Flow: For Love of Water

Flow: For Love of Water

2008, Environment  -   37 Comments
Ratings: 8.78/10 from 89 users.

Flow - For Love of WaterIrena Salina's award-winning documentary investigation into what experts label the most important political and environmental issue of the 21st Century - The World Water Crisis.

Salina builds a case against the growing privatization of the world's dwindling fresh water supply with an unflinching focus on politics, pollution, human rights, and the emergence of a domineering world water cartel.

Interviews with scientists and activists intelligently reveal the rapidly building crisis, at both the global and human scale, and the film introduces many of the governmental and corporate culprits behind the water grab, while begging the question "CAN ANYONE REALLY OWN WATER?"

Beyond identifying the problem, FLOW also gives viewers a look at the people and institutions providing practical solutions to the water crisis and those developing new technologies, which are fast becoming blueprints for a successful global and economic turnaround.

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37 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Robin Kawalski

    This goes to show you that Capitalism is INSANITY! On a Planet that does NOT GROW any Larger.... How can you support a system that can only survive if it GROWS.... and Grows. . . and Grows. . . . FOOLS!

  2. Robin Kawalski

    Not only are the Rich F*CKS making money off the Poor People from water.... but the Bitches are making money off this Damn Documentary and blocks it all over the web from people watching it for free!.... , ~ SCUM BAGS ~.... Time for the REVOLUTION !
    . . . . * Time to EAT & Drink the RICH ! * Also Time to Kill the People who Protect THEM ! *
    ~ Are You Human.... or are You GARBAGE! ~ . . FIGHT ! . . FIGHT ! *

    1. jori harman

      chill the beans robin

  3. cam

    4:25 its the doctor in the corner ( if you are not a whovian or doctor who fan than you will not get this )

  4. katzkittenz

    Very heartfelt and powerful. The greed of a few damns so many and that's very sad.

  5. amensentis

    This problem shows how stupid we are. The whole planet is FILLED with water. Even if most of it is not drinkable in its natural form. We can make sub-atomic particles collide with almost the speed of light, we can mobilize hundreds of thousands of troops to a foreign land to kill for economic gain or even stupider reasons, yet we cant do something so simple as distilling and cleaning our water... The whole world is powered by a stupid outdated way of thinking about currency and distribution of resources and labor. Whole parts of the world are heavily crippled because foreign powers drains their economic wealth, yet all the man power, resources to build and know how are still there. Cleaning water is not a hard task, yet because the economy is stupid we cant get it done.

    1. Beth

      We have the technology, it is simply energy intensive and costly. Most of America's water problems comes from misuse of water, or poor community development and planning. But other countries, such as those in land-locked Sahara and Sahel regions, even desalination is difficult. Additionally, countries that tend to have a lack of fresh water resources are poorer, and therefore have a difficult time affording desalination apparatuses or large scale infrastructure development.

  6. John Fulton

    its evolution. the poor overopulates masses will die of thirst. the top one percent will survive. the poor bitch about everything and keep multiplying.

    1. coryn

      Brilliant John, just brilliant...... Can you expand upon that a little?

  7. Louis

    a compelling documentary & at 56 minutes interesting minutes and later on, some nice piano music from Arvo Part, the Estonian composer:)

  8. Mark Schmitt

    Monsanto owns 95% of the world's seed. Their "Roundup Ready" products poison our soil and our water. If they can figure out how to own our water and our air as well, they will, because there is money to be made and power to be had. It is only a matter of time.

  9. Adaso Chalai

    sweet lovely sisters. :)

  10. Nutzn Vise

    One thing for certain - if the UN is involved, you can bet your a s s it is not in your best interest.

    1. P

      Have you had direct experience with the U.N.? I did in the 80's and 90's working with war refugees in Central America. I have to say having the U.N. involved there was life saving for 10's of thousand's of people caught in the war. So your statement is not applicable in all situations.

  11. Karmiccontrail

    We all need to improve our water .More information on how to do this would be helpful to us all.
    If water is just left to stand over night covered with a clean cloth ,this allows the chlorine ,which is added as a liquid but is a gas .to evaporate .Chlorine gives the water a dry taste and contributes to dehydrating you .It taste and even smells much better and well worth doing .
    Boiling the water is needed for some people and there is a way to collect water evaporated by the sun .
    Some say water filters use a chemical said to be food safe after a chemical process but prior to that it is carcinogenic .What is the safest ,best filter ?
    Then there is water distillers and what about the guy in the film with the light idea .
    Ultimately every thing belongs to Krishna so don't be soft you soft drinks companies

  12. jk

    The world is self correcting. Huge increases in population have created the necessity for cheap food -- which in turn have lead to the development of pesticides. These large amounts of pesticides in the drinking water are making us impotent -- which will decrease our population, thereby lessening our need for cheap food and pesticides. Maybe our species needs a good culling (we are doing it to ourselves). The smarter European countries will be the survivors.

    1. coryn

      Or maybe we'll be 'harvested' by the aliens, after we've filled the planet and eaten all the vegetation........ Or maybe we'll all just eat each other before it's over.......

  13. estrebenavid

    I will not disagreed with anyone point because what I can read makes sense, but what I can say is that water is a basic need of any God's creation and perhaps I should not mention him because not everyone believe in him and I am not trying to impose him on anyone, but what I see is that to loan money to poor countries in need those conditions were imposed and furthermore what Salinas is trying to make us to see is that for money they are destroying the ecosystem not only of those countries which include The United States of America. Who do they think they are to be making over cost average profit out of God's gift. Salinas I am bowing down for you, what you and the group of people who work with you had done is outrageously remarkable and in the name of The Only God and as his choosen servant, I am thanking all of you, Planet Earth among many others who are making the effort to let us know what is going on and how millions of people are been affected not to say the whole World.

  14. estrebenavid

    I feel that Salinas, the author should be awarded a recognition. What she had done is outrageously remarkable. Not many people put in their back influential people hatred on them for the sake of this World and its people. I bow for you and as The Lord, Eloi Yahweh's Servant, I am thanking you in the name of Bolivia, India, and as many others, The United States of America as well as the many other people who had made an effort to bring it up to our authorities. Do not get discourage and have faith in the only God, he is taking care.

  15. buddym

    You can fool some of the people some of the time, but...

  16. Preschard

    Water is currently under-priced and therefore is leading to a consumption that is not sustainable. Most cities currently supply water to their citizens at the average variable cost of supply that is equal to the quantity demanded. Unfortunately this leads to an inefficient economic allocation. Anyone educated in resource economics understands that a resource should be priced where the marginal cost, including opportunity costs, are equal to marginal benefit (demand). Privatization could lead to a cartel situation which leads to deadweight losses, shortages, and a higher price. There needs to be a balance. There needs to be a price that is relevant to representing both the costs to suppliers and the demand of consumers

    1. dark fox

      **** you and your economic bull****! This world does not need money and differences between people! Your now considered high level education in economics is pure bull**** compared to what life, people and the planet really is.A single organism, built by billions of tiny pieces in a chain, a circle in which every single elements depends on one another.But nothing is linear! Sometimes you have death, birth, unexpected events (good or bad), but everything moves forward and those are just pieces of this life that we should accept rather than destroy ourselves over it or trying to change something as powerful and part of the true God, which is just us, the combined elements in pure harmony.

    2. MadisonBernard

      Maybe because of exactly what you just said that everything is completely in harmony right now because time is indeed non-linear and not up for concise argument

  17. Kenneth Farley

    USA is not the problem, that is what you are brain washed to believe. You are correct that GMO by Monsanto is pure evil. The world is controlled by a handful of super rich men and it has been that way for a long time. So try and see the nig picture and lets not blame a whole country.

  18. snappir

    why UN is doing nothing to protect water?????
    haha..it's simple:::: UN is a MAFIA. Mafia os criminals.
    UN is one of the many criminal cartels around the world, but most of them are in U.S.A.
    Look WHO controls the UN today ? it's the third world dictatorships, corrupted regimes..etc.
    And who is UN main financier? Sure, it's U.S.A.
    USA protects its own industrial criminal mafias' interests, like those who produce chemicals, food processing corporations, criminal cartels like MONSANTO and DUPONT and hundreds others...
    USA is the one who started this vicious circle of world's contamination with absolutely everything, from pesticides to GMO food to food additives to chemicals in everything to nuclear waste to .....no end to the list.
    USA is the evil of all evils.

  19. oddsrhuge

    Okay, why is it that we can't get the UN to declare water as a basic necessity of life? Why is it illegal in certain States to collect water in rain barrels? Why is a lake in Michigan being drained in the name of profit?

    Follow the money everyone, unlike water it flows uphill.

    And DaPaulieLama? Lets just declare it a verb...and make it happen.

    1. Preschard

      Access to safe drinking water has been listed by the UN as a fundamental human right not to be capitalized unless other sources are available. When the legislation passed, there was no direct opposition, but many countries, including the United States, Canada, and Western European representatives at the summit refused to vote. (note, these are countries who would economically like to transport and sell water to nations with less access)

  20. DaPaulieLama

    This movie needs to be Face-booked (is that a new verb?) to all friends and family contacts... If the people of Egypt can fuel a revolution using social networks, then is it not our responsibility (as viewers) to use social networks to enlighten others of the issues of this documentary

  21. DaPaulieLama

    This movie needs to be Face-booked (is that a new verb?) to all friends and family contacts... If the people of Egypt can fuel a revolution using social networks, then is it not our responsibility (as viewers) to use social networks to enlighten others of the issues of this documentary

  22. lou


  23. Yolanda Abreu

    Thank you very much for reminding us of the most important resource we have.

  24. Opal

    Highly recommended!

  25. DelyanAlexandrov

    I don't know I just love water I like every movie made for the Source Of Life. Maybe it's because i'm Aquarius, maybe it's the huge amount of water that i consume every day. I don't know. So it's bad to hear that large areas don't have drinkable water and on the other side there're people who buy water with whousands of litres, apart of that they have water everywhere in their homes,workplaces - everywhere. I really liked the idea with the roundabout well, that pumps water while children play. Those kind of inovative ideas are really important for the people around the world who don't have straight access to drinkable water.

  26. jkaz

    Inspiring film. I also wish that I could get everyone I know to watch it and be motivated to at least send some emails or letters to their elected representatives voiceing concerns over the role of multinationals in controling the supply of clean water. We can all do something at a local level by simply not buying bottled water, if you are worried about water quality then buy a filtration system and purify your own water at home. Every action helps no matter how small.

  27. Liz

    Fantastic film. Horrifying then heartbreaking then inspiring. Very well made film and I'm glad I watched it. I wish I could get everyone I know to watch it.

  28. mazzy

    I remember when the bottled water fad started. I was taking a yoga class at the time. Everyone had their bottles with them at every session. Around that time I also saw the documentary that contains the 'fancy water' scene with the bottles that contained just hose water from the restaurant. I really have a hard time drinking from the faucet, so I buy pitchers that have filters in them. The water tastes much less metallic. I think the 'cosmetics' in the water cannot be in the same category as Lye, Oven Cleaner, or Bleach. Yuck, I could develop so many new phobias from watching this. But, the most important point from this doc, is that perhaps whole communities of people could be systematically removed by denying them a clean, reliable, and free water source. Genocide.

  29. iplaytime