The Fire Breather: Donald Trump

The Fire Breather: Donald Trump

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Can nothing stop Donald Trump? On his journey to securing the Republican party nomination for the next President of the United States, he has been plagued by never-ending waves of negative publicity; the level of which would sink any other candidate with ease. Now, his messages of anger and words of condemnation against various minority groups have inspired a series of volatile and often violent incidents at his rallies. Yet his poll numbers and victories throughout the primary season keep escalating. The new documentary short titled The Fire Breather, produced by CBC News as part of their acclaimed The Fifth Estate series, takes a biased, but thoughtful look behind this unprecedented phenomenon.

From the start of his campaign Trump was severely underestimated by officials and pundits in the establishment, many of whom are still reeling from the extent to which his message has resonated with voters across the country.

With insights from several interview subjects, including esteemed NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw and Rolling Stone political writer Matt Taibbi, the film attempts to identify the core of Trump's appeal. His first asset is his celebrity. He is already a familiar face to many tens of millions of Americans, and his reality television experience makes him ideally suited to the increasingly surreal and vapid political circus. His most valuable distinction, however, is his ability to tap into the fears and anger of the nation's disenfranchised; the citizens who feel powerless over financial constraints and the growing threat of terror.

The film contends that Trump's rhetoric has inflamed widespread support of racial and religious intolerance among those who are most susceptible to his message. This is apparent in his expressed views on immigration reform, his encouragement of civil disobedience during public events, and his call to impose a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States. As despicable or offensive as these tactics might appear to Trump's detractors, there's no doubt in their effectiveness in the modern political arena. The Fire Breather peels back the curtain to reveal the inner workings of an outsider who has outplayed even the most deeply embedded political elites.

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Jose Gonzales
3 months ago

This is extremelty biased and made from the PERSPECTIVES from PC cowards that when it comes to it they are doing everything that the accuse President Trump of.

6 months ago

Don't play party politics; it's all lie to divide and weaken people.
The politicians go to bed together at the end of the day.

1 year ago

This, and all the pro-Trump comments, aged like milk.

1 year ago

President Trump has done more for the American People than the last 4 President combined.
America prospered and was respected world wide under Trump. Even by our enemies. The current "president" has been in office 100 days and has had 100 failures. Biden has the opposite of the Midas Touch. Everything he touches turns to s**t!

Liberum Avis
2 years ago

The only hate I see is coming from the hypocritical left and their dupes in media. The left burn down cities, take over city blocks, kill cops, loot, vandalize, destroy statues, yet are never arrested or charged with a crime. A few malcontents at Trump rally breach the capital and they bring in 15k national guard troops and go after these people with a vengeance. The message is, never threaten the elitist in the swamp, but feel free to loot and burn down the private businesses of the "dumb masses". One only has to look and see that there is not any documentaries in here praising all of what Trump has accomplished in the past 4 years in spite of the left.

3 years ago

I'm pretty sure for a non-politician trump has learned a lot in his first term if you try and overlook the ego and brashness you can see he gets things done if nothing else through stubborn will . the job requires at times that the velvet gloves come off and that a true S.O.B. inhabits the oval office many presidents have excelled at being S.O.B's you just rarely hear about it because of image projection as the mr nice guy but stern president , trump like a true new yorker is blunt to the point of abrasive and beyond, he is not the first new yorker to hold the office and of those that have many were contentious.

3 years ago

Winter Andresen: First off China is not a heathen country any more than any other. It has several thousands of years of history to our almost 250 years.
Though I don't support the communist country, our hands are by no means clean. The corporatist are as much to blame...their greed and especially their lack of respect for their own country is laughable. They literally gave business and employment to China.
Yep! China's laughing at us.
Yep! The rest of the world is too.
Yep! The only one's making a "killing" here in America are multinational corporations.
Yep! We've been screwed.
History will show our complete lack of intelligence in taking advantage of our many opportunities and instead squandered them all...thanks to racism and unregulated capitalism.

Winter Andresen
3 years ago

At the time Donald Trump took on the presidency the heathen Chinese were raping our economy, as they had done for several decades, and he sought to balance the trade deficit that was wrecking the American economy. Japan had previously and still today screws us over, but thats another story. Then, the chinese delivered to us the corona virus . So trump has had to deal with this endless chinese crap just as Obama had to deal with the economical fallout that ben bernake and the banksta's visited upon the American taxpayers. Both of these men must have felt the poop hit the fan and was exploding in their face. Both of them coped the best they could. I am a democrat, but I can understand what they were both going through and appreciate their attempts


3 years ago

Donald Trump planted the virus.

Younes Arbib
3 years ago

Friends on Facebook:
America we know sits on a temporary nuclear bomb, hydrogen bomb and total destabilization that will without doubt lead to a complete civil war, with dramatic consequences not only in America but throughout the world. The fall of the American empire will be much worse than the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1980s.
Do not forget:
When America coughs, the whole world gets the flu. The disappearance of America that we knew will destabilize the entire world of finance, economics, politics, and social lives. The whole world map will be very different map that we now know.
The psychopath, philosophy of life and politically illiterate, Donald Trump and Donald Trump's followers are the leading causes of all upcoming destabilization/ civil wars.

About this, I tell you an old Moroccan saying:
"Whoever digs the funerals of others will someday fall into and end in one of his dug funerals"

4 years ago

Bull**** Leftist PROPOGANDA

4 years ago

Get in touch with reality, do some homework, turn off the propaganda news networks. Why do you volunteer to be lied to?

Clearly, those who wrongly believe the propaganda news networks, write the story lines for many of the documentaries on here.

From the story line: "his messages of anger and words of condemnation against various minority groups" This is more fabrication, more lies. Just like they did to the Tea Party movement. The greedy "gimme your money" leftist maxist haters calling the sensible freedom from your corrupt thieving criminal overlords. Wanting a secure border so what happened to Sweden doesn't happen here, getting overrun by those who are destroyers rather than builders, disease and drug carrying mules, gangsters, thugs, and yes ISIS have been found among the caravan hordes coming North.

And of course the lying, have no honor whatsoever, fill their pockets first Democrat leadership are ticked off because stopping illegal border jumping foils their plan of having a permanent majority underclass voting for them, the greedy who desire the govt to steal from others to give to them, permanently.

From the story line: "esteemed NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw and Rolling Stone political writer Matt Taibbi" Who are you trying to fool? These leftists are not esteemed by anyone but those who refuse to do their own looking into actual facts. Instead they lap up the propaganda so called reporters like these spew, like a cat to milk. It isn't Trump that is divisive. The marxist obama, the marxist media, progressive Bush, the marxist progressive congress, and the marxist professors infecting the universities nationwide have been purposely dividing the usa for many decades.

If Trump is rotten, still a MUCH better choice than the proven criminals and yet to be convicted murderers and sellouts Hillary and Bill Clinton as well as Obama.

These lefty socialist-communists have been working at destroying the once great usa for years. "To fundamentally transform" as Obama put it, which meant to destroy everything good and make it into a marxist hellhole getting rid of the competition for his big bankster and corporate sponsors.

Of course no university nor govt school indoctrinated major media watching dupe will believe any such facts because their feeble minds cannot handle such facts. Their whole world view of "the other guy" being the bad guy instead of their greedy emotionally trained selves. So they refuse to do their homework for it would show them the person in the mirror as being the ones duped by their teachers... Why? To be good little marxist useful idiots... as the decades prior Russian leaders put it.

Why not look into the history of Russian plot to do exactly what happened here. To infect our universities and take over without firing a shot. That is you, the dupe.

5 years ago

Haha Trudeau is tearing Canada apart? Does Canada even have elections or is it just whatever moose has the strongest antlers wins? Trump is a moron and so are the people that support him. Y'all had cause to be upset y'all was left behind but it should come at the cost of our country bowing down to historically hostile foriegn nation and I don't care who did what the matter at hand is what Trump is doing now and what happens from now forward so more of the finger pointing into the past changes nothing about what our Kremlin in Chief should be held accountable for today

5 years ago

A "fire breather"....true.
However, a fire breather, by definiton, can never be a uniter. Trump's presidency is one of division . We are now the Divided States of America as a result.
If that's waht we (you) want , fine.
Division, intimidation, and fear are Trump's tools.
Causing a false narrative that the enemy is....the media...Islam....Mexicans....aliens.... Iran ... North Korea ... HILLARY! ... the FBI ... Obama ... etc., etc., etc. is no more than a diversion away from Trump's illegal and traitorous money laundering activities with the russian mafia banks and the prosecution that has ensued from them.
We might ask, 'Who can be considered a fire breather?'
A consummate liar would be a good definition. There can be no greater fire than what eminates from the mouth of a liar. Trump has told more than 1700 lies so far in less than a year. Some people enjoy the Liar-in-Chief's lies.
The devil is also a fire breather, ..... a divider. Possiby those who support and enjoy Trump's lies might also enjoy it when they meet the purveyor of lies Himself after their death.

Those who lie are evil .............
Those who support lying are supporting evil ..................
Those who support racism and disunity are supporting evil ...........

5 years ago

Sad to say this documentary never understood the Trump message or movement.

6 years ago

Trump followers are just as bad as he is...birds of a feather hang together.

6 years ago

This documentary is just another hit peace, glad to see that some people are awakened. For those who still believe the mainstream media:

Do You Really Think That A Racist, Xenofobe, Misogynist etc, etc do this?

In1980, Trump hired the first woman to ever be put in charge of supervising the construction of a skyscraper.

In 1986, Trump received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor along with Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali from the National Ethnic Coalition Organization.

In 1986, Trump saved a 66-year old widow from having her farm foreclosed by paying her $300,000 mortgage.

In 1988, no airline would accommodate a boy who needed receive special medical attention, so Trump stepped in and used his personal jet.

In 1991, in an amazing display of bravery and sense of justice, Trump stepped out of his limousine to stop a bat-wielding thug.

Over the years, Trump has donated to a variety of health charities such as American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, Alliance for Lupus Research, Autism Speaks, Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America and Institute for Implant Analysis at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

Over the years, he also donated to two dozen veterans groups including American Hero Adventures, Navy Seal Foundation and Veterans Airlift Command.

In 1997, Trump defied racist conventions when he purchased his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida and turned it into the first club accepting of Jews and African Americans in the area.

In 2000, Trump refused to run for president for the Reform Party because former-KKK David Duke was a member of the party.

In 2001, Trump learned the man who ran Harlem Hoops had died in the 9/11 attacks, so he donated the money to keep the inner-city basketball tournaments for young girls going.

In 2006, Trump donated land valued at $100 million to the State of New York.

In 2014, it was disclosed that Trump had contributed $102 million to charity in the previous 5 years.

In 2015, Trump donated land valued at $27 million to the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy.

In 2015, the Eric Trump Foundation donated $28 million to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in California, which on its own allowed for a new surgical and ICU center to be built.


"How did this happen?!" they cry.
You want to know how this happened? You want to know how America resorted to bigotry and racism? You want to know how we let a TV star with no experience get to the White House? You want to know why we couldn’t stop being stupid enough to listen to what you had to say?
I can explain.
Ten years ago I never had to tell somebody my wife was black and children were of mixed race to get them to stop assuming I was racist.
Ten years ago I didn’t have to tell somebody I’m bisexual to get them to stop assuming I was being homophobic.
Ten years ago I didn’t have to tell people I’ve read the Qu’ran to get them to stop assuming I was ignorant of Islam.

Twenty years ago I didn’t have to worry about the government spying on my because I sat next to someone suspicious on a plane.
Twenty years ago I didn’t have to worry about getting kidnapped for being an American in most other countries.
Twenty years ago 50 corporations made up 90% of the media market; today its 6.
Thirty years ago people weren’t being attacked by animals in the streets over who they voted for.
This is the country that brought the world electricity, the light bulb, that tamed the last frontiers in the world, that carved the faces of great men into mountains, that brought us powered flight, that broke the sound barrier, brought Europe peace after the most destructive war ever seen, tried to play nice but brought forth a fury never f***ing seen before when we were attacked, sent men to the f***ing Moon. But something happened.
We began intervening in other nations’ conflicts. We started trying to develop this network of power across the world. We started fighting wars for money. And when we were attacked harder than ever before, we pulled our punches and used it as an excuse to fight somebody that wasn’t even responsible.
We voted for change and change never came. We voted for the young charismatic man, and he sold us a bridge. He was given near complete power to bring change and what he brought us was a hamfisted attempt at health-care reform that he didn’t understand and we didn’t want. He promises change from the needless wars and brings us anonymous murder from above on an unprecedented scale. And because he happened to be President when gays got the right to marry, we are supposed to think of him positively?
Let me ask you, when was the last time you heard a song written with this much national pride?
We are tired of being led down the path of shame. We are tired of fighting other people’s wars. We are tired to the globalist network of power. We are tired of the oligarchy. We are tired of being undisputably the single most powerful nation to ever exist on this Earth and yet not being able to win the wars that corporations, industries, and oligarchs get us into because our leaders want to pretend war is an opportunity to be culturally sensitive and play nice.
But when we try to voice these concerns and desires we are called racist because the person we disagree with is black. We are called sexist because the person we disagree with is a woman. We are called homophobic for saying there are bigger priorities for the President than deciding who uses what bathroom. We are called Islamohobic for expecting our ultra-powerful military and police might to be able to provide us security. We are called rednecks, and fools, and morons, all because we disagree.
And we are told we should not disagree, because the “experts” say so? Like Nate Silver, who has been wrong about everything since 2012? Who was wrong about the results of the 2014 Midterms, the Brexit vote, the Primaries, the World Series, and the General election? I’m only an amateur analyst and I outperformed him.
We should just believe CNN who has been proven to feed information to political parties? Who orders their focus groups on how to respond? Who cuts the audio from anyone that strays from the narrative they sell?
The pollsters, who were so incredibly wrong about 2012, Brexit, and 2016?
Why should we believe the “experts” who get paid more and more for being right when they can’t get anything right?
Then a man we’ve known for decades shows up and decides to speak up for us - and you call him racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamaphobic, arachnaphobic and whatever else. But he speaks to us and for us. And you try to shut him up. You cast him as a reality TV star with no knowledge, while peddling Hollywood stars with no knowledge, as if Donald Trump has not been a household name for four f***ing decades?
Then all the people we’ve been sick of, the Bush family, the Clinton family, the Obama Administration, the elite of the world and the market and media all of these people we have been trying to get to change team up against this man. And you think we can’t see through that?
You lied about polls and when we saw through it you called us paranoid. You lied about crime committed and called us paranoid. You lied about the medical status of a public figure, for f***’s sake, and called us paranoid. Yet time after time when we were right, you just said “A broken clock is right twice a day!”
F*** you. This happened because we are so goddamn sick of you. We are so goddamn sick of not being heard. We are tired of being brushed off when we speak, so we don’t speak often. The Silent Majority.
Michael Moore of all f***ing people, was the only one of you globalist shits to ever actually GET IT. You don’t f***ing get it. Michael Moore, of aaaaaall people said words that brought me to tears because of how accurate he was.
* The media didn’t want him.
* The GOP establishment didn’t want him.
* The pollsters didn’t want him.
* The globalists didn’t want him.
* The NeoCons didn’t want him.
* The Socialists didn’t want him.
* The global power brokers didn’t want him.

But the people who are tired of fighting these wars our military isn’t allowed to win, tired of being robbed, tired of being taxed to poverty, tired of being insulted, tired of being slandered, tired of being lied to, tired of our livelihoods being given away, tired of being brushed off - yeah, US, we wanted him.

He isn't any of the things you try to tell us he is. We saw through it and you still lie even in defeat.
At the worst, he will be a message, louder and stronger than we have ever been.
And, at best, he will take us back to the Moon, up to the stars, build unrivaled monuments that will last centuries, bring back our jobs and our pride.

And I bet even if you read this, you still don’t get it.

6 years ago

Slightly better disguised propaganda than the last anti-Trump hit piece I watched. Best part was erasing the murder stats off trumps retweet and just stating "it's not true" and then quickly moving on..... like okay, so what are the real stats then lmfao?

6 years ago

Ive been a Republican for over 33 years , So of course I am going
to stand with my party.

I first and foremost am an American , and thats truely all I want
to be. Its all any of us should be motivated for ! But with this
completely surreal and sadly , humorous democratic attitude , Im
left almost speechless. Your all acting like such Children who didnt
get a place a the growns up's table !
And even more embarrassing , you show the entire World , how Hateful ,
how racist , how ignorant Democrats really are !

You've gone 'round the bend on this term lose , and need to grow up !!!

Your democratic president is now going to be gone , your liberal
agendas and underminding - controlling ways will soon be terminated ,
so I guess for just a second , I can feel sorry for you

..... ok , times up.

TRUMP , will be president , He will without any doubt make a big
difference in America for the working man to have a chance again.
And After this 8 year reign of the largest deficit know the history
of our country , after all the democratic handouts, all dry up ,
"you'll all have to actually get out of bed , 'wash' and get a job ,
AND WORK FOR a living NOW !!!!

... So , I can understand why so many of these liberals are bitching.
" No free ride ANYMORE !!" So then , its now time to grow up and act
accordingly , stop being the Sore Losers and start showing support for
our new president , All the recounts and 'Russian Hacks' in the world
are NOT going to save you anymore , no more lame excuse's !!

Get a job now , go to work , nomore cry baby tears or excuse's !!!

GROW UP !!!!

Angelo ruiz
7 years ago

I've said this many times. This article confirmed it. He used the anger that cictizens have been expressing do a long time. He's a huckster who knew how to take advantage of the situation .

7 years ago

the man is a serious r*tard.
if America decided that this blatant m*ron should become their next president then no good will happen. His pig ignorance of world matters is astonishing and I can hardly see him being able to be anything resembling diplomatic.
He is a prime example of the extreme stereotype of Americans that people worldwide mock and dislike yet somehow is being celebrated and lauded and ....... a serious candidate for presidency?
holy jumping sh*tballs...
I forsee many diplomatic doors closing and the UN having to use small words because they might know even better words than Donald Trumps "best words" that he knows.... and much trouble ahead is this m*ron get elected

David Tomesek
7 years ago

I love how everyone makes Trump out to be a "Monster". But in reality the moster has been the enslavement of the working people themselves. We are just coggs in the wheel of the political machine. They have cornered us and then shake every last dime from our pockets at every turn. The monster isnt Donald Trump, it's the real American People that are tired and pissed of to the point of no return. We are told what we can say by the politically correct crowd and what we need to do for all of those who have mastered the system and sit on their asses while the rest of us work and fight to keep a bit of our earnings. We face two of the most dispicable people to ever run for office. Hillary, the totally corrupt and addictive liar and murderer, and Bernie a self proclaimed socialist/communist who only a few young fools that dont understand that all of the "free stuff promises" are all going to need to be paid for by someone and it will be themselves if he doesnt complete the financial collaspe that Obama has implemented first. I mean really, whats wrong with keeping our country American. We need a wall built and we need to get those that have invaded our country the hell out of here. They broke the laws of our country! They are criminals! They need to get out and if they really want to be Americans there is system for them to come here legally! As for the Muslims, its all true. I dare anyone to go to Dearborn, MI and see whats going on there. It's no longer an American City! I've seen it and its frightening to be there. They do not adhear to our laws except the few they use to their benefit. These people (not all) obviously, but enough, hate us as Americans and will eventually try to destroy many of us. They too are comming across our boarders and we are ignoring it. It only takes a few to inflict great harm, we need to stem the tide until a system of vetting them is put in place for our own protection. Our economy since 2008 has been a joke. The government continually scews the numbers every month untill they are accepted as real. Unemployment counting proceedures were changed by the Obama administration so as to not count those that have stopped looking for work. They count "part-time" workers, as well as just plain lie to us. Are you kidding me? Only a fool would believe their numbers. Job growth has been a complete joke for nearly eight years. Our debt is completely out of control to the point that a collaspe is nearly eminent. People, we are at nearly 20TRILLION in debt not counting over 200 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities. We are BROKE and Sanders wants to give out more free sh*t? Never in my lifetime did I ever imagine that I would see commercials for food stamps and welfare, but I have. An Obama phone, really? Now free college and everything else under the sun? Get the F**K out of here! Yes we are the real monsters. We want those that are capable to provide for themselves, we want all the phones cancelled and we what to keep our own money that we worked for so our own families can be happy too. I don't really give a sh*t about the loosers that suck on the teet of the government. GET A JOB! Trump is the last chance we have to put this mess right again. We need to do it right before its too late. Build a wall, stop all the free cr*p, throw out the criminal illegals and give me back my medical plan I had before Obama care was crammed down our throats, I still have my own plan, but it has f'd up the entire system with those beggars that dont pay for anything. So as you can see, I am a Trump supporter, and I am a monster or anything else you want to call me. I'm a 20 year+ retired Air Force Veteran, father and good husband. Never one day of unemployment in my entire life. No freebies here. I worked for what I have. So if you don't mind I'll just call myself an American! PS, my grandparents came here leagally! Have a nice day and GO TRUMP!!

7 years ago

It continues to amaze me that people continue to fall for the same nonsence and even though I know how much pain it will cause I sometimes wish that the supporters get what they desire.

7 years ago

I'm mystified by the attention Donald Trump continues to receive.

No matter what he says in the moment history shows he has never followed through with most of the things he says unless he benefits, financially or otherwise. Whether supportive of Trump or not, when he's in a position of having to answer questions like so many others it's obvious to see and hear him avoid questions altogether. His answers change constantly while he's speaking or immediately following any discussion.

With an open mind common sense suggests that the majority of what Trump details is not possible. Most of what he offers is constitutionally impossible, financially not feasible, or socially destructive. Common sense would direct any intelligent person to understand a wall between Mexico/USA could never be built and maintained for a "few billion". The suggestion that Mexico is going to pay for it would be exactly like building a fence between two neighbors. One builds the fence and demands the other must cover costs, an impossible task.

Donald Trump's actions have through the course of time proven that he is generally only interested or involved in actions that offer him attention and/or cash.

Supportive or not, listening to Trump speak rarely if ever does he not suggest how wonderful, in fact "tremendous"(Trump's own word) he or anything that he offers is. Americans should only be considering what and who would most benefit the country. Not who would benefit themselves. Republican or Democrat voters need to consider what history shows them. Politicians very often say what is required for them to be voted in. I'm not offering any suggestions but history shows the Clinton presidency was one that was very beneficial to the country. Hillary Clinton has experience in the White House personally and professionally. Time and energy required by most candidates to become familiar is not required. Donald Trump's history shows a list long of businesses that fall apart. Any money Trump has made has been to the detriment of others involved.

With proper attention all voters can research the history a candidate has followed. It is that that should be the true consideration in all actions followed. Not what others suggest or don't. Everyone has their own opinion, unless willing to listen to others there should not be an expectation to voice it either.

7 years ago

This was just a hit piece on Trump. I'm really not for Trump, however both the mainstream media and the government made their bed here. They should take notice that in the last two election cycles, it has been the outside, (usually conservative) Candidates that have excoriated the election process. First we had Ron Paul, to which the media actually lied and fed an incredible amount of disinformation about; now we have Trump--to which again the mainstream media has thrown everything against him...including the kitchen sink to NO AVAIL! It is laughable at what Candidates 'we the people' have to choose. I mean, it's like choosing between Jeffery Dahlmer and Charles Manson! Even with Hillary (I mean, she should not be Dog-Catcher, never mind being proffered for President!), she's had a TV show, has bought off every mainstream and media outlet, as well has the whole Democratic Political machine behind her--AND SHE PROBABLY WONT' HAVE ENOUGH HORSEPOWER TO DEFEAT TRUMP!!! Absolutely incredible. Again...both the mainstream media and our government bought this hook-line and sinker. They deserve what they are getting.

That Guy
7 years ago

So you guys don't like it because it shows a little bit about the truth of Donald Trump? Wake up, get over it, think and make your final decision based on facts not trumpian bullshit. It's so sad to see so many people not realizing that Trump calls for suppression of civil rights, not only of foreigners but of American citizens (there is something f***ed up about Americans that foreigners are perceived as sub-human, or an inferior class of humans). That is probably why he's been so successful. Yet I think many people don't realize that he's the status quo, he's the establishment, the top 1% that has killed the so called American dream.

jackie freitas
7 years ago

This "documentary" sucks. Watched 10 minutes...UGH. TRUMP 2016

7 years ago

Ann, The criminal Establishment did not spend millions of dollars, they invested One Billion Dollars to work to stop Trump. Right now they are up to manipulating what they call "super delegates" to work to steal the nomination from him even if gets the required # of delegates to be legitimately nominated. They are scared to death of him and what he plans on doing. Yesterday some saw an add on Craig's list offering a pay of 15 $ an hour to go protest at Trump's rallies. And if that is not dirty and scummy, what is? All those that are after Trump are vile pathetic cowards and traitors. If Trump wants to build a wall it is perfectly LEGITIMATE as ever sovereign nations has walls build around it, including the criminal Vatican and Mexico which both have walls build around them to prevent illegals from gaining access to their territories. Mexico has it built across its south border. 20 millions illegals are sucking this country's blood and Tom 'Scumbag' Brokaw think "we don't want those jobs"?!?!? I mean what kind of corrupt gangster would make such phony claim?!? I want any job so long that it is honest and I cannot find one because slimballs like him are encouraging employers to commit a FELONY by hiring illegals as they don't have to pay anything for them. Shame on anybody who attacks Donald Trump for the sole reason He is not Politically correct and he speaks the people's voices.
BTW, I read several articles that claim that The Bilderberg Group and the Shadow Government already set their eyes on the evil bitch as President. And that speaks for itself as far as who is corrupt and bad for this country and who is not!!! So in other words, 2016 Elections are nothing but front show for what the criminals who are too cowardly to show their faces are working to cook against the people of this country.

Fabien L'Amour
7 years ago

If Trump gets the Republican nomination, I don't expect he will win the election. His only achievement will probably be to damage the Republican party to the point that it will split or disintegrate even if he doesn't get the nomination due to a contested convention.

Gertrude van Voorden
7 years ago

Just an act to play the electorate. Listen to his AIPAC speech and see an entirely different man, an outspoken zionist, unconditional supporter of Israel, soon to be grandfather of a jewish grandchild he proudly claims and of german jewish paternal ancestry. According to one docu shown here in the Netherlands, someone who formerly worked with him came up with quite some dirt on the man. He and Hillary when speeching for AIPAC could have been comparing notes, so much in agreement they were.

don hinton
7 years ago

you stated that America needs to fix our budget and deficit. You should also state that he is a financial genius. So you want another moron running and destroying America and the constitution? Trump makes more money in a day then the current socialist in power does in a year.

Mena Reno
7 years ago

Trump vs Hillary. The duck and the weasel. The ego and the id. Each has the opponent they deserve.

History has shown that most political contests ultimately come down to the two who most effectively oppose each other on the one issue that matters most to the populace. All other considerations are trivial. In this contest, only one issue matters: immigration.

Is America a people or a proposition? That is the voting booth question.

7 years ago

Just so you Americans know, we have it worse up here with the neanderthal Trudeau running things. He is hell bent on the division and destruction of Canada, Canadians and our way of life. It was painful to watch our neighbours to the south fawning all over him. He is a narcissistic, egotistical, moronic excuse for a human being, never mind a leader. Oh, and by the way, his immigration policies will be putting your safety at risk, have no doubt. There will be much strife here when the nice dog is antagonized beyond its' tolerance.

Anne Tyler
7 years ago

THIS DOCUMENTARY IS PROPAGANDA AND LIES - MORE CHARACTER ASSASSINATION ACCUSATIONS FROM PEOPLE WITH NO CREDIBILIT because they support Hillary Clinton, a career criminal that the FBI has investigated and wants to be prosecuted by Obama's totally corrupt "Justice Dept" headed by Loretta Lynch the female clone or race-monger Eric Holder - refuses to do so.. This country is in serious trouble and the evidence can be seen in the totally unprofessional conduct of politicians of both parties and by the media who are nothing more than propaganda distributors. The childish and unprofessional conduct is the result of career politicians DESPERATE to save their corrupt apple cart. Trump's appeal is that finally we have someone who doesn't grovel to the news media or other politicians, who doesn't apologize when the hypocrites make accusations of bias - you want to see BIAS just look at the news media covering up for an illegal president who funds and covers up for islamic terrorists. The evidence is all there if you want to look but most liberals and those who have surrendered to political correctness won't look. This documentary is another shameless example of the danger we are in. You wonder how evil has happened in history you are looking at it. The newscasters joining in the assassination are a disgrace. The most important responsibility of a journalist is to serve as public watchdog to safeguard the truth which is why historically they have had protected status. That status is no longer deserved because they are traitors promoting the same kind of evil that we have seen throughout history. You wonder how the German people could have let their country fall under the spell of Adolph Hitler - this is the retelling - the names and locations and details vary but it all comes down to the same thing. Power corrupts and those who have it will do anything to keep from losing it.

Common sense
7 years ago

People need to stop listening to the news... Do your own research and learn the truth.... If the law makers break the laws then who is going to convict the law makers?? Someone said impeachment??? I still see obama i still see hillary i still see bush walking the streets... Call it what you want but impeachment will never happen and everytime someone tries they get assasinated plain and simple

7 years ago

This is so full of lies! I've been to five Trump rally's and there was zero problems! It only started happening when the PAID PROTESTORS show up who can't even articulate why they're there! LOL Media prostitutes! Useless whores that you are.

7 years ago

People against Trump are absolute idiots. No one can name one racist statement he has spoken. Being against ILLEGAL immigration isn't racist. Being against radical Muslims isn't racist.

Being against the thieves stealing America right out from under us is isn't hateful.

If you are so naive as to not keep searching for answers as to how anyone under incredible federal investigation can be running for president, you are the problem.

If you are uninformed that there is a power move to create one world UNELECTED government, then you are the problem.

Donald Trump IS American and will make decisions that favor AMERICANS.

You are so ridiculous and stupid as to assign the blame of violence to him and his supporters. The protests are financed by George Soros. Wake the F up.

A hundred million dollars has been spent to stop him, so ask yourself how much is to be lost by him being elected?

The gravy train must end with illegals, outsourcing, the fraud that is the Clinton Foundation, Paul Ryan the traitor and the budget to finance conflict in the Middle East. OMG I could go on all day.

7 years ago

Trump is the only thing to strike the establishment as he has since the inception of a conspiracy. He may not be 100% truthful, but there is no way anyone can lie take office and do a complete 180 without being put in the ground or impeached. For those out there who know nothing but mainstream you truly need to understand that the GOVERNMENT is our devil. A GOVERNMENT is to never be trusted, when you go to the voter booth and cast your vote your vote actually goes to a delegate of that party not the candidate. This is where you must wake and understand that the founding fathers and the current state of society never wanted to invest full power into the people cause we could really do some damage if so, either way the delegates aren't going to take your vote and place it necessarily where you put it. The mainstream media is in a frenzy doing whatever they can to possibly derail the Trump supporters. The establishment "government/elites" are freaking out, this started as a joke but now the power has come to shown he can't as of yet be controlled. Don't believe the propaganda, your news outlet, your community are all brainwashed. Bring back liberty and make America great again! To be awaken from the slumbers visit

7 years ago

I'm a Canadian and we've started building our own brick wall to keep out American refugees fleeing the Trump Occupation. :D America deserves whatever it gets.

7 years ago

you got to be Asleep to believe the american Dream.

7 years ago

There's going to be alot of folks fleeing to Canada. I'm starting my winter collection now.

7 years ago

He cares for the people, and love America and that is why he is running to make America Great again. He is self- financing and not control by any establishments. Go President Trump!
God be with you.

7 years ago

who would you be more afraid of, Armin Meiwes or Donald Drumpf? I'd rather live in the same home with Meiwes instead of living with Drumpf as a president. btw, does anybody know how to move to canada??

7 years ago

The movement behind TRUMP represents truth, logic, common sense and the absolute anger, heartbrake and frustration of the people at a GOVERNMENT gone mad! Love him/hate him, I don't CARE! But the country gave a community organizer & a country destroyer 8 YEARS!...I say, let's give a business man the same chance to try to make America great again!!! We CAN NOT give it to that lying evil b**** Hillary Clinton, a serial liar! She will be the last NAIL on the coffin...

7 years ago

Dead on.