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F**K - A Documentary

2005, Society  -   5 Comments
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F**K - A DocumentaryThis documentary takes a look on all sides of the infamous F-word. It's taboo, obscene and controversial, yet somehow seems to permeate every single aspect of our culture - from Hollywood, to the schoolyard to the Senate floor in Washington D.C. It's the word at the very center of the debate on Free Speech - and everyone seems to have an opinion.

F**K exams how the word is impacting our world today through interviews, film and television clips, music, and original animation by Bill Plympton. Scholars and linguists examine the long history of f--k.

Comedians, actors, and writers who have charted and popularized the upward course of f--k are heard from, often while defending the Constitutional Right of Free Speech, all the way to the Supreme Court. F**K visits with those who actually f--k for a living.

We hear from advocates who oppose f--k and its infringement into our everyday lives. We watch some of the most famous and infamous film and television clips that feature f--k, we hear some of the most famous f--ks ever uttered and we'll feel the impact of f--k on our everyday lives.

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5 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Imightberiding

    "Well, oil, beef, hooked!" Go ahead & say this quickly several times. It just may take on an entirely different meaning.

  2. Renevonn

    Say it loudly and proudly!


  3. ProudinUS

    I could only watch part of it.

    Anyway, the word f#ck is a word that can be used in any situation:

    -f*ck off! -****ing pr^ck! -f*ck you!
    -I don't give a f#ck! -you little f^ck! -I'll be f$^*ed
    -move your F^#$ing a$$! -go f%$@ yourself! -f^&%in' job! -hey hun,you wanta f$ck?

    The cartoon "South Park" had its own song tributing the word. In my line of work(welding) the word is used religously....Give me that f$%#ing blueprint! st^pid dumb f$%k!.......give me that f$%king tape measure!.....fu%king dumb a$$ engineers!....get back to f^cking work!.........f$%king lazy a$$!

    The word just fits in. Great for all conversations and conditions.

  4. Achems Razor

    Hilarious, loved it! Laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

    Always interesting to see how uptight, religious people get when someone uses the "F" word. According to the Bible, you are supposed to be stoned to death for cursing, I do not think there are that many stones around! re: a good portion of the population.

    The infamous "Mega Vision", let me watch all, except the last 12 min. of the Doc. I believe Mega Vision's head office is in China, Trust me, they get none of my money! I tried everything to circumvent there protocol. It does not matter if I first load the Doc. And even unplug the Modem. They must use my I.P. number somehow. Anyway no complaints. I have my own personal problem with Mega Vision.

  5. DancingSpiderman

    ...The Aristocrats.

    [applause, hoots and hollers from the crowd

    Thank you, very much.]