The Forgotten Man
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The Forgotten Man

2012, Society  -   24 Comments
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Second only to Julian Assange, Bradley Manning is the most important figure in the Wikileaks controversy; his is alleged to have handed over hundreds of thousands of secret US war files and diplomatic cables.

But, while the world watches Assange's trial with bated breath, Manning is already wasting away in solitary confinement; this is the story of his daring intelligence heist.

We hear the only recording of Bradley Manning's voice and we listen to the logs of alleged conversations with the man who ultimately betrayed him.

It's a case that has all the hallmarks of a spy thriller. Bradley Manning was a U.S. soldier serving in Iraq, when he allegedly downloaded classified files onto a disk storing Lady Gaga songs. It's alleged he then confided what he'd done to a computer hacker. A short time later the authorities arrested Manning and he's been in a military jail ever since.

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24 Comments / User Reviews

  1. john smith

    Cannot view in the UK/EU for some reason.

  2. john smith

    Cannot view it in the EK/EU banned for some reason.

  3. GI_Jimmy

    you know its an old doc when the "guy" in the story is actually shemale now and has been released on a pardon. precious little snowflake wanted some attention, so he tried whistle blowing and when that didnt work, he tried to become a female (didnt work out so great, think a young post-op Bruce Jenner) and still nobody cares.
    Snowden made a judgement call i can justify, this other little boy just didnt like his job and got a little butthurt.

  4. DustUp

    Dear Lana (and others), I wouldn't be surprised if I am older than you. "Killing the messenger" as you (and el governmente) have attempted is age old. Show me anyone without faults and weaknesses. It is quite common for those sipping on a known poison (alcohol) to point to those who don't as weird, apparently out of grace and humility? Ha. I'm no fan of LGBT or whatever they call themselves today. I wish they would go get some real help. However, I also have come across people who could be considered a lower watt bulb that know right from wrong and walk it, unlike the supposedly bright weasel banksters, weasel attorneys, extensively corrupt judiciary, and corrupt govt in general.

    Hero or not he did the world a huge favor in exposing wrong things, same as any whistle blower. Those who do so are certainly more courageous than those who have the opportunity but don't expose it. "All it takes for EVIL to prevail is for "good" men to do nothing." He did something about evil. He exposed it.

    What actually does it take to keep a people safe? Does it make people safe to have secret groups controlling secret activities which foment and incite war? That is exactly what the CIA has done, from the words of former and retired agents; see that docu on this website. Does it take the communist agenda promoting CFO pushing its agenda through its emissaries like Hillary through govt? Make no mistake, the CIA has their people in the military, the media, in govt. They certainly don't work for the people, even though that is what they claim to their young recruits. Whether they are aware of it or not due to "the need to know" management approach, they are working to get rid of as many people as possible. To ignite WW3. Their benefactor's position seems to be that they are rich and comfy but all these other useless eaters are unwieldy and need to be eliminated down to about half a million, so say their Georgia Guide stone monument. Much of the govt, including the military whether they know it or not work for those who own the federal reserve, a private banking cartel hell bent on controlling the world by transforming the usa into a socialist communist state.

    They have made great progress and will continue to do so via their bought college socialist professorships and their owned media. Where else do the young learn to become emoters(emotioners) rather than thinkers? Why is it they cannot see that ANY govt must take from one group before it can give to another? That if they ever came up with an idea and made it big they would have it all taken to give to the former them. If they do realize and they don't care because they simply have no desire to work (bred by continual obama unemployment and purposeful economic depression), then it shows not only their character but how willingly they volunteer to be trapped by such what they think would get them some quick-ish benefit. Rather than changing govt to be more fair to them, they have ensured that they are dependent on and subservient to those who buy their votes with tiny promises. And they yell and cheer for those who enslave them, simply because these enslavers point to others as the evil doers. Works for the leaders in the middle east as it does in the West. Ironically, these college socialist indoctrinated think they are the smart ones while the Lenins, Stalins, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Morgans, Soroses, Buffet, Gates, Kissingers, Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, etc. call them the useful idiots.

    Clearly with such an overbloated multi redundant govt there is way too much secrecy and wrong doing. One can readily imagine that what has been exposed is only the tip of a much larger iceberg.

    As other above and I have stated in other commentary, it takes involvement to correct. Expecting others to do it means it will never happen and that you are part of the problem.

  5. Lana

    And by the way, your "hero" is profoundly mentally disturbed: he has Borderline Personality disorder, Narcissistic Personality disorder and wants taxpayers to pay for his gender reassignment surgery. Yes, he certainly has Americans' best interests at heart and wasn't desperate for praise, fame, and attention like BPD-ers and narcissists do. He was caught in part because he bragged about it, which certainly shows that the unsung revolutionary just did it "because it was right." What the selfless hero...

  6. Lana

    Is there anyone older than say, 21, with actual life experience, who comments on these videos? Someone whose opinions should actually be considered since they actually know what they're talking about and aren't all full of entitlement and faux outrage? No...yea, I didn't think so. So who of you is actually doing anything offline to change what you complain about? (And no, protesting and attending rallies doesn't count, I am referring to measurable change with tangible consequences.) Ok, so you all do nothing in real life and yet pretend to have any idea about keeping hundreds of millions of people safe and think you're all somehow experts. Uh huh...

  7. Shannon L

    When there is corruption it should be revealed. They do NOT give us privacy period and we have to pay for our crimes..we pay their salaries...why is this information private? It should not be period. They should be answering to US the public and if they have corruption we need to know about it and they must be treated the same way they treat us. No favor, no mercy, tried for their crimes. This crap goes on in Iraq etc everyday. They kill, rape etc innocent people and normal citizens. We have no right to be there period.

  8. john Palermo

    Honor-trader-espionage, Words that when used with scorn have the irrational ability to sanctify the villains and vilify the saints. FBM

  9. Harry Nutzack

    Manning is no more a "hero" than any other whistle blower. I suspect those of you that praise him so heavily never actually read those files. He deliberately sacrificed his freedom, and the largest revelation was "shooting team spike" had about the worst drivers on the planet. No cat was released from any bag. He reacted idiotically to video footage he saw without context, and now will spend a very long time considering the intelligence of his actions. Please explain to me where his "Heroism" comes into play, I must have blinked or something.

    1. DigiWongaDude

      I would say his hero status comes not from what he did, but from the tragedy that he has become. F. Scott Fitzgerald would no doubt agree - "Show me a hero and i'll write you a tragedy." I'll give you that he is a victim of his own stupidity, but that doesn't make him less of a hero. Indeed if he had stopped to think about himself a little more, there's no way he would have had the balls to do what he did. Stupid or brave, it really makes no difference. Hero or not, the longer they lock him up the more legendary history will make him. If they released him tomorrow with a slap on the wrist...he'll be tomorrow's fish supper wrappings. So he's a hero, perhaps, because he's tragic.

  10. Deborah Macaoidh Selim

    Bradley Manning is not forgotten and will never be forgotten as long as I and my descendants are alive on this earth (maybe places other than Earth one day, too).

    There is a worldwide revolution going on and he played a key role. He changed to way we look at each other and our governments. I hope it will continue to play out in my lifetime, even if i never see much of the results. A few years ago, i wouldn't have thought it was possible, but I have hope for humanity again. Those who support him and the cause of Wikileaks and the free press are on the right side of history.

    Thank you, Mr. Manning! I'm sorry you won't be able to transition in private like you wanted. That was a huge sacrifice, especially now that LGBT rights are such an issue and you many not be able to enjoy those rights yourself for awhile. We will be eternally grateful!

  11. MalOdour

    And USSA wonder why no one like them. They have not won a war since WW2

  12. Timmy Poo

    The truth is now a crime.

  13. Timmy Poo

    Manning is a true patriot.

  14. Geoffrey Grekin

    Also I total disagree with Daniel Domscheit-Berg point of view, and others that feel that Manning is a greater "hero" than Julian.

    Julian Assange, may be a clandestine individual, but he has made himself a public figure to promote an idea and avenue in which sources can remain anonymous. He willingly puts his neck on the line so that other sources afraid of prosecution are given a chance to release to the public classified information.

    Although Manning is a somewhat courageous source, no doubt about it, his courage only extends so far.
    Had Manning truly been a courageous hero surpassing Julian in the principles of truth, he would have leaked the source publicly without though or consequence for his own well being in much the same way Daniel Ellsburg did during the Vietnam war.
    Instead he used Wiki leaks to remain anonymous, and was only caught because he second guessed himself, or wanted vindication and told an untrustworthy source.
    He's a tragic figure, but heroically courageous he is not.

  15. DigiWongaDude

    Manning could become the Mandela of our age, as the hypocrites convicting him as the criminal are no longer tolerated for the blood on their own hands. It's a sad fact that a man's life must be wasted, again, while the world's abhorrence gains traction. U.S. President Manning? Mandela was a 'terrorist' didn't you know? Same sh*t different era. Let the boy go free or meet your nemesis.

    1. bubascary

      Hi DigiWongaDude, I didn't think you were posting comments anymore, due to your radio gig, or I got it very wrong and am embarrassing myself. Always enjoyed your comments some more than others and some flew way over my head. Nice to see you back anyways.

    2. DigiWongaDude

      Many thanks for that Buba, it came at just the right time too - have had one of those dreaded moments we all, sadly, have to endure. But I was never far away. Observation can be a more powerful enabler than participation, if only for a time. The 'radio gig' is evolving...nay, I am evolving... which is fortunate since it's getting harder and harder to keep up. ... and then I think of Bradley Manning.

  16. wald0

    "The United States strongly condemns the illegal disclosure of classified information. It puts peoples life in danger, threatens our national security..."

    Oh b.s.!!! it exposes the lies they want to keep hidden from the American people and the rest of the world. No one's life was put in danger from a single cable that was released, we have not heard of a single death or injury in any way linked to this disclosure. Adrian Lamo is the real worm in this story. He didn't do what he did out of some ignor@nt, misguided sense of patriotism, he wanted his five minutes, that is why he went to the news organization he went to, not because he was scared. If he was scared he would have kept his mouth shut. If he was so concerned with national security he would have kept his mouth shut about the whole incident to anyone other than the government officials he reported it to. Instead he exposes the whole incident to a news organization and now does a documentary, using his own name and image, for the world to see- yeah, he seems terrified and real concerned about national security (LOL). He is a worm, period.

    Bradley Manning is my hero, he acted on principle putting his neck on the line for what he believed in so we could all see real evidence of what our armed forces were doing in Iraq- which was worse than most could have ever believed if not for this video. I don't know why he confided in a worm like Lamo, it sounded like he was second guessing his actions and looking for support from Lamo that he had done the right thing. Well, in my opinion you did the right thing Bradley I'm just sorry you have to pay the way you do for doing it.

    1. Imightberiding

      What you said.

    2. Geoffrey Grekin

      Yeah, I have to agree Lamo was is defiantly a snake in the grass, there's no way he thought that he had to do something for the protection of national security (giving up Manning) while at the same time fearing that the same government he was confiding in was also going to detain him because of this same information.
      It just doesn't add up.

      But Manning although a courageous source deserves some of the blame for his incarceration.
      Although one could argue hes paid for his mistake and some. He nevertheless, despite all the work that was done by Wiki Leaks to protect him as a source, sunk himself by telling Lamo everything.

      The whole structure and philosophical principal of wiki leaks was to prevent this type of thing from happening at all because it allows sources to maintain their anonymity. However this protection of the source can only go so far, if the sources unwittingly reveals their own actions, as in the case of Manning, then they must inevitably live with the consequences of doing so.

      Finally, although the federal government leaked secrets are atrocious Their treatment of Manning is ironically understandable in a self-preserving way. In order for the United states government to maintain their dominance they need to have secrecy and knowledge tightly controlled, all those like Manning must be made an example of in order to persuade others from attempting to instigate similar intelligence leaks. Now whether you agree that US government should remain dominant at all is debatable but its actions are sound.

      I feel sorry for Manning, he made a huge mistake and will most likely live with the consequences for the remainder of his life.

    3. DigiWongaDude

      You make some decent counter arguments Geoffrey, no denying that. But the clues to the contradictory truths are in your own words - having thought considerably about them. If I can paraphrase ever so slightly - "understandable in a self-preserving way, in order for the United states government to maintain their dominance they need to have secrecy and knowledge tightly controlled."

      1) They didn't 'tightly' control it. If it hadn't been Bradley it would invariably have been someone else at some point, given the laxness of the networks. (The buck stops right there - he's a Private, with a psychological disorder, for crying out loud).

      2) Comprehensible it may be, but understandable it is not, for one leads to the other (dominance and secrecy) in propping up the charade. It may be morally comprehensible to have secrets, for sure, but under these circumstances they are wholly there to prevent the darkness coming in to light.

      "I feel sorry for Manning, he made a huge mistake..." - I don't think Manning would thank you for your pity - it is, in part, what is keeping him where he is. What he needs is your outrage. Without it, the 'system' that binds him is unhindered in its consent to do so. Therein comes my reply.

    4. Unity

      ^^ Last paragraph nails the problem. Generally, people enjoy being the bystanders, watch from the audience as the scene unfolds. Kind of how a movie works, you watch as things develop, you don't participate, and everybody has an opinion. Involvement is the key.

  17. dewflirt

    Adrian Lmao is a grass.