Fighting in the Fifth Dimension

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Fighting in the Fifth DimensionIt has been called the fifth dimension of warfare. Along with land, sea, air and space - the cyberworld is a new frontline. Innovations in technology are changing the tactics of modern-day conflict, introducing new tools to the world's arsenal.

Helped by advances in electro-magnetics and modern information and communications technology, a new form of electronic warfare has been created. It is called cyberwar and is increasingly recognised by governments and the military as posing a potentially grave threat.

If you have a few smart people and a good computer, then you can do a lot. You don't need an aircraft, you don't need tanks, you don't need an army. You can penetrate another country, create huge damage without even leaving your armchair.

And it is not just cyberwar that is a growing phenomenon. The internet has empowered cyberactivism, allowing people to share information and mobilise support to take direct action - both online and on the streets.

The so-called Arab Spring has been described as an electronic revolution. Protesters were turned into citizen journalists - taking frontline images on their mobile phones and uploading them via their computers for the world to see. The regimes may have jammed the signals of satellite news channels and banned international reporters from entering their country, but they were unable to prevent citizens from becoming reporters in their own right.

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  1. drinker69

    Is there anywhere where we are not waging war these days. On land, sea, under the sea, in the air, in space, in cyberspace. Break out the space suits here come the pain.

  2. Brandon Costa
  3. Brandon Costa

    A break from war will take a major paradigm shift in thinking and lifestyle. Its possible, just not over night.

  4. Guest
  5. Guest

    To any 1 who likes this clip: "if you remember it's core message everytime you write a comment, i promise i will fact i will anyway".

  6. dewflirt
  7. dewflirt

    Grrrr, Julien Blancmange again ;/

  8. Anne Rose
  9. Anne Rose

    All tribute goes to Dr. Afridi for UBL where about & killing operation. there were no sophisticated technology or anything involved in it!
    Plz dont put this technology BS in UBL operation.

  10. Mercenarry ForHire
  11. Mercenarry ForHire


    This is the Future

    Iran said something bad about the US online, so we go into war with them.

    The more variables the worser things get.

  12. Guest
  13. Guest

    I like blancmange but in a bowl as a dessert! lol

  14. dewflirt
  15. dewflirt

    I can't stand anything that slimy, he looks like tripe :/

  16. Guest
  17. Guest

    it was a joke, blancmange is a pudding, said to be a food for the sick.

  18. dewflirt
  19. dewflirt

    For sick people? It would make me sicker, it's like cold custard. A teacher tried to make me eat some once and I puked on the table :)

  20. dewflirt
  21. dewflirt

    I enjoyed that.

  22. dewflirt
  23. dewflirt

    Hey beautiful, hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are, many, many happy returns. Love, hugs, kisses xxx

  24. Tennille Carnes
  25. Tennille Carnes

    Facebook found that I was using an alias last name and changed it without my permission and will not allow me to change it or hide it. I NEVER gave them permission to expose this personal information but they have and wont allow me to change it. I feel raped!!

  26. KsDevil
  27. KsDevil

    We all know governments and corporations are using hackers to collect and process information. A lot of the action can be thanked to Microsoft with it's world hold on their buggy operating system and associated programming tools.
    China loves Windows. Not long ago, just before the Chineese officials arrived to negotiate a renewed contract, the compnay computer system began acting rather strangely. After the contract was signed, the compnay network had some interesting new security features added. Hmmmm.
    I wonder how long it will be before we all need to use something like PGP in all our communications?

  28. PavolvsBitch
  29. PavolvsBitch

    Echelon. Fact is that computer technology in a very limited format was only released to the corporate and then public mainstream once the technology for vacuuming up, recording and re-transmitting telephone and internet communications was tried, tested and fit. Y2K was the 'false flag' which enabled major upgrading to integrate voice recognition and source data digitally to allow for more cohesive operations and precision control.

    Al Jazeera as viable independent news source was comprimised long time ago; i suspect a major turning point was when the Al Jazeera journalists, who had given their position to the BBC and military by way of protection, were deliberately bombed as a primary target. They are in bed with the BBC. Go figure.

  30. PavolvsBitch
  31. PavolvsBitch

    FB founders and implementers are facist psycopaths with the ugly fishhead dope Zuckerberg (ugh!) as poster boy. FB is becoming (as intended) to be one, the major portal of all social or internet communications. It was always the psychopaths cream dream; a real time interconnected intelligence central nervous system to be manipulated for political aims.

    it is a Soviet KGB (Jew-Ish) spy craft extraodinaire as people shop friends, lovers, opinions, beliefs freely and without any notion or care as to what purposes this 'free' facility is being granted. At what cost.

    FaceBook is a poke in the face, a reflection of what we are become and have become; a people mesmerised by image, appearance, surface. A narcissistic oasis for lost and programmed souls for sure. More ominous is the fact that behind the facades of young, pretty, dedicated and old, wise experienced fronts, hide some ferocious beasts. You can be anything you want on Face Book.

    Already we have seen cases in court and convictions wrought supported by Face book entries used as evidence. Welcome to the new judicial system of trial by evidence freely submitted by the accused in breach of .... equality, diversity, sustainability legislation.

    No need for juries. The evidence has been provided by the accused of free will in advance for all to see. Anything recorded will be used as evidence so there is no cause or grounds for 'benefit of doubt' or innocent until proven guilty.

    In herd management, wild animals are gradually acclimatised over a period of time to the presence of people and gradually accept their benevolent leaving of food etc. When in time, fences are errected, the herd accepts them. Later on, when the herd are rounded up for slaughter, they've been so used to being shunted around that this is no different to any other time. What were once electrified fences are now stun guns delivering thousands of volts.

    Facebook acts as one of those rose scented facades which is such a good idea and jolly good fun to begin with. Why didn't someone else think of it? They did and their ideas were stolen as usual or bought at the point of a gun or developed to be bought out, whatever.

    But it's a huge trap. Most people would be very reluctant to 'snitch' on their friends but FB has thrived on social networking and now to even post a comment anywhere, you have to do it via FB or other 'moderated' method which can access your extended network of personal contacts.

  32. PavolvsBitch
  33. PavolvsBitch

    Who exactly do you mean by 'we'?

  34. les hulse
  35. les hulse

    delete all files/close acccount,and have them returned to you, threaten them ,with legal action,its law?

  36. jpsilo
  37. jpsilo

    They lost me when he said the U.S. Govt bans ppl from viewing wiki leaks. I don't know one serviceman who doesn't. How do they expect to prevent that?

  38. jpsilo
  39. jpsilo

    Did I miss the war?

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