The Eternal Jew

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Chernobyl HeartThe Eternal Jew (1940) is an antisemitic German Nazi propaganda film, posing as a documentary. Its title in German is Der ewige Jude, the German term for the character of the Wandering Jew in medieval folklore.

At the insistence of Nazi Germany's Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, the film was directed by Fritz Hippler. The screenplay is credited to Eberhard Taubert.

The film consists of feature and documentary footage combined with materials filmed shortly after the Nazi occupation of Poland. At this time Poland's Jewish population was about three million, roughly ten percent of the total population. Actor Harry Giese (1903–1991) narrated.

Postwar significance

Post-war, Fritz Hippler contended Joseph Goebbels was truly the creator of The Eternal Jew with close supervision of Hitler. It was Goebbels who gave Hippler credit as a reward "for his excellent work in the newsreel department."

Later on an unrepentant Hippler was interviewed and he explains that he regrets that his name was listed as the director of The Eternal Jew because the Allies interrogated him after the war.

He thought this was very unfair because, in his opinion, he had nothing to do with the killing of Jews. However, in another interview in 2000, the 90-year old Hippler described the film as "the most disgraceful example of anti-semitism."

The film has been banned for public use in Germany, the only exception is use in college classrooms and other academic gatherings; however, exhibitors must have formal education in "media science and the history of the Holocaust."


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  1. loli

    I don't get why there are so many anti semitic docs here? Makes me wonder if this sites owner has a little issue!

    1. Vlatko

      I can assure you I have no issues @loli.

      By your analogy I would have issues also with: UFOs, Scientology, Religion, Atheism, Science, Conspiracy Theories, History and everything else posted on this site.

      To tell the truth this doc was recommended (as all the docs are for the previous several months) by a visitor who was offended by the "One Third of the Holocaust".

      He was complaining about why did I put that doc up and he was demanding to be taken down. After several emails he recommended this film as a contra-balance.

      If you didn't notice this film shows the authenticity of the Nazi horror.

      That being said I'm closing the comments on this one.

  2. Stiev Stigma

    I frequent this site and greatly admire the objective nature of true documentary film making. This being my first comment here, it is strange that it is about a film I refuse to watch rather than something I have seen. It is not so strange that films of merit often receive less attention than those despicable in their aims which grab your attention and shock you with their intent. Without viewing this film, I feel I can safely assume that, as with all propaganda, I will gain little knowledge from the experience and a lot of bad emotions. Therefore, I'm going to pass on watching this documentary and suggest that any considering watching it to the same, lest you lend any opportunity for genocidal maniacs to have access (albeit temporary) to your heart strings.

  3. Skye-hook

    I understand showing this film, but I wish comments would have been closed before they started. Very inflamatory subject, & a GROSS subject to boot! We've seen so much of it that I, for one, have almost started not even having a reaction to it, which is truly scary. When this whole subject starts to seem boring and "old hat", that's pretty bad. (Notice I said "almost", & don't yell at me.

  4. Ron

    It is very good to show our history as humans. Parents are the role models for enlightening their children to the sick mindedness of our past.

    I also agree with riley's view on the irony and their were many irony's in Hilters Jesse Owen

  5. juggz

    Thanks for this doc,because as someone with a genuine interest in ww2 and all it entailed ,(albeit repugnant),it is
    good insight into the twisted mindset of Mr.goebbels,and intriguing to know firsthand what was unleashed on the German people.
    I didnt watch it all simply because,in my opinion, it has nothing to offer apart from that.Cheers.

  6. Riley

    ALEN says in another thread that 'hitler was right all along'.

    this allen says there was 'a lot of truth' in this piece
    of scurrilous agitprop.

    make up your mind, dude. unburden yourself. let the hair
    down, tell us what you really think about 'stuff'.

  7. baphometric

    saw up to minute 15 then stopped. funny thing is that if you take away the music, the idiotic ramblings of the narrator and the terrible connotations linked to the video, this is beautiful footage of human living in the last century.

  8. maroonedinohio

    When I was in VOLAR...yes I enlisted in 76..I did go on NATO Reforger 77 with the Big Red 1 and had the opportunity while there to (tour) the devastation wrought at Dachau. It is a memory that has been seared on my mind and will never forget. Yes the Jews need a homeland but the Palestinians need one also. So what to do?

  9. Allan

    This film has a lot of truth, but, Vlatko, I do not support the Nazis, they should have helped the jews found Israel as they needed a homeland as did the germans

  10. Vlatko

    All right. I've deleted several comments. Sarcasm and flaming started sooner then I expected.

    Allan, can you please tell us (before I ban you): Are you supporting and approving the actions of Nazis during WWII toward Jews? Do you find this movie to be aligned with your views?

  11. Rabin

    Well the era of Hitler is gone with all those stuff. But many of the psychological factors and behaviour is still the same and is not changed much. World still needs much more time to overcome the situations. Only the change in Physical apperance may not be the ultimate source of overcoming the insanity.

  12. betty

    @John Seals
    There are much worse films here about jews than this one. take a look at the holocaust denial films on the website, i actually feel this balances things out.
    A counter propaganda film will have much less impact from the original imho, but i can relate to your point completely.

  13. John Seals

    I never said we should ignore this- I simply don't see why we need to watch the whole movie. A documentary highlighting the methods used to decieve the German people into believing the Jew to be inferior would accomplish the intended task better, in my humble opinion. Plus it has the added benefit of not allowing this type of hatred to be given the validity of being posted along with other truley intelligent documentaries. I realize that the point here was to expose the vileness of what happened but still- I imagine a lot of skin heads like the fact that it is posted on a site along side other important science documentaries.

  14. betty

    @J - perhaps just as it is up to you to disprove you are a racist. Ho wait, you can't.

    @John Seals - the ones who should be offended here are the jew haters and not the jews. please read my post above. Anyone with a bit of sense can see how sick the film is. My problem is with the new more sophisticated films who do a better job at inducing hate towards jews. Imho this film actually helps expose the other films.

  15. Riley

    if we restrict ourselves only to viewing what is right, proper, and suitably vetted, we will miss out on a lot of history.

    understanding the nazi mindset and media-approach is, i think, useful to a fuller understanding of that past.

    there is much in history that is offensive. can these, or should these aspects be ignored on that basis alone?

    this film was seen by people in that time, instrumental to an effect, and an effect was wrought. averting our eyes from this artifact is merely to flinch. it does no good.

    the fact that someone, with access to that history entire and sixty more thereafter, yet seems to think the film has any plausibility is reason enough to examine this perverted product of a perverted regime who got pretty far in a plan to conquer europe. it deserves our close attention.

    that said, it is loathsome and i can certainly understand the impulse to complete revulsion, the feeling that it ought be expunged. if the history hadnt happened, i might be more inclined to agree that it is unworthy of attention, but that puts this 'ghost of horror' in a different category, imo.

    its a question you can really go either way on. there's a lot of dumb people in the world, and showing them anything problematic or complex can result in new problems. who can say? but generally, ignorance is not bliss.

  16. John Seals

    Unlike the religiouse freaks however when I am offended I do this really novel thing- I don't watch it. Posted or not it's our choice to watch this or not- my advice- watch enough to understand- then turn it off and watch a science doc.

  17. John Seals

    All I can say is, wow. You really think that it is neccesary of the Jewish people to disprove obviouse Nazi propaganda. That's crazy this is exactly the type of drivel that no one should validate by trying to disprove it. It is disproven by its very definition, it is propaganda- sick propaganda at that. In reality we shouldn't be posting it, viewing it,or even discussing it at this point. I only watched enough to get sick to my stomach I think that was about ten seconds. In my opinion we are all quite aware of mans ability to be evil- if we are going to exam this flaw we could at least concentrate on something more current- like Darfur or the religiouse right. I mean it is important to know that this happened and that it can happen again but we don't need a whole propaganda film posted to do that. This is very unsettling to me, the fact that this was posted in its entirety. I know this site well enough to give it the benefit of the doubt though, I'm sure who ever posted this it was not thier intention to offend- still I'm offended

  18. rb

    some truth in this film, but mainly attempts to make people hate the evil jews.

    I didn't realise nazis were animal rights activists...

  19. j

    nice Vlatco...
    believing the media is always dangerous
    its up to the Jews also to prove that such depiction of them are erroneous

  20. Riley

    lots of ironical situations in here-

    jews are stand-offish [they live in ghettos, after being dispossesed and crammed into them]

    dont like to work [picking up the rubble from bombs dropped in a war they didnt start, had no part in]

    are mean to cattle [yes, the nazis were very ostentatious in their keen concern for humane treatment of animals]

    good stuff, good stuff...

  21. betty

    This films is just a prototype for many films on the net today. Today's films are much more advanced and successful at inducing hate towards jews.

    This film is a must see for everybody, just to see how low humanity can steep.

    1. Vlatko


      Yes... that was my point I tried to pass with this doc.

  22. Martin

    um, when I say this doc isn't anti-semetic I mean that it's intentions are to broadcast the vile views a nation once held toward them.

  23. Martin

    Very strange collection of docs on this website about jews...I know this isn't one of the anti-semetic ones, but it will definitely wet the pants of the many JEW HATERS that thrive on the internet....

    sick sick sick

  24. Bluesmanwalking

    That's what happens when people believe blindly, sheeply and stupidly government, religion, mainstream media, etc...

  25. Mark

    I know that this is some thing that we as a the human race need to remember or be doomed to repeat, but this film really disturbed me. It is hard to believe that any one at any time actually believes this B.S. It is sad, and makes me angry.

  26. BeepBeepImaJeep

    Lovely little film. Make sure to make some popcorn and grab the kids!