Exploring Life Extension

Exploring Life ExtensionThe Immortality Institute’s science documentary, Exploring Life Extension, aims to create a realistic impression of the modern scientific pursuit of Life Extension.

The documentary includes interviews with authors from the Immortality Institute’s book, The Scientific Conquest of Death, plus more than 80 other individuals working to advance Life Extension.

What prompted you to explore life extension? How long do you want to live and why? What is the biggest hurdle to life extension? What technologies are most promising for life extension and why?

Watch the full documentary now (playlist - 1 hour, 47 minutes)

Ratings: 6.80/10 from 10 users.

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  1. Mack

    I'm all for life extension. Nothing wrong with wanting to live a couple more years. I don't think it has anything to do with being god. Will science make it possible for us to live forever? I wouldn't rule it out but I seriously doubt it.

  2. StallionHorse
  3. StallionHorse

    Life extension's OK, but with population growth burgeoning, it is worrisome that 6 billion (and counting rapidly) are stressing the resources of the planet, and further inevitable growth could cause mass starvation, taxation of finite resources such as fuel and fresh water....so add to that people wanting to be immortal, or at least to live longer, and then add to that millions or perhaps billions more who'd be interested, and it only compounds existing problems. More resources and funding should be diverted to the problems of the existing population before artificially extending the human lifespan any further than we already have - with social security/social insurance being stressed and the aforementioned problems...what are these immortals to do, how are they to fit in to society, who is going to have access to the anti-aging medicine, and how do we reconcile this with the problems of population growth and ecological problems?

  4. Creatio-whaa!?
  5. Creatio-whaa!?

    Can science add a few years or maybe even decades to the human lifespan? Sure, I have no doubt about it. Can it grant us eternal life? I wouldn't hold my breath.

    While I certainly don't agree with StallionHorse's Malthusian fear-mongering and alarmist opinion of population growth, I do agree with his general point... that is, we have bigger and more immediate problems to worry about, and we have more realistic chances of success focusing our efforts in those directions.

  6. DD
  7. DD

    Why do we hate people that kill so much, because deep inside we know thats it. Imagine all the infinite universes we can travel through. I wont be bored. :)

  8. jon
  9. jon

    wow deep....i dont think i would want to live forever

  10. Alx
  11. Alx

    can i have 1.000.000 years to think if i want to live for ever?

  12. Steve
  13. Steve

    I lost interest in this doc and stopped watching. "Can Science Cheat Death" should not be about the usual religious liars trying to keep their made up dogma alive. That subject should be covered in a doc called "Can Religion Cheat Life Extension"? I wanted to see what new developments there are in this field; not have to bother listening to whatever people think about it morally. What it means to me morally is my business and I don't need any "help" deciding what that is. Particularly insulting was the notion that longevity precludes a noble existence. The opinions of religious people are always either wrong or fraudulent and therefore irrelevant.

  14. jason
  15. jason

    I feel that a need to live forever is a self centered, greedy and selfish notion. I would hate to see technology progress to the point where people could live forever. Just imagine Kim Jong-il getting his hands on it and torturing the people of north Korea FOREVER. If its good enough for these people then they cant possibly say that its not for him.

  16. Alladin
  17. Alladin

    id rather die as a 50 year old man then living an extra 50 years in diapers!

  18. David Foster
  19. David Foster

    One finds as they get older that they look forward to death, if for no other reason than the chance to forget.

    As to "population alarmism".. Are you really telling us that you wouldn't mind living on a planet that's standing room only, with only each others s*** to eat? I sure as hell would!

  20. AlekNovy
  21. AlekNovy

    Aging solved in 2019? Lol. That's just 8 years from now.

    I hope they're right.

  22. Sofia
  23. Sofia

    I think this documentary is too far fetched and not enough thought has been put into it. Is it really possible for scientists to cure diseases such has aids and cancer by 2019 when they have been trying for years? How about all the outbreaks of diseases that will ocour and need a cure? Bacteria is now advancing to reject simple medicines we have already invented such as penicilin. Immortality is impossible. Maybe we can extend the lifespan of humans as we have already have yet, we cannot live forever.

  24. Mercenarry ForHire
  25. Mercenarry ForHire

    As we grow and adapt to our world, Bacteria will adapt to us as well a never ending game. seeking a extremely much longer life is the equivalent of seeking Perfection which any scientist will tell you if a fools errand.

  26. john Palermo
  27. john Palermo

    The most sociopathic desire man could have! Grow, enjoy life, make that mark/goal and get the hell out of the way for the new crop. As a gen x'er I can say just watching the pathetic bending of the social/aging process the boomers are attempting to pull off has been more than enough. Viagra, get a grip! Grandma and Grandpa should be doting on the Grandkids not occupying their time lubing up long dry parts and going at it like pathetic mental misfits. These people want to live forever! What about those who actually need the space. I'm 40 and I personally am glad nature has quieted down the little head and allowed the real one to get some more quality time and when that starts to change I welcome the careless days of vegetative drooling on the front porch cause by then I will have done what I felt proper to leave this world a better place than I came into and nature will take care of me.

  28. Maxime Bergeron Falardeau
  29. Maxime Bergeron Falardeau

    These people have a desiese: they are afraid to die.

  30. Eddwin Rodri Rodriguez
  31. Eddwin Rodri Rodriguez

    the answer is just to modify the DNA, stop the clock inside of the DNA..and that´s it...stooping the clock of your DNA at your age at 25 years old will be great..you will be looking the same , and your organs wont get deteriorated, and you will keep eating the same food having the nutrients for all your cells in the body, but before stop the clock in you DNA,, you must modify the link of activation cancer´s, in that way your cells won´t die....it´s just next of the link of eye´s color feature.

  32. Eric Schulke
  33. Eric Schulke

    Sounds like youre afraid to live. How long have you had this condition?

  34. Eric Schulke
  35. Eric Schulke

    Maybe you wont, but let your older self make that decision. If you let yourself age to the point where you are near death when you are 100 then you wont have that choice, but if you stay healthy until then, then you can make that choice when you should be making it, when you are in your 80s and 90s and 100s. If youre healthy at that time, and have stuff to do the next week, and still have friends and family around, then what reason would there be to wish you were dead?

  36. Eric Schulke
  37. Eric Schulke

    Life is the unwavering principle that we stand on. There arent any ifs, ands or buts. It is, life is good, now make its healthy indefinite extension work. We gladly accept and take on, we welcome any and all challenges that come along with it.

    Population is on a decline in industrialized countries when you subtract immigration. There is one solution. Lets bump death down to the bottom of our lists of solutions to implement.

  38. Eric Schulke
  39. Eric Schulke

    I think its the people that want to die and that want others to die that they typically label as the sociopaths. I wouldnt call them that, but if you want to go there then it seems that is the more accurate view of that.

  40. Eric Schulke
  41. Eric Schulke

    One of the reasons why its understandable that you might wonder something like that is because humans are designed to think linearly. We think about what we have, and extrapolate based on that. We dont think exponentially, because we never really needed to in the past. Technology and other things are growing exponentially now these days. What we couldnt do 20 years ago is old news now. In the 20th century we've cured polio, diptheria, yellow fever, whooping cough and a bunch of other stuff. Aids treatments were thousands of dollars in the 80s and now theyre sending them over to places like Africa at $100 each.

    Then most importantly, one main way death is approached is through the seven forms of damage that accumulate in our cells and age us to death. There are diseases like those forms of damage that have already been worked on with success in labs around the world. We know how to do this stuff, now if we want life, to see more of the future, to continue to harness this grand shot at this incredible opportunity to experience this vast sea of mystery we call the universe, then lets support this.

  42. Amery Sleepy Jackson
  43. Amery Sleepy Jackson

    says who?

  44. Amery Sleepy Jackson
  45. Amery Sleepy Jackson

    They look forward to death? My grandmother was crying on her death bed saying she didn't want to die..

  46. Amery Sleepy Jackson
  47. Amery Sleepy Jackson

    Reading these comments proves to be somewhat frustrating. So many people are so ready to call 'impossible' yet have absolutely nothing to back up their ideas. Opinions are useless without evidence to reinforce them. You might as well be saying Saint Nicholas still delivers presents. Humans have been saying impossible since the beginning of time. The beauty of it is, is all of you that want to die and are so willing embrace your death will in fact die. Survival of the fittest is all about evolution. Those who embrace evolution of human kind and accept the technology that is to come will rise above those around them and live. In the past evolution has always killed. It is what evolving is all about. People wanting to die is only natural. Not everybody can move forwards.

  48. john Palermo
  49. john Palermo

    Eric, please read again and justify twisting my comment as I have read it numerous times now and do not see where I want anyone to die or wish to die. My only comment was on the abnormal extension of life as it is the topic of the doc. Sharpen up please and do not bring vulgar dull innuendo to my table.

  50. LoggerheadShrike
  51. LoggerheadShrike

    No, it doesn't sound like that at all. Death is part of life. To be afraid of death, is to be afraid of life - to accept death isn't to hate life, it's to embrace life. To fear death is to reject life as well. When you don't accept death you live like you have all the time in the world, and you're often depressed because life seems meaningless and distant. It's different when you've accepted death; you appreciate life and live it, you don't just drown reality out by trying to fill it with distractions, which is what fear of death does.

  52. His Forever
  53. His Forever

    Wow. They are so self-assured in this documentary. Well, we ARE eternal beings--spiritually speaking. We will live forever somewhere and in some form, but as far as our bodies are concerned, the Bible says that "It is appointed once for man to die, and after this the judgement." So, ultimately, I don't think that physical immortality is possible. We can extend life, but we can't totally forgo that ultimate appointment with God. Sorry folks; nice try. I'll go with plan "JC".

  54. His Forever
  55. His Forever

    Strictly logically speaking, until we fix society, there will always be death because of war and the human "need" to kill other people--sometimes en mass. Forget disease and aging, until we stop killing each other--just not possible even if we never aged physically.

  56. Gaia O'Dea
  57. Gaia O'Dea

    This is nuts. So WHO gets to live forever? WHERE will be the space for everyone? Will people no longer BREED? Will those 'chosen ones' i.e. the ones who can afford any procedure that will make them live forever. And i got news for you...NOTHING is immortal...not our SUN even...so eventually our SUN will DIE that is UNLESS your lunatic group has some delusional madness that you can make our SUN live forever TOO. This would be funny if not so irritating.

  58. Gaia O'Dea
  59. Gaia O'Dea

    I do NOT wish to live forever. And if you were not such nitwits you would think a little more deeply and realize that living for billions upon billions upon trillions of years would be something no one can so casually say is what they want. There are so many reprecussions if such nonsense were possible. Death is not a disease. Disease is disease and death is death and birth is birth and normal and death is death is normal. Why are you sooooooooooo afraid of death...??? Unless you are some wacko xian who fear burning in hell forever then what is the problem death is just NOTHING a permanent dreamless 'snooze.'

  60. Mom
  61. Mom

    I like this. My vision is that, older people get, more educated they are and then less children they have. This is the way to the balance on the Earth. Even these days you see countries by them population growth how educated they mostly are :)
    I said 20 years ago, that when European medicine technic and Asian medicine methods met, humans become live forever :) - let's see, maybe i see this miracle in this life :)
    Be healthy, train your body and leave trash food and laziness for the Neanderthals!

  62. macrojd
  63. macrojd

    and the answers are: 1) anyone that wants to and do the effort to achieve that state. 2) there is infinite space in the universe. 3) some will breed some won't. The procedures will be very inexpensive (no company survives charging millions of dollars for their products). If the sun dies, you move to another place. There are stars in formation everywhere. You are just enclosed in the horrible fantasy world propose by society. Get out of that box and you will see the real world.

  64. macrojd
  65. macrojd

    not at all. When you realize this material structure is all you are, then life is your most valuable possession. Embrace life not the horrible and disgusting dead!

  66. LoggerheadShrike
  67. LoggerheadShrike

    The material structure becomes new life. That's what death is: the process by which you become incorporated into the world. The dead are not "horrible and disgusting" they are the fountain of all life ... you are made of the dead, and live on the dead. Every living thing around you is the dead, renewed and alive. You and the ones you love will someday bloom together as a flower ... to you that's horrible and disgusting but that's because you don't really embrace life, you just embrace Self.

  68. LoggerheadShrike
  69. LoggerheadShrike

    That comment was about the natural cycle of life ... something you seem to selfishly hate. If there was no death, life would still just be primitive bacteria, because death is necessary to creating new forms of life. Nature is by no means done creating more wonderful beings, but you would stall it just to preserve your own self.

    What could be more sociopathic than that? You want to be immortal and every immortal ever conceived or imagined has been a total sociopath because it's inherent to the condition of immortality. Being mortal is what makes life special and gives it value.

  70. LoggerheadShrike
  71. LoggerheadShrike

    People who don't understand science have begun to think of it like magic and worship it like a cargo cult. The usual religious nonsense comes up, like immortality. Science has not extended life that much at all ... if you look at medieval Britain, life expectancy was only about 35 years but this is because of very high infant mortality (something science and better conditions have vastly improved upon). But for everyone who survived to 21, life expectancy was 64 years. It's now around 75 depending on where you live ... that is to say, in 1000 years, science has only increased it about 11 years. And you think it's going to suddenly add an infinite amount? That's just fantasy.

  72. LoggerheadShrike
  73. LoggerheadShrike

    Immortality is inherently anti-life. Life is a thing that changes and creates new forms, immortality is static and stalls that process, denying existence to future life. An immortal is like a statue, feeding off death but never creating new forms, stuck forever in the same form and same self, it is life that does not "move" and is stuck. I am not against good health or people living longer, but to wish to destroy the existence of future generations so that oneself can have all of time to themselves is a selfish, anti-life position.

    There is life that does not age ... immortal cells ... we call them cancer cells. Immortal beings would essentially be a cancer in the body of life itself in much the same way.

  74. john Palermo
  75. john Palermo

    Thank you, Well worded. These people scare me with their obvious disconnects sometimes.

  76. fastfoodface
  77. fastfoodface

    I think its foolish to believe that this is going to be a possibility. Just seems like a modern way to comfort those who fear the final unknown. much as religion has for thousands of years. Just more snake oil for sale to people who think they are too smart for religion.

  78. fastfoodface
  79. fastfoodface

    fear of death is the beginning of slavery.
    - some nerd

  80. David Baldwin
  81. David Baldwin

    by the time are sun dies im sure we could find a new sun :D

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