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Is there a white genocide occurring in South Africa? That's the conclusion reached by controversial alt-right activist and filmmaker Lauren Southern in her new feature-length documentary Farmlands.

The basis of the film is the country's complicated history with land ownership, and the hysteria that has arisen from these issues in recent times.

The crime rate in South Africa is disturbingly high. Dozens of protests are gathered on the streets every day, and municipal buildings and school houses are commonly burned to the ground. Since lawmakers passed a resolution that allows for the seizure and redistribution of land without compensation, there has been a spike in the murder of white farm owners in the region. These murders are described in graphic detail by crime scene personnel, activists in the area and relatives of the fallen.

The film accuses the government and law enforcement officials of fudging statistics and concealing the truth behind this slaughter. In defense of their practices, these institutions insist there is no evidence that these attacks are racially motivated.

During the course of the film, Southern stacks the deck against the country's "black economic empowerment laws". In one segment, she visits a squatter camp populated by white families who are destitute and forced to live without basic comforts and medical care. "There's no help for whites in South Africa," the camp land owner explains. Southern also points to the tens of thousands of minority whites who have fled the country, and the protests mounted in opposition to the farming issues that have gone unheeded by the government.

Southern and her film have been met by vociferous voices of dissent who claim that her message is motivated by thinly veiled racism. Her critics say her narrative is a cautionary rebuke to the end of apartheid, and a delirious warning call to westerners who are quickly becoming the new minority. Viewers can decide for themselves if the events and personal stories depicted in Farmlands are distastefully misleading or indicative of a larger epidemic of racially motivated violence.

Directed by: Lauren Southern
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  1. Marvin

    I stopped reading after the second sentence misclassified Mrs. Southern at being alt-right. If you can't do enough research to know what the alt-right is and that Ms. Southern isn't that, your "journalism" don't deserve my time.

  2. Urban dweller

    Let's see. You take away people's land without compensation. Abuse them. Jail them. Segregate them. Relegate them to the outskirts of society. Kill them. Torture them physically, mentally and emotionally then you're SURPRISED and SHOCK when they retaliate.
    Unfortunately, we do live in a one-sided world of some white people.
    They actually believe they were and are special but world circumstances of their abusive behavior towards people of color, the land and their inability to discern "fair-play" for all has been going on too long and has reach levels of frustration that leave too many people across the globe to an early death because of warring over resources, infiltration of drugs and prostitution into once quiet and productive communities.

    1. Maya Brits

      I take it that you do not live in South Africa. You have no idea of what is happening here now. So please, read more reports and be objective. Violence is not the answer to past generations crimes eg. Germany. The lies, deceit and corruption of our present government is reaching scary proportions and most troublesome is the denial of the extremely violent farm attacks, rape and murder. United States, Canada, Britain to name a few are super countries with a very sordid past regarding slavery, outright murder, oppression and racial discrimination. Imagine if the world still judged the citizens of these countries for past crimes?

  3. Ian Bell

    Lauren Southern is a Zionist employee. Even though this is a very relevant subject, be careful of her and her slant on issues in future.

  4. nigel hay

    The trouble with comments is that we never have the full story and we take our own emotional view on one aspect. Ie Its white peoples Khama so F....them!

    Lets not worry about the over all doco and try listening to what individuals are saying.
    Decide wether they were saying it from the heart or wether they were coached.

    The pre 1800 immigration/ migration. Is that factual or not?

    What I do know is that there are many South African immigrants >about 25,000 I believe Blaming the past and radicalizing the present will not create jobs and well being. Nor will just “getting the land back”

    The thought “we are poor because we had our land taken” is like saying “ my great, great grandfather went bankrupt so that’s why i’m poor now” You just have to get on with it in the present environment and work towards change for the better.( Without killing people)

    Watching the DVD Shaka Zulu (Or was that propaganda to?) You realize that the hate in Africa between tribes still emanates from that time.

    NZ was active in helping abolish apartheid in SA. Does that make us(NZ) now responsible for all the murders happing since its demise?

    The irony is that the people of Africa, where our life started millions of years ago, just don’t seem to be able to grow up and create a stable and prosperous environment for all.

    Do we need another million years?

    PS I am of Maori, Scottish and Viking descent

  5. mandy

    propaganda machine. you can tell just by the music in the first scene. if you are scared go to church and pray for what your ancestors did. karma is a bitch.

    1. Gareth

      i invite you to come spend 3 months on farm here then make an opinion on the matter

    2. Sean

      So you think people should be held collectively responsible for what others did throughout history??... Ok.... Africa went through a long period of competing tribes that literally committed genocide regularly, sold their fellow Africans into slavery, etc, etc... So, by your logic, karma is a bitch, and these Africans deserved to be exploited due to their sorted history... Or do you believe whites are the only people with enough agency to take responsibility for history??

      Of course, your line of revenge based reasoning is ludicrous and leads to perpetual tension and violence, and holding people responsible for crimes they didn't commit is evil... But if your going to do it, you should probably be consistent correct??

  6. MJ

    This is mind trash.

  7. Private

    It doesn't take $300,000 to go back to Europe. This is the equivalent of Native Americans in America coming together for their land, or Native Australians doing the same; or native anything getting the colonials back for their atrocities

  8. Pipster

    Southern needs serious psychiatric help.

    1. Sean

      Same things said about people warning about Rhodesia... They were called racist and mentally ill too...

      The cycle continues....

  9. Rory Phillipson

    SA is headed for disaster. There is a genocide going on. Zimbabwe ruins will pale by comparison. You liberals need to pull your heads out of your asses and see the world these commie bastards have created.

  10. Urban dweller

    Seriously? Journalist
    ? Journalism requires a study of historical background! Gruesome murders? Wow! The theft of the African's land! How do you settle on other people's land? And building a settlement somehow made it okay? And what are your credentials? Education? Background of credible experience? None. None. And ...wait for it ... None!

    1. Christopher Hayes agree with her? You just think it's justified?

  11. Alliyah

    What goes around comes around and unfortunately the innocent ones end up paying for what their forefathers did.

  12. steve hughes

    ABC Australias Foreign correspondent also did a piece on this called Bloodlands. Worth a look if your after some balanced reporting!!

  13. steve hughes

    ok so between 45 and 80 white farmers were violently killed last year depending on who you believe. In the the whole of South Africa upwards of 19000 as many murders go unreported. I dont think its about race. If you have something and someone else wants it ,they take it. Black or white.

    1. Sad Society

      This is the mentallity in SA, people feel they are entitled to whatever they think they deserve, regardless race, religion, gender, economic status ect. If you do not receive it, you take it by force. If you are not happy about something you burn something to the ground. (Tit for tat)

      A eye for an eye approach is just a way of people saying: "not my monkey, not my circus." Really hope that your children do not have to pay for your mistakes one day with their lives or their innocence. With these type of statements and attitudes in the times we are living in today, is what is wrong with our society, no one takes responsibility for the here and now. Everyone is angry about yesterday

  14. Mark Gaboury

    Technically, this is as polished as what the CBC is capable of, with the truth instead of fake news, without it costing millions of dollars, and without the hatred of men and whites. This is a huge accomplishment by a young conservative woman. South African blacks have never thrown off their savage ways; that is the problem, essentially.

    1. Skip

      Unlike the infantile gamers who have commented before me.... I have actually been to South Africa.

      Mark Gaboury is correct 100%

  15. ad

    Lauren Southern isn't alt-right what lol

  16. David

    Not really a good documentary. This doesn't mean that the situation in South Africa is not dire. It needed someone from the government who could actually say something. She spoke to a few Afrikanners but what about the English descent South Africans. Liked the illustration of the migration of peoples, brown, black and white. Too many illustrations of the brutality. She seemed to be looking to create revulsion and fan emotions.

  17. diazj3

    I call bull****: right wing propaganda. Sure, some white colonialists have been killed, but nothing like what the movie portrays.

    And just think about it: white, christian, rich (comparatively speaking), european (descent) people are getting killed... and there's almost nothing in the news? Fox news and other media outlets - let alone Trump - would be raising hell over it.

    1. Bob

      The Russians and Australians have offered amnesty you dumb*ss. Back into your lefty bubble you go.

    2. steve hughes

      Not so Bob. At least not in Australia. One minister (Peter Dutton) floated the idea of offering refugee status to white SA farmers and was shot down by his own party and the opposition.

  18. Zim66

    all whites could move out give them what they want and they will run it in the ground. They elect thier own race NOW and whats happened Kill whitey mentality. when the enemies gone they will eat thier own.

  19. Paul

    This was inevitable, too many unrealistic promises were made and accepted by people who wanted to believe them.

  20. CC

    It sounds like karma to me. I'm white, but I don't agree with what was done here in the US to the Native Americans, and I don't agree with what went on all over the world when various white imperialists were trying to "settle" the whole damn world with their "colonies" purely out of greed. I don't agree with anyone taking what does not belong to them. I don't like murder in the name of any reason, but on the other hand, how can we expect better than what we gave to them in the first place?

    1. Thomas

      Who does South Africa belong to? Black people? Who defined the border of the nation, who wrote the laws and won its independence, who has presided over its development from wilderness to (formerly) prosperous farmland and industrial zones?

      I assume you are unfamiliar with the history of the Bantu "expansion" in Africa? They spread from modern Nigeria/Cameroon in a wave of conquest and genocide throughout Africa. After considering the Khoisan, who numbered very few and are substantially distinct from the Bantus (both genetically and culturally), black Africans are no more native to that part of Africa than white Afrikaners.

    2. Alliyah

      Exactly. I'm white too, and as I said, what goes around comes around.

  21. Roger Andout

    The shoe is firmly on the other foot, post apartheid. The oppressed is now the percieved 'oppressor', as is the case in all such circumstances, think post WW2 Europe. Politically, the situation is very similiar, except that there is no 'allied army' to impose government without vengence. Nevertheless, it's very unfortunate.

    1. Thomas

      Implying there was no vengeance committed against peoples of Axis nations after WW2? And I think you would be hard pressed to find comparable atrocities committed by whites against blacks in Africa, at a scale and degree resembling that of the brutal, heinous farm murders...

  22. Tom doss

    Whatever they touch, they f ck up.

  23. tom

    Mandela didn't keep his promises to his supporters after he was elected changing nothing.

  24. MG

    I stopped at the first sentence..."something sinister in South Africa" and I knew the answer...APARTHEID.

  25. MJ

    Just watched the film. The elephant in the room isn't whether or not it's a racial war but the fact that all of the radical groups in government are in fact, Marxists. They are using race, as a lever to prise the people apart. Divide and conquer. If South Africa were a majority white nation, the Marxist would use an means of achieving their goal. South Africa was a developed country with a thriving economy and after the ANC took power, it has suffered a "brain drain" of wealthy and educated people over that past 30 years. Whilst the coastal cities enjoy tourism and foreign investment, the interior is languishing in squalor and the blacks are blaming the whites. I pray that war is averted and a peace can be made before things become worse.

  26. Ceci

    A tint of racism?! Lol... here’s the advice they give in my country: GO BACK WHERE U CAME FROM!

    1. Craig Simpson

      But we all came from Africa.

    2. sashamanda

      Both white and black entered SA at about the same time.

    3. Gertrude van Voorden

      I believe that would qualify as racism, a hatecrime punishable by law, if made in Europe about people coming from african or other non european cultures.

  27. rambo919

    I did find it a bit more emotionalized than might have been fitting but I can get how the west needs to be shocked into realizing how bad the monster they helped create with their clumsy short sighted meddling has become. You don't get to just wave a magic wand and overnight civilize group of people that were mostly still barbaric at 1900.... Africa is neither America nor Europe, things don't work the same.

  28. george

    We are all human we all fight for the same resources. At the start of the documentary it talks of the whites leaving cape town to escape their own enslavement. When you have a competition based society then it makes logical sense to group together along class or racial lines to improve your odds of gaining those resources. what we need is less people on this planet so we do not have to fight to survive.

    1. Jackal

      The last part of your comment is on the mark. How we manage that is the big question. At some point in time people are going to realize that two children per family, even one child per family, is going to be necessary, as well as coping with climate change, for civilization to survive.

    2. S. Jenika

      Oh, the "elites" are working on that! - Eliminating people by many ways. The problem isn't that there are "too many people" on planet earth - the problem is that we have two groups whose gaps are widening - the Haves and the Have Nots.

    3. Gertrude van Voorden

      You better do some updating of your knowledge. 75 % of all land is owned now by the 1 % elite. Often gained through landgrabbing, forcing indigenous people out of the lands, the forests etc. You are preaching Eugenics as promoted by the Club of Rome. A worldpopulationreduction by 75 - 95 % also called the Culling of the empty feeders. Many lands in Africa are now naturereserves, where the extremely rich can hunt for a huge fee, murdering drugged up wild animals. If you have the illusion being less people will solve the problem, then think again. BTW there used to be a hypothesis on line proving we are not too many people on earth and famines are unnecessary for there is enough food in the world but not the financial means freed to make distribution feasible. Also crops are marketdriven and the rich elite regularly first promoted crops then to make them worthless when harvestingtime came. So i believe it was Ethiopia was seduced to grow cotton in stead of food, to end up with nothing. First in Kenia and now in Ethiopia a rich dutch grower of roses working a militarized plant, is destroying waterwells and other watersources, so that local people and local cattle die from lack of water, whilst the roses are watered plenty to be exported to Europe.

  29. Thomas

    An interesting documentary showing hate and violence didn't stop after apartheid. It just changed sides.

    1. Thomas

      And became a whole lot more hateful, and a whole lot more violent...

  30. Richard Jenkins

    Far Right propaganda with no balance and a tint racism. The director fails to show a balanced report and us only sympathetic to colonialists with no point of view of thise that were colonized.

    1. rambo919

      Firstly, its was the British that was the only actually official colonial power and they were not mentioned at all.

      Secondly Apartheid was not a colonial system and the Bantu technically colonized the eastern half of South Africa at the same time as the Europeans colonized the western half so there are NO "colonized" to HAVE sympathy for unless you mean the Khoi-San which is a loose bastardized group formed from the actual natives who are actively being discriminated against more by the blacks than by the whites.

      Before calling something "far right" propaganda first get rid of your far left delusions.

    2. David

      Every mainstream documentary/report of South Africa is left wing biased. And White South Africans weren't colonists (SA wasn't ruled by Netherlands) but settlers who built the country/civilization. Blacks came and replaced Bushmen just a few years earlier.

    3. Jodi Bieber

      Sensationalistic, irresponsible, one sided journalism, far right propaganda. How can this site support this??? I am sorry for the farmer's loss however this documentary can not be taken seriously.

    4. Achems Razor

      to Jodi Bieber.
      TDF does not support anything, we are offering you free documentary's for your enjoyment, or not.

    5. Gertrude van Voorden

      I have not yet watched the docu but am familiar with docus about gruesome murders in Zimbabwe. Here in EU we do not get to call second or third generations immigrants/guestworkers, anything other than Dutch if they have the Dutch nationality. Would be a good thing to apply that too to descendants of colonialists, which often give work to local people, whilst as the murders in Zimbabwe show, those ramsacking a place, murdering the white occupants have nothing good in store for the local people. Also check out some comments on YT of the movement The Black Hebrews, i suspect many Bantus, a group that originated where? which colonized large parts of Africa, to the demise of indigenous peoples. The movement has been founded/started by 2 black Free Masons in the USA. Always suspicious when those are involved. They intend to murder all khazarian jews in Israel and ultimately all white people in the world, with a claim that originally it was black people living everywhere owning the land.

  31. Ash

    No comments. Weird

    1. Maxine Peters

      What absolute propaganda ,whilst no agrees with Farm murders , this is a totally skewed view of the true situation in South Africa. Lauren you are not worth being called a journalist.Why not show the world how the majority of blacks live in extreme poverty and this is a direct result of Apartheid which wrecked our country for years. STOP the lies !!! tell the TRUTH that is what true journalists do.