The Enigma of Flying Spheres
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The Enigma of Flying Spheres

2013, Conspiracy  -   87 Comments
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Of all the various kinds of UFO related phenomena, which have materialized, the so-called light spheres certainly hold a particularly important place. These objects have recently gained greater popularity thanks, in part, to the studies conducted by Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff. According to his theory the light spheres could be the cause behind crop circles with which they have often been associated, but the spheres began to appear many years ago.

During the Second World War airplane pilots on both sides of the war reported on several occasions that they were flanked by mysterious light spheres during their missions. These spheres could execute maneuvers that would have been impossible for the pilots' airplanes. Their many attempts to out strip the spheres and avoid pursuit were unsuccessful and, in fact, the spheres often seemed to anticipate the maneuvers of even the most experienced pilots.

They appeared in all areas involved in the war from Europe to the Far East and it was soon clear that they were not secret enemy weapons. They were given the name "foo-fighters" from a corruption of the French word “feu”. The objects appeared to be glowing bright spheres in colors ranging between red, orange, yellow, white, and green. The instruments aboard the planes experienced malfunctioning when these mysterious craft appeared and once radar technology became operative the pilots realized that the craft were not detected by their radar devices.

The phenomenon of flying spheres begins to manifest during the second World War during the air attacks among American, English, German, and, of course, Italian and Japanese air forces. They all reported a presence of these spheres. Each of them thought they were secret enemies' weapons and so they were frightened, as they moved with great freedom. They could come very close to or move away from airplanes, almost passing between them.

The committees established by both the Allies and the Germans to investigate the phenomenon did not officially reach any serious result. Initially the pilots and their superiors were bewildered and, understandably, afraid that the spheres were secret enemy weapons. They later became accustomed to this presence considering it innocuous. According to the pilots' statements, the objects were filmed on several occasions, but the films have since been kept in secret military archives.

Footage filmed by random witnesses began to appear in the 1950s. These films show the objects both alone and in groups and images confirm the statements made by the military pilots. Amongst the first to suggest that these craft may be extraterrestrial was the Polish-American, George Adamski, the first and most famous of the contactee - that is human beings who come into repeated contact with beings presumed to have come from other worlds.

Adamski declared that these flying objects were remote controlled surveying probes that extra planetary spaceships had launched into earth's orbit for study purposes. Their shape could be spherical or disc like and their size could vary from just a few centimeters to several meters in diameter. He filmed a number of them in flight. Over the course of the years further films added to the wealth of footage showing these mysterious craft, giving a sense of continuity to their mysterious presence and origins.

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87 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Don

    In mid December of 2015 I was a passenger on a flight heading up to the East coast over Virginia. Very clear day @1400hrs. Suddenly while gazing out the window I saw a silver/blue sphere (size of a cantaloupe) trailing behind the starboard side wing for app.30 seconds. Totally caught me off guard. It was the most amazing and captivating thing I’ve ever witnessed. The sphere maintained a direct trailing path and distance of what looked to be app. 10-15’ behind the wing. At one point the sphere dropped straight down out of view and reappeared about 10 seconds later within the same area as prior. Finally within 5 seconds of reappearing and trailing the plane it looked as though it flew backwards and no longer was in sight. For the duration of the flight it did not reappear at least from my window view. Good to hear others have witnessed this phenomenon also. Hopefully someday we’ll be informed of what we had viewed.

  2. Barbara F Toscano

    During the 90's I was at a nephews home for a BBQ. He and I went out to the front of the house. All of a sudden out of no where in the sky above me appeared circles. They were very close to me I felt I could reach up and touch them. They were different colors light blue, pink and yellow in perfect rows. Then all of a sudden they were gone. My nephew turned to me and said did you see what I saw. We were the only two that witness it yet we were surrounded by people at the BBQ

  3. Victoria

    I saw a perfect metallic looking sphere flying near my plane as I we were descending into Cleveland, Ohio. This happened in 2016.

  4. Kerri Martin

    In, 2005, my friend and I were at his family ranch near Gonzales, Texas. It was a clear afternoon and we were just sitting outside enjoying the day. In the distance you could see something in the sky moving towards us from our left. We locked our gazes on it as it moved at a smooth and steady speed in our direction. We made a couple of comments about what it could be. We had almost decided it must be a metalic type balloon that had escaped somebody's party somewhere. But, as it got closer, we could see that it was a solid, shiny, metal perfect sphere. The strangest part was that we realized that it was traveling quite fast, but there was no noise coming from it at all. Just steadily sped by almost directly above us. It maintained a steady speed and disappeared over the horizon in a minute or so.
    I have thought about it and researched for years. There are other sightings of flying sliver spheres that have been recorded. They look very much like the one I saw.

    1. Melissa Smith

      I live near there and see them quite often. Today, my daughter finally saw one as well. They are quiet, have no lights and disappear.

  5. Bernadette

    I just left a comment above- Bernadette
    I entered the incorrect date when we saw the spheres in Dickinson Texas. It was on my daughters Birthday- December 15, 2018. I put it was xmas day- that was incorrect.. I just spoke to her because she loved seeing it on her Birthday!! Sorry! I believe the dates are very important!!

  6. Bernadette

    12:00 minutes in documentary!
    We saw about 8 of these beautiful silver flying spheres on Christmas Day about 4:30 in Dickinson , Texas. We know they weren’t a flock birds because there was a group flying by. These clearly stood out because they were like a group of bubbles flying in the sky and moved quickly and gracefully - dancing and following each other when leaving. Three of us adults saw this and looked at each other in amazement!! What a spectacular sight to see!

  7. Huntingdave

    Me and my hunting buddy saw a beautiful "electric green" glowing orb twice the size of a basketball floating along 15ft above the ground in a creek bottom one night while spotlighting for deer. Looking through a Leupold 40mm scope set on 9 power, so I got a good close look at something that does/did not exist in earths known parameters made or natural, neon green "anything" was not even around. This was 38 years ago and is still vivid in my memory.
    It happened to/for me, don't really care if you believe it or not. It's real. Wish I could see anything like that again.

  8. Johnny Buckles

    When I was a kid I would open my bedroom window and lay in bed and look at the stars one night in 1986 I saw a big red sphere go over my house,I climbed out of the window as fast as I could but it was gone.
    It made no sound and was as big as a car.
    To this day I have wondered what it was.

  9. Omar

    Why does everyone Immediately assume that these things are from outer space or whatever? Probes sent by aliens to imvestigate?

    To me the most logical and Obvious explanation is that they are just a form of life that we are not acquainted with, yet. Just like we discovered bacteria and later on viruses and Now we are able to map the genetic information of a sample and actually identify bacterial and viral dna, separate it from the human dna and see that there is about 20-80% of dna that we don't know which kind of a creature it belongs to (in you oe on you). Neither bacterial, nor viral or human. Something that is Alive and In Us but we can't identify it except by recognizing strange genetic information in the samples we may take from blood, saliva etc.

    Also, considering that these creatures emerged shortly after the advent of flight... Perhaps it is We who are trespassing in their living areas and only made them curious?

    Imagine a submarine in the depths of the deepest ocean. There must be swarms of creatures following that submarine around, observing curiously - doing exactly what I believe these orbs of light to be doing.

    Checking us out, essentially :D

  10. Alex McIntosh

    I had a white ball of light come down slowly and approach me once on a clear crisp night in Cheltenham UK, gliding smoothly through the air, stopping, then getting nearer again and stopping, then coming closer then changing direction and then stopping for about 30 seconds. Then in an instant it shot off up in a curved tick shape, diminishing as it went which took around 0.25 seconds before it was gone. The whole event was silent. Strangest thing I've ever seen.

  11. Alexander Duncan

    The credibility of this film is damaged by the inclusion of images associated with George Adamski, a notorious fake. Nevertheless, the film is interesting and appears to include authentic footage. However, some of the comments and interpretations are suspect, especially the absurd claim at 32:48 et seq. that the film somehow shows what the people inside a passing airplane are thinking!

  12. ricky jamo

    Can anyone whose followed this phenomenon over the last 20-25 years and therefore knowledgeable and familiar with these orbs - recommend any other websites, videos or fellow experts to contact, share and explore any new theory's or observations? I have a certain degree of understanding in this field, a variety of possible causes and evidence.
    If we hope to improve on what we know so far then more liberally like minded thinkers are needed for our understanding to begin to actually predict where, when and the expected arrival / behaviour / modus operandi.

  13. Krystle Marie Conner

    I saw one last night and I started filming after so the lens is clean. No light flares. Sad when People are so afraid to be open minded and think outside their box that they choose to assume to know everything even of others experiences.

  14. Aùii

    These spheres are just what you usually call "drones". There is nobody inside and are controlled by vision...Simple but magic

  15. Gurl By TheSF Bay

    Just witnessed sphere today during my walk by the mountain canyon near my home in San Francisco!! The sphere appeared clear, shiny glass or metal like , and it had an orange color I thought was the reflection sun, but color never changed with sphere's movement . I thought it was balloon but It's moves were calculated. It actually lowered it's self and flew down toward a grassy area with rocks, as if was going to land, then it flew into an area with several eucalyptus trees stand. I ran toward the area where I saw it was headed to look around but was unable spot anything in the area. Please let me know if any one else has seen these spheres in my area...need to know I am not alone.

    1. Kerri Martin

      I was just reading your comment and it sounded very familiar. I never saw the ball change direction, but it was moving quickly and in a calculated manner. Totally silent.

  16. witnessXXxx

    Nobody can take away an experience from anybody, once it has happened. In a split second it took my fear of the dark away forever. I had that for 16 years!.If one have never encountered any of this sort..I just want you to know, you cannot just sit and think something is not real without having experienced it. The fact that mainstream science does not take it seriously, does not mean it does not exist. It is a shame..because we would have evolved in a whole different level than we are today. I am in a place of no fear.. In addition, I shared this to a guy I met some weeks ago. He said his girlfriend had a similar experience where she in broad daylight, in the middle of the streets in the city, saw a translucent sphere just passing by among ppl..She suddenly saw it appear out of nowhere..and disappear again. Yes, I am sure they are watching us and collecting data. They can change from visible to invisible..just like that.

    1. Htownwutitdo

      I'm getting chills reading these comments... I seen a ball ... about 10 years ago...

      While I was watching cruise by me .. about 10 foot in the air.. about 15 feet away from me.. silent.. I thought...nobody will ever believe me.

      About 10 inches in diameter... chrome... with flashing, colorful lights...silent... with a constant speed..

  17. witnessXXxx

    I must admit, when I saw this documentary, my suspicion was confirmed. I was and still am looking for a specific doc, which was on tv after I had my close encounter with a sphere, confirming the same experience. I was 16 and in my bed going to sleep. I had just tried to overcome my fear of the dark, which I had since childhood that night by closing my bedroom door. So it was totally dark in my bedroom. For this reason, I was shaking and scared because I could feel something was in my room. While I was shaking, wishing that I could just jump up and open the door so some light could come in, I suddenly saw a sphere, translucent but with orange, yellow and red colours floating out of it. I was so shocked that I just glared at it. It just appeared out of nowhere in my bedroom. 1.5 - 2 m from the floor and 1 m from my head in distance. I don't know how it did it but instantly when I saw the colours slowly floating out of it, bright and clear colours, I calmed down. That sphere took my fear of the dark away..and I don't know why I felt the presence of something in my room but it was suddenly visible and it did no harm. I have never been afraid of the dark ever since. I can even go running in the park in the dark without fear. That was an act of love for sure. The sphere was transluncent, and I could see the edge of it which made the just looked like magic. I had to wipe my eyes several times with my hands in disbelief. Now that I have seen this doc..I am posive and 100% does exist. In my bedroom..amazing!.

  18. Garnet K

    its amazing that there are so many comments on each side of the fence, I was sceptical at first but the more research I did the more I was coming down on the side of we have been visited for many years if not hundreds or even thousands of years. once you start getting so many credible accounts from dozens of retired people from the military, defence, FAA and more there starts to become a pattern, it would seem that the US is one of the few countries that are still in 100% denial. France is now one of the leading countries on the matter of UFO's. there is more than enough evidence out there for anyone to look at and realize that we have visitors from other planets here. you might not agree, or it might scare you. but fact is there are enough credible witnesses out there that you would have to be very arrogant to think that as earthlings we live alone in this big ole universe.

  19. John turner

    Back in the early 1970s when i was 18 -19 i was working for the Oldham parks dept in England. Me and a coworker called Terry Were taking a break about 1130 am watching a plane coming in to land at Manchester airport 10 miles away. without any warning a small metallic sphere shot right under the belly of the plane, we watched it streak off into the distance. It left us both speechless. Some years later i saw that footage of the concord on TV with the sphere, however i remember footage being shown that was shot from inside the Concord also by one of the passengers. strange how that footage no longer seems available.

  20. Joe

    A few years ago as I was watching some sky divers dropping out of the light aircraft, I noticed a yellow gold coloured sphere some distance above the plane moving in the opposite direction to what the parachutes were slowly drifting. The sphere kept moving south-westerly direction until it disappeard behind mountain range. My hobby for the last 60 or more years has been astronomy; I am familiar with aircraft, satellites, weather balloons and other lights in the sky. But this yellow gold coloured sphere has left me wondering, what could it have been?

  21. Tim

    Seen another one the other night. This one was blue with a white tail. I have done some math. I figure where I was standing and the distance and it's size. My guess it would be about 60x60 feet. The next night my wife saw it in our backyard. She was about 10 feet away from it. She said it too was Blue. And about the size of a tennis ball. And then. Poof. Gone We are simple people. Nott looking for anything. If we are seeing them. Then it's just a matter time until it's on cnn. Then we will all know

  22. Carroll Bryant

    In 2011, I was standing outside in the yard smoking a cigarette at about 5:00 AM. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, I looked up to the sky towards the Northeast direction. I saw something coming heading in my direction at an extremely fast speed, making no sound. Before i could even blink, this object flew overhead between 50 to a 100 feet above me and in a flash, passed me by and was heading in a southwest direction.

    There was a thick cloud of what I want to call smoke but, it was really thick and it hung in the air for an hour before slowly dissipating or evaporating. I know fog and smoke does not take that long to dissipate outdoors.

    The object was round, like a basketball, but approximately 5 feet in diameter, maybe 10. It made absolutely no noise whatsoever. Not even any kind of whistling sound. It looked metallic in construction.

    I don't know if this was a drone of some sort or what, but it has always remained in my mind, wondering what the hell it was. The only reason i question it being man made was the speed it was traveling, the lack of noise, and that mysterious smoke like fog. And why was it only flying between 50 and 100 feet in the air?

  23. Peter

    The problem I have with this doc is that all sightings (some of which are on the face of it interesting such as the 'Concorde' sighting) appear to be taken as read without any critical analysis of the same. Once it got to crop circles (which are pretty much totally discredited) I just lost all interest.

  24. Socratesfan

    Several decades ago (I don't want to specify the year) I read part of a page of a highly classified AF document on UFO's that was carelessly left open on a desk when the signer had to go to the restroom, The text of the exposed page concerned photon thrusters or photon thrust rockets, I can't remember exactly which. But this indicated to me that someone high up was taking this very seriously and conducting some sort of analysis. It was from that time that I began to believe that UFO's were not just a bunch of baloney.

  25. Irish Sweetness

    I witnessed one of these in 1996 at a horse racing festival in Galway, Ireland. There were over 20,000 witnesses. It hung over the course for about 20 minutes before just disappearing. It looked like a little sun. People were chilled out and I only accepted what it was recently. And here's a film about them. Wow.

  26. Ayshea

    The spheres are real no doubt about it, whether all footage shown in this documentary is authentic is another matter. I can testify the sphere phenomenon is real after seeing them myself. First time was in 1996 in the North of England. At the back of our house there was open farm land. I had got up in the early hours of the morning to check on my young daughter who had not been well that day. She was sleeping soundly and fine. I went to the window and pulled back the curtain within seconds i witnessed a low flying bright sphere travelling at a tremendous speed across the farmland. The sight stunned me and left me in a state of awe. I told my family about it, they remain skeptical. The second sighting I had in January this year, again in the North of England, different location but close to where i'd seen the first. It was 11pm, i was sat talking with my daughter in the car. We where parked in a natural beauty spot which had views of the Pennines. In total we witnessed 6 orbs that evening. They where traversing from right to left over high moorland, Stopping central, descending then ascending. After checking on Google earth the area they seemed to be focused upon was baron, isolated open moor with a collection of reservoirs upon them. At least the second time i saw them i had someone to witness the phenomenon with me. I don't have any idea what they are and no opinions as to whether they are demons, ET's or a Government secret, but one thing for sure they are real.

  27. Zelda F Williams

    These entities are demons, fallen angels who along with satan rebelled against The LORD GOD. Satan is called the prince of the power of the air. The skies above the earth are his domain. In Genesis, 6th chapter we are introduced to the "Sons of GOD" (angels, Job 1:6;2:1). It is a recount of pre-flood earth. The angels that rebelled with satan against GOD, gave humanity "tech" for the time, causing unspeakable evil being unleashed in the earth. Genesis 6 tell the entire story. The flood wiped out the entire human race with the exception of Noah and his immediate family, 8 people in total.

    These beings are part of a mass deception that is coming, part of the new-age deception that tells man, they can be gods who are all part of a global god consciousness. Christian, because they believe in the 1 True GOD will be considered as outcasts, those that would stop man-kind from evolving into what films like pometheus promote, earth being seeded (populated) by some mega advanced species.

    1. Achems_Razor

      Good grief! Don't tell me there are more of you? did you make all this up? show some proof of your allegations, besides your man made books/bibles and circular logic.

    2. Zelda F Williams

      Achems_Razor, I don't mind having meaningful mutual respectful discourse, I welcome it. I offered the truth concerning what these entities are. We can have a discussion as long as it doesn't degrade to insults as there is no need for it.

    3. jackmax

      If you have offered the truth, then you should be able to provide the evidence required to support your claims of the "truth", and please don't insult our intelligence by quoting passages from your book of lie which you call the bible..

    4. Matuvo Namikaze

      That is what all of you "men of science" say, and then when there is some miracle that happens, or something inexplicable, then you go about blindly hunting for results you'll never find. its sad. one day you all will see.

    5. jackmax

      By all means show me your best example of a miracle or something inexplicable that has no explainable answer to which all persons would agree with, not just the believers and religee that will always give your imaginary friend (god) credit for.

  28. MR.BOSS

    Is it just me or does that crop circle look like a big target

  29. mycial

    I've noticed after a very good day of spraying our fine city, with these chemtrails before sunset those large long objects seems to appear. At first I thought it was just the sun going down but then I observed the sun is no where near this object. The best way I may describe it in Kansas city, Missouri it hangs there at sunset not moving no sound it appears like it's a large craft & the only thing you see is the shinning base of it. People call me foolish crazy stupid, but I'm not people refuse to look up during the day & get there camera's at night I know something is about to happen but I don't trust these bright orange lights observing us & no one seems to notice ANYTHING GOING ON!!!

  30. Shadowblur

    .....I'm deadly serious in my saying that these 'spheres' exist.....they do! I have had over 50 sightings of ufo's, (alien entity piloted craft, not human constructed or controlled) i have on 2 separate occasions, captured these spheres on my cam-corder, (tape type.) Two descriptions about them, one, they are usually in a group of 3, second, when this group of 3 are seen, they usually hold a 'triangle' formation, i believe that this formed formation is for protective purposes, keeping this triangle formation allows clear visual contact on each other at all times.

    EBE, (scientific term: Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) are real. Their craft truly exist, and are NOT secret human technology! Of course, our governments have known about the alien presence in our skies for a very long time, and are NOT in liaison with these EBE's as some have suggested, they are here for their own gain, own agenda, and have always held this stance maybe since the human race had started, i would go further and say they created us, look where we are today, look at the rest of life here, why are we so advanced and we're the newcomer on earth too, doesn't add up!.....It’s time for us to know, it’s time for us to know who we really are…..NOW!

    1. a_no_n

      hey um...quick didn't happen to have most of these experiences between 1993 and 2002 i suppose?

    2. Shadowblur

      ...Well, my first sighting was way back in 1974 or 5, (from 1970~77 a hell of a lot of ufo activity occurred around the world for some unknown reason.) You asked between 1993~2002, i was 'taken' by alien entities , and have a full report on it. It happened in between those years you asked me, may i asked, why you asked me this? Thanks.

    3. Josh

      I have to ask, how old were you when you had your 1st sighting? How close was it and did it seem like they were trying to let you see them? Did you not want to be taken when you were taken? Or did you get use to the idea of being taken after so many sightings? I'm asking because i've had multiple sightings and am just curious

    4. Shadowblur

      I was around 14 yrs old on my first sighting of an alien
      craft, (actually, 2 identical craft were seen at the same time) and had another
      witness who saw the whole event with me too, (we were out walking in the
      evening time, actually 6 of us were together, but 4 of those friends were
      walking some way off ahead of us, just me and my close friend saw it all.)

      abduction of me was around 16 yrs ago, (not the just mentioned first sighting)
      this happened in a 'dream state' yes, aliens are able to interact in your dreams
      with you! What a great ploy, making you think it were all just a dream,
      perfect! I remember only once being abducted, maybe there were more, but i
      think this time they wanted me to know i was abducted; i got a strong feeling
      on this. You may have yourself been abducted, if you have had multiple
      sightings, then this means they want YOU to see/know them, you like myself,
      have been chosen.

    5. Shadowblur

      ...Yes, quite right 'a_no_n' ...a lot had happened, since i
      moved away from that country where all these encounters had happened, i have
      had practically none to this date, (i left Cyprus 15 years ago, and FLED to the
      far-east, i live near China now) they haven't bothered me here, but i have the
      'implant' that they put inside me15 to 16 yrs ago, it's obviously a tracking
      device and many other functions it performs too i believe.

  31. Chris Evans

    surprised there was no mention of other planes or multiverse theory mentioned. have to consider all possibilities really to form your own opinion. Like all ufo phenomena, everyone jumps to the Alien intelligence position when they could be probes investigating from humans in an alternate dimension where we have got our s*it together.

  32. WhooptyDoo DaDay

    Ive seen one of these silver spheres in the sky while driving on the highway, but it wasn't moving around everywhere, just sitting there in the sky. I don't remember if it stayed there or not, because I had to keep driving.

  33. Alv V

    I was thinking about crop circles as a form of mandala, just like UFO's also as circle-shaped objects is a symbol of wholeness that would be a paradox compared to the situation in the world during WW2. In a world of war and religious disillusioned people this would act as a subconscious symbol to give a feeling that we are not alone in this world with all of it's chaos and that the human powers of destruction would be insignificant compared to entities coming from the heaven, with superior intelligence, being able to do what is impossible to us. A circle is the opposite of chaos.

  34. mycial

    About 7 months ago, around 2:00 a.m my mom finished doing her end monthly reports for her business. She turned off the lights & proceeded to walk into the foyer then she noticed a bright light hovering in the night sky just a few 100 feet away she said" no it's no star then all of a sudden. Several other lights appeared. She went back to bed & went to church the next day. Now about 2 months ago while visiting her, at 2:30 a.m I turned over in the bed touched my iPhone & got out of bed, open the door & walked down the hallway. I was still have half asleep. As I got closer to the top of the steps I noticed a bright light. I didn't want anything from the kitchen. I stopped in my tracks & this thing stood there outside the window hovering over our brushes. I wasn't scared & I DIDN'T GO any farther. But I'm lost for words because this thing looked at me! I felt invaded because it made me get out of bed for no damn reason we have no idea what these things are & what there capable of. Michael from overland parks. If you have any thoughts please let me know this is very serious.

  35. tony ray

    after the whole flying rod ufo's thing i dont trust any video from the 90's

  36. Carl Crosado

    CROP CIRCLE PART IS FAKE. Guy who filmed it admitted he faked it as a film exercise.

    1. Bad Conduct

      It looks fake, just looks like a fade between two shots. One with a crop circle, one without.

  37. Malachi Simonyan

    Why cant they play Chopin to this stuff

  38. Malachi Simonyan

    I have seen one right in front of me with my brother! WTF

  39. Jack Dempsey

    Yick. The Vatican has the best porn collection; the government grows the best weed; the police are the best criminals, the churches the best liars; and NASA has the best films of genuine UFOs doing "impossible" things in plain sight around the planet. Any ETs who could GET here in the first place wouldn't likely need/want our planet, because they'd also be advanced terra-farmers able to make any decent rock (like Mars for ex.) habitable. I think they're here sometimes---just curious, amused, horrified, maybe sympathetic but mostly indifferent about us, at least till we get our s*it together. (The suspense is killing us.) And maybe like humans toward insects, sometimes they get a kick out of screwing with us. I'll trust a WWII airman's observations any day---they weren't looking for book deals.

    1. Kaaike

      Completely agree with you! Guess some people are still being ignorant of a more advanced race of 'something' existing somewhere. Chapeau! Thanks for saving me effort in trying to find the right words.

    2. lex lexich

      try and study the distances of our galaxy (let alone the universe) and you'll soon realize that it's not so easy to 'come and study us' just for fun. i am sure, however, that there is some other life form in our 'neighborhood', but i'm not so convinced that they would come in peace, it's not how nature works, we are competition to them, and not the peaceful one

  40. I AM POP SLAG.

    every time the narrator stretches the truth and makes fantastic supposition about space snakes etc he is doing so over a video of a parachutist or what is obviously a balloon...

    - or over a video that has been "debunked" -like the olivers castle stuff0- which hasnt been debunked in the slightest upon further investigation- it just seemed more like an agreement by the crop circle community not to talk about itthan a proper debunking

    just lots of rumour has ben spread to seemingly cast doubt evidently by one man mostly...

    In a subject so controversial... why make extra claims about debunked footage with xtra emphasis- there are some truly unexplained videos here why mix them up with obvious ones orf parachutists,what looks like bits of piping picked up by the wind and dust anomalies...

    i dont believe we can be sure either way as to what we are looking at sometimes so why present it as such as evidence?

    1. DigiWongaDude

      I rarely watch these things, but gave it a go for some light entertainment. I laughed when a balloon being carried in the wind was 'clear evidence of a multi-surfaced object with a sophisticated control system'. Sadly I know some would not have done, and would prefer to go with the notion that it 'braked' for the passing of a plane. Really quite hilarious if you look at it from that perspective. I was quite taken with the Concorde one, but was filmed through a window of glass on another plane, of course... ;-)

    2. Josh

      Nasa doesn't even know what these things are... but you say they're balloons. I'll let them know!

  41. John Krisfalusci

    Right... floating spheres... I'm not even going to watch this ridiculous film. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you should clean the lenses of camera and film before recording?

    For example, remember all those strange orbs whenever photography of cemeteries and graveyards is taken? Dusty lenses... just TRUST me. SHeesh... so obvious it's just hilarious to laugh at.

    1. Vexst Junglist

      like standing and sitting at the same time.

    2. DR Dubois

      I see stuff like that on all kinds of photos taken from underground mining operations. It's dust in the air. Plain and simple. Just as bad as these films of lights in the air when it's obviously lens flares.

      Id*ots who post these things only serve to cast unreasonable doubt and ridicule for the films/pics of real questionable objects that should be studied.

    3. John Krisfalusci

      Thank you! Finally a reasonable response for once!

    4. kafka11

      Hey, a couple of real bona fide investigative geniuses here in Dr Dubois and JK. It's all dust in the air and dirty lens. We bow to your superior knowledge and wisdom, with your Socratic analysis and incredibly meticulous and rigorous observations you have annihilated this documentary. You are both human beings of obviously higher intelligence.

    5. kyle carrington

      Show me a single good video of "dust in the air" that appears as an orb would, and perhaps, MAYBE you'll stop looking like an absolute public fool. Until then -- yeah - *cough* morrrrrrrron

    6. Ben Ward

      If you took any time at all to watch even a portion of the video. How was any of that dust on camera or camera malfunction..did you ever think what prompted them to film if there was nothing there and comment to only find out later there camera had a fault that seem to have characteristics of a moving object in the screen which also seem to follow the same actions as what they where talking about at the time, unless of coarse you want to go even ridiculously further to say that they new there was a fault and proceeded to make a ufo film out of it anyway....there's clearly something physical in the sky...your a TWIT

    7. John Krisfalusci

      Let me tell you something, you remember that infamous orb crop circle clip? The one where you see glowing orb spheres circling some kind of crop field and just 'magically' form crop circles while the footage is taken?

      Well guess what? Hate to burst your eager mind but it was revealed to be a blatant hoax. The film itself was edited and used a series of super-imposing layers to create that effect.

      Please Ben, we need more scientific people in this Community, not gullible people.

    8. farbeyondmystery

      it's interesting how you say "we need more scientific people in this community" but you completly disregard evidence that doesnt fit your theory..if 99% of all UFO claims are false and just 1% are real, it still means UFO's exist.. ya theres alot of fake misunderstood garbage out there but only 1 UFO sighting out of all of them has to be real to confirm existence.. dont be so quick to assume every thought you have is correct.. thats the opposite of being scientific in my opinion

    9. John Krisfalusci

      What evidence am I disregarding? I just said, "...the film itself was edited and used a series of super-imposing layers..."

      There was no truth in that clip to begin with.
      Who said if 99% of UFO's exist, that only 1% is real? That's YOUR interpretation.

      What if 100% of all UFO claims were false? Think about it genius. LOL fail... Please, I don't even know why I'm wasting my time with you... have a nice life!! ^_^

    10. Ben Ward

      even if your right, your first comment was just waiting for someone to say something.. computer imagery is a far better explanation then camera dust or malfunction

    11. John Krisfalusci

      Well either way, Science is your friend! ^^

    12. Josh

      Well tell me what is the white orb I saw floating above my house as a child? No noise and no movement. Just... light. Scared the f*ck out of me and I still don't know what it was. Just because Science can't explain these things doesn't mean they aren't real. As I said in another post here "My 69 year old dad recently saw one with my autistic brother... My brother doesn't lie and make up stories and neither does my father" They saw an orb of light come down from the sky and shoot a light from the bottom of it and then it flew off. When they told me I went outside and saw many lights in the sky flying different directions. Believe it or not, I couldn't care less... But these things exist and our understanding of science and physics cannot explain it. Must be nice to be so ignorant

    13. kafka11

      Wow, you are monstrously arrogant. You do know that if only 'one' of these sightings/recordings is real, than by definition they exist and are genuine. Your hypothesis that because one is a fake then all are faked is about as unscientific as you can get. 'We need more scientific people' well that certainly counts you out.

    14. Brett Tuttle

      Why are you blabbing about a doc you didn't even watch, i don't think your grasping why there's a comment section to begin with, pretty arrogant to think that people wanna hear whatever random uninsightful thought you have in what forum your in that very second. Please take this with you the rest of your life :)

    15. kafka11

      well said, what pisses me off about these serial fart bloggers is the complete lack of substance in any of their comments. One line drama queens.

    16. Josh

      My cousin and I saw one orange one, when we were young teenagers about 2 yards in front of our faces just after a small shrub shook then it appeared. It flew off through the woods as 3 dogs chased it. The orb was about the size of a basket ball, and very bright orange with other colors in the middle of it going in all directions but not coming out of the perfect circle with no light shining on the trees or ground below. It looked like a lot of energy of some type. The sighting was in greenback TN. Oh and no sound at all from it.

    17. kafka11

      has it ever occurred to YOU, to clean your head of bias when making a judgement. Dusty lens??? How much amazing evidence do you need. It must be really sad to be so close minded. Imagine you on a jury, ' i don't need to listen to the evidence, they are obviously guilty'.

    18. DeeJay

      The orbs are actually real! I was on a co-ed camping trip with my classmates and teachers in Grand bend Ontario , and at night time there was an orb that almost seemed like a flash light in the forest that we were camping in.. We which was about 70 students and 5 teachers all seen the orb.. The teachers could not explain the situation especially when it made us change are direction 180 degrees and would float around tree , grow larger and smaller and then change colors as well.. Me and my buddy decided to stay up that night and follow this orb.. It waited for us to follow it.. We followed it down paths and the orb would wait for us to catch up and would move forward again taking us on a journey.. This was in the dead of night !! Me and my buddy had one flashlight a broken golf club for protection and also a hatchet for the same pupose.. We followed this thing till the sun started coming up and has the daylight became brighter we could no longer see the orb.. The next trip to the same place was a whole bunch of different students but same teachers and they all seen it too.. I cannot tell you how genuine my story is enough.. It's just something you have to read and realize it's the truth.. I would never take time out of my life to write a bunk a** story!! As for the spheres in this video.. I cant explain them because I was never there for any of it.. I do believe alot though to a certain degree!!!

    19. over the edge

      i would assume that with all those people there were multiple pictures and video captured on cameras or phones? if not then you surely brought some hi def equipment with you on your second trip right? i do not know if you are making this up or not. i do know that the internet is full of false claims by people who seem rational. so i do not buy anything that has no demonstrable proof

    20. Josh

      Dust on lenses moves closer and at sharp angles? I've seen UFO's and I promise it's not ... dust. My 69 year old dad recently saw one with my autistic brother... My brother doesn't lie and make up stories and neither does my father. Laugh all you want but i'm letting you know that you need to be more open minded about things like this. Believe me or not idc

  42. john Palermo

    I am actually very upset with these so called orbs. I have on numerous occasions invited if not begged them to please come and at least visit me so we could talk a bit about truth and reality. These rude arrogant entities however have yet to even return RSVP. It's not like I didn't have enough 420 to go around or was in anyway not serious with my invite. No, as far as I am concerned they are rude little voyeuristic entities and have absolutely no importance to the human race.

    1. Melissa Kio

      *Voyeuristic entity in a near by system, wondering what to do, having already mastered voyeurism there*

      .....BUT THEN.....The first signs of a planet....Radio first, they were excited, they could go to Earth, and be voyeuristic all over again, with a new audience!......

      BUT THEN!!! More signals...and more...AND MORE.....WTF!! The images became different...they were no longer a sign for them of joy, but jealousy, as they realized all the images turned to try to be......entertaining.....try to capture an audience.....try to become the NEW Ultimate voyeurs of the Galaxy, nay, even the Universe.....

      That's when they no longer called the Radio waves signals, but "radiation", and set towards the planet with the goal to out-voyeur Earth...

      The plan was simple....If Earth wanted to be so voyeuristic as to advertise to the entire galaxy at the speed of light...then they would show up, do their voyeur thing, until all "radiation" became images of the voyeurs in the sky.....

      The End.

    2. Karenwasherefirst

      Be careful what you wish for. I came close to one once and I was bewildered over the experience for weeks. They are not quite like they describe in this video as they are in real life. What they are is an organic creature and you don't have to be afraid of them. They are an alive thinking being aware of their surroundings just like any other animal. The one I tried to catch was about 5 inches in diameter. It was transparent like a jellyfish with a silvery surface area. It looked similar to a moving bubble. It didn't seem to have anything in side of it. It did have a presents and you could feel what I like to call a refined energy about it. It was curious about me as much as I was about it. I was about 10 inches away from it. It can move in any direction but it seemed to have forward and a backward and a top and bottom. It could hover. it didn,t make any noise per say although it was able to rustle around in the wheat field. It communicated with me in a non verbal manner anogolous to a cat. It did not smell of anything. I think in some manner they get nourishment from the wheat and I think they nest in the ground. It was compare able to a dragonfly. It f***** off at lightening speed when I tried to touch it after non verbally growling at me.

  43. Bob Trees

    OMG I don't want to think what these exploration vehicles are reporting back! :-(

    OK I'll give it a shoot. --------- Primitive population, all indications look like they will exterminate each other by four troogs*.

    (* a troog is equal to ~125 years.)

  44. dewflirt

    Aerial jellyfish babies :)

  45. robert

    the spheres appear in the Russian books ''The Ringing Cedars''Anistasia has her own ''ORB''that protects her from harm,even combs her hairs individually.Some orbs can be seen a humanoid face.

  46. Florin

    The Enigma of Flying Spaghetti Monsters

    1. RickRayFSM

      Somebody call my name?