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Fishing With John: Criterion Collection

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Fishing With John - Criterion Collection (1992)The thought of watching somebody fishing is, to me, the height of existential folly. As Estragon says in Becket's Waiting for Godot, Nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes, it’s awful. Thus was my apprehension great when faced with the task of watching 147 minutes of men fishing. However, my delight was substantial when I found myself completely captivated by this series of fishing trips, culled from the early 1990s television program, Fishing with John.

Noted jazz musician and occasional actor John Lurie (Down by Law) is our guide to this romp through the world's marine stomping grounds. Along for the various rides are Jim Jarmusch, Tom Waits, Matt Dillon, Willem Dafoe and Dennis Hopper, while documentary specialist Robb Webb provides the wonderful narration. The premise of the program is simple: get to the fishing hole (whether by car, plane, horse, canoe, foot or tugboat), toss your lines in the water, and record everything, in the hope that you might catch some interesting conversation.

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  1. bchwlkr

    Don't waste your time. High school kids do better.

  2. ProudinUS

    .....I know!.....I knew if they kept tossing that bait out there they'd eventually catch a little fish.

  3. TRL11

    I was unfamiliar with Lurie before watching this doc. Unless your a fisherman and know how things go I would imagine these episodes would be rather boring. It helps if you're high though.

  4. john

    this show is super awesome. grab a snack and a J and get ready for something you wouldn't expect.

  5. Arnold Vinette

    I really enjoyed this series of videos and forwarded the link to my friends in Russia. They love to go ice fishing!

    There is some amazing photography in these shows and I really enjoyed traveling around the world to see the different places!

    The narration is so funny at times. Good writing! Good narration delivery!

    Some ideas for fishing with incredible scenery. Black Canyon River in Arizona just down from the Hoover Dam. Stay in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rent a car and drive to Willow Beach located in Arizona. You will drive over the Hoover Dam on your way. It is abut 50 milies from Las Vegas. So about a 50 minute drive from Flamingo Drive.

    You can rent a boat or a kayak / canoe at Willow Beach. Willow Beach is the closest entry point onto the Black Canyon River. The water is very clean and very cold!

    To find the best and biggest fish you will need a kayak or canoe. These fish are located in the shallows heading away from Hoover Dam from Willow Beach.

    There are many fish here as there is a hatchery just upstream of Willow Beach.

    Good fishing! And keep doing your videos. I loved them! Well done on a small limited budget and ALWAYS interesting.

    The scenery is stunning towering canyon walls of stone will surround you the whole time!

    This would make a great show.

  6. Mehadi

    After reading al clark comments I did not watch this documentary. Oh, What a huge time I saved. Thanks clark.

    1. Doug Erhard

      how could you possibly know, unless you watched it?

  7. Dodgy

    The theme song sounds like Leonard Cohen. It has funny moments but only if you watch it and don't just play it in the background - deadpan humor.

  8. robert

    hi enjoyed to watch,never saw the fisherman and shark in the same shot did I.

  9. Sarosh

    Seriously, I just dont get the 'unharmed' par

  10. smegmasaurus

    "Lonnie has real feet, but wooden legs." LOL I loved it.

  11. Al clark

    Sorry John.....most boring thing I've watched in a Loooooooong time.

  12. Ashangel

    Unless you are a vegan, in which case I apologise, you are a hypocrite. As you will be buying things "murdered" by someone else instead of yourself.

    Now tell me, wherein lies the difference?

  13. Zora Rothbauer

    Unharmed? With a huge hook in his throat? Unharmed?