Failure to Obey

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Controversial regulations are currently threatening the sanctity of the Fourth Amendment around America's borders, and most of the country's citizens remain oblivious to the crisis. The searing documentary Failure to Obey seeks to rectify this through a first-hand account of these injustices.

Nearly 200 million United States citizens are currently residing in regions known as constitutional free zones. These zones include all territories within 100 mile radius of the country's borders. Residents and visitors to these areas are subject to the scrutiny of random checkpoints, where the protections against unreasonable search and seizure are often tremulous at best.

The director of the documentary, Pastor Steven L. Anderson, was stopped at one of these checkpoints in Arizona. When he refused to open his trunk to checkpoint officers, he was brutally tasered and pinned to the ground, resulting in injuries to his forehead that required eleven stitches to repair. He was later arrested for failure to obey. Having recorded most of the incident from a camera he kept in his car, Anderson posted the footage online. Soon, his story went viral and national news agencies took notice.

Is the existence of these checkpoints, and the protocols followed by their attendees, constitutionally protected? Or is this an example of unlawful enforcement and flagrant disrespect for the rights of United States citizens?

"We are losing our freedoms in America," Anderson preaches to his congregation in the film, "if they can take away the Fourth Amendment and search you without a warrant."

Anderson's contention, as he argues in court, is that he has every right as a U.S. citizen to refuse compliance with the border patrol's orders for what he views as an unlawful and warrant-less search of his vehicle. His stance is made even more persuasive by the footage he captures of subsequent stops he endures at border checkpoints, which he must cross on a regular basis due to work demands. The legal battle that ensues following Anderson's arrest provides further troubling evidence as to the questionable constitutionality of these regulations.

Failure to Obey restricts its focus to the story of one man, but his dilemma carries implications for which all U.S. citizens could fall victim.

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    susan ernst
  1. susan ernst

    I had the same thing happen with a dog. The officer made my daughter and I face forward in my car. We were not allowed to watch the dog. All that was found was a set of brass knuckles that was in my glove box(I wasn't aware they were even in there). I was told it was a concealed weapon, and was ordered court for them.I ended up in jail for 4 days, for missing was the 1st time I ever went to jail. Omg! I was so sick. I had none of my medicine while I was incarcerated....Could not believe how I was treated!

  2. Patrick Adrien Varencaus
  3. Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    So sorry you went though this police state in action :(

  4. wildmother
  5. wildmother

    The government has gone rogue. Mine is a different kind of case, but the City of Philadelphia colluded with favored developers and illegally dug up a contaminated site next to my house in 2006. I've been ill ever since, the target of a vicious and cruel whistleblower retaliation campaign. I was subject to multiple crimes by the top levels of Philadelphia government and connected business interests. I was simply living in my own home and reporting illegal health hazards to the correct the authorties, but those authorities ussentially and nearly killed me. Every single day and night is a strugggle with ill health and trauma deliberately caused by these "leaders" who are seen on TV constantly and currenlty touting the Pope's visit. They are nothing but criminals who hurt people. I am not the only one they have harmed and even killed to do illegal business deals with favored developers. This kind of political/ business corruption is happening all over the country and people are dying.

  6. coryn
  7. coryn

    "If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny. "

    Thomas Jefferson

    Nuff' said……

  8. Dr D. M. Smith
  9. Dr D. M. Smith

    Maybe he could have just opened the trunk..... or, what did he have to hide in there? Drugs? Cash? a Body? If you're not doing anything illegal... why not just pop the trunk?

  10. coryn
  11. coryn

    It's a matter of principle..... his right not to do anything that doesn't have a law behind it.

  12. Guest
  13. Guest

    Boy, talk about not "getting it".

  14. Blaice
  15. Blaice

    Classic abuse of power. Under-educated filth with power in this country is disgusting. Police nation with m*rons behind the badge. Maybe no all cops are like this, but you'd be a fool to assume many—if not most—aren't.

  16. Blaice
  17. Blaice

    Welcome to America. I am sorry you had to deal with our failed system of juveniles in power.

  18. Blaice
  19. Blaice

    Maybe he could have just bent over and let them inspect his colon as well. Maybe he could have given them his address so they could go find his family and arrest them too. Well played "Dr."

  20. Sam
  21. Sam

    All he had to do if there was nothing to hide was submit to the damn search and be on his way. He coulda been gone in twenty minutes but he being hard headed suffered the results. We all know the reason for the searches so play the game and go on. 9/11 really screwed up the country not to mention the cartels coming north.
    Refusing to state whether or not you're American or not over the hard headedness of 'standing your ground' is a point I personally don't understand. With all the trouble these days whatta want 'em do throw open the doors and holler come on down. Reality has caused a sort of bending the rules to catch the bad guys. Being an open country led to the Twin Towers coming down and all the dope coming across the borders more or less. Those guys are doing their jobs, you just can't go by appearance alone. The profiling thing gets 'em in enough hot water even though most of the time its true.

    This guy is just trying to draw attention to himself over a stupid cause and throwing the christian ethic up as a dodge. Reminds me of the time back when when "if we let 'em take Vietnam next thing ya know they'll be in California" in his mind if you answer yes or no that means all the Amendments will fall, what a load.

  22. jonathan sandberg
  23. jonathan sandberg

    Thank you for making the documentary `Failure to obey`. We need more people who are willing to stand up for our rights ! I live in the country of Denmark where we also have rights similar to yours. I hope that i would have the courage to take a stand if we had something similar happening. Again, THANK YOU.

  24. claytonoicu812
  25. claytonoicu812

    In Texas, we have a 1,250 mile border with Mexico, 1,200 miles of it are wide open. Cartels do not go thru customs or check points. These check points only target American citizens and do nothing to hinder drugs, guns, and human trafficking.

  26. Blaice
  27. Blaice

    The entire point of this doc is that fact that HE SHOULD NOT have to submit to this unconstitutional trash. Nice try comprehending it though. You can submit, but he does not have to. He does not want to be the tool of a dictator country.

  28. dmxi
  29. dmxi

    the actions portrayed here seem noble & to a certain extent are but the discomforting news lay behind the pastor himself:check his theory on the 'holocaust-hoax' & his views towards jews in general,namely deniers of J.C. & victims of satan;so much to 'freedom of religion'!
    for more info check .' marching to zion'
    zionism should never be mistaken with judaism!

  30. Sam
  31. Sam

    I wouldn't think they'd be that stupid. You never go where they're looking for you. Whatta you propose? be like the Donald and build a wall? concentrate more on the outback? My area on the East Coast is just a hair outside the 100 mile limit but one thing going for me is the deep southern accent I have kinda hard to fake that. Florida must be a real PITA. Texas I remember back in the day especially Houston was a rough place to go if you hair touched your ears, talk about profilin'
    I brought the Cartel thing up because thats 'supposedly' what the purpose is but we all know its mostly to make money finding other things.

  32. Dr D. M. Smith
  33. Dr D. M. Smith

    Wow. You really know how to blow things out of proportion! Good Job.

    I have said..."I don't care if the NSA reads my emails, or listens to my phone calls. Pop the trunk open?...Sure! How hard can it be??
    I'm not hiding anything illegal. I'm not doing anything illegal.

    So...Just exactly what part of "I-L-L-E-G-A-L" does everyone find so confusing??"

    It's just not that big of a deal.......We have laws. Why not go with it?

    Unless you LIKE to make a mountain out of a mole-hill.

  34. 4ArthurDent
  35. 4ArthurDent

    It's because of people like that guy why the police are out of control.

  36. Eddy
  37. Eddy

    So... his religious beliefs are what the dog "alerted" too? Great detective work dmxi..Where were you when the prosecutor lost in the jury trial? Maybe you can stand watch with 'em at the checkpoints w/ youre analysis on which Americans the constitution allies to.

  38. Eddy
  39. Eddy

    ...fred leuchter may have been a fool, a tool,..maybe even an anti-semite. He still should be free to drive the US interstate w/out being tazed, bloodied & bashed.
    Giving law enforcement the ol what for is ill advised, but they need to have a better grasp on their own frustrations - I can respect the job they have and the aggravation they can be faced with, but they should be trained and held accountable when it comes to forcing authority...

  40. Dave LeBlanc
  41. Dave LeBlanc

    Dr. Bendover....

  42. dmxi
  43. dmxi

    nope! just a 'well done on civil rights' but 'you're a nit-wit, when you demonize others whom don't follow your lay out of any holy scripture!' kinda thing!
    it seems if dogs go alert in your head when reading simple comments which are opposite to your should 'check points' before lamenting

  44. Eddy
  45. Eddy

    Im not interested in what makes him a "nit wit" outside of what I viewed as the subject matter of the doc. No disrespect to anyone who his views may or may not offend...its just not relevant imo :)

  46. Dr. J. R.
  47. Dr. J. R.

    I don't know if you're an actual physician - but I'm betting from your comments here that you are. I say this because I, too, am a medical doctor, and the sort of sentiment you express is rife amongst those in our profession, which is extremely conservative, and actually better at "following rules," than at true critical thought.

    I don't say this to be disrespectful, but consider what we learned in medical school - the concept of "the slippery slope." *You* may not mind having total strangers perusing your mail, phone and the trunk of your car, but what makes you think it stops there? At what point *would* you start to feel your privacy being invaded? Ever? Never? I disagree with you that "it's just not that big of a deal" - I think that sounds remarkably lackadaisical, as though the freedoms your forefathers fought for (I'm Canadian) are likewise, "not that big of a deal." The idea that "we have laws - why not go with it?" fails to consider that the laws a country has may be unjust laws in the first place - recall that in not-so-distant times, there have been "laws" which permitted people to keep others as slaves, and beat their wives. Oh, we don't mean *those* laws, of course... But what makes you think your own grandchildren, Dr. Smith, won't look back on these times - and on your complacency in them - in equal horror?

    Again, I don't mean to speak disrespectfully - I'm not a fan of internet flaming, or calling other names generally - but I'd really encourage you to re-think your stance on this issue - algorithms serve us well in medicine, but blindly following the rules in life may simply leave us blind.

  48. Dr. J. R.
  49. Dr. J. R.

    You're a new kind of American citizen, Sam, and in a generation's time, I suspect most young people will share your sentiments, since they are growing-up paranoid and xenophobic. Many people around the world - not just in the US - know that 9/11 and the "terror panic" that has America in its grip is far more complex than your comment would lead one to believe - "being an open country," far from leading to 9/11, has probably led you to every comfort you currently enjoy; you just don't know it, and you wouldn't, until those comforts started being taken-away. You don't think that will happen - well, we'll see in time. I don't expect you'll hear a word I say, and that's just fine - my reply to your comment's really meant for the reader who might stumble across it and still have a partially open mind.

  50. Fabien L'Amour
  51. Fabien L'Amour

    Another fine example of the idiocy of the war on drugs. Who are the imbeciles that came up with that strategy? Did they really sit down and think, "Let's stop everybody driving on the interstate, there is no way drug traffickers will be clever enough not to use that road to transport their drugs, we are geniuses and found a foolproof way to stop drugs and illegals from moving around the country".

  52. Achenbach
  53. Achenbach

    SPOILER ALERT: The police does not get to shoot this douchebag of a pastor. If you watch this long enough, you will WISH they shoot him.... but sadly, they don't. So all this is are hours of unedited footage of a jerk making the lives of underpaid police a--holes difficult. And I agree that police is out of control, and that the checkpoints are breaking the law... but ok, this guy made his point, lets move on. When they ask if he's a US citizen, just answer and go! Those police, as stupid as they are, are just following orders. It'll take more than a jerk being difficult to change things, really.

  54. coryn
  55. coryn

    I think you're missing the point...... This man is showing you how to act and what to say when you finally decide to ask for your constitutional rights. If you ever do...... It sounds like you would be happy to 'go along to get along', which would make you one of them. Don't make any waves...... well, that's what's been happening in this country as people vote idiots into important positions. Our government is bought and paid for by your elected officials. Count the number of deaths around the world as a result of US aggressions, but have we been seriously attacked, ever? Our government has betrayed our constitution ........

    "Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers." Voltaire

  56. Fabien L'Amour
  57. Fabien L'Amour

    There is also the problem of what they do with the information gathered. They can ID everybody without cause and track their movement, what exactly is the purpose of this?

  58. coryn
  59. coryn

    Say what? It's his fault that police are doing random traffic stops? Brilliant...just brilliant...... Chances are he's got some of those border cops starting to think a little more about what they're doing.

  60. FollowTheFacts
  61. FollowTheFacts

    ...not a lot of people would have the moxie to do what this preacher dude did...very much to be admired. A heck of an effort making a documentary like this...I gave it eight. (...since when were cops "underpaid"...? – ..and if this guys is a "douche-bag" what do we call the rest of the US "citizenry"...?) Most americans today would strongly suggest the US is "free", but it's is perfectly has been done with such brilliance, determination and organizational elegance that only the few and awake noticed...
    The key event was not what happened on September 11, 2001, but what happened in December, 2000.

  62. Sam
  63. Sam

    Saying we are an open country my friend was merely touching on the freedom we all have worked for and have enjoyed that freedom til the above mentioned turn of events. I am a retired 'Nam vet and have done my share militarily speaking and in my thoughts and actions as an American citizen, to continue to enjoy those things we hold near and dear. As far as being 'new' or xenophobic your sarcastic slant missed the mark. The reason I made some comments (which I rarely do) is the doc was showing this fellow 'standing his ground' on something I felt was unecessary. No we all don't like the police state, that goes without saying in my book, but to be stopped at a road block and refuse to roll down your window or state that you're an American is asking for trouble. I truly feel that most road blocks of that nature are to find anything under the sun, just fill in the blanks as to what it is, drugs, expired licenses, weapons, immigrants, etc etc.
    As far as hearing what you are saying I do have an open mind but feel somethings like this doc for example are working to whip up compassionate senitment about how this decent American was mistreated and the hassle he went through could have been simply avoided and avoided very simply.
    What do you propose to rectify the situation? Just say NO? Cause hassles? This 'dictatorial police state' we live in needs to brought down a notch or two but how do we do it? What is so hard about rolling down a window saying 'yes' I'm an American citizen?
    Its a damn shame 9/11 happened and things as we knew it changed in an instant and those days are gone hell I don't even air travel because of all the crap now driving is becoming a hassle. So tell me Dr J.R. just what do you propose other than sarcasim.

  64. coryn
  65. coryn

    Sam, I like your words 'compassionate sentiment' which seem appropriate, but what do you do when you actually feel compassionate sentiment, anything at all? The premise being discussed is that our government is acting contrary to articles of our Constitution, and it seems to have become a habit for some years now. Like from about the time of VietNam, and Laos, the Domino Theory and the Electronic Wall, etc., when the US appointed itself the watchdog of the world. Does it take more than one John Pilger documentary to get the idea? Just look at the disgrace we've produced in Iraq. Three thousand people killed in an attack in the USA and we go to Iraq and reduce their country to rubbish, killing tenfold, a lot of old people and babies.

    I'm saying maybe Pastor Steven has found a good way to get some immediate world-wide attention to our emerging police state here in the USA. Call it performance art perhaps, but it's sure caught a lot of attention on the internet so far. Perhaps more and more people will imitate his behavior.

    What will it take? We applaud and reward monetarily our bankers when they fiddle the books and miraculously pull us out of a crashing market -- well, the french in 1789/90 cut off the heads of their bankers when they inflated and destroyed the currency. When will we learn?



  66. Sam
  67. Sam

    Charly your'e spot on. I at the time had just watched it and admittedly felt a knee slap jingoistic kneeslap coming on. After further reflection do feel (ever so slightly) feel that the attention brought by the video can get us headed in the right direction as far as how we are handling this new threat to the American Way and by we I mean the government across the board. In my life I've found about half the time the encounters I've had with law enforcement that they tend to overeact and that is mostly found in the personality quirk of each individual even though they're told to 'take command of the situation' about half really don't have 'people' skills and tend to abuse their posistion in any given situation, and the other half tend to use common sense and see things for what they are.

    Lets don't get started on Wall Street, that subject makes me grit my teeth and beheading is too light a punishment. Iraq was one of the biggest fiascos since 'Nam in my book and that too can make me go off the deep end, even the words Haliburton or Dick Cheny causes my eyes to roll.

    As far as the Fightin' Preacher goes , as they say in football, upon further review, bravo but a sort of whispered rather than shouted one.

    Being an old use to be toned down hippie that stood against the 'establishment' back in the day, especially after coming back from across the pond, I still think there could and should be a way to go about bringing change to this 'across the board' harassment that is fobbed off on us guised as immigration or drug issues.

  68. JoShmozzle
  69. JoShmozzle

    "It will take more than a jerk being difficult" Agreed. It will take many of us being difficult. At least he's doing something.

    I agree he gets pretty annoying. However, there is no law against being annoying.

  70. JoShmozzle
  71. JoShmozzle

    Unfortunately I think they may just be that dumb. Why its so important that we do our part to be difficult and not abide the idiocy.

  72. JoShmozzle
  73. JoShmozzle

    Because he has a constitutional right not to. How are you not getting this? He's tired of being stopped illegally, multiple times a day, going about his work in a "free" country.

  74. JoShmozzle
  75. JoShmozzle

    Too late. Ever here of that government agency, The FDA? ;)

  76. Fabien L'Amour
  77. Fabien L'Amour

    As you probably guessed by my name, I am not a U.S. citizen so if I get stopped I will abide as I have no rights under the US constitution. But I agree that if only 1% of the people stopped did not cooperate the roadblocks would cease pretty quickly. Apart for the breach of american citizens rights, it's a practice that will do absolutely nothing to the import of drugs and the inflow of illegals. There is one way to arrest criminals, it's called good old well done investigation working its way up the supply chain. Random roadblocks will only achieve to arrest a few stupid mules paid a few dollars to carry the goods.

  78. John Mack
  79. John Mack

    What this comes down to is this |: does a law officer of whatever persuasion, have the right to stop at his/her whim, a citizen and subject that individual to a grilling for no stated legally grounded reason ? If the law officer has that authority then the male who is the subject matter of this video was wrong not to co-operate by providing the information sought. If the law officers do not have such authority then they are assuming powers that they do not have and the police must be made to disabuse themselves of their clouded thinking.

    It's all very well for the law officers to say that they cannot do their job unless they are allowed to continue in this apparently illegal way but if such authorisation is available to them, one imagines that it would be in the very best interests of all concerned to provide such clarification and the sooner the better.

    There is no sustainable case for postulating law enforcement convenience as a justification for violating individual rights.

  80. Roger Andout
  81. Roger Andout

    Why do some Americans have a problem with complying with a law official whether one agrees with it or not and instead makes a load of hurt for themselves. Fool

  82. coryn
  83. coryn

    Why? My guess is that as he's thinking broad vision, principled and future oriented thoughts, you're thinking short term, non-principled, immediate get on with my life thoughts. If enough people were to become principled, and stand up in the same way, perhaps it would encourage others to stand up for their constitutional rights too. George and Thomas and Benjamin and all the others must be writhing in their coffins about now.......

    "You can ignore reality, but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality." Ayn Rand

  84. John Mack
  85. John Mack

    Can a citizen be held to be wrong if he chooses not to comply with a public official who is acting illegally and in excess of his/her powers ?

  86. Eddy
  87. Eddy

    apparently not in the Arizona court he was found "not guilty" in.. the prosecutor sure tried though. He sure was arrested, "held&held-up". Luckily for US citizens he fought it all the way to jury trial.

  88. Eddy
  89. Eddy

    *unfortunately though, I believe the answer is "yes" a citizen can be held to be wrong for failing to comply to an officer's illegal action..had it been a bad public defender and/or judge that presided..or if he chose to "plee" out to hurry himself out of the clutches of the jail/court system.

  90. Eddy
  91. Eddy

    because "some Americans" believe in their rights under the Constitution and are willing to take the time and effort AND consequences. thank goodness

  92. Danny
  93. Danny

    If that was a black dude nobody would give a ****.
    Not saying the cops where right, but this is everyday life for minorities no matter if close to any border.

  94. Eddy
  95. Eddy

    I STRONGLY DISAGREE. If you swapped a black man for the white one in the video...same lawyer, same judge...I would actually feel MORE proud had he been black.

  96. Danny
  97. Danny

    If that was a black dude he would have been charged guilty.

  98. Eddy
  99. Eddy

    charged guilty for what?

  100. Eddy
  101. Eddy

    *charged is not guilty..not until a plea(plee?) is entered, fought and decided.. - everyone knows minorities (esp. blacks) tend to get a raw deal w/ police, court system etc.. wouldnt change that the lawyer, judge, and jury saw that evidence and ruled according to the law. Like I said..Id have been more proud and in equal defense had it been a black man in the doc. I believe that jury and judge would disagree with you too.

  102. Eddy
  103. Eddy

    I will say... as I watched the video -had it been a black dude- Id probably be a bit more shocked with the "standing up for rights" actions ..and more worried for what police reactions would be..maybe would think it substantially more foolish too.. and ya, that sucks.

  104. TerifficTortillas
  105. TerifficTortillas

    I wanted to watch this, and I'm sure there's good actual information in this. But as soon as I saw Alex Jones I was done. This sensationalist piece of s*it has been wrong so many times it's not even worth getting all riled up over.

  106. ScottUgly
  107. ScottUgly

    Alex Jones had nothing to do with the making of this video. The doc uses a tiny clip of Jones talking about the incident, but that is it.

  108. Danny
  109. Danny

    They would have said that the refusal to answer questions was enough to have reasonable suspicion and that his behavior was unreasonable by any standards and that he provoked the police officers. Therefore the charges of blocking the road and whatever they came up with would have been accepted as correct. They would have doubted his sanity and advice or even force him into a mental institution. Btw I am not trying to be cynical, I really think this or something similar would happen and happens all the time.

  110. Danny
  111. Danny

    That is your right, but I do not think so at all. Law is something very much subject to interpretation. The reason why a black dude would rather plee is because he knows he does not stand much of a chance in court. Especially against police officers. The judge and the jury knew that this case was under public surveillance and had to make the right decision. An equal video by a black dude would not have gone viral and most people would think the same as you admitted in the below comment... He must be crazy ... he is lucky they did not treat him worse, ... he is a fool. End of story.

  112. Danny
  113. Danny

    Yeah that only underlines what I said, the judges would aswell, they would be shocked by the behavior and call it unreasonable and provocative. They would feel for the "poor police officers" who get attacked by an angry black man only for doing their job and make sure the black dude gets "what he deserves". This happens all the time. No black man in his right mind would even try something like that. You know why? Because they would beat the crap out of him and NOBODY would give a *.

  114. John Mack
  115. John Mack

    Is this one of the instances in which 'might is right' wins out...... because of the sheer inevitabllity of the action to follow ? It seems to me that it has always been the case that the winners claim the spoils, write the history and proclaim forevermore that they were right.

  116. Eddy
  117. Eddy

    I think most of us DO CARE about the rights of ALL Americans.
    The important thing, to me, about this doc...No matter what color, belief system, etc., or how and why it can be seen as foolish to stand up to law enforcement - that we can all see that this guy DIDNT break ANY law..the prosecutor and the testimony of law enforcement officers were wrong..they lost..and the jury thanked the guy for standing up for our rights under the Constitution...that time, in that court, the law worked.

  118. Vitt
  119. Vitt

    I'd say he has been proven right far more than wrong. There's a reason he is quoted so many times. You may not like the messenger but the message is still the same.

  120. Danny
  121. Danny

    What worked here was the law under public scrutiny.

  122. JRushnik
  123. JRushnik

    Pffft. It's America, a shithole, who cares. When they burn down the Whitehouse I'll start paying attention. Until then, they are a bunch of pussies anyway so it doesn't matter.

  124. Leigh Atkins
  125. Leigh Atkins

    I truly understand this man's point (and it makes my blood simply boil to see this pre-nazi state coming to fruition), but if he truly is a Christian, he must remember that Jesus recognizes no borders on planet earth - he only recognizes the spiritual borders between those people on his side & those against him.
    Wasting time defending these man-made lines is not serving Jehovah's purpose, for there is PLENTY more ugliness coming our way before we see the end.
    Bible says a lot of things about end times, but it DOES say that the "good news of the kingdom will be given through all the world for a witness to all nations; and then the end will come" (Matthew 24:14). This is the only verse I've found which gives a description of exactly what will happen, precisely before "the end". So if this guy wants to return to his roots & serve the God he first found, he needs to remember this.
    Wasting his time on a mere country's citizens' rights is like putting his gold in a black hole for safe-keeping. We all know what's coming - but we can't let our egos dominate our decisions - easier said than done, no doubt.
    But I REALLY feel for his injustice & pain...

  126. Leigh Atkins
  127. Leigh Atkins

    For bein' black of course!!! Sheeez, don't you watch the programming box in the corner of your lounge room?

  128. Leigh Atkins
  129. Leigh Atkins

    Yes, the law says this & that, but the laws are about to be quietly dragged up a dark alley, beaten senseless, shivved several times & thrown in a ditch, left to bleed to death - can't anyone see this yet?
    A student studying law in this day & age is well-advised to look at alternative means of support AS WELL AS studying law, coz I don't think that the justice system which has been so hard fought for, will continue for much longer; regardless of how hard people "fight" for it now.
    But, hey! Prove me wrong! I'd love it if someone could prove me wrong. It's so sad to see docos like this piling into view like they are.

  130. slpsa
  131. slpsa

    Excellent. We agreed on something! Your absolutely right Fabien. Its a waste of time and money and achieved nothing. Its always been a money grab for law enforcement. A failure of epic proportions.

  132. JoShmozzle
  133. JoShmozzle


  134. Zalmey
  135. Zalmey

    We know it already that the Police etc are there not for us , the ordinary citizens of the world , but they are there to keep order so that the interests and property of the CORPORATIONS / ILLUMINATI are safe and so that they can keep everything under their grip/clutches.

    Better be late than never..... atleast people are waking up to the reality.....

  136. Eddy
  137. Eddy

    I wish the war on drugs was just idiocy - Im afraid to say, it seems to be a rather ingenious way to generate huge amounts of money and establish an extraordinary web of control from every angle and aspect of the drug-trade. Its just...beyond

  138. clernfimmel891
  139. clernfimmel891

    After the bloodless coup in 2000 everything's fallen into place, the 911 false flag operation, the suspension of the Bill of Rights, habeas corpus, the surveillance state.

  140. Eddy
  141. Eddy

    well, I suppose we can use all the "public scrutiny" we can get!

  142. sadcanadian
  143. sadcanadian

    I'm truly terrified for all the decent American (& World) citizens whose rights have been stolen by the faceless, greedy, power driven thieves who have systematically turned the entire U.S. government into their little bi*ches! Laughing all the while. And all these law enforcement entities that act so innocent & dutifully patriotic as they stomp good people's faces into the ground, changing lives & stealing faith in humanity like a school bully beats lunch money out of the little guy. It's clearly going to get a lot worse, catastrophically so, before it can ever get better. I'm sorry...

  144. sad canadian
  145. sad canadian

    great quote

  146. sadcanadian
  147. sadcanadian

    good words doc, i found them...

  148. sadcanadian
  149. sadcanadian

    I'm truly terrified for all the decent American (& World) citizens whose rights have been stolen by the faceless, greedy, power driven thieves who have systematically turned the entire U.S. government into their little bitches! Laughing all the while. And all these law enforcement entities that act so innocent & dutifully patriotic as they stomp good people's faces into the ground, changing lives & stealing faith in humanity like a school bully beats lunch money out of the little guy. It's clearly going to get a lot worse, catastrophically so, before it can ever get better. I'm sorry...

  150. LoggerheadShrike
  151. LoggerheadShrike

    They're like the UK after WW2, but before the Suez Crisis. They still think they're relevant.

  152. Danny
  153. Danny

    yeah, but my point basically was that the public does not care much for minorities because the public consists mostly of the majorities and people in general care more about themself than anybody else. Just something I had to think about when trying to identify with the guy.

  154. mitchmiller
  155. mitchmiller

    After 21 minutes of listening to this charlatan rage against law enforcement, I couldn't take it anymore. The guy obviously knew the checkpoint was there because he had traveled that route before. He planned the entire incident, hoping for a violent outcome. Now he plans to cash in on it hoping for a fat settlement.

  156. OJakeMack
  157. OJakeMack

    Basically the case being advanced here for law enforcement amounts to this. The citizenry should not be upset by the infringement of their liberties by law enforcement. Well the fundamental position in law in democracies surely is that the state's agents are empowered by the law of the legislature and not by the law of their own invention however well intentioned that may be. Therefore it behoves the enforcers to behave themselves and act lawfully at all times. That the trainers and coaches of the law enforcers would ever tell their charges that in the discharge of their functions they must be prepared to act with regularity outside the prescribed law of the land in order to uphold the law is quite simply ineffable. If the state's agents are allowed to make their own arrangements as to the limits of the law then where lies the boundary ? The states' agents are not empowered to act illegally and that is the core element which decides the issue for the judges....anything else is the homemade hogwash of out of control law enforcers who need to be reined in.

  158. MCowan19
  159. MCowan19

    Our government regulations and law enforcement agencies have gotten way out of control. No way around it. Just being blunt. Unless something changes a whole lot of good people are going to get hurt.

  160. elaine
  161. elaine

    looks like your president Obama is just our friend Adolf Hitler reincarnated.

  162. elaine
  163. elaine

    but what is most horrific is that there is no revolution, no demonstration, nothing going on to change this state of affairs...

  164. Mike
  165. Mike

    If law enforcement agencies were genuinely searching for illegal immigrants, why not get search warrants for the places where so many hang around ? Why not seal-off the border properly ? They have satellites and drones to locate illegal border crossings.
    The 4th Amendment protects citizens from unlawful search of themselves and seizure of their property without PROBABLE CAUSE relating to a reasonable suspicion of a crime.

    The guy has the right to refuse an illegal random search lacking probable cause. Even if the cops politely said: "We do NOT suspect you of a crime, but have we your permission to search you and your vehicle ?"

    When read your "rights" note: "anything you say may be used in evidence "(ALWAYS AGAINST YOU, never in your favor). So even if you tried to help saying maybe the bad guy was your twin brother, that help will not be mentioned in court.

  166. Price
  167. Price

    If the police stop you without a warrant or a reasonable articulable suspicion that you are committing a crime, the stop is illegal and any evidence gathered as result of that illegal stop is inadmissible. In other words, had the Storm Troopers found drugs AND a dead body in the trunk of the car they would have been suppressed by the cour because the search was illegal.

  168. John Mack
  169. John Mack

    At long last some clarity is coming into this discussion. For those who would dump on the courts for perceived leniency, I say this. The courts cannot accept evidence obtained in contravention of an individual's rights because to do so would make the courts partners with the police and other enforcement agencies and courts will never do that. In fact, such activity would amount to meddling with the constitution.

    What also needs to be factored into the mix though is this. Generally speaking, police in the enforcement area trend toward forceful discharge of their duties. Police modus operandi and culture is steeped in authoritative responses as a better inducer of compliance and always to be preferred to blandness. Trampling on rights in these scenarios is regarded as acceptable and necessary to 'get the job done' and of course the public good will be played as the ace card to defeat objectors. When someone gets fired up and gives a trenchant response as in the instant case, this causes a hardening of the police view of how they function and so the sparks fly. But a cool considered analysis of the issues will invariably come down on the side of the individual and this does not resonate well with the law enforcers.

  170. Rebecca
  171. Rebecca

    That happened to me 5 years ago in New Mexico. He held me in the dark empty desert for about an hour and a half. I was transferring a new car across the country. He said I didn't have a license plate and I offered him the DMV doc's in the front window. He did not want to see it He wanted to search my car and I asked for justification, or a warrant. He was furious and I cried most of the time. No dogs arrived and I finally was able to get away from that dark desert and scary "authority". I stopped at the next Truck Stop and let the shock pass. I was very lucky those dogs were in another location.

    He was convinced that he had the power to detain me without arrest, and I am convinced he thought I deserved it. I would have had to exit the vehicle.

    A trucker told me I was very lucky. I didn't understand how I was lucky.

    Until now.

  172. Julie
  173. Julie

    The point some folks seem to be missing is the fact that a society that is observed, that has no expectation of privacy, the right to privacy, accorded us in the 4th amendment of the constitution, amends its behavior. That is the very definition of a society that is NOT a free society.

    Those people who say they have no issue with law enforcement going through all their emails, text messages, phone messages...or any other space, document, digital space etc. because they have nothing to hide, ask yourself this: would you be ok with any employer, your mother, or any random stranger seeing all of your personal life laid out, bared in its entirety? Really?

    If that's the case, just put it all out there now, for all the world to see. You have nothing to hide, right? It's not about having anything to hide. It's about the human need for privacy...personal space, to feel safe in our cocoons, condos, homes, cars, our phones! Whatever!

    Everyone has secrets, even if it's only weird little personal thoughts randomly flitting through our brains. One of the traits that makes us who we are is that little bit of ourselves that we don't share with anyone. And we all have it.

    Our government started down this slippery, grimy, ugly slope quite a few years back, well before 9/11 so don't kid yourselves. I don't intend to lie down and let the foolish people who don't understand the very nature of privacy and the right to be protected from unreasonable search and seizure speak for me.
    Go back and read the bill of rights, the declaration of independence and the constitution. You might be surprised.

    When did religion, Christianity start creeping into our governing bodies, for instance, the pledge of allegiance? That phrase, One Nation Under God, wasn't even part of that little school ritual until the 1950's. Read a little Jefferson, Franklin, Hamilton...the things that have been sliding by almost unnoticed for the last 75 years are exactly the sorts of things those gentlemen warned about. While our constitution and those precious amendments remain, I intend to avail myself of those rights. If they ever vanish, I will find a friendlier, more humane place to call home.

  174. OJakeMack
  175. OJakeMack

    Never forget that law enforcers have a tendency toward induced compliance. They are expected to enforce aren't they ? That, imo, explains the mindset.

  176. charley
  177. charley

    Thanks Julie, but don't just read a little Jefferson, read a lot. I've collected quotations of his and they are superb........
    "When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty."
    Our government is too powerful and corrupt....... We're reaching 'endgame'.

  178. charley
  179. charley

    OJM..... But we understand the mindset already, and we want to change the mindset. The police work for us, remember? They are only expected to enforce the laws, not this nonsense.

  180. OJakeMack
  181. OJakeMack

    Yes, I get that but I'll venture that the police find resistance to their probings difficult to handle within an acceptable framework.

  182. Helga Weber
  183. Helga Weber

    All this people quoting Hitlerhere really have no idea what they are talking about.
    In Hitlers Germany he would be a dead man by now and trust me I know.
    This is a sorry documentary.

  184. OJakeMack
  185. OJakeMack disregarding the law, 'Might is Right' after all ? That's your bottom line.

  186. Rudolph Rip
  187. Rudolph Rip

    Some very valid points regarding amendments, and individual rights!
    Americans want to live in a free nation, a safe nation! One should not have to yield their rights. On the contrary, and in support of all 'methods of security' reasonably effected by government, is it not also simple compliance through answering one or two questions, which help aid in keeping everyone safe.
    The preacher likes to be seen, and heard, no matter what venue. He also tastelessly promotes his DVD.
    It is therefore that submit, that he spread his convictions and faith in Afghanistan, where thousands of US and ally citizens, have sacrificed their lives, so that he can flaunt his ego. I'm sure that a one year 'Tour'... would 'renew' the preacher's faith, as well as his values! Everyone I have shown this video to, agrees in our church, that Jesus would reel, ( as we did), to the enormity of EGO involved within his endeavor. Such a shame!

  188. Mike
  189. Mike

    I thought I was watching Jack from an episode of " Lost "....He was completely right about those border cop wannabees. Kudos to him for having the balls to stand up to those thugs.

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