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A Fall From Freedom

2011 ,    »  -   98 Comments
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A Fall From FreedomThe first comprehensive film to reveal the long and sordid history of the captive whale and dolphin entertainment business.

Many of these marine parks and aquariums are directly or indirectly responsible for the death of thousands of the very animals they use for public entertainment.

Premature deaths. Trainer injuries. Illegal practices. Educational misrepresentation. Government incompetence. Secret deals.

These and many other issues are presented, and documented for the first time in this powerful documentary, narrated by actor Mike Farrell.

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  1. morsie2

    So upsetting

  2. dewflirt
  3. dewflirt

    Why does it feel so wrong to catch and keep a dolphin and yet kind of ok to catch and keep a lion or a monkey. I am annoyed by my own double standards having been to zoos with my kids and enjoyed it myself. Still feel guilty at the same time though. Sod it, free them all and have done.

  4. Melinda Ann
  5. Melinda Ann

    Once upon a time, zoos were established for educational purposes. Allowing the inspection and study of animals not native to an area, to be studied without having to kill the anima,
    l nor travel extensively to find the animal.

    Now it is nothing more than an entertainment venue. (with few exceptions) Like most entertainment venues, profit is the driving factor not health and study of the exhibits.

    We as consumers may wish to view zoos, animal parks, act, as a means of "saving" vanishing species. Sounds good no? But do you think these animals are traded between zoos for free, or by animal exchange? Hardly, it is a VERY money oriented enterprise. I personally wonder just WHO gets the bulk of the money from this "Legal" rare animal trade.

  6. rich_farrell
  7. rich_farrell

    I doesn't feel 'kind of ok' to keep a lion or a monkey. You shouldn't be annoyed, you should be disgusted.

  8. dewflirt
  9. dewflirt

    Nobody kicks off about zoos, not like this. Thats what I mean by kind of ok, not that I don't care about all these creatures. I do. People get upset about the big cute things, elephants, gorillas, etc. All the little monkeys fit in big cages nicely and it isn't considered so cruel. As long as they can create some sort of myth about conservation or education people keep paying and think its a good thing. Sorry, worded my comment badly and yes, I am disgusted. Sad thing is that most people don't care about other people, animals don't stand a chance. Amended my previous comment. :)

  10. over the edge
  11. over the edge

    your post reminded me of something Dennis Leary said (edited for language lol) pure truth in comedy
    "Hey, I love the animals too. I love my doggy. He's so cute. My fluffy little dog.. He's so cute- There's the problem. We only want to save the cute animals, don't we? Yeah. Why don't we just have animal auditions. Line 'em up one by one and interview them individually. "What are you?" "I'm an otter." "And what do you do?" "I swim around on my back and do cute little human things with my hands." "You're free to go." "And what are you?" "I'm a cow." "Get in the fXXXXXg truck, ok pal!" "But I'm an animal." "You're a baseball glove! Get on that truck!" "I'm an animal, I have rights!" "Yeah, here's yer fXXXXXg cousin, get on the fXXXXXg truck, pal!" We kill the cows to make jackets out of them and then we kill each other for the jackets we made out of the cows."

  12. dewflirt
  13. dewflirt

    It's funny but it's true. Eat the boring ugly ones and save the cute ones. Baluga whales are a bit ugly, maybe even too ugly to eat. Luckily hedge hogs are cute.

  14. Guest
  15. Guest

    ..and what about moskitos, you slam them dead right on our own skin.

  16. rich_farrell
  17. rich_farrell

    You're obviously a thoughtful and aware individual - I have been guilty of the same things myself. I've been to zoos, safaris as well as marine parks/aquariums. As a child I loved them, it was only as an adult that I was sickened by them. I didn't mean to sound so judgemental or condescending and I'm glad that you didn't take it personally because it wasn't intended that way. I see what you were saying now and I agree. People do think it's 'kind of ok' - or they don't think about it at all. Seeing a mokney swinging around in a relatively spacious cage isn't as provocative as a whale stuffed into an oversized fish tank.

  18. calisue2
  19. calisue2

    No the sad thing is people like you dewflirt, who are uneducated about what they just saw. The film was about how violent thier capture was and how sea world hides them, denies that should only be in the wild or the fact that they never get t retire--just cash cows for sea world. Maybe you should watch this movie again, it was about dolphins and different kinds of whales-- not any other kind of animal. Except greedy humans and educated humans trying to free them!

  20. rich_farrell
  21. rich_farrell

    Whales, dolphins, monkeys, lions etc are not free to roam the western world and feed off us as they please. Mosquitoes are. Screw mosquitoes. You can slam a million of them on your skin and you won't even dent their numbers. Damn pests!

  22. calisue2
  23. calisue2

    love your response over the edge, you are so right on--dewflirt is a m*ron and one of the people who would buy the leather jacket or shop at a store that sells fur. Even if you do not buy the fur should give these heartless people your money?

  24. dewflirt
  25. dewflirt

    Mosquitos are asking for it, bite enough people and one of them is going to slap you !

  26. dewflirt
  27. dewflirt

    Funnily enough I did watch the film and thought my point was valid, people care more about some animals than others. If this had been about sheep being rugger tackled in a field, driven hundreds of miles without rest or water and hidden in a warehouse to wait for an early death, nobody would care. In fact most people don't give it a second thought as they stuff lamb chops down their throat. Not about other animals, but maybe a little bit about the whole issue of animal cruelty ? Fortunately I am a veggie so I can claim the moral high ground. Except for the few animals I killed. ;)

  28. dewflirt
  29. dewflirt

    Are you vegan, if so how vegan are you ?

  30. Guest
  31. Guest

    Of course i agree with you....i was being funny with Dewflirt (not so).

  32. KooKookaChoo
  33. KooKookaChoo

    I think it was you who missed the point.
    Seems to me they are all saying the same thing: we hunt animals down, capture and keep them, and put them on display for our own entertainment; the cute animals get it a bit better than the animals we see only as serving a purpose for own ends. Either way, it sucks to be the animal.

    and please be polite, what purpose does name-calling serve? You certainly won't see that in any animal community =P

  34. Guest
  35. Guest

    This reminds me of the practice of eating horse meat or dog meat in certain countries. Very scandalous to some even though chicken, lamb, beef, pork, fish is Ok.
    BUT this doc is about something completely different. Should we entertain ourself watching animals sitting in too small a cage in bad conditions with the practice of "Premature deaths. Trainer injuries. Illegal practices. Educational misrepresentation. Government incompetence. Secret deals."?

  36. Guest
  37. Guest

    I got the impression that Over The Edge was agreeing with Dewflirt.
    Are they both m*rons or neither?

  38. Gary Ward
  39. Gary Ward

    petas got vaginas between all their feet, so they always get mad when they smell fish

  40. dewflirt
  41. dewflirt

    Someone gave my kids a hammy last year. I'm not happy about keeping pets, especially pets in cages. I let them have him because I do believe kids should have a go at caring for an animal and hopefully learn something from it. Turns out they don't like it very much, or i should say they don't like feeling guilty when they put him back in his cage. I wonder how the staff at seaworld feel when they leave work in the evening. Can't be nice.

  42. dewflirt
  43. dewflirt

    That made me laugh and I don't know if I should have, can you explain please :)

  44. lex lexich
  45. lex lexich

    that is the question? omg, are you for real?

  46. lex lexich
  47. lex lexich

    i cannot believe that there are even on this internet site people who are still so ignorant about certain things, in the 21st century, i really hope that 'the gov' shut down the free stuff on the internet and we all become (or in the most cases- remain) ignorant, and pretty soon it would all be over for us humans.

  48. over the edge
  49. over the edge

    first off sorry but i am about to go off topic. i was agreeing with dewflirt. sorry if i wasn't clear but while i might not always agree i have nothing but respect for her and az. you might try attacking a post rather than the person making it. while i might do that on occasion as well i do try not to (it's the effort that counts right az lol).
    now i will leave you with a quote that might force you to take pause before calling someone a "mor__" "I make progress by having people around me who are smarter than I am and listening to them. And I assume that everyone is smarter about something than I am." Kaiser, Henry J.

  50. dewflirt
  51. dewflirt

    You can be on the cute pile for that edge, promise I wont eat you ;)

  52. drinker69
  53. drinker69


  54. dewflirt
  55. dewflirt

    Fantastic bunch of docs lately, thank-you :)

  56. KooKookaChoo
  57. KooKookaChoo

    this is completely disgusting. it's breaking my heart.

    I'm pursuing a career in wildlife conservation but sometimes it all seems so overwhelming.

    how can you fight these major corporations where people only care about money? you can educate the public, but people still go. I've told my family about this issue after I watched The Cove, and my aunt still took my little cousin to seaworld last summer. It either just doesn't sink in for some, or others really just don't care.

    It's no wonder our world is going to sh!t; if we can't treat animals humanely, what hope do we have in treating others well? December 2012 can't come fast enough in my opinion. "Flush it all away"

  58. Guest
  59. Guest

    Come on young girl, get a got a lot of smart, us old girls are counting on you!
    Do i hear 2012? I see most people tip toeing around those numbers lately.

  60. Guest
  61. Guest

    Ya and then let's get every minor pot offenders out of jail too.

  62. drinker69
  63. drinker69

    You should stay strong and focused on your career in wildlife conservation. 2012? whats suppose to happen then? I'm getting married in 2013 and my old lady wants to honeymoon in Niagara Falls. I promised her 2 nights in a room with a heart shaped whirlpool and $25 worth of slot machine tokens and she said she'd blow me. A deals a deal.

  64. drinker69
  65. drinker69

    Free Willy!

  66. Guest
  67. Guest

    It appears as if your willy is loosing it's freedom soon. lol

  68. norlavine
  69. norlavine

    Anything involving animals or kids in the entertainment arena - leave me out!
    Who really needs aquatic detainment centres built for the entertainment of mostly ignorant spectators? Anyone can go see whales, dolphins and other magnificent species in the wild, it just takes a little planning.
    If you are truly interested and curious, the reward will be much greater than the front row seat at Sea World.
    Sure, man dominates the planet, and rightly so - but with that comes a great responsibility and duty of care to all of its inhabitants.

  70. drinker69
  71. drinker69

    and it will spray her with white foam

  72. Guest
  73. Guest

    You are talking about the falls? lololol
    By the way, my parents went to Niagara falls for their honeymoon in 1956.

  74. norlavine
  75. norlavine

    I agree with AZ, now is the time for courage! We can't force our will, (no matter how noble) onto others - we can show them by example tho. The only bad thing to happen Dec 2012 is a lot of people will get too drunk and suffer hangovers for days.
    NB: In my experience, some folks treat their animals better than they do their own families, so don't worry about that one being any indication of the heart of mankind.
    Don't allow your sensitivity blind you to what you, as an individual with a gentle nature can do to change the world. xxx

  76. norlavine
  77. norlavine

    Sounds oh so romantic (gulp) x

  78. Guest
  79. Guest

    I will say the worst thing i ever put in my mouth was putrefied whale meat while visiting a friend in Scandinavia. It took months for me to forget that taste even though the piece was no bigger that half an inch square.

  80. KooKookaChoo
  81. KooKookaChoo

    thanks for the support everyone! I think I've been watching too much on the Phelps (insane) family and got into a "what the f*** is wrong with people" headspace...

    I avoided working with animals for the longest time because I am so sensitive. But someone told me once "Horrible things are going to happen whether you are there or not." The point being that only by being involved can you change what you don't like. This was an epiphany for me and changed my life -- I just have to keep remembering it.

  82. Thomas Meek
  83. Thomas Meek

    cruelty for profit unimaginable cruelty shame on sea world and all involved.

  84. fonbindelhofas
  85. fonbindelhofas

    i kick off about zoos, to my mind its worst invented place, to stuck creatures in and enjoy how "superior" we are

  86. dewflirt
  87. dewflirt

    Don't think they make us feel superior. I trained as a riding instructor when I was younger, I did used to enjoy the feeling of having some controll over such big beasts, they are very powerful. It was exciting. As I got older I realised I prefered them a bit wild, if you break them too hard they become little more than machines and all the fun is lost. Its actually very easy to make a horse want to be with you, they like company. All you have to do is ignore them and eventually they will come to you. A very different relationship, much more rewarding.

  88. firechild
  89. firechild

    thats why you have to be knowledgeable about zoos. the toronto zoon for example may have started out just to seek profit but now they work hard to invest money back into protection and consevation, versus some of the scary road side zoos you see in the united states. i agree though it would be nice if no zoos exhisted

  90. meenman
  91. meenman

    75 % of animals in zoo's were born in zoo's lighten up. Most of u have been to zoo's admit it, and you would have never seen most of the animals you have seen if it wasn't for zoo's. There well fed fed and taken care of. yeah " set them free., set them all free" then watch them all die as none of them have the skills to survive in the wild. stop super imposing human qualities on animals that don't know the difference. lame

  92. dewflirt
  93. dewflirt

    Sorry,going off topic here sort of, but have you seen the Chisora Haye brawl ?
    Just glad Vitali won. Wild animals eh, love them !

  94. Ben Stelle
  95. Ben Stelle

    Typical Canadian.

  96. Ben Stelle
  97. Ben Stelle

    And i don't feel bad for these dolphins or whales, the cove puts this next to second hand smoke for me.

  98. Imightberiding
  99. Imightberiding

    @Ben Stelle
    I would hardly categorize firechild as a "Typical Canadian". With his liberal use of (presuming I am correct with the gender "his" of the aforementioned) grammatical, spelling, & punctuation errors throughout his comment, one could easily mistake firechild for a citizen of the United States of America.

    Perhaps on a previous trip to Toronto he found the time to visit the "toronto zoon" (sic) & thus made the comparison with the all too many, unfortunate roadside zoos still to be found in that great land to the south. ;-) Thank you, Thank you very much ... good night every body!

  100. rljp
  101. rljp

    typical such a concern for a few dozen animals when you would have zero interest in the starving or sick children of the world. You mock Canadians like typical americans but you all get upity over some abused dog in Detroit and funnel cash to save the poor pooch when in the slums of the world hundreds of thousands of dogs are abused and injured and on their last leg...pardon the pun. But your evening news doesn't bring that story to you. I guess because the cruelty of the world and how you have absolutely no control would overwhelm you and you would change the channel and then they couldn't sell big macs to satisfy your lazy ignorant american arses.

  102. panthera
  103. panthera

    Humanity = FAIL. :-(

  104. Achems_Razor
  105. Achems_Razor


    We do not allow "hate speech" so keep it up, keep it up!

  106. Guest
  107. Guest

    care to say why? What fantastic country has the pleasure to have you around since birth?

  108. Imightberiding
  109. Imightberiding

    "...while my pet whale gently weeps..."

    For many years this topic/subject matter has ripped & torn at my heart. The majority of my life has been spent in the Pacific northwest of the U.S. & the south west coast of Canada

    I will forever remember a chance encounter I had while sailing from Victoria up to Desolation Sound. It was a hot August day, late in the afternoon & we were caught in the doldrums of a dead calm. The middle of Georgia Straight like glass. A few of us took this opportunity along with a bar of soap & dove over board for a quick refresher & thorough scrubbing. It was well into summer & thus the first eight or ten feet of usually brisk water had been warmed from the sun. Any deeper & we were suddenly reminded of where we were. The 49th parallel not the tropics. Quickly resurfacing back up to the warmer water I noticed movement, what looked like a flash of light & then a splash. Then several more of the same. It took us a moment to process what we were looking at. Many shouts, hand waving & much gesticulation from those still on board immediately clarified with sobering effect just what we had indeed seen. The angle of view or rather perspective is far superior from the deck of a ship or boat than it is from the surface of the water.

    I have been to aquatic shows & zoos. I have snorkeled with the green sea turtles on Maui. Well not "on" Maui, in the ocean next to Maui. I have done a little scuba & sailed for many years. Countless hours on, in & around the Pacific Ocean & living most of my life on the west coast of North America & not once, not ever, I mean never have I ever swam with "Killer Whales". I rarely use the term "Killer" & in almost all cases I refer to this noble animal as Orca. I realized then just how far I had drifted from the boat. Or had it drifted from Me? I heard some one shout: "Killer Whales!" At that precise moment in time I was not terribly concerned about the correctness of labels or terminology. For a very short while, as I tread water equidistance from the boat & the pod of Orcas I couldn't help but smile , I mean really smile to myself inside & out. What a perfectly sublime thing for this to be real & happening to me! I was swimming in the ocean with wild Orcas. Few others besides the two other guys with me in the water have had such a privilege or ever will.

    It was when I heard that shout, "Killer Whales" for the 3rd or 4th time, that my mind went from this "sublime moment with a pod of Orcas" to "I am the same distance from the boat as I am from these Killer Whales". They weren't between us & the boat but most certainly could easily catch us before we swam a couple meters. While the Orcas carried on doing Orca things, we swam as nonchalantly as possible the thirty or so meters back to the boat all the while increasing the distance between us & the "Killer Whales" & trying unsuccessfully to save face & salvage what little dignity we had left with the rest of the crew. This sublime moment was followed by amazement & wonder which was then followed by OMG's & shrieks of fear the likes of which only a tween girl would be proud. Experiencing the profound, esoteric moments in life while simultaneously going through all kinds of fear can wreak havoc with one's emotions. This wasn't a zoo or amusement park. This was 3 guys in the middle of the Straight of Georgia. Orca's back yard without an invitation with real live wild Orcas. I will reflect on this experience for the rest of my life. Almost 3 decades have past & still all I can think is "Wow!" as I remember that warm late afternoon day in August. It was truly amazing & altogether frightening to swim with those Orcas even if for but a moment in time. An experience that at the time was rare but sadly now seems all but impossible.

    How long before there is anything left for our children & their children? How much longer before we destroy all their chance opportunities & experiences with nature? The whole zoo & marine mammal amusement centre concept seems so completely antiquated & reeks with the stench of freak show.

    My apologies to all for the length of this post.

  110. LumumbaAfrica
  111. LumumbaAfrica

    It's all the Europeans' fault. Everytime they "discover" something that they are too stupid to understand, they put it in captivity, enslave it, rob it, rape it, or murder it. Then they say that they are doing it in the name of "progress, freedom, democracy, or science" It's all hogwash! (no offense to hogs) It is time that the oppressed beings of the world UNITE and throw off the shackles of Pan-European global domination.

  112. Achems_Razor
  113. Achems_Razor


    I have enjoyed your post, very informative and interesting.

  114. Ben Stelle
  115. Ben Stelle


  116. Ben Stelle
  117. Ben Stelle

    Maybe come up with something a bit more original than America is stupid, fascist.

  118. Kateye70
  119. Kateye70

    What an amazing experience! Thank you!

    At least you had a live presence for your fear...when I was 16 or so, I was snorkeling at one of the beaches on the US base in Cuba, years ago (I grew up there). As we followed the curve of the coral shelf, an area of sand opened up, and gently sloped down into the depths of the Caribbean. There was a large, empty expanse of water shading from green to blue to indigo to black. Just sand and water...

    As someone well aware of the sea life in that area, it suddenly occurred to me that that was more than enough room for a shark...and they grow some big ones there! Nothing to see, and yet I hightailed it back to shore and wouldn't go swimming the rest of the day. I still remember that intense feeling of awe and fear.

    I could hope our attitudes are changing about wild creatures and yet I don't see humans giving any real estate back.

  120. Imightberiding
  121. Imightberiding

    @Ben Stelle

    Oh my, Such strong & insulting language! It would appear that you entirely missed the focus/point of my post in response to your post which in turn was in response to @firechild.

    I was originally having a bit of fun at firechild's expense. I must admit now however, you have made this all too easy via your response to my aforementioned post in which, firechild was the focal point of my fun, but certainly not mean spirited jest.

    To clarify my statement this time around so that you might make no mistake, thus coming to full & complete comprehension as to my ultimate focus/point of this comment, is simply this: by all indicators from your previous post to me it would appear that you sir are the citizen of that great land U.S.A. & with open arms welcome @firechild back to Canada.

    I meant no harm in my earlier comment. It's what we call "takin' the p!$$ out of somebody". Laughs & happy cheers all around! You sir would do much better with a sense of humour. Your harsh choice of words about America, were yours not mine.

    With that said, I shall leave it at that & not respond further to this matter unless it is of course on topic to the doc.

  122. Imightberiding
  123. Imightberiding


    Thank you for your kind comment. I did not intend to be so long winded. There are so many more details I could have added of that afternoon swim. I paired my comment down but wanted to leave enough so as to convey the terrific majesty that is the Orca.

    The indigenous peoples of the coastal regions & many islands venerate these magnificent mammals in their carvings, legends, totems & throughout their culture. I just hope that in the not too distant future our descendants won't be hearing phrases like: "You know son, I was there when the last dolphin on earth died & by golly, I'll never forget... just how darn good it tasted after I shot it & threw it on the grill!"

    Sorry, bad joke. Seriously I honestly find it difficult to believe that there would be even one person who would not grieve at the staggering losses the cetaceans have suffered at the hands of greedy men. Unfortunately it continues today. If I sound like a Greenpeace activist, it can't be helped. It is not my intention, I do feel strongly about the issues raised in this film. Along with my thanks to you Mr.Razor for your kind comment, I extend my thanks to Vlatko for the opportunity to watch this film & perhaps spark a small interest in people who otherwise would not even be aware of the abuse, cruelty & outright slaughter of these keenly intelligent animals.

  124. Imightberiding
  125. Imightberiding


    Thank you for you kind comment. Ooooh! OhBoy!OhBoy!OhBoy! Oh Man! The fear & scary things our minds can conjure up, especially while in the ocean. I'm pretty sure I have felt the same way while swimming or snorkeling. It is a perfectly reasonable fear. It's what we can't see that really frightens us. Perhaps we all have Steven Spielberg to thank for the shark fears.

    I have never been to Cuba & have always wanted to go. As much as I wish & hope for them that the U.S. would end all trade embargoes, I honestly would like to visit that beautiful island before it gets caught up with the rest of the western world. Cuba has always sounded to me anyway, perfectly fabulous! First it was an old girlfriend's father who entertained me with his tales of excitement from his many (oft drunken crawls I'm sure) trips to Havana & else where. Then it was after reading (devouring) pretty much every thing written by Papa! That is to the uninitiated; Ernest Hemingway.

    Sorry again for drifting off course. I am terribly envious of you & your upbringing in Cuba. Had I not lived where I did I would not have been sailing that day & missed the pod of Orca. Cheers!

  126. lex lexich
  127. lex lexich

    shame on you! i will never read your posts again...

  128. lex lexich
  129. lex lexich

    you are soooo ignorant, of course they would die, but you are soooo wrong that majority is born in zoo's, soooo wrong

  130. lex lexich
  131. lex lexich

    omg you people, there is no such thing as good zoo!!!!!!

  132. lex lexich
  133. lex lexich

    in other words -freak show, but with freaks outside of cages

  134. lex lexich
  135. lex lexich

    shame on you, again!

  136. Guest
  137. Guest

    I find it double standard when i see someone who is all for science knowing full well how small animals are used for experiments in labs but these same people get bent out of shape when they hear of a zoo like the San Diego zoo who's research goal is to keep animals alive. The San Diego zoo has participated and has succeeded in putting back into the wild some species that would not have had the chance to survive.
    As i have written earlier, there are many zoos that should be closed as there are many labs that should be reprimanded and fined.
    I have never owned a dog or a cat, i prefer to see wild life. Here in Canada we are lucky to still have many species roaming freely. My choice of not having pets doesn't make me judge people who enjoy them but frankly i have seen the situation of many dogs i would not want for anyone or any animals.
    That said, let's keep in mind that there is some bad in every thing good, and there is some good in every thing bad.

  138. Norm
  139. Norm

    A bit off topic, but you can fly to Canada and then to Cuba without breaking any laws. Just in case you wanted to know!

  140. Epicurus
  141. Epicurus

    yes there is. most zoos do very beneficial research and breeding in order to keep these species alive and thriving.

    you have no clue what you are talking about.

  142. Guest
  143. Guest

    If the passport you are travelling with, is from the US, it doesn't matter where you travel from, it will show on that passport. I might have misunderstood what you meant. You are right, you can fly to Cuba "no problema" from Canada.

  144. Ben Stelle
  145. Ben Stelle

    childish words with no substance.

  146. fonbindelhofas
  147. fonbindelhofas


  148. ZarathustraSpeaks
  149. ZarathustraSpeaks

    I assumed the sarcasm would be obvious if you read the comment I was responding to. That’s why I listed New Zealand along with Canada as two of the least offensive countries I could think of.

  150. ZarathustraSpeaks
  151. ZarathustraSpeaks

    I assumed the sarcasm would be obvious if you read the comment I was responding to. That’s why I listed New Zealand along with Canada as two of the least offensive countries I could think of.

  152. Guest
  153. Guest

    One would have had to read mind to realize that you were being sarcastic. You comment reads more like an approval no matter how many times i look at it.
    So what, you like Canadians? Go to Poor America to find a few more reasons to do so. lol

  154. ZarathustraSpeaks
  155. ZarathustraSpeaks

    Seems to be a lot of sensitivity about national identities here. I was responding to a comment which referred to “the typical Canadian” as if there was one. I don’t find generalities based on individuals very helpful especially when they are predicated on what country the person is from. As a “Poor American” I don’t really have much of any kind of opinion on Canadians I guess.

  156. Guest
  157. Guest

    I agree with you, there are no typical Canadians the same way as there are no typical humans but there certainly are characteristics that are similar to a region or to a country and to humans.
    Being French Canadian i have certain characteristics that are very different than the average person from, for exemple, northern Manitoba or Labrador, so to say "typical Canadian" does not apply.
    I have traveled extensively, and i can tell you i will not always recognize a German, an American, a Japenese or a Marocan but i often will.
    As for my reply to you, i did reply because i thought you were rude, the same as the reply i gave John in Poor America (plus i thought it was interesting and i had a good laugh with Achems and KooKookachoo (what a name!)).
    Am i proud to be Canadian? Yes and No, i am proud to be alive and to participate in uniting all people.

  158. norlavine
  159. norlavine

    Birds in cages, guinea pigs in cages, fish in cute little tanks and whales in swimming pools continue to give many humans the warm and fuzzies.
    Domestic animals such as cats and dogs however, have over the many many generations,genetically aligned themselves to living along side humans, and have adapted mentally, emotionally and socially along these lines.
    If you want to see an animal behave like it wants to amuse and please you - get a dog. xx

  160. lakhotason
  161. lakhotason

    Not to mention the humans in their own little cages.

  162. Alexandra Jane
  163. Alexandra Jane

    Zoos were not invented for educational purposes but for entertainment purposes. That is what they still remain as under the guise of education. Wild animals belong in the wild. Not behind glass or plastic.

  164. Guest
  165. Guest

    The term zoological garden refers to zoology, the study of animals, a term deriving from the Greek z?on (????, "animal") and lógos (?ó???, "study"). The abbreviation "zoo" was first used of the London Zoological Gardens, which opened for scientific study in 1828 and to the public in 1847.

    I am starting to sound like someone who is FOR zoos. I am not, there is no better place for animals than the wild or in the country and that stands for any kind of animals or humans.
    Zoos reminds me of big city living.

  166. lakhotason
  167. lakhotason

    Or maybe big city living reminds you of a zoo.

  168. Epicurus
  169. Epicurus

    says the person who most likely has never worked in a zoo.

  170. norlavine
  171. norlavine

    Yeah, Polly want a cracker? Polly want a cracker? Even the universe feels like a cage to me sometimes.x

  172. Imightberiding
  173. Imightberiding


    Thank you for the traveling tip to Cuba. I am aware of the method many U.S. residents/citizens employ to reach Cuba. Perhaps some of my previous posts did little if anything but add confusion to where I am from.

    I am a CDN citizen currently residing in Canada. I have over the years lived for extended periods of time in the U.S. Post secondary education, former marriage & many relatives in that fine country to the south of me.

    At the moment health issues & the resulting strain on my financial health, are posing as an unfortunate gap I am unable to bridge. Thanks again for the suggestion though. Cheers.

    * Sorry to all for this off topic response. I felt the thoughtful
    suggestion from Norm deserved a reply in kind.

  174. Anthony Pirtle
  175. Anthony Pirtle

    I'm not as anti-zoo as some of the commentators below, but I think there's no excuse for keeping intelligent, social, self aware creatures in captivity, be it dolphins and whales, great apes, elephants or big cats. Unfortunately these are the big draws for zoos.

  176. Barbara OConnor
  177. Barbara OConnor

    This documentary made me cry. How awful that these intelligent, social, self aware creatures are subjected to the abuse of captivity. I have been to sea world, I was very young. It did not thrill me near as much as watching their migration from the shore in northern California. It is one of my favorite memories. One I cherish that I got to see that. So much better than seeing them perform in a tank. More breath taking and beautiful seeing them in the wild. The movie Free Willy was very helpful in bringing to my awareness of the cruelty these creatures suffer at human hands. Sometimes I wonder how we justify ourselves. I truly believe some things are meant to be left in the wild. Whales and dolphins are just two of many.

  178. Backrest
  179. Backrest

    Anyone that makes a living off of captive cetaceans
    does not care for their well being.

  180. madscirat
  181. madscirat

    Abusing animals to teach people to respect animals is text book human hypocrisy. I used to work with conservationists studying bears. When the bears started dying in the traps and the researchers had to choose between the bears and their grant money guess what they choose. They repressed knowledge of the incidents and threatened to fire me if I wouldn't shut my mouth. This video elicits exactly zero shocks from me. It follows the most basic law of human behavior, whatever a person tells you, the exact opposite is true.

  182. madscirat
  183. madscirat

    You do not work in a zoo therefore your opinion is invalid.

  184. Epicurus
  185. Epicurus

    i have done work with zoos

  186. Ryan Hahn
  187. Ryan Hahn

    This is nothing. Go visit a animal factory farm, you'll see what real cruelty is. Oh wait, they won't let you in, they have too many things to hide from the public.

  188. batvette
  189. batvette

    What about the extreme losses to the world seal community by the orcas who have been iknown to consume up to 800 of them a year? Are the orcas greedy? Or will you excuse them and say it's instinct, they have to eat?
    How is this different from humans? We have simply evolved to getting up in the morning and making a buck is how we get our meals. As time goes by the ways to do it must be more novel. If some took their fascination with creatures of the ocean and did it that way it's not for me to condemn them for it.
    Very few creatures have the luxury of an idyllic life. How are these orcas different from a guy who must share a 1 room apartment with 2-3 others and trudge off to his fast food job every day? Imprisoned, performing demeaning tasks for his food?

  190. batvette
  191. batvette

    While SeaWorld critics demand they close their captive cetacean exhibits, up the road a few miles the Scripps institute predicts that in 50 years or less man will have killed off all the life in the world's oceans.
    I hope I don't have to explain this now but I know what to expect from ideologues.
    The knowledge and expertise SeaWorld has gained in its operations will be absolutely critical in maintaining examples of these species and preventing their complete extinction.
    So please for the sake of preservation of these species butt out of their business unless it's to promote them and what they are doing. Its vital whether you realize it or not.

  192. Imightberiding
  193. Imightberiding

    Wow, my post was a few years ago. That said, i was only relating my personal experience, captivation & awe at these majestic & dwindling if not out right endangered species. I certainly can make no comparison to man & certainly not to a guy sharing accommodations, trudging to his fast food job each day as you have.

    Again, my comments were based mostly on experience, direct observation & history. It would be a sad world without Orca or other cetaceans for that matter. It would also be equally sad without seals. I suspect there are far more seals in the oceans than Orca. If the seal population died out then the Orca, as a top predator, would be close behind.

  194. Imightberiding
  195. Imightberiding

    Seaworld & the like are for profit amusement parks driven by greed & the exploitation of the very mammals they showcase. they are not scientific research centres & not even on par with some of the more ethical zoos who are endeavoring to counteract & preserve the extinction of endangered & rare species. They are in the business of entertainment & not far off from the freak shows of the not so distant past. Capturing the young, separating close bonded families & training these wild animals to do tricks in front of a paying audience & subjugating them to closed pens a fraction of their natural habitat is hardly helping the species to survive in the wild.

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