Fear, Anger and Politics

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More than 10 years ago, the 9/11 attacks left a gaping hole in New York - and across the US as a whole. This open wound continues to divide communities to this day.

In this two-part documentary, Al Jazeera follows the stories of some of those caught up in the anti-terrorist crackdown that followed 9/11 as they speak out about the injustices they have endured and their fears of a rising Islamophobia.

The author started his research in July 2010, and realized that many people were examining the aftermath of 9/11. Muslim Americans had decided to speak out through books, reports, theater and demonstrations on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Muslims were preparing to tell the story of a community under siege - a community that had become collateral damage in the 'war on terror'.

A report by the Center for American Progress called Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America shows how a small group of self-proclaimed experts, backed by a host of donors, is spreading fear and hostility toward Muslims in the US.

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  1. Trevis Robotie

    can I say I'm religionphobic?I just hate religions......watch this later later later....

  2. Patrick Adrien Varencaus

    poor u !! religion is an invention of men inspired by satan !! ya hes real u cant sere him he s a spirit like the most high God , not alalalalalalalallalal wich is a idol the god moon just look in the middle east you can sea THE REAL FACE of that hateful religions ! mohamed is dead christ rose again so there is the difference

  3. Jack1952

    Speaking of hateful, you don't exactly express the love of Christ in your comment, either. Remember the saying about glass houses?

  4. Rolands

    i am so sorry for middle east nations. :( US needed an excuse to start being aggressive and invasive , resources, greed, money are driving usa to be bad :(.

  5. Arlo

    To think, I thought the people who died in the buildings were the real 9-11 victims, silly me.

  6. dewflirt

    Or as my dad used to say, nickerless girls shouldn't wear dresses ;)

  7. Trevis Robotie

    if we had no religions to blame......I can hear Lennon right now...

  8. Trevis Robotie

    in my dreams,I am both the protagonist and antagonist......just like usa-the good,the bad and the gigaugly

  9. Patricia Amundsen

    we live in an imperfect world....or is it perfect? Regardless, it's all we have so we need to make the most of it. Brighten the corner where you are.....or not!

  10. johnconnolly25

    If Lennon or Lenin could read your naive note, they'd laugh their heads off, it's got NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION, and everything to do with power, money, oil. Or are you from The United States of Amnesia? Best...

  11. johnconnolly25

    Only in America would m*rons of the calibre of Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rice etc.even be taken seriously, let alone BELIEVED, about the most obvious coup d'etat in history. I've come to despise America.

  12. Pysmythe

    Right on. They should just leave the dresses to one side, as well.

  13. Paul Gloor

    I think everyone in the US, native or not, was or became a 9/11 victim in the national security, racial and religious knee-jerk reactions. Quite pathetic that these things even happen in the first place.

  14. Imightberiding

    You sound as though you are just absolutely overflowing with the love of Jesus.

  15. brianrose87

    I work with an individual whose first name is Usama; I wouldn't know this if I hadn't seen his ID because he goes by the name Sammy.

    He received some fairly extreme discrimination after 9/11, and I can tell these experiences have left him psychologically scarred. He is quick to be defensive when well intended comments are thrown his way. It is very difficult for him to let his defenses down. He seems to be always on edge, waiting to have to defend himself from some ignorant American patriot.

    I have great sympathy for this man and the verbal cruelty he has encountered. I can only imagine there are hundreds of thousands (millions?) of these stories strewn about the U.S. and Europe. over 3,000 people died on 9/11, but over the following years a much larger number suffered psychological abuse that has led to permanent psychiatric disorders.

  16. disqus_0qRcR2XYov

    Much like when the Jews fled germany in the 30s, it may be time for muslims to do the same in the US.

  17. Dean Edgington

    I don't despise America or Americans but I do recognise the U.S. has some serious issues and flaws caused by the intollerance of the religious and political right. Of course I prefer the U.S. to may places on earth of course but I'd never swap Europe for America. I may move to Scandinavia because here in the U.K. we are too like America in too many ways.

  18. Emergency Stop

    Your display of some of christ's virtues (love, kindness, goodness, gentleness, self-control) is clear proof you have the spirit of christ within you. NOT!

    "mohamed is dead christ rose again so there is the difference" J C is just as dead.

  19. dewflirt

    Hmmm, somehow I think you and he would get along very well!

  20. Trevis Robotie

    sure they're laughing their heads off,but the question remains:where do we go from here?where have we been with religions??to me religion means every evil (necessary?)you mentioned above.naivety may be so kind,just like ignorance

  21. TheDanishViking

    There is islamophobia in Scandinavia also.

  22. systems1000

    If for example I were to state that I believe in a reality beyond the limitations of our intellect,would that make me religious?Can,t we have a God with out mans psychotic fantasies born on wings of fear and vanity?

  23. wald0

    Really the U.S. has always been aggressive and invasive, they didn't become so recently We invaded the very land we call the U.S. in fact, and killed or imprisoned the native inhabitants.

  24. Lenny

    What a ridiculous parallel. How can you compare the plight of the Jewish people under Nazi Germany to Muslims living in the US?

    You liberals are insane. How backwards can you people be?! Unbelievable! :/

    Stop blindly following Al-Jazeera's anti-American propaganda machine and go pick up some history books, fool.

  25. pwndecaf

    If there is any doubt, look up the timeline of US military operations - it ain't pretty.

  26. dmxi

    isn't al-jazeera an equivalent to cnn?maybe you should not only pick up books but read,understand & critically digest them......to get the big picture.you'll find that there's more than insane liberals & persecuted moslems.

  27. Lenny

    No it is not. CNN is also extremely biased against Israel (and sometimes the United States) but al-Jazeera is the worst of the lot. This deplorable "news" network would give Leni Riefenstahl a run for her money. It's pure propaganda on every level, especially the stories about Iran and Palestine. This is the same propaganda people are fed in the feudal like middle east, only now it's in English so all of the liberals in America and Europe can enjoy this garbage too...

    If you pay close attention, this is the Al-Jazeera mantra you'll keep hearing over and over again (if you aren't indoctrinated already):

    "Hate the Jew. Hate America. Muslims are always innocent. Everything is Bush's fault. Everything is Israel's fault."

    It's 100% propaganda.

  28. wald0

    Wrong, the guy who sends the suicide bomber may be motivated by power or money but it is quite obvious the bomber himself is motivated by religion. It is quite obvious religion has played a huge role in the divide between the East and West in general and is sill utilized to exploit and widen that divide by those motivated by power and money. We will never stop men coveting power and money, doing horrible things to secure it, but we just might take one of their main tools away- religion. At the least social media sites are allowing the average American, Israeli, Iraqi, and Iranian citizen the chance to really know what each other's culture is like, what we value, how our political systems are all broken, etc. That makes it much harder for the politicians with alternative agendas to demonize the other culture with lies and exaggeration. Still, far too many good people are motivated to do bad things via religion. Whether it be because some mad man distorted the religion or that these bad things are inherent when religion is this prevalent doesn't really matter. Either way getting rid of it will reduce these guys ability to manipulate the masses, motivate individuals to do self destructive things that harm others, and simply loosen their grip on society. That has to be a good thing, in my opinion. Not to mention all the other benefits, like reducing religious interference with education, removing the religious demographic from the political tool chest, and getting rid of the occasional nut job that religion seems to inherently produce.

  29. wald0

    Really, you can't think of any other time in history when id10ts with malicious intent were running a country of mostly uninformed, well meaning people? Maybe read more history friend, they were far from the first and much less than the worst. Not defending them in any way, I would love to see them prosecuted for war crimes, civil rights violations, and violating the constitution of our country. But it is really short sighted and naive to think America is the only country or even the country that is the most guilty of such crimes. History is absolutely full of such crimes being committed in the name of everything from religion to political ideals.

  30. wald0

    And i suppose you believe FOX is the only real news show, what a typical, living in the bubble, conservative! No, Muslims are not experiencing anything like what the Jews experienced and the liberal party has never said nor insinuated they were. One person said it, online, to make a point and you have no idea if they are even a liberal, an American, or what. Stop building straw men to turn around and tear apart so you can feel as if you have accomplished something.

    Being some far right red neck, patriot incapable of seeing the faults of ones own country is no better than what you are ranting about, its one reason we are so hated around the world right now. Because we obviously have become bullies and tyrants in some respects and brilliant red necks like you refuse to see it and want to keep electing the same bunch of crooked, lying thieves and murderers that got us to where we are right now. You do realize that those history books you are so quick to refer people to are generally lies as well, right? They are all written from the same perspective, that America has always been the innocent party in every conflict they were part of, that we stood for freedom and democracy, blah, blah, blah- lies, all lies. We have built an empire by what ever means necessary, we have often been the aggressor and the tyrant, and we care much more about securing future profits than freedom or democracy. That is simply reality, not liberal or conservative reality, just reality.

  31. Lenny

    I can't stand FOX news and I won't even bother reading the rest of your psychotic rant. I am not a Republican, not by a long shot. I'm a rational person. You're a polarized lefty. No better than the paranoid religious overzealous far right. An extremist is an extremist, I don't waste time with people like you.

  32. baconJihad

    Phobia is an anxiety disorder caused by irrational fear of something. It's rational to be skeptical about islam and hence not phobic at all. Go back to fantasy land with your fantasy words.

  33. Pysmythe

    "You liberals are insane. How backwards can you people be?! Unbelievable!"

    Nope, doesn't sound at all irrational or extremist, or like the default bark of a dyed-in-the-wool Republican.

    Nice one, Lenny!

    Plus: You ARE, in fact, a Republican. You state it outright elsewhere on your profile. And: You ARE the extremist which you claim to loathe. There is also ample evidence of this in your own words.

    But don't worry. I can promise you that truly rational people will not be in the least taken aback to find out that you will lie unabashedly, if you feel it'll serve your ends.

    After all, Liberals are infidels, aren't they, Lenny? And lying to one is permitted, even encouraged, in your religion.

  34. dewflirt

    Pysmythe you'd best stop being nice before you turn into a socialist or something. Imagine what a mess we'd be in if we all got our fair share! ;)

  35. TheDanishViking

    Yes, skepticism and phobia are two different words. And that is exactly why I used the phrase "islamophobia". Listen BaconJihad: it is a good thing to express your feelings - just open up and let us know how you feel. You seem slightly frustrated? Don't be afraid... :-)

  36. ZarathustraSpeaks

    The idea that somehow "eliminating" religion from the world will change the basic nature of man is based on the need to promote human "self importance" in nature. Morals, principles, ideas, practices, dogmas and even beliefs that are judged as wrong by whatever "standards" used to judge anything are "right or wrong" based on the set of beliefs you choose to adopt. Whatever is judged "good or bad" will always be based upon your own personal beliefs OR an absolute standard for what is right or wrong in the world. Please explain to me how it can be anything else? When we choose to blindly follow a religious leader that tells us we should hate or destroy people that dont agree with us we are making a human choice. We cant escape our own choices no matter what or who we blame them on. Leaders will always use whatever the most effective tool is to "move the masses" The predominant method in history has been using "God is our side" but other examples especially in the Marxist, Leninist, Communist ideology essentially have used the same premise as their own version for the "opiate of the masses". The Khmer-Rouge or even Kim Jong-Un did not, and are not repectively relying on religion to "rally the troops". It would be hard to blame the closest time we ever came to nuclear destruction during the Cuban missle crisis on religion. The Spanish Inquisitions may be easy to judge by todays standards but so would other non religious practices accepted at that time. Otherwise you are assuming a moral code that has existed since the beginning of the universe rather than an evolution of thought based on experience. We need to somehow "get beyond" the need to impose personal beliefs in any form on other people but this just seems contrary to our "nature".

  37. Lenny

    I lean towards the right but I can't stand the Republican party. I am 100% pro-choice and support gay marriage. It sickens me to hear people like Palin, Coulter, et al. So yeah, you have no idea what you're talking about.

    Yes, I have the same contempt for the dogmatic left AND for isolationists like Ron Paul.

    I am sick and tired of all of you extremists. You people are as black and white as they come.

  38. Jack1952

    I have a great deal of sympathy for most of the Muslims in this film. Many are victims of a crusade reminiscent of the McCarthy era. However, the guy with the tee shirt at the airport was being deliberately provocative. The man does not lack in brain power and for him to pretend that he could not understand why he was singled out says that he is being deliberately obtuse. Many people have an irrational fear of flying and to see a man, obviously Middle Eastern, wearing a tee shirt which displays a defiant statement in Arabic and English, would only feed this fear. I think this man deliberately wore this shirt, knowing that it would cause a reaction, to use it for his own personal agenda. He shows no respect for others and could care less that his provocative and defiant message on his tee shirt could frighten people who are terrified of flying. Shame on him.

  39. Kurt Alex

    America did what it had to do, the chinese would do the same if something like that happened in their territory. Dont criticize the US its not all right no 1 is. 1 rotten apple spoils a basket of good apples, no 1 can diffrentiate which is good or bad. Back of ur head there will be always a negative feeling. That is general human behaviour

  40. sander

    Fantastic replies you gave here Lenny, I totally agree with all your points here :) Finally someone who is also thinking rational.

  41. Emergency Stop

    Spot on Jack, my thoughts exactly, he definitely knew what he was doing. I would like to add, as the woman told her story of being taken away and locked up for 6 weeks as a 16 turning 17 year old, I did feel great sympathy for her but when she states "our religion doesn't teach that" (or words to that effect) more than once and I felt my sympathy for her diminish each time (not entirely, it would've been a very distressing time). People may say I'm putting words in her mouth when I say the meaning of "that" in her statement is, hatred of non-muslims. In the 6 to 7 years since those traumatic events she hasn't looked at how her holy book could possible persuade violent action taken against non-believers. I can only assume it's some form of cognitive bias because the hate that book promotes is detestable.

  42. Jack1952

    Islam brooks no criticism of the Koran, its prophet, or its beliefs. Therefore, this girl cannot and will not even consider that there are aspects of this religion that encourage intolerance and violence. To do so would put her place in Paradise in jeopardy. Muslims claim that Islam is a religion of peace. What they mean is that when everyone on earth becomes a Muslim, the earth will also find peace. It is the peace of complete conformity. Until that time is realized, they believe they must fight the forces of Satan that are seeking to destroy Islam. Everything that is not Islamic in nature falls into the category of "Satanic" and is an abomination. That doesn't mean that there are no good Muslims. It means that they are put into a situation, because of a lifetime of Muslim teaching, which forces them to feel that they must defend any perceived attack on Islam vigorously, even if it goes against their nature.

  43. Emergency Stop

    Again, I'm in complete agreeance with what you say but I do have an observation about this "What they mean is that when everyone on earth becomes a Muslim, the earth will also find peace" even if everybody converted to Islam, there will be no peace because of sectarian violence.

  44. Jack1952

    Each sect views the other Muslim sects as apostates...worse than the infidel. It is the general belief and hope that all of earth will eventually be united under the true Islam. That true form depends on the sect one is in. Of course, each sect believes that they are the true followers of Islam. Not only must the infidel be cleaned from the earth, the apostate forms of Islam must also be converted.

  45. Emergency Stop

    So then perhaps America has the right idea, persecute them to point of where they don't want to be there anymore or for other Muslims to even want to move to America. A problem I have with that is, the number of Muslims where I live will grow even faster than is already happening. I like yourself live in a multicultural nation and have meet, what appear to be "good" Muslims but have not known them well enough to broach the subject of religion. I feel once they have the numbers it will be their way or the highway (death).

  46. Terry Beaton

    Maybe if America didn't hold itself out as the 'light of the world' one wouldn't feel so bitter when they brought darkness instead.

  47. Jack1952

    This leaves me in a difficult position. I strongly believe that everyone has the right to their beliefs, as long as they don't intrude on or interfere with the rights of others. However, it seems that Islam, as a part of its faith, has no problem discriminating against those no of their faith. Under Sharia law, the Dhimmi does not have the same rights as a Muslim. Although, most Muslim countries do not follow the Dhimmi laws today, it is due to the pressure applied by non-Muslim or secular nations. If that pressure were to be negated, I cannot help but wonder if the Dhimmi laws would find their place back in Muslim society, especially in the more fundamentalist nations. I can't help but fear that our tolerance or belief in freedom could backfire on us and be the instrument of losing our freedom.

  48. a_no_n

    in other words, b*llocks to everything because it'll never be perfect.

  49. a_no_n

    i think the people that got hit in the face with a plane take precedence!

  50. a_no_n

    technically, we Brits showed you how it was done...we just didn't think you'd take the torch of imperialism and run so far with it...we'd be proud if we trapped so hard under heel lol

  51. Emergency Stop

    When I first read your post I thought Dhimmi didn't apply to me as an atheist (being not one of "the people of the book") and I would be killed as a non-believer of any faith. So I googled Dhimmi to confirm my thoughts and it looks like I may not be killed "the Hanafi, the largest school of Islamic legal thought, applied this term to all non-Muslims living in Islamic lands outside the sacred area surrounding Mecca" from the wikipedia article on Dhimmi. It's an ambiguous term "Dhimmi" and which ever way we interpret it now, it can and probably will change back to its original meaning therefore I may well lose my head. I wish I could see an answer, a peaceful answer but I'm afraid all I see is an escalation of the war alreadly in progress (war on terror). I used to think that if the moderate Muslims, the ones that reject extremism and terrorism, would make a stand against their fundamentalist brethren, it might be make a difference. I now realise just how wrong I was, by definition, moderate Muslims are not extreme, partisan or radical. No help there.

  52. Rachid Talal

    Well, i think that the so-called islamic radicalism was created by western , israeli...and Russian imperialism ,injustices ....not the other way around .

    And it's extremely inaccurate , it is extremely suggestive and highly unfair and disgusting to make an analogy between muslim extremists and ...nazism .

    Muslims are the underdogs nowadays by the way .

  53. Rachid Talal

    Right .

    Who can blame you for saying the truth .

    It's a pity that a great nation and great people such as the US have been hijacked by those nazi governments of theirs .

    Obama is no better than Bush in that regard by the way .

    I must add i can't help but also despise those US governments indeed .

    They treat other nations and folks like subhumans and they expect them to just lie down and play dead as a result , otherwise , they would be branded as terrorists .

    No need to say that even the 911 was made in the USA by the way .

  54. Rachid Talal

    Fact is : a distinction must be made between the legetimate muslim resistances against the US , israeli, Russian ....imperialism ,and those muslim so-called extremists .

    Even that evil incarnate : israel ,makes a disgusting mis-use of the so-called "war on terror " in order to brand the muslim legetimate resistances against its imperialistic atrocities as terrorists : what a tragic-hilarious irony .

    The real terrorists are those israeli, US , Russian ...governments imperialists in fact .

    Take a look back at history to see how even the nazis used to consider all European resistances at that time as ...terrorists : what an irony .

  55. Emergency Stop

    "Fact is : a distinction must be made between the legetimate muslim resistances against the US , israeli, Russian ....imperialism ,and those muslim so-called extremists ." what is the difference?

  56. Vinnie Chavez

    very good doc.!

  57. Paul Gloor

    Besides the adding folks on the plane to that list as well, you'll get no argument from me.

  58. teaexpress@sbcglobal.net

    9/11 made in usa by Bush administration.

  59. Lynley Ruth Butt

    ZarathustraSpeaks... Personal beliefs OR an absolute standard? Notice how people are comfortable around those they think are like- minded... And as for the others, depending upon how put off they are can 1) try to convince otherwise by sweet argument and reason 2) agree politely/ coldly to differ/ part ways 3) tell the offensive party to get lost/ go to hell..nonchalantly/ humorously couched or. ..Hotly/ offensively. 4) actively seek to bring them down / eliminate them. Now this may not just depend upon the others extremism but the measure of restraint one exercises also has to do with ones own passions , convictions and character. Usually "god/ Allah/ the supreme lord rabb or ultimately refined consciousness carries the absolute standard... Principles and ethics. Whereas man is reckoned as fallible, weak, faltering inconsistent liable to error , failure/ sin... Which is why humans prefer to be supported, which is not to say groups do not also err.... And why whipping up mobs to killing frenzy against religious, ethnic, minorities and the unprepared innocents and their carers the infirm and aged and ...by means of oratory , inflammatory hate speech

  60. Lynley Ruth Butt

    ( cont) is condemnable. Purity of thought speech and action / behaviour the ideal. However with respect to offensively repressive / oppressive behaviour meted out to us by others we have rational options To chose from 1) flee.. The earth is broad, tolerate it, lie low... If confrontation on equal terms not an option and the enemy is too strong and ruthless.... live for another day when forces and strength are readied for a showdown2) respond in equal measure to the degree of provocation offered in the same manner as it is rendered out to you. 3) the wisdom of knowing that since it is not compatible with the nature ofGod ( and those believers carrying humanitarian ethics values ) to allow oppression or aggression to run riot over the earth, know that a force will always be raised equal to the force it confronts.... And 4) the forces of evil can subdue and decimate and eliminate each other- in their violent clashes over power and dominion.... While pockets of good may escape unscathed...as in fact the love and mercy they have meted out is returned in kind by men of good will.... Who carry " Like"

  61. Lynley Ruth Butt

    Values. ( sorry , my iPad is skittish). What I am endeavouring to say is that religious values and ethics are full of subtle gradients and go a great deal further and deeper than priesthood mantras and dogmas. In fact even so far back as with Kashmiri Brahmin Hindus it was reckoned that man needs no intermediary priesthood and may directly commune himself searching within and wrestling with " his own lord// rabb or Conscience for personal answers development and resolutions. Since this is an individual progressive state, dependent on heritage , genes, intellect ,exposure to precepts, environmental culture , examples- role models, teaching influences... It has been said that , ultimately , religion is "Only good manners".

  62. Rachid Talal

    If you cannot see the difference , then , you must be out of your mind, i guess, sorry .

    The nazis used to call the European resistances terrorists , remember : what an irony .

    You should know by now that most of those so-called terrorist attacks attributed to muslims were in fact false flag operations , including the 911.

    When are you gonna try to liberate yourselves from your cultures' mainstream brainwash then ?

  63. Emergency Stop

    No need to apoligise, my comprehension skills aren't the best but I can see english isn't your first language, maybe thats why I'm having some difficulty understanding. Now that I have a bit more information "false flag operations , including the 911" I have idea of what you mean. I have obviously been "mainstream brainwash then" because I can't tell the differance between Muslim atrocities or false flag operations.

  64. Rachid Talal

    You seem to have a distorted sense of reality or history , i see .

    Before you can talk about the so-called muslim atrocities , muslims as the underdogs nowadays who gotta defend themselves against western , israeli and other imperialism , you'd better take a look at the long history of western and israeli atrocities, imperialism, injustices, genocides , false flag operations .....You name it .

    How come you, guys , seem to suffer from some sort of selective amnesia concerning reality and history ?

    You gotta ask yourself about that , i guess.

    You are just victimizing the criminal and criminalizing the victim .


  65. avd420

    Its not because we suffer from some sort of selective amnesia, we do, it's that The Qur'an scares the hell out of us.

  66. Cyril Mc Kinnon

    Have only read the comments and feel that I have learned more from that than I would the doc so......off to band on a drum.

  67. Emergency Stop

    I was after another example of your false flag operations besides 911 because I'm of the opinion it was carried out by Muslims. There are other documentaries on this website dealing with 911 conspiracies, if that is what you want to debate. I'm quite happy in my belief that your, religion of peace, inspired that atrocity.

  68. Dean Edgington

    very true, but every metric that counts (according to my values at least) shows that the U.S. is a pretty "troubled" place by comparison. Europe scores way better and northern Europe (with the exception of the U.K. my homeland) scores even higher. That's my point. There is no eutopia but there are much better places to live than America. Btw, I really like America and Americans.

  69. Patricia Stidham-Burns

    Really?And as an Atheist your Bible offends me, but I am not in fear of it nor the Qur'an! Fear is what is destroying this country...

  70. Patricia Stidham-Burns

    Do you read the Bible? It is full of violence. Judge not lest ye be judged! Right? Most of the Christians in the USA are Haters. So go preach it elsewhere! This Atheist is fed up with Christians thinking they have it all right an good when your "Holy Book" is full of hate and violence. You just use those parts when it's convenient for you to HATE!

  71. Jack1952

    You make assumptions about what I believe. I am not a Christian. I am an Atheist and if you read back into my comments you will find that I have stated so many times. I do not hate Muslims. I do hate what the Koran states over and over again. I hate the hell or paradise of Islam and Christianity. I hate that the only way a Muslim can avoid punishment after death is through martydom...a death fighting for Islam against any real or perceived threat against Islam. I hate that the Bible encourages genocide in the Old Testament which is condoned in the New Testament by the absence of any criticism of genocide. Last, I will not idly stand by and allow any religion state openly that their goal is Sharia Law for all and I will not allow the Moral Majority types to dictate to me how I should live or how I should live my family life. I have every right to be suspicious of the intentions of some of those in this video and many religious types based on their behavior in history. That's not hate. That's common sense.

  72. peter paul

    Al Jazeera ... a smelly media bought and paid for by NWO

    Arabs are EXTREMELLY grateful to AJ for NOT exposing the controlled demolition that 9/11 really was

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