Facing Goliath

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Facing GoliathHe's in his fifties, he's never been in shape, and he's going blind. In one year, how much change can a man see in himself before he no longer has the use of his sight? A year ago, Ray found out he was gradually losing his remaining eye sight, so he contacted Sebastian to find out if getting into better physical condition might keep him out of a depression.

Sebastian challenged him to a twelve-week physique transformation. By taking up that challenge Ray lost forty pounds. Now almost a year later, Ray is discovering that he may have only a few months left to see anything. Sebastian, a natural bodybuilder, is returning to compete on the non-drug tested national bodybuilding stage, hoping to prove that the sports natural origins are more impressive than many of the less natural physiques of today.

Facing Goliath demonstrates that the strength of a determined heart is far more powerful than any muscular physique. Originally setting out to paint himself as the hero, Sebastian began helping his middle-aged friend, Ray Taylor, to confront the prospect of going blind by transforming himself into muscular specimen. Sebastian believed the story would end with Ray inspired and awe struck, as he loyally watched his heroic trainer rise onward to national competitive victory.

But after failing to reach his competitive goals, Sebastian witnesses Ray achieving more than anyone thought possible. Through taking hold of his emotional and physical condition, Ray journeys beyond his limitations to discover what is possible when you believe there are no limits.

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  1. drew

    Excellent Doc!!! A good feel good story ;-)

  2. yorki72

    Couldnt hold back the tears,great.All the best for the future Ray.

  3. Luis Abel

    Amazing! A true inspiration, just shows that if you put you mind to it, you can achieve anything. Congratulations to Ray and Sebastian who proved that bobybuilding can be done without drugs. Loved it!!!

  4. farhan

    thanks buddy that was Great inspiration. thank you again/ god gless u

  5. illuminati

    awesome doc, well worth the watch

  6. Dave

    Truly Inspiring, great, wonderful.

    Congrats Ray,
    Well done Sebastian!

  7. Dreighen

    Great inspiration!

  8. d

    what an effort! go on son!! time to get big baby!! great inspiration especially for people who always convince themselves they cant or dont need to train!

  9. dbjohn

    Awesome film. These guys are an inspiration.