The Fight for Amazonia

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The Fight for AmazoniaFrom the heart of the Amazon jungle comes a three-part series examining the strides being made to save the world's most endangered rainforest.

1. Raids in the Rainforest. The first film follows Brazil's youngest national park director as she declares war on the drug gangs, logging mafia and illegal fishing threatening the Amazon Rainforest.

2. The Justice Boat. To the Brazilian state many of the people who live on the Amazon are invisible. They have no access to health care, social services or the justice system. But one woman, Judge Sueli Pini, is changing that. She delivers justice and healthcare by boat.

3. The Internet Indians. The Ashaninka tribe live in a region of the Amazon Rainforest rich in tropical wood. Their land has been targeted by illegal logging gangs, who have killed and threatened villagers. Now the tribe is fighting back and the internet is their weapon.

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  1. dmxi

    just reading the films intro,makes me understand how ignorant/impotent we are...

  2. madscirat
  3. madscirat

    Same old crap. Poor people who have no choice are punished for wanting their children not to starve. The only thing that has changed is that now the participants seem aware of the hypocrisy. Its like watching a person slam their head repeatedly into a wall while calmly explaining to you that they are slamming their head into a wall.

  4. leonardobdas
  5. leonardobdas

    It is a forest. It grows all day and night, and people that live in it want A/C just like you so they can go online drinking soda as they dream for a better school for their children. The US and Europe cut 99% of their forest to get rich and now wants to control what the rest of the world does with theirs by showing it to hippies.

    It will not work. At best there will be large national parks being well protected because the country itself is rich, and the advantage of having better technology making it possible for pollution be diverted away from rivers.

    But you want to know what really protects the forest? it is the fact that nobody wants to live there, because it is hot as hell, it is filled with bugs. They are 100 years behind the rest of the country in every important aspect. With all fun honesty, it is probably better to live with aids and deal with it in the US, than live in a 100 thousand person city in the jungle.

    Been there... done that.

  6. Jerry Gonzalez
  7. Jerry Gonzalez

    very important to know that this is going on

  8. john Palermo
  9. john Palermo

    Capitalism must die or we all will. A return to indigenous societies is the only way the world as a whole can survive.
    This is indisputable......

  10. a_no_n
  11. a_no_n

    except there isn't enough room for all of us to live like that.

    Plus we live like three times longer now than we did then.

    So it's very disputable.

  12. gunk wretch
  13. gunk wretch

    its pretty clear the only thing that will save the forrest is making sure the poor have a decent life and to do that capitalism must end.

  14. richard
  15. richard

    Is this ******* hilarious or what? You live in a shack in the middle of hell and have no savings, here is your $300k fine! How ludicrous are these people, they have to cut down the whole rain forest to pay that fine! Hilarious. And this smug tree hugger is going about ruining the poorest, hardest working people's lives. She provides no solution's or support, just turns people into slaves for the state. What a dumb chick! Really this is the most ludicrous documentary out of the 300+ I have watched on this site. Anna you are an ignorant git! Obviously she requires some sociology education!!!

  16. richard
  17. richard

    Omg now they taking away people's ability to feed themselves WTF, I THOUGHT YANKESS were nuts til I watched this. Okay now they going to starve the poor. Thanks Anna GOOD JOB, State sponsored terrorism as usual, not as violent as the death squads at least.

  18. jordan yates
  19. jordan yates

    ditto john Palermo, whenever the west mingles, it follows with intend mass up for profit and contamination.

  20. PeSO821
  21. PeSO821

    The only solution I see - is create opportunity for these people in the city.
    Education and birth control are also essential.

  22. Paras Thapa
  23. Paras Thapa

    Native amazon indian -"we plant all trees we need, so we don't have to fell the rainforest." Brought tears to my eyes.

  24. Richard Bello Art
  25. Richard Bello Art

    This must stop and now before it's too late !! ....

  26. Leticia Albani-Hawa
  27. Leticia Albani-Hawa

    you mean, 'you are' ... please do not include all mankind in your statement!

  28. Carl Hendershot
  29. Carl Hendershot

    She is wonderful and should be commended for all that she stands for and the rest of the world should follow.

  30. peter evans
  31. peter evans

    go back to sleep a**hole

  32. Cris
  33. Cris

    Well done, Ana! Instead of just going around shouting words, a example of someone is is doing in practice what she believes must be done!!

  34. john Palermo
  35. john Palermo

    I never said we all will survive and do not imply this. In the short but sweet way of putting it I left the obvious truths of overpopulation out of it along with the also obvious issue we would not continue to "over live" our stay here on earth as we do now. Yes, much will and must change and it certainly won't be pretty or an easy adjustment but it is the only one that can have any sucsess for the continuation of the species.

  36. john Palermo
  37. john Palermo

    Those who would cite suffering as an obstacle to positive change will never realize for themselves nor benevolently for others the change that must come. JP 2013

  38. bruce thomas
  39. bruce thomas

    save "the" rain forest
    1st growth, 2nd growth, 3rd growth... fir, cedar, hemlock, spruce.
    clear cut... and dried

  40. Will
  41. Will

    This whole issue needs to be sought out in a co-operative way and not a win lose situation. Keep the forest but don't choose "it" over people who are trying to feed, sustain and provide for their family then give them a half-million dollar fine. That's not going to help. Brazil should build housing, provide food and help the less fortunate.

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