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In this documentary Peter Vlemmix, the author of Panopticon, explores the expanding powers of the European Union. The European Union is the greatest project in modern history. It's a wonderful achievement. Europe is freedom, it means no more war, it means 500 million Europeans and 28 countries, which have one coin, and live in the healthiest and safest part of the world. Peter is proud European, he can travel without borders and he grew up in peace. And today many people see Europe as "the answer."

But Peter is also a Dutch. He lives in the small flat Holland with its unique liberal mindset. You could say that Holland is his country, but what is a country anyway? A country is its people, very different mixed people that have something in common that is unique. They share a culture, books, common memory, etc. Maybe you'll see him as nationalist but in fact there are many things he doesn't like about his country... like early dinner times, crappy music, the Royal Family or carnivals.

But he noticed that something is happening to his country. Europe is becoming more and more involved every day. It advises the mothers how to have babies, how much energy they can spend, and the size of their strawberries. Netherlands is working very closely with Europe so Peter decided to find out the answers to some of his questions. Is there a limit in the cooperation between Holland and Europe? What is the end goal of the European Union? And where is his voice in Brussels?

Brussels is getting more and more involved in the laws of the sovereign countries in the EU. Although the lawmaking is one of the most important parts of a country most of the Netherland's laws are not anymore made there but they come from Brussels. It's a uniform product... the same rules for each country. But besides handing over its lawmaking Holland can no longer decide its own budget.

Directed by: Peter Vlemmix

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1 year ago

Excellent présentation very accurate there only one thing missing is an illustration showing how Europe did not do anything to stop quickly the war in ex Yougoslavia probably because of no financial interest.
Today we can see how the war in Ukraine has been fuelled from the very beginning without any proper négotiation for peace.
In my opinion Europe is becoming an authoritarian organisation with very little power for each country.
I have to say I hate fascisme and I am not an extrem right person.
“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerated the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence is fascism: ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or any controlling private power.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

1 year ago

This documentary is made by an extreme right documentary maker, member of a right wing conservative TV channel in the Netherlands, stating conspiracies as facts. His documentaries are known to be biased and filled with poor research.

3 years ago

Interesting how he says he grew up around peace when in fact that part of the world which enjoys peace has a bloody history and the fact he grew up "around" peace is laughable when Europe has a notorious history of bloody colonialism to get that peace he and his part of the world so enjoy. Having stolen, raped, pillaged and murdered the people from the parts of the world that are struggling. Haven taken away their resources they are experiencing the greatest poverty because he and his country were nothing but common thieves and thugs. While he basks in this freedom, Europe (and America) continue to benefit from "policies" and " pricing protectionism " for their wonderful, beautiful and peaceful part of the world. When in fact, Europe is doing nothing more than parading around in "dirty and filthy drawers!"

4 years ago

The end game of the EU is and always has been another step towards GLOBAL GOVERNMENT = COMMUNISM. Total control. If you haven't got a taste of that from your government yet, where ever you live, where they want to control everything you can do; a bunch of ego maniacal megalomaniacs whose brains are corrupted and belong in an asylum where they can mess with and control each other and leave us alone.

That is what normal people desire, to be left alone to live their lives how they choose. OH! But you are choosing wrongly they claim via a truck load of lies and fraudulent studies... as govt is the ONLY entity which provides cover, aids and abets mega corporations to pollute the world. So how is it more govt is going to fix that which they created?

Less govt is the only answer. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, etc all knew this fact, why don't the rest of us. Government schools.

Robert Hopkins
7 years ago

Every expert, every high profile personality and every important politician was paraded in front of the British public to tell us how we should vote in the EU referendum. They even dragged President Barack Obama over so that he could tell us to concede our democracy to the EU. We were treated like fools. Did Obama really think that we are so stupid that we would accept what he said and not wonder whether the USA would concede nationality to Mexico or Canada? I was deeply pessimistic that the onslaught of the 'expert' would convince enough people to vote to stay in the EU but I was wrong. Britain voted to leave the EU, we have regained our sovereignty but we are still a progressive European nation. Great documentary it shows what we have left behind.

8 years ago

I live in Portugal and since we entered the EU things have been changing at first money came in and our corrupt politicians at the time kept part and built high ways from here to eternity, basically just wasting money. Then the financial situation deteriorated and the IMF came in and cuts to all services, unemployments surged, taxes were raised so the economy came to a halt and riots were constant. People are still in a bad way and more and more euroceptics are mushrooming as people are not happy.
I certainly am for the dissolution of this union, as all i see is misery in my country and inequality is growing. The Eu tries to interfere in everything and we feel and are loosing our own identity soon. This is a very simplistic view

8 years ago

Min 6:20, the author talks about Poland and shows clearly workers from Asia. Strange. Maybe I am missing something

Peter JC
8 years ago

If the EU prevents conflict and nothing else but to keep the peace it has served a great humanitarian purpose. I'm sorry but all EU nation states have been complicit in some of the most horror filled episodes of modern history. From colonisation, genocide, war, eugenics and more and you have spread it to the rest of the world. The day of warlord empires is over. I also make no apology in saying you have forfeited the right to individual self governance as nation states. You still have your languages, identity and nationhood. Frankly the rest of the world is sick of your conflicts, since the French Revolution (in modern historical terms) spilling to the rest of the world. Enjoy what you have and it might just work: and spare the rest of us.

8 years ago

Farage is the only way to get the UK out of this failed experiment called the EU. The EU doesn't stop war. The fact we are all allies within NATO is why we don't go to war. The EU is just a failure and will be exposed as one country after another get the power back from Brussels. Vote UKIP in May 2015 and join the people's army to take back our country.

8 years ago

Total garbage! The EU is another attempt at a one-world government tyranny! Open your eyes!

9 years ago

I was willing to listen until you called despite the growing Euro-scepticism... then you called on Nigel Farage and annoyed me...

Lisa AStanley
9 years ago

Waste of time. The EU is the best and most intelligent project ever created and the positive far outweigh the negative.

9 years ago

Relatively balanced documentary. (The amount of waste at the E.U is incredible). It will be interesting to see how ANTI-EU political parties do in the upcoming European Elections in the week.

9 years ago

As i see it, the majority of Europeans mostly care about a uniform currency and the ability to travel freely across borders. It's probably safe to say i can be placed into that camp. However, there are a few points that make me doubt if this documentary isn't presenting us a twisted view. Apparently sovereignty is a big issue here. But perhaps sovereignty can only be guaranteed within a European context? I'm just wondering.

9 years ago

When will the European Spring take place?

9 years ago

One of the 100 things one would like to see happen before one dies.

9 years ago

In the name of European unity European peace European freedom 'war free' Europe a sinister plot is being hatched by neo Imperialists. True Satan never ever dies.

Vera Gottlieb
9 years ago

No more wars? What would one call Kosovo? And now the US stirring the pot in Ukraine? Brussels is a bureaucratic dictatorship, a straight-jacket Europe would do well to shed. EU members have lost too much sovereignty - not enough flexibility.

9 years ago

Very interesting. There can be and will be no secession from the EU. They'll invoke Abe Lincoln and shut that down. Switzerland has always had horse sense and the Brits' only protection from this professional civil service technocracy over democracy is the Sterling, English pluck, and the Tories.

Praps the only way for a democratic nation to get out is to go through such cataclysmic economic turmoil that Brussels will kick them out. Chances are slim to none of that working.

9 years ago

if you don`t like the EU you can leave it and try Russia.Also, the narrator`s accent was atrocious.Stopping this documentary made me real happy.

9 years ago

Make no mistake , this will lead to war. The international banksters are looking for an army. It will portray itself as the liberators of the world. They might even talk up God for the occasion. That always gives the peon's lives some meaning.The nations will be portrayed as out of date, ambitious, familial and backward. The media is the key to winning any civil war as some Americans know well.

patrick varencaus
9 years ago

The euro is gonna crash just like the dollar

Martin Ellacott
9 years ago

This European Union was originally sold to the member States as a trade agreement between Countries (the European Economic Cartel), and has morphed into a massive movement to be a one State system that encompasses the entire of Europe. Every one of the 26 Countries that are members of the EU have lost their sovereignty, National determination, their National currency and National pride.....they have in fact, lost their identity.
80 to 90 percent of all Laws pertaining to the individual Counties are now made and enacted in Brussels. Mismanagement has lead to massive unemployment and the heads of Italy and Greece have been arbitrarily replaced by Brussels, by Bankers that run the Countries for the EU.
Several of the Mediterranean Countries are totally bankrupt and have had to be bailed out by the Union, and in one Country (Cyprus, I think) the Government took...stole...$1500 out of every registered Bank Account and gave it to the Government.

The EU, which is the first step in creating a World Government has been a total failure and it's only a matter of a few years before various Countries withdraw their membership from this disastrous Organization. The first to leave may be Greece or the United Kingdom.

9 years ago

Good docu but please. The Human brain project could help to cure so many diseases and would get us on a new level of science. It's not here to "improve our brain or make us to maschines".

John Sweevo
9 years ago

"Brussels is getting more and more involved in the laws of the sovereign countries in the EU" not just that they over ride your laws too, and that to me is just not right