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Fluoridegate is a new documentary film, made by By Dr. David Kennedy, that reveals the tragedy of how the United States government, industry, and trade associations protect and promote a policy known to cause harm to our country and especially small children, who suffer more than any other segment of the population.

While the basis of their motivation remains uncertain, the outcome is crystal clear: it is destroying our nation.

Dr. Kennedy is the Past President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. His BA is in Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology from the University of Kansas (1967) and his Doctorate of Dental Surgery is from the University of Missouri (1971).

He is a world lecturer to the dental profession on the safety of dental materials in the human body. His lectures include (among others) addresses to the World Health Organization, the American Dental Society of Europe, the German BGD, and Brazil Rio Eco-Odonto.

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  1. Damn son.

  2. why not? they used the same thing to get the toxin in our water..lies all lies.

  3. Eric J. Wickes, you may be alert as ever but you lie through your rotting teeth. People from India have some of the best bones and teeth on the planet that is why they supply the medical schools around the world with skeletons that must have perfect bones and teeth and I doubt very much if there are any parents who ween their child with Mountain Dew.

  4. @Kurt or anyone listening to him. Do NOT drink or give your child distilled water! Distilled water is 100% stripped of vitamins and minerals. So when you drink it, water will do what water does, dissolve and transport. It will strip your body of vitamins and minerals and make you extremely sick, and could kill you. In a child it wouldn't take long as they are much smaller. Please do NOT drink distilled water!

  5. Finland have much better housing than in U.S.A.

  6. I have known this for years and I refuse to drink the crap that comes out of my tap, I live in a small NY town that fluoridates and refuses to listen to my complaints, they think I am nuts. So, I by pass all that and buy bottled water and I am all the safer for it.

    1. Please get a reverse osmosis filtration system and cease buying BOTTLED WATER which is harmful to the entire planet and all species within! NOT the lesser of two evils, unfortunately. :(

    2. Please invest in a reverse osmosis filtration system rather than encouraging the destruction of our planet, all sea life and more by buying into the bottled water industry and its evils! Watch Tapped, the documentary about the bottled water industry. Eye opening.

  7. Very well done! I think it would be stronger if they would have presented the levels of fluoride found that caused osteosarcoma and liver cancer in rats.

  8. I presented this material to my water board in Norwich, New York and they looked at me as if I were nuts! I refuse to drink the water coming into my home because of the high level of fluoride that Norwich, New York spikes into my water! This is clearly a travesty and a crime that is being perpetrated on the poor citizens of Norwich, NY. This problem is mirrored all over this country in an attempt to poison to death all the citizens by spiking their water with poison! A real crime here! I pay a water bill but I must buy my drinking water in 5 gallon jugs which I do. My water bill is no less though. They have us where they want and that is murder one.

  9. I live in a NY town that routinely poisons it's inhabitants with fluoride and they make us pay for it! It is the greatest unpunished crime of the century. Norwich, NY 13815 and the people in this town do nothing because they are all drugged to death!

  10. Don't let fearmongers and conspiracy theorists imperil a nationwide program that's benefitted the health of millions of children over decades. VALID follow-up studies confirm flouridation's safety and effectiveness. MISINFORMATION spread to uninformed audiences by people with self-serving agendas becomes accepted fact, despite the absence of confirming data from respected sources. As a society we are more at the mercy of quacks and charlatans than our grandparents were. We have the Internet to thank for that.

    1. Johntechwriter: you need to disclose how much you were paid to write this garbage. Why would the top toxicologist in the US (Dr. Marcus) put his reputation and life on the line to expose this horror if it was not true? Why is fluoride used to correct HYPERthyroidism. Why is hypothyroidism one of the usual side effects of using psychiatric medications? Because they contain fluoride! Why, once detoxed from fluoride poisoning and avoiding all fluoride does one recover completely from catastrophic illness? You really should be ashamed of yourself!

    2. Did u even watch the documentary? While you try to debunk, im sure you have one of those expensive deflouridation water filters. If not, drink up and go back to sleep, sheep...

    3. Yes! You are so right. There is absolutely no reason why we should not be dumping the by-products of the fertilizer industry and the aluminum industry into our drinking water. There is always a shill lurking somewhere, and you sir are the one here. Shame is not enough for you.

  11. Oh dear god does anyone think that the government sees the babys born of woman as rats i,mm really saddened and sickened!

  12. Dang man reallYYYY?? Lol who the f*** just decides one day,"hey ive got an idea...lets put fluoride in the water supplY!" god this sucks.

    1. It was introduced into Canada in 1945 in Brantford Ontario by the President of the Eugenics Society, Dr. W. Hutton who was at the time the City's medical officer....wait for it....SECRETLY! Then he claimed it prevented dental caries and since no one noticed it had been added to the water, they kept the 'experiment' going for another 6 decades.

    2. It was introduced earlier than this, it started in Nazi concentration camps to create docile people incapable of reproducing. This is fact. Nazi scientist discovered this years earlier.

  13. the government puts fluoride in our water to help our teeth. well,that makes it a medication......right! its illegal to force medicate or medicate unknowingly the masses. a great international law the u.s. put in place after we found out what the nazis were doing to the masses. fluoride is a poison and bi-product that would be a great cost to corporations to dispose of properly. hey,put it in the water! we should be allowed to choose our own medication. plain and simple. there is no argument.its un-american. ofcourse by todays standards.....i guess its totally american!

    1. we may as well be licking the chimneys producing this stuff! We are storing it in our bones and liver to save the fertilizer industry from having to pay to decontaminate it. Further it makes the dental industry a fortune in repair of the dental fluorosis it causes and the medical cartel reaps trillions from the cancer 'treatments'. The depopulation proponents are laughing because this soft-kill saves them the need to spend $ on gas chambers and gas.
      There is no shortage of fluoride...only a major deficiency of outrage and action.

  14. and news flash see how many state have now banned fluoridated water

    1. BANNED by: Finland, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland, to name those listed on Wikipedia. Thankfully I live in one of those.

      Do look out for bottled water though..! Both home and abroad. Un-fluoridated water is hard to find! Not to mention soda and juices from concentrate (which conveniently don't have to list the water source or mineral content).

      But then again you shouldn't be pouring down refined sugar to begin with. Stick to (filtered) water, fresh (organic) juice, or home-made unsweetened drinks.

  15. only one inaccuracy.....In Canada, it is impossible to avoid fluoridation , it everywhere, u cannot buy water without having fluoride!even my child physician called me stupid for stating what is described in this video , and our cities are still claiming the benefit of fluoride via billboard. fluoride was also used in ww2 by the Nazi as mind control to reduce revolt in prison camps , and speaking of rats, fluoride is the main ingredient in rat poison, and bonus it is also the ingredient in ADHD drugs!

    1. And the base elements in table salt are sodium and chloride, both deadly when in their singular state. What's your point? I talk to friends who have been to India and other countries that don't have any fluoride in their water and their peoples' teeth are rotting out of their heads. Why is this argument divided to such extremes? Why worry about fluoride dumbing down your kids when you're weening them on Mountain Dew and Lucky Charms to begin with? I wonder how many smokers are crying conspiracy of health on this.one. How many vegans drink whiskey and smoke American Spirits? Get a water filter. I was drinking fluoridated tap water almost all my life until i switched to filtered. But in the mean time, I'm still as alert as ever. I still haven't reach that level of "complacency" or dumbing down as people have warned and I'm still as reactionary towards the misdeeds of my government and the corporate takeover of our lives as anyone. This debate is being exploited by the powers that be, as to divert our attention away from much more serious issues.

    2. ...haven't "reached", excuse me. ;) See? I'm still alive and kickin'!

    3. Did you pay attention at all? Fluoride DOESNT PREVENT CAVITIES.
      So since we already drink mountain dew and eat lucky charms we might as well continue to poison the drinking water? Wtf kind of argument is that? Point is, its a toxin PROVEN to cause cancer and increases in infant morality. I get the hypocrisy your suggesting because your absolutely right, truth is all of these products were spoon fed are toxic . I understand where your coming from because theres alot of things (soda,smoking,fast food) that are known toxins but are now american tradition to take part in, but THAT IS THE BIG PICTURE/SERIOUS ISSUE. We need to X all of these toxins out of daily life.... but i feel like your saying since we already do it, no need to change? Every problem is apart of the big picture problem with our country, its all connected and it all leads back to one big problem, and that is profit over morals.

    4. I don't care if others drink Mountain Dew, Coke or eat rocks for breakfast. What I do care about is being forced to do the same. If people want fluoride, they can get psychiatric meds full of it, buy toothpaste and swallow it, buy fluoridated salt. In other words, they have a choice, we don't.

    5. Well, after reading your diatribe I have to say that we can all rest our case that fluoride does dumb down those ingesting it for prolonged periods. You indeed are the poster boy for 'complacency' and idiocy because you are entirely unable to grasp the significance of legitimate scientific results.

  16. Fluoride in my BEER OH HELL NO! Houston we now have a problem!

  17. The CDC, ADA, AMA, local Health Departments, and all organizations that endorse fluoridating public water have a duty to present the toxicological studies that are required by the ANSI/NSF Standard 60 Health Effects.
    No federal agency has taken responsibility for fluoridation. The EPA set up the NSF International, a private, non-profit company, and in 1988 replaced its own drinking water additives program with NSF/ANSI Standards 60 and 61, which set public health standards for all chemicals used to treat water and products coming into contact with drinking water. These federal, public and private endorsers of fluoridation are unwilling to demand the studies needed for compliance.
    ACCOUNTABILITY is vital to maintaining public trust.
    SAFETY is critical to a high standard of living. We protect the citizenry through quality zoning ordinances, regulatory oversight and enforcement of the law.
    The very strong evidence to discontinue a well-accepted public health intervention is the ABSENCE of the toxicological studies REQUIRED by ANSI/NSF Standard 60. NSF, repackagers and the suppliers/manuf¬acturers are not able , or unwilling, to produce them. We need to see the original studies and all the data involved and not some review or opinion of them. Where are they? Endorsements, MSDS sheets and hollow promises are not enough. Publish them or provide a source where everyone can see for themselves if their chemicals, medicine, or drugs are "safe and Effective".

  18. To the people who are saying that it's wrong to use children to push their agenda...The fact is that flouridated water effects the children so they should have a say. The little girl even said her class conducted science experiments on the matter, so they saw it with their own eyes, no one planted that information. Stop underestimating our children. They need to stand up for themselves if the adults won't. Unlike guns, which our children don't have easy access to, to make it their issue, water is something that they consume daily.

    1. Children believe in Santa clause and the boogey man too...so if a parent tells them something, they'll assume it's true.

      So for example if you tell them flouride is going to kill them, they'll believe it. dispite the fact you have no evidence for that claim beyond the ramblings of a "doctor"

  19. Im interested in knowing how many high ranking people in the aluminum or fertilizer biz drink and bathe in the fluoridated water on a daily basis. Do they subject themselves to their own "healthy" industrial waste products?

    1. Reverse Osmosis water filtration unit...look it up, your mad if you dont have one

    2. people shoulnt have to spend thousands of dollars to drink plain water. thats an unfair burden that many cannot afford.

  20. The government machine is a crafty bitch, I'll give her that. I am well my family is well i am thankful, and done on this subject. Down with Fluoride!

  21. The use of children is used in the media everyday, just look at sandy hook. Why would you put a child on the news? To employ any response? Do it right and you will get what you want.

  22. Its mind boggling the amount of children affected by these diseases. Oh! We can treat it, for a price. Some will survive. But what really blows my mind is what the f*ck is causing it and why can't we stop it there? I have an idea. My stomach turns when i watch documentary's like this.

  23. But guess what folks there is not gonna be a cure for Alzheimer's , Autism Aids or Cancer. Its an Industry.

  24. the rate is now 1 in 88 children affected. Is this acceptable? What is causing this? I truly think there is a link.

  25. This makes me think about connections to fluoride, lead and the mercury in vaccinations causing Autism.

  26. What freaks me out about this video is I had a dream last night about mercury poisoning before getting to the last part of this documentary which just happens to also be about that. It takes me a couple days to finish a documentary because of time. That just blew my mind. And another thing my youngest daughter also had teeth problems and guess what I used that Nursery water too. I didn't use it for my to oldest children who are adults now(it was not available then), and had no dental carries. Never had any problems with theirs. Makes you really wonder what they put in our water and food.

  27. "DO NOT SWALLOW" in BLOCK LETTERS is on most TOOTHPASTE TUBES, and Other Tubes sneakily state "as with other Toothpastes" !!!
    Why would these words in BLOCK be on toothpaste tubes ?
    MOST people do not READ -- just use toothpaste & even think it is Quite OK to Swallow. SADLY, NOT REALLY AWARE OF THE DANGER OF FLOURIDE.
    Since my Advanced Cancer, I stopped drinking Tap Water which has way too much. I am NOW CURED OF MY ADVANCED CANCER, ONLY 7% Survive. I AM A SURVIVOR & STRONGLY FEEL WE ARE OVERLOADED WITH FLUORIDE & OTHER CHEMICALS.

  28. My opinion on this topic is still out. What I do know is : Using cute little children as a front for any agenda is not only morally & intellectually reprehensible, it is plainly ignorant, if not child abuse. These sweet little children quoting facts or ideas they have been coached on is nothing more than a photo op & grab at the emotions of parents of children just like the little girl speaking at the beginning of this film.

    These children's brains are still undeveloped & will continue to grow far past puberty & into young adult hood. How can any intelligent adult be swayed by a child spewing forth information they are not responsible for. Monkey see, monkey do. Now, all you parents out there don't be offended by this last comment. It is a fact that our brains are not fully developed until we are past our teen years. These children are nothing more than pawns used in an emotional plea to grab your attention.

    I find it beyond unbelievable that a child in the 5th grade can actually form an opinion on their own let alone research & have a critical opinion on a scientific matter other than recite what they have been told to believe. Don't you all remember your high school years & first year or two of college before you actually understood the difference of recitation of things you have learned & actually having an original thought.

    Sorry, again I'm not fully briefed on all the facts regarding fluoridation but I am constantly put off be adults who should know better using children to advance their agendas.

    1. Do you feel the same way about Obama using children to push his gun control agenda?

    2. Thought I was pretty clear about: "Using children for a front to any agenda."

      Let's all raise our children with love & give them the knowledge, guidance & the education to grow into informed, intelligent adults. Let's not stoop to a low position of using them as cute, vulnerable poster icons to advance any adult position they simply are not capable of knowing the details & true agendas of such.

      Whether I'm for or against any program, the use of a child reciting what they are instructed, or repeating what daddy or mommy said, is in my most often limited & perhaps completely off base opinion, bordering on child abuse. These children will, like me, grow up to believe they know the absolute truth about matters they do not even begin to understand, all the while never inspired to pursue critical thinking on their own. This results in bitter, cynical middle aged men like myself posting on threads like this in reply to people like you who neither have the solutions to problems posed in documentaries like this.

      Cheers my friend. Be good to your children if you have any.

    3. They won't grow up with anything but a mushy brain, liver cancer, lethargy and fatigue from hypothyroidism...and that's just for starters. How much time do you think they will have to develope 'beliefs'....geeeessssshhh!

    4. "before you actually understood the difference of recitation of things you have learned & actually having an original thought."

      Most people still don't know the difference after becoming adults.

    5. The depopulation agenda is being advanced by mass-medicating and making ill millions upon millions of children, ensuring they will be too ill and sterile to procreate...hows that for 'using' children?

  29. Floride is inside of everything made to drink that isn't 100% juice. Laws are made to also administer floride into all new born and baby drinks. Countries not using floride indeed have less dental issues then this country. Two tips: Use distilled water,(for babies add it to 100% juice yourself) it delivers proteins evenly through the body just as well. Use floride free Tom's Toothpaste. I'm not an expert, it's only compassion for human kind. Take the tip or leave it, logicly. Respectfully.

  30. Though fluoridation (first 'successfully' used in concentration camps) is only a marginal aspect of the multi faceted general attack of your services long since proclaimed 'authorities' on the health and life of their 'subjects', this documentary is worthwhile watching; incidentally it is hard to find any fluoride free toothpaste in most European countries today, and along with other toxins fluoride is increasingly added to processed foods, salt, etc.

    1. the use of flouride in KZ's is an urban myth which has been debunked
      & toothpaste without flouride can be easily obtained in drugstores but they taste sh%te...which doesn't matter if you are more concerned with not digesting chemical disposal.

    2. If you want a good tasting no fluoride toothpaste...try a health food store...brands such as Nature's Gate taste great.
      In fact the longer you use a natural brand, the more you'll realize the awful taste of regular chemical ones.
      People are used to feeling a sense of bleaching in their mouth and they think that's normal.

    3. A friend of mine who is a dentist cautioned me about some of the natural tooth paste products available. She said that although the main brands are not necessarily safe on all levels & should not be swallowed, many of the natural alternatives are much more abrasive.

      I guess the question we have to ask is: Do I feel better using sandpaper or paint stripper? Extreme analogy I know. Kind of puts it in perspective. Just pay attention to your dental health & be aware of any unwanted results from any product used.

      Many natural tooth pastes leave your teeth feeling cleaner & maybe brighter but is that at the result of a more aggressive abrasive in the product?

      Just a little something to think about. Cheers oQ. Keep on smiling.

    4. Now you got me curious as to what abrasive ingredients?

      Ingredients in Tom's of Maine 1. name 2. purpose 3. source:

      Sodium monofluorophosphate 0.76% (0.13% w/v fluoride ion)
      Decay prevention (in some of their product only) Fluorspar (calcium fluoride), an ore

      Glycerin Moistener Vegetable oils
      Water Consistency Maine aquifer
      Calcium carbonate Mild abrasive Purified calcium from the earth
      Hydrated silica Stain removal Purified silica from the earth
      Aloe barbadensis leaf juice (Organic) Soothing feel Organic aloe (Aloe barbadensis) plant
      Xylitol Flavor Birch trees or corn
      Chondrus crispus (carrageenan) Thickener Seaweed (Chondrus crispus)
      Glycyrrhizic acid Foamer Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza sp.)
      Peppermint (Mentha piperita) oil Flavor Peppermint (Mentha piperita) leaves
      Acacia senegal gum Flavor carrier Tree resin

      When i brush with Tom's i even swallow the stuff as a Calcium vitamin. A friend of mine always has a tube in his car, he uses a little with his finger on his teeth after he's smoked a dobbie, works better than gum according to him.

    5. Very sorry for the delay in my response. Got side tracked. At any rate, I am sorry but I have no real hard evidence nor the details of the ingredients. Your statement on the other hand was chock full of info.

      It was several years ago when my dentist/friend mentioned this to me. It was coincidentally, Tom's of Maine that she said was far worse for dental hygiene ie: abrasive factor. I had been using it for several years.

      All I can tell you is that in addition to my friend/dentist being a woman, she was also born & raised in Montreal (speaks 4 or 5 languages fluently) & has also pioneered several techniques in dental surgery & restorative & reconstructive practices. She is a very well educated, experience specialist in her field. She is not just an average family dentist. (not that there's anything wrong with that)

      I just thought that a little background into her education & specialities as well as the fact that she is a French Canadian woman may offer a little weight in a conversation with you.

      All said & done, I really have no firm opinion regarding fluoride nor any particular toothpastes. I personally use Sensodyne but what ever works for you & is not causing damage to your teeth, gums or tongue & your mouth is clean & healthy, then stick with that program.

      Again, sorry for the delay & sorry I don't have any real solid info for you other than what my dentist mentioned several years ago.

      Cheers. Here's smiling at you!

    6. You have to note that her DENTIST made the comment...check what side of the fence he's on and you'll see the trick..

    7. Natural toothpastes rely on baking soda and some hydrogen peroxide...both safe when ingested. I've used plain baking soda for decades...my teeth are excellent and I haven't had a cavity in over 40 years. A little hydrogen peroxide once in a while keeps stains away. BTW conventional toothpastes are full of sugar...HFCS in fact.

    8. Thank you. It appears that even among the first proponents of water fluoridation there were those with certain scientific credentials but also known eugenicists (eg dr. hutton in canada) whom it would not be wise to trust, especially if they ran hazardous 'experiments' on other people without their knowledge or consent.

  31. Am I brushing my teeth with poison?????????????

    1. yessir! ever heard the song "killing me softly"?i add 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide(food grade 36%)in a 3 inch glass of water,hold half of the mixture in my mouth,swishing for about 5 minutes.....spit that,and with the other half i brush.i get crispy clean teeth and my breath is neutral,just like a baby's.oxygen neutralizes the bacteria and therefore bad breath and other enemies residing in my oral cavity.this liquid is quite tough on the skin undiluted-if accidentally touched,it turns the part temporarily white- water is the neutralizer.i hope they won't call me names for this post,this is not telling anybody to practice what i preach,just sharing.....

  32. Is it just me are Does China OWN US now????

  33. i dont need anyone to tell me our generation and our kids are going to the dentist WAY more than our parents or we did!! Why? our teeth are rotting before us, even when we dont eat candy/juice.. i think it is the water, no one needs to tell me. Dentist are getting rich off of our kids and kids are losing teeth as early as 4 from what?? Flouride daily is not good for anyone..especially when swollowed... good piece, thanks for truth..

  34. Perhaps if the emotional and conspiratorial segments were left out only leaving the science, this documentary might have come across more acceptably.

    1. why does the warning on the toothpaste tube say..call posion
      control if u swallow any, eh ??

    2. "why does the warning on the toothpaste tube say..call posion
      control if u swallow any, eh ??"

      I have never seen that warning on any toothpaste. I would consider changing to another brand.....or are you lying?

    3. no, i'm not lying....how bout getting ur tube out and
      check the warning on it ??
      it's on all toothpaste containers - cause of floride..
      the poison they put in our water...ck. a doc. on it...

      i changed to using hydrogen peroxide.....

    4. it is on all tube in canada

    5. leave everything out but the truth. I have done tons of research over 5 years on this subject and guess what? Follow the money! Its not about helping children its about dumping industrial waste. Vitamin C is completely non toxic and has WAY more health benefits then an industrial waste product. Why dont they put vitamin C in the water? lol heres another thing to consider, why would 40,50 and 60 year old scientific studies and tests on fluoride still be classified? The truth is always in the light and lies try to hide in the dark.

  35. If these people truly believe that fluoride is so bad (when most of the rest of the world says it is fine) then why do they not complete a series of double blind and what not studies? If they can prove that it does affect the human body and not in a good way, wouldn't that be pretty easy to prove. IE, look at how this person's vitals changed after being given a dose of fluoride, now look at this guy that's not on it, look at the massive difference! And if there's not a difference, then I guess this is just conspiracy garbage just like most of the rest of it.

    1. 99% of western continental Europe has rejected, banned, or stopped fluoridation due to environmental, health, legal, or ethical concerns.

      You are a fool if you think this issue is merely conspiracy garbage.

    2. how bout tobacco? do they stop it ??
      dumbing us down,,..for the take over~

  36. we all need to detox ,at least once in a year.....we live in,of and off poison.this beautiful planet is a hell of place-blame it on money

  37. in the past I always trusted the Gov't but with time I've come to realize that the Gov't is there to protect those who make the greatest profits. Hence, even a waste product with carcinogenic properties can become a recommended additive all for the benefit of children. Capitalism, we thank you...

  38. Ever heard of Eugenics? The government does not care about you.

    1. Sometimes, this is true and sometimes this is not. People don't like gray areas, it means they have to think.

      I have found that most government workers I have met, including myself (most of my check comes from the Dept. of Education) cares DEEPLY about the cities and communities they serve.

    2. "cares DEEPLY" more about the paychecks they receive is more like it, otherwise the many things that adversely affect peoples' lives would slip though the wide gaps.

    3. I am sure a paycheck speaks volumes to most people, but when folks get railroaded reports that leave out the bad and get sold on how this will make everyone awesome and healthy, they would probably catch themselves saying, "this is awesome, If I'm gonna do one good thing in my term, this is it... look at the data" and they show the data, and the people cheer.
      Fortunately these days its within the grasp of even 5th graders to research this stuff, should there be a question, so an effective display of public opinion can raise some eyebrows on the validity of corporate claims.

    4. I tried replying the obtuse, imbecilic comment you made to me but I could not because all except this comment from you were deleted by mods. This reply to sknb mirrors all of your other comments in that it adds nothing to the dialogue and questions the motives of someone you don't even know. Your comments reveal the scared little boy in you trying to bully others here where there is no place for it and won't be tolerated. I won't wish cancer on you as you did me, but hope that frightened little boy will grow up to be man. Goodbye.

    5. @PaulBraveheart and those who liked his comment:

      Please take the time to discover the meaning of the word eugenics. You will then see, whether you are pro or anti fluoride, that it has absolutely nothing to do with this subject. Eugenics is about genetic modification; fluoridation is a health issue. Just which government are you accusing of engaging in the practice of eugenics?


    6. if you research these subjects you would know that fluorine is the most reactive element known to exist and binds to anything including DNA so tell me again how these are 2 different subjects?

    7. I implore you to learn the meaning of the word eugenics. Tap water is fluoridated at 2-4 mg per liter. Fluoridated water has shown small effect on DNA in rats when administered at 150 mg. per liter; 35-70 times that of tap water. If one was practicing a eugenics program, the amount in tap water would be an absurd way to go about it. Many healthy and life-giving chemicals (including many neccesary vitamins and minerals) are harmful or even lethal when administered in very high doses. I have no opinion on whether fluorides in water are harmful with long term use. I simply do not want to hear anecdotal evidence passed of as truth or tin foil cap ideas concerning eugenics.

    8. The sinister part of the problem is the politics, the reasoning and the bad science as well as the direct export of silicofluorides unprocessed and in no way related to pharmaceutical sodium fluoride that if anything should be used to treat the water. But it isn't. Industrial waste containing lead, arsenic and many other chemicals is what they use in the US to fluoridate our water. That is more of the issue along with the bad science behind the program not to mention the the shady politics...

    9. "Industrial waste containing lead, arsenic and many other chemicals is what they use in the US to fluoridate our water."

      Can you provide any evidence to confirm your rather outrageous statement?

    10. If you would research a bit more you'd discover that elemental fluorine is indeed highly reactive which is why it is never used. Water treatment uses a salt like sodium fluoride which is not highly reactive.

    11. Really Tom? u know eugenics? see the Rockefeller foundation sponsored research on eugenics and see what Hitler has done with it, then really do your research. Eugenic envelop a whole lot more then DNA manipulation, it also promote depopulation and population control.One point not talked about in this fine doc is the effect of fluoride in the frontal cortex of the brain and how it affect behavior , see prosac and other ADHD drugs main active medical ingredient. I could agree that ;little research were made on fluoride and human mutation, but isn't it mutation when a cell becomes cancerous? Something to think about.....

  39. The only thing I am certain of is that anecdotal evidence is meaningless.

  40. a well done piece with some strong information.

  41. I'm concerned about this, I would prefer that water was not flouridated because I see people paying a premium price for pure drinking water every day and I don't see why we shouldn't have the most pure drinking water possible from our taps. Its seems like if people didn't get enough flouride then that problem could easily be dealt with separately to our water. I have just googled our own New Zealand ministry of Health website and actually our flouride level is at 0.7 to 1 part per million which is less than one fourth of the level that the people in this documentary are fighting against. I hope this makes tap water safe for our babies, not entirely convinced we need it at all. Hard to get a straight answer on an issue that allows major corporations behind the scenes to turn their harmful waste into a profitable commodity we are all forced to ingest.

  42. We grew up on well water, and my mother was a dentist. She was a fanatic about brushing our teeth....now, as an adult, I have a mouth full of metal fillings from cavities.

    My children, I have 5 of them, are all grown. They grew up on city water with fluoride, were cavalier about brushing their teeth, and not one of them has ANY cavities....NONE!

    I know from personal experience that fluoride WORKS!!

    1. Yes, not yet but give it time!

    2. Fluoride does work, swish with it, brush with it... but seriously, does it work when you drink it ?
      I grew up on well water, forgot to brush my teeth half the time and I'm just starting to have problems with my teeth after 13 years of living in areas with fluoridated water, eating and drinking junk foods and brushing more than I was living at home drinking, unfiltered and untreated, well water and eating good food.

    3. so does strychnine !!

  43. excellent, just gonna brush my teeth with my trusty tooth paste and drink a nice large glass of water from the tap, settle down and watch this documentary.

    1. at least u think that's what's gonna happen....heeheheha~*

  44. hope this one hits the sceptic mind.

  45. “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.” Marshall McLuhan

    1. That was an excellent comment/quote/truth.