The Fabulous Life of Wall Street Brokers

The Fabulous Life of Wall Street BrokersEver thought about how those Wallstreet Brokers lived, while speculating with your money and burning it in the financial crisis?

In this documentary you see the homes of Billionaires and multi Millionaires who earned their money on Wall Street.

But they don't only have huge apartments and residences, they have their own private jets, luxury yachts and so on.

Not even thinking about small investors they made billions of dollars and enjoy their lives.

And you - what are you doing now?

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    Achems Razor
  1. Achems Razor

    All the power to them.

    To bad they could not take it all with them.

  2. Deia Max
  3. Deia Max

    I wish I could let them walk a mile in my shoes.

  4. Chris
  5. Chris

    What the %$#@ is this doing on this site?

    What a steaming pile of trash,

    Even in the sense of the MTV cribs, lifestyles of the rich type of program (which are pretty cool) this is garbage.

    There are no shots inside the houses, no time spent talking to the people. Just the narrator inflicting that you should be SOOOOO amazed by a bunch of big numbers flashed in gold across the screen and a couple pictues with more numbers flashed on top of them.


  6. jamie
  7. jamie

    All that money looks like a big fat pain in the butt. I would rather eat dinner with a homeless person....

  8. Achems Razor
  9. Achems Razor

    Really! @jamie

    I would rather be rich and miserable, than poor and miserable!

  10. jamie
  11. jamie

    lol..I get your point, Razor.

  12. Sober Jones
  13. Sober Jones

    I'd like to be a rich person analyst. What's the requirement?-- an effeminate voice? And what's so impressive about a billion? Bill Gates is worth 50 times that.

  14. Connor
  15. Connor

    lol that aircraft they say is 727 at 16:00, its actually a 767, retards

  16. Pollo
  17. Pollo

    So instead of hunting these guys down and make them pay for the misery they create people just watch them on tv and get excited about someone else`s money?

  18. hmm
  19. hmm

    can't stand the commentator.. besides.. I doubt money will buy them happiness.
    With money comes politics, greed, alot of heachaches..

  20. allan
  21. allan


    No money cannot buy happiness. But, it can buy everything else ;)

  22. Jenn
  23. Jenn

    Oh, yay! Nothing like glorifying greed! /sarcasm

    I'm disgusted.

  24. Circle
  25. Circle

    Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy you 'stuff', and 'stuff' can make you damn happy. I am willing to bet if you ask any of those billion dollar guys if they are happy they will say that they are.

  26. Doug Newberry
  27. Doug Newberry

    As I was sitting at my computer one day reading a very well written piece about how the bankers and wall street brokers destroyed a corrupt system that was all set up in their favor... this show actually aired on VH1

    I thought to myself...

    Only in America could you have a handful of greedy bastards put a whole population into depression and then... Have their lifestyles featured in such a "rubbing right in your face style"...

    They are actually rubbing their criminal behavior IN YOUR FACES!

  28. Luke Wilson
  29. Luke Wilson

    The irony is that come Judgement day, they will be the ones going to heaven and we all will be the ones going to hell. Hell is a place for normal everyday average people while heaven is a place for people who were leaders and pioneers of mankind like these bankers.... Sad!

  30. Achems Razor
  31. Achems Razor

    @ Luke Wilson:

    Ha,Ha, At least that is something that I agree with!

    Heaven only takes the doers! not the poor sheeple that follow there every command! There is no free ride. The rich will buy there way into heaven (LOL)

    And like I said before, I would rather be rich and miserable, than poor and miserable!

  32. Zeitgeist Movement
  33. Zeitgeist Movement

    These people are criminals. They contribute NOTHING to society ATALL. 82,000 people die from starvation everyday, simply because they can't afford it. This isn't civilization, this is sick.

  34. Rachael
  35. Rachael

    I got to 2.26 mins what a load of rubbish.

  36. funfunfun
  37. funfunfun

    Mmm, the rich are getting richer, the wasps are keeping it growing. breeding and bounty. that moneys never trickling down

  38. Zamato Elite
  39. Zamato Elite

    This much money is totally ridiculous. I have zero interest in buying a bunch of boats or stupid airplanes or excessively sized houses. None of that seems worthwhile to me.

    My ideal salary is around 500-800K a year. With that much money, anyone can live a very conformable life. Billions of dollars for a single person is quite frankly ridiculous.

  40. nhk
  41. nhk

    So I watched Children of the Secret State (a documentary about starvation in North Korea) before watching this and i just couldn't help but laugh; I laughed like the joker all throughout this documentary.

  42. StatingtheObvious
  43. StatingtheObvious

    How much is enough?

  44. Caleb M Zimi
  45. Caleb M Zimi

    I respect these people, and I don't see why everyone dislikes them because of their hard-earned money? Money you've worked for is money you deserve therefore they deserve to live lavish lifestyles with THEIR money, hard work always pays off. Instead of being annoyed at these people for very pathetic reasons why can't you be happy for someone's success, one day it might be you who's that prosperous; and is that a reason for people to speak bad of you? Instead of watching and hating, why don't you get out there and make some money for yourself.

  46. Jeff R
  47. Jeff R

    Funny that Wall Street Execs living this life while us taxpayers are bailing their companies out with out tax dollars.

  48. M
  49. M

    Here's how THE REAL criminals live. Disgusting. If we are to free ourselves from this tyrannical system ... these are the people that need to be dealt with first.

  50. M
  51. M

    1789 ... vive la revolution !!

  52. Rose
  53. Rose

    Its all about "my d@#$ is bigger than yours".

  54. kris
  55. kris

    money cant buy happiness, they buy crazy ass happiness!!!(eminem)

  56. Michael McDonell
  57. Michael McDonell

    That assumes that we want to make money in the same way. And that the reason we dislike them is some psychological case of jealousy. Both of which are pretty much false, if I can speak for the other commenters. Sure it's hard work, but to what end? And is it ethical work? Is making money and increasing value an end in itself?

  58. Michael McDonell
  59. Michael McDonell

    And a bunch of ironic and "hip" pop culture experts getting giddy over money and excess.

  60. M A
  61. M A

    It is a known fact that business people make their money off the back of others. :/ They have not worked as hard as the little people under to earn their money, I guarantee it. Often, it has much more to do with luck than with 'hard work', or even 'skill'.

  62. ranii02
  63. ranii02

    disagree. whats your definition of 'hard-earned'? luck? i respect people who work also. my thoughts were.. 500million dollars? you can donate a mere 200million and they would still be completely satisfied. and you cant just "go out and make some money for yourself". im pretty sure all commentors make money somehow, but not MILLIONS. are you?

  64. vvindred
  65. vvindred

    i agree , when you say hard-earned money you mean looting ? :)

  66. Glen Hale
  67. Glen Hale

    Thanks guys you put the World in to poverty for a long time,

  68. dufas_duck
  69. dufas_duck

    I do not care how much money other people has or earns. It is how they got it that matters.

    The idea that these goobers can use other people's money to make them wealthy and then when they lose other people's money, other people's money is used to make them whole again while dissing the people whose money was originally used is the problem. These banker/wall street idiots are not much different than Bernie Madoff in many ways. I know my retirement funds have disappeared...

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