FDR and Pearl Harbor Conspiracy
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FDR and Pearl Harbor Conspiracy

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FDR Pearl Harbor ConspiracyThe film investigates theories on Pearl Harbor and possible conspiracy(s) there has been much debate as to how and why the United States had been caught unaware, and how much and when American officials knew of Japanese plans and related topics.

Some argue that various parties knew of the attack in advance and may even have let it happen or encouraged it in order to force America into war. Film includes issues of The Pearl Harbor advance - knowledge debate and others.

During the lead up to the attack, the commander of the Japanese task force, Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo, received bulletins from Vice Consul Tadashi Morimura in Hawaii. Morimura's real name was Takeo Yoshikawa, a Japanese naval officer who had been assigned to Hawaii on espionage duty in April 1941.

Yoshikawa's bulletins were intercepted, decrypted, and translated by the Office of Naval Intelligence, and the intercepts were also sent to Washington, but Admiral Kimmel did not receive this information. He omits mentioning that many of these were not decrypted or translated before the Japanese attack.

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1 year ago

As we all cower behind our little masks , simply cowering down to the same lying dictators and tyrants. Today it's big tech, Biden and co, feminism. All backed by u know who . From Australia

3 years ago

I can’t believe after all F D R did for this country he’d let innocence men die.

6 years ago

All bullsh*t aside, John nailed it.

6 years ago

The moon is the north winds cookie

6 years ago

Of course FDR knew Pearl Harbor was going to be attacked and when. The US broke Japanese code in the late 1930s. The Jpnse language, being very vague, required a lot of cables going back and forth with orders and confirming details of orders. Something as complex as an attack on Pearl Harbor didn't set off waves?

Sheesh, you're drinking the Propaganda Juice if you believe that story!

7 years ago

The primary beneficiary was not the "military industrial complex." The term military industrial complex was coined by Soviet propagandists years before Eisenhower ever borrowed it (by the way search google for Eisenhower on Lenin's tomb for info including pictures of Eisenhower standing on Lenin's tomb, smiling with Stalin while receiving a medal from the murderous soviet dictator who had dozens of agents in Roosevelt, and Truman's cabinets - see declassified Venona documents). The primary, and perhaps only real beneficiaries of US entry into the war was the Soviet Union, which had just had it's army routed and about 3 million soldiers taken prisoner on the outskirts of Germany and other parts of Europe, where they were in offensive, not defensive positions, preparing for an invasion of Europe while Hitler was distracted in France and Northern Africa.

At that point, Hitler decided to swing around and launch his invasion of the Soviet Union, at first routing the Soviets and ending Stalin's plans to move into Europe; but then getting stopped at Stalingrad.

At that moment, the communist party in the US, and Roosevelt (who had communist party president Gus Hall set up with his own office in the Whitehouse at one point) with them, instantly flipped from an anti-war position to feverish pro war propaganda. Roosevelt and Cordell Hull pulled all kinds of heavily documented tactics prior to Pearl Harbor to get into the war, but US public opinion was solid against it.

This was the status of the US when Cordell Hull began provoking Japan with threats, impossible demands, and manipulation of Japan's oil supply in order to get some kind of response. Hirohito's actual declaration of war references these things. They are hardly hidden or " conspiracy theory" based at all. They are matters of heavily-documented history which are just not convenient to "Uncle Joe's" soviet narrative that was parroted by Roosevelt and his cabinet full of Stalin's agents. Laughlin Currie, Harry Dexter White, Alger Hiss just to name a few that are actually documented in declassified army intelligence documents from the Venona project.

People love to flap there gums about their supposed wisdom regarding the military industrial complex, etc, when in reality they are just ignorantly parroting leftist propaganda. There are mountains of real scholarship and non-kooky research into this particular area of our history, and the ramifications of its significance are terrifying. I don't know anything special about 911 or similar incidents and whether they may have been legit or "inside jobs" or any of that, but Pearl Harbor and the machinations of Stalin and Roosevelt are well known and factual history, just not "party-line" preffered topics of open discussion.

9 years ago

The hardest pill to swallow when you wake up about how corrupt the Federal government really is ,is to understand that 99.9% of the history that you have been taught all of our lives is all LIES and BS! The corruption has gone on so long now that most of our local government and politics are infected too!

9 years ago

This documentary is bulls*it, the US didn't decipher the codes before the end of the war, those historians are bunk and are willingly misleading you to discredit the only real economic system that was ever any threat to the elite, the American System, personified in the last century by FDR's New Deal.

11 years ago

I believe our country was bulit by lies by liars and it hasn't changed it has gotton worse.

11 years ago

read "Betrayal At Pearl Harbor", 1991

11 years ago

Its all in how one wants to digest the information, just like 911. I think it looks suspect, just like 911. The American people have been deceived many times about many things by our leaders over the course of US events, since the colonies have become the United States. I think holding the Federal Government accountable is near to impossible. They do as they dam well please and see the citizens of this country as mere sheep !! Would like to see a more indaped investigation into this and a few other things. It will never happen. All wars are fought for profit. Wars make money for people who make the supplies to fight them.

11 years ago

The doc was informative but a poor copy of the original. Probably recorded off of someones TV? And the end was chopped off! That kinda sucked!

11 years ago

Historian David Kennedy seems like a nice man. He may be too nice. Some of the things people like him may be too nice too nice to remember:
1. There are indications the British, particuarly Winston Churchill did have advance knowledge of the attack.
2. In 1915 the one-shot sinking of the Lusitania did much to advance US public opinion in favor of war with Germany. At the time the heads of their respective navies were Churchill and Roosevelt.
3. About two months before Pearl Harbor, a USN warship -- I think it may have been called the Henderson -- provoked an attack on itself by a U-boat by not displaying the US flag while sailing in a war On that occasion FDR trotted out his act of "infamy' speech for the first time.

But others have found a smoking gun in all this -- at the Smithsonian. On Dec. 8, 1941 FDR rode down to Congress to make his ""Day of Infamy" speech and declaration of war against Japan. He rode there in a bulletproof limousine, one formerly belonging to Al Capone -- and requisitioned from the Smithonian two days before.

I'm just saying...

11 years ago

Kind of ended abruptly =/
Pretty interesting watch.

11 years ago

Ask this simple question:

Cui bono? (Latin for "who benefits")

Did the US people benefit by entering the war?

Did Britain and the "allied forces" benefit by us entering the war to save them?

Please people, do some serious thinking and don't believe everything you are told.

The founding fathers taught us to be distrustful of government.

Government NEVER has your best interests at heart.


11 years ago

Looks like another history channel "mainstream" whitewash.

There is another very good movie called "Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor" which you should watch as well.

I love how they weight the arguments: 25% conspiracy and 75% NO conspiracy to influence your opinion on the matter that there was "no conspiracy". They also leave out a lot of important facts mentioned in the above movie.

They just fail to mention we could have weighted it any way we choose.

9/11 was an inside job
Oklahoma city was an inside job
7/7 was an inside job
WTC 1993 was in side job
Vietnam War was a fraud (Gulf of Tonkin was never attacked)

........and most other wars going back to Napolean's time were an inside job/planned conspiracy when the Rothschild family spread a false rumor that Britain had lost the war against Napolean (despite Britain actually winning) so they could buy up the London stock exchange shares for pennies on the dollar.

with the above said, the US government has been caught red handed lying probably 10,000+ times going back to the civil war. Why should you believe anything these liars have said in recent history? They will lie at any cost to save the puppet empire as they care nothing about the people.

G Edward Griffin has said the "Conspiratorial view of history is the correct view." The more I learn about history the more I hold this to be true.

Shakespeare said it best:

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages"

12 years ago

what does the moon have to do with it exactly?

12 years ago

Not a conspiracy but just a common incident of war. Someone at some place will manage to draw the gun first.

12 years ago

Yeah lets all google "moon mirrors"
That will help stop the new world order!

12 years ago

@World Witness OF COURSE IT MATTERS. if your country is sending people to war and setting up concentratin camps on US soil and it's all based on a lie, you don't want to know? Japan gets hit with an atomic BOMB ...and itdoesn't matter? WTF is wrong with you people. You cannot be this unconcerned. I mean really....does it matter? If that isn't one of the most pathetic rebuttals i've EVER read.

12 years ago

oh hey one more thing jeasus is real so letys bring a religious talk into this concersation about the moon. oh im sorry this is a peazrl harbor video

12 years ago

The "mirrors on the moon" mythology is handled quite well in the documentary "Apollo Zero" available for viewing on this very same website. Seems you can bounce lasers of the moon and have them reflect back at you WITHOUT mirrors being on the moon. The evidence cited for this is shown to come straight out of the scientific literature and from reputable scientists.

Watch "Apollo Zero" and see for yourself.

World Witness
13 years ago

Does it matter? Just like 911.

Either they knew about it or the commanders were totally incompetent.

Just my opinion.

13 years ago

@ dale gervais

Who is to say those mirrors weren't placed by one of the un-manned appolo missions that landed on the moon? I believe the U.S. landed a man on the moon but I like to look at both sides of the story and form my own un-biased opinion.

13 years ago

...Smoke and Mirrors...

dale gervais
13 years ago

for all you guys who think we didn't land on the moon google moon mirrors