Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre

Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre

2005, Military and War  -   102 Comments
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Fallujah: The Hidden MassacreThis war can not have witnesses. It can not have witnesses because it is based on lies. The Americans have permitted only embedded journalists to go to Fallujah. Despite that, for example the image of the marine that shoots the wounded and unarmed warrior inside the Fallujah Mosque has gone out. And exactly because this image has gone out, we do not know how, and because it has circulated all over the world, the NBC journalist that has recorded it has been immediately expelled from the embedded body. Fallujah, The Hidden Massacre is a documentary film by Sigfrido Ranucci and Maurizio Torrealta which first aired on Italy's RAI state television network on November 8, 2005.

The film documents the use of weapons that the documentary asserts are chemical weapons, particularly the use of incendiary bombs, and alleges indiscriminate use of violence against civilians and children by military forces of the United States of America in the city of Fallujah in Iraq during the Fallujah Offensive of November 2004.

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  1. I took part in the 1st battle of Fallujah, April 2004 with 1st Bn 5th Marines.
    This documentary is spot on.
    I witnessed people with their skin melted off and there clothes still intact. Many of them women and children.
    How can you say anyone deserves that JB? Many of the people we killed in Fallujah were civilians. A lot of women & children too. You & I both know that.
    The war and occupation of Iraq was based on a lie. There were no WMD's & the Iraqi populace had no Al Qaeda link. You know it was a lie.
    You know half the civilians we encountered had no idea why we were there. To them, we were just the foreign bully occupying their land (which incidentally is the truth). Time to wake up Marine, stop feeding people lines of bull sh*t.
    You signed an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. What threat were the Iraqi people to the US homeland? Why then do you continue to glorify an unconstitutional war & war crimes that you even acknowledge happened?
    Our government continues to send our troops into banking wars. These aren't wars 'to protect your freedom', these are wars to prop up the elite of the World Bank and protect the US Petro dollar. It is imperialism at its finest.
    So, please explain why anyone deserves this?!?

    1. That was the only reason we went their to kill and maim civilians,,,, of course leftists they i why we get into wars right? only killing and maiming the innocent is what we live for,,,, right? get real

    2. I was in Afghanistan in 2004 and Iraq in 2007. I am so angered by this. I am so sorry you for the unecessary loss of life/murder of civilians. Bush is/was a warmonger. I am sorry for our combat troops who where made to blindly follow orders from corrupt Generals looking for yet another combat patch. This pisses me off. Do not let your children join our Gestapo military who shower us with propaganda and promises of American exceptionalism, then turn us into their killing machine. Let the leftists, (Bush and Cheney,) and the lying Satanic..... well we all know, implement the draft and send their own precious children. In order for it to have occurred, members of the Iraqi elite had to have been on board. We have fearless leaders world-wide who have sold out their citizenry. God help us all.

  2. Those guys were terrorists, they plotted to kill & killed our soldiers and most likely there own kind.yea i think they deserved it

  3. This documentary is pure BS. Do not waste your time. Those who dream of the demise of America have a view of reality that all others must conform to. It matters not whether it is true or false. If it is a lie, no matter, it should be true because they believe it.Their goal is to eliminate all those things which we - A FREE PEOPLE - love and call America without apology. There is a proverb which fits here: "A worthless person, a wicked man, is the one who walks with a perverse mouth." So, answer not a fool according to his folly. These people are fools and not worthy of response because they have already made up their worthless souls.

  4. We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed... A few people cried... Most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture the Bhagavad Gita; Vishnu is trying to persuade the prince that he should do his duty, and to impress him takes on his multi-armed form, and says, "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." I suppose we all thought that, one way or another.
    We have become death.

  5. the guy narating is an idiot, cant even get things right. the burned kid in vietnam was a girl not a boy. the napalm canisters werent filmed by cameramen hanging to the bottom of the jets, they were the bombing equivelent of gun cameras. most of the images of peeling skin in iraq is caused by decomposition not burning, you can tell by the bloating and skin colour. the massacre happened as a result of private security operators being shot, burned, cut up and hanged on a bridge. the americans werent going to go in untill that happened. i unlike him was actualy in iraq and i get annoyed when id**ts try to talk about things they no nothing about and they cant even get the details right.

    1. So you were in Iraq, sorry to here that. But you know then that there were NO WMDs, therefore the war was illegal and unlawful. One million Iraqis were murdered. Including 200,000 babies and children. The USA is stomping through the eastern world killing, maiming, obliterating innocent peoples lives. For what? The war on terror? Now most people know there's more terror coming from USA weapons of war than any brown skinned terrorist....(freedom fighters).....
      The Zionists are the now running the USA government.....their mission....the murder and annihilation of all peoples who do not bow to their whim. What is their plan? To imprison all humanity into The New World Order. And all you innocent soldiers are being lied to....you are just fodder for these desperate Satanists.
      Look it up, Agenda 21. The New World Order.

    2. The boy is running beside the girl. In the military I'm in, the people responsible for collecting "gun cam" images, are called image techs. Pretty much cameramen.

  6. History will record the crimes against humanity that America has committed. I am no longer proud to call myself an American.

    1. Then leave and move away.

  7. this video proved nothing and was made for nothing and if it is true what are you going to do about it? NOTHING

    1. shameful you would say something like that ...must not be too God fearing to say something like that.

  8. Watching this Documentary is showing me The Bush Administration is no different than the Nazi Germany was,also those Marines and Soldiers who commited those attrocities is not better than common criminals and ignorant animals

    1. Try reading the history on Nazi Germany again and come back please.

    2. and so answers the " common criminals and ignorant animal"

  9. americans get told to fire at anything that moves like they kill brit soldiers and say its friendly fire what **** they are told to fire at anything just like in fallujah

    1. Are you serious?! Most soldiers these days fight with hands tied behind their backs as rules of engagement change so taliban can get away with using children as walking bombs. Try researching before posting ignorant crap, we aren't even allowed to open fire unless fired upon or are in immediate danger. You're part of a jaded group that believes only the worst case scenario when in fact, there are soldiers jailed constantly or reprimanded for firing on those in the process of actually PLANTING IED's (bombs). Rules of Engagement get our soldiers killed more than anything else but even with all these rules, there will always be innocent casualties especially when fighting an enemy that uses general public as human shields and taking over someone's house with families inside to use as a firing point because they know Geneva Convention keeps them safe. Read up on both sides of these stories.

    2. Then just refuse to fight and kill innocent brown children. Find a decent job, one with better prospects than death at a young age.

    3. You seem pretty uneducated. Tell you what. You stop consuming any goods that require any resources from third world countries, and the soldiers will stop securing them for you. Seems reasonable. And because you clearly have no military background, being in the service is a very good job, with great prospects. It allows the people who have the desire to see their country safe and prosperous the ability to effect change. To do what that countries government seeks for its people. If you don't like what the military does, change the government. If you consume products other than what your own country can provide, then you are the problem. The military is just your enabler.

    4. You sure are effective on making changes, like making americans believe that the GWOT is what keeps them safe from the big family of Muslim dangerous terrorists. Of course this government seeks for its people to be safe, but do they really make them feel safer, or do they scare the sh*t out of them with numerous stories about dangerous terrorist just so they're sure that their so called people think there is a good reason to finance that GWOT... Maybe they believe that their people would not be so enthusiastic about america going to the Global War on Power and Oil, therefore killing tens of thousands of innocent Casualties and destroying human being's lives and countries for the sake of this Empire that's behind your government. If you don't like what uneducated people believe to be the right thing to do don't. But please don't believe that the military's only purpose is to secure goods that are being produced in third world countries.

    5. get real child

  10. Not enough people see these facts and connect the dots yet, but they will. Fear and hate are the tools the few use to divide and manipulate the many.
    I am an American, I am an Israeli, I am English, I was born in the Saudi royal family. I do not profit from this war but you hate me because my rulers planned it and caused it. Now you want to kill those close to me because some of them may have killed those close to you. Now the privatized warmongering provocateurs make another dollar off our pain. Lets kill each other and watch them rejoice. It's easier than sorting out an online direct democracy where we govern ourselves.

    1. I don't hate Israelis cause they are Isrealis, Saudis cause they are Saudis or Americans cause they are American.
      Too many Germans kept silent too long and paid for that with Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne ...
      It's always the same people with no feeling for their neighbors: Bankers, Generals, Politicians from Israel, Saudi Arabia, America, Germany ... you name it.
      They have no country, no empathy, they have just their greed.

      They are sick of might.

      I think the only cure for greed is the galloise (but i'm not proud of that sad idea).

    2. Those of us whom have lived and seen the world understand the difference between an individual and their corrupt leaders. God Bless you.

  11. since found by a bunch of outlaws established a country by genocide, what do u expect from those barbaric cowboys?

  12. 27 minutes of film ...? 27 years America has made ??other nations broken ...

  13. Absolutely. It's only one more rock in the pile.

  14. He should be flattered but I'm an American. The devil incarnate.

    1. Oh yeah! If it all goes wrong I can blame you, brilliant ! See, you Americans are good for something ;)

  15. Consider it a sort of pregame warm-up for your exam.

    And your exam is what subject?

    1. No exam, just the nerves ! You had me struggling to remember poetry I haven't read in years. Sorry to have mislead you there, finished my study years ago :)

    2. And you didn't lay Lawrence Ferlinghetti on me? Trying to stretch my brain back to him is akin to stretching a brick.

    3. Maybe so, but you came right back with a great first line and almost had me scratting about under the bed in search of old books.

    4. But yes, what a great first line. And the only one I remembered.

      And does Pierre know we're talking about him this way?

    5. oops, I'd forgotten where we started. Hopefully he will be flattered. Are we being naughty? I dont feel naughty.

  16. A poet is born
    A poet dies

    Lawrence Ferlinghetti

    1. And all that lies between is us and the world. You really are testing my memory today Lak, I have exam nerves :/

  17. America, Britain and Canada who allies with them are the land of swine and whatever cataclysm befalls the citizens will be rejoiced in the world

  18. Just as every other great empire has fallen, so shall America...
    The expiry date is unimportant...
    Decay and atrophy is unstoppable...
    It is inevitable...
    Its just the nature of things...

    Only an uneducated person would disagree...

    1. The greed of capitalism will destroy itself.

  19. To "None none".
    You are the ideal specimen of the average uneducated american. It wasn't the Cossacks, it was the Ukrainian who "Collaborated" with the Germans at the beginning of WWII.
    Second, as Staline saw that the "German" danger was quite more serious than expected, he moved all of his arms and weapons production in Siberia.
    The russian solution to the "German problem" came from the "Far East".

    You proven yourself to be poorly, very poorly eductated.
    Beside, since most if not all american have English as a mother tongue, it is easy for anybody to realise factually that you are indeed so very poorly educated! Your writing is as bad as a primary school student.

    Stalin already was in power at the beginning of WWII.
    When he came back in Germany with his "Eastern" forces, it was hell for the Germans, up to the time where they had to back-up to Berlin.

    It was obvious that late or soon, the germans would have fell anyhow.
    It could have taken longer, but the Rech was doomed.
    The whole world was there, the Australians, the Arabs of those days, the Canadians, the N-Zelanders and so forth, so forth.

    As far as I know, only one nation claimed to be the only one who deserve the merit of bringing down Hitler.

    I'll now tell you something that you obviously do have the opportunity to be made aware of: -To discover new things in science & technology, one needs tools. Like either microscopes, industrial instruments and so forth.
    I ain't gonna to describe how one can purify uranium 235 by air vortex but it comes down to the same concept that :- "If takes a minimum of "Pre-Existing" technology to create further technology".

    Once the humankind possess this and that technology, anybody, late or soon will access the next technology down the road. History clearly state that.

    And personnally, when an individual(S) acts as if "He'd" be the only "Goddish" one who saved the world and upon whom the whole world puts his faith in, I'm one of those who claim that it is much better for humankind to ignore such a fool.

    The reminescent NAZI behavior, the "Goddish World's Ruler".
    An abuser among millions.


    1. I am a New Zealander and yes we were ready to go to war against tyranny immediately. It could have been ended a lot sooner had America joined us from the start :( 'They make a desert and call it peace' Neutrality is a sign of cowardice in a time of war.

  20. All you people that hate on America are pathetic. We're not perfect and never claim to be. Education is failing, banks are failing, support from the public is failing, etc. But what country is ALWAYS responding to aide other countries in need during a catastrophe? We're one of the only countries in the world providing humanitraian assistance (medical, food, education, etc.) to the whole continent of Africe 24/7. You all call us murderers and killers because you FAIL to look at the positive things our country is involved in. And whether you know it or not, AND YOU DON'T because none of you have been in a war zone, military members are doing good things there. Try thinking for yourself instead of blindly agreeing with every single liberal viewpoint.

    1. Wow... no wonder America is in such trouble.

      I think you are suffering from a disease called "Blind Patriotism." Your cure is probably fatal, but if you are brave, you might beat the brainwashing. First, turn off the FOX News programming network. Then, take twice daily two parts truth, and two parts critical thinking, and four parts reality for one year.... then open your eyes.

      Be brave. It will hurt. You will realize you have been lied too.

    2. 2 of my uncles were present when liberating 2 concentration camps in Germany. They passed away lately. 2 of their sons are in my country army. One spent alas 3 years in Afghanistan since UN voted against the USA to invade Iraq. The UN coalition for Iraq claimed by the USA is nothing else but a hoax as the WMD are.

      Would you like to get a list of war crimes, CIA murders, and overthrow of democratically elected governments the USA has perpetrated since the mid-50? The list is much too long to go through.

      I know one thing for a fact, is that when humankind comes up to a point of being ready to discover this or that part of science/technology (Because this require tools and background knowledge), it's only a matter of time before humankind gets fit to control science or a given technology.
      If it's not one, it'll be the other. That is a fact!
      AID virus is only one example among many.

      This being, I'd really would have rather that the USA as now known wouldn’t have ever existed.
      Humankind would have been much better off.

      WWII? Listen; Against all odds, that guy was plain stupid to think that he could have held the world under his authority.
      It may have taken longer, but he had to fall.
      Everyone was ready and willing to fool those maniacs...
      Which includes quite a few person if one includes the Chineses, the Russians and the Indians (Not the one in N-America...).

      Futher... Today? How many are you in the USA?
      You're strong, well armed?
      The world knows 'bout the "School of Assassins".
      What's your population, what the worldwide population?

      Selfish arrogant behavior never served good.
      It an't all countries who are plagued with liars and abusers who strive to install psychotic dictators.

      Good day boasting, and get ready to pay your debts to your friend the communists Chineses!


    3. you have no Idea so I wouldnt even talk if I was you America has ups and downs but definitely has been the most influential nation in modern times and if I recall it wasnt the russians that defeated the germans it was the Don Cossacks who later sided with the germans because they felt they had a common enemy "Stalin" so if I recall great britian and the french resistance was all that stood in the way of germany China was not a warring nation at that time and did not have the technology so with the exception of french resistance and a tattered soviet army nothing stood in the way besides israel perhaps and Hitler himself in fact if he wouldnt have allied with the japanese America may not have joined the war but this is History so if you are going to talk about it at least get your facts straight Frenchie lol

    4. @none none,

      I quote you : -:Nothing stood in the way besides israel perhaps and Hitler himself"...?

      You have any idea what year did Israel was founded?

      So that in the future, whenever an american tells me : -History so if you are going to talk about it at least get your facts straight", I'll have consider the poor, so very poor education available in the USA.
      Israel between 1910-1945?

      Gosh! You're too busy at mopping floors or what?
      Although, it could be the american religees who gives you your endoctrinement? Get the infos young arrogant turk.


    5. Pierre, you of all people have no place to talk s***. If it wasn't for the US, you'd be speaking German. Ungrateful pri*ks.

    6. Im sorry....but had to fall? Up until he attacked russia., there was no indication, whatsoever, that he would fail in taking the entirety of Europe. After given plenty of time to regenerate his forces, he would have continued throughout Africa, and who knows after that...the real prize was Europe...but hitler couldn't say no to all those little gems.

    7. @Jamesy,

      Yes, "Had to fall". Have a good look on how the Russians came back in their land starting at about the fall of the Germans at Leningrad if I remember well. Anyhow, that russian city where for the first time a very high ranking German was captured alive.
      They almost all freeze to death.

      That was with the "New" russian army commander. Sorry, don't recall his name. It's him who entered Berlin & found Hitler's bunker...

      Anyhow, after the Russians took back Leningrad and the Ukraine, the russians thrurst into Germany was extremely fast on the eastern front.
      I don't remenber the name of these trucks carrying sort of hundreds of rocket lauchers but we see in archived movies that there wasn't no nightime darkness anymore. Hell, nothing less!

      And at that time, the "Allied" were not yet on Germany territory.
      Bare in mind that the allied first gave prime attention to Italy and France, Hum... Dating back to before Normandy.
      The allied sure had to speed it up a little since it's wasn't that easy to move a group of armies compared to the sole Russian one.

      For instance, at the time the russians ransaked Berlin, the allied were not even there. So, no way to accuse any allied of any war crime?
      BTW, they should have known how the russian army was at that time, but hey! With what civilans russians went through when the German invaded Ukraine and other russian cities, y'a know....?

      In short, what would have happened if the allieds wouldn't have freed Italy and France before going to Berlin?
      1) For sure is that England would have remained as it aways been since the germans were pretty busy with the Russians in the east.
      2nd) the French never stopped harassing the Germans.
      However, Italy and the nearby countries (The Balkans at at that time) were not safe, not at all.

      But in any events, with the Russians paying a heck of a good ride to the Germans, as they did, Hitler's regime was doom.
      Even though that means that many, many more human beings would have lost their lived.
      Much more than what happened factually.

      I think that what happened before 1940 was so appaling to the allies that they had to take a step forward.
      England and France once were againts each others but that dates back to so long ago... Same thing for Italy and Greece.
      The Balkan? Don't ever touch that! We learned in 1918...

      All in all, the number of inhabitants in Germany couldn't permit Hitler a worldwide dictatorship.

      There's a limit to high techno weaponry.
      As we all know by now, once one succeeded to submit or destroy the government of such a populated country as China or Indiam are, it would sure be a bright idea to begin to plan how less than ~1.0 % of humakind can control the other 99%.
      -Hitler's thoughts were his fantazy.

      An even worst situation in now days because of the electronic communications at our services.


    8. if you read your own comments you will understand why america is in trouble, i refuse to go on with this note because you offend me but couple things i must add: you talk about ALWAYS responding to aide other countries... do you mean palestine? you probably don't know this but u.s. has over 900 military bases around the world, why is that exactly? it doesn't bother me that you are ignorant what bothers me is that you are arrogant.

  21. We are all part of the problem ! The US might be the army of the banks and it is just a means to an end do not kid your self if you r wearing nike shoes on your cell phone watching your flat screen TV`s have multible cars creditcards you are where the banks get their money it doesnt matter what part of the world you live in its about control by the media we r all sheep. Noam Chomsky was right in his warning about corporate media's role in modern propaganda. The media sold that war

    1. Error Semper Fi!! The US Army do not really belong to the US Banking coalition since most of these banks basically belong (Were recently bought out) by the american citizens.

      Most of these banks wouldn't even exist anymore if US citizens wouldn't have borrowed the money (At their own expenses) to save most these US banks from bankcrupcy.
      Does a house or a car reseller minds if the customer's cash that you have at hand comes from this bank or that finance company at this or that interest rate? Nope! His only goal is to sell his houses or cars.

      For the rest of the other considerations that there could be regarding the approbation of the US citizens, it became obvious through these past ~ 50 years, that whatever congress or democratic process there can be within the oudated USA consitution, never updated since ~400 years, it ain't fit to face some spychotic abusers.
      More over, that psychotic desease shown shown be extremely infectuous since the ~ 50's.

      One and only 1 sole exemple; -Any foreign (Outside USA) financial consortium (Business or company owner) can fund any amount of money to any USA political party including the war criminals harbored by the USA within the USA.
      And in most cases, it'll remain confidential unless rare, very rare exceptions.

      That was one of these...
      Who ever would even only try to set guide lines and legal rules of conduct regarding this aberration would be shot dead in a matter of weeks, rest assure!
      The most important financial activity in the USA is producing weapons, murders, training henchmen, torture under private label or not. It's an american pie.
      In the land of the free...
      -Free mobster, obviously...

    2. we own the currency. That's enough for us.

    3. @Jamesy,

      In the modern world, this is not qualified as "Currency" but rather a debt to your friends the Communist Chineses.

      Next thing you'll know, it'll be printed in China.


  22. first off civilians die and that is the case in every war look at WW2 the each government in that war targeted civilian population, V2 rockets at London, the rape of Nanking, fire bombing of Tokyo and Germany. i don't think that the United States should of entered Iraq or Afghanistan but it is a war and civilians do most the dieing in every war the only difference about wars now is that every one has a camera and the internet. all this is is propaganda against the war. the U.S dosent torture nearly as many people as the Batth regime (saddams political party) or the taliban atrocities are committed on both side. and do you guys not think that corruption happened in WW1 and WW2 the 7 years war every wary since the begging of time its like i said we just hear about it now because of technology

    1. "all this is is propaganda against the war."
      Are you trying to justify apathy toward war?

      The doc. is slightly misinformed, but "propaganda" like this also contains truths not otherwise exposed on consolidated TV programming, illuminating plans of those in power, to better prepare people to react to the consequences, and seek justice.
      Technology helps spread this information to us all, and that is a VERY GOOD thing! If war ever was and ever will be, then there should continuously exist an informed movement to prevent it.

    2. "all this is is propaganda against the war."

      Thats a good thing,

      Saddam was a bad man, and a ruthless tyrant but we armed Saddam. We know he had WMDs at some point because we sold them to him. And we armed the Iranians so they could kill each other. We are as much to blame for Iraq's fate as anyone.

      But now look at us, ensnared in war. We are currently engaged military action against at least 6 sovereign nations.

      Not only is this terrible for the civilians but it reads like every other great empire that fell. Too many irons in too many fires...

    3. we are engaged in,military action against one sovereign nation....in the other nations, were acting during a civil war (Afghanistan), and the rest of them have invited us in to support the legitimate govs.

    4. In 2011, we have either occupation forces, or run bombing sorties against:


      so yeah by my count "We are currently engaged military action against at least 6 sovereign nations."

    5. There's a huge difference between being engaged IN a country, and AGAINST a country. You do realize this right? Because during WWII we were fighting IN, again that IN the territory of, dozens of countries.

    6. @Jamesy,

      Quote: -"We are engaged in, military action against one sovereign nation"

      Truth from a liar to top that up.
      "Nation" in the sense of any civils that could be mass murdered randomly by chemical weapons.
      It's been so long since the american had their thrill on the Vietnamese civilians... That's their thrill.
      What other reason can there be over there, anyhow?

      It's been 2 years we don't buy any "Made in america" raw materials.
      Anyhow, it just ought to be psychotic endoctined zombies.

      Imagine, a beast claiming that no one can prove that the phosgene was rather used for "illimination"!
      It's a reminder to anyone of alll criminal organisation line of conduct.
      What an "Illuminated" doctor indeed!
      As much illuminated as any NAZI ever been.

      How many USA illuminated is there in the USA?
      A little less than 1% of humankind?
      Obviously, some days the rest of the world will have to go over there and set the clock right. It'll be a real mess.

      Not in my days, I hope!
      But some day, late or soon.


    7. I gather English is not your first language. Your writing, and your ideas are very poor. Give it up, and go post somewhere else.

    8. I've long suspected that his mind-numbing butchering of English is largely faked, and nothing but a typical veiled Gallic insult.

    9. Try reading it as poetry. It's eerie.

    10. Oh, almost like Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Kind of good.

    11. Yes! The rhythmic pauses and superfluous stresses actually mitigate the lack of coherence...
      Arthur Rimbaud as a surrealist political paranoid...
      "Une Saison en Pee-air"

    12. OK. I finally get it. Duh firetruck.

    13. Can I enhanced Interrogate you. I need to find out the truth.

    14. you are right, civilians do die in wars, however ww1 10% casulties were civilians in ww2 50% in iraq and afganistan over 90% so these numbers do change the map, in the next war will it be 100%?
      it is not about people having cameras beside its a good thing because giants in the industry like cnn or fox would never report these atrocities but now at least they are forced to acknowledge that - "we can't confirm the validity of this footage but it appears to be authentic"... that recognition looses its grip on reality after 8,000 people send similar clips.
      so this is not about cameras but about the vacuum we left behind, sadam was a dictator (unlike ALL the other rulers in the region i.e. saudi, yemen, syria, lebanon, oman, iran, kuwait, etc, etc, etc) sadam at least kept the tribal fights at bay now it is all in the open just like in yugoslavia, tito kept it together but thanks to our gospel of democracy iraq and afganistan will be in horrific trouble for many decades to come and please lets not hear - who cares - because last time i checked we went there to liberate people...
      perhaps it is time for u.s. government and especially the americans supporting its actions to take a second look at monroe's doctrine who was the 5th president of u.s. so we all can enjoy peace at least for a day or 5...

  23. white phos isnt really a chemical weapon, it is a chemical but so is any explosive used. many countries still have white phos ammunition such as US, canada, UK.
    white phos is "suppost" to be used as a bursting smoke round to give an almost instant smoke screen, with incendiary effects. it reacts on contact with the air and i dont know what buddy is talking about that it reacts with water... it is put in water to prevent it from reacting with air. that being all said its a very deadly and dangerous thing to use and i wouldnt want to be on the receiving end.

    1. I work in applied sciences, Chemistry. On an everyday basis...

      By the way, use of white phosphorous was banned internationaly way before the Fallujah incident occured.
      It is just one more of the numerous US war crimes.

      Understandingly, had to acquire the compencies regarding that topic.
      In every and all waters there can be on planet earth, there is dissolved oxygen because oxygen is soluble (Dissolved as table salt & not as a gaz). Otherwise, how fishes would survive?
      Use your brain a little, else do you expect your "President" brain is enough? I call that zombies, we seen in Germany a little while back.

      Phosphorus is a pure chemical compound, one sole atom.
      One atom that has 3 "Promiscuous" electrons because those 3 are the most distant ones from the phosporous atom nucleus.
      Nucleus which is supposed to watch them, keep them from running away...

      But the phosphorus atom has a little too many atoms to watch and in the case of the distant ones, he let them wander on other paths than the usual circular path that we all know of.
      Those "Peripheric" electrons do adopt weird racing tracks paths around their own atom nucleus. One these confomation is an "8" race track while there is also another even more weird one, where one of these wandering electrons may well have a close view of an nearby, passing by oxygen atom nucleus.
      This, as long as a minimal amount of energy is provided to this "Wondering" phosphorus electron (Friction in machine gun barrels).

      And nature being what it is, that phosphorus "Wandering" electron will quit, divorce his phosphorus nucleus for good to embarck within that oxygen "Fatal Attraction"...
      In the end, you obtain phoshorous pentoxyde...
      NB: One phosphorous atom + 5 oxygen one,thus depriving the surrounding areas from oxygen.
      Under a powdered white phosphorous rain, any & all living organisms die.
      Phosphorous pentoxyde is extremely violent, liquid it is.
      It burns like hell.
      Is is also used to produce what they've call super-acids known as organic "Acyl Chlorides or "Acyl Bromides" for instance.
      Often qualified as"Super Acids" in organic synthetis.
      Much more, thousand's fold more powerfull than concentrated hydrochoric acid or concetrated sulfuric acid (Oleum).
      And that "Super Acid" is produced within, inside the flesh as any living organism take a breath.
      "Coze, may you please note: Where can the white phosporous must first find a few atoms of water in order to "Steal" the oxygen atoms away from the molecule of water?
      Yet, as the "Finely Divided & Powdered" phosphorous particle is adsorbed into any living skin, it didn't yet meet any oxygen contained water... Not yet phosphorous pentoxyde that is...

      Next, have you ever heard of a medical electronic intrument that monitor oxygen level in living animals which includes homosapiens?
      Because, where's there water, there's oxygen.

      Thinking twice, what sort of a psychotic deranged and evil maniac would ever resort to such a cruel intention?
      I wouldn't like to be the one who'd pinpoint such an individual or groups of individuals but if I'd be mandated to find any, I's sure know "WHERE" on planet earth my quest would be the most successfull!

      If only those mobster would only resort to fraud, only snatch our money that we earned, but no their foremost thrills is to torture others. I'll tell y'a, I guess that some democratic "Casa Notra" has voted them in!

    2. ??? The phosphorus you speek of is banned for use in weapons. I still don't see an independent investigation proving that, a, those rounds were intended for people, and b, they weren't illumination rounds.

      The entire civilian population as asked to leave...multiple times. And talk about treating people like s***? What about the people who started this mess by burning three Americans alive, castrating and beating their dead bodies, beheading them, disembowling them, dragging them in the streets tied to vehicles, and them hanging their charred remains from a bridge? I'm sorry, but I've never seen such saveragry except from animals. No human being would defile another's body like that. No sane human being.

    3. @!Jamesy,

      "banned for use ino weapns" ?
      You just can't be a doctor. No one would let such an ordeal take place.
      Else, if you'd be graduated Rd. it just ought to be in the USA Army as a weapon specialist. Specialist in killing human beings.

      "Illuminated Rounds" you say?
      The typical riddance of a convict in a court of law as we all seen in Nurember.
      I don't need no proof, I seen the whole on tapes.
      I seen the wounds on the peoples.

      In regard to "castrating and beating their dead bodies, beheading them, disembowling them, dragging them in the streets tied to vehicles, and them hanging their charred remains from a bridge", I'll have the very same comment as you : -"I still don't see an independent investigation proving that" because I know that this is lies as much as the WMD hidden in Iraq were.

      If such a thing would have happened, and perpetrated by a Paletinian, it would have made not only the new's frontpage but would also be documented by films on YouTube.
      For the least, Vietnam war crimes date back to "Before" these events?
      You'd want a list..?

      Only one conclusion your to your outings, is that you sure are one of those psychotic maniacs who just strives at causing injuries to other.
      Kind of individual who needs to be locked up in an azylum.


  24. This is bull s**t I don't belive a word of this.

  25. @Tiago while I understand exactly where you are coming from because I was in the same situation not so long ago. Vietnam was wrong and Iraq has been wrong but if you watch UNDERCOVER MOSQUE this will make you reconsider and begin to reflect on the situation and wonder just how many moslems hold the same views. I have many moslem friends and have asked them about this undercover mosque and there is no acknowledgement about it just denial. I wont go into what they said but most importantly the moslem I have known the longest only said that these teachings come from saudi arabia the land of mecca and so we cannot question these things. Then I watched ISLAM: WHAT THE WEST SHOULD KNOW and things make perfect sense now in concern to their demenour about being questioned about Islam and in concern to that video. The conclusion I have come to is that this fighting in arab countries is at least a start in self preservation and it shouldnt be condemned but we should be thankful we have such an amazing military advantage to cope with the current situation we find ourselves in as a result of our need to be tolerant. I dont agree with what Israel have been doing but even that I am beginning to understand. My opinion has been that Israel want everything for themselves and they certainly dont do themselves any favours. However maybe we dont know the whole story and obviously there could be better ways of going about things but forget about what we have been doing for a little while and look into Islam itself and I know you will see things differently.

    1. Funny how radical Islam and right wing American patriotism/Christianity are based on extreme ignorance, the denial of common humanity and self reflective honesty. Yet the biggest US allies in the ARAB world are Saudi Arabia et al They are the best despots that the US has ever bought.

      But then again you feel the need to effectively ethnically cleanse other 'ARAB' nations with your wonderful military. I guess the fact that they are not quite as human as you makes all those corpses (mainly women and children actually) easier to stomach. I believe the SS said the same thing about Slavs, Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies and blacks.

  26. I am suprised to see so many people standing up for america in this comments. It makes me sad to see that some people still think that with napalm or not to invade a country for their goods just because we don't have them is ok. I am against skinheads but if black people invaded europe from africa and killed my family I would probably join them (this is just an analogy) so think before you judge.

  27. where are the weapons of mass destruction ? i hate Americans .

  28. there was a document on Wikileaks published in April 2010 i think and it was a leaked CIA memo which talked about how to....(guess...surely it must be some noble and honorable idea from the perfect USA who must police the bad rest of the world...):

    how to influence the european media to keep their public voting for continued war in Afghanistan. the europeans are more onto this whole thing than the US, so they knew they had to do a little underhanded deception to get them to go along.

    isn't that incredible? how the heck is the US CIA influencing and pressuring media in England, France, Germany, Italy, and other individual countries, to keep doing what they (the CIA) wants?

    what kind of messed up situation is that? THAT'S THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG. medias of the world are no longer unbiased. there is something strange and draconian going on and it's not just in the US anymore...

  29. Yea it's amazing that people still continue to defend the unjust and inhumane actions of these military industrial complex forces in the middle east.

    There is intense disinformation that has gone on since 9/11. It has been done very expertly. Those on the ground know little or nothing of the political reasons why they are in a certain area, or what their actions are doing for an agenda they wouldn't even dare to think about.

    We are told one thing, yet another is actuality. We are given false reasons, and for some reason people of the world (not just US now...England, Germany, France, Italy, others) seem to eat up anything the media or their governments say.

    This is not about FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, HOPE. this is about CONTROL, RESOURCES, POWER. if you knew the extent of the lies and how long they've gone on, it's obvious that our whole system is f'd and it will take a darn-near revolution to change things

  30. shame on you jb, shame on you. How can murdering over a million people and filling their country with 1000s of tons of nuclear waste help them? You have destroyed not only Iraq but the entire middle east. Seriously, you are so far wrong, so horrificly wrong, if I were a religeous man I would pray for your soul.

    If the rest of the world decided americas government had to be taken down, and we came over to l.a. and coated the city in white phosphurous, then turned around and told you we are trying to help you and its your fault for being in your homes when we decided to attack how would you feel? A million americans dead, your women giving birth to mutant radiation babies, your entire society destroyed, how would you feel? Seriously, you are ill in the head, mercinary of the international banks, paid killer, shame on you.

  31. @ Gorilla Atheist you could be right in concern to birth defects but the state of some of the dead civilian bodies is horrendous, I have recently seen some footage of phosphorus weopons being used in Israel and the injuries recieved by civilians in gaza were not consistent with the images shown in this video, this leads me to question the authenticity of this video, if it is genuine footage of civilians killed in faluja they used a hell of a lot of phosphorus or something else, it's a pity it is difficult to find the source of this video, is it propaganda being used against the usa or is it evidence of evil beyond comprehension by a country which has not cared much for civilians in the past such as in vietnam. USA look guilty but are they really in this case?

  32. @ any one who defends the united states, you need to do the decent thing and jump of a tall building and maybe u wont rott in hell

  33. @ Maitreya

    How can anyone murder anything? The soul cannot be cut, or burned, or anything. If you believe in heaven and hell, you must believe in the soul. And if you believe in the soul you must know that it is not the murder that condemns (God could care less about our feeble bodies) but the intention behind the murder. Soldiers are doing a valiant job, protecting their respective countries. That is their calling. Now when one kills for fun or selfish gain, then they are sinning. But to kill in the line of duty? One can hardly be punished for such an act. And no less, to protect your freedoms so you can say such things.

    Do not get me wrong, I am not agreeing with war. It is violent and stupid. But on the same token, I cannot blame animals for behaving as such. And I will not mourn for life lost because I know life is simply the in between. A body is just like a car, you drive it around and try to keep it running as long as possible, but when it gets totaled you move on. But alas, even some people mourn heavily over cars! So how can I blame your reaction? I cannot. I just wish to inform you of the truth about your own beliefs.

    Final note violence only ever happens because one or more parties is being selfish. Cut the selfishness, cut the greed, cut the wars and all pain in the world. That simple, no beliefs or religions needed. Just stop being selfish. That's it. Meditate on that. How do I stop being selfish, and make the world a better place? Maybe it will catch on...

  34. Some of the comments I have seen on here are disgraceful. There are people trying to discredit events that clearly took place. There are people trying to justify murder. How can you justify murder? Every murderer soldier or not will burn in hell and it really is as simple as that.

    The violation of basic principles of this universe will see this world punished... believe me it's coming!

  35. Disgraceful! the superpower has so much to be ashamed of.

  36. Funny, I have never seen a fight won through submission. Submission is only an admission of defeat, until I have enough strength to beat you later. the only way to truly win a war is to kill EVERY last Iraqi or whatever other country you decide to invade.

    So on that note I say, war is just plain r@#$%&*@.

    If you are not planning on killing every man woman and child in that country, don't step a boot in that country. We all know, no one forcibly submitted will ever stop.

    Why do you think Japan and Germany have been so subdued since WWII? Because the people chose to give up. They decided it was better to live under 'supervision' than to continue fighting forever. Seeing too, that their enemy was far superior. We did not win because we beat them into submission, because if even one tiny rebel faction remained we would still be fighting today [in germany and japan i mean]

    How did we win vietnam? By LEAVING. We saw no hope of winning unless we killed every man woman and child and since UN will not allow that, we left. There is no way to win a war unless the enemy decides, of their own free will, that an endless battle is far worse than surrender.

    How do you know if an enemy will surrender or not? You don't. So it is best to never go to war at all.

    What are we really fighting for anyway? Most people don't have any clue.

    If anyone knows please fill me in.

    Why are we in Iraq right now?

  37. JB
    What in your opinion be a reasonable estimate of civilians killed in IRAQ ?
    is it less than or greater than 1 million civilians?

  38. I personally took part in Phantom Fury and I say they deserved what they got. We are not brain dead, we are simply staying ahead of an enemy that refuses to obey the Geneva Convention. How are we (Infantry Marines/Soldiers) supposed to tell the difference between a civilian and an insurgent that wants to kill us. It was us or them and we had families to come home to so I say them. No civilians were purposely killed or murdered or massacred or whatever you want to call it. There are inexplainable casualties of war and if you had seen what I saw you would know that we tried to help all civilians left in the city even after they were given fair notice to get out of the city. What we did/are doing over there IS helping contrary to what anyone else thinks. O and what about the Blackwater agents MURDERED in cold blood and hung up for all the world to see. Is that fair??? I think not.

    1. so when you come back home to your family what will you tell your children? daddy had a nice trip? what will your children learn from your atrocities you commited to other children and families in the name of: it was either us or them and they got what was coming to them because they deserved it?
      recently people from tunesia, egypt, lybia etc liberated themselves without you and your benevolent acts, do you think that there is something you can learn from it? so you can teach your children a lesson or will your children be like you when they grow up?
      will you pack up and move out of your home when someone gives you a fair notice in advanced? and if you need the reason why anybody would ever do that to you please remember the word: atrocities that you commited?
      as far as your buddies from blackwater, if you invade my house i will protect myself and my family to the best of my ability and i truly don't care who you are ok?
      you are not the only one that was or lived through the war, yes it is a tough pill to swollow but we all had to do that and don't you think for a moment that you are an exception to that rule: find a way to live with what you did ok? don't blame us.
      you talk about geneva convention?!? how dare you!
      wasn't phosphorous banned?? wasn't napalm banned?? wasn't orange agent banned??
      oh yeah but these guys were really i mean really bad and we had to do something to protect ourselves...
      if you are a soldier than act as one don't wait for pity from others because children of iraq, afganistan or palestine don't receive any neither do they ask for it, at a young age those children already understand the humility and human soul and now it is your turn.

  39. WAR CRIMES!!!!

  40. To call napalm "napalm gas" is actually not that inaccurate. Napalm mostly consists of gasoline (99% I guess). It's gasoline plus a chemical I've forgot the name of but the result of the mixture is a sticky and very flammable gel. Nasty shit, designed to stick to the skin (or whatever is hit) without any possibility to get it off before you’re dead.
    Anyone who believe that the US invaded Iraq to help the people and get rid of saddam is f* brain-dead, and who the hell came up with the idea to use uranium as ammunition?! Parts of Iraq, Bosnia, Lebanon and Egypt are contaminated for 4,5 billion years (in Iraq approx. 1500 tons of uranium have been used as ammo)... nicely done US and Israel! Well done, and thanks allot... what would the world do without you guys... In comparison the brain-dead people just got upgraded to geniuses.

    Regards from Sweden

  41. Disinformation started at about 3 seconds in- Kim Phuc was injured by napalm dropped by South Vietnamese Air Force, not US.
    I sensed this one would be a terrible mess, simply couldn't have guessed how bad.

  42. It was my Impression that those guys deserved it?....not.

  43. I didn't catch the marine shooting a wounded unarmed prisoner? Anyone else did?

  44. I know war is crap but why wont the US show what our kids are doing (My son) to a country that had nothing to do w/ 911? billions of dollars spent on nothing

  45. 'When the journo gets it wrong from the start and describes napalm as a gas it makes me wonder how many more inaccuracies there are?'
    Ahhh the joys of entirely speculative criticism.

  46. Oh good, we aint war criminals because the 'journo' described the chemical weapons incorectly. Our 'leaders' are using our money to carry out war crimes. Disgusting!

  47. maybe he meant gas(oline)? :P

  48. When the journo gets it wrong from the start and describes napalm as a gas it makes me wonder how many more inaccuracies there are?