Fiefdom of Speech

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The right to freedom of expression is recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Article 19 of that states that everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference and everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression.

This right shall include freedom to seek, receive, and impart information on ideas of all kinds regardless of frontiers either orally, in writing, or in print, in the form of art or through any other media of his choice.

Concepts of freedom of speech can be found in early human documents, but let's look at today's world. Isn't there a widening gap between what's said and done? This documentary, "Fiefdom of Speech," looks at how and why the self-acclaimed western guardians of human rights and civil liberties are trampling on their own people's basic rights of seeing and hearing alternative views by taking Iranian channels off the airwaves.

The behavior of the UK government was simple straightforward panic, and it's exactly the same in Spain and in France. They are shutting down the thing which is providing more accurate information. This is a kind of informational war which is waged against Iran; the matter is that several centers of power want to deprive people of alternative sources of information.

The main issue here is to prevent your information from getting to the American public. They can't prevent you from broadcasting to Iran, but they can prevent you from getting your information to the American public because they know you'll say things that Americans cannot say.

Munich-based media regulator BLM announced it was removing Press TV from the SES Astra satellite. Eutelsat S.A. stopped the broadcast of several Iranian satellite channels. Hong Kong-based AsiaSat took all Iranian channels off the air in East Asia. Spain's top satellite company, Hispasat, ordered its satellite provider Overon to take Iranian channels Press TV and Hispan TV off the air.

Iran's Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Gholam-Hossein Dehqani condemned the move as a blatant violation of international laws and the principle of freedom of speech. Addressing the 35th meeting of the UN Information Committee, he urged the UN body should provide the public with timely, unbiased, and transparent information. UN Information Committee passed a resolution called "Public Information Policies and Activities" condemning the Western medias' hegemony over the world.

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  1. kevin hayes

    Ok let me get this straight, some islamic fundamentalist woman in a patriarchal oppression headscarf is going to school me on free speech? You gotta be kidding me right? Why doesn't she get real, and school me on real things islamic, like why many islamic men are homosexual pedophiles and why thats acceptable to her?

  2. Loxley Smithett

    This is bogus...if Iran wants to be treated as equal in the global community, the country should consider reading UN Human Rights and following the Charter. Iran is not secular and the message they broadcast is not objective.

  3. Black Scholar

    America is a Police State; We are a TOTALITARIANISM COUNTRY

    Keep living you'll see;

  4. Derek Seymour

    good to know! Freedom of speech is our right!

  5. Gita

    Please please don't let them deceive you with this propaganda. I'm an Iranian. For now I'm not going to discuss the continuous organized ignoring of even the most basic aspects of human rights in this country. I just address the subject mentioned here. You should know that one of the usual ordinary duties of the police force here is to actually invade people's houses to confiscate or destroy their satellite dishes and other related devices. And as if it is not enough we are subject to the relentless invasion of parasites and satellite jamming which you may know are really dangerous, harmful and unhealthy. In conditions like this it would be a sad joke for Iranian politicians to rant about human rights and freedom of speech and such! By the way, whatever happened to some of the Iranian governmental satellite channels (the subject matter of this doc) was not political at all. It was just due to some financial and legal obstacles resulting from the international sanctions on Iran which prevented international companies all around the world from having commercial relationships with Iran. Don't let these sensationalist dirty tricks fool you.

  6. bluetortilla

    Great expose!
    The most chilling line came at the end when the dapper gentleman suggested the powers that be may even get control over the Internet. Just before he said I was thinking dumbly, 'well, Press TV can at least stream its news. Heck, I don't even own a TV.' The Internet, as we speak, is by far the greatest revolution in disseminating information. Better learn as much as you can now!

    The coolest thing about this (aside from opening with an article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) is that we (or at least I) can sense from the attitudes and speech the first wedges challenging the current world balance that is dominated by an imperial U.S. and a supportive Western Europe. Muslims, Hispanics, Africans, and Asians will all have stronger and stronger voices from now on, not out of the use of terror or through wars that cannot be won, but by sheer demographics and an unstoppable economic rise. No one can predict government in the future, but it doesn't seem likely at alll that we will continue to dominated by the will of a single corrupt nation.

    It is no secret that mass media news has been nothing but blatant propaganda from the very beginning. Believing in what the news tells you and/or reacting emotionally to it may make you appear to be extremely stupid, but the sad fact is that most of us are quite simply brainwashed automaton freedom wannabes like Wilson Smith. People, out of fear, just don't get the truth that living by your principles- especially in the face of danger- is the only way you will ever have life.

  7. Fabien L

    Interesting but I can't help but puzzle if American, British, French, German and Spanish channels are available in Iran...

  8. Joshua Marks

    Excellent review of recent fronts in the battle for freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the many manifestations this battle expresses itself in - journalist deaths and threats, corporate and international legalities, plutocratic control, and political hegemony.

    "Someone" is clearly afraid of open and diverse channels of expression and freedom of thought.

  9. dmxi

    what is 'fiefdom of speech '....a typo or a play of the word thiefdom ?

    1. GiMiK

      do you understand how to use google? look it up.

  10. Imightberiding

    Although this doc did not present anything the majority of us are not already aware of, I found this to be very interesting & thought provoking. Unfortunately it also provokes my frustration, anger & blood pressure.

    The hypocrisy of the U.S., Britain & the West on the whole is nothing less than criminal & never ceases to disgust me. Grrrrrrr! Ahhhhgg!

  11. Wayne Siemund

    The problem is, Iran does not have a long history of freedom of speech and that weighs heavily on the believability of Iranian TV.
    Supporting this condition are reporters who use half truths and personal bias in their presentations.

    They appear to be no different than the corporate news of the US.
    Until they fix this no one can take them too seriously.
    This blame documentary tends to fall on deaf ears.

    1. mrmikemrmike

      "Iran does not have a long history of freedom of speech", really? Please cite your sources.

    2. illuminatilizardperson

      I could suggest an experiment for you to try; stand in the middle of a public square in Tehran, with a sign that has a cartoon depiction of Mohamed, and holler, " Mohamed was a liar, and and a fornicator. Allah was simply a delusion created by his sick mind!", and collect the resultant data. Good luck.


      Yeah and for that we should send someone over there with millions of dollars and have them start a revolution to replace their Democratically elected officials with our selected puppet regime ? Oh you say their elections are not fair and rigged? So what were going to do is okay ... okay then i'm almost done watching storage wars Florida edition and some sucker paid $500 for a locker full of missing voter shades, LOL

    4. mrmikemrmike

      Really... You can try that in Time Square too. It could get interesting. Or you could yell "Fire" in a theater.
      C'mon now, really. Just for asking to cite a source on LONG TIME history. Hmmm... Pretty sad. Yet understandable from any creature with a forked tongue.

    5. Bilbo Bagginski

      Given that it's a culture with a tradition that spans across the last 7,000 years... I'd hate to be the one to bring it to your attention that at least a nice chunk of those years, probably longer than your country's been around, had been full off free speech. Call me crazy, but I find the western approach to world's history... shallow. Imagine a place... outside of your country, where people had more freedoms than you... and still do. Unreal innit?

  12. Lenny

    Maybe I should have been clearer in my last post. I'm not excusing America, I'm just pointing out (obvious) media bias. Fox is biased when it comes to 99% of the civil issues in the States. CNN, PressTV, RT and al-Jazeera are all biased against Israel. American Thinker, Fox and Breitbart are biased against Muslims and the LGBT community. Huffpost is biased against conservatives.

    There's bias everywhere. I was just calling out PressTV's bias because I think it's important to watch these documentaries as objectively as possible.

  13. AprilOneal

    OK, I only started watching and my first observance is that she talks just like a robot..... just sayin'.

    1. AprilOneal


    2. pwndecaf

      Do you mean in 1's and 0's?

    3. spikebat

      I got your joke........thought it was killer....

  14. thinkagainagain

    PressTV pretends to be the champion of free speech?

  15. dufas_duck

    With political correctness and a biased media, freedom of speech really comes down to 'you believe what we tell you or else...' and by the way, don't say something we don't like, you'll lose you job, be ostracized, and be smeared by the same media that told you what to believe.....

    1. terrasodium

      No need to hire every fourth person to report to the stazi under this rubric of data collection, an unprecedented time in history we are living in. it's a dictators dream system , unless we hold the system to consequences for their trespasses.

  16. xxDarkSidexx

    It's the media and freedom of speech thats put us in this big $hit hole that we live in, media and freedom of speech has made the people we are today, you can all sit there and say "no i make my own mind up" but deep down you/we all follow what the media saids, it gives us all the emotions we carry today, if your clever enough you can stay in the middle, but the way i see it in todays world, it's love for the bad and hate for good.

  17. Harry Nutzack

    it's funny. i'm about as opposed to theocracy, holocaust denial, "second class status" for women, and the dissemination of pure propaganda as one can get, yet i feel "press tv", or ANY other media outlet has a right to be heard. sure, their coverage has bias, but ALL coverage has bias. "clean hands media" sounds awesome, but exists NOWHERE. i want to be able to hear, and view, all sides, every POV, from most mainstream, to most extreme crackpot, and then have the luxury of sifting it all in my own skull, thus allowing me to draw my own conclusions. to silence a POV is to deny ME that ability. if the likes of alex jones, FOX News, and the other frontmen of PURE fantasy are not silenced, why should Press TV be?

    the ONLY solution i see is iran forming a partnership with other states, and setting up their own sat network. there are enough "lesser nations" to make the expense small enough for each to make it viable. i have little doubt russia, china, or even japan would be willing to launch their sats. the use of such 3rd party nations would insure the sats aren't weapons, spy devices, or other nefarious mechanisms. is "free to air" format still in existence? that would seem an ideal format, and would eliminate having to market receivers.

  18. oQ

    There are numerous great documentaries on press tv.

    The media of all countries should be allowed to post what they feel is their view of the world.

    We authorize the US to do it, even though we know how much rubbish comes from them.

    Freedom of speech is freedom of speech for every journalists wherever he/she stands.

  19. Lenny

    This belongs in the conspiracy section. This is Press TV, Iranian anti-American and anti-western propaganda in lowest and ugliest form. This is the type of garbage they feed the ignorant masses in the middle east and later people in the west are "shocked" that they hate us so much. This is why they hate us -- that's exactly what propaganda does -- and it's an absolute disgrace that Americans buy into this garbage.

    1. Regen

      It couldn't possibly be the fact that we have a global empire setup throughout the world? That civilians are routinely killed by accident, or that we can't just let sleeping dogs lie.
      Imagine if any other country in the world invaded the US, Wrecked your s*it, set up the government they want, then never left. The entire south be up in arms (I should know, i live there).

    2. Cracker122049

      We don't have to worry about another country invading us,our very own government already has. They view us as the enemy now,and more and more real Americans view them the same way!

    3. Regen

      I completely agree.

    4. Guest

      That was literally Osama bin Laden's objective from the start. Congratulations on playing right into his plan.

    5. Cracker122049

      Lenny,I sure hope that you don't think that this is all Osama's idea what is happening to this country today.It was started way before Osama came on the scene!Perhaps you need to do a bit more research before accusing me of playing into any thing.If anyone has been played it is you.Unless you are very old ,which I'll bet you are not,this started before you were even born.But it is nice to see that at least aware that things are going wrong.

    6. terrasodium

      I ask in all seriousness, where did you get that idea?

    7. Aleksandar Daic

      Yes ...switch to FOX immediately ...they are the objective ones (irony in case anyone missed it).

    8. wald0

      Why does it have to be either this complete b.s. or Fox, isn't there some middle ground here you're overlooking? The truth is both sides do it, all sides do it, your side does it, and my side does it- its just in fashion at different times to point out a certain country and pick on them as if everyone else is innocent and would never do such a thing. Everyone is so busy trying to claim the high ground we will never fix this problem, this common problem that may be the common ruin of us all.

    9. Aleksandar Daic

      My side? I don't have a side. I don't think in a "we vs them" mentality pattern and if you really want to solve anything , become the change you want to see.

    10. systems1000

      You say that you don,t have a side,but I bet you really do.The side that your money is coming from.Unless perhaps your a begger.

    11. Aleksandar Daic

      It is sad that for your money income is = side you choose...are you kidding with me? You think that if for example I work as a janitor in public school I should defend Minister of education? Or if I work for Coca Cola, which is a USA company, I should support USA forign policy? Don't be silly...

    12. systems1000

      Then lets take it one step farther. Most like to grandstand by critizing the top of our food chain just as long as we are smug in the fact that said criticism will not get us fired,or worse.

    13. oQ

      It is appropriate to say Where is Waldo?
      Are you ok? Too busy or just fed up with TDF?
      Your comments were always appreciated by the number of Like.

    14. jonathon wisnoski

      Ya, while it is extremely easy to poke holes in the non-existent free speech of Western nations. But focusing on one source of information and claiming that it is the whole truth, and nothing but the truth seems rather propagandish.

    15. Lenny


    16. John_Dread

      And "western" propaganda and omissions -distortions of the truth are better? You're being a bit biased here buddy.

    17. ogger151

      WOW ! As an American I can truly say you are full of it. I watch Presstv and find there not any more bias than U.S. news and sometimes less. Considering we have sanctioned them to death they quite nice in there opinions.

    18. Lenny

      Not really. The most powerful propaganda isn't bellicose and violent, it's subtle and manipulative, just like this documentary.