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Extraordinary Animals


Psychic dogs, arty elephants, genius chimps and talkative dolphins steal the spotlight in Extraordinary Animals.

This jaw-dropping series investigates animals with remarkable and unique abilities.

From Hong, a female elephant in Northern Thailand with a special talent for painting; to Scamp, a dog with the uncanny ability to know when a patient is going to die, this fascinating program showcases animal talents that are out of this world!

Ratings: 3.00/10from 9 users.

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  1. Nmarks89

    aww and the parrots dead, that was so cool such amazingly smart animals both the parrot and the sea lion class.

  2. bud oracle

    I love my half Wolf Aloofus

  3. rab sleeping bags

    Coren suggests that the thief understood that the treat's owner would be unable to find the treat if it were out of view. Together, the empirical data and anecdotal evidence points to dogs possessing at least a limited form of theory of mind.

  4. docaddict

    it was nice to Griffin and all the different things it had learned, but it was also sad to watch how it was kept in that room with no windows, no other parrots and in a small cage. Griffin barely had any feathers, it appears the doctor has long session with him everyday without any real breaks i.e. let the bird be a bird, fly, interact with other parrots..... I strongly believe whatever pet you keep (dog, cat, lovebirds etc.), you should always keep two and of the opposite sex, no matter how much we interact/love/care for an animal we can never be a substitute for its on kind. Just imagine if we were kept as pets, we'd go crazy if it was just us in that lonely cage, but if we had a partner and were allowed to do some humanly stuff every no and then, life wouldn't be as bad....

  5. santa claus

    Coyote03 everything you said. That Rio (sea lion) was amazing wasn't she? Mind-blowing in fact. I couldn't even understand the IQ test let alone pass it!

    The Human Animal would do well to realise that intelligence isn't our only brag.

    Great doc list, thanks.

  6. Polar bear

    Alyz, sounds interesting.

    I loved the dog and the sea lion, and i agree with Coyote03 about the parrot, my thoughts exactly.

  7. Alyz

    My Saint Bernhard "learned" how to detect when i was going to have an attack of asthma. He alerted me by pushing me towards my handbag (where i keep my inhaler) while whimping and running back and forth between me and my handbag. At first i didn't realize what he was doing, but when i got an attack of asthma 5-10 mins after every time he behaved like this, i put two and two together!
    He even alerted my boyfriend a couple of times to go and get the inhaler and bring it to me when i was outside in the garden.

    Animals are remarkable creatures and God knows what they are capable of!

  8. Coyote03

    All three animals were incredibly impressive! I felt the sea lion trainers did a better job testing the intelligence of the sea lion vs humans then the parrot trainer did with her parrot vs the 3 and 4 year old children. I got the impression that the parrot had been asked those exact questions many many many times before, whereas those children obviously had not. In the case of the sea lions, the tests were purely logical, you looked for the pattern, no previous knowledge is required, just thinking skills. The sea lion proved that it was in fact thinking, grouping, and solving problems much like humans do, AMAZING! The Grim Reaper dog was awesome, the fact that dogs can smell things like the chemical processes going on in our bodies, things we still can't detect with the fanciest machines is just insane! Definitely worth watching all three!!!

  9. Arthur

    Ravens, are in my opinion, the smartest of all birds. Absolutely loved those videos. The logic of the seal just blew my mind.

  10. Skye-hook

    Wonderful films! The Grim Reaper Dog needs a bit if editing, though. It repeats the intro too many times, which makes it seem odd 7 not thought out. But it was terrific to see, anyway! :)

  11. Seb

    Lol, erm bit of a silly comment , Human are animals

  12. Yavanna

    If you can paste the links here Vlatko will add them


  13. beatrice

    there is one more episode on
    surf the channel
    just typle in Extraordinary Animals and select documentry

  14. Yavanna

    I loved these 3 episodes. Have spent the last hour trying to find the missing 11 episodes to no avail :(

    Animals are better than humans :)