Essequibo: Hidden River

Essequibo: Hidden River

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The filmmakers embark on a perilous adventure in search of one of South America's most elusive rivers, the Essequibo. Throughout this three-part series, we follow them as they navigate through Guyana, covering an epic 1000 kilometers from the Acarai Mountains down to the Atlantic Ocean.

The journey begins in the vast delta of the Essequibo River, a stunning and diverse landscape home to unique wildlife. The team faces harsh weather conditions, treacherous rapids, and illness along the way - testing their endurance and determination. Amidst these obstacles, Bergomaz and Pöllmann encounter various indigenous communities who share stories of the river's mysterious origin.

Its source remains shrouded in mystery, but this documentary uncovers it bit by bit as they push forward. Their path takes them into a more rugged region in southern Guyana - an environment where few have ventured before. Here lies the climactic final leg of their expedition, fraught with unexpected challenges that keep viewers on edge.

"Essequibo: Hidden River" is a tale of perseverance, natural wonder, and human curiosity. It takes us from the river's majestic delta to its hidden source - where nature reveals its secrets only after an arduous journey. The series brings into focus not just one river but also the resilient spirit of those who dare to explore it.

Directed by: Marion Pöllmann, Rainer Bergomaz

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