Fire Water

2011, Environment  -   35 Comments
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Fire WaterA Sapphire Eyes Productions documentary exposing the systematic industrial waste poisoning of Australian drinking water supplies.

Produced and directed by Jaya Chela Drolma, researched and written by Daniel Zalec, this is a hard-hitting film that exposes the fraud of mandatory water fluoridation, perpetrated on the Australian people.

From the author: Fire Water proves once and for all that toxic industrial waste is being used to fluoridate Australia's drinking water supplies, forcibly.

People and communities across the nation, however, are fighting back harder than ever before as they learn the shocking truth of fluoridation.

Fire Water is a groundbreaking collation of a wide variety of Australian perspectives on water fluoridation. From politicians, to doctors, to sufferers, this film goes to the heart of the issues - the chemicals, the ethics, the science and the lack of accountability of poisoners.

A must see film if you care about your health, the health of the environment and the future well-being of your children and grandchildren.

All views expressed in this documentary and related interviews, are the views of the individuals involved, and may not necessarily represent the views of Sapphire Eyes Productions, its employees, affiliates or associates.

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  1. Guest

    Sorry, but this is completely unscientific and incredibly biased "doco". Basic premise of toxicology says that it is the dose that makes the poison. We ingest poisonous chemicals on daily basis in tiny amounts without any health implications. Fluoride in small amounts has widespread medical benefits, in high doses it is a poison. Just as sugar, name it! Stop spreading misinformation and panic!

  2. UnclearFizzyCyst

    OK, some quick homework here. I got the threshold safety values from the OSHA web site and used the ACGIH values.

    At 6:58 it's stated that the liquid from the scrubbers is added at the rate of 1mg/L, elsewhere it's said the water is at 25% concentration. I'm going to assume the powdered version is reconstituted to the same concentration. If it isn't then there's only 1/4 of the amount from the assay being put into the water. BTW if nobody's watching what's being put into the water why is there an assay?

    At 21.:15 the assay was shown Al = 71, As = 5.2, Mg = 7.9, U = 2 and Ba = 10; all mg/L. mg/L = parts per million. Added at 1mg/L to water we get parts per Trillion.

    OSHA has its numbers as mg/cubic meter; a cubic meter is 1,000L. I've converted them to parts per Trillion for easy comparison. Al = 2,000 (soluble), As = 10, Mg = 10 (skin), U = 200 (soluble) and Ba = 500.

    Assuming 5L drunk/person/day (this being Australia it may be more) and we get consumption levels of Al = 355, As = 260, Mg 39.5, U = 10 and Ba = 50.

    So, 26 times the safe level of Arsenic and 4 times the safe level of Mercury.

    A simple 1/2 hour killed. Comments anyone?

  3. Placeboaddict

    Good interviews and content, but it does smack of amateur production... This group of activists really needs to ally up with some techies, who can produce a proper doc/infomercial. Half or more of this doc, could be discarded in my opinion.... especially the part with the stereo panning effect, that was just silly.

    Anyways, keep up the good fight!

  4. Blissful_Harmony

    I've been reading some of the comments here and it seems this documentary has raised a rather passionate issue among many. I would suggest this is because of the passion engendering discourse which flows throughout this documentry. Which is what you would expect from an awareness raising community documentry. Particularly of its target group, which would be the average Australian citizen who does not hold scientific degrees. One has to envoke passion to get people to act. I can understand this, because its an opposing argument against something that has been promoted in Australia for a very long time, 60 years I believe. To demonise it would seem the best course of action to combat against the propoganda on Australian commercials which is pro-fluoride (we were bombarded with this during the 80s). It would not however engender cooperation among Australian Politicians.

    Disregarding this discourse however, (either being outraged by it or being caught up in it) it seems that it is simply asking:
    1. Adequate long term safety testing on the affects of the type of fluoride due to its source (No one is denying the source of the fluoride by the way) and due to the additional chemicals we get from it. Testing of both the product before it hits the water supply and then after.
    2. Considering that this is considered 'medicine' then the relevant authority being the Theraputic Goods Administration must complete these tests on the above.
    3. A review of policy based on the results from these tests.

    To me, as an Australian citizen who has worked in policy for 10 years, these are very reasonable things to ask for, and it would seem, be required for the government to complete its due diligence in continuing this policy. A question of liability would not then be an issue as the government to date has its plausible deniability as there are no current tests available to show the particular source is safe or unsafe. Consider as well how long we have had this in our water supply and the innovations in medical science we have had since then (this smacks of we have always done it this way and this is why it is so type policy). That is, there is no current risk to the government to review this, in fact if they do it now, it would be rather prudent rather than allow the scientific community here launch a major campaign against its use (a campaign that has grown over the last five years and is getting larger)- they would no longer have that deniability. If the product which is being produced from the sources listed is safe according to TGA standards, then these tests will show this.

    What is the harm in conducting these long term tests in a scientific manner as according to TGA standards and then changing positions if necessary?

  5. Tyler Frisby

    Flouride is a chemical and inorganic by product of smelting aluminum..
    Big bizz would have to pay big $$$ if they didn't cut deals with municipalities to have US be the filters ... Beyonce do that it's in everything Starbuck coffee, and crazy levels in lots of beer... Noteably Budweiser

  6. Guest

    there are not enough resources to be shared on this planet. when a baby is born in a first world a baby in a third world will die. were all guilty of crimes against humanity.

  7. Yi Wen Qian

    Wow, I didn't know people are still arguing about this. I'm an Australian so I have heard of this argument. The thing is, sodium fluoride is toxic yes, but only in large amounts. In small amounts the good out weights the bad. It's like, if you eat a bottle of vitamin D in one go, please go and see the doctor. If you eat a bottle of iron supplements in one go, please see the doctor. If you swallowed a whole bottle of iodine, I don't know how you did it cause it smells awful, go and see the doctor. Many countries that don't have fluoride in their water have it in their salt because they find it more cost effective. If you still have doubts, just don't brush your teeth, or drink bottled water. Seriously though, it's been in the water for 60 years, if there is an effect, we would of seen it by now.

    I use to live in China, there was no fluoride in water, and I had 9 cavities as a child. My mother had it bad and I remembered that she consistently suffered from tooth ache, and yes we do brush our teeth. Just have a look at my family who is still in China, tooth decay is quite common. Most people in China at the time don't have the money to seek dental care so perhaps no fluoride in western countries is viable. Still, fluoride was banned in China because it was hard to regulate the amount of fluoride added to water there. I believe there are people that say there is no difference whether there is fluoride in water or not, it all boils down to dental care, but just looking at the teeth from people I know, I can't help but feel fluoride is doing good.

    1. Tom

      everyone is missing the point of this,because everyone in this video are stupid like most everyone else in the world.
      flouride was used by hitler in pow camps in ww2,in lower doses then we drink now.
      it was used to calmpeople down.
      yes in low doses it does nothing bad,but the problem is flouride is only effective topicly.
      everyone ignores thiese facts cause they are calm and have no care because of being on it their whole life.
      i have not had flouride other then in my bath water for 4 years and i have got no new cavitys.
      i have all my teeth and have no fillings because i treat my teath like they are gold.
      these small facts would make anyone ask a few questions,and just like these people useing the same facts over and over.
      dentist uses the same facts over and over,all i see is both sides picking and chooseing.

    2. Carmilla5

      Good points Tom! People just swallow what dentists and govts want us to think, they don't do their due diligence and wonder how fluoride was put in the water in the first place and why. Just shows how people swallow anything without really looking at it. I always say why do you think we are telling you not to have it, because we are being paid? No its the other way around, surely govts are getting paid to pump that s*it into our water supplies. I say where there is smoke there is fire!

    3. Carmilla5

      The catch cry 'oh if you have this in excess its poisonous etc, but fluoride at any level is a toxin, it is not like Vit D or Iron, it is a toxin. Please do not put them in the same category. Don't you ever wonder how 'loving and good natured' our governments are just about our teeth and why? Why do they only put fluoride in the water instead of vitamins or other things that are good for us? Why? Because the pesticide, aluminium companies need somewhere to dump their poison and we take it because we believe that we are being given something good for us. Do your research! Read the Fluoride Deception, that will let you see really what is going on!

  8. Dutch Major

    "psinet:Lol welcome to the real world. People with a science background, like me, cant believe there are people like you in the world still.

    Flouride increases lifespan. Simple. The stats and data have been in for years. We consume all kinds of things that could kill us in large amounts, but help us in small amounts. LIKE MEDICINE. The fact that flouride is dangerous at high doeses is irrelevant. "

    Data? what data? im must be reading the wrong shit, i mostly read govenment health standards regarding flouride use.

    I've seen data which says it keeps our teeth healthy, on the flip side shouldnt be used with babies for obvious reasons, can cause your teeth to break down and kill you if you take to much. If the gov is willing to put that to paper, well obvuiously things arent looking flash.

    The human body specifically tries to limit the amount of flouride in our bodies, in a general sense its needs a very very small amount, which it aquires naturally more then needed regardless.

    So it already has a means to dealing with that issue, but like with major health hazards like alcohol it has devised a method of getting rid of this threat in much greater quantities then normally sometimes greater excess does occur in natural sources of flouride..similair as you could eat fermenting fruit and get axcess alcohol if the body could not remove the threat quickly the persons health would suffer and they could even die.

    So instead we are chucking flouride in our water, toothpaste and absorbing it into our our bodies are being bombarded in excess with flouride, which even though our bodies can handle it takes it toll over time from continued poisoning, which aour bodies do not want or they would not be trying to get rid of it 99.9% of it.
    ...just as drinking to much whine, to frequently can eventually take its toll on various parts of your body...even if your body can handle it eventually it catch's up.
    Flouride in excess invades the body and builds up while the body tries to get rid of it causing superficial harm, if our bodies wanted to store it in such capacities, it wouldnt be trying to get rid of 99.9% of the amount coming in.

    Your body will absorb vitamins, fats and other things readily as they to the body are not considered naturally occuring in great excess or imediatly harmful or toxic, so the body doesnt try to restrict the amounts right away as they are good to stock up in excess initially, but since naturally in a tribe lifestyle this rarely occurs which are bodiy is based has trouble managing the excess when it become to much to handle as it hasnt had thousands of year getting used to foods readily available at a corner store or takeaway or humans being suddenly lazy.

    remembering intitally harmful things are always restricted by our body with methods to get rid of them and to even store then temporarily if needed to prevent harm, but still with a constant desire to get rid of them beyond the smallest amounts, so the body does little to try stockpile these potentially harmful substances it gets more then it needs naturally.

    So then we have our new age lifestyles bombarding us with many things our body wants the smallest amounts of, it is no surprise that new types of chronic disease and health issues have been jumping up over the decades and in greater volumes beyond population increase factors.

    thankfully medical science, medicine and hygenic lifestyles allow us to live longer as bacteria and viruses are unable to attack our weakened bodies as readily as if we lived in our own filth.

  9. equidae

    What a load of ridiculous horse sh*t. I'm so fed up with sensationlist r-tards, grabbing attention all without once presenting even a shred of reputable evidence. Water fluoridation has been going on in the US since 1945, and in that time life spans have increased, and dental health has also improved more or less in line with the scientific predictions. And the best these nuts can do is say it's a poison, again not a shred of evidence to support their assumption. All this is, is a bunch of old losers who can't handle the simple fact that the world isn't they what imagined their childhoods were. But the world as they understood when they were children is at best a fantasy and at worst an ignorant lie.

    1. NAND Gate

      You are spot on. Conspiracy theories are bred by childhood fantasies, or at least, as a reaction to the world not being what you had hoped as a child - so there must be a bunch of evil people making it that way.

    2. Dave Campbell

      What you two are saying has nothing to do with the fact that Fluoride is toxic waste, and used in prozak, which alters the mood. You calling these people losers doesn't make them wrong, and your examples are weak. It's poison when americans/candians use it too.

    3. judygee

      Hope that makes you feel better, to get that off your chest.
      Questions like, Why are credible Dentists, and Doctors, and Research Scientists suddenly voicing their concerns about the efficacy of fluoride, do cause one to wonder. I think it is time to take off the rose colored glasses, and ask some serious genuine questions.

  10. NAND Gate

    Finally, I propose that believing in such conspiracies, increases the likelihood that you too will become a greedy conspirator. I propose that the noun for being in a conspiracy, and believing in a conpiracy, should be the same word: conspirator.

    How do I justify this? SImple. By definition, if you believe in conspiracies, you already assume that there are a large number of powerful people out to get you. You believe that they are powerful because thats what happens to evil people, and you believe your fellow man is capable of it.

    Quite obviously, this creates a predilection towards engaging in behaviors based on the idea of what other people are already doing - like being greedy. It becomes a lot easier to justify questionable behavior when you beleieve everyone else is already doing it - and by definition you are missing out.

    And lastly, in this imaginary world of the conspirator, the only way to truly get to the top and make a difference is by being greedy and evil. So even if you do want to change the world and free us from the tyranny of the superhuman evil geniuses, you can only do it by their rules - otherwise they wouldn't be there.

    Know Thyself, and beware what you have CHOSEN to believe.

    1. Dave Campbell

      I propose that everybody assuming nobody can take over the world will make an environment where it becomes easier to do just that, by hitting groups while their guard is down. And conspiracies like world take over aren't usually a large group of people coming after you, but rather a small group of people trying to go after a large group of people. Kind of like how the higher ups in the nazi regime made the decision to go after more and more types of people as time went on.

    2. NAND Gate

      I am not proposing everyone think anything - besides what is actually real.

  11. NAND Gate

    You conspiracy people need to realise a few things. I mean, I LOVE a good conspiracy, and history has been full of them.

    But you forget - any conspiracy with a major goal like running the world or permanently poisoning the people will always come unstuck, because it is not run by some evil superhuman genius. Any conspiracy is attempted by humans, and comes with all their weaknesses and foibles.

    1)There is no honour amongst thieves. It only takes one selfish conspirator to get pissed at his cut of the evil doings to bring the entire thing unstuck.

    2) It only takes one instance of an absent minded conspirator to leave a USB stick on public transport to bring the entire thing unstuck.

    3) The IDEA that these types of people are so prevelant that poisoning the populace knowingly for profit is a given, is ridiculous. On the whole, people are naive and selfish, but given the chance, they are kind.

    4) It is patently ludicrous that any conspiracy can survive and span through occupation rotation. Even CEO's and dictators are replaced. Tried having an interview with someone and telling them your organization aims to destroy the world?

    Most of you conspirators are intelligent people. I know, because I was one. But when it slowly dawned on me that my limitations were EVERYONES limitations, I suddenly understood that there are no humans at the helm steering this ship - only mother nature, and chance.

    He/she who realises this becomes conscripted to a new type of perception - human reponsability. Like an adult watching a child, it is only the immature who do not understand greed - not the evil. And like that adult, it is your responsability to guide and educate - because there is noone else around to do it.

    Peace, Brothers and Sisters.

  12. NAND Gate

    The reason we have flouride in our drinking water is that increases lifespan by holding off heart disease caused by gum disease. The fact that flouride is toxic at higher doses is irrelvent. That is true for most things we call medicine.

  13. Nate1882

    Plastic sealed water that costs 1000% more than tap water does vs a tiny amount of Fluoride added 2 water that is better than most of the water available to mankind the world over ..

  14. NAND Gate

    Bottled water in clear plastic is far more dangerous than tiny amounts of flouride. Allowing UV to penetrate plastic and warm the water is very dangerous.

    More dangerous than flouride is periodontal disease. This can cause heart failure and early mortality. Flouride hepls prevent periodontal disease.

    There are far more dangerous toxins around you right now, in far higher concentrations than there is flouride in water.

    Take off your tin foil hat. Flouride increases lifespan.

    End of argument.

    1. bystander55

      Is that why floride is put in the public water supply? Because it increases lifespan?

    2. Linnet Stuart

      How do you mesure how much flouride
      you are drinking?

    3. Sieben Stern

      how do you measure how much teflon you've been eating?

    4. leanmv

      Tiny amounts of flouride? Flouride increases lifespan? Do you live in a cave dude?

      I can't beleive there's still people like this in the world

    5. NAND Gate

      Lol welcome to the real world. People with a science background, like me, cant believe there are people like you in the world still.

      Flouride increases lifespan. Simple. The stats and data have been in for years. We consume all kinds of things that could kill us in large amounts, but help us in small amounts. LIKE MEDICINE. The fact that flouride is dangerous at high doeses is irrelevant.

    6. Dutch Major

      Problem with people with science backgrounds they always get science wrong and have to re-eductae themselve's and depend on science someone else did, often without proof-testing it..just trusting it.

      truth is long term exposure to harmful things, which in the short term are to low to harm, doesnt mean they wont cause harm in the is a scientific fact this effect occurs due to long term exposure to certain substances, accumulaitive effects of substances or purely a delayed negative health reaction years or decades latter due to exposure.

      So just because something in not going to kill or make you sick in the short term because its in low amounts, doesnt mean its safe to be exposed to in reference to the long-term.

      Its why many substances are ilegal, or require speciliased protection or conditions for use...because so many people died or aquired cronic illness many years latter after exposre...

      However not all long-term effects are easy to document, if a WIDE public exposure is in effect. You cant go oh look all these people 1-20 years latter got this illness...they all were exposed to this...which was because they all did this type of specialised work...nobody else but them aquired this have a link, because the people effected were in a restricted industry asociated to the substance.

      Wide level exposure to the general public makes linking extremly dificult and in many regards this is why many harmful substances are "rushed" to the mass public, to destroy the potential links, which would occur within a restricted market for the product.

      You cant do controlled long-term syudies on harmful substances on people generally speaking, as it asking "would you like to get poisoned over 20 years so we can see if you die?" Also these do not happen on animals, all safety/health tests happen over a restricted time frame and generally a animal specimen isnt kept alive for a decade to see if they get cancer.

      Anyways pays to do research and not to trsut someone when tehy says "its safe to consume or handle".

  15. Sieben Stern

    i have a feeling that this docu was made by people who think that bottled water is the safer, cleaner alternative.

    i think that fluoride is quite possibly the least of their concerns. there are so many other sources of nasty toxins in regular products people use every day that to think that there is a huge worldwide government conspiracy to poison everyone is just silly.

    what i want to see is 3 things.
    1. i want to see regular, healthy people who have been injured by low dose fluoride.
    2. i want to see the tests by both sides on what low dose fluoride actually does to the human body.
    3. i want to see animal tests to see what low dose fluoride does to any living thing.

    i'm not seeing anything else here other than a few people repeating that it is a poison and toxin and some anecdotal stories.

    1. Linnet Stuart

      Is that why it was used by Hitlers gang in the holocaust 'because it does no harm"

    2. Sieben Stern

      compare the fluoride in water with the bph in bottled water, the toxins in teflon, pesticides, detergents, plastics, farm runoff, fracking water, gasoline, chemical warfare (agent orange), mine tailings, coal emissions, superfund sites, etc etc etc - we are 'poisoned' daily. Fluoride is such a tiny part of it that it hardly deserves a 2 hour docu based on anecdotal evidence.

      as for fluoride sterilizing and calming people, (violent world with 6 billion people on it...) it's NOT WORKING, LOL! XD

    3. Zac455

      Sieben Stern, buy the book The Case Against Fluoride then! Do some research for yourself!

      Its interesting that you ask for proof of its harm when there is zero proof of long term safety. Would you allow any other drug to be administered without dose measurement, without follow up by a Doctor, without anyone taking responsibility for it??

      There is loads of credible research out there pointing to the harm and ineffectiveness of adding Fluoride to drinking water if you care to get out there and have a look. The onus is on Government and pro fluoride advocates to conduct exhaustive tests to prove that Fluoride, in unregulated doses, is safe for EVERY member of the community. If not, then it should not be administered to drinking water full stop.

  16. Martin Ellacott

    Really unnecessary and annoying background music.

  17. fonbindelhofas

    this made me angry, in one hand i intuativly know this is hapaning on the other hand WE all are helpless like individuals VS sistem who care about PROFITS and not anything alse like well being of human being. simply sad.