The Fall of Mosul

The Fall of Mosul

2016, Military and War  -   17 Comments
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How did 1,500 ISIS insurgents successfully face off against over 30,000 members of the Iraqi army to conquer the country's second largest city of Mosul? The answer, as provided in the searing feature-length documentary The Fall of Mosul, is much more complex than you might think.

In June of 2014, the terrorist organization managed to gain control over a population of 1.8 million. They accomplished this seemingly impossible task in just six short days.

What factors made Mosul such a vulnerable target for enemy occupation? You can't gain a complete understanding of the city's current predicament without indulging in a careful consideration of its history. In this regard, filmmaker Graham Templeton does a commendable job of outlining the key events that have shaped the development of Mosul dating back thousands of years.

Throughout the city's history, ongoing conflicts have deepened the divisions between the Kurds, Sunni and Shiite Arabs, and other religious sects who populate the area. From the aftermath of World War I to the rise of dictator Saddam Hussein to the currently raging Syrian Civil War, a series of tumultuous events have had a cumulative and detrimental impact on the morale and vitality of the region. Amidst an environment of growing instability and disharmony, Mosul has grown increasingly susceptible to the nefarious plots of insurgent forces. This dynamic reached a crescendo with the cataclysmic U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, and the immense destabilization that followed in its wake.

The film explores the disintegration of Mosul at the hands of ISIS militants with great depth and insight. It's a narrative marked by mass withdrawals of military and law enforcement personnel, poor logistical planning, and inferior supplies of armaments.

As of October 2016, a renewed effort has been mounted among Iraqi forces to reclaim the city of Mosul. The future of this major city continues to hang in the balance. Our modern media has been lax in their coverage of these crucial events, and that's precisely why this film should be considered essential viewing. The Fall of Mosul offers an eye-opening primer on a complicated history that continues to inform present-day events.

Directed by: Graham Templeton

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17 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Graham

    Propaganda... he's Canadian

  2. bobby Ingram

    Live your values.

  3. bobby Ingram

    Dang! So many commenters alledging pure propaganda and Yet not one of them offers a better, more truthful story!

  4. john

    When the last human dies there will be peace on earth.

  5. lucrative

    piece of crap US-propaganda.... 36.01 "most of the millitants retreated to Pakistan and Afghanistan" have your ever seen the map did thay took a US C-130 flight to bagram air base or Us operated air base in Jacobabad Pakistan :D

  6. Paul Appleby

    Pure US propoganda

  7. Anonymous

    This whole website is just cookie cutter propaganda docs picked and chosen. What a load of crap. The first 2 mins state 3 different 'headlines' about how many troops took the city from under 1000 to 1300. Get your stuff right

  8. anonymous

    i must say mehmet is right about the oil, bush was like don't take my oil my poor poor family will starve KABOOM KABOOM gratatatatata

  9. George

    The background story is laughable. About as narrow-minded as you expect an US establishment story to be. Actually everything about the Syria part is wrong.

  10. john guess

    Who wrote this, or did the research? This person who produced this must watch the Flintstones like they are watching a documentary. What a false representation of the facts.

    1. ian seed

      The guy who made the film writes about tech and bitcoin and stuff.
      So yeah, you are dead right to ask.

  11. Last viewer

    All this because the US had pseudo proof that Saddam had WMD ?
    Not only the US knew that but the whole world knew that the US sold gas to Iraq to give a wild ride to the Kurdish population in northern Iraq and we sure know which US war monger it was.
    Regarding any Iraqi A bomb, it is a "America" produced fantasy.

    The US do not have what it takes to have leaders and Elites with a bare minimum of intellectual integrity. This fact led their population to bankruptcy for a bundle or reasons.
    The best they can do is to borrow money to their mum as long as mum can afford it.

  12. Steven McIntosh

    I agree with Jonathan. The anti-american sentiment is really too strong with a lot of previous comments and in the world generally now a days.. This is a good fact based documentary and I'd recommend it to anyone.

  13. Jonathan

    I definitely do not agree with the previous comments about this being propaganda. Great fact based documentary that goes out of its way to provide important historical context often missing in modern media.

  14. Dave

    Brill documentry so well detailed,well worth a watch,thanks for sharing, 10/10

  15. mehmet

    I have just watched the first 10 minutes. Pure propaganda, nothing more.. Waste of time..

    Saddam was a cruel guy. But he was not the monster western media made him to be..

    Before saddam, english was stealing all the oil wealth of iraq. Saddam put a stop to this. He kicked out the british and turned all the oil income back to the iraqi people.. In return Britain and US did all they can do to toople saddam. They freely provided weapons to the feudal kurdish minority and kurds kept on revolting.. They tried to instigate violence between sunni and shia. They tried to encourage war between iran and iraq.. And, last but not least, they dropped oil prices via their proxy kuwait and saudi arabia to bankrupt saddam..

    Saddam may be a bad guy. But he was not half as bad as British and Americans..
    Saddam never betrayed to iraqi people..
    Rulers of UK and US ruined iraq, and also betrayed to american and british peoples..
    The end result of all these iraq/afghanistan/libya/syria/whatnot debacle was the lining up of the pockets of the anglo uling class..
    Neither american nor british peoples had any good out of it, except that their sons were killed and maimed in the battlefields of iraq..

  16. Immi

    Where is this i**** Graham Templeton finding his info. Most of this is so factually incorrect and seems like a propoganda doc in favour of America and its inhumane and unjust foreign policy initiatives.