The Fight Against Ebola

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Ebola bullies itself into the forefront of global awareness more and more every day, and VICE News' The Fight Against Ebola traces the virus' current outbreak to its roots in Guinea in December of 2013. It quickly found its way into Liberia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and at the time of the making of this film Liberia had become the focal point of what, by March 2014, had quickly developed into a full-on epidemic. In excess of 3000 infections had been recorded there to date, with around half of them proving to be fatal.

VICE reporter Danny Gold takes us into Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, to document the conditions that citizens there are being forced to combat in the wake of the virus' invasion. Redemption Hospital, the epicenter of Ebola treatment in the city, is where we are first introduced to the disparate state of healthcare workers' efforts to control and treat the outbreak. The facility is overwhelmed and incapable of treating the steadily increasing influx of new patients that are arriving literally by the van-load all day, every day.

An interview with a fearless ambulance driver reveals he has eight infected citizens in his vehicle behind him as he speaks with the filmmakers, and that they will be forced to remain in there until the hospital has room to take them in. Another interview outside the facility highlights an infected man lying in a latrine that had been there for hours because no beds were available inside. Not only is this terrible for the patients themselves, but after being denied admittance they are often forced back out into the community where they become conduits for spreading the virus.

The focus then moves to West Point, a nearby slum where the virus is also present. In the impoverished conditions here, even though the outbreak is not yet any more prevalent than elsewhere at the time of filming, there is still a much higher risk of the virus getting a foothold simply because of the population concentration and lack of resources to effectively mitigate risks.

The remainder of the film follows the crew as they join body retrieval teams claiming those that have succumbed to the virus, and explore various camps and temporary emergency treatment facilities.

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  1. bluetortilla

    I've always admired VICE's bravery. Now I see that they're angels. If in some months from now Ebola is raging over continents, it will be because the world just never cared about Africa, and they don't care now. That attitude is looming to strike back.

  2. oQ
  3. oQ

    If an ebola pandemic crisis happens in North America, you can bet your life that no neighbours are gonna come to your rescue.
    One for all and all for one? ya, right!

  4. User_1
  5. User_1

    Thanks for the great doc VICE. Man you guys are brave!

  6. Fabien L'Amour
  7. Fabien L'Amour

    It's very doubtful it will happen, Nigeria could stop the spread with simple quarantine and disinfection. I can't see it becoming epidemic in North America.

  8. Sacco Svd
  9. Sacco Svd

    All in all I honestly think the powerful countries just don't give a s*it about this poor people....after using them as slaves for hundreds of years, after exploitation of all kind and promoting corruption and poverty in Africa. They just don't give a shit and that's a big SHAME for the human race.

    Thanks VICE for the insight.

  10. bringmeredwine
  11. bringmeredwine

    It's good to see some real heroes in the midst of all this misery.

  12. Richard Neva
  13. Richard Neva

    And Obama keeps the borders wide open to bring the disease home to Americans.

  14. Fabien L'Amour
  15. Fabien L'Amour

    And a great total of 9 cases with one fatality so far. The border would be permanently closed if that is your threshold for possible health consequences. Imported drugs kill a lot more people than that every day.

  16. Richard Neva
  17. Richard Neva

    You completely missed my point. Ebola is a completely different situation and not drugs, duh!

  18. Fabien L'Amour
  19. Fabien L'Amour

    It was only an example, your isolationist point is ridiculous. Even if you close the border with these countries, what forbids it to transit undetected via Europe, Asia or the Americas? Are you going to stop the entry of every plane, boat and truck?

    Also are you going to close the border every year during the Influenza season which is much more contagious and kills over a thousand every year?

  20. bluetortilla
  21. bluetortilla

    To "Americans?!!!" Are you insane or just a bigoted nationalist? Do you think the peoples of our world are sympathetic to a viewpoint that protects 'Americans' over other human beings? Are Americans more important than the rest of us? Ugh...

  22. bluetortilla
  23. bluetortilla

    Oh, and Neva is a troll in a suit. The only way not to get to stung is to grab him by the tailcoat.

  24. jackmax
  25. jackmax

    Your right he should close the borders, but for all the right reasons and they are to ensure that you and the people like you don't escape.....and infect the rest of us rational beings with your stupidity.

  26. gemma
  27. gemma

    More people die from hunger then ebola the only reason it is such a big thing and they want to find a cure for it is because rich people can also die from ebola. Im not against finding a cure for ebola but i think this just sums up what a state the world is in.

  28. Healer
  29. Healer

    Obama is in good company. Hitler would have done the same thing for Jews.

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