Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime

2006, 9/11  -   26 Comments

Everybody's Gotta Learn SometimeThis 9/11 film focuses on prior knowledge and smoking gun facts. Doesn't cover things like found in virtually all of the other 9/11 films like government sponsored demolitions theories, reported explosions or other disaster scenes related evidence / theories.

People need to be held accountable, or we don't have democracy. Another well-made video documenting the facts and evidence of 9/11 that contradict the facts of the official 9/11 story. Just like it says, everybody's gotta learn sometime. Well organized and a must watch!

Ratings: 7.39/10from 18 users.

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  1. oddsrhuge

    I could do without the movie references to rebellion and the dumbing down of society by media, but they, ( the film makers) DO concentrate on the piles and piles of evidence that, if nothing else, proves, the people in charge, actually knew, if not helped, this day to occur.
    I still think that bringing this one day of infamy to light, would free so many of us from our blind acceptance that the Government (Any Government) has our best interests at heart.

  2. David Knight

    This show is kind of frustrating though. It seems they could have answered questions that they didn't. For instance, is it really a secret who was running the secret service detail for GW on 911?

  3. musbcrazy

    the rest of the world have known for god knows how long that 911 was a farce, i knew the day it happened it werent right, i didnt need science to tell me though it helps greatly to have physics in your corner, espec when u get some brainwashed yank calling you a conspiracy theorist coz i dont swallow the crap given out in the msm.

    its hilarious watchin them quote and source fox...fox f--kin news, really? id never embarrass myself by quoting the bbc...theyll make u look stupid!

    my question to American citizens is whats wrong with u? why dont u stand up for whats right? u cant even support those who do have the balls to challenge the machine, actually you even sit quite while these patriots get vilified by the media, get death threats and generally put themselves at risk daily.

    now im british and its the same here with the 7/7 bombings, a questionable amount of evidence exists to challenge the official story but of much less volume. all the same the public pretends it doesnt exist so i want to understand why entire developed educated, apparently principled nations allow tyrannical govs to continue structure unchallenged?

    another point on the tyrannical govs, where is the disgust in how police officers are treating citizens, whether students on campass, occupy sites, 72 yr old motorists getting tasered, children man handled, racial crimes on criminals, shooting of citizens on train platforms, kelly thomas the homeless schizophrenic man, officers attacking female inmates?

    one thing i can say for britain is, if that had happened here the entire country would errupt. thered be police blood everywhere. a known criminal was shot here last august and riots kicked off everywhere....the scale wouldve have been historical if a copper/s beat a man to death or tasered a 72 yr old woman here. all id see is my gran, my line well and truly passed!

    wheres your courage gone? how much are you willing to take, wheres the line drawn? actually is there a line at all!

  4. Lucy Saw

    Some basic flaws in message deliver with this documentary. You don't make the argument that television and film media is an illusion and you cannot learn the truth from it by then referring the viewer to film and television to point to the truth. He's just wasted minutes of my life taking long clips from Star Wars and V for Vendetta to the point that I forgot what the theme of this documentary is about. "Oh yeah, 9/11"

  5. Chaz Ed

    We are and have been ****** for a good long time! It will end someday!

  6. ThePhilhw

    Good doc.
    If he even partially true, which I believe it is, we have been and are ******.

    "... out of the sorrow of Sept 11th, I see opportunity.........."

    What a thing to say.

  7. markbunnell

    How could they miss that truth4wtc7

  8. Richard Troiano

    I am in the process of reading the 9/11 commission findings, and this film points out all of the strange tidbits that I have come across and a whole lot more. This doc follows the events before, during and after 9/11 without going into 'tin foil hat' territory that many other 9/11 docs seem to plunge into. I wish this doc would have gone into a bit more detail about FBI agent John O'Neil though. O'Neil knew something was going to happen, but FBI HQ did not favor him and he was forced into retirement at a time when he could have brought the entire 'planes operation' to a screeching halt if he was allowed to do his job.

  9. Danny Young

    most of 9 11 truth are not doing this for money. note that most right thinking people can understand why we have a modern 'QUO VADIS' in todays america rome.

  10. Danny Young

    some day the world will know. follow the money. the great media of its time failed however next generations will pick up on the scam of the century.

  11. Danny Young

    time for a columbo to step up to the plate and solve 9 11. when did challenging something so wrong become taboo? will it take interpol to really get at this crime? csi ncis csimiami tv shows on forensics if ever a crime cried out for real police forensics 9 11 is it. as FBI guy john oneil said 9 11 predicted.

  12. larry

    This feeble attempt of some sort of conspiracy, bounces back and forth with very few facts to substantiate the claims.
    Strangely this video, fails to approach any wrong doing on the Clintons misdeeds, and any other politicians past or present. Its too boring to sit through sorry.

    1. Another21stCenturySlave

      this doc is about the corruption & cover up surrounding 911, its not about ur facist american regime as a whole

  13. truth4wtc7

    looks like its gone again...

    1. markbunnell

      How could they have missed that?

  14. revealthetruth

    Brilliant, a must see. This documentary includes detailed and well researched information and video that was not found or questioned in the mainstream media on the government and it's agencies prior to and post 9/11. Why was this ignored? Members of congress questioning the government, very important video ignored by the media, why?

    I also completely agree with nottobetried, the classroom part was important and done to highlight the length of time Bush sat with the children, putting them and the country in danger. None of it adds up.

    I have seen many 9/11 documentaries, but I would highly recommend this one and give it a 10 out of 10 (as many others have). I believe it was very well put together, very interesting throughout and the time was required to give full details instead of glossing over events. Informative and a good basis for further research.

  15. nottobetried

    I disagree about the classroom segment. I feel it was very necessary to show how utterly ridiculous it was of GWB to sit there for even a second after being told we are under attack. It really drove the point home. The longer he sat there, the more uncomfortable I felt. So to me, the filmmaker did his job very well. But what do I know. Just make sure that you RESIST THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

  16. Keith

    There were some fresh tidbits/insights, but wow that could have used some serious editing. There are parts which get their point across in about one minute's time and then drone on for five more minutes, like the classroom bit.

  17. 24689400

    ...An evil exists that threatens every man, woman and child in this great Nation
    We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and to protect our homeland...

    I love how this quote credited to Hitler is actually found in a speech given by George W. Bush... Not Adolf

  18. chieftestofsinners

    The beginning is giving me an epileptic seizure.

  19. Yavanna

    First half was "ok" but the overall quality makes it obvious its the work of an average youtuber. Dont watch unless you are truly desperate for extra titbits about 911.

    One question hit me though - I wonder how many times GWB sat in a classroom reading with kids before or after 911. Was he particularly known for this?

  20. pete b

    I thought it was a pretty good documentary, guy has surely done some good research.

  21. Kirkland

    I watched this for it being in the top ten rated list.. 4 ratings of 10...

    Film was poorly put together and some parts of it were needlessly extended, could of put the content together with proper editing into a 45 minute film instead of 75...

    The content wasn't too impressive either, whilst I agree some of what is put forward may be true alot of it is just cut to make it appear like it's something different.

    Terrible movie in comparison to others I've seen, 4/10.

  22. DancingSpiderman

    Should I dare to leave a commentary about my thoughts on this film?