Enemy Image

2005, Military and War  -   23 Comments
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When Baghdad exploded under bombs, television chose to bring us fireworks. But does this distant and spectacular image tell us what is really happening on the ground, how it feels or what it means?

Television has the means to take us anywhere and show us anything. It can bring us the physical experience of war with all its' horrors, like no other medium, and yet the image of American war on television is disembodied, bloodless, and unreal.

The invasion of Iraq was the most closely documented war ever fought. Lasting only 800 hours, it produced 20,000 hours of video, but those images were tightly controlled, producing a monolithic view of combat sanitized and controlled by the Pentagon.

Enemy Image traces the ways us television has covered war, starting with Vietnam in the 1960s and shows how the military has devised ever-improving means of ensuring the American public never again has the real face of combat beamed directly into their living rooms.

Comparing footage of Vietnam, including rarely-seen material shot in North Vietnam, to coverage of Iraq and using extensive interviews with veteran war correspondents and news anchors, Mark Daniels demonstrates how television that once revealed the truth is now increasingly used to hide it.

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  1. hank

    Would any 'enlightened' human being dare proclaim how 'civilized' we are? Can a highly technological society, with every means for self destruction survive such barbarism, [war] , without the restraints of conscience?

  2. Chesty Puller

    To Daryl Walters, who commented above. Thank you for your apology, sir. We would all do well to remember that America is why we don't all speak German or Japanese (or Russian) now, and why Europe was able to rise in freedom from the smoking ashes of war (the Marshall Plan). For all her failings, no single nation in history has been a greater force for good in the world than America. (And the Aussies have no greater friend.) Semper Fi.

  3. Chesty Puller

    The military's sanitizing war coverage is the equivalent of not having people watch how sausage is made. Ultimately a wise course. War is sometimes necessary, but always ugly. As a US Marine I understand that better than most.

  4. grace

    really great documentary

  5. Anatoly Ruchka

    Same story happens now in Ukraine

  6. Ron Goldman

    No one has commented on the interference from the Jews in all this.

  7. Glen Hale

    Thank the Federal Reserve Bank which is not run by the Fed's but a private bank and the parents who supply USA military top brass war mongers with targets.
    Wake up USA you are being used ask why has Homeland security ordered 450Million rounds to fight USA citizens on US soil once the economy tanks.

  8. TankDriver

    Stalin would be proud.

  9. BernieT

    sick bastards !!!

  10. Daryl Walters

    Thank god the American empire is falling. The evilest country in the history of the world! Good riddance!

    1. Daryl Walters

      Sorry about the above comment. That was really out of line. I actually don't think that at all. This doc just got me really angry. This war propoganda reported by the media happens here in Australia as well. Now I've had a minute to cool down, I want to apologise to any Americans I've just insulted. Our govournment is just as corrupt and lie just as much as yours.
      Cheers guys!

    2. knowledgeizpower

      Don't worry about it Daryl Lol. Citizens in every country should Revolt against governments because they suck. We Can Govern Ourselves ;D

    3. mac

      I totally agree, Days are numbered

  11. Bjd Dt

    Good documentary. Only thing they could have added is that the arab news organisations left Iraq because the US started to bomb their offices and kill their reporters. Seriously they bombed the Al Jazeera offices in both Afghanistan and Iraq shortly after the wars began. Al Jazeera left Iraq when US jets killed three arab journalists on one day in three seperate strikes that also destroyed the AJ office and the office of another arab news organisation. There should have been an uprising of all news networks in the world like never before but that of course did not happen.

  12. menelik1&2

    ounce again more proof THEY ARE LYING TO US

  13. Jamie

    The US runs the most sophisticated propaganda state in the history of our world. Not even Josef Goebbels could have conceived such mastery.

  14. Lee

    Why oh why is this s*** allowed to happen? People just don't care unless it hits them personally in some way. And I'm sure the Patriot Act is all over any journalist who speaks too loudly! (Without them knowing about it of course).

    I feel sick every time I here some of the more "robotic" Americans drivel on about freedom etc. when clearly the powers that be care not at all for human life that isn't elite.

    I invite any believer in so called surgical weapons to place their own children in close proximity to ground zero when the bombs hit...surely its completely safe.

  15. Zsmart

    Fantastic Doc. Must see.

  16. Lars

    58:40 nice mustache bitch

  17. WTC7

    Frightening! A good documentary.

  18. colshy burrows

    This is an interesting documentary showing how the media feed us propaganda and bullshit from vietnam to the first gulf war and then the brutal truth of the 2nd gulf war. excellent documetary

  19. Lisa O

    Excellent! It is terrbile the way the media treats war. This film is done very professionally and exposes the media for the lies they promote. I knew they did not present the truth, but I had no idea they completely fabricated some of these stories. I figured they just presented things in a biased manner. There is no democracy when the public is not informed. This is an extremely important film, and I hope everyone who uses this site watches it, and tells others about it.

    When will people realize war is not the answer. We need to put an end to war, if we are ever to survive as a human race. At the very least, we need media that gives an accurate representation of events and explores, questions, and challenges those events from all possible points of view.

  20. Der Oberst

    Good Documentary, solid journalism.

    8 out of 10 Stars