also damage the economy a lot more. So the film does not really provide a valid solution to the problem.

  78. I hate how so many of these documentaries use fear and frightening sounds and music themselves. It's abs f-ing ridiculous. The heartbeat towards the beginning...I just turned this one off. Next documentary, please, thanks.

  79. Mike, I rarely respond to posts made here but I'll make an exception in your case. What are you on about. It's very unclear what the subject of your post is but it is clear that you are upset about something the film said. I'm sure it's something that resonated with you but you would prefer to reject. Yes, the US dollar will collapse. Yes, the government has been running drugs and advertising a war against drugs. Yes, Monsanto and others are poisoning our food, yes drug companies are attempting to anasetize us in mass. Malcolm X said, "..the truth is always ready." He did not say you would be ready for the truth... You have begun to look for it now. Don't be surprised that it's not what you think... Be calm. Don't take it personally unless it belongs to you...

  80. this doc is biased and retarted... theres more to it than just these facts. "Ohh like they're takeing over agriculture, inflation, and like iraq war" ECONOMIC COLAPSE, AMERICA IS GOING TO SUCK D@#$ FOR EVER NOW AHHHH. Get off your high horse, America isn't going anywhere they'll just devise a plan to fix their problems like they always do and even if they dont they'll lie to the world of how stable the country is and just continue with life.

  81. Manic Depression is real, whoever made this video is incredibly ignorant and suggestive. Dangerous combination.

  82. Well, while I'm generally a fan of the libertarian and free market topics that this film discusses, it does have a distinct alarmist tone. It probably has something to do with their barely-concealed conflict of interest...these guys are gold sellers, they wouldn't see any silver lining if it bit them in the *** (no pun intended).

  83. As I mentioned in an earliar post on about this documentary, this is a piece of misleading propogandist drivel.
    If you want the real scoop, the honest goods, go over to "The Secret of Oz" documentary.
    Thanks top d films for showing us the contrast between this naive foolishness and some real incite as offered in... another plug... "The Secret of Oz".

  84. This load of c@#$ is typical Ayn Randite, free-market drivel which ultimately relies upon anecdotal 'evidence' supplied by NIA members to support its claims. The analysis of key legislation is superficial and lacking in any kind of balance whatsoever, with all kinds of wild claims made which are not supported by any actual reference to the acts themselves. I switched off when the 'doco' veered into a bizarre rant against immigrants, citing a recent $20 increase in cable TV fees in order to accommodate a Spanish language channel. Watch with a critical eye.

  85. I don't trust anyone that doesn't blink. He's a zombie. Great idea, terrible delivery. Don't fall for it. And wait about 5 years. The price will go back down to something affordable for everyone.

  86. @jaak
    All elections are easily manipulated these days. Look at the indented chad melee of 2000

  87. @ jaak
    I agree with you that democracy and capitalism are incompatible. I may differ in that think democracy (mob rule) should be done away with.
    you're also right in pointing out that big multinational corporations are running the show, but must remember that government officials are the ones responsible for putting them in control and helping them to get as big as they are (bail outs, licensing, protection, subsidies). instead of those companies having to compete in a free market and level playing field, they can get politicians to pass laws which essentially cripple the competition.
    every law that is passed is just a gun in someone's face, and the use of such force should only be permissible for self defense, not to enforce legal opinions and to control markets. presently the only incentive corporations have is to take control (lobby/bribe politicians) of that gun and aim it at their competitors. this is what companies like Monsanto are doing to their competitors (farmers).

    as i stated in my previous posts, we need to learn to solve social problems without initiating violence, or else, our whole societal system is corrupt and the atrocities and crimes and result should be no surprise to anyone. corruption is built into the system.

  88. Robyn,
    Monsanto is the active arm of Codex Alimentarius, a United Nations program. You can find out about this on the web so I won't insult you with links. Make your own decision. I agree that it's immoral. The computer is so easily manipulated that the idea of having an election via computers is, to me, frightening. In my estimation, democracy and capitalism are incompatible. The outcomes are overwhelming to me, but again, make your own decision. Our government is not running the show; big money, international interests are.
    Enough for now, jaak

  89. @Realist
    This is how Monsanto is going to control the world food market. Once a plant is pollinated with a GM plant the markers are always going to be there. A couple of years back a school of GM salmon escaped when the ponds flooded, that means whoever modified them will 'own' all of the salmon in the world. These ownership laws are unethical and immoral and must be reversed; the problem is that elections cost so much now that the candidates are dependent on corporations like Monsanto for big contributions. The only way I see out of this mess is to do away with most of our elected officials and all citizens do their own voting on laws via the computer and Internet. Democracy and capitalism are great concepts as long as the citizens are in control; somehow we have lost that control to two political parties that are more interested in attacking each other than they are in effectively running the country.

  90. Monsanto also takes private farmers to court for patent infringement laws. They go on a farmers land and collect samples of their patented GMO's that have naturally blown with the wind to adjoining properties. They don't have to or even try to win the suits, they just litigate the farmer they sue into bankruptcy and then buy his land for cheap later. Works like a charm. Monsanto, Conagra, etc. All the same, pure evil. Monsanto also sold the farmers in India Bollgard (spelling??) cotton. It was GM cotton that failed totally. Look it up.

  91. End Of Liberty & Meltup? videos are? now available on a single DVD Combo? for just a dollar or two.

    It? is time to let friends and family know what the hell is going on.

    OneDollarDVDProject (com) has the DVD combo, now. Come see

  92. @ princeton

    I know what you mean about liking them on a personal level. This is my dad's second tour. One of my brothers is a soldier, too, and he's done two tours to the Middle East. My youngest brother just joined the Navy, too. I was going to join the Air Force, but I got pregnant. lol

  93. @Robyn; Excellent points! I believe that the populous needs to have control and oversight of the elected officials. The financial statements of elected officials should be made public domain for the duration of their term of office. If at any time non salary funds go into their pockets from any lobbyist group they are immediately fired, without pension. That eliminates the corporate and special interests motivation to the politicos. Now how do we get them to work toward our interests? Simple in a way, They are our representatives, lets make them truly represent us. First they pay taxes, the same taxes we pay. Second for each position the pay rate is set according to the average mean income of that positions constituency.

    For example the governor of Alabama would get the average mean income of the states populace, The mayor the average salary of the cities populace, etc. Third no more free ride benefits and pension. They should be like us to represent us. They have wage deductions for 401k s and for medical benefits just like you and me and Joe Shmo.

    Why does this motivate them? Well think, if someone is elected to a town with a 30k per year salary, it is in the politicos best interests to do whatever can be done to raise that. Also, just as there are many various populations at differing levels of wealth, there will now be politicos at differing wealth levels. That creates a more stratified governance. No more little guy being told what is good for him by some elitist millionaire who hasn't the slightest concept of the "rent or food" dilemma. This is the 21st century! No more multiple offices in multiple cities with multiple staff etc. Get to your desk turn on your pc and have your congressional meeting online. That also eliminates the back room deals creating more transparency in-government as those broadcast meetings could be monitored. Only in the event of disaster or act of war do we pay to fly the rep from Alaska to DC.

    Now this may all seem harsh, but I am not saying they can't fly all over or have multiple offices but the rent and airfare is coming out of their pockets not ours. Just this past week the Mayor of NYC was in China for a meeting. How does that help the city? Touring around foreign countries can be done on your own time people. It's both simple and complex. The bottom line is that we are the people, this is our representation, and we need to take back the roll of employer instead of mindless meal ticket. It is time for them to represent us in more than name only. Besides what sane boss on this planet allows their employees to determine their own pay rate, their own benefit packages, their own vacation times, where their office is.... With bosses like that no wonder we are bankrupt, as would be any business who operated that way.

  94. As an American citizen myself, I know that there is one sure way to ruin the 'power'to implement a law such as seeks to eliminate back yard vege gardens.Everybody start - let loose zillions of rape seed (canary seed) The mustard greens relative that result are highly nutritous (good leaves are like broccoli leaves n nutrition content) and grow so fast...they can't be stopped. They'll comeup anywhere that doesn't "look" like a garden. scatter them and sunflower seeds and any other hardy things. Plant giant loofahs to get them looking in the other direction while you plant Chia seed hither and yon... You can eat from or utilise all of these. If everybody started 'gardening' they could not stop you.

  95. @ EZ

    I don’t think man is emotionally nor intellectually mature enough for a resource-based economy. I would think that in order for it to work everyone would need to have a productive role to perform in the system/society. The problem I see right here in 2010 is that there are too many people that receive entitlements like Medicare and SSI that are capable of working; they have learned how to beat the system. In my town today is a perfect example: There was a bust on a grocery store that would take $100 and $200 food stamp vouchers and exchange them for cash…half for the recipient and half for himself. The news said there was more than a million dollars involved. Apparently someone tipped him off and he is back in India, the million dollars is unaccounted for and some store employees are going to take the rap. How do you address that mentality? As far as resources go, they are not limitless; so restraint must be deal with. Man is inherently greedy; some show more restraint than others, but we still have that ‘keep up with the Jones’ mentality.

    I think in order for anything to work we have to address three major issues.
    The first being corporate lobbying of our elected officials. That has to stop…period. The second is that Congress has to limit corporate influence to vocational matters only. They cannot be given the same rights as an individual because they don’t have any of the empathetic emotions that ‘most’ people have. They are ravenous in their pursuit of monetary gain; to the point of usurping the Constitutional rights of individuals to attain it.
    And the third is the U S has to return to economic isolationism again for a while. NAFTA has allowed corporations to take a good number of the well paying jobs and send them overseas. The U S is big enough to have an isolationist economy. It wouldn’t matter what our currency is worth on the global market; we rebuild our factories to 21st Century standards, give everyone that wants to work a decent paying job and start producing enough manufactured goods to export again.

  96. @ez,.. it will change when enough folk see the truth,.. but sadly for now most minds are gutter-balls ! Peace out,.. Trisha

  97. "Ours not to question why, Ours but to do and die"

  98. @ ash
    o really.. awesomeness.. yeah my dad was stationed in fort hood for about 4 years, but he and the rest of my fam went back to HI. he'se been in iraq 3 times and had a few close calls. my best friend is an ex marine who's been in iraq also...
    honestly i like soldiers on a personal level, one on one.. but deep down i know that if the order is given.. many would do & have done some pretty bad stuff.

  99. @Princeton

    My dad is in the army in Iraq right now. I live near Ft. Hood, too. Weird =P

  100. @ ez

    yes.. I appreciate the apology and same here.. I am sorry too for i may have been a bit snarky & condescending with my statements.. like i said before a google search for the von mises institute will do (aka the school of austrian economics). they have many interesting articles and configurations with which to organize society that do not require "mandate" (which translates to threatened with violence) and mob rule.

    you can also check out the channel by "stefbot" on youtube. he's a well researched guy with a history degree that runs the largest philosophy show on the internet and has been gaining a lot of popularity recently. i would suggest the statism is dead series" which you can get to here
    youtube . com/watch?v=PGIgOIFdnMQ

  101. @ ez

    I don't believe i am the naive one. I understand human nature fairly well, and if you believe people will not inherently do the right/intelligent thing, then democracy is st00pid & it is a really bad idea to put those same people in power (which always corrupts) and allow them to "make us do the right thing". that is really an illogical position.

    I think getting away from the basics for mere pragmatism in the moment is what leads to serious long term problems and worldwide atrocities. building a system up with a solid foundation is what i propose and I don't think i am wrong about this. I don't feel i am used and confused and think you are merely projecting your own unwillingness to challenge the propaganda and justifications for theft we have all been raised to believe.

    trade and business are nothing but the most basic freedoms (if we are not trading, the only alternative is theft) and big business is just an inevitable aggregation of free individuals exchanging things they believe to be valuable with each other. only with governments can you arrest the competition, reduce competition with threats (laws), or get Bailouts and subsidies sponsored through stolen money (taxation). this is why the business world is so bloated and skewed as it presently is.

    in your mind, people freely interacting, trading labor and value with each other is a problem which needs to be regulated by a small group of individuals going around stealing money and forcing people to act according to their master plan for society? you are sadly mistaken and the truth will win out eventually . The future will blame this mindset for all the evils that this reversal of values has caused.

    statements like: "common defense ... can only be sustained through federal government tax dollars along with more debt"
    speak of gross failures of the imagination, lack of creativity and also the arrogance to assume we are all so handicapped. you think going around and stealing from everyone for "Taxes ... a necessity that no one likes" is common good or defense. so the same people who steal from me & threaten me with kidnapping and death are gonna defend me? how logical is that?
    that is like saying the mafia is necessary because if we don't pay them, the mafia next door is gonna take over (if we don't get killed first). how is the government any different than mafioso's who beat up shop owners for "protection" money? who cares how many barbecues they throw and acts of "charity" or public relations they do? we all know they're thieves.

    you simply want to ignore the gun in the room, and pretend that the public relations and propaganda governments spew out justify the theft and armed robbery of millions of people. according to your statements, debating is just mental ma$turbati0n because in your mind I should be forced to agree with you & the masses for some illusory "common good." I assume face to face you would just use violence to get your point across and say its for my own good!

  102. @ Jaak Wassmuth

    You souund as if you are a very interesting person. I appreciate your input and could learn to be nicer, I admit it. I usually am in fact but this tea party thing this anti-government stuff in general is getting out of hand in my country. It has some very ugly sides to it, like racism and the desire to inspire hate and violence inorder to manipulate the system into catastrophe. Why, because from chaos rises order. People will become more apt to support this whole anti-government, right to be wrong, farse if they see turmoil or a breakdown in civility and a failure of the system to contain it. It will bring out the extremists on both sides which always make it easier to make your point. Its just like when some doc wants to make a point so they interview the most extreme cook on the oppositions side they can find. We need the services provided by government when government is working correctly. I admit it has not done so in soe time, but we must not give up on democracy. The alternatives are ugly. I agree that capitolism is not the most compatible thing to kix with democracy, that is why it must be regulated and overseen by working government agencies. The thing that made this country great for so long was a working federal government, the dedication to the union that Abe fought so hard for. I simply do to know of another system other than capitolism that really represents true freedom and individual responsibility. It worked for many many years as long asd it was regulated and not allowed to control government. Both of these things have vanished, it now runs everything- government included- and is on its way to free reign with no power to stop it from becoming the monster it has always had the potential to be.

    I also agree with your assesment of life feeding on life. It has always been this way and I embrace that fact. It doesn't make me a monster simply someone in touch with my true nature. This monster inside, so to speak, is why i say we must keep capitolism on a short leash. Man will always be a hunter and survivor and this will manifest itself in our economy as well. We can rise above that primitive nature though and make sure we do what is right when ever possible.

    @ Princeton

    I am sorry, I got insulting toward you and not your ideas. I meant to be critical of your ideas, but not you as a person. I don't really know you as a person so i had no right. I still think you are over estimating human nature greatly, human nature is to look out for ourselves and no one else. It is also the nature of capitolism to be agressive and selfish, this needs a check and balance. You did insult me when you insinuated that my support of social programs like social security was equivelant of supporting thievery. Many great and ethical men have supported this system. In fact whhen my father was youger he watched the older people in this country fight for that security. He has seen the vast difference in the quality of life for the elderly and less fortunate. He doesn't want to see that reversed and I totally agree with him. I see nothing wrong with requiring taxes from people that are citizens and enjoy the benefits that go along with that citzenship. I think to expect volunatry contributions and big business to look out for more than their bottom line is just senseless, a nice dream but not reality. You guys complain about all these people that you say play the system and are lazy, but then you say people will contribute and do whats right when it is not mandated. Which one is it? Are people naturally inclined to be selfish and lazy or to be productive and full of charity? I think you know the answer to that question. That said if you will provide some resources that i can read or watch that support your point of view with facts and research, not just rhetoric, I will check it out. Sorry things got out of hand, talk to you later.

  103. ive lived in my car out of venice

  104. Which one of us have the power to make any effect in the current system? The question might sound rhetorical, but it's not. What is it that makes you powerless? What? We can change our world by changing our mind. I've not given up. X#@* that! We are animals. Own it! Animals only kill to eat. Be the animal you are; start there.
    Ok, no technology you ask. Why not? Is there a rule that we can't use our own creations and be animals too? What is this money thing?

  105. @ Princeton

    You said: "...the best defense against invasion in this day and age is decentralization.."

    Are you serious, if we did away with the common defense that can only be sustained through federal government and tax dollars along with more debt we would be invaded the next day. Many countries around the globe would love to see us do something that st*pid. Corruption of government is the issue, not the ideal of democratic governance. Who has corrupted it so badly, the very people you defend- big businness and banking. Yes they couldn't pull it off without corrupt officials but the corrupt officials would not have reason without special interests like big business. You have been used and and confused and you don't even know it. Big bussiness and banking has convienced you that somehow the government making them do what is right equals the government interfering in your life. If you really think people would just do what is right and necessary, I can't argue with someone that naive. Maybe when they have sent all jobs over seas and no longer provide for anyone but themselves you guys will wake up and realize how you have been used. Problem is that will be too late for the rest of us that knew all along what they were up to. Taxes are a necessity that no one likes, but to say that they could be replaced with voluntary contributions is the epitamy of niavity. Just this coming year we have a tough choice to make. Congress must extend the debt cieling inorder for the federal government not to be automatically in default. Will we do what is necessary or cling to ideals that will surely spin us into collapse. No one can make reality go away, this is were we are. Talking about ideaology and values will not help, its too late for that. We must do what has to be done, I only hope enough politicians know this to avoid collapse. But they will have to stand up to people like you that cling to ideaology instead of getting down to reality and doing what must be done. we are clearly at a stalemate so I concede, you win- I am done.

  106. What I have recognized: Democracy and Capitalism are incompatible by the nature of their doctrines. Money, or bonds are only as good as the people who back them. I understand the hatred of government but I am not party to that. I live in Oaxaca. I build a table for my neighbors or help them identify gm corn in the field and they give me vegetables. Corn is not the new world currency but you can eat it till you get some.

    EZ, I'm an old man who can type and has a mind. I'm an original peaceful warrior. I'm still learning. Thank you for your passion. Keep it up, as I will. Please encourage learning and try to be kind at all times. As a surfer, I can assure you that waves crash on the beach but the waves comes back. Beware the backwash!

  107. Oh and one more thing Jaak, I loved The Secrets Of Oz myself-Great doc wasn't it. Funny how they predicted in that very doc that there would soon be a push to return to gold back currency, isn't it. You sound very well read but just in case you missed it, read up on the fall of Rome's economy and what caused it. It was of course the return to preciouse metals as currency and the abandonment of the fiat currency issued for the benefit of every citizen.

  108. @ ez
    well I do have solutions and Ideas as to how society can be organized without mob rule or force, and most of them are not even that original and have been tried and tested for decades even centuries. you can look at the ludwig von mises institute and study up austrian economics, because those complex issues have many solutions and they are far too much for me to go into on this forum.
    what I am attacking is the entire premise of using violence to resolve social problems which you conveniently seem to be ignoring and dodging just by claiming "offense" and calling me names.

    look. I also use government benefits, because at this point no one can live comfortably without using those benefits. if someone steals half my money, I have no problem getting part of it back, but that doesn't mean i forgot it was stolen and I still wish it wasn't to begin with because most of us would have no problems paying for roads, schools, charity and other services voluntarily. the same goes for you and your family, they have been robbed by the system also and have a right to those benefits.

    what I said about social security holds true, and also for the whole government, which funds its present escapades by borrowing on our future earnings and therefore theft from the progeny. the youngsters of today will be stuck with the bills from corporate bailouts ,wars , politician theft and military industrial complexes.

    wars have not preserved our freedoms, private innovations and ingenuity have done this for us. every war is debatable as to its true cause and benefits, and in my opinion if the money was not stolen, wars would never be paid for.

    you see, the best defense against invasion in this day and age is decentralization. countries invade others because they can just topple one central bastion of power and they control the flow of all this stolen (tax) money and "infrastructure." in a system where power is decentralized, there is nothing to take over and the benefits to invasion are highly diminished. this is why the US is fighting a losing war in the middle east because there is no central power to take over anymore and various groups & individuals are simply revolting. the fighting will never end and we are paying the bill!

    I didn't say anything about overthrowing government. I honestly believe we will just outgrow them eventually and realize we don't need these people to tell us how to run our lives. all I recommend is to set an example & and use their own hypocrisies to expose the fact that they are just thieves and criminals. after a while we will all catch on and just move on to better solutions & readily available.. there is no need to overthrow a system that is fundamentally unsustainable and will inevitably collapse.

  109. Oh and Jaak, when did I ever defend banks? I defended the ideals of democratic governance, not banks nor the men that are perverting the system of government that i love. Being pro-democratic governance doesn't mean you support the exact people in office currently. It means you support the ideal that our founding fathers had originally, before it was hijacked by big business and banking, who have now inturn tricked the tea party into doing thier dirty work for them and getting free reign with no government regulation or oversight.

  110. @ Jaak Wassmuth

    Maybe you should read all the comments before you assume you know what i support. I have campainged constantly against the federal banking system and fractional reserve banking practices. I support a fiat currencvy issued by the congress, a return to the green back that Abe Lincoln instigated. I know exactly what tally sticks are, they were used in Europe as a fiat currency and worked very well. Just because I am not anti-government doesn't mean I support corporations, something I hate, and excessive taxation. I do realize that we all need to pay taxes, but the tax codes as they exist are unfair usery. I am also familiar with Carol Quigley's Tragedy and Hope. I have studied economics for over five years now and can hold my own just fine in an economic discussion. We are on exactly the same side from what i read in your post, maybe you could do me the favor of reading mine before you jump.

  111. Gas tax, property tax, excise tax, federal tax, state tax, workers compensation tax, this is a list that can go on an on and on... There are solutions EZ. One is the dissolution of corporations. Another is the dissolution of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. Andy Jackson killed the bank but it was signed back into existence by Woodrow Wilson in 1913. If you want to know why the Fed CANNOT EVER WORK I suggest you read their own document; Modern Money Mechanics where it clearly states as much. While you're at it, have a parouse through Carrol Quigley's, Tragedy and Hope. Have you heard of tally sticks?
    There is one thing I would like to say, banks do not build roads, grow food or create wealth of any kind. People who work do! Banks make their money by interest. They create no thing.

  112. @ Princeton

    You said that if i supported social security I supported robbing my neighbors to provide for my security. Now you want to weasle out of that insulting disrespectful slant. Whatever, I believe in owning up to what you say. If you didn't mean it then you should not have said it. You say there are alternatives but give none except the naive assertion that we can rely own charity for the less fortunate and uneducated. Can we also rely on charity for the common defense and creation of infrastructure? I didn't think so.

    Nice try with the straw man arguement but you know full well i did not mean that the government owns your house. You do know what the word infrastructure means right? You use our roads and enjoy the security provided by our military and federal intelligence agencies. If you have children I would bet anything they went to public schools funded by tax dollars. You enjoy the safety of being able to eat the food you buy without worrying too much about desease and so forth. But you refuse to admit that you owe taxes for these luxuries. Thats right luxuries, if you don't see them as such simply talk to those living in under developed nations.

    Now if you will kindly move on I will do the same. You refuse to see logic and cling to your personal hatred of government while excusing fact and providing no solutions. If we don't ignore the details, something else you said and now say you didn't mean, then your idea of overthrowing the government without even having any plans as to what will replace it are destructive and selfish.

  113. "if you live here you must pay your share"

    so then your argument is that i don't own my house, instead the government owns it and I must pay them to live on my property freely? so who really owns my house.. I guess even if I had bought it flat out I would still be renting?
    that love it or leave argument is getting pretty old. the government does not own all the land. if you read your constitution, they were placed as servants to protect and maintain the rights of individuals.. and nothing more.. this is why we were supposed to pay them. a duty of protection in exchange for our allegiance, but if you look it up, they have no duty to protect, and so therefore we have no duty of allegiance.. and please tell me why there is a contract in place no one ever signed in the first place.

    but nevermind tho, since I am offensive for speaking my mind and pointing out the corruption of people who rob and kidnap us for leaves, expired stickers and taxes. but those who actually act out these violent acts are A-ok & "the best system known to man" in your mind. O well.. I will leave you to your nice day and "democracy" since I am so offensive for having different ideas and opinions.

  114. @ ez

    kind sir, no disrespect intended.. first off.. my father, grandfather and several cousins/uncles have fought and have been injured in wars.. my father is currently in the army and was a US marine for over ten years.. so please don't be so condescending.. I have a very strong personal tie to people who are in the military and I live 2 mins from fort hood Tx and personally know many soldiers and have roomed with many war veterans, but that does not make me blind to the fact that they all signed their lives over to work for the most evil men we know in society and they put their lives on the line (mistakenly) for people who are not worth it at all. i understand its what we were raised to believe, but the truth is the truth, no matter how much it hurts.

    i did not insinuate anything against you or your father, but was trynna reach a middle ground here, because my whole problem with government is in how they "generate" money, which is by threatening the ordinary citizen/employee/business owner with kidnapping/murder for not forking over half of their money. I do not believe wars have made us free at all, instead they have created a geopolitical situation that is untenable and will result in collapse (& more violence)

    again.. u must have misread what I said as I did not mean that the details and issues that affect us daily don't matter. my whole point is that there are alternative solutions which don't involve shoving guns in people's faces and forcing "minorities" to comply. people care for each other, and can easily be persuaded to a good cause. I am strongly against the initiation of the use of force, and for our whole society to depend on mass theft and threats is the reason why nothing ever works as it should and more problems inevitably erupt. as i made my point before I am with you on oversight, and regulation, but not at the barrel of a gun.

    I invite you as a fellow thinker to at least see the simple fact that all government money was stolen by force. can you at least see that this is how they are funded and that this is a major problem?

  115. @ 420 Vision

    Thats the smartest thing I have ever heard you say. Well done, and very true. I didnt know you had in you. Not trying to insult, maybe I just haven't been paying attention. People should also pay attention to the fact that the same people that control big banking control the gold market. Since 1971, when we abandoned the gold standard for fiat currency, these people have been driving down the price of gold by flooding the market and putting pressure on the gold industry, while at the same time buying the soft yellow metal like crazy. Now they sit loaded with gold they bought cheap, gold prices soaring, and the dollar failing so as to suggest a return to gold back currency. Doesn't it seem odd that the same people that have the power to egineer a falling dollar sit to gain so much by a return to gold back currency. All the while knowing that if in the future other countries decide to abandon the US dollar and reclaim it in gold they can do what they did in 1971, abandon gold for another fiat system and therefore avoid having to truly back dollars with gold.

    We have been played yall, again- by the same people. We are like Charlie Brown and the football. No matter how many times they move it we will come running to give it a kick at thier request. When will it change?

  116. This doco was made by folks that want you to buy gold and other metals. Ask yourself, are they selling gold ? Are they connected with the gold brokers ? Are they recommending a source for this commodity ? What do they have to gain from making this propaganda ?

    In reality if you really want to improve your countries economy then buying gold will not help your country or your local community. Helping your counrty and your local community requires investment and volunteerism by all for your counrty and your local community. Invest to improve local infrastructure, schools, agriculture, health care and your environment. Think local, buy local, get active, pursue social cohesion, community and cooperation. If we each act selfishly and invest only in ourselves by locking away our value in arcane resources such as precious metals, then we will never achieve stability. United we stand,..divided we fall.

    Ultimately it is the monetary system and the banking industry which imposes this rule upon us which is the failure, and your attention is required to facilitate a neccesary change.

  117. @ Robyn

    I see your point, but also see problems with preciouse metals backing currency. The gold market is controled by influencial banks and the release of gold to the available market. Right now gold prices are running very high and we are seeing a repeat of the run we had in 1980, due mostly to the fact of decreasing faith in the US dollar and threats of turmoil in the middle east suggesting oil prices may go out of sight. If you will remember in 1971 Nixon "closed the gold window" and went to a fiat currency, in order to default on backing our currency which many countries due to rising inflation had decided to cash in for gold. Then we had the hostage crisis in 1979 and the threat of rising oil prices along with the fact that the dollar was again falling in value and gold was going up- just like now- resulted in a huge run on gold. Well the Morgans and Rothchilds couldn't have this, gold being worth more than the dollar so what did they do- they flooded the market with gold and put pressure on the gold market to reduce the price of the wonderful yello metal. Then they started buying it up, and have continued to do so for some time now. Now we sit with the dollar falling and many crying for a return to diciplined money, gold backed currency. Its a cycle that has repeated itself through out history, inflation of fiat currency forcing a return to gold backed currency, then market manipulation and dire need forcing governments to return to fiat currency- round and round she goes- but no one ever seems to learn a thing.

    My suggestion is that we stay with a fiat currency but get rid of the central banks ability to pump funny munny into the system when ever it likes. It is not a federally controlled entity as many think, but is mainly controlled by big bankers like- you guessed it the Rothchilds and the Morgans, not to mention many others like the Bush family. These people egineer these ups and downs in the value of our currency as they see fit, and by doing so practically control the gold market as well as the federal bank. Why don't we try something a little different, like Abe Lincoln did in the civil war. He had congress issue the amount of currency to be in circulation. Yes it resulted in massive inflation, but this was because the federal government needed the money to continue the civil war and save the union. Another huge problem was counterfit money arriving by the bus load from Europe, who also wanted us back under the control of the central bank and intentionally ran up inflation by sending this funny munny. I say now that we have tons more transparency and thousands of economists reporting daily the state of the economy and how the government is effecting it, lets give congress another shot. Or maybe change the charter for the Treasury department to include setting interest rates and issueing currency. This way we take the control of our economy away for both big banking and the gold market, which are controlled by the same corrupt greedy people. We put that control into someones hands that has to answer to the American people, via election day.

    In my opinion this is the only way we get change and step out of this viciouse cycle of fiat to gold backed currency and then back again. Or we might start thinking about a resource based economy, wait don't brand me a nut yet. I do not agree with the zietgiest movement's idea of a socialistic technocracy were every one lives in round houses and no one has to work. But that doesn't have to be the way we approach a change to a resource based economy. Granted the RBE is a huge step that I don't really think we are ready for. But maybe if we started really considering it, instead of connecting it to some futuristic dream of robot-topia, people smarter than myself could hash it out? Dont really know about that one, but I know we are repeating a age old cycle right now and no change or good will come of it in the end. We must find a way to remove control of the value of our currency away from these greedy oligarchies that have always controled it. Thanks for the conversation, at least you are thinking and understand the fiat currency versus gold backed dollar. Most haven't a clue.

  118. Living things evolve from simple resources, and are always changing,evolving into new designs with greater environmental awareness. Our emotions, aggression, greed, love, lust... are fundamental within the evolutionary hardware and our psychology which directs how we interact with other species and ourselves.

    99.999% of all species that have ever evolved on this planet have become extinct, as a result of direct environmental stess or the stress which a species imposes upon it's environment.

    The human species is unique to this mechanism in that humans will be one of the few creatures that become extinct as a result of their own actions upon the supporting environment and social order. This inevitable extinction will be our greatest achievment, and one that will be neccessary for the maintenance of countless other species that have no use for us whatsoever, and find themselves at peril as a consequence of coexistence.

  119. @ Jack Green
    You said,” Gold has no more inherent value than legal tender”. The inherent value that gold has over legal tender is that it creates a limit to the amount of money that is put into play. It allows control over the economy and therefore control over greedy people and corporations, by limiting the amount of inflation that is possible. When people or corporations start getting blinded by greed, there is a natural ceiling. If you want to increase your wealth, mine or buy more gold to back your currency. Look at having gold backed money as working from a checkbook. Outstanding checks must have backing when they come due. Money without gold backing is like operating with a credit card with virtually no limit. When a bill comes due, just put it on the credit card and worry about paying for it another day. That is the situation the U S has gotten itself into. Without something tangible backing currency, it is inevitable given man’s nature, that a country or an individual is going to get into debt waaaaay over their head.

  120. This documentary is entertaining at times and I agree with some points. But a lot of it sounds like teabagger rhetoric. They raise the fears of illegal immigrants. They point out that people are struggling to get by but are against the government providing food stamps and public housing.It seems like they want the free market to answer all the problems.

    I am not American but i would like to ask any Americans who would care to respond - do most americans support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Do you think they make you safer? do most americans consider your government spending your tax dollars on providing health care to your fellow citizens socialism? Most other successful capitalist countries provide health care, so what scares people in America about it? Everyone would be better off with a single payer option.

    From my own experiences with americans i have met i consider they are just like me, they want a challenging and rewarding career they love their families and they are kind are welcoming of people from other cultures. They just want to pay off their mortgage, have a drink and a laugh with their friends and families. I get the feeling most Americans disagree with the way the country is run and its sad a very powerful minority is directing the country in a way which is bad for humanity

  121. @ Ozzy

    Well said man, your my new hero. I could not agree more. It has become the latest fad to what was it that princeton said, "ignore the details", and support dangerous rhetoric. When in actuality we live in the details, there our whole life. The concept of freedom has been perverted to mean, life without resonsiblity to anyone but myself.

    @ Princeton

    How dare you insinuate my father and grandfather stole from their neighbor simply because they collected social security and used medicare. Both of these men fought in wars and were injured so you could stand on your soap box and condemn what what you clearly are not sophisticated enough to understand. They did more work and were more responsible than you or I, cutting cross ties from raw timber by hand with an axe for cents a day. Eating whatever they could find during the depression, no matter how gross or offensive. Shame on you and your disrespect for those that handed you the easy life after struggling and fighting tooth and nail to survive them selves! Sounds to me like you can't get a majority to support your disrespectful extreme positions, so you try and demonize the most fair system of government known to man- democracy.

    You clearly ran out of a good defense and then resorted to broad anti-government sentiments fueled by your personal hatred of government. Is this seriousely your arguement? That you dont trust majority rules, better known as democracy, and want everyone to forget the details. Yeah, that sounds like great plans for the future of this country. Just forget all the details and issues that effect us directly everyday and cling to anti-government/democracy rhetoric. You say you have no choice, thats right- if you live here and enjoy the benefits you must pay your share. If it is so offensive to have to pay your share for what you use and enjoy everyday, move. I rest my case and would preferr not to continue conversation with you, as your spin and propaganda is offensive. Have a nice day.

  122. This film reveals information that one can gain a lot of insight and become aware of. That the film takes a turn and blames Obama is understandable as he is the current President and we all know what he inherited. I find the film makers avoid the true story of what brought America to this point. The corporations and government acts implemented prior to the current administration.

    It is a burden that was inherited. It's desires to make awareness to its citizens can be beneficial. If you want change I believe it starts by not blaming. I and you can start participating by living and acting by not blaming and finding solutions within ourselves but each time we blame our troubles on others---we find no solutions but rather more evidence to defend our position.

    The facts relayed here are interesting but there is no solution to blame foreigners, Obama's wives vacation and etc. There is no relationship in this video. On one hand they state how state officials received 1.5 M in CA as compensation and etc but drive the position that the state lady spent a vacation on tax dollars. I say, HELLO, who would want to run this country outside of the Busch family and others who look to profit.

    Until now, I have heard of no report stating that the Obama family has profited from the war unlike the prior administration did. Interesting film, follow your instinct on the motivation and take what you can.

  123. Now I'm going to go eat some McDonald's, watch Jersey Shore, and wait in line for the next iphone.


  124. I suggest watching the last 10 minutes of this doc first. Then you will see what a waste of time watching the whole thing will be.

    Be prepared for blatant racism, also.

  125. This simplistic libertarian drivel is likely the greatest threat facing US societal stability and undermining it from within. There are plenty of systemic financial weaknesses weakening the whole of the social fabric, but I hope most can see through this simplistic advocacy for irresponsibility and anti government sentimism. This is not advocacy for the best of America. It's a charade to perpetuate and advocate for its worst, and a call to give up on "good governemt" that appeals to the naive who can't see past their barely repressed,juvenile authority issues.

    Think about what the real alternative is to not working for and earning good government. Buy into these unhealthy attitudes and you'll end up with more Bush league politicos. You all remember them - the political establishment ruled by the real "power brokers", big oil, big coal, big banks, big insurance, big retail, big... You know, if you haven't been sold this simplistic freedom for its own sake idealism that "the government' is an easy scapegoat target and not the real problem, not what is outof control and trying to gain control over us all. It's the corporations and those pulling the strings made of money. We need "good government" to regulate and keep their raw power in check. Those who don't see the real threat because of con job propoganda like this are simply and naively playing into the hands of the real puppet masters.

  126. I will adress your many examples as well @Ivan. China; To my knowledge the US has never gone to war with them. We did fight troops from China in the Vietnam and Korean wars though. As to Korea; The South Koreans requested our aid in fighting the communist uprising fueled by China. Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia; The French colonists living in Vietnam as well as the French government requested US involvement in that conflict. Laos and Cambodia became involved due to the fact that the Vietcong and Chinese comunists were using those two nations as staging grounds. Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Congo, Somalia, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, and Lebanon were UN involvement situations where yes the US military was utilized. El Salvadore, Nicaragua, Panama, and Guatelamala; The result of US attempts to curtail the Cocain fueled regiemes there. Go to any of those countries and ask them how much they loved being ruled over by the cartels. Cuba; Not sure where you are from but if a nation you have serious issues with decides to park atomic missiles a few miles off of your coast or border your nation may considder taking action. Not sure on Dominican or Indonesia. I will look into it. However the Dominican shares an island with Haiti and while Haiti makes the third world look like Disney Land the Dominican is a paradise so they turned out ok regardless of whatever happened there. And Indonesia not sure what you referr to here but how well off would they have been after the Tsunami if not for billions of dollars in work and donated funds from the US.

  127. @Ivan; Two Centuries? So that would be starting in 1810. Lets go with Napoleon, Hitler, Tojo, Mao, Mousalini, and Pol Pot (sp). Not to mention the fact that The British Raj in India, Aparteid, And the french occupation of Moracco still existed in some cases within the past 30 years. All of those WWII and post WWII individuals names were within the last 60-70 years. The number of dead in Cosovo, Somalia, and Nigeria excede those in both Gulf wars combined. And before I really get into detail I would like to point out that with little exception every military engagement the US has entered in the time since the American civil war has been with other nations either complicit or requesting our aid in something they started. That includes Vietnam, the War of 1812, WWI, WWII, Somalia, Cosovo, and yes both mid East wars. But I understand the mentality you represent. When someone is mauled by a dog in the street the dog gets "put down" we never shoot its' owner.

  128. @Reasons Voice
    who can compete with American aggression in last two centuries?
    China,Korea,Guatemala,Indonesia,Cuba,Congo,Dominican Republic,Peru,Laos,Vietnam,Cambodia,Guatemala,Lebanon,Grenada,
    Libya,El Salvador,Nicaragua,Iran,Panama, Iraq,Kuwait,Somalia,Bosnia,Yugoslavia,Afghanistan...the list goes on.
    Pleas study history

  129. These folks that made this flic, are using a very serious issue that confronts us all to MAKE MONEY OFF OUR FEAR,.. PERIOD !

  130. @ reasons voice
    well said
    America is no exception or special case.. all governments have left bloody trails for millenniums. America is just the present worldwide scapegoat, but fundamentally every other country would do the same or worse.

  131. Also saying that the US is the worst oppressor and aggressor ever is silly. Pleas study history. How many people do ya think died or were enslaved in the expansion of Rome? The Mongols, the Persians, Alexander the great. Attila, the British, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or Spain? When did people stop learning history in school and start learning "the D1ckhood of America" instead? The whole world has become glass house rock chuckers.

  132. @Dustin; You are like many people out there in your knowledge of US history. In regards to stealing a continent from natives;
    actually the US did little of that. Great Brittan, France, Spain, Holland, and Portugal usurped and conquered the vast majority of the new world before the US existed. At the time of the American revolution the entire northeast of the nation was already settled. The south belonged to France and much of the south west belonged to Spain also the north west belonged to France and Brittan. The US bought the most of those territories from European nations who had already killed off most of the natives. Don't get me wrong what the US did to native tribes like the Sioux, Cherokie, and others of the West and South was horrible and it makes me angry. But you are so into hating on the US you lay the actions of other nations (which happened before the country existed) on our shoulders.

  133. Excellent documentary!!

  134. @Alex B
    I fear I may have mislead you slightly my friend. I was sincere in that I am all for change & standing up to "the man" ( Gandhi, MLK, Rosa Parks & all that ). It was mostly my bitter/cynical, warped sense of humor leaking through, what with the difficult blood stains & all. Ha! Ha! At any rate; Rah Rah Ciss Boom Bah! Goooo Change!

    Not sure if it was William Wallace or Mel Gibson who has claim to that quote. I seem to recall that this very subject was discussed in the comments of another doc.


  135. @Leonardo
    Sorry I'm not cool enough to get your reference, but speaking of voting, elections & the internet/technology, or maybe you are too young to even recall what recently happened with the 2000 Presidential election, especially in the state of Florida. (Whew! That was a long sentence.) One of your "douche bags" got himself elected President in spite of or perhaps due to modern technology.

  136. & yes i do hate governments same way i hate liars, thieves, murderers and corrupt individuals who lie through their teeth just to get popular support, playing on emotional issues and people's desire to do good in order to scam them and use their money to commit atrocities across the world.

  137. @ ez

    i see we could go on all day arguing inconsequential details because you've learned to use the same sentimental excuses that governments use to rob people. let's get back to basics.

    first off, the government is funded through violent theft, which is my problem. I couldn't care less what they did, as long as individuals actually paid for those services voluntarily, which they don't hence the need for a threat. that is my whole issue.. if people pay for it voluntarily, its all fine, but when people are forced to do so, then I am not surprised the system always collapses and results in greed and corruption.

    as far as the old & poor being left out in the cold without goevernments, i think you have a very negative view of human nature and assume crooked politicians can help us care for each other. what you describe happens right now with the government and people do end up out in the cold.
    I used to go door to door and collect money to help feed poor and hungry children in the area, and almost every door I came to gave much more than the small amount i asked. all it takes is one concerned person to share their concern with people and they will respond positively. There is no need to go around threatening everyone just so I can give some to the poor.

    forget the details and forget the surface issues, it is all a distraction from the reality that everything the government does is through theft. they threaten people with jail, take their money, and spend it as they see fit. majority rule is in my opinion an invitation for corruption under those circumstances because all they have to do is spend part of our stolen money to appease a certain voter base so they can remain in power. has nothing to do with actually fixing any social problems, which they miserably fail to do anyway.

    as I said before its time for creativity and innovation in solving problems peacefully.

    do you actually believe you should steal from your neighbors to pay for your retirement? or isn't it better for us to help each other voluntarily.
    I don't think I am confused, I just don't get mixed up in surface justifications and focus on the reality that there is never an option to vote for "keep my money" and even if not one person went out and voted, those politicians would still keep doing what they've done.

    father: "my daughter, you can marry anyone you like, just has to be one of these two guys... thas freedom!"
    daughter: "can't I just be single, they re both D0uches?"

  138. @ Princeton

    You are confused badly about what I want or how our government works. No one is pushing anything onto people, we live in a democracy where we take votes to see what the majority think is right. So the people themselves tell government what they want. It is impossible to have every person get what they want, the best we can do is represent the majority. I realize this is not the case right now because of corporate interference and interests polluting the system, but it is the idealistic way we want things to be. To say that "country" is just a concept and therefore can not have interests is really out there. Of course our "country" has its own interests, it is the collective interests of the majority. You propose a society were everyone has the freedom to do what ever they want, wrong or right and suffers the consequences of their actions. This assumes everyone is mentally sophisticated enough to provide for their own retirement, or that everyone makes enough money to invest- which is not true and you know it. That is not a sustainable model. I for instance want to do away with religion and end the hypocritical and pointless war on drugs, but the majority in this country disagree with me. Therefore I must bend to thier will and continue to try and persuade them to my side. My grandfather was a kind and hard working man but he never made enough to invest, lived on pennies a day, and he would not have had the mental capability to do so if he had of made tons of money.

    You say a small group of people take our money and spend it as they see fit. This is only true if we do not vote. If the majority of the people disapprove of a spending bill this will be reflected in the next election, the offending member will not be re-elected.

    You say small business will standardize simply because it is in their finacial interests. This is possibly correct and I will concede this point, well done. Now lets also admit the fact that sometimes companies have to do things inorder to keep this countries economy and well being healthy that are not necessarily in their short term best interest. You seem to think they would do these things without anyone making them, thats simply not the case. They will always look after the bottom line, which will constantly put their interests in direct conflict with the best interests of the citizen. For instance, meeting safety standards in automobile manufacturing cost big money. Do you think they would meet those standards without being forced to? If so you are being naive. To say that the citizens will not purchase their unsafe automobiles is crazy, how many would die in the process of figuring out that these safety failures even exist? Who would communicate that failure to consumers? Surely you don't trust something so important to word of mouth. Consumer advocate entities could help, but without oversight we would soon see these agencies in the back pocket of the car manufactures.

    You can say that it is impossible for us to know what the best interests of thousands of people is, but your wrong. Some selfinterests are distingiushable by common sense, for instance the need for automobile safety standards. Another clearly evident selfinterest is efficiency, something that has been helped largely by a central regulating power. You say that one way to regulate your boss is to quit, my point exactly. These regulating gencies would be in direct violation of thier own selfinterests to find and report issues. You say complain to your boss's boss, well he has the same interests as your boss and doesn't want these things reported either.

    You say social security is theft of our money, that is laughable and shows how little you understand of finance. Paying into social security has a direct effect on your benefits, you recieve a statement explaining this to you every year. Since thier is no way to have a vested income through investing in the markets, no matter how intelligent you are about investment, leaving peoples retirement up to the whim of the unstable and unpredictable market is really st*pid. My father worked for thirty years in the coal mines paying into a mutual fund for his pension, he just recieved a letter informing him that he may lose this income soon as the mutual fund went belly up in the recent market failure. Now he has social security to fall back on. This is a story that has repeated itself thousands of times in the last few years, due to the recession no doubt. And what of those that are mentally challenged when it comes to investment? What of those that live from pay check to pay check and simply have no money to invest? We could let them keep what they pay into social security but what if their investments don't pan out, a bird in hand you know. As far as insurance, surely you gest. There is no insurance that provides for retirement. It would be a lose lose situation for the insurer as it is not a question of will you need to retire but when you will retire. Therefore every policy would end up with the insurer paying for someones retirement, not a working business model at all. I would think someone in your physical condition would understand this idea of everyone reaping exactly what they sow as ludicris propaganda. Under this logic everyone would look at your medical needs and say, "well he/she didn't provide finacially for their own healthcare needs, and should as a result suffer through the consequences even if that means dieing." Like I said many do not make enough or are not mentally capable of investing sucessfully. According to your logic these people should be left out in the cold and let die of starvation or lack of medical care, no matter how kind or hard working they are.

    In my opinion you can not think objectively about these things. You have an intense hatred of government that will not allow you to see the good things it has done for the citizens. You have even stated in the past that every action of the government should be considered an attack on us, without even examining the action. In other words we should all just assume automatically that government is up to no good and will never benefit the people. This is the very definition of unobjective thinking toward government. A knee jerk reaction not based on true facts or examination but predjudice and pessimism. You certainly have the right to feel this way, but it is a dangerous non productive ideal to spread in my opinion.

    @ Reasons voice

    I never said all of the tea parties ideas or beliefs were not good or had no basis in reality. In fact I stated that I do agree with some of their concerns and opinions. That said, the negative effects of their propaganda out weighs by far the fact that they have a couple of sane and well thought out ideas. If we allow them to continually polarize and instigate mistrust while suggesting violent solutions, we are going to have riots and violence breaking out all over. You should feel the racial tension they have managed to create here in the southeastern US. Of course this was always right under the surface here but they have tried very hard to evoke this type of irresponsible violent behavior in hopes of further deviding this country against minorities- specifically latinos and blacks. They know this will help their chances of taking control of our government. Once they do this they will take us back to an environment like we had in the fifties and sixties, constant civil rights struggles and horrible hatred. They not only have misguided ideals but spread outright lies and misinformation on purpose.

  139. @ leonardo

    u're actually in austin.. lol
    i actually wanna move there soon.. away from all these soldiers here on ft hood!

  140. @ leonardo

    I've thought about that idewa a few years back. an improvement, but would not end all problems, there are many instances where the majority is simply wrong or doesn't know all the facts. we need to get rid of this majority rule thing.

    I recently saw this quote on another video in this website, but i think it accurately describes the situation.

    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb
    voting on what to have for lunch." -Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

  141. hippy idea of the day: I read once that representatives was selected because people could not vote themselves. Now with the internet, we could all vote on everything ourselves and get rid of all the douchebaggery.

    yo DRE drop the verse.

  142. Imagine when all these good guys set up a meeting somewhere to discuss some of these ideas over some beers! oh man, i want to be invited! (moving to austin texas soon!)

  143. It's fairly clear to me at least, that the makers of this film are not limiting their dietary indulgences to gold & silver alone. I assume (although I am aware it is rarely prudent to assume any thing) it would appear to any of our open, discerning minds that they are liberally sprinkling their plates with with a tasty spice blend of mercury & lead.

    @Alex B
    How wonderful, a fellow CDN. Sure, sign me up! I'll be right in line with you to stand up to the "Suits". That is of course if you lead by example & are one of the first six. I of course will be seventh in line. You see the problem here don't you? It's not so much finding six brave souls to go first. It's getting the rest of us to follow, because the blood from those first six shots will most certainly splash onto those next in line & we all know that blood stains can be a real bitch to get out!

    Where have I been? Have I missed the biggest news of the past several decades? Are we currently in WWIII?

  144. America u got to love it. I liked this video, but so much doom and gloom. Can't we just enjoy the moment befor the $hit hits the fan in front of our face's. America is county that loves war (iraq, viet,afg,and the 35 year war at home on its own people "war on drugs". Problem is america dont ever win wars we just like them u can never win a war that is moraly/socialy evil. Does anyone really think that america will let it self fail? America WAS THE FIRST COUNTRY TO NUKE SOMEONE ELSE! SO HAVE NO DOUBT THAT AMERICA WILL DO IT AGAIN.... IF THE DOLLAR NEEDS A WAR!

  145. That the authorities would blindly follow orders has already been proven by incidents like Waco, Ruby Ridge, Kent State, and the times that the innocent were killed by the authorities in hostage situations. The mayor of Philadelphia having the fire department burn down several blocks of buildings in order to extricate a few criminals from a single building, the firemen were 'only following orders'..

    But it is the shear stupidity of government that always holds me in awe. In southern California, and 77 year old elderly lady could not come up with an additional $57.00 to pay her taxes in full. She lived in a run down house in a bad part of town and the property wasn't worth much and there was no one interested in buying into such squealer. She was ordered to evict, the sheriff came and through all her belongings and her out on the street. This generated bad publicity for both the sheriff and the county. Their retort was 'We were only following orders' from the sheriff's office and the county stated that 'The law is the law and must be obeyed..'

    Then, the same county social services stepped in and put her in an apartment, put her on food stamps, paid for her utility bills, and placed her on the counties welfare roles at a total cost of $1,800.00 a month in order to retrieve a yearly shortfall of $57.00 a year.

    I do not begrudge help the elderly lady. She could have been assisted much cheaper and remained where she in her home.

    It is the idi0tic actions of the bureaucrats and government workers that blindly step on people without thinking. They usually operate as if they have blinders on then come to the taxpayer when things get out of hand.

  146. @ ez

    I got a super-long comment in response to your posts in moderation and i really hope you take the time to look at it when it shows up.. I have a great time discoursing with you although we disagree on some things.


    great site and thank you vlatko for the platform & free education. I've learned more about the world on this site than in all my years of public schooling.

  147. I like "end of society" documentaries. They present a supposition of prediction followed by extreme examples presented as commom place. That way we can all make small decisions that can invalidate the prediction.
    But always remember, it is the interaction bewteen criminals and social "conservatives" that lead to laws and regulations.

  148. Thank You

  149. @ ez
    1. to regulate your boss, you quit & work elsewhere or complain to his boss. that's the approach i've taken in my life and its worked beautifully.

    2.we effect businesses by not shopping there and taking our money elsewhere (thats the whole even playing field thing), not threatening the business owners with violence. do you believe wars would happen if we all had to fork over thousands of dollars to pay for them voluntarily?

    3. "country's best interest" first country is a concept, not a real tangible object which does not have interests. people have interests and who are you (or politicians) to impose what you think is best onto them? do you think you can know what thousands and millions of people need and want? i beg to differ.

    4. people dumping toxic waste into rivers can be prevented (creatively) without theft, violence and a central power. individuals can work out arrangements in a free market to prevent things like this without the need for coercion. either way your arguments are moot because what you describe is happening right now even with central coercive power in place, except the perpetrators are mostly immune to recourse and the fed helps them cover up their mess. private citizens are the ones taking their time to expose these crimes and try to get something done about them.

    5. "few sacrifice for the larger majority" socialistic nonsense again because you cannot know what is good for the larger majority, we can only aggregate our mutual best interests (trade value) until the society is organized in a way that best compliments our individual interests. any one claiming to know what this is is just a scam artists trynna con you into sacrificing your hard earned labor & precious life for his benefit. either that or they just wanna rob you by force and make it look good while doing it.

    6. "small companies are easy to bribe". true, same as one large company/government, except for the fact that one small company has a relatively small scope of influence and in a free market, competitors are waiting to exploit said company's failures and corruption for a profit, as opposed to one large corruptible company which arrests its competitors, is immune from any social recourse and is funded through theft and not voluntary trade.

    7."how will separate entities standardize and become globally competitive?" well for one standardization makes them more competitive and able to provide a better service which is why inevitably small businesses will standardize and without the need for a central bastion of power forcing everyone into line. also, decentralized standards actually allow more flexibility and innovation as opposed to law (gun) imposed standards which are more often than not counterproductive (even braiding shop/gas station owners in my town all meet together and discuss the business and partner with each other, all without the need for force)

    8. "the free market is responsible for present crisis" We've never had a free market not because of regulation or deregulation, but simply because over half of everyone's money is being taken and shoveled around by a small minority of people, spending it as they see fit. this fact alone makes it an un-free market and completely skews all aspects of our economic system. billions of dollars can randomly appear in places where a free trading market would never allow (wars, traffic cops, drug enforcement, nasa ). a free market means complete individual control of where ones hard earned money and wealth is spent, we've never even had 50% of that, but you wanna blame the free market. I'm afraid you are incorrect.

    8. "how would people express their concerns without a central government?" I submit that that is an uncreative perspective. for one people can start businesses, then others can start businesses to oversee those businesses, and yet others can start businesses that report on the overseers, and even more people can start businesses to create standards across agencies and negotiate "regulations" while other businesses oversee those ones. see you forget the concept of an independent third party, and with governments funding everything, there is no such thing. its like the myth of a fair trial when the judge, arresting cop and prosecuting attorney all work for the same entity and get their pay checks from the same source. its a scam. Its all about personal choice an not being threatened with force. I believe we can come up with nonviolent solutions to all of society's problems, and government is just a big monopoly on violence. also, you act as if with current centralized power in place education and other services are anything to be proud of. I submit that they are complete failures of the imagination and drowned in politics as opposed to actually providing a service in demand at a low price.

    9. social security is nothing but stealing from the youth and future generations to pay for present elders which is highly immoral. there is a little something called planning, saving and making wise investments. there are also insurance companies whom you can pay and that do quite well without government help, because they do their math and provide something people need and want. look up why pensions are gonna go bust in the next few years (esp. California) and think about why the national debt is so high, with each one of us youngsters somehow technically owing 100s of thousands of dollars most of use never even saw or spent.

    finally (sorry for the length of the post): government does meddle into all aspects of our lives if not for anything else but for the mere fact that they threaten us with jail time for not paying them over half of our income. half of all our income is a lot of F'in money and they do whatever they want with it, even borrow on our future earnings like we're cattle.
    I am strongly with you on the fact that we need oversight, regulation and standardization across industries, but one central "know it all" agency with the power to kill and kidnap for any made up reason is a seriously seriously bad idea. I can deal with some corrupt company in Borneo, because they can't turn around and kidnap or kill anyone and their competitors, and when they do they can suffer the consequences. these politicians we left in charge of our society do this on a daily basis and nothing can happen to them, because people like you believe in ish like "they are a necessary evil". i submit there is no such thing as a necessary evil. if its evil, its wrong and we all know it has no place in a rational society. time for innovative and peaceful solutions to problems, as opposed to just waving guns around at anything we don't like.

    1. @ princeton

      you're an idiot, expousing privatie fantisies that are unter Kritik.

  150. It does not take a genius to figure out that if you print money to buy debt that can not be paid back because of interest involved that the paper(which is not backed by anything of value) will become worthless. In an uncertain time it would not be a bad idea to turn some paper money into a proven asset such as silver. Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

  151. During WW1 & WW2 people were ordered to turn their gold and silver jewellery to be turned in for making armaments. Now during WW3 this continues to be the case for for an economic war against ourselves!

  152. Once again, another documentary with loads of information on current problems, but no real solutions. What will it take before people start to lose faith in the system?

    Now, the US seems to be paving the way for what can be reality for the rest of the world. I live in Canada, and though our government and economy don't appear to be as openly corrupt and ridiculous, I don't see any reason to believe that my beloved home country couldn't end up like the US and worse. It's only a matter of time. So I ask again, what will it take for people to rise up against our "leaders?"

    I definitely don't buy into this whole invest in precious metals thing, as it is just another form of currency and scarcity, waiting to be manipulated and exploited. I have been reading all the comments here and on other pages, and all I've noticed is this infinite spiral of cause and effect possible solutions confronted by compounded problems to no end. From my observation, I believe this to be the case because everyone (especially politicians, which is why nothing gets done) is thinking within the box and not outside of it. We've all made these blind assumptions (faith) that we NEED money and government to be a successful civilization.

    Our system is vastly complicated, as pointed out by many people, so don't you think that the best way to solve such a problem is to simplify it? In mathematics, that's what you do with seemingly impossible problems. You break them down into simple variables, and eliminate redundancies. So before we attempt to solve the problems of today, we should be answering the more meaningful yet simpler questions. Why do we use money or any currency? Is this the only way? Why do we use government? Is this the only way?

    We have some of the most brilliant people today, and we can't devise a sustainable system that meets all our needs and moral desires? I hardly think we are incapable of such a design. I think the problem lies in our fear of change. But I would argue, how can anything get worse? Sure, maybe the fear that we develop robots that take over or remove creativity through very strict government regulation. If those were to be our future, they would have to be by our own hand, so in actuality, the things we fear are the things we would create. Does that not leave opportunity to create something better? We all seem to talk about civilization, economics, and government, as if they are some natural forces, wild and untamed and out of our control. These are all creations of mankind, and like my mother always says, "I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it."

    As far as I'm concerned, if we can't answer the very basic questions of our society, then all debate otherwise is noise (no offense). Question the things we've all taken for granted and never accept answers such as "This is just the way things are," or "It's the best we've got." Sorry, but unless these are laws like the law of gravity or thermal dynamics, then they are of our own creation and can therefore be deconstructed.

    It would seem everything has changed around us except the one thing that needs change the most, out society. We have 21st century technology and ideologies, yet we hold onto 5000 year old systems of barter/trade, hierarchy and social class divisions. Sounds a lot like our faith in money and politics is equally as stubborn and ignorant as modern religious beliefs and dogmas. Not to put down spiritual people, but rather attacking religious establishments and the power they hold over people.

    I don't mean to preach, but these are important questions that we face today, and until we attempt to answer or correct them through discussion and "out-of-the-box" problem solving, we are doomed to repeat the past. We have to stop fearing what government and money can do to us, and start believing in what we can do about government and money ourselves. Imagine if we all stopped paying income tax in a single year. Could the establishment really arrest everyone? Also consider the army and police would too be affected by the system. We are like a million people being held hostage by one person with a six-shooter. Sure, he could shoot up to six people, and that would be tragic, but is that risk so great that we should all follow his demands? There is strength in numbers and we have to learn to use it.

  153. Really? Gold and silver? I've never had a bowl of gold for breakfast. My impression of this film is: hyperbole stuck in the monetary system. The film sorely needs a empiric editor because the sited effects of the destructive policies speak for themselves. They do not need unsubstantiated adjectives to bring home the point.
    If you like eating, get some land that you can grow food on and buy seeds and when you buy seeds, make sure they are not genetically modified.
    There is one fact that this film made clear, our money has left the building, not our creativity.

  154. Dustin writes: "The United States is the bully of the entire planet and likes to pick on brown people. No other nation can claim the horrors they have comitted".

    No, I think we are every bit the equal of Israel in the "horrors committed" category.

  155. Query: Is this propaganda?
    Answer: Absolutely.

    Query: Is there a thread of truth to all this?
    Answer: Yes, without a doubt.

    Our Federal government is like a virus infected computer. The Fed was once our tool but no longer serves us... the Fed now serves the will of Israeli and American Zionist Jews. The whole idea is to get you so fed up with your present government that you will gratefully accept their "NEW AND IMPROVED" New World Order, one world government. The root problem is not our government but the Zionist Jews controlling our government. The Jew Zionists are the ones pushing this New World Order. Am I racist? No, I'm not and the irony to the "racist" question is that the Zionist Jews are actually the ones who are intensely racist. Read their Talmud for proof. The fight is NOT the populous vs. the Federal government; it is the populous vs. the Zionist Jew. Lock and load.

  156. @Ez; Remember your thoughts on polarizing and compromise. And put it into contrast with your statement about the tea parties. I agree they do have some i@#$%& in the club with hard core religious ideologies but that does not make them all wrong. As to your sentiment regarding education. I strongly disagree in a way. The department of education is not the group on the block here it is the teachers unions. Those unions with their tenure and their manipulation are the core of the problems. They control the decisions of the Department of Education through threats and bribery.

    And @Tim; Where do you find racism in this doc? Are you that much of a PC pre-programmed fool to see racism in everything that so much as mentions non white people?

  157. I hope the US is nuked for all our sakes! The entire world should just end their exsistence as a country. Not saying kill um all just dont want them to spread hate and war anymore. Some people may comment and challenge what I say but we all know its true; The United States is the bully of the entire planet and likes to pick on brown people. No other nation can claim the horrors they have comitted. They stole a country from natives then killed 20 million of them just to start and i could go on. Maybe China could rival the disrespect for human life the US has, maybe....

  158. Really funny. Thanks.

  159. Gold has no more inherent value than legal tender. It is far worse as a currency since it has no financial bodies that regulate and control its value to stabilize the economy. This has led to many money bubbles while countries were still using the gold standard, which allowed businessmen like Aristotle Onassis to become fabulously rich by taking advantage of it. If you have ever traded on the stock market you should realize that the volatility that leads to a 50% increase in 1 years can easily turn into a 50% decrease in 6 months. If you can calculate you'll realize that's a 25% loss even if you stepped in early. The current rise in the price of gold is a bigger bubble than the housing bubble that triggered it. It is based on arcane, almost medieval beliefs that gold is worth something.

    Gold has very few economic purposes, which is why it has been popular as a material for coins throughout history. Bronze, iron and copper coins were often confiscated to be melted into shields and swords, which is very destructive to your economy. Later, soft (useless) metals such as nickel became more popular since economies grew larger and required more glue (money) and gold was always hard to find. With the invention of the printing press came the option of printing paper money, provided it was sufficiently hard to replicate. More recently, money can just be transferred electronically, without the risks associated with the material that is used to express its value.

  160. Some countries protect their citizenry by controlling who comes into the country, others have virtually wide open borders where any uneducated lowlife can enter at will. AMerica has a military presence in something like 180 countries at present, any connection there? just wondering.

    We debate ad nauseum about antediluvian religious practices and beliefs, embryos, gay marriage and guns ........ all while corporate executives like IBM's former CEO Lou Gerstner become millionaires, if not billionaires, and good paying technical jobs are sent to grotesquely over-populated and polluted, filthy countries like India and China where there is a better educated population willing to work for say $3 a day.

    This pattern of greed has been going on for at least three decades now in the advent of what was once a great democracy now turned idiocracy. Yes conservatives, Ronald Regan, and trickle down economics is a failed domestic policy.

    Who do Americans listen to in the first decade of the 21st century? Rapacious ideologues like Limbaugh, Hannity, and moronic theocrats like Beck and dumb broads from the state of ALaska and Minnesota.

    Why? We've grown too stupid as a nation to know any better.

  161. Ooooooooh this is a very stupid doc.....

  162. what's with the page "pay.gov - treasurydirect - complete to make donations to help reduce public debt" that keeps flashing 1:00:38 etc

    WTF? Are they serious. Surely no one's that stupid. Subliminal messages?

  163. @DaaraJ
    Thanks for the insight. My internal radar was flashing throughout this presentation. Perhaps I'm not so cynical & paranoid after all. Now, do I believe you or waste a whole bunch of time researching this dude you mentioned. As you said in your comment; "grain of salt" & I said in mine; "hyped beyond recognition". Please people, exercise caution while living there. Use your brains, question authority, be proactive, & above all think! Ha! Ha! Loved the discourse between EZ & Princeton this time around. Looks like this doc accomplished one thing any way. Individual thought, even if you're both completely wrong. Ha! Ha! again. Just joking dudes, trying to spark some more creative thoughts towards solution. I enjoyed your input.

  164. Who knows? Maybe the U.S.A. will finally catch up to the rest of the world in respect to the ratio of income, dollar value, cost of living. Sorry but I couldn't help but sense a hint of the "survivalist mentality" while watching this film. My experience when I lived in the U.S. was pretty much everything, I mean everything was hyped beyond recognition.

  165. @ Princeton

    As for your second rant, you are confused. I am talking about the concept or ideal of government, not the specific people in Washington right now. As far as your excuse that the majority would still care about these issues, that has nothing to do with it. This majority would have no entity to express those concerns through or provide for the common good. They may all be very interested in thier kids education, but how would they effect change without creating a central entity to express those concerns and police the education process?

    Yes I am sure many would be concerned about their retirement but how would they get a vested income setup to alleviate those concerns without creating government and social security or something like it. Yes they would be concerned about food safety but how would they check all foods and set up and enforce standards for storage and processing? Come on man, think.

    I hear you complain all the time about the government meddling in the economy. Actually the government stayed out of the economy for long enough to let the corporations and their republican bed buddies take advantage and then leave us in the mess we are currently in. Now we have the tea party running around saying absolutely destructive and crazy things about over turning civil rights amendments and out lawing every practice they find immoral, yet they say they stand for less intrusion in our private lives. No they stand for less intrusion in the corporate agenda and are all for government telling you what you can or cant do with your own morality.

  166. @ Princeton

    I totally disagree with you. First of all if people pay some one to come and regulate or oversee their operation it sets up a very apparent conflict of interest. No one would want to find an issue as the people would simply go with a different regulator next time, you can't get your money from the very people you oversee. Thats like telling someone to regulate their own boss, chances are they are going to let alot slide in hopes of keeping their job and getting recommended for others. Besides we as voters have no way of effecting change or putting pressure on private business.

    If they did a bad job in our opinion what could we do about it, they don't need our vote. And yes, one central power over seeing things in this case is best. These are not relative issues, its never ok to break regulations set in place to protect the countries best interests. No matter how much you needed to profit from dumping that chemical in the river it's still wrong and needs punished. No matter how many people in your specific area say it is ok to do something that is not in the best interests of the country at large, even if it is in local peoples best interests, it's wrong.

    We live in a democracy were the few sacrifice for the good of the larger majority. Besides you said you wanted an even playing field, how would you get that if every state had its own laws and regulations enforced by private companies not beholding to the public. As far as bribing goes it is much easier to get away with bribing a private company. Politicians and agency personnel are constantly checked into by the press that would love nothing more than to expose such a thing happening. I am not saying they do not get bribed, but it would be harder than bribing a private company.

    No one checks into private companies, they are easy to bribe. And again the politician or government agency needs the support of the public and therefore will try and please the public. As far as lobbying, well at least there are rules on how lobbyists are allowed to try and convince a government employ or agency. There are no rules as to what they can do with a private business, they could give them all vacations in Hawaii to make sure they get the results they want.

    Another important reason to keep the regulation under the federal government is that these entities they are regulating need to be able to work with others across the country and around the world, they can not all have their own laws and regulations. Could you imagine trying to learn all those do's and dont's so you could be globally competitive?

    You are absolutely wrong, a total free unregulated market is exactly what got us in trouble. We did away with almost all regulation under Ronald Reagan, look what happened. We had banks giving credit to anyone that wanted a loan, why not they are not responsible for the loss anyway. They knew full well that someone in the system would be responsible and it would effect the system when these loans came due, but they didn't care and no one was their to stop them.

    We had investment companies betting against their own investors, creating ever more complicated and irresponsible investment practices, basically engineering losses and wins by playing the market from the inside. We have corporations that already had huge tax cuts finding ever more complicated schemes and loop holes to avoid paying taxes. They were able to send jobs out of the country or whatever they had to do to maximize profits, and no obligations to do anything with those record profits but pocket it. How does this help our economy or the unemployed?

  167. Clearly racist parts of the documentary makes its integrity questionable.

  168. @ ez
    let me get this straight.. your whole argument is that the majority of people left on their own will not be concerned about their own health-care? or that the majority of people left on their own don't care about food safety? or maybe you're suggesting that the majority of people in society do not care about educating their children? and I am also assuming you think the majority of people do not care about the poor or the sick? i would strongly disagree with you if that is your argument, but even if that is the case, it all goes back to basic logic.

    1)if the majority of people are greedy, selfish and don't care about each other, then we can also assume the government that they place into power will reflect those characteristics, with the added power to force the caring/smart minority to its will and creating even more problems. if we assume most people are evil & st00pid, then a central power is a really bad idea because those same evil st00pid people will inevitably gravitate toward that power and mess things up for everyone.

    2) on the other hand, if we assume most people are kind in nature, concerned citizens and actually care for each other (which is why we have democracy so the majority can outvote the few evil ppl around, at least in theory) then there is no need for a central base of power because left on their own most people will actually help each other out and are concerned about their well-being, doing whatever is necessary to ensure society functions at its best.

    you have to understand, the common good is an excuse for politicians to rob the masses for the benefit of a small minority. even if there is some "common good" (which i doubt), it is grossly arrogant to assume a small group of politicians know what it is and can predict what will be best for a population of millions, even thousands. the free market/capitalist perspective is in general a humble perspective, stating that no central planner can ever know what will be best for a large group of people, but instead letting the market forces (supply and demand) work themselves out and treating individuals with the respect they deserve in allowing them the choices to decide how their time on this planet should be spent without unnecessary interference.

    police/security/regulators (voluntarily paid for & not paid thru taxes) should only step in when individuals' rights are being violated and someone is imposing his/her choices on another person (gray area for children). anything other than that is pure theft and the immoral/initiation of the use of force. our governments (worldwide) constantly initiate force against us for nothing that should be their business in the first place (what I eat/smoke/drink/drive/watch/listento/trade/earn/learn/read/write/say/pay/) to the point of violating their own purpose, rules and laws.

    to be fair, I don't know how all those services you mentioned should best be provided for society at large, but I can tell you that none of those jacka$$es in Washington or any other government can tell you either, they just know where they need to spend our stolen money to appease the largest group of voters to stay in power and get kickbacks from lobbyists while making it look as if they are doing something good for society. we shouldn't get distracted by what happens to our stolen money after it's been stolen, what about the initial theft?

  169. @ ez
    I completely agree with you about regulation and oversight, they are necessary. my only problem is the government monopoly on oversight and regulation, which makes it very easy for companies to "bribe/lobby" the regulators like they have done to this day. I think any form of central planning and oversight is a grossly arrogant strategy, for not one individual or group of individuals can know what is right for an entire society, but allowing various interests to compete on an even playing field is the only way to arrive at the best solutions to such complicated social problems.

    It's like completely relying on one credit agency which gets to pull out guns (laws) and threaten everyone else to comply with force. I'd rather have a few reporting agencies and local agencies that do their own reports all on a voluntary basis, because creditors are actually willing to pay them for their data, as opposed to one huge company that we're not even sure the people paying for it want or even like (they just get taxed). one central overseer is the worst way to regulate anything in society. decentralized power allows redundancies built into the system, making it much more robust and less corruptible. total free market capitalism (in all aspects) is our only way out of this chaos.

  170. Hers a few honest questions you should be able to answer before buying into the tea party idealogy: How long before mine and your children would be recieving a relgious indoctrination instead of an education if we do away with the department of education? How would we set up standards and set goals as a nation without the dept of education? Who would provide for and execute the global studies needed to make education more efficient, effective, and competetive globally? How many people would die in poverty after working all their lives for minimum wage if we do away with social security?

    If we privatised social security how long before people get informed that their particular mutual fund went belly up and now they have no retirement even though they worked and invested responsibly? How long before tainted or poisoned foods kill thousands if we do away with the FDA? How long before our streams and rivers are ruined, even the very air we breathe if we do away with the EPA? How long before we have minorities discriminated against openly if we remove the laws that protect against such descrimination?

    Do you really trust corporations and big business to do the "right thing" or be concerned for the common good of our people if no one is there to check up on them and no regulations are in place to discourage certain harmful practices? Finallly, is it your opinion that over regulation and too much oversight is what cost us our jobs in this country?

    Lets not confuse oversight with intrusion or freedom with total abandonment of responsibility for the common good. Lets not confuse security with racism or predjudice. Lets not confuse party loyalty with atual principles or convictions. When does the campaign end and the stradegy stop and actual governing and voting ones convictions begin? Is it really an acceptable goal to make the other guy fail instead of trying to succeed yourself?

  171. @ reasons voice

    "I bear in mind that the police are just men and women like the rest of us and if they are told to arrest someones little Italian grandma for growing her own sauce tomatos they will simply rufuse to do so."

    I beg to differ.. many cops have done similar things and actually a lot of cops go out of their way to find and investigate little italian grandma for growing her own sauce tomatoes. the type of person who rides around town looking for people not wearing seat-belts, or teenagers smoking pot to kidnap I would assume is capable of anything.

    And as far as the people limiting governments cos they're pissed off, well tell that to jews in germany, or falun gong practitioners in china. maybe a visit to stalin's country would change that view. they have already overstepped their bounds and have found they can get away with it, why? public schooling and the fact that most of us are raised believing we are free, no matter how truly enslaved we are.

    A revolution in this day and age would do nothing but get civilians killed, because soldiers/cops are too dumb-founded to actually think about their actions (i'm just doin my job/following orders) and the government is much more powerful than at any other time in history (technol. & weapons). it doesn't look good for the lil guy with common sense.
    other than that, I do agree.. this doco may have slanted things a bit.

  172. @ roland gopel

    You need to read a book called How to Survive a Robot Uprising. It is a serious book believe it or not, has some good advice in it. I don't know if this is where we are headed, though i agree it is possible. I don't think it is possible in the time frame you laid out, ten years? Any way it sounds like the whole resourced based technocracy thing you are talking about to me, in a way.

    Besides I think the polarized, pressured, and confused situation in the US will blow up long before what you speak of comes to pass. That will be the end of the world I know. Maybe common sense will prevail, cooler heads with actuall plans for progress based on compromise and working together. It certainly looks to be going in the opposite direction right now though. More and more polarized, passionate, and disillusioned.

    How long will the rusty wire hold back the cork? Are we really out of touch enough to be fooled into confusing oversight with intrusion, freedom with lack of responsibility for the common good? I hope not, because we are in an economic position that will not allow for very much bs before its over rover.

  173. If you guys think we will be more safe or better off if we just let anyone sell food with no regulations on storage, processing, or distribution- your wrong. Yes, we need to do away with some of the crazy things we put in our food, but we must ask why is it put in there in the first place? These companies have to pay for everything going in the product which cuts down on profit, so why do they do it? Its all about making these huge commercial farms work. In order for their business model to make sense they need x amount of production and y amount of profit achieved within a specific time frame.

    This means controlling nature down to very fine detail, which can only be done with all these chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, horomones, etc. etc. So if the commercial farm's business model is not predictable, it fails. Now we are back to small family run farms, and we need many many of these to have enough to meet the market demands on food stuffs. Do we have enough farmers out there? Is there enough undeveloped space in the country? What do we do when natural disasters spoil our food production?

    How do people stay in business farming when one bad year is all it takes and you lose everything? What happens to our food exports? I don't know many small farmers that make deals with foreign markets, do market research or nutritional research, or design new methods and better more productive crops. This is a very complicated issue, not near as simple as the tea party would have you believe. No matter who ends up providing our food though, we will need oversight for our own protection and to renmain competetive in the global market. Most countries would not take foods from an iundustry that is not regulated.

    I have been a small farmer for about thirty eight years now, grew up on a farm. There are no easy answers and things can become very complicated very quickly. We must start thinking about the future of our farming industry and the effects it has on the rest of our economy. Few things are as complicated or necessary as food production for billions of people at a time.

  174. This is basically all part of a share tipping scam. The guy who wrote the narrative for that, Jonathan Lebed, is notorious for these scams.

  175. 52:33 says it all for me. I like to grow some vegetables, I guess soon I will be doing some time for growing tomatoes, peppers and what ever else. I wonder if the fruit trees that were in the property when I bought it will also get me in trouble?

  176. yes!!! the end of the world is nigh!!!
    of course!!!!
    has been for thousands of years hasn't it?? lol
    seriously though, its a pretty good docco even if only a sales pitch for gold and silver. oh, i'm not sure what sorta diet it is that lets you eat all this supposedly great gold and silver. i had heard a number of times how you'd be able to live off gold and silver for months and years, but i don't think my stomach could handle it.

    ... mind you, the end of the world as we know it, is indeed near. but not in the way most people think, and only partly (minorly) for the reason in this docco, and also not just in the USA but everywhere.
    i have an active interest in robotics and i know that robots as capable as those in the 'i robot' movie will be a reality well within the next 10 years. most people would say "so what!". the 'so what' is that there are very serious ramifications of this.
    if the robots do all the work that we humans have previously done then we humans are not doing said work. this is so simple it pains me to have to spell it out. if you extrapolate this idea then you'd come to the logical conclusion that, if no human is working then no human is earning money. so no human will pay taxes, because they haven't earned any money, and they won't spend money that they don't have either, which means there's no sales tax revenue either.
    for ordinary people who own a robot the lack of money won't be a problem because the robot can tend a garden so there'll always be food, and the robot can make the clothes and maintain the house. the robot can get together with other robots and build still more robots for those people who don't yet have one. the robots can also 'man' the farms and mines and factories to give us all the things we could possibly want. in such a world money and material wealth would become somewhat meaningless.
    with no taxes being paid, public officials wouldn't be paid but again, they'd have a robot too so no harm done.
    i think people would still do work but it would be work that people would do for the sheer love of the work that they enjoy doing, perhaps such as making handcrafted furniture. teaching of kids would become the responsibilty of parents once again and with the aid of the internet there'd still be a measure of standardisation of education.

    we humans really could have a very utopian life.
    however, this could only happen if the bullies of the world are kept in check.
    at this point you might say that i'm just a dreamer. i would agree up to a point. but i KNOW that this is possible.
    think about it!!

    1. @roland gopel - That is what Kaynes called Technological Unemployment. Although I rarely agree with Kaynes, I do agree with him, and you, about this. As you say, it represents an opportunity for a utopian life, but the reality is likely to be very different. Judging by the entire recorded history of mankind, the most likely scenario is that those individuals who are already rich will become super-rich at the expense of the middle class. As more and more jobs are taken over by robots, the people and corporations that own and produce the robots will become increasingly powerful. Also, as people lose their jobs and can't find new ones, they will become dependent on the rich. Ultimately, the majority of the world's people will lead lives that are virtually indistinguishable from slavery.

    2. Not exactly. I'm aware that my boss still need me to create new chemical formulations for this orthat purpose...
      Formulations that contains always about (5-15) chemicals (Dispersing agent, non-ionic surfactants, binders, surface tension levelling agents) and so many other new ones coming on the market every once in a while.

      It just doesn't stop. And we're always looking for cheaper prices for raw materials. I don't mind how cheap goods become, as long as there's a paycheck at the end...

      Bottom line, there are quite a few trade that humankind just can't substitute by robots.
      "The Brain"... Only one thing can substitute it : "A pregnant woman".
      And everyday, there's one more being born...


  177. I dont understand how they can blame the Free Market fore US jobs going to country's with less pay.

    Join the New bubbel Gold and Silver, bon appetit

    Good backgound music adds to the drama

  178. I forgot to say that most of our meat & dairy products have the hormones. Our packaged food has chemicals up the ying-yang.

  179. Our politicians are doing the bidding in behalf of Monsanto. (that's just one corporation) They are one of the corporations that are POISONING our food. They make synthetic hormones. I remember reading about a dairy farmer (I think from Maine) that Monsanto sued for advertising "hormone free dairy". I don't remember what happened after that. Sorry.
    The corporate agra-business is poisoning us. My daughter works at a prestigious medical center in pediatrics. How many 6-7 year old females have full pubic hair & need a bra?
    It's one thing to ensure the safety of our food, but instead we've gone back to the days when "The Jungle" by Upton Synclair was written. Sorry if I spelled his name wrong.

  180. when is the bakery open? i'm hungary

  181. Did Glenn Beck write this? It's absolutely hilarious.

  182. Lol @Scott; I hear ya man but I live with a cop and his grandma makes a mean sauce and has a garden. Pretty sure he ain't the only one either.

  183. @ Reasons Voice

    While I agree with the majority of what you've said, I must disagree with your last point. The police WOULD arrest her still and they would probably tase her to death if she was holding a pitchfork.

  184. This is tea party hysteria, lots of exageration with just enough truth to be effective propaganda. Dont get me wrong, they say they stand for things I like- less taxes, freedom, less government intrusion- I think everyone likes these things. It is the crazy under current they are plagued with that does me in. Demonizing latinos and minorities, talking about reversing civil rights ammendments, suggesting 2nd ammendement remedies, wanting to do away with social security, medicare, and just about every other intitlement program, Christine Odonell even said she thought hundreds of innocent Americans would fall victim to satanic sacrifices over halloween and that she wanted to outlaw masterbation. Glenn Beck trying his best to try and start some type of race driven conflict with the tea party, saying Obama's trip to India is costing 256 million dollars a day and taking along ten percent of the Navy fleet- Therse people are whacked in the head, society is not going to crumble and the end of the world isn't coming because we let homosexuals in the military. These are simple minded racially motivated people, beware what you take as truth.

  185. In answer to the question of wether this is propaganda or not. It is to an extent. The ultimate agenda here may not be 100% altruistic and some of it may be disinformation. But peppered into this mix are imortant and very real issues developing in our nation. The issues with "grade inflation" in our schools, over regulation of individual rights, as well as the healthcare issues mentioned are all true. As are quite a few other points. Will it become illegal to have a personal garden at some point? I can't say but maybe. I do feel though that the government can only over-reach so far before they really piss people off. I bear in mind that the police are just men and women like the rest of us and if they are told to arrest someones little Italian grandma for growing her own sauce tomatos they will simply rufuse to do so.

  186. @Leonardo; I'm afraid there is no simple answer to your question. The aspects of American culture that many find troubleing have resulted from a degenerative process. The addiction to media, entertainment, and materialism has been compounded with each and every generation. The ideal of the American Dream started out as a dream of stability, one where a person who was willing to work hard could acheive a simple yet comfortable life for themselves and their loved ones. It has since been perverted into a drive for superficial extravigance with as little effort as possible for many. It would be impossible to truely address each and every issue within this society here. I do hope that open discussion will ocur though, so that more understanding is gained by all.
    I am not a blind defender of the people at all. I just take offence to generalities. Especially ones that judge the nations people by the state of their government. I would not judge people from the UK according to my opinion that a sustained monarchy (regardkless of its' removal from executive power) is silly. My opinion is that the descendants of a warlord land owner have little business living in a over-privilaged world funded by the sweat of the people. I dont judge those from the eastern block, former soviet russian teritories for the prevalence of former kgb mafioso ruling from behind closed doors. I dont judge middle eastern people for the oil princes who live in palaces while the nations people go uneducated and hungry. I don't judge the chinese people for the suppressive government regeim. And I dont judge Mexican nationals for the fact that the richest man in the world is mexican while masses of the citizens illegaly cross to america to take jobs that could be done in Mexico.
    I am not blind to the flaws in my country and openly discuss them with reasonable people. I simply will not discuss the flaws of my nation with someone who just got home to their glass house with their brand new sling shot.

  187. mankind never changes their Behaviour till they have hit rock bottom and nolonger have a choice .

  188. it should have been "what is is about, Americans?"

  189. @Reasons Voice

    I was asking a question to you guys that are from the US and could offer a personal opinion.

  190. @Leonardo; The mistake in your statement is "about Americans" this is not about the everyday american people. This is about the corrupt beurocratic lawyer elite that is riding a great nation with great ideals and great constituents into the ground.

  191. so what is this about Americans? Is this propaganda? should you really be afraid? illegal to have a veggie garden on your backyard? Movies like this make me angry and sad.

  192. Excellent doc. I will say however there are a few things covered here that I don't trust given the source. Main one is the precious metals comodity. While I agree precious metals investment is sound practice, when it is being pushed by those already heavily invested it becomes suspect. Simple economics tells us that demand drives value. They strive to increse demand thus making their own investment skyrocket.
    The discussion about the wildly expensive lifestyles of elected officials, I/E the first ladys' vacation, is great. The speaker does make a mistake here though when saying it shows just how out of touch these people are. On the contrary the documentary covered this issue earlier on. It plays into the mind set that has run rampant within the nation of percieved extravigance translates into false value place onto the individuals character. They used the example of The Jersey Shore tv show. Each and every member of the cast of that show has absolute zero to contribute to society. They are ignorant, spoiled, brainless, Near sociopaths who give off an air of superiority that has no creditable foundation what so ever. They simply appear to be a person worthy of note due to the ediffice of extravigance and privilege they exude. The same fact applies to the first lady. The colorfull term for this in this country is "ghetto fabulous". Its' meaning is simple. That a person who in reality is not on equal footing to those around them appears superior through the posession of high end material goods in conjunction with a false act of untouchability. The white house knows that we buy into this farce and they know that, sadly, reelection could hinge on something as simple as the first ladies prada hand bags.

  193. this is funny stuff.