Engines of Domination

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Mark Corske's Engines of Domination, a Lifting the Veil documentary, addresses the question of whether so many of humanity's most destructive acts are simply part of our nature. When we observe species in nature, we often infer that the behavior we are watching is their natural inclination - so if we were to observe ourselves from the same omnipotent vantage point, would we not be inclined to assume that so many of our despicable acts are just part of who we are?

Through a narrative device depicting a young apprentice of the great philosopher Socrates traveling in a Oracle time machine towards present day, and then returning to discuss what she saw during the trip with him, the film portrays what we understand as political power - a central authority over large groups of people, controlled by men of privilege - as having the primary intent of steering the populations under their influence to fulfill the self-serving needs of those men.

Would large groups of people pick up chainsaws and hop into the driver's seat of bulldozers to clear entire forests if a corporation wasn't organizing them to do so? Would thousands of men pick up weapons and kill each other if governments didn't force them to? Would men and women file into factories for hours a day if they hadn't been forced off rural lands they were living off of? Corske thinks not, and the film caters to that viewpoint throughout. The "human emergency," as he calls it, is a result of institutions forcing us to behave against human nature.

Corske goes on to explain that civilization and political power as we customarily understand it has only been a part of human life for about 6000 years - less than three percent of our evolutionary advancement. Prior to that change, we lived in relative peace much the way communal mammals outside our own species behave.

Chimpanzees, for example, are not entirely adverse to interspecies violence, but it is rarely seen outside of one-on-one squabbles over immediate and personal needs. Men banding together to kill each other accompanied the advent of society, and one has a hard time believing that it was a sudden genetic mutation that took place at exactly that time that altered our inclination to engage in what we call war.

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  1. cyberdog

    Wow, look 4000 years ago, they lived in peace with green pastures.

    What they did not show is the next year when 80 percent of the people died due to a minor drought that we would not even notice today. Or that the next village further up that had chosen the wrong area to farm, and were starving from lack of crops. They also didn't mention that slavery and all the other wrongs that existed before that, were demolished by current institutions. People were also unable to fly, or travel with any sort of ease. No access to information, or tools.

    It is easier to highlight the good parts, and so much easier to forget the pain. Otherwise woman would only ever have one child.

    They keep saying that everything is against human nature, without defining what human nature is, or what part of people specifically is no longer in sync with human nature.

    People did not live in peace for so many years as they keep pointing out, it was a constant struggle for survival. It was a feat to live past the age of 20. All it took was some crazy with an excuse of a weapon to kill off everyone in the tribe and take what they want. Disease, poverty, suffering was common place.
    I feel that the institutes have been created out of the necessity to have this ideal that they keep referring to. Also, as an observation, it appears to me that the quantity of death by starvation and disease is inversely proportional to the institutionalization of the country? Ethiopia vs England, for a random comparison.

    They point out that the system is the problem, but do not even hint at how to work towards a solution.
    If there is a better solution than what we have, by all means, point us in the right direction.

    They should really have played the band Ten Years After's song for the background music, it would have been so fitting. "I'd love to change the world/ but I don't know what to do/ so I'll leave it up to you..."

  2. Janeen Clark

    really good train of thought. i gave it full 10 stars even though it left out a bunch stuff and wasn't fully thought about and broken down but the stuff that was presented was great hopefully common sense though. would like to see same theme fully explored and broken down into full detail and common denominator WITH a plan of action also.

  3. Guest

    That was the point, one man cannot begin to imagine what solutions the people of the world will create and implement. It's "up to the people of the world to decide." There are plenty of sources for potential solutions, this doc was not addressing this facet.

  4. DigiWongaDude

    Here we go again...I'll save you 40 minutes of drivel. Jump to 42:48... and watch this film unravel.

    48:18 "...since no-one has ever tried to abolish domination, we don't know whether it can be done or how." Not true. He just hasn't seen Adam Curtis' "All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace"...

    They tried that in the sixties in communities without hierarchy. Not one succeeded. The strong [minded] overpowered the weak [minded] and so domination, far from being removed entirely, became the destructive force within those communities. You can try to abolish it, but without rules and laws and hierarchy to intervene when necessary, it gains free reign in short time.

    Look at Lord of the Flies... same thing. It's not rocket science: domination is institutionalized in human nature. Did Socrates really say otherwise??

  5. Janeen Clark

    domination is a specific strategy regarding interaction between humans. there are 2 options a> domination or b> co-operation this is why you take that it is human nature is impossible. strategies are not human nature. the example you give is a poor one because those in the 60's may have tried some type of alternative, but they did not remove key fundamental conditions of domination for their participants.them being a> thinking in terms of punishment and reward (good guy evil guy enemy image through thought and action. b> they did not remove the conditioning and culture defined beliefs instilled in them by school work tv radio other humans ( these beliefs perpetuate ideas like good and evil humans derived from early religion to control humans and c> they did not create a specific methodology for meeting the list of objective human needs that is the same for every human on a scientific basis. if all these issues are addressed then it could be said an attempt at a modern co-operative society has been attempted. until then there has been no attempt to remove domination entirely from a co-operative society. if there is any punishment or reward through thinking communicating or action in one of these situations of people grouping to create a co-operative society then it cannot succeed because it would still be domination based. the only truth about real human nature is that humans make tools modify the environment and have a large section of their brain dedicated to co-operation which no other living creature has this is why we evolved not the myth that cavemen just beat killed and raped anything in sight it is entirely opposite humans are built to work together to create something much more successful. science shows us 100 percent in any situation domination as a specific strategy versus co-operation leads to poorer results with no exception . it is fact that when humans choose a domination strategy over co-operation they are shutting down a whole section of their brain and using the animalistic portion a small fraction compared to when humans co-operate they are using the whole brain (in comparison domination vs co-operation. it should be noted that competition is just another word for domination they are identical and less intelligent (shutting off whole portions of the brain) the way of thing that allows for domination or competition is through "good" and "evil" enemy imagine thinking and punishment and reward . one can comb through the scientific data in any situation or instance and see there is never any conflict that domination (punishment and reward) is less intelligent (shutting down portion of the brain that deals with co-operation that is distinctly human)

  6. Janeen Clark

    for your statement to be true "domination is human nature" you would have to admit shutting down portions of the brain we evolved is our nature which is the most ridiculous idea ever proposed

  7. DigiWongaDude

    To quote you: "if there is any punishment or reward through thinking communicating or action in one of these situations of people grouping to create a co-operative society then it cannot succeed because it would still be domination based"

    ...wow. In trying to define a domination free society, you kinda shot yourself in the foot there.

    You just banned dopamine in the brain, and turned us all into robots (rewards of thinking and emotion). Any ideas on how you would go about enforcing that?

    Can't build a shelter (action rewards), that would be rewarding on so many levels. Can't have that.

    Can't tell someone you love them (communication rewards). Just won't do.

    You can not remove domination, and you have shown why through your own attempt to disagree.

    Don't you think that the very term abolish domination is something of an oxymoron? A contradiction in terms at least? Wouldn't the very act of enforcing the abolition be a form of domination?

    Perhaps some types of domination are ok? Four legs good, two legs bad?

  8. DigiWongaDude

    So... Let me get this straight... you're saying that in your opinion, i would have to admit to your idea as being the most ridiculous idea ever proposed? Really? You are actually saying that?

  9. THCjunky

    Today when i look at the world from an omnipotent vantage point, i am ashamed to be a human. It makes me sick that humanity is destroying everything because of greed and power.

  10. Philio

    D-W-D – Thanks for the doc hint "All Watched Over by
    Machines of Loving Grace". Been away for awhile.. It was a history lived through and watching was like a flash back.

    This doc and comments left me imagining what’s next. Enculturation is complete the old package slightly modified for another trip around the insanity loop.

  11. DigiWongaDude

    Ah you're very welcome Philio, Reckon I'm ready for a rerun too. What's next? :-/ I keep hoping Adam Curtis will bring out something new, instead of another trip on the hamster wheel.

  12. pwndecaf

    We made social contracts with each other. Someone will make laws, someone will adjudicate those laws, someone will keep the peace, etc.

    The institutions we agreed on have run amok and assumed more power than we intended to give them. And now they've been bought off besides to do the will of those able to pay.

    Same as it ever was?

  13. Janeen Clark

    no, you cant be that ignorant ............... are you? your examples are not reward and punishment your using the words as slang. reward and punishment is getting people to do things you want or attempting to stop them from do things you don't want

  14. Janeen Clark

    no they have not "run amok and assumed more power than we intended them to have" that is the mistake . they are doing what their very rules tel them to do (they have been constructed with the sole purpose of slavery of the masses through domination )its not the regular people that created these systems it is the strong and powerful creating systems of domination. we have never lived in a world where the regular folks had any control power or say over their own thoughts actions behaviors let alone any partaking ion the systems that control them.

  15. Janeen Clark

    what? your confusing yourself again sir. your the one that said domination is human nature while i have proved THAT is the most ridiculous idea ever in multiple examples

  16. Janeen Clark

    i agree with you however it is not greed and power that is doing it we have large systems controlling the world and the rules and the way those systems have been constructed (the rules of these games) generate the things your calling greed and power.

  17. DigiWongaDude

    Janeen, let's get something straight here: there is nothing wrong per se with your viewing the world the way you do (as long as you don't form or get sucked into, a cult), nor is there anything wrong with the way I see things. I say this so that you might stop attacking.

    We all have our view of reality. Some would say we all "make" our own reality. Others believe we are all connected and there is no free will, and we should just enjoy the ride...

    [ad hominem removed with respect]

    Give me something genuine that doesn't give me brain ache? If you can I will listen and probe and be interested in learning. If you can not, as you have not, then sincerely best of luck in your endeavors, salute.

  18. DigiWongaDude

    Sorry I didn't find any proof in your wall of text. A lot of opinion and assertions though.

  19. Vlatko

    To be fair the examples you gave (building shelter, falling in love, etc.) are not examples of external reward and punishment. I believe Janeen was referring to systematic or systemic reward and punishment imposed by other people onto you and not something that your brain is rewarding you when you accomplish a task. As she said, your examples are just slang.

    However in you latest post it seems you realized that you don't really have an argument and you immediately stepped into pseudo-superior and patronizing mode giving some sort of descriptions about her personality and her mind. Subtle ad hominem in action.

  20. DigiWongaDude

    In that case I lack the necessary understanding of her points. And shall edit out my ad hominem remarks as irrelevant.

  21. DigiWongaDude

    I think I'm getting closer to where we part on ideas. You seem to see an "us and them" (you say they and mention regular people).

    Who are these controllers? Was this world built by psychopaths? And are we at their mercy?

    Whereas I see us all as the same deep down (generally speaking), and all the problems are inherent in all of us (greed, self interest and domination), whether or not we choose to act on them. So if you took a "regular person" and put them in a power position they will behave just the same as what we see today. I think anyway.

    So to me we have seen regular folks in power and the quite predictable outcomes of it. That's why I don't think tearing down the system will achieve much good. We have to be honest about ourselves about who we are, not point fingers (saying "I would never do that!") and build a better system from that perspective. A better people system - I'm not talking about economic models here. But for sure there needs to be a power shift, because power (or the lack of it) seems to be what makes people behave the way they do. Be it in a one on one relationship, or at the very large scale the same abuses can be seen.

    But what I'm saying addresses nothing of education, indoctrination, culture and tradition that is inbuilt in the systems too.

  22. pwndecaf

    I've read all of your posts here and I'm not sure what your position is.

    Since the point of the doc as I saw it was to say the way things are is not because of human nature, I will respond directly to that.


  23. Truthscribe

    Interesting documentary but is anarchy really the solution? It would depend what you think human nature is. Also humans can not go back to a past pre agricultural society, because there are far too many of us on the planet now.

  24. DrJack37

    Minoan Crete was Western Civilization for an age longer than Rome, and it's time we learned from them instead of pretending it all began with Homer and Athens, who gave us the love of war and slave-based democracy. Crete's core mystery has been twofold---what central calendar they used, and how they achieved so much (highest average living standards, progress in tech and exploration, gender egalitarianism, relative peacefulness) without any visible kings. It's a question that matters since the "rise and fall" catastrophe cycle called history or progress begins where the West began to sanction life-long male rulers (surprise). Copious evidence points to a simply elegant 8 and 1/2-year lunar/solar cycle that functioned like a constitution, to keep anybody from getting entrenched in power (a custom still observed in much later Crete) while keeping the culture in agricultural harmony with nature. We mustn't let the farcical porn of The History Channel and 3000 years of other trite imperialist dismissals cut us off from some of our wisest ancestors. We need the Minoans more than ever to show us we did and can get it right. Visit the Knossos Labyrinth you've never seen before---in "Calendar House" at Ancientlights. org. Peace!

  25. DrJack37

    People are good, unless they get too much power.

  26. pwndecaf

    Check this out. Go to policestateusa dot com and look for this story.

    Man charged with breaking a trooper’s fist with his face

    There is a short video there which I am going back to watch, but the text version of the story is, unfortunately, far too believable.

    Ask yourself, "Who is being served?"

  27. DigiWongaDude

    I did vote this up because I mostly do agree. But would you agree it can be stretched to "...or if it is in their self interest not to be." ? The example that springs to mind would be a prison population, but also where survival depends on it.

    The consequences, if that stretch is true, raises the question of whether people are good because they want to be, or whether they feel justified in being otherwise?

    I'm sure most people will consider themselves good for the most part whilst justifying, to themselves, their not so good actions.

    And so, people left to their own devices would slip easily into a blurry moral existence? That's what we'd get if we just tore down the "engines" (imo).

  28. Danny

    The assumption that human nature must be either ingenius and cooperative or destructive and violent is nonsense. It is both at the same time and probably at the same degree. Its to sides of one coin. Anarchy happend every now and then in history and is very rapidly replaced by authoritative leadership in one or the other form. People do not need to be forced to follow a leader. People actually seek authority. Also the idea that humans used to be peacefull creatures and where mislead by technology gone wrong is not very well researched at best. Humans always used the tools they had also to dominate and or kill each other. Even animals have a natural drive to seek a position of power within their community. I`d say it is a good doc to get you thinking but it ends up giving all the wrong answers. Anarchy isnt such a great thing when some guys decide they wanna move in to your house and rape your wife and daughter. Or simply everything stops working because industries simply vanish. Back to the stoneages as a solution to the worlds problems sounds rather cinical to me. Just to point in the right direction: Humans arent simply good or bad by nature. It is not some bad people who are responsible for the suffering on our planet. It is all of us living a comfortable life watching documentarys online while others are starving for our wealh. So if you realy want to blame someone. Best blame yourself.

  29. Danny

    yeah you are on the right track...

  30. DigiWongaDude

    yes yes yes! :-)

  31. Ramon

    However there is no species on Earth doing so much damage like man. It is cancer spreading around, with no natural enemy. It is like meteorite, the only difference is that meteorite strike and finish his mission "fast" and this event is rare. Thus human is only comparable with cancer not even with meteorite. People do not seek authority, people seek knowledge, enlightenment, better life but they can't get none. Why? Because those on thrones posses power to rule, not allow education, medicine, decent social life to all classes. They have guns,people serving them, prisons, laws, doctors... What does one small man have? Comparing to nature alpha male goes and attack the enemy first and thus he is allowed to eat first and it get's the biggest share, but he also give the fair share to others. Looking to the USA. 200 people (in US) posses so much wealth than entire population of the US combined. Do they also do as much work as 300 million ppl in the US? Do they bare any risk compared with alpha male in nature? There purpose is solely convincing the man he is the one who is indispensable like fiction gods were in history. So in one way they are gods, playing with us like a toys. Technology will only allow elite to create genetically modified man. This man will not resists and will only follow the orders. Thus the bright future of The Brave New World is here. Scared? Don't be, technology will slave, pardon free us.
    I would rather live one day in stone age, than 100 years in slavery of today's world.

  32. Danny

    If you want to live in the stoneages, just pack your stuff and move in to the woods. Nobody is stopping you. Again it is easy to blame the powerfull. But it is not their fault they are the same as anyone else, just luckier when it comes to money. Also they are cruel and seem to be evil at times, BUT i say: Anyone of "us" would turn out the same way as "them" ones he has the same status. Because you will loose that status quickly if you do not play by the rules. And ones you are one of the "lucky ones" would you really want to risk loosing all of that? The problem is us. We are all very egoistic and care about ourself the most. That is the true reason why it is possible that a few have so much and so many have so less. Because we dont care about other people but ourselfs and our friends and relatives. This is how it works. if you want to change something, first prove that you can change yourself. That you actually do care about others, that you are not seeking for pleasure and wealth but that you are satisfied with having food, clothing and a roof to protect you. That you do not have hatred in your heart. That you help people wherever and whenever you can. That you are ready to give up your comfortable life in order to help others. That you are not afraid to die. That family does not come first but that you love every humanbeing equally. Be something like a buddha and then MAYBE you can start walking around preaching a way out of this. As long as you are blaming others than yourself you are just a part of the problem. (as I am btw.)

  33. Ramon

    O really? Like native Americans do (living in a stone age in peace. Please give me a break).You obviously forgot your own history?! The environmental habitat is totally polluted and damaged. Do you ewer ask yourself why? It is totally "their" fault. So if you live as one of them, please spare us. "They" make rules not we. The good example is Edward Snowden and what happen if you don't obey the authority. It is lucky enough to be alive. Other example is how US government destroyed Iranian ruler Shah and similar examples like destroying their own skyscrapers WTC just to get into the war zone. Thus military industry start working with full power Yet it is true that man is egoistic and thus cancer of this beautiful world. Everything what he does and do is killing other species with amazing speed, giving nothing back to nature.

  34. pwndecaf

    Luckier with money? The game is rigged. It is not luck. Not for the very rich.

    I'm agreeing with some of your points, too, but I'm mostly with Ramon on this one.

  35. Michael Swoveland

    Your idea lack an understanding of human happiness. It is the desire of objects and things that distracts us from being in the moment. Anarchy must have natural laws, that need to be enforced, but it is the nature of capitalism to lie and cheat. This only creates misery, and false happiness. Simple lives, with good access to information, manual labour, and an economy that does no harm. The end goal being sustainable happiness and quality of life through nutrition, health, spirituality, and a world order based upon ecological principles. Our ability as a species to mitigate our impact on other species should be a guiding principle and a mission to do no harm.

  36. Danny

    I agree as far as you speak of a better system. But what you describe is NOT anarchy. "Anarchy must have natural laws, that need to be enforced," This sentence shows a deep lack of understanding what the word anarchy means. Enforcing laws is the opposite of anarchy, no matter what kind of laws. And you did not even get my point. Who do you blame for people desiring objects and things? Capitalism? Really? How comes the buddha talked about the same issue thousands of years ago when capitalism wasnt even thought of? People always used to desire objects and things, no matter if there is an monarchy, the rule of the strongest, a theocraty, democracy, communism, anarchy... you name it. And what you desrcribe as a better society is long lived reality for those of us who are lucky enough to live in industrialized societies while the rest of the world is kept in poverty. That should be the issue, sure other species count aswell, but how can you expect people to care about different species while at the same time we let our fellow humans starv to death? Trues is, Most people just dont want to hear it, because that would mean they can not blame anyone but themselfs and actually need to DO something. And happiness? Happiness is only a temporary state of mind. Without unhappiness there is no meaning to happiness. Most people are happy or unhappy only for themself (and those close to oneself). Example: allthough every few seconds countless people are dying from hunger and wars, do you feel unhappy about that all the time? On the other hand if your spouse, mother or father dies, how unhappy would that make you feel? if its mine.. would you even care? Happiness and dissatisfaction are two sides of one coin. Dissatisfaction would not exist without happiness and vice versa. Read my previous post once more... and think again.

  37. Danny

    Native americans used to kill each other of just as everybody else, check the facts man.They simply did not have the toools to do this kind of stuff on a massive scale, but look at the wars and human sacrifice of prisoners and so on the mayans and inkas waged and you can see where things where heading.You simply dont want to get it, because that would mean YOU would actually have to change your OWN attitude. You are living in a western world. ALL of your comfort is only yours because others are starving and are being used as slaves by your government. When there was no food in the supermarket, for YOU you would actually stand up and fight for your right and the people in power now would be overthrown quickly (wouldnt actually change a thing) but for those countless others on the planet which die every day you dont even lift a finger, whilke at the same time profiting from there suffering and blaming those who live even better than you. You are privileged and complaining while not giving up your privilege. that is hypocracy.

  38. Danny

    You think money doesnt mean a thing? You think you dont belong to the very rich? Wake up my friend. You belong to the lucky ones because you have a full stomach, internet access, education, healthinsurance and whatnot... You think that came from nowhere? Who gave that to you? And why do 80 or more percent of worlds population lack all that? Where does the coffee , chocolate, bananas, and all the stuff you wear and eat come from? Arent you wearing clothes made in china? Arent you driving busses, cars? Do you fly by plain every now and then?, Do you want to change places with a guy living in true poverty? Ever thaught about where the minerals in your laptop, cellphone, pc or mac come from? Ever thaught about being consequent and reduce your lifestyle to the REAL basic necessities? No wars in the middle east=no gas in your tank, no slavelabor in china=no 10$ shirt for you, no military industry=threat of being overpowered by those who have it, and so on and so on. If WE where ready to fight for those who are REALLY underpriviledged and where ready to give up our luxury in turn. THEN the earth had atleast a chance of being a good place. But WE are enjoing ourselfs watching documentarys, smoking weed and eating chocolatebars instead my friend. I dont say I like those facts, I am just not lying to myself in order to feel better about myself. give up all that western comfort in favor of those 80% in the world who are really suffering, then lets talk again. Blaming those richer, while belonging to the top 10% or let it be top 20% of the worlds population yourself is hypocracy. Where do you guys see your own responsibility???

  39. Danny

    What you do is saying "human kind is egoistic and thus the cancer of this world" and at the same time counting yourself out. That is to blame everyone but yourself..

  40. pwndecaf

    Now you are just bloviating. If you want to call someone a hypocrite, at least learn how to spell it.

    On a different topic, why are you upvoting your own posts?

  41. Danny

    to be fair, my point is.. dont blame others, blame yourself, if you want to blame the rich and powerfull, realize that on a global scale you are one of them. got it?

  42. THCjunky

    Yeah and the systems as you call them are controlled by...........?

  43. pwndecaf

    I got it before, along with a high level of fire and brimstone. Understand?

  44. Ramon

    Money doesn't mean a thing. It is artificial creation of man. Nowadays only numbers in computer. I do not belong to the lucky ones, the lucky ones are 200 us citizens having same amount of money as 300 millions of us citizens combined. Once more, keep your fairy tales for yourself. Chocolate, bananas and other stuff come from country which are enslaved by the western people. However this will stop sooner or latter. Just look what are Chinese companies doing, buying all the great companies in us i.e. Motorola, HP. Next you will be the slave working for them. The most stupid thing is your argument that without wars on the middle east there would be no gas. So you are saying only war can make economy go on? Really? I would gladly put all my luxuries away for free time. Now I need to work from 8 to 12 hours, regardless how stupid job it is. In the past you went on hunt and had a deer for a whole week. Thus means you had more time than ever. If you think you are not a slave you are obviously blind or stupid. You are not worth much more than Mexican migrants. Your wage will be the same as Chinese sooner or latter. In fact why should I pay you more if Chinese people can make it cheaper?Only because you are US citizens. No dude, that's economy, capitalism. The golden era of US of 1980 is over. Now there is more people In the us living on food stamps than ever.

  45. Ramon

    No I didn't. Once more Edward Snowden tried, he failed.Got it? You will newer understand how this world is working. You can't change nothing if you are not born in the right family.

  46. Ramon

    What should I do? Commit a suicide?

  47. Ramon

    They did. But once European conquistadors came they were extincted, like meteorite kill everything around..How many native Americans is now living in us? I believe your problem is forcing your right to others like Europeans did when coming to Native Americans soil. And please do start understand you will be sooner or later paid as same as Chinese workers. You are just a huge expense for capitalist. Thus you will be replaced first with Chinese workers and than with machines. After that you will be laid of, without an apartment and on food stamps. How does that sound? We will talk after 5 or 10 years when my predictions will come true. And then I will ask you why didn't you tried to change the world? You should be a priest.

  48. Danny

    "Money doesnt mean a thing"? THAT sounds like a fairy tale to me, what are you working for again? Isnt it the money you need to be able to support your lifestyle or simply survival? .

    "Chocolate, bananas and other stuff come from country which are enslaved by the western people" Exactly and you do not belong to the western people? Where do you live again?

    "Just look what are Chinese companies doing, buying all the great
    companies in us i.e. Motorola, HP. Next you will be the slave working
    for them" Thats it, so what? You dont seem to care much about chinese people today. Why shouldnt they get their turn? You only pitty yourself while giving a sh** about the rest of the world ...

    "So you are saying only war can make economy go on? Really?" no I am not, I am just pointing out the things as they are today. Today it is the case. Today economy and wars are linked together pretty tight. Dont you think?

    "I would gladly put all my luxuries away for free time." Who the f*** is stopping you?????!!!

  49. Danny

    I think your predictions are right, so what? You want the americans to be on top forever huh? To be living a comfortable life without worries. The rest of the world today? Africa, India, China, Middle east and all those places in the world we get all the ressources from? I am less afraid of China getting wealthy than you, you know why? Because I think it is just fair if europeans and americans go through some suffering aswell after all those centuries living on on the expence of other peoples blood.You dont give a sh** you only think about yourself and worry for your own wealth. EXACTLY as those powerfull 200 US Citizens you rant about. You are NO different. Not a bit. You just have less money. To be fair I am not mcuh different either, only thing is, I admit it. I live with it. I try to better myself. I do not blame others for my own selfishness. It is not that I think the world is ok as it is. Its just that I know that I am responsible for that just as any other humanbeing on the planet. ESPECIALLY those living in western societys. Especially those who blame everybody but themself, those who do not take ANY responsibility on their own. It is people like that who are the problem. No matter if rich or poor.Also the rich are part of the system. They where born in to it aswell. They did not create it. Sure those people need to be punished for their crimes against humanity, but that does not free you from your own responsibility. Those people could not rule over us if we would not let them. Police military, the whole state aparatus is made out of normal citizens. People. Like you. What is your job? Think your daily work has nothing to do with capitalism just because you dont get a huge sallary? Yes you can blame others for their wrong doings, but only AFTER you admit your own. You are scared of being poor? I can understand that, but being poor and surpressed is the reality for most people today. If they get their turn on the sunny side and you have to suffer instead. Then iI think it is your own fault, because you did not try to help others when you where on the sunny side. You did the opposite, you faught for whats yours. You wanted to keep your wealth and didn not care who has suffered in order to create it.

  50. Ramon

    And what are federal reserves? They are just printing papers. You obviously don't possess any knowledge of economy.

    Once more, people will sooner are later be worth by their price not from which side of the world they are coming from.

    Who the fu... is stooping me? Are you really so stupid? Have you looked the documentary about the people living in the camps in the USA? You should. USA or your western world will soon become one big, great DETROIT. I will ask you then, what will you do now? Pray JESUS to help you? Going to work in Europe? I hope you will not come here, we have enough stupid people already here.

  51. Ramon

    Bla bla bla, Telling me that one police officer can change the world? Really, why did they ban(100x times already told) Edward Snowdan? I am tired of reading your stupidities. You think there will be some Jesus Christ coming here and save us with some magic.I advise you to read one of the good books: Technofix: why technology wont save us, The Brave New World. That's how the world will be in and it is, and sadly not the way you are imaging to be.

  52. Ramon

    One of them. Really? The only different is that Paris Hilton can get all the doctors at the moment notice if she fart in the wrong way, mean while you will have to wait like a dog. Be gone now.

  53. Danny

    "Telling me that one police officer can change the world?"
    never said that.. BUT if ALL policemen would stop taking orders from corruptt leaders ...

    "That's how the world will be in and it is, and sadly not the way you are imaging to be"
    I am NOT imagining anything. I am just realistic. I am not dreaming of a better world for everybody. That is certainly NOT going to happen anytime soon.
    I am NOT worried for americans and europeans. F* it. Let them do slavelabor for the cinese. I dont care because they dont care about the chinese doing slavelabor today.
    I wont end up in a slavelabor camp, because I am smart and priviledged enough to follow the money.
    The world is not fair. The world is as it is. People are not good. People are selfish.

    "Really, why did they ban(100x times already told) Edward Snowdan?" Wrong question the real question is. Why are americans letting that happen? Why dont they stand up and fight for their hero? Why do they lean back and watch the show instead? (Just to spell it out for you: COMFORT and SELFISHNESS)

    Technology wont save us. Sure it wont. Who is US anyway? americans? white people?

    Technology allows "us" (by far not all of us) to stream movies read books build websites, businesses and so on. It certainly saves some people but it also kills others.

    Things arent black and white, Its shades of grey.

  54. Ramon

    What it's stooping me is money based on thin air not my comfort. You realize what means comfort? Hawing decent wage a car, a place to be and a food. Computer is the last thing needed. Though the electronic is has become cheaper than the food. I do not live in US. (thank good) and though your wages are higher or GDB the surgery and medical services are also higher in our country everything is paid by taxes, education, medical services. Thus the net income is lower. However GDB is so stupid factor, you should go around the federal states and ask people how do they really live. Not to mention the quality of the food made by Monsanto Co.

  55. Danny

    "You realize what means comfort? Hawing decent wage a car, a place to be and a food." That is a level of comfort only affordable for a small percentage of the world population. I f everyone had a car our planet would suffocate right away. Computer is the last thing needed? OMG, thats to much for me. Im out.

  56. Danny

    You can atleast wait, the real differnce is, that most people do not have medical access whatsoever!!! Why dont you compare yourself to those people? they are 50 to 80 percent of the worlds population. Instead you compare yourself to a few 1% ? Any logic here? Sure if you compare yourself to the richest 1% of the world you are pretty bad of. But whos not? You are just ignoring all the people in the world who are REALLY suffering so you can keep on feeling bad for yourself.

  57. Danny

    Snowden tried and failed? DOnt think so, He did what he did. The rest was up to US. WE failed because we did not do sh``. got it now?

  58. Ramon

    Yet more and more people are on food stamps and living in a tent camps just to survive. Yes but we can stream movies. You are really smart.
    Regarding Snowdan I just gave you an example telling me I have a choice and what happen if you don't go with the system. Once more you are really, really smart guy.

  59. Danny

    So what? The reason not to change anything is being scared what might happen to you? So where is the difference to people in power? They even have to be much more scared what might happen to them. They will get shot right away if they start to mess up things. So how can you blame them, if you are the same? You think they can simply do what they like? Think you will stay head of FED or Monsanto if you stop thinking about profit first? You will be kicked out and never get in to a position like that again. Maybe you will get threatened or killed. And your families aswell. What are you even talking about?

  60. Danny

    stop pretending that you are better then those you blame.

  61. Ramon

    They are poor not because of me but because of the rulers we have. So don't put blame on average Joe again. You can't even define the problem, because your problem is the average Joe.

  62. Ramon

    He failed. Nothing changed. Now please stop writing stupid comments.

  63. Ramon

    Who said I am pretending to be anyone? You? You should become a shrink. My view is just little bit more objective than yours. You live in the place filled with s*it of: Freedom, Democracy, Free Will. Thus I understand why majority of us people is thinking so minimalistic.

  64. Ramon

    Like I said profit first. First you are saying we have a choice and than we don't? What now? Make up your mind. Fed, Monsanto, Google, Microsoft, bunch of corporations working on profit. You should read how and why the mighty Roman Empire collapsed and educate yourself.

  65. Ramon

    If you don't have car, you can't go to work, if you don't go to work you can't buy food, shelter etc. Or you can go to Yellow Stone park hunting deers based upon your minimalistic thinking.

  66. Danny

    The problem actually IS the everage joe. Joe wants to live a good life, joe would do anything to achieve this fo rhim and his family. Joe would kill for it. The rulers are just everage joes in positions of power. I am happy you understand my point even if you do not agree.

  67. Danny

    nothing changed because everage joe doesnt do anything...you think just a single man could change the world? contradicting yourself here. he did not fail, we failed. stop insulting me btw.

  68. Ramon

    But you are saying opposite. You are saying that we or individual have option to change to world. Thus you clearly stated that I as a person have a change. Contradictions of yours are so lame.

  69. Danny

    woooot? i simply pointed out that not everyone can have a car because it is physically impossible.. Dear hunting?? wasnt it YOU who wants to live in the stoneages?? omg

  70. Danny

    if you do NOT think you are better than those you blame then we are on the same page..

  71. Danny

    ahem, you really that ignorant? we have a choice but not a choice without risk. almost everybody chooses to go along, just like you.

    you are not ready to risk anything and "they" are just same..

    what are you babbling about roman empire. you dont even know how to have an argument, sh** up already. this discussion is getting really tiresome.

  72. Danny

    maaan you are so ignorant. You have the option to change YOURSELF, not the entire world! You have to start with YOURSELF BEFORE you can point your finger at others!!!!!!!!!!! snowden did that. you DID NOT

  73. bringmeredwine

    I agree with everything I read in your post.
    I bailed as soon as the nonsense started about how preferable society was for all it's members, 4000 years ago.
    Are the creators of this doc serious?
    Following some of the discussions here was much more helpful than suffering through this disappointing production.

  74. cyberdog

    Yes, I have to also admit to enjoying the discussion(s) as well. Though, in all fairness, the documentary has served it's purpose in starting a debate and discussion, whether the people who are taking part in the debate have watched the documentary or not.;-)

  75. bringmeredwine

    Some people get their knickers in an uproar if one hasn't dutifully watched a doc before posting.
    I enjoy reading anybody's comments regardless.
    I usually learn something new here and it's interesting to see varying points of view.
    Some remarks are pretty "out there", lol.
    I prefer not to participate in the occasional rows or heated debates.

  76. Ramon

    It is possible. There are more cars in the world than people.

  77. Ramon

    Again stupid arguments with no concrete suggestion. Please spare those fairy tales of yours for your children. And about Roman history, yes I noticed US people are porly educated. No offense, but that's the truth. No money, no education. I guess you don't belong to the 1%.

  78. Ramon

    Any concrete suggestion or we are going to read "change yourself". You are going to play by their rules not the other way around. We can't change the world, the world is how it is. The problem is in our mentality. And by arguing "change yourself" you just show how stupid you really are, Fairy tales are for children. p.s you could also say: change yourself and wake up your dragon inside of you...lol

  79. Danny

    ... I am not american, but that does not even matter. You are just a troll, this is my last comment.

  80. Guest

    f*** yourself.

  81. Ramon

    Yes I will change myself and wake up my dragon inside and I will become better. And than I WILL join to 1%, elite. O but I cannot do that because I don't' think in their way. Thus I would be a renegade in US prison. Silly you.

  82. Ramon

    Will do, thank you

  83. Ramon

    Ok good bye. I will wake my dragon inside of me and than I will change the 1%.

  84. Jacek Walker

    "Was this world built by psychopaths? "

    Not built but certainly has been ruled by them for thousands of years.

    Now the crucial question is what is this disease called psychopathy? Is it a dark part of human nature? Is it inherited or is it born suddenly at some stage of human growth?

    The best we can start from is to diagnose this disease and try to cure it or destroy it completely, if possible.
    And don't expect the psychopaths who have taken over the world to come and ask for the medicine for their disease. They don't consider themselves sick. On the contrary, they think of themselves as smart and intelligent and unbeatable.

    This is why any attempt to resort to compassion or decency or empathy of a politician or a top banker or a high priest in the old days has always been in vain. This group of exemplary psychopaths has none of the characteristics above mentioned.

    We must cure it or ...say adios to the future on this infested planet

  85. bluetortilla

    Thumbs up for Pure Anarchy! :D

  86. bluetortilla

    Sounds like you need to flip that coin to see which side you're on. I'm clear on my side of the street.

  87. Black Scholar

    This here is GOOD STUFF

  88. Nimal Aon

    this was great. Human nature is adaptable.

  89. Dave Bliss

    Brillant but with real solutions. Action agenda needed. Money from Debt is the modern slavery of society change thisi and give us all a chance. Change the monetary system is the first step. Every aspect of our lives is a construct of a lie. We are willing slaves to the money system.

  90. john bates

    Lol, truly moronic. Your logic is as feeble as your spelling and grammar Danny. You obviously don't know much about history or psychology. People actually do the opposite of 'seeking authority', we naturally rebel against it and those rebellious tendencies have to be managed with fear, force and manipulation. Your last sentence shows how little you understand... there are plenty of resources for us all to sit around comfortably watching documentaries and our luxury is not at the expense of others or the cause of suffering elsewhere... there is plenty to go around if we just get rid of the super rich and the centralised power that hoards wealth and wastes it. Best blame the super rich and the politicians actually... seeing as they (along with thick people like you) are the root cause of the problem.

  91. john bates

    Jesus Danny, how are you so confident when you are so obviously wrong? Anarchy means 'without rulers' NOT without rules... it certainly does not mean without law and it does not mean you can't enforce rules either!!! If you had a true and direct democracy responsible for writing and agreeing upon the laws then you could easily have a world with some rules, or you could just replace law with the threat of democratic judgement... this kind of self-organising system is exactly how nature organises (through feedback loops etc) and it's that kind of anarchy that we need.

    Political structures and capitalism are also not at all responsible for improving our ways of life.. that has all been done through technology, not capitalism or the hierarchical structure of social; organisation.

    The fact that happiness is a 'relative' state (poor economy of language reveals your s*upidity once again) is completely irrelevant.

  92. Danny

    Ok I am used to use the word anarchy nin a negative sense, meaning disorder or lawlessness. If Anarchy in your definiton means to you "a true and direct democracy responsible for writing and agreeing upon the law" I can agree, that this would probably be good. Otherwise youd did not really get my point.

  93. Danny

    You do not get it. On a global scale you belong to the superrich. Saying that people do not seek authority is just so obviously wrong that I might aswell try to argue against creationism. Sure people do also rebell against authority, two sides of the same coin not a contradiction. You are insulting me alot but (or and) aren`t very smart. My spelling mistakes are due to the fact that english is not my native toung. I speak it pretty well though, I would say. That is why you probably did not think of the possibilltiy that I might be a foreigner to you. (Or thats just narrowmindedness, I dont know) I speak German, Portuguese and a little french aswell. Btw. how many languages do you speak? I feel pitty for you, because you are so hatefull.

  94. leftOrRightLobe

    I love this documentary with all of my heart and it's well constructed thesis. In daily life I reference it's claims towards reality. As a side note, I watch it sometimes when I am frustrated with society and those who support our species (all of humanity) destruction as inevitable. Alas, there is one stinging problem. What do we do with those born with strong psychopathic traits in this proposed utopia?

  95. harry

    looks like a video produced as a high school project

  96. Link

    I've to agree with you. There simply cannot exist a world without contradictions. It's all because of the way things exist along eachother; light vs darkness, complexity vs order, good vs bad... this list is endless. My point is: how can something good exist when you can't define it as something other than bad? The main interest of all these dualities is to think and act in a manner of general interest. In that way, if everyone thinks and acts in interest of the common good (i know this also puts up a lot of questioning), some form of central prevalence could provide some benefits to all of us. Is the central authority not acting in perspective of general interest, there has to be the possibility to change its composition without fighting. A lot has to do with the way in which individuals view events and actions and the way in which they respond. I hope my contribution is somehow clear to understand. To respond on your 'two sides of a coin': it's not about the two sides, but rather the meaning of the coin and the way in which you use it. The same goes for the axe in this video. Beware, I'm quite idealistic

  97. kill with kindness

    Answer to your question: Give them what they want as they become full they also become alone. They learn on there own and come around eventually.

  98. solitude

    I have food, shelter, clothes and I am satisfied. I don't give a damn about what my neibor has nor what the country I live in has or doesn't have. I don't have a Facebook account either :-) I do what I want. I innovate designs to use as a need for REAL economics as best as I can with what is available to me. There is not much in this world today that is really "economic" in the monetary market. We are too busy trying to hold on to our meaningless or slave jobs we have today. I enjoyed this doc.

  99. Unsub89

    "Best as I can with what's available to me"........before you write things to the world asses exactly what your writing your contradicting yourself and YOU nor I are not FREE to be innovative! What you call REAL ECONOMICS I call REAL SLAVERY we are taught what we're taught for reasons and that is to serve as slaves to whatever governments see fit.....unfortunately

  100. Unsub89

    *too, *you're x2 and exclude *not after are befor free
    Being a hypocrite
    I believe what I wrote; just not in grammatical errors!

  101. Cliona

    This is why the plutocrats who control our government are using propaganda, and manipulating information with regard to education as a means to privatize it. First, the most long-term and sustainable way to control an entire population is by restricting how, and what they learn. One good example is the deal that many public colleges have made with the corporate monopolies; to only offer degrees in disciplines which feed the corporate masters, i.e. worker-bees. The only way we will ever change this is to starve the beast. We have to change our mind-set to one of communal care that starts in our own neighborhoods and communities. Many young people are already stepping away from this, and refusing to play along. They also use the media and entertainment to numb us to the truth. Has anyone else noticed the sudden proliferation of programs based on religious myth and theocracy in the US? All of their tactics are by design, as a way to control what we think and believe.

  102. Cliona

    I have spent my life in the pursuit of truth and enlightenment, and I have always had the ability to see patterns and interconnections between the layers of authority that control most people's lives. Governments and religious organizations have always used propaganda, fear of retribution, and constantly pit diverse groups against each other by presenting those that stand up to them as 'the other' - this is why racism, bigotry, and patriarchy have killed communal thinking, and keep us separated from one another. Divide and conquer works. Just look at the fact that American police departments are being given tanks and weaponry, along with legislation that legalizes murder passed at the state level (stand your ground laws). Our prisons have been privatized (modern gulags), while the corporate-controlled media constantly paints people of color as the enemy. Racism was originally invented by European monarchies and the Catholic church as a way to instill fear and turn the masses into 'true believers'. We can see this in all three of the major religions today. The easiest way to hijack the minds of the masses is to instill fear. The Nazis took advantage of this fact with devastating consequences. The history of America is filled with these tactics, just look at the genocide committed against Native Americans by the white European immigrants who came here with indentured servants, and when black and white farmers banded together to stand up against financial tyranny and fought back the oligarchy in America used racist ideology to convince the white farmers that they were better than their black neighbors, the road to slavery ensued.

  103. Cliona

    Correct, money has no real value because the global monetary system is based on debt.

  104. Icelander

    Human nature is what we do. How can something coming from nature be unnatural? (It can't) The position of this video is flawed imo. No evil leader has power unless given to them by the willingness of those supposedly benign average folk. It's all humans not just some bad guy in a suit.

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