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FagbugErin Davies was attending an event in support of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-gender rights when she walked back to her car and discovered her Volkswagen Beetle had been vandalized - someone had spray painted FAG across one side and U R GAY on the other.

Davies was shocked and angered, but rather than simply have her car repainted, she chose to use the event to raise public awareness of hate crimes against the LGBT community. Davies mapped out a road trip visiting 58 cities across the United States, some with supportive LGBT communities and others in locations where anti-gay hate crimes had occurred in the past.

Davies brought along a small camera crew to document the reactions to her defaced automobile, and Fagbug is a documentary that charts the progress of Davies' trip across the country, as well as recording how people responded, both positively and negatively, to the provocative statement presented by her car. Fagbug was an official selection at the 2009 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.

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  1. SRM

    It was as if she was upset if people didn't have a reaction. "What is your reaction to my car?" Some people just don't care and this seemed to upset her. As if shoving it in people's faces they were supposed to applaud her.

  2. Jonti

    I think she enjoys being a victim and the attention shes getting

  3. Richard Neva

    She is violating NY state law by using her cell phone while she drives, not a very good example for the cause she champions!

  4. Scott Thompson

    your choice, your life, shut up. when heterosexuals choose to air their preferences and beliefs we are bigots. you want equality? Then have the maturity, grace and common sense to keep it in the bedroom and off the streets!

    1. Ron Hebshie

      You should follow your own advice and shut up. You clearly have so little of worth to say.

    2. Guest

      Really? Why don't you and all the other heterosexuals keep your stuff in the bedroom? Everywhere I turn, the female body is used as a means of attracting male audiences. You're allowed to have both your wives and your porno magazines, but we can't simply be proud of who we are. Boys are raised to objectify the female body and they receive praise for each of their sexual conquests. However, if a man turns out gay, he's sick. Let me tell you and every other fascist jerk in my lovely country: Feel free to disagree with my community, because I wholeheartedly disagree with the hypocrisy of yours. Until you all learn to act the way you tell us to act, you can bite my queer @$$.
      A Fed Up American

    3. Laura Vanderwoude

      The haters started it with vandalism.

  5. Nicola-Jane Wiseman

    Don't believe that homophobia exists. The word implies fear and that is wrong. These types are not fearful of the LGTBQ community - they are just ignorant a--holes.

  6. madscirat

    Somewhere some inbred hick child spray painted FAG on a lesbian's car. Instantly the inbred hick child's actions become representative of the entire society's perception of gays rather than the perceptions of inbred hick children.

    Once all of society smartens up, including backward rednecks, gays will be forced to genetically engineer stupid people in order to maintain their inflated victim complex.

    1. Brenna MacDonald

      By "inflated victim complex" are you referring to being upset when people regularly shame, bully, physically and verbally harass, create laws inhibiting your basic rights, and (in several countries) legalize your execution? I dont call being upset about blatant oppression an inflated victim complex. I call it the way you show a need for social change. You act as if the LGBT community isnt a legitimate victim of prejudice, and that is simply ridiculous.

  7. bythesideofwriting

    I want that car :3

  8. davobaby

    the first and second divisions of the stomach of a ruminant, especially oxen, sheep, or goats, used as food.

    something, especially speech or writing, that is false or worthless; rubbish.


    1. Ron Hebshie

      Pot calling the kettle black.
      Your comment.

  9. Tigerspuds

    How many oil changes does that car need? lol

  10. Mistymoo

    Really bad that homophobia still reigns in this day and age. Personally I think there are better things these vandals could be doing with their time and energy.

  11. makincookies

    For those who disliked her, PLS state how you would deal with a challenging situation like this. Could YOU do a better documentary and put yourself out there ? If you could, then do it. Take your biggest insecurities and write it on your car and see if anyone cares to support you. Its obvious that you are part of the problem by promoting your dislike for others and cannot see how fragile life and peace are. If you can take one thing from this documentary, then take the fact that we still have to work hard at promoting change and work on making this a positive world each and every day. This could happen to you....

  12. Carl Frodge

    When they talked about Ryan it really made me feel scared. I dunno why. I've heard about people being killed for their lifestyle a hundred times, but for some reason this time it really got to me. I guess I started thinking that "Oh my god, that could happen to me..."

  13. rednoise

    What a weird thing to do? writting fag and stuff on someone's car..I just can't imagine myself feeling so passionately hateful to a stranger, ignorance obviously the anwser. Great that she's spreading the story, bringing light to hate crimes

  14. david

    god , this girls head is so far up her own ass. its all about her and her wimpy ego. cant believe anyone bought this piece of crap documentary

  15. Stiev Stigma

    The cause kept me watching all the way through, but huge chunks of it were fairly self-indulgent. While the event may have raised awareness, the documentary itself preaches to the choir. Out of 500 interviews, it would have been nice to see equal time for dissenters. That's what makes for a good documentary, objectively portraying both sides and letting the viewer decide. Although, the social experiment began out as biased. However, that being the case, I think the message could have been presented more poignantly by illustrating the severity of the cultural divide in this country.

    That being said, I can't help but admire the courage and tenacity of this naive young girl. Should she continue this medium of mass education, I only hope that she learns to better engage other people of differing view points.

  16. Yusiley S

    I like how people view the VW Beetle as a symbol of love, life, hope, peace and freedom, yet it was drawn out and created by the most ignorant, hateful, warmonger of history, Adolf Hitler. ^_^ It was a car originally made for bigot, homophobic, arrogant racists. What a way to turn it it all the way around and use it as a symbol to oppose those beliefs. Thank you for posting this video out.

  17. Susan Weatherby

    I'm about to watch this video. But even before clicking on the arrow, I notice the suggestions for "possibly similar documentaries to "Fagbug". It includes a video on porn, one on adultery and one on big breasts. PEOPLE! I am a gay woman. This does not mean that everything about me is sexual! C'mon! I thought the time when I had to tell people that my orientation does not equate porn was OVER! Get on the train TDF! This is 2011 for pity's sake!

    1. Yusiley S

      I agree with every bit of word you typed. You could blame the patriarchal bs society for our struggle on this matter. I have it just as bad... at times worse, because I'm bi-sexual and believe in having multiple partners. It's not sexual. Sometimes one receives more companionship from one partner than the other and vis-a-vis. Why should I or my partner demand so much from a single partner? Why should I or my partner sacrifice and struggle so much?

    2. joy das

      i knd off agree with u the thing is our category is put under sexuality...and the other stuff are also under it i believe our issue should be under a category called social cause ...rather than sexuality..

  18. Ando Fiks

    These people who say its a lifestyle and should be kept in silence are just so sad. These people are way ahead with theyr de-evolution, brains are just an empty mass with some room for ignorance in it. People are people , common sence will win.

  19. Liebewitz

    gee whiz---it's a car ad!. Who would have thought?. I see she -is all-over the net by now--and has her facebook of course.

    Silly world!

  20. Liebewitz

    typical case -id and ego-not tempered with superego----or just plain ol dopamine --in the lymbic system -flooding the frontal lobes.

    That's been charitable-as most zzzzzz gen here are ancephalous.

    In case you miss the point --I'm not anti g. I don't condone violence against people , defamation or ruining paintwork.

    Please----- see the big picture!.

    Be concerned ---on let's say........your government!

    1. david


    2. Liebewitz

      david wrote, in response

      pretentious ponce
      possible -as my current woman can testify.

      but not always

      Not sure which post-as I have moved on

      I'll descend for a sec-to your level?

      Go FY-if you can with your one inch d***-and then wear your mother's underwear-while she is out working the streets-hoping to find the cretin who sired you!

      Got to go-I have current woman to please for another hour!

  21. Liebewitz

    'who gives a xxxx what this self absorbed y generation does in private. Instead of 'gassing'' around the country'-she ought to 'think ' about the bigger issue.----yes the e word---environment-
    the p word the planet -
    and the C word----

    eh --that'll be the climate

    Incidentally why did this self obsessed 'person' introduce her similarly camera luvee cory-3 mintes in????. Could it possibly be ' Hey I'm so cool looking(wrong)---I have a model male friend' (yuck )

    These foetal descendants of a previously lost generation
    -ouught to be thankful for generations who did not live long enough to be so-'shallow

    ---through war-famine-or just being shot-or maimed for helping OTHERS

    gROW UP w x y generation---now zzzzzz gen!!

    ps---any intolerant replies-from avowed tolerant people-will not be tolerated

    10 minutes-lost here!

  22. Edward Richtofen

    have a look around the area where your car was sprayed. The id*ot may have tagged other cars or structure. Better yet the i*iot may have sprayed his tag somewhere close by. match the paint.

  23. Edward Richtofen

    she said it right at the begining...people should be confronted by it...by driving around with it shows her wisdom and reveals the ignorance of authority. your a cool chick.

  24. Dani Neumann

    so wonderful you are using a bad experience and turning it in to a messege of love instead of hate. Anyone who stands up against hate and intollerance is a hero in my eyes and brings hope to the world xxxx

  25. Brock Gorton

    Not bad, but why is there a desire by so many homosexuals to be so "in your face" with their lifestyle, it gets old.

    1. kaw1216

      maybe because so many Homo-Phobic people are so "In Your Face" about Hating them so much. all she did was turn a negative situation into a positive one. (not arguing or anything.. just saying)

    2. iesika

      Because the alternative is invisibility, that that didn't work out very well for us.

  26. Abamovich

    Excellent doco, very inspirational.

  27. You Do Not See Me

    What a great brave thing she is doing...... Very happy for her Standing up to ignorance ...

  28. bbga

    Wow great documentary. 99% of the negative response was from the gay community?!! Shame on our community!

  29. KsDevil

    I like the new paint job. It seems to work extremely well on a VW Bug. But, then, they have represented "fun" for many decades. Hopefully it will end up in some museum before it gets too old or damaged.
    However, the socio-political aspects of the trip really only affected the people along the way...actually and virtually. It will take more than a roaming poster to evolve society...not that it didn't do some small part. But this oppressed society has a much longer trip ahead before it's primtive beliefs are eradicated.

  30. Rick Kiriakidis

    I like the idea of this movie, I like the fact she's willing to use this hate act to create awareness and provoke a dialogue, but her voice is so monotone and devoid of any sort of energy and passion I had to skip over the parts she just comments because she was putting me to sleep. Good idea, boring as hell as far as pure documentary value.

  31. Winston Smith

    girl is smart & cute ! and she really embodied the old maxim:
    'when life gives you lemons make lemonade.'

    1. Beerwulf

      What if she was inane and ugly? Or better yet, what if she was a he and he was inane and ugly, would you feel the same love?

      *doubts it

      Personally I'm on the fence, I could care less about her sexual preference, there are more important things in the world that need attention.

  32. Dave In Dayton

    She used her car to made a radical statement & someone used her car to respond. Personal issue ... keep it personal.

    1. Vilhelmo Weston

      What is radical about equal rights for all?

    2. Winston Smith

      How difficult it is to find in our world.

      I think he meant the mode of conveying it.
      Turning stupidity into wisdom is no mean feat. It took confidence and intelligence, most of us would be embarrassed or ashamed.. she is an inspiration.


    Funny as hell

  34. DocLover247

    WOW....EXCELLENT Doc !!

    BIG TIME props to Erin Davies and VW

    Amazing the real stamina it took to endure that trip..esp when her relationship was on the rocks, and to not give up...at all costs to see the trip thru, as it was very important to her to finish what she started.

    Add to that...the set trip she embarked on...is not over...and lives on. Powerful Stuff

    You know.....in ANY other setting..
    The help Erin received along her journey...most of which came out of nowhere...
    Would be perceived as ..."God's good work"

    But God doesn't like Fag's right?
    Cause some people wrote some things down over TWO THOUSAND years ago..
    Compiled them together, re translated a few thousand times..
    AND the people who wrote these texts were about as educated about the Earth and science as a 5yo would be today.
    It's called MYTHOLOGY

    We used to drill holes in people's head when they had headaches.
    "to let the demon's out"...
    and this was just 400 years ago..imagine the comprehension 2,000 years ago!?!
    I bet I could hold fire to my arse...fart...and be considered Satan back then

    USE religion as a guide...not a holy grail
    funny..I remember something about...
    Do on to others...
    Love thy neighbor...
    and so on

    1. Achems_Razor

      "I bet i could hold fire to my arse...fart...and be considered Satan back then"? they would consider you Satan today! (LOL)

    2. Guest

      This one would have Oz roll with delight specially coming from doc lovers!

  35. Dan_sir

    maybe its just the car.
    check out the new vw beetle. its bad ass. much nicer lines, hopefully they make it and its not a concept car. not a big beetle fan but its sharp

  36. knowledgeizpower

    Okay what boggled me was that someone scrapped the word off her window and she actually sprayed it back on????

    edit:okay finally finished the movie it kept pausing on me..whoever did this to her car helped her out big time..I wonder if they ever caught the person who initially did this.

    1. Guest

      I agree with the weirdness of repainting it, at least she was honest although she had no choice being in open view!
      She had a plan....i must say a good one too...look what we are doing....watching (although i couldn't get to the end, got bored).

    2. knowledgeizpower

      Lol.. yeah it did get a little slow half way through the movie...

  37. Yasuhiro Usuba

    These anti gay people will be sorted and left with the other racist idiots. They have no place on Earth whatsoever!

    1. Vilhelmo Weston

      Despite my dislike for racism, anti- LGBTism etc, I find it quite disturbing that you actually question the right of these people to live on this planet, just due to their disgusting beliefs. People should not be exterminate just for having despicable opinions.
      "Forgive them for they know not what they do."

    2. justnic

      I don't believe in god, jesus or any of that, so using the quote "forgive them for they know not what they do" means nothing to me. Furthermore, they DO know what they do, and that's exactly why it's a problem. We need to realize and face this,

  38. Evelyn Owen


    that poor kid was raised ignorant and religious. doesn't stand a chance.

  39. Guest

    a little story...in the spring of 2006 i met with Andre Viger (the olympian) in a Montreal restaurant to show him a project i had about Africa. He knew he was dying and was looking for a cause to support financially after death with the money from his life insurance which had many zeros. After realizing he was not interested in my project, i changed my offer.
    I told him: Is there a place in the world where you haven't been and you would like to go before you die, a place in need. I added; i'll take you and whoever else needs to accompany you for help and you can distribute your money "eyes in eyes,hands in hands" to the poor. I saw a little brillance in his eyes for a fleating moment, he died at the end of that year. It would have been quite the trip.
    I wrote to Pysmythe that if he was to leave i would have a hundred reasons why he should stay, that stands for you too Oz, a hundred requires that i go in all directions.
    My earlier comment reminded me of Andre.
    edited (bad frenchglish)

  40. Guest

    Oz...if you are dying, i am a great caretaker!
    I thought you'd at least watch this one!
    You wizzard!

    1. Achems_Razor

      Do you figure that Oz is dying? I found as a general rule when some people say they are leaving the gang on TDF they do. But Oz did not let anybody know. Strange.

    2. Guest

      He could be dying or dying to be back.
      May be he just got tired of repeating himself, or he is back with a different name, different wording, different approach.
      Not quite sure why i thought of writing this....

    3. Guest

      @ Az

      The new user @Astrobeard reminds me of him a little. There's something similar about their styles, although Astrobeard is more...sedate. I started to mention it to you earlier tonight, to see if you got the same impression. (If you want to check it out, you can find his only two posts on pages 10 and 11 of the "Why I Am No Longer a Christian" doc. Pay especial attention to the 1st, longer post, and see if it doesn't seem a lot like watered-down Oz to you.)

    4. Guest

      I read the long comment and i agree there are similar ideas OZ would have. ApostleJack would have tickled him with his religious claims. And 12 likes....

    5. His Forever

      I thought that myself. Let's hope not. I just don't have "closure" here. I'm going with the utterly bi-polar and "depressed" phase theory myself.