Exposing the Noble Lie

2010, Society  -   50 Comments
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Exposing the Noble LieExposing the Noble Lie is the first episode from What You've Been Missing and was created to fill the massive gap created by corporate media, between itself and reality.

A virtual variety show with a point, helps you learn how to outgrow the status quo; through a systematic process of critical thinking supplemented with comedy. It's better than "news", it's What You've Been Missing!

Brought to you in HD and Commercial-Free by The Tragedy and Hope Online Community. A fear-free zone of mutual respect and critical thinking; where individual exploration(s) are shared to empower subscribers with cooperative understanding.

Tragedy and Hope is funded directly by its audience members; therefore, it is specifically designed to prevent the conflicts of interest which promote CENSORSHIP for profit. The result: reliable and factual information to make accurate judgments.

Knowledge is a process of organizing data, in formation. Logic is the understanding of our knowledge. Wisdom is sharing what we understand with others.

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  1. bumpercrop

    I disagree with the premise presented in the documentary that overpopulation of the human species is not a problem and that we could feed all the people in the world if only we would share. One need only observe the fact that we have finite resources and an exponentially exploding human population to realize the absurdity of that argument.
    We can't blame everything on the top 1%.

    1. TruthHurts

      "Finite resources" like what? You mean, those we try to force society to patronize and brainwash them that those are the only alternative?

    2. bumpercrop

      Finite sources such as fresh water, arable soil, fossil fuels, minerals and increasingly clean breathable air, are all riches we humans have taken for granted

    3. alex

      If you'd ever taken an economics course you'd know that not only can we produce enough food to feed the world, we actually DO produce enough food to feed the world. The only problem is, we're too busy dumping, burning and storing it away to stabilize the vicissitudes of the agricultural market.

      Yes populations are exploding - but all of humanity can still be neatly fit in a geographical area the size of greater L.A. The problem is the system of economic coordination and the wasted surplus is engenders. That you CAN blame on the 1% and once it's overthrown, overpopulation will end because the dire economic circumstances that cause it will cease to exist.

    4. bumpercrop

      Alex, I respectfully must disagree with your response that "all of humanity can still fit in a geographical area the size of greater LA."
      Imagine over 7.5 billion people in the area of greater LA.
      What constitutes the definition of the word "neatly".
      The truth is, we are helping the New World Order by culling ourselves, by continuing to overbreed our own species. Again, we can no longer blame the psychopaths for all human tragedies. The average person must take responsibility for self-governance as well. Can't manage to feed yourself? Maybe having children is not such a brilliant idea. It's called legal contraception. Too bad religious fanatics continue to play a part in preventing legal contraception free and freely available for all human beings.

    5. alex

      The LA anecdote is just to provide a measure of relativity. It would indeed suck if everyone was neatly packed into greater LA. Even if that were inaccurate it still provides the basis for understanding the point that while human infrastructure may seem to strangle the planet when seen from an airplane window, we still have a pretty big planet to roam around on. I feel this should provide the basis for understanding that if we could bring food and supplies to people in a more cooperative way that was less wasteful, we should be able to fit here on earth and even thrive.

      But I will definitely agree with you that overpopulation is the elephant in the room with regard to most of our problems. It's definitely something that needs to be taken up. And while I agree contraceptives are vital and the religious nuts that try to prevent them should stop, there's something that's often overlooked.

      The wasteful capitalist agricultural system I described above, is precisely the reason (in part) for exploding populations. Due to the conditions of some parts of Africa, families have to actively push out more children to have a family workforce to generate income. I'm not defending that decision - but it's a matter of survival. So I'd rather seek to eliminate the reason such over-population occurs rather than forcing condoms on families in a completely dire situation.

    6. bumpercrop

      Thanks Alex, intelligent points.

  2. John Miller

    it would be better without the Muzak in the background

  3. John Smith

    Forget all those darn tootin polotics. DID ANYONE CATCH THE DMT REFERENCE. Even had a neurosoup anal dmt dose style reference. Just thought i'd bring that up. Yes, all mistakes were intetantttional.

  4. Frank N. Blunt

    Wonder why Fox only blocked pt 7 on YouTube and will it be resolved? Available elsewhere?
    S'allright, found it.

  5. Christopher Tyler

    The population of Africa has doubled over the last 30 years. It seems to me that we're not having a problem with too little population growth.

  6. Matt Barsan

    This documentary is amazing especially the commentary.

  7. Guest

    It rather looks like a "Pot Pourri" on how devious societies are in now days.
    As one sums that up, it become an advertisement "Come & listen" to any contestation.

    No specific topic in there even though it's interesting and funny at time.
    Bring me something to chew on!


  8. PavolvsBitch

    Imagine what genuis would flower were we a) not vaccinated b) not indoctrinated and c) lived in a welcoming world from birth. If we get our finger out, our great grandchildren may live to see these days.

  9. who_me_yeah_you

    Rap News ROTFLMAO! Bill O'Reilley never looked so good.

  10. Facety Jeff

    I have recently come to the conclusion that government is in cahoots with big business to make sure we all stay slaves. I did a four year business degree + high school business courses from top schools and still not a single class on budgeting in your personal life. They can teach me about how to account money for a big business but not for myself. No there is an agenda and it is regardless if you become a banker or a doctor the government wnats you in debt

  11. CapnCanard

    the Documentary is very well done. I am a bit troubled that many fail to comprehend the concept of thinking critically, but if I remember correctly only 3 of 50 students in my Phil 120-"Critical Thinking" class got an A . If you have a narrow view of the world then I am certain that you would favor the status quo. The status quo is a known quantity, the unknown is frightening because it is unknown. In other words, a different economic system is a non starter. From my own view I would suggest that we need to have an economic system that doesn't have a currency. Trade of goods and services is a far better idea and is non-transferable hence it is trade conducted by way of having useful skills. The system of currency has destroyed many nations while at the same time it has rewarded the incompetent. That alone should give thoughtful people pause and require a re-examination of the facts with an eye toward exploring new possibilities.

  12. Lary Nine

    This is textbook Marxist social analysis with attitude. My kind of mojo---bringing down Pharaoh; reallocating bread, circuses and rock & roll.

  13. Mauro

    can you do away with that obnoxious music in the background.. the information is important but the musiccccccccccc!!!!

  14. RUSerious?

    LMAO...."Critical Thinking 101 ???

    EVERY social,political,and economic problem in the WORLD, is due to OVERPOPULATION. PERIOD!

    Pick anything...and follow the anguished trail backwards to its source,[OVERPOPULATION], and you'll begin to understand CRITICAL THINKING.

    1. Core Luminous

      it less about the numbers than what those numbers are doing. If people (and importantly the systems within which they operate) are operating on a nurturant and empathic mode, then they NURTURE the conditions of life all around them.

      What is happening is that Power Relationships form the dominant psychology of the SYSTEM, and people are CONDITIONED accordingly.... and POWER relationships means that those with power use those without power fro their own perceived needs, objectifying those without power.

      This is what is known as the UTILITARIAN modality, and it emerges wherever the fundamental biologically mandated child-mother bonding processes are disrupted.

      This generates a lack of empathy, for one-self and others, and that creates a sense of fear and from that comes the need for CONTROL.

      The solutions will emerge as we recognise the importance of empathy.

      Empathy is the ability to discern the content of the 'other' be it benign or malign.

      It is an information gathering ability, and is essential in regard to making the most appropriate nurturant response to the changing dynamics of the natural world, out of which we have emerged.

  15. Khaled

    Niiiice. Another great doc. Truth be told!!
    Vlatko thanks for making this possible mate!

  16. duck

    I watched the complete series. Other than the the advice to learn to think critically, which is good for anybody, the surface message seems to be that anything conservative, Republican, or religious is evil and anything liberal, democrat, or progressive is perfect. One is not to critically think about liberal positions or actions ??

    I would think that there is enough screw ups, propaganda, social manipulation, outright lies to go around for everybody no matter the political leanings, but, since I am among the incompetent, people like George Soros, Oprah, old man Kennedy, Obama, etc, should be heralded and can do no wrong.

    Since part of the message is anti-consumerism, albeit subtly, what do you want to do with all the people that will not be working because no one is buying anything. Those incompetents that manufacture the very items is used to produce this documentary, or clean one's sewer, or feed one at their favorite restaurant will be more at a loss than the documentary states they are now. I don't think a PHD would want to unplug someone's toilet...or lay pavement for a new road..

    Like the documentary states, the government, a government no matter who is in power will try to control the people. Each government will attempt to mold society into what those in power think it should be. It doesn't matter who is in control, although results of each government will be different, unless the people behind the documentary have a hidden agenda, like supporting Zeitgeist, a resource based economy something like has been described by the Venus Project. Even these societies will have to indoctrinate the citizenry to a more psychological compatible state of mind. There is a lot more in the makeup of a person than politics else you end up with a bunch of robots. Even those that think critically don't always get along.

    One of the statements that I have heard all my life is "Hopes and Dreams'....... Live your hopes and dreams would always be uttered by some sycophant maneuvering for support, power, or position, yet, there are very few people that do end up living their hopes and dreams, they end up living somebody else's hopes and dreams. The laws, rules, regulations and manipulations that shower down and control your lives come from every direction, from special interests, from corporations, from political parties, from your neighbors, are used to modify your existence more than to create a just society. You will live the life that everyone else wants you to live. Many of us are just as guilty as those that promote these laws, rules,and regulations because when that law, rule, regulation is oft times put on a ballet for a vote, we vote it in because it either doesn't effect us personally or we have been talked into it by clever manipulation.

    Think critically, but don't think stupidly, you just might become the very thing that you are critical of..

    1. Jordan Todd

      Deep stuff. May have to re examine my entire philosophy on life due to this one comment.

      I also especially agree with your comment on thinking critically about liberal positions/actions. I in fact hate the whole concept of labeling yourself liberal/conservative as it comes with a whole set of prepackaged positions on every issue you can think of. If you don't analyze each and every issue individually without influence of what your labeled political leanings say you should think, then you are being intellectually dishonest. And you are most certainly NOT thinking critically.

      Just my two cents.

    2. who_me_yeah_you

      You heard but didn't understand. Liberal here is used in its classical sense and the Republocrat dichotomy was not raised as anything other than part of the problem. There is no anti consumerism, instead a declaration that all humans are consumers and there is anti 'manipulation of consumers' ism and anti 'destruction caused by corporate manipulation of consumers in free markets be it social or ecological destruction' ism.

      please re watch the part about researching and not taking anything at face value and the relations between publicly heralded personalities and what is oft labelled N.W.O.

    3. seamus watson

      If we share our abundance with the poor countries, instead of wasting it, those people would still have their jobs. The product would simply go to a different set of consumers.

  17. eric b

    look up BILL GATES at TED conference. He talks about LOWERING the POPULATION through VACCINES and HEALTHCARE, and DEATH SQUADS. you think im crazy dont you. search in you tube right now and then give me a dollar for proving you wrong!

    1. N B

      Wow. Don't think I've ever heard a quote taken so badly out of context. Gates said that birth rates naturally decrease as the overall wealth and well being of a country increases, and he proposed making vaccines and better healthcare available to many African countries in order to achieve that end. There's no way you could have honestly misunderstood him about that. Your agenda is showing. And I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about with the death squad comment.

  18. cake

    ...I'm not sure what i think of this stuff...
    I agree with most of the messages, but i don't like the way it is presented.

    Some of it feels manipulating, and the end of the episode just made it seem more silly and unserious to me.

    I mean, this is a serious subject, right? I wish they had stayed more real and not tried to make it entertaining with montages and the newsset with a spinning globe. Why all the distrations?

    Good watch nevertheless!!!! It does encourage you to be critic about the information you get from others.

  19. Jo McKay

    There are things we, personally, can do. I, for example have a Facebook acct that is just for immediate family and friends - I added a "Page" and use it to list my favorite films and books, with video links; the first link I put up was on learning how to THINK; I have a blog site that I add to, and a You Tube Channel with several categories...etc. All of these are "The Book I'd like to have written", truths, education, empowerment, encouragement, etc. I can not (or will not) force my education down other's throat, so, when the student is willing... I will have prepared a legacy for those I love to learn something from my learning, and help them find their way to some good sources. It's been a couple years, and I was beginning to think I'd have to hold out for Grandchildren to show an interest, but there are glimmers of hope and some have started to look in on what I'm recommending. The whole point of critical thinking/critical analysis is that we learn how to think for ourselves, and with that information decide what is appropriate for ourselves to do about it. I want the people I care most about to 'come to their own answers', just telling folks what to do empowers no-one. Excellent doc this, though long for sharing with others, but I have added it to my favs as well. Thanks so much.

  20. RussellJDS

    Ok, so its great stuff, ok so "spread the gnosis" cool. BUT what the hell good is ANY of it if NO ACTION IS TAKEN! They offer NO REMEDIES or SOLUTIONS - just runnin thier yaps.

  21. Alex

    Thanks, good Job, was that real Julian ?

  22. Spindrift

    Ben, did you know that Bill Gates attended the Bilderberg meeting this year?

  23. Achems Razor

    Runs almost the full gamut. 9-11, NWO, war on terrorism, wikileaks, etc: etc:
    Love the late great George Carlin on this doc, never laughed so hard on the Bill O'Reilly segment.

    Talks about Plato's allegory of the cave, a must see doc!

  24. Ramus

    Slightly amateurish but highly recommended. The graduate girl gives me hope for America and the western world. I do not watch TV without really knowing why I don't, now I do. The path toward a free and open society is nearer. If you have ever thought there is something wrong with the way the world is you may want to take a look at this doc.

  25. rtm

    p.s these videos will continue to come out more and more and lead a to another revolution where some of these alagarks will be removed from power by force, and I don's care what happens after words because I don't respect how they f@#$ everybody.

    1. Jordan Todd

      Ugh I'm sorry but that is the worst misspelling I've seen in a long time. Not trying to be a jerk, but just please, it's "oligarchs". Just trying to educate.

  26. WillyBoy

    Excellent Vid! Keep telling the truth. Long live Veritas!

  27. Toby123

    I have not seen the full movie yet but, i have reached to the point where they tell about the rockefeller foundation creating those vaccines, that where supposedly aiming to kill of poor people in the third world(i dont say its true, but its likely it is). well...
    you remember the swineflu (h1n1). i got it. i know it becouse i got the flu 2 times and the one time was the standard. you know fever for 3-5 days. the second time i had the fever for about 1 and a half day. it was weak.

    however iv'e heard in the news recently (it can't be trusted), that the few people who did actually take the vaccine got more sick by the side effects of the vaccine, than the actual flu. one of the side effects being involunotary abortions.

    it just made me think maybe there's a link or maybe im just paranoid? i dont know.

  28. The ImPoster

    There is a lot of statements that are completely true and I would gladly recommend it for its flaws and biased opinions. Though I would stress pay attention to the people running the company before writing them all off as bad. There are plenty that invest back into humanity on a vast scale and don't sue every bit of competition that comes along.

    As for the rest of the ones that do... please stop supporting them even though they are the cheapest most faulty products around. It saddens me that people will buy generic GMO food over organic. When that literally is the fuel that runs your vessel of existence and pure is better then manipulated. It's worth those few pennies and support that the well intentioned farmers need so desperately as Monsanto is a lot harder to take outta business.

    Stop buying whats "New and Hot" as it is only marketing to convince you that you need a want. In reality its only version 1.1 of the junk that they just came out with a few months ago and is designed to break a year or two later so you consider replacing it. Just basically think about how you use that small amount of power your given for your worthy labor.

  29. Elbowbiter1

    Not sure if I want to take my ideas about demographics from a Christian anti abortion activist group who mimics the webaddress of an actual reputable demographics organization. Seems slimey, like the Christian anti evolution activist group who bulched forth intelligent design. It is quite disgusting. Some of the other info in here is interesting however, but I'll take their advice and critically analyse all the rest of it.

  30. Ben Field

    The idea that Bill Gates is some kind of evil elitist trying to exterminate populations is F@#$%^&* r#$%$%^&! in fact if anyone had done their research they might find that Bill Gates is using his billions to try and CURE AIDS! He and Warren Buffet have set up a health organization that is actually richer than the WHO. I'm not sure that curing aids is actually the best way to reduce population. the people who made this movie are clowns.

    1. CapnCanard

      Gates isn't all bad, he is just trying to cure something that isn't necessarily a problem beyond Africa IT IS REALLY GOOD PR FOR A RICH PERSON WHO FEELS GUILTY ABOUT BEING FILTHY RICH WITHOUT REALLY PRODUCING ANYTHING OF QUALITY. The rates of AIDS has never followed the predictable pattern of your true standard of an epidemic or communicable disease. That is a serious red flag. Why? Well there are many theories and some from the inside have said that the whole AIDS issues is invented and many of the American victims were dying of the treatment, i.e. AIDS wasting disease is said to be caused by the drugs used to stop the disease etc. Hmmm, ... but I believe that Gates believes he is doing the right thing. The DOC is still really quite good(based on what is available in western media it is EXCELLENT!) But I do see where they could have made things far more straight forward. The issues that I really enjoy are the ones that promote the idea of critical thinking. I took a Critcal thinking class in college and I was shocked because I thought that we should've had that kind of class in middle school!!! Crit Thinking is still the most important class I had in college.

  31. UnaffectedByLies

    At what point in the last few decades did we start getting so stupid. We have incredible humans trying to show us the truth, truth about our government, truth about other governments. They are not personally attacking countries. They are shedding light on how corrupt the elites really are! Even after we receive proof that everything we’ve been told is a nothing more than a noble lie. Something put out to maintain the status quo. We as a country need to take our sacs back and prove once again this is a country of the people, for the people. We are not cattle can be intellectually herded. Even now, with video, audio, and documents showing we have been deceived, we let the media and the news script our reactions. It is not right to kill innocent civilians! It is not right to lie to the people no matter what the “End Game” may be. My childhood image of our great country is now stained with horrible emotions!

  32. Tigerpred

    Wow I can't wait for more ,critical thinking , this is how the elite control the masses . I am incompetent and I really need to completly understand that fact .

  33. heylelshalem

    yes! good stuff. let the gnosis spread