Face to Face with Annie Machon

Face to Face with Annie MachonAnnie Machon is a former British Security Service (MI5) intelligence officer who left the Service at the same time as David Shayler, her partner at the time, to help him blow the whistle about criminality within the intelligence agencies.

By doing this, they had to give up their careers, go on the run across Europe, live in hiding for a year, and then spend the next two years in exile in Paris. They, and many of their friends, family, supporters and journalists, were intimidated, arrested, and put on trial.

In 1996 she and Shayler resigned to blow the whistle on a series of crimes committed by the spies. These include: MI5 files held on government ministers, illegal MI5 phone taps, lying to government, IRA bombs that should and could have been prevented, the 1994 bombing of the Israeli embassy in London, when two innocent people were wrongfully convicted, the attempted, illegal MI6 assassination of Colonel Gadaffi of Libya.

Drawing on her varied experiences, she is now a intelligence expert, author, journalist, international tour and event organizer, political campaigner, media trainer, and PR consultant. She is also a recognized international public speaker on a variety of intelligence-related and civil liberties issues.

She is a part of the 9/11 Truth movement and believes that the September 11 attacks were conducted by the US government to provide a pretense for war. She also calls for a new inquiry into 9/11.

Watch the full documentary now (playlist - 1 hour, 40 minutes)
Playlist includes two interviews with Annie Machon.

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  1. Lita

    Seven buildings went down in 911. Truth movement is an untruth movement. No evidence for thermal or kenetic energy was found. Dr. Judy Wood has written about the destructive mechanism that 'made the buildings disappear' or go 'poof', the buildings didn't pancake, and most importantly, if thermite was used, it would mean that steel would melt at Mach 1 or 2' which is physically impossible, unless the buildings were made of reinforced cardboard.

  2. 31jetjet

    I lost interest in the first five minutes when she said they had evidence there would be bomb attacks in the UK and the police were "too lazy to do anything about it". What kind of comment is that?

  3. Alan Baca

    I get docs most days and then those same docs all at once. Could you please make just 1 email with all the docs so there is no duplication? I can't find how to do it myself
    Thk u

  4. Linda James

    Amazing woman & amazing stories.

  5. Senay_4ever

    The word Hero in recent generation has being used quite often for example a war hero that is not a hero (you have two chooses, you are going to kill and you will also going to be killed) but for Annie is totally different she were out there with one choose that is she is going to be killed so that is why for me she is a heroes hero.

  6. Senay_4ever

    In recent days we see a lot of people named by the name of hero however I never thought for a second that one day I will call some one a hero. That lady to me is a hero of heroes. haven called her that if you miss with people like MI5 and MI6 you are not only risking with your own life, you are risking your whole generation and the people you love and care. For me she is up there!!!!

  7. Declan_Walsh

    Not only is this a great video of full of some fantastic and interesting information. It is also I believe evidence that smart is indeed sexy.
    Not in a perverse kind of way mind you.
    Just an observation (as if it needed any evidence).

  8. Abamovich

    Great documentary, but I struggle with the issue of how this woman evaded a lengthy prison term, unlike her partner and/or how she is still alive. Perhaps it is being in the public eye as she mentioned.

    The other issue is Wikileaks. I have long been suspicious of Wikileaks due to Julian Assange's public denouncement of 9/11 Truth. It appears to me as a Trojan Horse, giving old and cherry picked information, alongside propaganda that the government wishes to find a more receptive audience, given the obvious misgivings about mainstream media. This, I find at odds with Ms Machon's very strong views about 9/11, yet she states she will be working with them. Something doesn't add up there.

    1. Brad

      Why be suspiscious of Wikileaks the organization just because one person (Assange) has a different opinion on 9/11? Assange could be incorrect about 9/11 yet still do good work with Wikileaks.

    2. Abamovich

      Why not be? Why take it on face value without question, isn't that rather naive? There are actually many reasons to be suspicious of Wikileaks and it isn't about being 'correct' about 9/11, the man has said publicly that those seeking 9/11 Truth 'annoy' him. That is completely at odds with what he supposedly stands for, along with the fact that Wikileaks is on every major corporate owned network in the land, he gets more publicity than Paris Hilton. They can't seem to get enough of him and that is more than just a little suspicious. It is simply another avenue for propaganda, a wolf in sheep's clothing, as the public becomes disillusioned with mainstream, so the mainstream publicises Wikileaks.

  9. zaphodity

    I wouldn't trust this moisty as far as I could throw up.

  10. Guest

    I really want to believe Annie M but I have a feeling she's playing to her audience. I guess she deserves to get something in return for what she did.

  11. Guest

    Would her name be pronounced Animation in English?

  12. Guest

    Now that we got a new member called TeganDan, we may also find ourself with Louie Chewgs.........lololololol
    a little game of TDF scrabble

    1. Achems_Razor

      Azilda, yeah me too, even though I know should give a person the benefit of the doubt, I find it to much of a coincidence, I betcha he is playing games. lol, we should make a bet to see who can find out first, if it is the real one or not.

    2. Guest

      I have no doubt, TeganDan is a perfect copy of the old Psinet, the same style of writing, thinking. One does not hide easily with that kind of attitude. He is perceverant, i guess he likes TDF, i think he will play by the rules and if not...well he could come back as
      NetGan SpiDante.
      I'll suggest who ever you are...use a little humour, life is a game, might as well have fun and not take it tooooooo seriously.

    3. TeganDan

      Hi Azilda. Whats up with this kind of comment? One of the admins said something rather strange along these lines that was deleted when I next came on. I am not sure I follow?

      Some people here seem rather aggressive and.....hard to understand...?

    4. Achems_Razor

      Right, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

    5. TeganDan

      ANOTHER one to me? I am not whoever you think I am!!!!

    6. tomregit

      @ TeganDan/Nandgate/Psinet
      Dean Tang or Dang neat would have made great names too! As before you think you are so much smarter than anyone else you can fool them with an anagram. Most of us have already encountered you in two other guises. Thanks to Vlatko for pointing it out on another doc. I would say nothing, but your denials are transparently untrue. Aside from your very persona being a lie you are managing to behave yourself. Tag an end.

    7. Guest

      I welcome everyone to comment. As i wrote earlier, don't take it too seriously.
      No one said anything strange, you even replied positively to the suggestion that you are partner or something of sort to Nand Gate/Psinet. If you are him, you were kicked out for reasons we don't know, you obviously like this site to be back. It is not for me to think you should be here or not and i will read your comments if they are interesting and polite.

    8. TeganDan

      I have no idea what you are talking about. I have no idea who this "Nand Gate/Psinet" is - so yes, some very strange this are being said indeed. I replied positively to that suggestion? That is untrue. Very strange indeed? What does any of this have to do with this film, anyway?

  13. steamknife

    Tell the 9/11 story to any educated Chinese and I dare say at least 80% of them will believe it's a false flag operation the "technique" has been used countless times throughout 3000 years of Chinese history! I've even seen historic records of states carried out a much more sophisticated false flag than 9/11.

    Although I'm not surprised about false flags, I am surprised about seeing whistleblowers that exists because there aren't many in our human history. The reason I admire these people is that they put moral and justice above everything (including their lives).

  14. TeganDan

    I am not really sold on the validity of this doc. I suspect she is probably not telling the whole truth.

    edit! oops all my replies go to the top.....

    1. musbcrazy

      the only person that raises suspicion here is you! why have you commented so many times...whats ur drive?
      shes not askin anyone to take her word shes sayin do your own research!

      and i dont know what cloud ur livin on if u think theres no evidence....are you not aware of false flag events...

      let me know if u want evidence...ill supply you with a lot!

      believing the government lies makes you very naive!

    2. TeganDan

      Whats with all the aggression? Take it somewhere else.

      I dont involve myself in discussions with people who have obvious social problems.

  15. 2star2

    I stopped watching this because she sits there claiming she was on the run in Europe and felt violated because the intelligence service looked at her knicker`s! I bet she was a far left wing spy and worked with the far left to stop MI5/6 from keeping tabs on the thieving deceiving left wing labour party. That political party has done more damage to the UK in the History of Politics. She was bothered about gadaffi? I would not trust this woman to babysit a dog!

    1. TeganDan

      Wow you are a little political for me lol.

      "I am glad the MI5 and MI6 were tapping members of the left wing Labour Government"

      "I bet she was a far left wing spy and worked with the far left to stop MI5/6 from keeping tabs on the thieving deceiving left wing labour party."

  16. Guest

    And if she were a man should she keep that big trap shut?

    1. 2star2

      What on earth has her gender got to do with anything? Go take your issues somewhere else.

    2. TeganDan

      You probably need to tone it down a little.

    3. Guest

      Ok, let's think about this real hard. We're trying to select a person to play Annie's part in a movie. Now think really, really hard why I would choose a woman to play her. C'mon, you can do it. Think .

      Take your silly stuff somewhere else.

  17. 2star2

    This woman should hold her big trap shut. I am glad the MI5 and MI6 were tapping members of the left wing Labour Government, look at the HUGE MESS B LIAR and the Labour party put the UK in. Had she kept her trap SHUT the intelligence service could have kept a tight reign on B LIAR.

    1. nickdudeness

      So... um... are you condoning the breach of national and international law, the violation of human rights, extrajudicial executions (there can be no other type of execution under British law), and the undermining of the sovereignty of other nations? Judging by what you've said so far, you have no issue regarding the veracity of what she has to say... you just don't want her to say it. I think that pretty much sums up the far-right.

    2. 2star2

      Think about what you are saying for a single second....Had the MI5/6 been able to monitor the deception of Tony B LIAR, perhaps our troops might not have been sent to Iraq..perhaps many more lives would not have been lost. Ofcourse I do not condone the imprisonment of innocent people.
      If it makes you feel good to think I am far right, go ahead and think what you like. All you are showing with that comment is your hatred not mine!

    3. Earthwinger

      Dude, who do you think cooked up the false intell. and presented it on a platter to Tony Blair?

      They didn't monitor him because they didn't need too, he was one of them.

    4. nickdudeness

      It was fabricated intelligence from MI5 and MI6 which gave Blair the justification for the invasion of Iraq. Don't you remember? I may be wrong on this, but I'm pretty sure that Bush used the same intelligence (passed to the US under the long standing intelligence sharing agreement). Further, I believe this same evidence, sourced by British intelligence services, was presented to the U.N. in order to seek a security council resolution in favour of an invasion.

      Also, I don't believe there was any hatred in my post. There is none in this either, I just disagree with you. To reiterate, that does not mean that I hate you.You do come across as slightly hysterical, though, but maybe that's just your way.

    5. Earthwinger

      You're missing the point. MI5 and MI6 are "old boys" networks, and Tony Blair is one of them. That's how he managed to get away with all his lies. The current government are all part of the same network too. Whereas, the politicians that were put under surveillance, were spied on because they weren't part of the same network, and therefore not so easily corruptible.

      So it comes down to this - Do you want to live in a democracy where politicians are answerable to the electorate, or would you rather live in a corporatocracy, where the politicians are controlled by big business leaders and kept in check by the secret services?

      If you favour democracy, then you should be grateful for people like Annie Machon, as it's people like her, who in speaking out, are helping in the fight to protect democracy.

    6. 2star2

      How easily duped you are. Tony B LIAR was a professional Politician, he set about destroying everything in the UK, he is the BIGGEST supporter of the Corporate world, he is now a multi millionaire with blood on his hands.
      You are not English/British and you have no idea what you are talking about.
      Tony B LIAR and all his far left cronies have used the class argument and all they did was replace it with another far more sinister group. This is the far left who brought us a system which failed in the former USSR.
      Tony bLIAR is a puppet to the new world order. he never listened to the general public no one in labour did. They created more social control laws then anyone before him. The Labour party will never in my life time ever get back into Government.
      The Country has more ghettos because of Labour than ever before under the Tories.
      Thanks to Labour, the British people have had to see business go to other Countries thus leaving the UK without. He represented only the interests of big business. Go do some research please.

    7. Earthwinger

      Well for what it's worth, I actually agree with a lot of what of what you've said. Why would you think otherwise? At no point did I defend Tony Blair.

      It would seem that the difference between you and I, is that you trust some politicians and not others. Whereas, I trust none of them.

      Oh and talking of research, before making assumptions about people, try checking their profiles. Mine states quite clearly that I'm English.

    8. zafarov

      New Labour under the war criminal Tony Blair was a Left Wing Labour Government? What planet do you inhabit? The Tories were equally gung-ho about the attack and invasion of Iraq.

  18. nickdudeness

    Two fantastic interviews, and I have a lot of respect for this woman. What surprises me, though, is that so many people are ignorant to the fact that this is how intelligence services and secret security services work. They always have done.

    By all means, question what she has to say, but if you're going to do that then you should also research the subject area yourself (which is exactly what she suggests). In fact, if anybody is going to dismiss another individual's testimony then they should always have a reason to do so. "I just don't buy it" doesn't cut the mustard here. Don't believe it? Why not? What information do you have access to which makes the testimony suspect? If a person doesn't know what a table is and is then shown a chair and told it's a table, they're going to think a chair is a table. My point is, if you don't know how intelligence services work then you have no reason to disbelieve Annie Machon.

    One doesn't have to have been in the intelligence services to know how they function. I've never worked in any such organization. But ask yourself this: have you EVER heard a current or former intelligence worker deny that this is how they operate? I seriously doubt it. They may try to justify it, but that is all. It's a sad fact, but intelligence and espionage organizations have functioned like this for centuries.

    1. TeganDan

      There is always reason to disbelieve when no supporting evidence is provided! Its just a story. No more, no less. Certainly no "fact".

      "I've never worked in any such organization." and "What information do you have access to which makes the testimony suspect?" alongside: "the fact that this is how intelligence services and secret security services work", and "intelligence and espionage organizations have functioned like this for centuries."

      Its funny how opinion can be presented as "fact".

    2. nickdudeness

      "the fact that this is how intelligence services and secret security services work", and "intelligence and espionage organizations have functioned like this for centuries" are opinions based on strong, firm, documentary evidence. I won't go so far as to say 'facts', because very few things are 100% verifiable, and no sensible historian or social scientist talks in such instransigent terms.. My background is in academic history, and I've studied European, American and global political and social history spanning the last 1000 years, although my specialty is medieval northern Europe. The evidence is easy to find if you have access to a good University library or document archive and enough time on your hands.

    3. nickdudeness

      Just to clarify, what I'm saying is that if you don't understand the subject matter, then you have no ammunition to argue effectively against what she is saying. If you do understand, then you have the necessary ammunition. Somebody merely saying 'I don't believe her' without any qualification of their stance is utterly functionless.

    4. nickdudeness

      Also, I realise that I did use the word 'fact' in my initial post. I was sleepy. My mistake. :)

    5. TeganDan

      I was saying that no "evidence" was provided. Usually, corroborating evidence is required to make a documentary. Who has time to research every documentary just to find out if its credible? I just wasn't convinced - and that is the job of the film-maker.

    6. nickdudeness

      Ok, fine... you don't have the time. Or the evidence. Therefore, you don't have the basic foundations of a critical opinion. Unless you just like looking at the pretty shapes the words you've typed make, you might want to refrain from attempting to pick holes in other people's statements. You know, if you don't have the time, and all...

    7. TeganDan

      I have no idea what you are on about either, but the tone here is very hostile. I'll try not to care I guess??

    8. Earthwinger

      To be fair though, these are not documentaries which attempt to posit any sort of position. These are simply profile piece interviews. And as such, there is no responsibility on the part of the film-maker, other than to engage with the interviewee.

    9. TeganDan

      Thankyou Earthwinger for a reasonable and understandable response. I have to concede you are right - that is the format. But then I guess one could question if this qualifies as a documentary, as such. Nevertheless, it was interesting - just not convincing?

    10. Earthwinger

      I suppose my answer to that question would be, yes I think it qualifies. The subject is a very topical one, and profile pieces such as these are useful in that they give us a more rounded picture of not only the story, but also the people involved. I think that can be very useful in helping us decide whether we feel we should delve deeper into the story, or dismiss it.

      My view is, she's legit. From a purely practical point of view, Machon had very little to gain from turning whistleblower, quite the contrary in fact. She had a very good job, and an enviable lifestyle. In blowing the whistle, not only did she lose all of that, but also ended up on the run, and then on trial for contravening the official secrets act, which is a very serious charge to face. She would have known what she was getting herself into, and I'm sure that if she had been prepared to put aside her morals, it would have been far easier to keep her mouth shut and just play the game.

      It's also worth bearing in mind that the American secret services were of the opinion that her allegations against MI5 & 6, were very credible, as they themselves had been monitoring MI6's activities in the middle east, and were very concerned about what they had learned. To my mind, that lends her story a lot of credence.

    11. lunawolve

      "Don't believe it? Why not? What information do you have access to which makes the testimony suspect?"

      No, you are not right. You dont make a claim and then say its true because you cant prove its false. Its just the other way around, if YOU make a claim, YOU need to prove it.

  19. Guest

    And of course it will take you 2.3 hours to receive this response and by that time you will have forgotten just what the f##k we're talking about.

  20. Guest

    good point.

  21. Mário Silvério

    "we decided to blow the whistle on the crimes we saw committed by the spies", That sums it all. This woman had no access to spies operations, she only had access to limited info regarding some info. She dosent present documents, reports or actual prove of all that she is talking about. Dont waste your time.

  22. Truthseeker420

    A lot of people can't 'handle" the truth. Well MOST. Then there's some that just like to hear themselves talk. Write?

  23. Anthony Pirtle

    It never ceases to amaze me what people choose to believe.

  24. Guest

    the second doc stops abruptly at 30 minutes.
    is it fixable or it is me?

  25. Perla J

    The id**t who believes that 911 was conducted by the USA government will never get an iota of attention from me.

    A typical British fruitcake just like Susan Sarandon and Venessa Redgrave.

    how the hell she managed to get a job with the M15!

    1. Guest

      she just got an iota of attention from you, and if you don't like my comment and reply, she may get an other.

    2. John Q Publix

      a large number of people think your the id**t...just because your to busy drinking the bush kool aide dosnt mean its not the truth,911 was 100% a false flag attack so they could start a war to distract people from the economic implosion that was about to happen

  26. Guest

    If Hollywood ever wants to make a movie about this woman and open the can of worms in the face of millions and millions of people (more than docs seem to succeed), i suggest Susan Sarandon, she is a great activist and she happens to look like Annie Machon.
    Back to it...

    1. q_bit

      Erm, No. Susan Sarandon, at 65 years old, is more than twice the age that Annie Machon was in 1996 when she resigned from MI5 (~32). As good as Sarandon looks for her age, she can't pull that off. Besides, I wonder if she could do the accent - I don't see English roles in her filmography.

    2. Guest

      With the new technologies of the film industry, they could make me look 32.

    3. Guest

      just found the solution...Lesley Ann Warren could play the young Annie, she even has a similar name.

    4. Guest

      I've stood by silent long enough. Valerie Plame. That beautiful woman screwed over by the likes of Dick Chaney.

      What a sweet revenge.

    5. Guest

      sorry but i don't get your point in response to my comment

    6. Guest

      Valerie Plame to play Annie. Look up Valerie.

    7. beepath

      Sheesh, does it really matter what Valerie Plame actually looks like? Men aren't subjected to this opinion. Imagine if Julian Assange was subjected to the business of whether or not he was handsome. Pure sexism, pure waste of thought.

    8. Guest

      Yes it does matter. She can't help it but what am I to ignore it.

    9. Guest

      By your very response you acknowledge the woman's beauty. So we've that out of the way. I think she's the Annie if only for the irony.

    10. TeganDan

      He said he thought a woman was beautiful! Is that a crime now? Dont pretend women aren't as bad. This comment is MORE sexist: "Men aren't subjected to this opinion"!!!! Of course they are! Its you who are sexist to think only women have a problem with how they look. How rude!

      - From a woman.

    11. Guest

      Thank you very much.

    12. Guest

      And men aren't? Tell that to Julian when you see him next time in court. You know, the little rape charge thing.

    13. Jeremy Hughes

      Funny you mentioned that since the case was found to be complete bull all charges dropped : )

    14. q_bit

      Lesley Ann Warren as the *young* Annie?!? She's even *older* than Susan Sarandon (by about 7 weeks).

    15. Guest

      ok, you know what, this started as a light comment that had no meaning whatsoever...my fault
      take care...mister q-bit!

    16. q_bit

      Hehe that's ok. Just don't go throwing it all in to start a new life in Hollywood as a casting agent. ;)

    17. Guest

      never intended to be a casting agent, but i did work for the movie industry as a main craft person (cook). I suppose what i was saying is Annie looks like Susan Sarandon ... to me, it's those eyes.

    18. q_bit

      Oh you're definitely right about that. She does indeed look a bit like Sarandon ... now.

  27. Guest

    We haven't heard from Gouch in a while, i suspect he was terminated here on TDF. If he is still coming around, he may enjoy this doc.
    My advice was "stay focus", hopefully he is doing that somewhere else.

    I am halfway through the doc. This woman gives me hope although the situation tend to take that feeling away.

  28. Sion88

    As soon as money becomes involved, as in her selling books on her experiences, I can no longer trust her. It seems to me rather unlikely that if everything she says is true, that she would be able to resign and disclose all that she did. How is it that these agencies who supposedly are so powerful are not able prevent a former employee from compromising them? I'm not a naysayer but it just seems too fishy.

    1. Sonia

      Could be...I cant say if she tells the truth with regards to specific events...I can only say that she accuretly describes the working style of the agencies. Thats exactly how they operate.

    2. Earthwinger

      I don't have a problem with her getting royalties from a book. She had to give up her career, go on the run in Europe, and live in exile for a couple of years in Paris. Then after all that, she had to stand trial, which no doubt cost a small fortune in legal fees.

      Sources in American intelligence later said that the claims regarding MI6's attempted assassination of Gadaffi were very credible indeed, as MI6 were known to be working with Islamic militants at the time. So it looks highly likely that at least that much was true.

      One could argue that her decision to go public, was actually quite a wise safeguard, because if she had later met with a suspicious/premature death, it would have brought her claims under even closer scrutiny. The last thing that the British security services would have wanted, would be for the scandal to become even bigger news than it already was. Once the story was out there, the Government had two choices, either shrug it off and deny it all (which is exactly what they did), or silence her, which would have looked a lot more suspicious.

      Perhaps if David Kelly had done something similar, he'd still be alive today.

  29. Sonia

    As someone who worked in an agency like that (but for a country less known than US,UK etc) I must say that this chick spilled the beans on the industry :). If only people are to watch this and belive it, accept and live their lives knowing that this is how everything is done in our world - you will be richer $$$ and 100 times more succesfull in life!

    P.S Though not sure you would be happier :(

    1. Truthseeker420

      "you will be richer $$$ and 100 times more succesfull in life!" I'm being totally sincere - What do you mean/how?

  30. Anthony Williams

    the recipe for power without responsibility:

    A synthesis of the media, corporate interest and corrupt politicians with a healthy dose of ruthless military power...

    the result of this concoction?


    The erosion of civil liberty, social cohesion and the general impoverishment of millions of people.

    Or as the Russians say, "Rocks for some cakes for others".