The Facade of the American Dream

2013, Society  -   83 Comments
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This is a story of a people who had existed and thrived in their land for thousands and thousands of years before they were kidnapped, tortured, chained, raped and enslaved.

This is the African who was stolen from his motherland and civilization and had everything taken from him. His language, religion, culture, family, and identity.

The documentary depicts how the US removed Africans from their country of origin, worked them to death as slaves and today, in schools, is brainwashing them to make believe they are inferior in many aspects.

A cross section of people discuss the fraud of the American dream and how systemic racism keeps millions of people down while offering others hope and opportunity.

The film gives voice to those who believe That African Americans are far from achieving the American Dream in health, education, welfare, and justice.

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  1. mike m

    white people are not white, they are pink.

  2. DocDude

    "More liberal, equality propaganda."??? Who is creating this info-segment? Answer PressTV - "Iran's television network, broadcasting in English round-the-clock. Based in Tehran." Hardly liberal and hardly a group of people who care about slavery. Shia Muslims condone slavery. Scratching the surface of the craphole USA, then go ahead and scratch the craphole (Aryan-land) Iran.

  3. Alfredi Limia

    I used to be NOT a racist , I'm now .

  4. Bemused

    The squeaky wheel doesn't always get the grease. Sometimes it just gets replaced. When pointing out racism be sure to be aware that you are only making a pitiful excuse for your own short comings. As an evil white man myself, if I made an issue of every instance of unfairness directed my way because of the color of my skin, I would have more legitimacy in my complaints than all of black society put together as racism against white people is the only form that is socially acceptable in today's mixed up world.

  5. Myathewolfeh

    I have never owned slaves. No one alive today has ever owned slaves or ever been a slave. So, what's all this crap with people thinking they are owed something? We owe you nothing. You grew up in the US with the same rights as everyone else, are protected by affirmative action, and we have a BLACK president, for God's sake. Stop acting as if you have it as worse as your ancestors did, because they had it way worse, be grateful. And it sickens me how there is this double-standard when it comes to racial pride. I hear black people and Latino people saying they are proud of their heritage all the time, but whenever a white person says they are proud of their heritage, they are automatically labeled as a racist. Can't I be proud of my roots? Africans and Latinos alike have committed their own atrocities. How come they get to be proud and we don't? Now THAT'S racist.

  6. Maria was the Black people, now it's the Arabs...and the funny thing is..that the only genocide the western world seem to talk about is that of the Jewish people. Stop watching CNN and FOX and watch world news channels...and you'll be horrified at the genocide that happened and still happening in Iraq, all in a bid to control its oil.

  7. BradfordVonDaserdyly

    Another Propaganda documentary

  8. walterbyrd

    We all like to think we are better than the old slavers. But, when we buy an iPhone, are we supporting slavery of Chinese?

    1. Unfolding Universe

      Is a wage earner a slave?

    2. walterbyrd

      I suppose it's a matter of choice. Do Chinese workers really have much a choice? Are Chinese jobs based on free market supply-and-demand, or does government, and industry, conspire to create an underclass?

    3. Unfolding Universe

      "conspire to crate an underclass"? is this what you think?

      The most recent facts are China 's economy is dominated by investments, follow by consumption, and not exports. Also, average wages are increase at double digits per year. In your head, what does that mean?

      Can Chinese workers walk out of a job? Yes, he/she can. You have an agenda in spreading propaganda, don 't you?

    4. walterbyrd

      When workers at Foxconn consider suicide a better option, then I have to wonder if it's really the nicest place to work.

      Foxconn's solution was to put up nets to catch their workers and stop all the suicides.

      As I understand it: 14 hour workdays. No talking to your co-workers. Sleep where you work, on a two foot wide board. Bath in the sink. One day off per year. And a salary of $0.35 an hour.

      Sound about right?

    5. Unfolding Universe

      Where is this "$0.35" come from? Labor cost in China is actually quite high for a developing country, and growing fast. It is expected that in 2 years, 2016, labor cost between the US, and China will reach parity. Also, a dollar can buy a lot more in China than the US, thus a better measure is their wage compare to their purchasing power within the domestic economy.. Perhaps, you don 't understand all these things? Like I said, I suspect you have an agenda. Using words like "slave" intend to provoke, is that right?

    6. walterbyrd

      What do you think Foxconn workers are being paid? Are you actually denying that horrible sweat shop conditions exist? Everybody just committing suicide for no reason?

    7. Unfolding Universe

      Right....where is this .35 come from?

      Are anyone forced to take these jobs? Because from What I understand, they could work someplace else. What about the price purchasing power, because dollar can buy a lot more in China than in the US.

      You must be from the CIA, or something. Spreading propaganda..

    8. walterbyrd

      The $0.35 an hour comes from news stories that came out when all the suicides at Foxconn were going on.

      Yes, the workers could work someplace else, and face the exact same pay, and conditions.

      Surprising that you would accuse *me* of of spreading "propaganda." Are you actually denying that sweatshop conditions exist in China or other countries? Because the evidence overwhelmingly supports that sweatshops, including child labor, is going on all over.

      Are those who are forced to work in such sweatshops any better off than slaves? I think it's debatable.

    9. Unfolding Universe

      Sweatshops is evil, right? Why would it not be evil, because of just how it sounds, right? LOL

      So, it is not because of a global monetary system( bretton wood) that forces countries to compete in their own particular way to earn USD, or that those "slaves" out of their own free choice work in those factories. Or that those jobs can support a family, and send their child to school. No.. no.... noting matters, because it damn well look like slavery.

  9. SunOfKush

    The capacity for those who benefit from the oppression, dispossession, enslavement, and genocide of peoples past and present to obfuscate and deflect responsibility back onto those whose legacies they have stolen NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE ME..

  10. Nickelthrower

    I do not have to go back in time 150 years to find slaves in my family. I can hop a plane and visit my great uncle who was taken from his home by the NAZI's and sent to Germany to work as a slave laborer. The NAZI's appropriated my grandmother's home and housed soldiers there. My grandfather lost two of his brothers in the war and he was kidnapped and forced to fight alongside the Germans which, sadly, placed him at Normandy for the American invasion.

    So, what is OWED me for all of this? Should I receive SNAP and Section 8 housing and free education and an Obamaphone?

    These people need to stop feeling sorry for themselves and get over it. We did.

    1. Denzel Neto

      well first of all, what was OWED to you was "ISRAEL", you seem to forget to mention that. Also your comparing the Holocaust which lasted 4 years to the african Holocaust which lasted 400 years. not including the fact that blacks were put in harsher conditions during that time. It's easier for the jewish communities to bounce back into order after 4 years of oppression because you guys still had access to your literature, morals, cultural teachings, and identity. In fact the jews that died protecting themselves still had access to guns. 400 years of oppression is HARDER to bounce back from for the black communitities, generations of psychological damage can ruin a culture and it takes more time to bounce back into order rather than it would if slavery lasted 4 years. Blacks didn't have access to guns to defend themselves, blacks couldn't disguise themselves as white men when in hiding, jews were able to disguise themselves and deny that they were jewish. Jews that found a way to flee europe escaped the holocaust. BLACKS HAD NO WHERE TO GO even if they found a way out of the united states, if they fled to africa, carribean, europe, south america, they would have joined the slaves in those regions. Plus it was IMPOSSIBLE for blacks to flee the country, jews still had that option if they had the resources too. Also you seem to forget that JEWS were educated people, AFRICAN SLAVES didn't receive any source of education, and our literature that we had before slavery was burnt, which meant we also lost our LANGUAGE and spoke terrible english, portuguese, spanish, french etc (what ever language our slave master spoke). if the jewish Holocaust lasted 400 years the Torah and all hebrew scriptures would have been burnt, all jews would have been converted and brainwashed into christianity, generations and generations down, which means YOU wouldn't even understand your culture or even know that HEBREW ever existed. As a black person if he knows the name of the african languages his ancestors spoke. 400 years of the jewish holocaust would have erased your entire identity. Jews still had their culture after the holocaust ended, AFRICANS COMPLETELY LOST EVERYTHING including our languages and religion. what happened in our past is the reason why things are the way they are today in OUR communities. and today slavery still happens to EVERY race in 2014, the issue is WHY cant we as HUMAN BEINGS live in peace? as advanced as we are. We must understand our nature 400 years ago to understand our nature today.

    2. Dave

      Absolutely 100% agree with you here. To forget would be ignorant. As a white man I am ashamed to hear people say things like 'get over it we did' When Black and White people can co-exist without any prejudice and without any stigma then we can say, we have made amends and we have solved the issues we once had. Unfortunately we are nowhere near that time.

  11. RandomThoughts

    We are all slaves to somebody or something.

  12. Kenyasue Smart

    This documentary centres on the American experiences, however these issues can be identified globally, in fact everywhere Africans live at home or the diaspora these challenges exist. This massacre of Africans is unique as it engages methods of mind control, the imapcts are still evident today. Bob Robinson there is no need for comparatives! Interesting informative and so true what resonates with me was this comment form Professor Betty Davis " how can you possibly teach a race of people whom you have no respect for" powerful and tragically true

  13. Jabranpin

    The first and only education a man needs is to know how to identify the devil and all its ways and then how to avoid it and remaining pure.

  14. danielle poirier

    holy crap get over it! you're own people had you as slaves in Africa!!!

  15. Suzy

    .I wish I could remember how a friend who was a Major in the service put it in one of his videos when the subject of racism was brought up in one of his radio shows. In essence he dropped all the negative and built on the positive of being given the opportunity of being transported to a nation like the USA. In his particular case, it might be so as believe he might have been brought up in a great environment. I had my eyes opened recently in a situation where a black kid 21 years old had been shot and killed in our Midwestern city. True, there have been so many A-holes out there terrorizing the city by attacking people in apartment complexes with home invasions and holding people up in broad daylight. I'm not saying this kid who robbed a CVS wasn't at fault but when I reviewed his criminal history, it was discovered that because of most likely prison reform, he was out there running the streets with Class D Felonies when he should have been on House Arrest under close supervision or sent to DOC; and with his type of habitual offenses, he would have probably gone to a less-restrictive correctional facility with a reentry program upon release. Instead, he wasn't on house arrest, nor had he been sent to Doc which in my estimation could have given him the choice to reform his ways. He fell through the cracks of the system being accused of racial profiling?.....WHY wasn't he given extra correction deserving of those crimes? Instead as a 21-year old he is DEAD! If he had been white, he would have been on House Arrest at a costly price...yes, or
    sent to prison. Why did this kid fall through the cracks of the system not given the chance to reform with correction? Simply, because there wasn't room in DOC and/or accusation of racial profiling or he didn't have the means to be set up with House Arrest (special phone line, anklet) at his expense. A different kind of story here, huh?

  16. seamus watson

    What happened to the black slaves was horrific, no doubt. However, it didn't happen to the people in this doc. Get over it already. We could all have a chip on our shoulder about the treatment of our ancestors. The civil rights movement is a different picture. They should be grateful they didn't have to go through what the slaves went through and be grateful they aren't living in Africa. Living in the US is a far cry from living there. I recently saw another one where there were whole towns of white people starving and unable to afford the basics like water. The US gov just hates all of it's people, unless they are the 1%.

    1. hernandayoleary

      Those things like institutional discrimination and racism did happen to most those people today. The film simply explains the context of how it occurs.

  17. garlic monoxide

    Ulster, indentured servants here. Thats how my family came to the states.

  18. RealityCheck

    My great-grandmother came over here as a bond slave, but never received 40 acres and a mule upon her release. There were deaths in my family directly caused by the unsafe and inhumane conditions the "lucky" immigrants had to endure - all without the recourse of gov't assistance or law protecting them. It is rough on 99% of us all; no one group has a monopoly on injustice and hardship.

    1. whiteyyyyy

      The truth is bonded slaves had it worse. Alot of them were worked to death before their 7 yr contract, unlike blacks who were considered more valuable.

    2. Kenyasue Smart

      Reality check no one received 40 acres and a mule : the facts are that there are more white people on benefits than immigrants do your research

  19. Wayne Siemund

    "we", "us", 'our'. Signs of forced association. Claiming membership of people and places long past by those living in the present demonstrates personal insecurity. Blaming the present for the past does nothing to progress.
    That is what annoys me about the fight for civil rights. Some can't keep the past as reference.
    Where's my German reparations?

  20. Faye Chang

    I agree with everything in this documentary. The situation for poor black and white people is getting worse not better. The gains of the civil right movement has been lost. If you look at America today, more blacks are being criminalized and incarcerated than ever before. This is as a result of government policy, and all legal means of public dissent is been systematically closed off. A legal system has been, and is being, created to criminalize dissent. For example the Espionage Act, the National Defence Authorization Act. The refusal to restore habeas corpus - the FISA Amendment Act, retroactively makes legal which, under the Constitution is illegal. All power is now entirely in the hands of the State and its Corporate bosses. Look at what's dubbed 'Obamacare" - the pharmaceutical companies and the insurance industry will get $447 million in subsidy. Obama has given exemptions - such as not insuring chronically ill children (most affected by this will be poor black children). Urban cities are being abandoned - look at Chicago, New Jersey... America is and has always been run by corporations - the descendants of the elite slave-holding class, now they have complete power, they control the media public opinion, and the legal system, they can even re-write the constitution! They have learned from the civil right movement and the anti-war movement, and have made legal preparations accordingly. This is all being done in the pursuit of money, power and diminishing natural resources, even if this means creating conditions for permanent domestic and global wars.

  21. J MA

    The idea that there was any essential difference in the status and lives of enslaved Africans and European serfs and workers only feeds the racist twaddle that can divide black and white workers today. It feeds the lie that 'Britains never shall be slaves' which we quite clearly were. White working class people are even more deprived of their history than black people, most today have simply no idea that we were subjected to the same treatment as those peoples stolen from the African continent. In passing, the reference by these venerable middle class pseudo intellectuals, to generic 'Africans' thriving in their continent is as insulting to the many peoples and their varied cultures as anything honky dreamt up. It is in their usage, often as crass a generalisation as that of the enslaving white man, hundreds of thousands of whom went on to give up life and limb to crush the slave owning rebel south, in one of the greatest liberations of private property known to history.

    The average life expectancy of a white working class male in Manchester in the 1840s was just seventeen years. White workers, from childhood, were worked to death in factories under the lash, to accumulate capital from their labour. That is how the great banks and corporations that rule the world today accumulated their wealth. It was from the horrors of European tyranny, land clearances, industrial hell and war that the colonists fled to the new world. There, it was the abundance of land to settle for free European labour that made chattel slavery and indentured labour a necessity for the aspiring capitalist class.

    What is the aim of black identity politics? Follow the civil rights movement. It has used the righteous struggle against racial inequality to create an affluent Afro-American elite and an Afro-American president who are just as vile, self-absorbed and avaricious as their white counterparts while the majority of Afro-Americans have gained little or nothing. See South Africa as well, where the new tiny black elite is just as eager to join in the brutalisation and slaughter of the impoverished black mass as their former Boer competitors.

    Today, feminist identity politics are used by the most reactionary regime in US history, to vilify and persecute Julian Assange for his courageous stand against US war crimes.

    The issues humanity faces- increasing inequality and impoverishment, dismantling of democracy and the drive to world war three- all products of a decaying economic system, are, at root, class issues, not those of 'race' (as if humanity can be so divided) gender or sexual orientation.

    Those who sell their labour to make a living, whatever the difference in how much they make at any given time, have a fundamental common interest, to overthrow capitalism and give humanity a socialist future. Anything that divides working class people from each other is, then, reactionary.

  22. Elizabeth Wesley

    I read the other day that monsanto was prominent in the african slave trade and they are zionist jews. Personally, color is diversity and without our differences how bland it would be. The ethnicity of different cultures is fascinating and our world would be impoverished without it.

    1. tomregit

      Monsanto and African slave trade?? I understand they have a terrible reputation, but they did not exist until the twentieth century. Am I missing something here?

  23. Guest

    Great documentary. "Whatever man can creates, another man can change." Amen to that!

  24. Trevis Robotie

    I believe that slavery is just one of those 'evil genes' in man.And it's not limited to the evolved man alone,even the lower animals enslave other animals.Man has exploited and will always exploit his fellow man,in whatever subtle or direct manner he could get away with.I don't think it's reduced only to a white/black man thing.If you got anything at all worth stealing:resources,land,talent,sex,life,even nothing,somebody will try to enslave you.Most of us are slaves without even having a clue......
    The modern day slavery is equally bad.It's worse because most are not aware it's going on.The ancient slavery has nothing to do with color.Africans sold and bought africans long before the white man took this practice to another level.....the white guy only took advantage of the situation

  25. Plonkette

    We're all equal now. Get over it. Go talk to oprah or one of the millions of other successful black people about how unequal they are treated, and when they get over counting thier millions they can tell you how hard it is.

  26. disqus_CVtae2sN2G

    I hope this doc is widely viewed by white Americans like myself. And every other person on earth with a computer. As much as the mainstream media endeavors to blind us from sharper awareness, this doc brings home a truth that you know has been deliberately hidden.

    1. Plonkette

      Do you have black slaves? If not then this has nothing to do with you and you should give up the guilt brother. Everyone is equal now. People need drama in thier lives and need to blame others for thier problems. I myself on occasion blame italians for my problems(im white), but in the end my only problem is that im not assertive enough in my own life.

      People gotta take responsibility for thier own lives. Now-a-days its pass the buck and blame the other guy. People have become giant children and want the state and others to take care of them.

    2. disqus_CVtae2sN2G

      Plonkette, greetings from Taiwan. You have a valid point of view, but my experiences with racism while serving in the US Navy verify a lot of what this doc went into. I completely agree that anyone relying on anyone else for their personal welfare is misguided, but this issue won't rest until some form of justice brings closure. Probably won't happen, but I see no harm hoping for the best.

    3. hernandayoleary

      Everyone is not equal, not according to the statistics.

  27. nariman J

    What about the natives? Not to be insensitive, but seriously.

  28. Bob Robinson

    My great grandmother was brought to america as a house slave from poland. She worked her tail off and eventually got freedom. Its a sad part of us history, but I'm glad I'm here now in what I consider the greatest country on earth. I cant see being angry about it anymore though, life goes on you make the most of the oportunities given to you. My whole family are now extremely successful and wealthy here in the US, and it all started with slavery. Thats what you call making a change for the better. Also my grandmother was not the only european slave brought over to the US, there is now millions of white americans with slave ancestors.

    1. wald0

      You have an inspirational story to tell, you have my sympathies for your grandmothers mistreatment at the hands of my countrymen. However, its hard to compare the African experience with the few European slaves that were also brought here. The reason being that the European slaves were not part of an established state sanctioned slave trade which pervaded our laws and culture to the very core. They were not systematically oppressed like the black man was, even after slavery was long gone. In fact the black man in many cases still faces discrimination, he has to live with the legacy of Jim Crow, the klan, lynchings, and countless murders aimed at stopping the struggle for black equality, all while ducking and dodging the law which is bent on imprisoning him. European people did/do not face such things here, even though they had and still have a hard life in their own way. My family was/is German-Irish , we struggled with poverty but not the type of state sanctioned racism blacks suffered.

    2. Guest

      At some point I would like to reach out to others like myself of eurpean descent so that our stories our not lost to history. Its a travesty that this information is not found in school books and its my fear that it will be lost. The only reason I know about it is my grandfather was very fond of her and had alot of inspirational stories to share. He himself faced discrimination, but nothing like she would have faced. I lived a pretty good life, but I owe it to heroes like them. It would be ashame if their stories were lost. Also if reparations someday our giving I still have her walking papers handed down from generation to generation as evidence and I will always keep it to remember where I came from. I dont need or expect reparations but if I can get them I will use it to make a rememberence of our european ancestors lost to time. Would be nice I think.

    3. nraeanderson

      With respect to Africans being the only state sanctioned populace to be subjected to slavery, I strongly urge you to research "Home Children" and "Dr. Barnardo's Industrial Farm". Tens of thousands of white children (and British, at that) were enslaved less than 100 years ago and it was sanctioned by various governments. The only thing that put it to an end was the depression and the lack of need for cheap/free labour.

      Poor white Britons and Dutch were also the first enslaved people to come to the New World; as indentured servants, but to say that it was not sanctioned by the state is a misnomer. While the state may not have "officially" supported it, they were aware of it and did nothing to stop it.

      Furthermore, please investigate the status of Native affairs in all of North America; the USA and Canada. You will see that many reservations are contaminated with ills such as drug and alcohol addiction (with 'huffing' being one of the most severe), family violence, HIV/AIDS, unsafe drinking water, no indoor plumbing, hydro, heat etc., in addition to unemployment rates that are as high as 85%. The Native Peoples of the "New World" continue to live enslaved. While they may not be subjected to heavy labour or physical force of masters, they are enslaved through neglect of state and unsettled land treatys that have existed for at least 200 years. They are discriminated against, trod upon and the butt of many jokes. In present day, moreso than the black population.

      I am by no means saying that struggles of the black population are insignificant or unimportant, however the black population were not the only ones to be enslaved or discriminated against. At this point in time our black friends and neighbours are freer and live far better than the peoples whom were native to this land.

      At some point in time, every population has had its struggle, history tells us that. Only in solidarity can we overcome. Only in forgiveness can we achieve solidarity.

    4. Trevis Robotie

      wow !that's an eye opener.never thought or knew there were white slaves in america.thanx

    5. Philio

      They were called "Bond Slaves" and were indentured by contract for a given period of years. Their plight was at the hands of the bond holder. Compassionate bond holders treated their Bond Slaves fairly and well but they were still slaves. And then there were other types of bond holders that treated them poorly.

      You may also find it interesting to know that as a result of the Irish Potato Famine and persecution by the British many Irish immigrated to Canada, Australia and the United States. They would have faired far better as Bond Slaves. They were met with less than welcome arms, refused work of any sort and lived in the meanest squalor of the cities where they landed.

      Signs such as “Irish need not apply” and “Irish and dogs keep off the grass” could be seen throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England states. Any other race, creed or color could find work. This prejudice lasted well into the 20th century and still exists in some pockets.

      Somehow all the above managed to improve their lots in life some more so than others. You might also check out how the “Free People of Color” faired in Northern and some Southern States. You will find that “Old Money” is not just a
      White Anglo-Saxon Protestant term. All managed to improve their lot in spite of Bigotry
      and Prejudice and these two demons exist in every country around the world.

    6. Trevis Robotie

      Thanx a milion Philio.I'll do more research.....I totally agree with your views.I am blacker than your midnight yet have always gotten along with white ppl and other colors.I believe some dickheads will always try to can you if you lack the means of elevating yourself.It's always been that way in every culture or civilization.If the africans had the mindframe,technology and madness of their european slave masters,they probably would have perpetrated the exact crime on the european populace.Today,I am convinced of being a victim of the modern slavery.I am only tryna buy my freedom from the Matrix,tryna break the chains by educating my brain.That's why I joined tdf (for example).The more the infos that I get,the freer I feel.Right now I am very deep into breaking my chains from the institutionalized medicine (I don't wanna raise hell again cuz this is a hot topic).'Beginning to understand now that anything they 'institutionalize' should be seriously questioned.For years I believed erroneously that the institutions had the last say,today I know I've been duped.I already broke the chains of ill health peddled as good health.never felt better in my life.The answer to solid health,I found,doesn't lie in pharmacy but the antipharmacy-food(no animal flesh at all ;veggies etc,less cooked the better)you eat correctly,you'll never need drugs again.....and if you end up in the hospital,it'll be because of accidental physical injuries and not due to diseases.

    7. avd420

      Just a heads up, signs like "Irish need not apply" never existed, look it up. And I'm from Nova Scotia, and Yes indeed, we were taught about the history of blacks in Nova Scotia during school.

    8. bringmeredwine

      I'm ashamed to tell you that black people in Canada were treated very badly.The men were denied work except for the worst jobs, and the women were treated like slaves too and paid awfully low wages.
      They weren't welcomed with open arms from the U.S.

    9. seamus watson

      A common misconception is that the civil war was about slavery. Even the new Lincoln film pushes that line. If the north was so disagreeable about slaves, why did they enforce other states runaway slavery laws. They were under no obligation to enforce them. Canada was no different. At least you didn't shackle them and do other horrible things. I read a book about slavery and there was one slave who tried to escape. When they caught him they boiled him in oil. His mother lost her hand when she held his head under until he died, because she couldn't handle his screams.

    10. bringmeredwine

      Yes, it wasn't all about slavery, the North couldn't compete economically against the South's "free" labour.That anecdote about the boiling oil is just sickening.Man's inhumanity to man blows my mind. It makes me so sad.If you research Nova Scotia's treatment of their black population during that time and up until recently, most Canadians would be very surprised.We were never taught about our history of racism against the blacks. (and the Chinese, Japanese, Native Indians, Jews, French Canadians,Hutterites, Ukranians)Everyone thought we Canadians were so NICE. Subject: [topdocumentaryfilms] Re: The Facade of the American Dream

    11. selam michael

      We still are treated badly!

    12. bringmeredwine

      I believe they were called "endentured" servants, which meant they had to work for someone in order to earn a piece of land or to pay off a debt. They were brought here before the African slaves.
      Europe had used them for centuries.

    13. seamus watson

      Two names for the same thing.

    14. bringmeredwine

      Yeah, I didn't realise till someone else wrote about the bond slaves that the subject had already been mentioned. Subject: [topdocumentaryfilms] Re: The Facade of the American Dream

    15. Kenyasue Smart

      The Africans were kidnapped when they were brought over and en-slaved

    16. seamus watson

      Around a year ago in Belfast, Northern Ireland someone called the cops and told them there was a woman in someones back garden, barely dressed. When the cops arrived they found out she was a slave that the scum in the house had bought from Romania. They had made her stay outside all night with no clothes on as a punishment. There have been many times more white slaves than there ever were black slaves.

    17. Epicurus

      having the luxury of being white definitely helps though. keep that in mind.

    18. guest

      luxury? its a curse...

    19. Epicurus

      LOLOLOL you must be joking. unfortunately our society greatly favours white skin.

    20. Joshua Edwards

      who cares

  29. Dreilack

    Still waiting to see the first documentary about the million European
    slaves who were kidnapped and brought to Islamic countries from the
    Middle Ages onwards - but that doesn't matter, I suppose, or at least it
    doesn't fit the existing paradigm. Slavery existed all over the world
    and in many places it still does. At least the West had the decency to
    ban this practice. But there's never any credit for that. Typical.
    And apparently there are still some people delusional enough to
    believe this society is controlled by and for "white males". On the
    contrary. Maybe it's time to do a reality check. Welcome to the death of the West.

    1. disqus_CVtae2sN2G

      Very good points. History shows us that might has always been right. Seeking a greater good than ourselves pays off, I whole heartedly believe. Pondering our individual dilemmas and pursuits really does dilute our overall potential. Hope is alive and well.

    2. Jayfa

      Except that slave labor products are allowed on the US market. So, it's really just banned on US soil - companies are allowed to, if not encouraged, to export the slave labor overseas.

    3. hernandayoleary

      O yes you had the decency to remember blacks were human after killing over a hundred million, that is some decency you got.

    4. whiteyyyyy

      Give it a rest, blacks sold each other into slavery, same as they STILL do today. You a--holes have overplayed the guilt card. blacks owe White reparations at this stage.

    5. Kenyasue Smart

      Whiteyyyy you are obviously off your meds

    6. Myathewolfeh

      The first slave owner in the US, Anthony Johnson, was black, and plenty of African kings sold their own people to Europeans, so tell me how they don't factor into all of this. Not only whites were responsible.

  30. lex lexich

    slaves at least had a job and roof above their heads :)

    1. RealityCheck

      Free men are cheaper than slaves, so said a Roman senator.

  31. Geoffrey Grekin


    First of all as a Canadian white male let me make it clear that I don't experience racism on a daily basis as many of these African Americans claim they feel, some justifiably so. Nevertheless, I think it's unwise to take a position themselves (african-americans) vs White superiority as the root of all evil.

    I'm not attempting to trivialize the justifiable complaints these documentaries espouse. There is indeed a hidden cultural of racism, and often African Americans in the united states feel the brunt of this racism.

    Many claim for example, contemporary history is racist because its written by a white author, but so do gay Americans groups, native-Americans, minorities etc all have their qualms with popularized history.
    This is what is considered as Post-modernist history, there is no single correct perspective of history; for example black history focuses on 'Black history' but in equal bias to white history it is selective for a specific group and focuses as a thesis the injustices done to blacks.

    Personally, I do not think this helps their case, because African american history shapes it self from the counter-racism of whites and attempts to dissociation themselves from american culture on the basis of this racism. In essence they are solidifying their own views of racism by distance and separation rather than unison and forgiveness.
    I reiterate there are many issues and problems facing African-Americans, but they do themselves a disservice by participating in the duality of thought through the opposite projection of an american racial prism.
    The only way to break through this prism of thought is to dissociation with white/black counter mentalities and conclude rather that we are all after all the sames species,
    They should be fighting for integration, forgiveness and reconciliation instead of demanding reparations and division.

    1. hernandayoleary

      Integration fails because whites have no interest in hiring blacks, that is why they created affirmative action to try to balance the scale but whites complained and took it away. It is clear that integration cannot work because the blacks are the only one making the effort, the whites don't really care, so its best to just stay seperate.

  32. wald0

    Wow, another huge mistake-at about 26:03 in part two dude is talking about how needing a college degree is nonsense because he quit school in the sixth grade, telling youth all they need to do is "follow their interests and read"- come on man. He bases all this from the fact that ninety percent of graduates over the last twenty years are not working in their field of study. That is a ridiculous metric, most graduates work out of their field of study this is true, but they still got the job they have because of a combination of personal experience and education, much of which was gained in college. Employers often realize that if you were able to finish a degree in say physics, chemistry, engineering etc. chances are very good you are a successful, goal oriented person that works well with others. Otherwise you wouldn't have been able to complete such a degree and gain the experiences you have. They also know that no matter what degree you have every work place has its own way of operating and to a huge extent everyone will need on the job training, so hiring someone from a different field of study really isn't that different. Yes, some people that quit during elementary school make it big but,it certainly wasn't because they quit school it was in spite of it. These people are very rare and telling youth in general this is a good life plan is insane.

    1. lex lexich

      it is so american -the value of college is knowledge per se, let alone the 4 most beautiful years in one's life, and last but least the above mentioned opportunity to find a job in a different field

  33. wald0

    A lot of what these guys are talking about being done to blacks because they are black is actually done to them because they are poor. That said many of them are poor because they are black and living in a society predominately controlled and designed by and for white males , so it really equals the same thing. The point they should understand though is that things like a shorter life expectancy are also just as true for poor whites, Asians, Latinos, etc. Its a bi-product of not having proper nutrition, health care, education, and having to cope with too much stress. These are things all poor people have to suffer no matter why they are poor. I don't dispute that many blacks are poor because of the racism built into the system, racist biases built into even the most progressive and liberal mind, the judicial system seeming to intentionally target black males, etc. I just wish they would be more clear about what is happening to them because they are black and what is happening to them because they are poor, I think it would greatly strengthen their case when it is being presented to poor whites who have experienced the exact same things and therefore find it hard to see the racist component in what has happened, Instead they see class war-fare, which is something they are also victims of.

  34. Lee Gee

    More liberal, equality propaganda.

    1. Carl Franklin Hendershot

      I just can not believe that people are actually still trying to continue finding excuses for hate. If you give me a reason/opportunity to hate you I will. Honestly its easier to say that I am an equal opportunity hater. I could hate everyone equally. Or I can love equally. Guess people are still having a hard time understanding that you can not pick a side on a one way train. I do hope we will find a different world very soon.

    2. wald0

      Really, the enslavement of the black race is simply propaganda to you? The definition of propaganda is misleading or biased information promoting a particular point of view, so what exactly did you find misleading or biased in this documentary? Surely you are not pathetic enough to deny it happened, or thick enough to not see the injustice of it- or maybe you are. Or are you one of these people that has bought the real propaganda, namely that racism is no longer a problem. I mean we elected a black president after all, right? Well I know from personal, first hand experience that racism is alive and well, in fact in places like the South Eastern is thriving not just surviving.,

      Don't just pay attention to.... Ah, you know what, never mind. If you still hold this kind of point of view after all that has come out into the light of day your past anything I or anyone else can say.