Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement

Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement

2007, Politics  -   67 Comments
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Endgame: Blueprint for Global EnslavementThe conspiracy-themed release Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement attempts to make a case for the idea that the governments of the contemporary world are uniting to form a new world order and enslave all of humanity, murdering 80% of the global population.

Subtopics include the formation of the Bilderberg Group, the evolution of the North American Transportation Control Grid and the collapse of the USA.

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  1. Mike Ehrmantraut

    I'm not a big fan of Alex Jones... but he's almost always right.

    1. George Johnson

      Yep, I totally agreed….those in the world economic forum are in the mist of confiscating total power……they are so close…….
      But Never under estimate the power of God……!!!!!

  2. BeckyWhiteBread

    Noahide Laws is the endgame. Chabad- Lubavitch 7 laws will see millions enslaved or murdered/harvested w one w gov, one world court, n no religious or spiritual beliefs, renounce accept or die. .....the world to come is the NWO.. everything else is just noise.

  3. George Hawirko

    Watching this in 2021, it's very accurate, but now we have the Davos Gang to reinforce the Bilderbergers.


    Put a sack over your head and say"I see."

  5. Martin Hedington

    Kept my attention for all of 5 minutes. Anyone who allows Alex Jones to talk for more than ten consecutive seconds deserves that their point, -or their message-, be immediately dismissed as utter 'fringe lunatic' garbage IMHO. Putting that nutter on early at least enables the sane to work this out relatively quickly.

    1. TruthisNeverMisinformation

      As much as I DO NOT follow Alex Jones, and have not even watched this documentary (yet), I could not resist replying to your comments, the reality that this is a Digital Global Control Grid being put in place while the average Joe six pack continues to believe in their illusion world and continues to ignore the reality around them makes the plan which has of course been slowly rolled out over decades even more masterful. A Wolf in Sheep's clothing being the insignia for some of those running this operation (Fabians) is not by chance. Enjoying your sleep, when you finally wake up (if you ever do) everything that you hold dear, any resemblance of your previous life will of course be gone. The freaks running this world are not the people you sit and watch on your TV screen or on your walk about slave device or the people you see in your propaganda news paper. What is happening for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear is so obvious. Even just on the basis of money, forget about control, if you can't see it after 1yr and 3 months, presumably you NEVER will :-(

    2. chris

      Clearly you do not follow Alex J. If you did you would be aware of his being corrects %'age rate! Or at the very least, in the ball park....
      I myself, have an opinion too. With a high level of certainty, I'm all but sure that you claim to be a u.s. citizen and the only reason why you do, that you can come up with would be because you live in the UNITED STATES! I can further be certain, as a result of your being a citizen, You consider yourself a Person(s) over being a human being. ( albeit because you think your definition of person(s) is the only definition there is)...Even furthering my level of certainty, Due to you being a person(s), You obviously must be of the opinion or more so BELIEF, as most citizens or Person(s) BELIEVE, they must obey any and all Statutes, codes and policies! Naturally, because all citizens and all person(s) are also of the BELIEF these are what are called Laws.....So ultimately, all this taken into account, Im certain you believe, Live and operate in the world which has been pulled over your eye's to keep you from seeing the truth! You haven't had the moment, where you catch a glimpse of the truth yet! You haven't stumbled or discovered, as many millions of us have, that citizens and Person(s) OBEY statutes ,codes and policies! Of which are what make up the Laws, for a citizen and person(s) still living in the matrix!! Not for Those who have been able to realize that WE ARE ALL NEO! As they clearly told us, No one can tell anyone what the matrix is, THEY MUST DISCOVER WHAT THE MATRIX IS FOR THEMSELVES!!! THEY MUST SEE IT FOR THEMSELVES!!! Wake up my brother, the rest of us need all other neo's we can get right now!! Obviously a window of opportunity we have left is shrinking fast! It is common knowledge and an ABSOLUTE FACT, the Sun is HOT! Understand, Morpheus, spoke ABSOLUTE FACT! When he stated, You are a slave Neo! like everyone else, you were BORN INTO BONDAGE! Living in a prison, one which you cannot smell, see or touch, A PRISON FOR YOUR MIND!! I realized i was neo long ago, so ive been free from prison thanks to that ABSOLUTE TRUTH, and like all those other neo's out there, No one can make that absolute truth out to be anything else bc we live in it now as the real living man/woman aka Neo...Citizens,Person(s), corporations,individuals and many other things, carrying out commerce, contracting with one another in their Public capacity. Operating according to, or with in, those Statutes ,codes and policies simply have not come to their red pill blue pill moment! They must correct their status, expatriate from being a citizen/person(s) or any of the other LEGAL FICTIONS and repatriate back into the living man/woman, take back your UN-A-LIEN-ABLE rights you unknowingly gave up, in order for Permissions and privileges you pay for in order to use their services! ie. The dmv, Insurance companies, driving your car. Giving up your ability to own anything possessing a title of ownership, for only having the ability to rent them, possessing only an Equitable Title (literally you can hold on to it use it and pay for the up keep of it, but at the end of the day you DO NOT OWN IT NOR EVER WILL so long as you are who they want you to be!! Which def. isnt being Neo!! I would suggest you may wanna learn what legalese is. What you know definitions of words to be, ARE NOT what the definitions will be when you find yourself in THEIR courtroom, where it WILL ALWAYS be USED AGAINST YOU!!
      Example, What is your definition of Register?........In a courtroom setting, i.e. LEGAL setting. Bouviers Law dictionary, Register means, To give up/away to Abandon something...Not your definition right!!! Now What does that mean when you apply that everyday life right now!?? LEGALLY (not Lawfully), it means that, To Register something, Your legally handing over that which you are registering, to whom you are registering that something with! How many vehicles does the DMV now hold ORIGINAL TITLE too I wonder!??? Original title, The PROOF OF OWNERSHIP that is!!! What they SEND YOU in the mail is your offical and legal COPY of the original, Your EQUITABLE TITLE!!! Your document, showing you have PAID for the Permission and or Privilege using their services at the DMV, and are LEGALLY (not Lawfully) been allowed to possess, hold, use THEIR "VEHICLE" (you call it what it is, a car ,truck aka Automobile). You also agreed(knowingly or other wise) to be responsible for the general Upkeep and maintenance it may require while in your possession and use! Handing over your car/truck to the state by registering it, whether you know it or not doesnt matter, is also a contract you accepted to enter into with them, as the legal fiction name they gave you at birth, That made you a Person(s) who is also a Citizen! That legal Fiction, aka your corporation you didnt know you had! It has the same name as you but is Always spelled in all capital letters!! This contract, they call an IMPLIED CONTRACT! every time you agree to be strawman/legal fiction entity/your corporation All caps name, your accepting that you are their SUBJECT and they are your master!! You wanna claiim to be a citizen? Even after they tell you exactly what a citizen is and more specifically, the only place they have control(jurisdiction) over a citizen!!

  6. Allot

    They can kill my vessel but my spirit is eternal.

  7. Clark

    This is more relevant now than any of us can ever imagine. To find A.J now you have to got ddg search engine then got to banned.video

  8. Jules

    There won't be a new world order because JESUS is going to stop it.

    1. Karin Richter

      Yes, there will be.
      Jesus will stop satan & his evil minions but only after the NWO comes into being & they cause more death & destruction of God's creation. 7 years long, I think. Hopefully, I'm wrong. Terrible times coming regardless.
      Your only savior is Jesus Christ .

    2. All or Nothing

      We're in the 7 year period now. Since 9/23/2017 when the woman pregnant with child appeared in the sky as stars, planets & the moon lined up exactly as described in Revelation 12. The red dragon tried to destroy the baby boy JC in order to reverse the Resurrection but failed. So the dragon pursued the woman (the Virgin) & sought to destroy her but God hid her in the wilderness (a parallel universe) for 3.5 years. That was the beginning of THE TRIBULATION. As above so below. Feb/March 2021 begins the 2nd half & The NWO will rule for 3.5 years. It will be hell on earth but God will test EVERYONE'S heart. Who is your God? Whom do you Trust? Whom do u love, serve & obey? U cannot serve two masters. And serving yourself is the same as serving Satan. Bc that's the very HEART of Satan.... REBELLION against the Creator.

  9. jo

    As long as they exterminate the unwanted races then let it be.

  10. john

    Probably a good idea to enslave humans and depopulate. I see no reason to value this human world. Crooks and liars and fools all. We all have it coming.

  11. Jack kaden

    I know he is a double agent. just read between the lines.

  12. Xavier

    MM so control of the transportion networks... I just read something about US Airways buying AMR. Creating one of the largest carriers ran by US carriers.

  13. Cameron Brooks

    The Free People of Earth will not allow the Bilderburg Group succeed in world domination and the enslavement of humanity.. You are not Gods and you will never achieve your goals in this world. God the Super Conscious of the People combined will over come your evil. The Serpent will perish..

    1. Dave Falanga

      For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. 1Thessalonians 5:3

  14. Eric Lam

    I dont like alex jones for a reason. He's flat out bought out. Some times he says stuff that isn't considered a rational thought! He rambles on useless information then comes up with a conspiracy theory. It's like seeing a guy who just believes what he is told. His radio youtube channel claiming that the climate change movement is a scam when the report was sent up to the British courts and deemed innocent. He's pathetic and retardedly stupid. Sure he has a point in the documentary but i honestly rather find a more credible source than alex jones.

    1. Rocky Racoon

      I agree he is a big diversion from what needs to be done.

    2. Clark

      How when they put so much censorship

  15. sekulär demokrat

    And what about the Islamist and Mohammed. Are the Rockefella behind them to?

    1. Nakor420

      No, that region is among the last that is not under their controll. One reasons we are constantly at war in the middle east.

  16. Winston Smith

    Shouldn't every capitalist's goal be economic 'world domination' ? That's the system we have. People are taught that the more they profit the better off they are and this is true,, Having more money gives us more power over others. So dont blame the most successful among us. Blame the primitive system of money for labor. Of money at all. Imagine a world without the idea of profit. Could such a thing exist?
    Alex Jones is about making money for Alex Jones. Sadly, he is a big part of what the mainstream press use to so successfully portray this caricature of the looney conspiracist; the 'conspiracy theorist'
    (Bilderberg!! Bohemian Grove!! 9-11!! 7-7! mumbai!! THEY - EVIL ELITES ARE out to enslave you! Moloch woshippers!! ) YOU see? Any rational person can comfortably dismiss this is nonsense. But yet there is truth mixed with nonsense in here.. and that's the problem.

    Its been said (and good to remember) the best disinformation is 90% true. That's how dis & mis info work; by pairing compelling information alongside nonsensical pseudo-scientific information (firm conclusions and claims based on incredibly weak premises, or contradictory, or overly complex information) with the knowledge that most reasonable people will take a look and dismiss the lot. And that's exactly what happens. If you care about 911 truth stick to science-based facts and leave alex jones behind.

    1. bluetortilla

      Well said. I'm after the truth not more confusion. And it is obvious from my daily life that we are way off course. That our system is one that encourages greed and always has since the dawn of civilization. The sickness is in the minds of individuals from all walks of life, not just power brokers in dark rooms.
      I didn't think too much of this documentary but I liked Eisenhower's and Kennedy's opening remarks. As leaders they don't get enough credit, especially Kennedy.

  17. TheAfroMan

    conspiracy theorists....

    people don't waste your life being paranoid and stressing about what the governments might be doing be doing behind our backs. I'd rather be naive and live a happy life as it appears to be, then getting ready for the day we all become slaves, or when the government f***s us over
    Just asks your selves if you are happy in life? and then move on. Don't spend your weekends on reading and watching videos like this until 3am. Find a better hobby for your own sake.
    To all my American friends im not saying you shouldn't be locked and loaded incase the government obviously tries to f*** us over one day.
    I Know a lot of this stuff seems to make sense some probably true, but these people are in the business of selling this stuff to people like you. Remember Hollywood is pretty good at making stuff believable to with know facts mixed in with fiction.
    One more thing to ask your selves this: Who really succeeds into getting into your mind, the conspiracy theorists(who are probably making a small fortune for writing books and making videos like this), or the government with there brain washing and sucking money from the middle class.

    ....But don't take my word for it, for all you know i could be part of the the new world order plan appearing as an average internet user to quell down people like you(or i could be bluffing)...lol XD

    1. Pedro Bonilla

      so wrong there fella. I'd rather be aware of my surroundings. I'd rather know how we are being slowly poisoned. There are a lot of people who know what is really going on and it becomes a lifestyle. If you were gay(just an example.) and the Government was trying to make you date women, would you just take a knee and accept it? Or would you stand up for your freakin' rights? Oh for the record, you don't need to buy any videos, you can watch them free just like on this website. So the "conspiracy theorist" really don't make money off these informative videos.

  18. kafkafil

    Some awful factual mistakes in this. Edward VIII wasn't forced to abdicate because of his support for Hitler. He had to abdicate because he wanted to marry Wallis Simpson, a divorcee, which was unconstitutional.

  19. Nakor420

    You people that turn a blind eye and call Alex Jones a nut are the reason the elite are getting away with this s***. Alex Jones didn't create the federal Reserve, or the CFR, or the trilateral commision, or the Bilderburg group. He just exposes them. All these groups and their agendas are REAL, and all the Alex Jones hating in the world isn't going to change that. Don't worry sheeple, the Alex Jones's of the world will still work to try and save us, even if you don't want to admit what's going on. Just go back to sleep and let the people with their eyes open work, and stop polluting the movement with your misinformed nonsense. This stuff is not conspiracy theory, it's conspiracy FACT.

    1. SSS

      I agree. Alex Jones provides people with valuable information for people to make wiser decisions for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, over 50% of people I personally know would rather believe in lies or live their lives with blinders on because they only want to believe what everyone believes in as heard on "lying MSM" and our blackmailed/brainwashed medical professionals. Sometimes I listen to Chris Sky who lives in Canada who says similar things as what Alex Jones is telling us, which is, "people only get enslaved by a government because they refuse to say, 'no." When people say no to the government, no to mask wearing, no to PCR testing, no to COVID mRNA vaccine mandates, the government will back down.

  20. VERITAS423

    This should be required viewing for every person on the planet!

  21. Jasper Swillens

    Alex Jones is a "journalist" who lives on the fear of other and thus fuels the conspiracy theory phenomenon. The style in which he makes his documentaries are very similar to those of tabloid newspapers. Any individual with the least bit of intelligence should realize that a lot of his so called "facts" are either altered truths or entirely made up, neither does he seem to have an eye for detail. For example: At 1 hour 23 minutes he mentions that the government of Cambodia killed over 2 million people. I live in Cambodia and know a little (read sarcasm) about it's history. The exact amount of casualties has never been determined and they certainly weren't killed by the Cambodian government but by Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge.

    The idea that the powers that be want to kill of 80% of the population is preposterous, we live in a capitalist system and without the mass population creating goods and providing services for the public to buy, the capitalist elite wouldn't be making a profit. On the contrary, they would be generating humongous losses.

    Our world, as has ALWAYS been the case, will be controlled by the rich elite who wish to increase their profits and strive to keep the poor poor. Eventually, as has ALWAYS been the case , our system as we know it too will cease to exist ( like the Roman Empire, ......). When this will happen and because of what reasons ( Political, Economical, Medical, Environmental,....) is impossible to predict and what will happen after is in my opinion again impossible to predict as the necessary factors to do so are not available at this time as it hasn't happened yet.

  22. Jasper Swillens

    Alex Jones is a "journalist" who lives on the fear of other and thus fuels the conspiracy theory phenomenon. The style in which he makes his documentaries are very similar to those of tabloid newspapers. Any individual with the least bit of intelligence should realize that a lot of his so called "facts" are either altered truths or entirely made up, neither does he seem to have an eye for detail. For example: At 1 hour 23 minutes he mentions that the government of Cambodia killed over 2 million people. I live in Cambodia and know a little (read sarcasm) about it's history. The exact amount of casualties has never been determined and they certainly weren't killed by the Cambodian government but by Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge.

    The idea that the powers that be want to kill of 80% of the population is preposterous, we live in a capitalist system and without the mass population creating goods and providing services for the public to buy, the capitalist elite wouldn't be making a profit. On the contrary, they would be generating humongous losses.

    Our world, as has ALWAYS been the case, will be controlled by the rich elite who wish to increase their profits and strive to keep the poor poor. Eventually, as has ALWAYS been the case , our system as we know it too will cease to exist ( like the Roman Empire, ......). When this will happen and because of what reasons ( Political, Economical, Medical, Environmental,....) is impossible to predict and what will happen after is in my opinion again impossible to predict as the necessary factors to do so are not available at this time as it hasn't happened yet.

  23. Fraser Angus

    alex jones is a useless fud. this is not journalism, its a twat standing about with a camera talking to other yahoos without actually reporting anything.

    Shouldn't even be allowed to call itself a documentary

  24. Rina

    Why isn't this doc on prime time TV? Everyone should have this info. Question is: Would they believe it?

  25. Hopecat

    "Total enslavement means there is no one left to buy your products and if there’s no one left to buy your products, then capitalism will collapse."

    wrong! capitalism would have let the airlines collapse after 9/11, it would have let the banks fail during the housing crisis. America as it exists today is not a capitalist society. the bankers are not capitalists. one of the Rockefellers is actually quoted as saying "competition is a sin." competition is the basis of true capitalism. DIY or die, if that's your preferred phraseology. that's not what we have. total enslavement means PERPETUAL DEBT. sound familiar? if not, tell me what rock you live under and which island it's located on, so i can move there myself, cuz it sounds good to me!

    "You won’t see global enslavement. You won’t see a one-world government. What you will see, if the rich and powerful have their way, is a decrease in governmental oversight, a decrease in regulations, and lax enforcement of the existing regulations." I'm wondering about the raids on organic grocers, Amish farmers, and the like by SWAT TEAMS, for freak's sake, and how that fits into your version of lax enforcement?

  26. Hopecat

    you're all right, everything Jones says is discredited by his "style," there's no reason to be concerned, the Food Modernization Safety Act, healthcare overhaul, Patriot Act, 9/11 myth, TSA intrusions, Homeland Security Gestapo, green police making it impossible to start a small business in first-world countries while multinational corporations manufacture all our disposable junk in China (which has no regulations, no controls, no pollution mandates inhibiting them from anything. ever buy a "green" product made in China? talk about being spoon-fed!), Federal Reserve hijacking of American finance, constant surveillance by cops with tinted windows, and lack of government interest in an armed invasion by drug cartels on the southern US border while our troops are protecting oil & poppy interests in the Middle East is nothing, has no effect on you whatsoever. you are complicit in the crimes you're afraid to expose because you don't like someone's "style." making ignorant presumptions about people who support Jones being "spoon-fed" will not change the facts. may history forget you were ever our countrymen.

    1. Lynn

      I’m not thrilled with the guy but what he states is true. Do your own research and then you can choose to go back to never land

  27. House of Red

    ps, above i have a run on and on sentence. i apologize to all of the intellectuals who may be reading on this site. your views are highly sought after... or are they really?

  28. Mad at the world

    Stop being scared by this conspiracy bully; i agree with most of the information he doesn't just get this stuff out of thin air but he often discredits his own work by trying to add his twisted 2 cents into everything.. including adding alien agenda to his stuff that often discredits him even more than the childish angry rants of his show... i agree people need to wake up and stand up or they become more hopelessly enslaved then they already are, but fighting in small rebellions often does little to nothing. knowledge is power take: take what he says and use it to your advantage by doing research and fact checking and if there is proof, documentation, and be sure to investigate all debunks, even if they hurt you a little bit they are often helpful

  29. Daveandconfused

    Technology is getting to a point where less people are needed. Look at the capabilities of many new military vehicles. 20% would leave plenty of people under their control if that's what happens. Also, they will still be breeding there elite family's, there's nothing stopping them from breeding more slaves if need be.

  30. RealityCheck

    why would they murder 80% of the population?what would they rule over if they kill us?if they kill us that means less workforce for the future,considering in 10 to 20 years we could discover a different abundant energy source with less polution,like anti matter or etc.we could be building new space ships and sending man on other earth like planets,we would start colonizing space and gathering resources from them in 30-40 years.80% come on they need us if not for space missions there are other reasons,for example the guatemalan case where in 60 years the us government illegaly experimented on Guatemalan patients they infected them with sexually transmitted diseases from 1946 to 1948 and experimented on them to find a cure-- a practice that only came recently to light thanks to the work of an academic researcher.they need people for this kinds of things.so why would they kill us?if in another 50 years we dont find out how to create a new energy source,resources would be scarce and then wars would break out,etc etc etc,you know what hapens next.

    1. ORG_Shawn

      You are being sarcastic right ?

  31. Golden_Standard


    I agree that the people you refer to as greedy capitolist are in fact greedy capitolist, however, I think the idea of "world slavery" isn't the same type of slavery that we're used to. I don't think it's going to be like blacks picking cotton in 1820's America. I think it will be a "freer" form o slvaery we'll keep our jobs and we might keep getting paid money, we'll keep going to school, etc. BUT, dissent won't be tolerated, and entreprenuership won't be allowed w/o approval from the powers that be, and I think they'll take a cut (not like taxes, where they money goes to roads, schools, keeping food and drugs safe (FDA), military, etc.) The money will go to those greedy capitolost, once they get into a position of power and come out into the open, surely you don't believe they'll let you come & unseat them do you.

    As for how will the make money? These people have money, they have more money than they will ever be able to spend. You can literally do absolutely nothing with your money, sit it in the bank, and it will collect enough interest for you and your kids to live off for the rest of your life. After you have money, you want power. And increasingly, it seems like power is for sale as well...just look at the lobbyist.

    1. Rocky Racoon

      We are slaves to the so called free market the market economy the economy the political economy of capitalism.

  32. Bob

    Here's something interesting:

    Jones said the global elite were behind WW2, but then later he states that sovereign nations fought against tyranny. So either the Allies were puppets of the global elite or they were sovereign nations -- which was it?

    The idea that these people have been planning this for centuries is absolutely ridiculous. The rich rarely think past the next quarter. To believe that people who couldn't predict the energy crisis or the current financial crisis were able to plan this out centuries ago, a plan they themselves would never get to see to its fruition, is preposterous.

    But more than anything, this statement at the end of the film, of the global elite evolving into supermen and traveling through the cosmos...how can you say that line with a straight face? How do you people not burst out into riotous laughter when you hear that?

    1. ORG_Shawn

      Are you saying that this is impossible ?

  33. PC812

    People, try to come at this film from an objective point of view and really look at not only what Jones is saying, but HOW he's saying it.

    He says that mainstream media is a component of the global elites, yet look at how many times he relies on mainstream media sources.

    Pay close attention to the music and the way in which these clips are edited together as well as the images that accompany them.

    And also, don't forget the Latin phrase, cui bono -- who benefits? And then think, really think, what would the benefit be to the global elites and the rich fat cats to create a one-world government where everyone is a slave? Total enslavement means there is no one left to buy your products and if there's no one left to buy your products, then capitalism will collapse. There are rich and powerful people out there who are trying to control our way of life, but they're not going for global enslavement. They are, at their core, greedy capitalists. And if there's no way for them to actually collect profit, then that's a total violation of everything they believe.

    The global elites aren't interested in a one-world government or total enslavement. The only reason they want endless war is because war is big business. But if there's a one-world government that controls everything then guess what? That means corporations become property of the government -- and that's bad for business.

    It makes absolutely no logical sense to believe that these people will benefit more from a one-world government and worldwide enslavement than they would from the current unfettered free market capitalist society we have now.

    You won't see global enslavement. You won't see a one-world government. What you will see, if the rich and powerful have their way, is a decrease in governmental oversight, a decrease in regulations, and lax enforcement of the existing regulations.

    Mass genocide, mass enslavement, these are horrible ideas and they make great plots for stories. But when you're talking about rich capitalists who only want to increase their profit margins, these things are not viable solutions. They're contrary to big business.

    Now let's go back to that Latin phrase from earlier, cui bono. So who does benefit from all this? Well, take a look at Alex Jones' website. Just look at all the advertising that's present on his site. And he has more than one! Notice how all the ads are for products that indicate there's going to be a worldwide meltdown? You don't think Jones allows these people to put up their ads for free, do you? No, they pay him for it.

    Jones says his films are free to watch and distribute, and yet he sells subscription plans on his website. The free versions of his films constantly feature pop-ups advertising where you can buy them. He uses passive-aggressive marketing strategies to get people to buy his movies -- "these are free because this information is important, but it'd be really nice if you support the filmmakers and buy the DVDs. After all, we're fighting for the good of the free world and we need your help to do it." He's trying to make viewers feel guilty for NOT buying these videos.

    I will say this about Jones -- he is either extremely clever or he has extremely clever people working for him. He's set up this system where every year or so, he puts out a new documentary. These documentaries contain about 25% at the most of new material. The rest is just repetition of other stuff he's been saying for years. He makes wild predictions about what will happen to get people fired up and to buy the products off his website because some global catastrophe is coming (remember in 2000 when he famously said that the Russians had launched missiles at America?). And then when his prediction falls flat, he says nothing about it. He's too busy yelling about other things to go back to what he said before.

    Alex Jones is nothing more than a snake-oil salesman, a giant scam artist who preys on people's fears.

    1. Rocky Racoon

      To a great extent we are all slaves to capital even the one's who benefit most from it. That is the problem capitalism accumulate and concentrate two of it's main laws....the other is profitability crisis-which has lead to financialization and shadow banking instead of dealing with the fact that through mechanization we can produce more than we need with fewer people and with each item costing less and less.....we need to redistribute not only wealth but the work it takes to create that wealth. The empirical facts ie who holds all the wealth in this world the 1% tells is all it is no secret it is not a conspiracy. It is a fact. That people with this much wealth and power would do just about anything to hang unto it and have the resources to do so and do just about anything to hang unto it and get even more.....well isn't that a prison planet in many respects?

    2. Shawn Fahrer

      But what could happen instead is that instead of governments being allowed to run businesses AND FAILING (see the Solyndra fiasco under former President Obama), BUSINESSES WILL ABLE TO RUN GOVERNMENTS INSTEAD (AND THEY WILL SUCCEED, because THEY CAN and OBAMA CAN'T, despite his catch phrase of "YES WE CAN").

      This will be the way that our POTUS (as of January 2017, that is) can truly MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. When you wrote your original post, the age of Donald J Trump, whose slogan has been "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN"), the 45th President of the United States (it has such a nice ring to it) wouldn't have even been a thought in your deepest subconscious, much less a reality. But THE MIRACLE HAPPENED in 2016, and Trump was elected as the POTUS (with or without "Russian interference", depending on who you believe, even though there has been no proof offered to indicate that ANY RUSSIANS some how hacked into ANY election system and CHANGED VOTE TOTALS in Trump's favor). While he may have won the election, he has been harassed from the day after election day onward by every Democrat and many Republicans whose RINO 'running buddies' were defeated by Trump during the Republican primary season of 2016-- in fits of jealousy commonly called "Trump Derangement Syndrome". But if he can somehow survive this political onslaught, I can only HOPE AND PRAY that by the end of his SECOND TERM Trump can proclaim himself the FIRST CEO OF AMERICA (because HE IS ONE at heart) and end the Progressives' perversion of the Constitution by ending the CONstitution as we know it.

      For example of the perversion of the Original Constitution, I need only cite this: the Administrative Deep State -- which REALLY RUNS the US GOVERNMENT -- is technically UNCONSTITUTIONAL since by creating the agencies that make it up, the Congress has inappropriately DELEGATED ITS RESPONSIBILITY TO CREATE THE LAW to agencies whose REGULATIONS have THE FORCE OF LAW, but are NOT REAL LAW: they are, in effect #FAKE LAWS (which is appropriate in a nation which is becoming infamous for the rise of #FAKENEWS after 2010, particularly from the "mainstream media"). So to get rid of this Deep State (also known as the Zionist Occupation Government --which it is to some degree simply because people who have pro-Zionist views often are at the top of these agencies -- as well as the "Shadow Government" because they don't always operate in the open, as well as being a subset of "the New World Order"), this country may simply have to START OVER legally speaking (which would be something like the hardest BREXIT TIMES a factor of 10; Brexit, of course, is the means by which Britain ESCAPED the clutches of the European Union and declared their own INDEPENDENCE over 200 years after the USA declared their independence from them).

      But I firmly believe that the ends DO justify the means: to get rid of 'government as usual' and to replace with a more MARKET BASED GOVERNMENT can't be anything but GOOD FOR ALL OF US once the transition is complete (because market based economies do tend to be more responsive to customer's / consumer's / tax payer's needs and wants)....

      Now back to Trump's role in all this: The "cabinet" can easily be renamed "The Board of Directors". Government agencies can be broken up and turned into something akin to the subsidiaries of a conglomerate. This "crazy (like a fox)" idea just might work.... If you're still alive to read this post (you never know when you go), I hope you can understand it and perhaps comment one way or the other on it....
      You see, Karl Marx got it WRONG in the 1840s and beyond when he said that the "revolutionary proletariat" would somehow rise up against "the capitalists"; it will actually be CORPORATIONS, the only 'children' created by government, who are the ONLY LOGICAL SUCCESSORS TO MODERN GOVERNMENTS (just like human children that take over running things from their parents once those parents get old and become incapable of doing such things any more). Countries will be run like businesses (instead of governments run by politicians who know ZERO about business) -- and they will ALL be better off for it: even ours.

  34. Andrew

    First of all. If people are choosing to make comments on a film which features someone of questionable integrity, please try your hardest to proof-read what you are typing. It discredits you when you can't put together a cohesive sentence. Even if that sentence has no logic behind it.
    Secondly. I have not watched this Jones' production, but I have seen his other videos and if they are any indicator to the flawed logic of this production, then this is mislabeled as political. Clearly it should be placed in the conspiracy category. I would suggest that anyone who has issues with our government and it's secrecy stop wasting their time following Jones' around view his expensive and poorly made DVD's, and start researching for yourself. It is easy to believe anything that is spoon fed you, but if you really want to make a difference you have to risk something more than 40 dollars on a video. I would suggest understanding the underpinnings of the political ideologies that dictate much of the western world. You will quickly learn that in fact people do have power in their own lives, without using violence or fear, to change things. In stead of arguing over trivial things like secret societies and the all powerful government, engage it with your intellect.
    Thirdly. whoever go2mark is- I hope you will stop using the book of Revelation as a means of seeming intellectual. The fact is the book of Revelation was written in a specific place and time, with a connection to that specific empire. Trying to take jewish apocalyptic writings out of their context to conform them to a sort of "end time" writing on the wall of future events, requires little thought or understanding of the message that was clearly being depicted by John. Although the book does carry political implications, it does in no way shape or form mention the corporate media. The biblical book of Revelation is not a book of predictions about our day and age. This is sadly pushed by the same corporate media, well the assimilated Christian subculture of it, that seeks to make money. Clearly Alex Jones is making money and supporting fear mongers, with only the focus on himself.
    I would suggest you go to a seminary or try reading something by a scholar of biblical study. Not just making up random nonsense and posting it online as a guise to lead people to believe something you yourself believe.
    Have a nice day!!

  35. Jason

    The cheesy tabloid style of this production diminishes its credibility. Just state the facts, then I will make a decision.

  36. go2mark

    in the last days many will be deceived. because of our own foolish pride we continue to make our condition worse. We cannot blame this on GOD, GOD has only said what would happen if we choose to worship ourselves and believe we have some kind of intellectual greatness (pride). The religious,scientific and political powers will lead us down a path of destruction in the name of peace and prosperity. The beast of revelation is the world government which seeks to enslave us and the woman who rides the beast (rev 18) is the false Christianity who is the whore of babylon who has married the corporate controlled media which is only interested in making more money and controlling the minds of the deceived.The message is very clear, many will be deceived and will worship the image of the beast (media). the subduction is very subliminal and will not be easy to detect. just as the bible predicted.
    religion is soon to be abolished only to be replaced by a new world religion which worships the earth and all the lusts of the flesh. the beast of revelation is the world govt which will control all buying and selling by means of an electronic id. (global currency) this will be implemented through the world banking and health care systems now being implemented. in rev 17-18 “the woman who rides the beast” (THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.) is the new world religion which rides on the back of the beast.

  37. charlesovery


    You should look up treaties and see what they are and what they are about and who they ultimately affect and effect. I believe your answer to what Alex Jones is statign will be found in there if you know how to connect the dots. Most everything that is stated in this documentary is nothing more than just common sense. If you stand up and observe what is going on around you eventually you too, will come to the same conclusions on what is really going on around the world.

    The scariest thing that is going on right is all the government agancies and what they all do. Do you know what they all do? I wonder how many people really know what the CFR does and the IPCC and the Homeland Security. What are all of these functions and how do they work? It is not like the government is spelling out how these agencies operate instead the beggiest part of our populatin is very ignorant to how our government really works.

    People need to get off their asses and really start researching this and stop making excuses to why they shouldn't. Just being involved by researching is educating yourself.

  38. Leebo

    I have a problem with this docu.
    in its favour it gives a shed load of FACTS, however they are then stripped of any integrity by bullying you into believeing Alex Jones' theories (and thats all they are) and like-minded people. By doing a documentary in a "bullying/scaring people to believe" format he becomes as bad as the people he stands against. He also instead of bringing together peolple aposed to the "New world order" he divides us/them. An example being groups of people who believe that "peek oil" is the heart of the coruption we see by the corperations which intend to rule everyone, where Mr Jones calls that a smoke screen with no explanation of the statement, that there is bad documenting.
    im not calling for a universal theory or even to believe in any one theory, all im asking is that you ask questions and come to the conclusion that is most logical to you. In the world at this time i would say "Look for the person most likely to gain........." well you know the rest

    1. Rocky Racoon

      The Communist Manifesto still to this day says it all!

    2. Xavier

      What a theory that sucks in practice

  39. WTC7

    Alex Jones has this ability to scare people. I'm not sure how much all of it is as imminent and as certain as he claims it to be. However, why on Earth would those, whom the People in their respective countries elected, meet in a secretive way, with others who have not been elected (like bankers and people alike) in the Bilderberg group???? They can certainly meet, but the emphasis is on SECRETIVE! Or, why would there be, in general, secretive meetings attended by those who are responsible to People???? That I don't get, and the Bilderberg meetings are a fact!

  40. Samson

    That was a great documentary. The Esoteric Agenda only scratched the surface on what this film touched on. The Bilderberg Group(Illumanati) and eugenics really close the gap on how everything ties in together. If any one still believes this stuff is made-up conspiracy theories, God help you. Everytime I research this topic, I come accross the name Rothchild. Is the name synomonous with evil? The Matrix movie is a giant metaphor for the state of the modern world. The movie was made in 1999 and on Neo's passport, the expiration date is Sept. 11th, 2001....

  41. vOLKAn

    this not secret any more!!! every smats know this.i read,i search,i know since when 10 years ago i start this point.we'll start anti-G8, all over the anti-globalist smart people,greenpeace people. please WACTH " RING OF POWER" they'll explane.pls going to anti globalizm connect.pls wake up every body who is sleeping.and you can find us any where in the world!!!!!
    we not let them to .

  42. Vlatko

    I understand how you feel Amber. In a way these documentaries makes you think from another point of view.

  43. Amber

    This is one of the most horible things I have heard of.
    Hearing these kinds of things make me wish I was never created.

    1. Ryan

      Why exactly would you say that? Don’t you care or value your own life. Cause we still have a life to live for. That’s just me.