Evolution and Irreducible Complexity

Evolution and Irreducible Complexity

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Another excellent series by QualiaSoup (the author of Atheism and Critical Thinking and Secular Morality).

He discusses the following questions: What is evolution (and what is it not)? What is a theory in science? Genetic inheritance. Artificial selection and natural selection. Mutation. Epigenetic variation. Genetic drift and the impact of variations.

Evolution is not 'pure accident'. No 'one size fits all'. Correcting the one-armed bandit analogy. Dramatic change one step at a time. Dogs don't produce cats and individual apes don't morph into humans. Why there are 'still' apes?

The rise and demise of the crocoduck. Recognizing reality is not a supremacist policy. Misrepresentation of evolution. Evolution as fact and theory. Why understanding evolution is important? Scientific inheritance that benefits us all.

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3 years ago

You pick and choose your arguments to put evolution in its best angle, however...1) why are there not many of the substandard species living when you see some, sheep, deer, who are very feeble to obtain a natural advantage? 2) you seem to argue for and against evolution when it fits your narrative, there is no other reason evolution exists that to deny creation. 3) the genome is almost 3 billion genes, when you calculate the probability of obtaining the proper sequence to obtain a human, you run out of time, the universe is only 13.8 billion years 4) look at research of cancer, we know so much about it, but why is still so prevalent? Because we can not give orders to some biological tissue to perform a task, only God can do that!

Ziggy Star
3 years ago

It is quite simple. If there is no evolution then every animal must all exist at the same time.

That is simple, what puzzles me is why people think you can't have a "god" and evolution. Maybe because people would rather have an old book tell them instead of figure it out for themselves.

paul caden
4 years ago

Indoctrinated religious zealots disapprove of the science of evolution because the Koran,, Bible Etc were all written in the iron age by uneducated goat herders who had no idea the Earth was round or that we were just a miniscule planet amongst trillions of galaxies.

4 years ago

its just a theory that doesnt hold
you are trying to say that we evolve but the facts you just show are explaining ADAPTATION NOT EVOLUTION !!!
you keep repeating nature nature nature we say GOD creates and controls everything the proof is DNA
how can you be so blind ?
did nature do the code of DNA or did it come out of nothing ?
you have many many programmers that work together for many years just to do a computer program and that is a precise job because if one letter is coded wrong the program it will not work it will show error or have anomalies
so many many INTELLIGENT programmers do a PRECISE work for many years just for a program WHO WAS THAT INTELLIGENT BEING WHO HAS DONE THE CODE OF DNA ?
IRREDUCIBLE COMPLEXITY explain that we hadnt come from one simple ancestor we have come from one complex ancestor humans come from human ancestor dogs from dogs ancestor cats from cats ancestor monkeys from monkeys ancestor
but why you dream that monkeys and humans have one ancestor
there is no proof of that just some scientists imagination

5 years ago

I've come to the conclusion that the TDF community is a lot like Junior High School. The "cool" kids are all over every doc commenting at length their absolute facts and scientific knowledge while cutting down and criticising anyone who has a differing opinion. And dare anyone have an opinion that is born of religious belief then they are trampled on more forcefully and called names to boot. I have learned a lot by reading the comments. In fact, I read more comments than watch the docs lately. Often I find something mentioned that I've never heard of, like spagyric, and proceed to investigate further to understand and enlighten. And many times I have my own thoughts and opinions regarding the subject matter but I will never put them them forth in such a contentious and demeaning forum. Not puttin' my head on that chopping block for your entertainment. Would that we were open, mature and tolerant enough to say, "I respect your opinion/belief tho' my own leans more in this direction and I'll explain why." Rather than calling people morons, idiots, stupid or religees. "There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, then are dreamed of in your philosophy." And this, ladies and gentlemen is exactly what's wrong in the world today. People are more interested in being right and stomping into the dirt the people they believe are wrong than looking at where ideas might have similarities or convergences and building on that. The comment threads are quite an interesting microcosm of human behavior and interaction. And not necessarily a positve and uplifting one.

5 years ago

To use the same terminology as some of commenters... The ignorant evolution freaks could care less what evidence there is against the unproven, wishful thinking of "evolution". It really isn't even a Theory since no data about one specie becoming another specie has ever been recorded nor is repeatable ... those things necessary for an actual theory.

Charles Darwin never proved it, said it would be up to future generations. None has proved it yet nor is it likely any will. However, people wishful think "evolution" to be true because their egos cannot handle the fact that their could be something greater than themselves and that they should treat all with respect.

What has been proven is that when species change their characteristics too far from their original, they either revert back or dead end. The mule is an example of a dead end.

Why is there a dead end, why can't mules procreate if evolution is evoluting?

6 years ago

Great set of videos, clear and concise including the refutations of the ignorant. Skimming through the comments section one cannot help but notice the similarity to idiotic claims made by climate change deniers.

faust figueroa
6 years ago

You argue that organisms evolve through processes that does not involve design. Yet man has evolved to a point where he can design his own evolution. How is it possible for a group of brain cells to evolve to a point where they can, in effect, design the next step in their evolution? Is it not conceivable that living cells have always been capable of self-design to some lesser and evolving extent which has now reached its highest state. To concede this point would offer a much needed mechanism to stand with natural selection, adaptation, and mutation, which by themselves, I believe, lack convincing explanatory power supporting evolutionary theory.

Tim S.
7 years ago

I find it incredible that people posting comments on the Internet cite Wikipedia as a credible source. You people do understand how Wikipedia works, don't you? It's the most closed "open" system there is, dominated by a handful of editors who throw out any article contributions they don't agree with.

8 years ago

Great article, Thnaks for sharing helpful information & keep posting..

8 years ago

Evolution is not a true science. lets be clear on that.
Sir Karl Popper one of the greatest philosophers of the 20'th century have openly questioned whether evolution is a science at all. If you are on the side of science, you stand for reason, logic, hard facts, verifiable data, skepticism.

The emergence of one species from another has never been directly observed by science.
The data used to support evolution are neither experiments nor repeatable, nor can they be, How could they be since the origin of species on earth was a unique event. There were no human witnesses to the origin of the universe, the origin of life or the origin of a single living thing. So with the lack of observable data another big problem with Evolution is that not even the fossil record support it, and as more fossils are found the problem only gets worse. the new fossils just resemble those already found and don't fill in the gaps.

Evolution theory claims - Once there existed a whole series of successive forms of the various organisms alive today. With each generation These supposedly changed by small amounts as they evolved into the present varieties, Then Why Doesn't the fossil record show these gradual changes? what it shows Instead is the sudden emergence of new species out of nowhere, with all their characteristics, not changing over time, and fully complete. What about the "missing link" problem?
Problem is, we now have hundreds of thousands of well catalogued fossils, from all continents and geologic eras, and we still haven't found these intermediate forms.

Check out Michael Denton's Evolution: A Theory in Crisis
and Michael J. Behe's Darwins Black Box

8 years ago

evolution is for m*rons.

8 years ago

I normally stay away from comments. However, I agree with Lisa Ostrouch. Most people don't have the time to educate themselves in order competently research creation or evolutionary concepts. If you are an advocate of the Darwinian theory of evolution than the burden of answering where the complex codes came from that regulate the formation of life development on this planet is upon you to explain in a precise and non-nebulous manner. In over 30 years of reading tech manuals on this subject I have never seen any book explain it. As a matter of fact the authors seem to be completely unaware that this vital requirement of explanation exists. Some have tried to satisfy this requirement by using mutation and selection as a premise, which gets broken down once the DNA process is fairly understood.
On the other hand some folks get mixed up between a constitutional right to conceptualize Deity and the Truth of that matter. A constitutional right is not a Divine right to think as a person pleases. The two are diametrically opposed as far as Hebraic Bible concepts are concerned. There are basically two ways in which most people in this age become trained in a Bible. One way is to be introduced to the New Testament book of John and regulate it as Triune doctrine. The other way is to read the Bible from Genesis to Revelations without preconceived notions. Sadly, the first is more popular. So, truth of Deity becomes just a matter of opinion, and who can blame any thinking person who claims to atheism. However, one fact stands out amongst the others once the Bible is read with open eyes. It's the Jews survival. There is no other race that has survived the types of racial genocide the Jew has faced and still walks the Earth. Besides this fact, twice in the 1990's TRex bones were discovered with unfossilized blood in tissue. This fact alone may speak volumes in favor of a different time application, other than the theory applied to our planet or evolution.

9 years ago

Im on the side of evolution however I don't think its wrapped up as nicely as people like to think there is a bit of faith just like religion. the questions people asked the maker of this video are ubsured and stupid an eye is not that complex compared to the brain of any animal. but I do have a problem with diversity. this as far as I know has never been explained in some instances many animals evolve different abilitys to survive in there environment. small islands of new Zealand have a amazing array of adapted animals/birds that no longer fly and serve the role of rats they evolved a new way of thriving in there environment. now hears my point ants buck the trend ants are everywere some very different to others but the are still ants. they are perfect for any environment so they have thrived but why every where surly some where something would have evolved that could do what ants do better or evolved to fill the gap but no, every forest, jungle, crack in a pavement there every where. animals evolve and that's no argument we've selectively breed some bulls to the point they cant even reproduce with out are help! the problem with evolution is not the process of natural selection its that it trys to tell us in no uncertain terms that it is a fact and there is nothing wrong with the theory just with your understanding. THIS IS RELIGION not science there are unanswered questions and so its not 100% fact. its dangerous to call it fact we cant be sure.

Jerry Bauble
9 years ago

this is a fairy tale... the only thing missing is "a long time ago, in a far away place..."

Lisa Ostrouch
9 years ago

I liked these videos and found them quite useful. I wish they showed these in schools. I think it is quite necessary to explain evolution in this way, as many people have no real understanding of what it is and is not.

9 years ago

I thought the first video was fairly descent but then like the children involved in this little temper-tantrum he resorts to the same meaningless trickery and slight-of-hand nonsense demonstrated by both sides. Showing how a mouse trap would still work is hardly meaningful.

This has now become likened to a debate over a glass being half-full or half-empty. No matter how much you insist you see only what you want to see. One could find examples of different eye's from all the animals that exist but that hardly proves anything other than some animals have different eyes. The complexity of the human eye extends far beyond it's physical attributes which in and of itself are astounding. The neural, motor-dependency ,psychological-dependency and much more must also be examined. The eye did not evolve of itself, the entire driving network of the being itself must also evolve to make use of the new data. Just the switch from the first two phases alone would demand an intense and complete-altering of entire processes to make use of it. If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck doesn't scientifically prove it is of common descent from a duck.

9 years ago

The 3rd part that responds to anti-evolutionist's comments is totally unnecessary and I was mildly annoyed by the tone of voice of the narrator, but I do believe in the Evolution theory. In fact, But I would have called it "Adaptation Theory". Organisms adapt to their environment to survive and one of the important part of adaptation is diet. Enormous changes can occur just by changing diet. Appendages evolve with the type of food an animal eat and the associated behaviors. Terence McKenna goes as far as saying that apes became humans by eating psychedelics such a magic mushrooms - that could have created a major change don't you think?

10 years ago

and the tone of this so called documentary is filled with such an self enjoying tone, almost narcesistik that i think that u need to find it in ur self to be humble and realize that other theories are worth putting thought in to, no matter how purly they are reprisented, no theory is not worth taking in to consideration

10 years ago

And i think its ignorant to state that people that are against evolution simply dosent have the compasety to comprehend the complexety of evolution

10 years ago

how can u state that natural selection and natural evolution has no end game goal?

isnt that purely ur opinion,

is a theses to be proven fals if insuficient evidence is collected or acepted by main stream sience?

are my post not worth thinkin of/answering to, just couse i cant spell or that my gramma is terible?

I would have loved to see that u had clearly stated that this is urs and others opinion suported by theories and facts from the main stream sience comunety, people might have a les harder time recognising that this is ur personal opinion, or any ways reprisented as if.

10 years ago

What a badass!

10 years ago

LOL that guy referred to as "Beehee" that appears on the bottom right corner of the screen for a bit looks like Colonial Sanders :p

Crystal Neubauer
10 years ago

Well; Good luck to you. I hope you continue your endeavors to promote a rational point of view. I hope you are successful with evolving personally and enroll in that public speaking course.

Rachid Talal
10 years ago

Hi, folks :

Due to my really tight time frame , i cannot put any more comments here on the subject .Sorry.

Just take a closer look at my sources i displayed here for you .if you are really interested in seeking the truth on the subject .

Thanks , appreciate .

All the best . Have fun and do not take yourselves too seriously . A bit of healthy humor wouldn't hurt you either.


Rachid Talal
10 years ago

Scroll also down , folks, to see my links .

The moderator does not have to monitor my posts before allowing them to be displayed in here , i am a very polite person,so.

Thanks, appreciate.

10 years ago

should i respond to that joey kid or did he go away? i dont want to make a big long response to him if its useless.

Rachid Talal
10 years ago

Come on, guys ,

Do not be silly : Evolution was / is and still will be the work of God .The same goes for the laws of physics.......

Beside the biological evolution , man gotta go through spiritual intellectual and psychological evolution with death as just the beginning of our further ultimate spiritual evolution .

The ultimate nature of reality is in fact spiritual, guys .

See how even matter is in essence energy or action .

10 years ago

Honestly, no more time for ignorant wordplays. All my posts had scientific proof, and your only comeback is 'where is proof, you lie you cannot be a biologist, evolution happened etc.' Do you not read a single word I say? If you admit evolution cannot explain the origin of life, and you claim to be an evolutionist, then what explanation do you have for it? Honestly, I am just curious now. You cannot be this delusional. This is getting funny now. Grow up and accept that there might be ideas that you do not always agree with. Internet is not your playground where you can tell lies, scream curses. From now on, I'll only answer to those who watch their mouths. And stop cursing Anthony Flew as a crazy old man just because he stopped being an atheist. Seriously, are you getting this ugly now?

10 years ago

As soon as some people hear a view that opposes evolution, they adopt a hateful tone, and instead of putting forward scientific evidence to prove evolution, they make personal attacks. Harun Yahya uses only scientific evidence to refute evolution. If you have anything to say to that go ahead with scientific proof. But your anger, and your hateful remarks just prove that you have nothing scientific to say. And you should know that your offensive remarks are targeting yourself, no one else.
I will not reply any more to hateful remarks. But for those respectful, loving people who can bear to listen to something that they do not agree, here is some explanations:

1. If evolution really happened, I would still believe in God and would say God must have created life through evolution. I have nothing against evolution. But the science proves otherwise. So why should I be obssessed with such a ridiculous idea that says for example the dinasours turned into birds while chasing the flies.
2.First of all, evolution cannot explain the origin of life. Your documentary accepts this too. A protein cannot come into being by chance. Because for a protein to come into being, another protein is needed. The DNA, the enzymes, the organels, the cell had to be there. Do you actually know how fragile the protein is? Although it is impossible, let's say for a second that a protein popped into existence, it would have been destroyed immediately in the harsh conditions of the early earth. All the evolutionists accept this too. Please do some research on google.
3. 350 million fossils were unearthed so far, and ALL OF THEM SHOW THAT THE SPECIES HAD NOT CHANGED AT ALL. IF EVOLUTION HAPPENED, THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN TRILLION FOSSILS OF THOSE TRANSITIONAL FORM FOSSILS, like a bird with half a wing. But alas for you, there is none. Archeopteryx is a bird with claws on wings, just like some birds species living today. Anyway there were birds living at the same time with Archeopteryx. Listen to Alan Feduccia to learn more about it.
4. Atlas of Creation proves with fossils that evolution never happened. The book relies on science, nothing else.
My suggestion, try to stop being so biased against any idea that does not comply with yours. Be democratic and open minded. If you really believe in science, you should be open to new ideas, too. Seems like evolution is turning into a kind of religion for you, which you feel like you have to defend at all costs.
5. It is childish for you to expect me to prove you I am a biologist. And there are thousands of biologists who are brave enough to admit that they do not believe in evolution, even though that means they could get fired.

10 years ago

Samuel do you even hear yourself? You can resemble your parent, but that does not mean that you are going to grow an extra arm, or the baby giraffe will not have a longer neck because the mother was reaching out all the time. I am a biologist, what about you?

10 years ago

I am shocked that you say physical traits aquired by the parents can be passed on to the next generations. So you believe in Lamarck when he said giraffes got taller trying to reach the upper leaves. It is wrong, only if a mutation happens in the germ cells, (which is 99.999% times detrimental) and only somehow it is useful (which is impossible as I said, it would be like hammering an incredibly complex machine and expecting it to get better), then it could be passed on to the next generations. So if you work out all your life, your child will not be born as a muscular person. Please be honest, and stop this deception. If your problem is that you want to be an atheist, ok do it, it's your choice, but evolution is now such a collapsed theory, it is ridiculous. Do not try to hold on to that. Look at Anthony Flew, the former master of the atheists. He was an honest man. At the age of 87, after leading a life as a most outspoken atheist, he said that 'all my life I followed the truth as Socrates said, and I now admit that the science proves the existence of a Creator.' If you want to see the scientific evidences of God's existence, then I suggest you look at the documentaries of Harun Yahya.

10 years ago

This is a good document of evolution.
But it still leaves one question unanswered:

How come there is different amout of genomes?

I mean, genomes comes in full numbers, and spieces with different amount of genomes can not breed.

So, if we and apes have common ancestor, why do we have different amount of genomes?

When came the first human with our amount of genomes, and how could he/she find a mate with exactly the same error in genomes?

"millions of years of evolution" does not explain this.

Based on the fact that there is different amount of genomes, it should the basically be possible that a human will give birth to an, lets say, ape or sheep. Or whatever.

So, what I would like to see, is explanation how there can be different amount of genomes!

over the edge
10 years ago

Richard Rose

you state" The only actual observable phenomena are variation of the same kinds of animals" as "kind " is not a scientific term could you please define it for me?

10 years ago

How does a light sensitive cell develop-evolve?

10 years ago

A theory that is a fact or as near a fact as fact can be is a "Law" not a Theory! Evolution is still only a theory in or outside of the religion of science!

10 years ago

these videos are great. clear, well-articulated, and to-the-point. if I was a science teacher I would show these in my classroom.

10 years ago

Great video. Cheers

10 years ago

The title of this is enough to know its a waste of time; it purports to pit evolution: -something for which there is no possible doubt -having been proven 50 different ways over the last 150 years by the greatest minds on the planet. against 'intelligent design' (aka known as 'God creates everything out of nothing' -What god is or came from is unknown.. God u unknown..so saying 'god did it' is identical with saying I Dont Know!

If you look closely enough you will find the world is not as it appears (real and static) but neither are you otherwise. (taken from a quote from buddha) and true if you discipline yourself to daily meditation. Turn the mind inward, just do not add or take away anything.. and try and silence the mind. This is for difficult for people trained since birth with constant mental stimulation.. but it is, in time, rewarding. Thoughts can be seen as structures that pass through.. dont attach..let them pass,, aim for dissolution and seek to abide in that state..in short time you will improve..the bliss that arises is indescribable. *Im not any religion.. just human and glad to be alive and fortunate than most.. tho the states of the world horrifies me regylarly

trollington mctroller
10 years ago

the best part of this video is when he shows the opposing arguments and reduces them too the "truth" on which they are based and then explains using real science how they are fundamentally wrong. Its like watching a spoiled brat get spanked by their ugly mom.

10 years ago

It would seem that those who's ideas are at greatest risk tend to shout the loudest. This is common practice with children. So why are we argung with children (creationists)? Why do we give authority to children (creationists) in the first place?

10 years ago

Opinion implies making a choice, therefor people who do not choose their beliefs have no opinion. Very few people who 'believe' ever chose to do so. One can not reason with someone who refuses to choose what they believe. I admire the author's patience.

10 years ago

Jack and Robertallan , just can't help but to notice you 2 writing and writing to promote your scientific view on almost all matter , On the AA debunk and technology of the God in particular . Noticed the AA Debunk on youtube is turned into a war between believer of AA against the religious and people like you on the other fence ? Like it or not , Columbus story of discovering America is still around and mentioned and heard that frequently on the net . What can you do to stop such unhistorical facts still being circulated ? What can you do to stop those exposed to religious indoctrination from early age to think rationally and stop cursing others? By writing on all matters that concern sciences on the net ? History were written by the victor ,reinforced by our education system and propagated further by Hollywood and host of others media . History you studied in school were all facts and truth ? What is being taught in the school now ? Story of Christopher is no longer there and so are some of the scientific facts you were exposed to . Facts and number that you crunched so hard and taken at heart are mostly useless now .
My education in history in the 70's was Christopher Columbus discovering America , 7 crusader war to retake Jerusalem and all the story that tinged with the victorious christian and the (white) . Movie from Hollywood showed John Wayne heroic conquer of the wild west and Ten Commendment by Chales ton Heston glorifying god . How to correct all this misinformation done ? Are you sure that all these misinformation is not there in our present blockbuster ?
When was Quantum physics being part of your education syllabus ? I was still studying Newton and that bit on Einstein in my high school year . Not all can be that scientific inclined then during school days and our little scientific knowledge acquired is not needed in the working life in general . You 2 are the lucky one that through interest or needs that you are keeping abreast with the latest development in science and willing and able to write and express well in lots of discipline . Please bear in mind that bulk of the viewer are not that well educated or scientific inclined like you two . Instead of attacking on all front , maybe choose to concentrate on the one that you think needed most of your effort . Just a suggestion form you 2 to ponder


10 years ago

if the bible is wrong i don't want to be right. some things are more important than the truth.

10 years ago

What human being is going through now or for the past few thousand of our recorded history ? Artificial or natural selection of the evolution theory played the dominant role to make us what we are now ? Christopher Columbus did not discover north america , have the world historian removed and buried this incorrect facts ? Not only it was not corrected but it is almost prophesying as the truth and stand to be the historical facts for all to read and be indoctrinated . What is the difference between Darwin's so call scientific theory and the Columbus discovery ? It is going to be the theory with some science finding that fits its assumption and propagated as scientific as hell . While discarding away the puzzle that does not fit .

10 years ago

Great, Especialy the end part as you debunk the debunkers.
It clearly shows evolution is true.
Creating some people who are smart and some who are dumb.
If we were all created equal by God we would all be just as smart as the next person. this clearly is not the case.....

GMZ Public
10 years ago

Fantastic !
I love a well-reasoned agrument, regardless of topic.
Good animation, too.
Also brilliantly explained, and rather entertaining, as well.
This dude is razor sharp... I wish more of my friends knew how to spot and ID fallacy like this guy.
Creationism... hah!
There are few things in life more frightening than ignorance in action.

10 years ago

@Pop Slag
Well, that's a big part of the dilemma, alright... But you never know about the fence-sitters out there, too, and what they might be hungry for. Could be some of these facts might provide at least more sway, or even a last push, towards a rational view of the issue to people who have been more or less looking for it, but, for whatever reason, haven't been quite clear on the points or knowledgeable enough about them to finally convince themselves once and for all. A well-articulated argument, or rebuttal, can sometimes make a huge amount of difference for folks not quite able to do that for themselves.

10 years ago


10 years ago