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Five Ways to Save the World

2006, Environment  -   87 Comments
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Climate change is being felt the world over and if global warming continues to increase the effects could be catastrophic. Some scientists and engineers are proposing radical, large-scale ideas that could save us from disaster. Although these ideas might have unknown side effects, some scientists believe we may soon have no choice but to put these radical and controversial plans into action.

The first three proposed ideas featured in the film, look at reducing the power of the sun - thereby cooling the planet. Professor Roger Angel from Arizona - the designer of the world's largest telescope - is proposing to put a giant glass sunshade in space. Professor Angel's sunshade will deflect a small percentage of the sun's rays back into space. Dutch Professor Paul Crutzen won the Nobel Prize for chemistry when he discovered the causes of the hole in the ozone layer.

His plan is to fire hundreds of rockets loaded with tons of sulphur into the stratosphere creating a vast, but very thin sunscreen of sulphur around the earth. British atmospheric physicist Professor John Latham and engineer Stephen Salter, have designed a fleet of remote-controlled yachts. These will pump fine particles of sea water into the clouds, increasing the thickness of the clouds and reflecting the suns rays.

The other two men in the programme want to tackle the problem of excess carbon dioxide - the cause of global warming. Sydney engineer Professor Ian Jones proposes to feed plankton with gallons of fertiliser. This will make the plankton grow and absorb carbon dioxide from the air. And New York-based Professor Klaus Lackner has designed a carbon dioxide capturing machine and his plan is to locate more of them across the globe.

They would suck in carbon dioxide, turn it into a powder and he would bury it deep under the ocean in disused oil or gas fields. Most of the scientists are reluctant advocates of these ideas, and all believe we should be cutting down on our use of fossil fuels to heat our homes and drive our cars. But is time running out for planet earth?

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  1. Bubba Bong

    Sheeple are so stupid! Legalize hemp globally and your problem is solved. Look it up and just see what that weed can do for society and the globe. Or just continue being a stupid sheeple!

  2. Dianna Edmondson

    maybe stop cutting down the world's forests....and if we didnt have a high plastic to plankton ratio...that would help too! Fix our plastic problem and reduce our use of lumber! Solution....start looking at building from recycled materials!

  3. clipper

    Chemtrails are NOT the answer. Get serious.

  4. Zayante

    Exponential growth of population, resource depletion, and pollution of air, water,and, soil are actions we've taken. The only actions that will be taken to "save the world", are actions that will make big corporation wealthy. It was expensive to mess up the planet, and it will be expensive to help fix it. Let's not be careless in our actions to make our home livable and beautiful.

    1. Bubba Bong

      I call BS! The solution is not expensive. It's called Hemp and if it were legal most of the worlds problems would be solved.

  5. wpsmithjr

    I personally do not believe in the man-made global warming idea. I don't like it when people use a problem, invented or not, to try and extract more money out of me. It makes me suspicious of the whole idea. How is paying more taxes going to help cool the planet?

    I think the climate is changing, but it could be cyclical, or sun activity, or the earth's magnetic pole shifting, or any other number of causes. If man IS creating this supposed warming, there is no real way to affect it significantly without going back to the stone age, imho. That might happen anyway with the people we have leading us, but that's another issue.

    I do believe that we are running out of time, however. We need to get rid of our dependence on fossil fuels either way. These are resources that will not last forever, and to have our entire way of living dependent on these limited resources is foolish to say the least.

    "Garbage Warrior" is a great doc, btw.

    1. Bubba Bong

      You are not a sheeple. I would just add one thing to your spot on statement. If we were to legalize hemp it would solve most of the global polution issues almost over night because big oil would go out of business

  6. Richard MK

    These same scientists proposed melting the poles with soot in the late 70s to avoid the scary ice age that they were sure was on the way. Man is responsible for a fraction of the warming and anything we do will barely stop it. It is a cycle. With all this "overwhelming evidence" as the guy a couple below me says it makes you wonder why they choose to pick and choose their data and falsify records.

  7. Aleta

    Oil and gas is going to run out in the near future. Then what?


    I am just a little bit bored of docs like this simply because they have become just like my nick name a HUMMDRUMM ,I am sorry where are we going with all this ? Raising awareness okay ,but then you have corporations like BP and GCSmith and so on and so on ,I mean is anything really being done apart from recycling .

    You just have to look at the speed deforestation in the Amazon is going with ask your self the question ! Ok ,I care but if the big fat corporations keep doing what they doing and with the speed they are going with their carbon foot print on the planet does it really matter if ~I forget to turn of my safe energy light? It just does not make sense what's so ever ,instead of building cleaner smaller cars ,we are building bigger more fuel consuming monsters that still run on fuel ? What? Are we mad ?

    Instead of spending billions in research of new energy ,we spend billions on idiotic wars and hidron colliders ,we are armed to the teeth and our most sufficient energy resource is nuclear power central's that have proven to be lethal not only after the quake in Japan but many times before that.

    Sometimes I personally think humanity's nature is naturally suicidal or we are simply stupid,we talk big words and try to raise awareness but when you start to connect the dots and the picture looks more and more like man sitting on branch of a tree and sowing it off with a really stupid look on its face.

    As it seems we only act and do something only when a catastrophe happens and then we ponder around fix things or two and we continue the same way,i COULD GO ON FOR HOURS WRIGHTING THIS BUT WHEN I LOOK AROUND ME STARTS TO DOWN ON ME EVERY ONE THE READS THIS WILL JUST SHRUG THEIR SHOULDERS AND CONTINUE THE WAY THEY DO EVERY DAY ,IT JUST DOES NOT MAKE SENSE ,WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR US TO WAKE UP !!!

  9. Angus_McGuire

    @ Karen
    Tsunamis have nothing to do with climate or humans. They are casued by earthquakes, which are casued by plate techtonics.

    David's not a sucker becasue he doesn't blindly accept what the media tells him. If your knowledge comes from reading the news, you're only getting the part of the story the media want to tell you about.

    You need to think for yourself and be skeptical of what anyone tells you, especially through the media (which includes the internet). If you believe everything you read, you're definately a sucker.

  10. Filip Gorecki

    Save the human, the world will survive.

  11. Diana Henson

    I haven't even seen the movie yet. But read the comments. More hurricanes? maybe. Global warming? maybe. Earth always has had these changes? maybe. But there are way too many people now to overlook the impact we have created and are creating with each person, each day, each moment!
    If we each lived with an awareness of respect for each other, respect for our planet, respect for our food, and respect for all our natural resources we would not be in the state of decay, greed, power, corruption, and most of all anger.. The comments alone show this is not happening. We all talk talk bitch piss moan and still we are all just as sheep pushing at the fence, but no one wants to jump first. And then when someone does have the bravery to leap first we scream that thats not the right way, thats not where we usually jump over the fence.
    We live in fear and hide it behind anger. Anger and lashing out whenever we are scart or just don't have the answer we want.
    Sometimes I feel hopeful that we can continue onward in solidarity as Earthlings. And other days I know it is the end of the world as we know it. Curious how the story of Earth will end. Or continue.

  12. B Trevor Whit

    Lawrence Solomon: Our cosmic climate

  13. David

    Excuse me, but James Burke was telling us back in the early nineties that if we didn't begin cap and trade and cut co2 emissions that in ten or twelve years the islands of Indonesia would be inundated and the people would flee to Australia. Others said that by 2006 London, Amsterdam and New York would have to find a way to pump out all the seawater. Massive hurricanes were coming more frequently and the US would return to the dustbowl. Well, it's 2011 and none of it has happened. New Orleans, you say? They got a sizeable chunk of Federal money and decided a superdome was more important than shoring up the sixty-year-old levees. Meanwhile Al Gore lives in a mansion (on the beach) which has the carbon footprint of 30 average families. Don't know about you but I quit being a sucker.

    1. Karen

      yep- gee don't u read the news- massive dust storm in pheonix- and there have been others recently- and gee not only have there been massive hurricanes- but there have been some fun little tsunamis too- course you would not know that seeing as how u are not a sucker.....

    2. Andreas Hansen

      There have always been natural catastrophes, and there alway will. its funny how we keep hearing in the news that we are braking all the records for the coldest winters in 40 years... i mean as the world is warmning and we all are gonna die soon.. so you better pay some more carbon tax and we will all be safe again

    3. Richard MK

      Tsunamis are cause by GW now? Wow. I guess the earthquakes that actually cause tsunamis have nothing to do with those. lol. By the way Karen hurricanes have not increased in the last decade at all. Also there have been dust storms in deserts for centuries. If you want to blast David for his opinion you may want to use something that actually makes sense. But the cocky way you wrote your post like a know-it-all, makes it all the more amusing.

  14. Jason

    Wow, I don't even have to do anything more than read the caption to realize what an absurd amount of BS, this is....For an earth that is 4.6 billion years old, we think we can change it's natural course to accept "our" major f--k-ups. Once again, we are helping the problem by prolonging it with a quick solution and not actually fixing it, or even working by natural law in what could provide from it. The sun is going to be our most abundant source of energy when our energy consumption transfers from our dependence on elctric, and this jackass wants to desensitize it, rather than harness it?....Forgive me if I didn't see the flick, and don't see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I had to comment something.

  15. ProudinUS

    That goes for you too,Jose!

  16. jose

    you guys need to stop f--king around and just save the damn earth.

  17. A-Town

    @ Michael: "I remember in my teenage years about the scare of the ozone layer i think it was in the 80?s/90?s then it was called global warming, now its climate change."

    I was riding the whole "global warming is caused by human induced CO2" scam for many a year now until I came across this website and began reading comments and watching documentaries. Since then I have became skeptical, and I myself recently started to wonder what happened to that "hole" in the ozone layer that the media was so concerned about in the 90's. It just points to more evidence that this "human induced CO2 causing the warming" stuff might all be a big sham.

    The planet has warmed in the past couple of years, but that does not necessarily mean that it spells an end of all humanity!

    Regardless if this is a scam or not, I cannot help but agree with the positive environmental and social influence that go along with the GREEN movement. We use and abuse too much, and its about time our society comes to realize its wastefulness on a massive social scale.

    1. Andreas Hansen

      Dont forget the ice age that was on its way in the 70s

  18. Kaleb

    "Why don't we just make a vacuum for the atmosphere? Like a giant Bissel or Hoover from Space?"

    This is the idea my son came up with and I think this is much safer than messing up an entire weather & eco system.

  19. racoon

    is this the line for justin bieber tickets?

  20. john

    whats next. orange county choppers buliding spaceships?

  21. wuff

    Solar Power and Hemp for materials and watershed reconstruction = millions of jobs

  22. Michael

    Well done people, majority carries the vote and people who are against this documentary are CERTAINLY not stupid. I remember in my teenage years about the scare of the ozone layer i think it was in the 80's/90's then it was called global warming, now its climate change. So many people in the world of today do not believe that there is a supreme being after having the opportunity to see nature as it is.

    Well in my humble opinion, climate change is a natural thing as change do happen, we have withnessed changes throughout our lives and it will continue for as long as it takes. People you must agree with me that nothing is the same on planet earth, from different faces, thinking, opinion, desire, needs etc to different types of breasts, penis, heights, weights, fat, slim, tall, short, midgits etc.

    I have traveled wide and far and understands the differnce between countries, in terms of climatic conditions, culture, system of government, infrastructures, languages etc I'm aware that some of you already know these things, but the reason i have pointed out these difference is to remind you all that global warming or climate change will have to happen differently in all corners of the world as countries experience different atmospheric conditions, extremely cold in Canada, parts of USA, Russia, scandanvian countries, europe, uk, Ireland etc extremely hot in the middleeast, far east, Africa, Australia etc....

    Who thought that Britain who once conquered the world through slave trade, colonies would be UK of today fighting for human rights, who thought that the USA would be in the position they are slowly creeping into today after stupid wars in Vietnam, Iraq etc? well nothing is beyond the most high......people do not worry as time goes on problems will be solved, there have to be balance + equality in the world first, human beings are dying to hunger in the poor parts of the world and you all are concerned about climate change, its all fat lies. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL

    1. buckley weglarz

      You do realize that Frank Lutz from Fox News coined the phrase climate change in an effort to try and discredit those who believe the overwhelmingly amount of evidence that climate scientists have gathered?

  23. karen

    You people seriously must be kidding. The reality of global warming and our participation in it hasn't actually been in question for 15 years or more. Go watch some more documentaries - try "Fuel" for starters - and you will see, virtually the entire "controversy" has been created - pretty much only in America - by the oil industry's planting of dissenting "scientists" arguing with the real ones at every opportunity. There is no bleeping controversy.

    On the flip side, I agree with the people warning against potentially making a bad situation worse. The "solution" of blasting salt crystals into the atmosphere to create cloud cover chilled my blood. Salt is, in a sense, poisonous. We cannot survive on water that has been salinated, fresh water animals cannot live in salted water, crops grown in salinated fields die. What happens when it rains? Just as "acid rain" doesn't seem immediately acidic to us, neither would salinated rain seem salty, but salinity would build up over time.

  24. Kurrrt

    It's going to take a stroke of genus to correct the wrongs. (1)All religions must go, with their Gods, and their hells will follow them. (2)Then bring on the abundance and allowance all through humanity. (3)Everyone puts in an effort -and the money system is void. (4)Cold hearted oil companies restricting battery technology will bring in return electric and magnetic travel. Next time you see a industrial church with large crowds with a need to follow, (5)perhaps they would do the environment better with a cheese cloth getting the oil out of the ocean, or planting gardens for the 40,000 who die a day -from starvation. People are cluelessly guided to entering a building to pray to a non existing entity in a place in the sky that scientifically don't exist anywhere either. They all could be making environment efforts. The focus of conscious prayer is miss directed way up towards the sky to the ghostly God up there, when man is sitting right next to you, so the consciousness focus is drawn away into emptiness, instead of directed into enhancing mans consciousness. Those who planned this scenario are laughing at those who follow the religious herd. That whole thing has to turn around into one human race for once and for all. The environment is a gift to us, the focus within mankind needs to be aimed correctly, and the road to recovery will be without those ruling power structures, and smoke and clutter. without restrictions we can turn this planet into great gardens we can enjoy as one human race focused upon ourself.

  25. wake up and look around you

    Zaldy de leon... well first, just b/c its written in the bible doesn't mean it's the truth. it's not "greedy" to try to help make this planet a cleaner place to live for us now and for future generations. the greedy ones are the people that believe that "god" has this divine plan of how everything is going to turn out so they turn the head and close the eyes to what they are doing to the planet. humans over consume, waste, and destroy. the planet is only doomed for destruction if we allow it to happen.

  26. Jack

    hi., how can i download this documentary film? coz i need it for my school report.. thank u...

  27. Zaldy de Leon

    why are those people gets busy in saving this world,nobody can save this world because it is doomed for destruction it is written in the bible, and who made the earth in its present situation anyway? those GREEDY who has enough for a living but still asking for more, GOD made this world enough for the needy but not enough for the greedy.

  28. wake up and look around you

    Whether global warming is happening or not humans have a huge impact on the planet. We are way over populated and still continue to reproduce. And not everyone is doing their part to keep this planet clean and "green". There should not have to be a problem, such as global warming, to make everyone wake up and realize if we continue this path of destruction to our home, we will just drive the human species to extinction. Humans have evolved into the "creator"(if you will). We are sculpting this planet into what we want, with no future generations,species,life forms,ect... in mind.

  29. Reasons voice

    @Carlo "I’d like to put you in a room filled with that “life giving force” gas , as you call CO2, just to see how long you last. All extremes are dangerous my dear friend." Ummm dude you are sitting in a room full of CO2 right ya feelin buddy? Co2 comprises the majority of the air we breathe. We extract oxygen from it. Don't confuse CO with CO2 people that is just dumb.

    1. Richard MK

      Actually guys the majority of the air we breath is Nitrogen (78%), then Oxygen (21%), CO2 makes up a small % of said air (less than .05%). Cool comeback though. 1% of our air is actually argon gas. Saying Co2 is the majority is basically about as wrong as a human can be. We "extract" oxygen from Co2? wtf??? Actually plants turn Co2 into oxygen but whatever. You did make me chuckle however so for that, I thank you.

  30. Larry

    You see, people like me and Will are rational thinkers. Like Will says, anyone who blindly believes in this crap is a fool. The fact is, that this is glorified astrology at best and a marxist's wet dream at worst.

    Isn't it interesting that the average eco-warrior generally is anti-capitalist and all for redistributing wealth? lol And yet some people still can't see that this is not science, but political ideology masquerading as science.

  31. Will

    Why does anyone believe in man-made climate change?! Because Al Gore, who is not a scientist or climatologist, makes a fancy movie full of "what-ifs"?? You're all sheep. Nobody, including scientists, can even begin to imagine what this planet's climate has gone through since it's beginning. We see some minor fluctuations in global temperatures over 150 years and we start freaking out. Get a grip people.

  32. Larry

    Prove there's a problem.

    Tell me why I should be worried about a fractional increase of half a degree celsius, when the Earth has been a lot hotter and a lot cooler than it is just now.

    Climate changes by its very nature. The watermelons really did a number on you.

  33. Foxbottle

    No there is a problem but why do we have to wait till its a castastrophe before we fix it.

  34. Larry

    So what you're saying is that this has all raised our awareness of a problem that doesn't exist. Therefore, we should all pay higher taxes for the benefit of the people who have sold us this lie.

  35. Foxbottle

    Even if as you say we are not warming the planet, what this whole worldwide debate has done is raised our awareness. Can we all agree that our actions in Our relationship to the natural world have been violent. Isn't that enough reason to change them.

  36. JC

    Civilization as we know it must die, because it is ultimately built upon fear. There is no other alternative, despite what is said by those that believe their God called Science will save them; it has only served as a means to magnify destruction and will continue to do so.

    There will always be Hunger. There will always be Pain. Everyone you know will eventually die. Everything we build will someday turn to dust. Stop blaming CO2. Stop polluting. Stop cutting down forests. It's all really simple.

    Why spray clouds of aluminum into our atmosphere?

  37. Larry

    It amazes me that so many people believe in this fraud.

    1. Richard MK

      Amen Larry

  38. 30stones

    Should be "who doesn't"

  39. 30stones

    To say everyone doesn't believe in global warming is silly. I do believe in global warming however I understand that the sun is responsible for almost all warming in the solar system. @K2: You should sell your house and all possessions before you call people greedy son.

  40. 30 Stones

    @K: Have you ever heard any scientist tell you it was much warmer during the age of the dinosaur. It is not considered theory it is considered fact.

  41. 30 Stones

    @K: Again you do not seem to understand, think outside of the box. You say scientist and books agree 1880, awesome but a book is not the only way to research the climate of a country.

  42. Eff

    There are many PRACTICAL approaches and ways to heal the planet...As well as extending one's lifetime. Make a list...
    I have. Beginning with making Everyday an Earth Day, power down, and conserve energy. Walk or use public transit...Face it! You won't be able to afford gas pump prices that have doubled to pay for the Big Oil Spill clean up...(Tax-payers will be eating that one for a while...not the oil companies like BP.) Lobby the government for remedial policy changes, tell 'em that you care.Conserve water consumption,Plant a tree say NO to junk mail...Heal your body, by not eating genetically modified food like McDonalds or drinking aspartame-laced coca-cola. Boycott the Big corporations like Wal-mart.(Do you really need to shop for more plastic?)
    Turn off the TV...Read a good book instead, media is tainted and biased. Make your own list. Spread the news far and wide.
    Educate the bewildered children and help to Save the planet!
    See! It's not that difficult after all. Is it?
    Don't forget the sun-screen....

  43. K

    "I don’t think so. A simple case of not understanding something."
    research it. i have found different scientist and books that say the same thing. 1880 DON'T have to believe it... but someone like yourself would argue that the sky is not blue and the grass is not green.

  44. 30stones

    @Vlatko: I have seen as much argument on a number of docs I do not see why you closed comments on "One Third of the Hollacaust" but in protest I will no longer visit this place.

  45. 30stones

    @k: "The earth's temperature record dates back to 1880." I don't think so. A simple case of not understanding something.

  46. GTO

    if you guyz dont know the cause of heat is energy and atmospheric pressure not any elements..

    CO2 is mostly the buy product of creating energy or specific form of energy and that is heat.

    ex. C6H12O8(carb) + O2 = H2O + CO2 + energy

    this is what are cell eat and how he generate energy to live. as you can see CO2 is the buy product of creating energy not a raw product.

  47. Falcon

    Yes, we should care about the why not do that instead of pretending that CO2 is a pollutant? Energy taxes for tax payers, carbon market frauds, political funding of "hide the decline scientists", globalist think-tanks and con-men like Al Gore. What does that have to do with the environment? By the way, it's summer now, so enjoy your global warming :)

  48. K

    @Falcon..."stop being silly"... "You are probably a well meaning person, but you are being used, like so many others."
    I really don't see how trying to help make our world a better place to live is being silly...
    I'm not being used! I'm just conscious of my surroundings and I see what needs to be done and I do them.

    I agree with K2...
    It doesn't hurt to take a look at your lifestyle and see what effect your actions could have on the environment!

  49. K2

    Wow, I had no idea there were so many ignorant (or stupid!) people still around that don't 'believe in' global warming. But okay, let's give you the benefit of the doubt and say it IS indeed a big scare campaign - and I really do hope so! Does it hurt to think twice about what effect your actions could have on the environment? To not take everything for granted and let our greed govern our goals and aspirations?

  50. Macan

    claiming to be intelligent vs. idiot. WOW!! Just relax. So, in other words, intelligent people what can we do as an individual to save the earth?

  51. Pacha

    I live at sea level, just a few metres from the sea and I can tell you without any scientific data to work from, that the sea level has definitely not risen in the last few years because if it had it'd be inside my house.
    What I'd like to know though, is where does the melted glacier water go to because it must go somewhere right?

  52. Falcon

    K, stop being silly. Several think-tanks planned this global warming scare campaign a long time ago. One of them is The Club of Rome. Do some research. You are probably a well meaning person, but you are being used, like so many others. Al Gore recently bought another luxury home with sea view. He knows there isn't going to be a big rise in the sea levels, like he says in his science fiction movie. The banks are making money on the carbon credit markets, it's a big fat scam. The temperature goes up and down. The medievel warm period with no industry had higher temperatures than today. Even the leading warmist in England has admitted that there has been no significant warming the last 15 years.

  53. 30stones

    What is the main cause of solar warming? The Sun.

  54. K

    Well we all have our own opinions and beliefs. That's what makes all individuals. But we need to come together as a whole and do our part to help protect the Earth, OUR HOME! After all it is the only one we have...

    @ 30stones:
    "How many scientist do you think agree with this documentary."
    well I don't know exactly how many would agree with this documentary, but they do agree that global warming is happening and YES man is a lead cause. Scientist from NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) led a study in April 2009. They concluded:
    "The global temperature of 55.04 degrees for the year's first three months was almost a full degree above the 20th-century average of 54.1 degrees.
    This continues a decades-long trend of warmer-than-average temperatures. If the warming pattern persists throughout the remainder of the year, it will mark the 33rd consecutive year of above-average global temperatures. The Earth's temperature record dates back to 1880."
    "Much of the warming is due to human-produced emissions of greenhouse gases, predominantly carbon dioxide. This heat-trapping gas has increased from a pre-industrial level of about 284 parts per million (ppm) in the atmosphere to more than 380 ppm today." -NCAR Scientist Warren Washington, lead author.

    This Native American Proverb needs to be read, needs to be spread, and needs to be heard...
    "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

  55. 30stones

    If you are old enough to remember the 1970's the Earth was allegedly going into an ice age. I bet you don't realize Al Gore has lots of money in carbon credits. You are a pawn acting just as you were predicted to. How many scientist do you think agree with this documentary.

  56. 30stones

    There is no man made global warming.

  57. 30stones

    You first have to tell me what the Earth's climate should be.

  58. Chief

    NASA called a bunch of "loons" to a conference about Global Warming? These men seem to be devoted to science. I suppose some of you would conclude that NASA is full of "loons" as well. The scientist declare that they need 'intelligent' politician to come to an understanding of the causes of extreme climate changes. Politicians represent their constituents (purportedly). I fear that the majority of the constituents in some nations are disinterested in saving the Earth and more interested in "the end of the world!" Science is scorned and the forecasts of global catastrophic events won't be accepted until the time for possible solutions have passed.

  59. K

    "to"/"too" omg... typo.. that has nothing to do with the point i'm trying to get across.

    "You should do some research and stop polluting the internet with your garbage."
    -Please tell me what part of that is garbage... it's all the truth.

    "You also talk about carbon dioxide being the cause of the greenhouse effect, but what about methane?"
    -Methane does have an impact. It is a very potent greenhouse gas. In fact, methane has an ability to trap heat almost 21 times more effectively than carbon dioxide. Although carbon dioxide does not trap heat as effectively,the sheer volume of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere is very high. 81.2 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States in 2000 came from carbon dioxide directly. Methane emissions account for only 1.1 percent. But,the lifetime is the primary factor in determining the overall effect of the gas. Carbon dioxide has an atmospheric lifetime of about 120 years. Methane has an atmospheric lifetime of 7 years. "Global Warming Potential" (GWP) is the total impact over time of adding a unit of a greenhouse gas to the atmosphere. It is calculated by multiplying effect of the instantaneous radiative forcing by the concentration of gas added and integrating over time from 0 to some arbitrary time period, T. Carbon dioxide has relatively low radiative forcing but a very high volume of gas annually added to the atmosphere and a long atmospheric lifetime, so it has a very high GWP. Methane has relatively high radiative forcing but a low volume of gas annually added to the atmosphere and a short atmospheric lifetime, so it has a high GWP over a short time span but over a longer time span the GWP decreases.

    Both gasses have an impact on our atmosphere and environment! Levels have been increasing due to the widespread burning of fossil fuels by growing human populations. We are continuing to destroy our planet and ourselves. It is up to us to make a change. Start now, by "planting your car"(walk, ride a bike, ride a bus, car pool), consuming less meat(go vegetarian or even better go raw vegan), recycling(cuts down on waste sent to land fills which puts off methane gas), use "green" cleaning supplies(other cleaners are petroleum based).


  60. 30stones

    My first comment did not work. Here I go again. @K: You should not call anyone ignorant when you are unaware of the difference between to and too.

  61. 30stones

    You also talk about carbon dioxide being the cause of the greenhouse effect, but what about methane? You should do some research and stop polluting the internet with your garbage. A little harsh I know but you do not help the situation by "towing the company line". I do agree that people are greedy and materialistic but that is easy for us to say in our houses on our computers.

  62. K

    people like yourself are the ones that need to wake up and realize that global warming is not a joke, scam, or hoax.

    Solving the problem of global warming starts with us. Humans are the cause of global warming. Everyone needs to take a second look at their lifestyles and consumption. We are raping the earth of its resources and continuing to increase the population. Humans have evolved into the planets cancer. We are well on our way toward extinction and destroying everything along our path. Most of us are either to ignorant to realize it or to stupid to do anything about it.

    The damage humans have done and are continuing to do to the earth are right in front of us...
    for instance, the trees are very important to the environment and atmosphere. They work like lungs for the planet. They "breath" in carbon dioxide(the cause of global warming) and "exhale" oxygen. But we continue to cut them down for the use of paper, which could be replaced with hemp.(if it were legal in the US)
    -We also continue to drill for oil. Drilling for oil affects the environment at every stage of the process, from finding oil reserves to waste disposal. To find offshore oil reserves, seismic waves are sent into the ground, which disorient marine life. Texaco alone spilled 17 million gallons of crude oil, abandoned hundreds of unlined toxic waste ponds, and constructed oil roads that opened more than 2.5 million acres of the forest in the Amazon.
    -We contaminate the soil, water, and air and poison wildlife and ourselves by using pesticides.

    Point is, something needs to change and the first step is with us! Not by "Reducing the power of the sun by putting a giant glass sunshade in space". That is not going to solve any problems, if anything cause more problems. It's just a quick fix so humans can continue to live their lives the way they are used to..greedy, over-consuming, wasteful, materialistic, unappreciative, cruel beings.


  63. Pacha

    Very true that.

  64. Life.Is.The.Alien

    You know what the smartest and cheapest way is to slow global warming? A global conservation treaty banning the cutting/destruction of OLD GROWTH FORESTS - ESPECIALLY TROPICAL ONES by declaring them world heritage preservations/parks. I see little hope for humanity if this minimum step is not even taken. A forest must be worth more standing than clear cut and until this happens, I do not think any meaningful progress can be made... without visionary leadership and cultural change valuing knowledge/intelligence above entertainment the quick fix will remain - treating the symptoms of a deeply corrupt society that is ripe of the seeds of its own destruction; ignorance and disregard for the facts of life.

  65. esmuziq

    this docu seems hollywood made with the dude's grandchildren giving him props

    maybe they should stick to facts instead of the pretty picture
    im sure if the can block the sun the will find a way to charge the sh*t out of this free energy

  66. Kyle

    Off the bat,that "Sulpher Screen" idea is bad. Anyone can see that. They're talking about causing a vocanic winter or possibly an iceage.I think alot more research needs to be done on the cosequences of theories.

  67. Carlo


    I'd like to put you in a room filled with that "life giving force" gas , as you call CO2, just to see how long you last. All extremes are dangerous my dear friend.

  68. Michael

    Those loons should be locked up as they are a danger to the planet. Global warming is a contrived hoax. CO2 is a life giving force. repeat for all you eco fascists out there a life giving force unlike depleted Uranium and the hydrogen bombs used by the US army which are and will continue to cause deaths, birth defects for generations to come and severe environmental problems not just in Afghanistan and Iraq but around the world.The fact that Gore and his fellow green high priest would not even acknowledge genuine environmental problems is proof that the global warming scam is nothing but a money making racket. AGW is not about science as has been shown by the recent climate gate scandal it is about a politicised agenda a pre ordained outcome to "prove" global warming. Look up the club of Rome and read for yourselves where they invented global warming.

  69. Carlo

    I really wish that JC, Dave&Confused and the rest of us are correct. That this is just a 21st century invention, that this is just about the money, that this is just propaganda, who knows with what kind of perverted and malicious intentions. However, a question in my head still prevails, what would happens if we are wrong, and the so-called fear mongers are right? I really wish we are right this time, indeed.

  70. eireannach666

    The Earth has been going through climate changes since it was born. The world powers that be just like to use things like this to scare people enough so that they will accept whatever solutions and see it as the government " saving the day." Not only bend you to their will but distract most people from what they are doing while everyone is looking in the other direction. They like to show people worst case scenarios instead of just laying out facts and evedince.Same ole Same ole. Politicians and Priests. yuk. Some scientists wont admit it but they are poiticians as well. All about the money.

  71. Marc

    Interesting ideas but implementing them would be irresponsible in terms of the potential environmental risks. Let's just focus on finding our next cheap (and clean) energy source before the earths oil reserves run out.

  72. HaTe_MaChInE

    "Climate Change" is like tobacco usage. Since it is slow and not well understood the simplest among us can ignore it. Since it is easy and culturally accepted no one really gets persecuted for it. The companies that supply us are accepted because they give us what we want.

    CO2 is an active ingredient in the environment. If you dump enough of it into the environment something will change. Volcanoes release more than 130 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. In 2009 the US released 5975.10 million tones of CO2.

    Don t believe the hype, study the facts and make your own decision. But remember that the world is indeed round and the earth circles the sun and cigarettes do in fact kill you when you smoke enough of them.

  73. dell

    what a joke, if u mess around with nature, it will mess back harder.
    all these "top scientists" should be aware of that... or maybe they are aware but just dont care, like with the LHC causing all these new earthquakes.
    Maybe the "shading the sun" method is just a way to be able to justify space weapons, as they will likely need protection from asteroids...

  74. DaveAndConfused

    Wow. This Global Warming/Climate Change swindle really needs to be exposed a lot faster then it currently is. On the plus side, obviously bias documentaries like this have a comment board attached to them. Hopefully this will be more of a conversation starter, and less of a brainwasher.

    Climate change is a joke. They had to change the name from global warming to Climate Change because the globe stopped warming. Now it can warm or cool, and either way they've set up this false data to try to scare us all into giving up our rights. Climates change.

  75. JC

    great scare doco, when is everyone going to wakeup and realise that global warming is perfect scam for the G8 to form their world government.

    Just like "terrorism", they make you believe this is only a recent problem, in actual fact it has been around since man began. The USA & England are the biggest terrorist for the last 40 years, you just don't have Fox News & BBC letting you know this fact on your nightly news.

    GLOBAL WARMING......stick it, it's a load of s***!!!!

  76. Pacha

    10 minutes into this and I'm wondering who these loons are, planning to shade out the sun.
    what happens if it all goes wrong? Who's going the million miles to clean up?

  77. loko

    nice doc, thanks for posting :D